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Minneapolis Independent from Minneapolis, Kansas • 2

Minneapolis Independent from Minneapolis, Kansas • 2

Minneapolis, Kansas
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fun neajiaUa Jfridejiuuient. Wm Goddaep, Editor rnorniEToa SATURDAY JULY 27, 1378. THE BEST WAGON CNWEIILS is manufactueed by FISH BROS. CO. IU1CZJJE WE MAKE EVERY VAKIETY OF of a robust adult.

Children ani weak women aro the first victims of the violation of sanitary Jawa. If milk be drank in tba family, bo sure the cows that give it do not slake their thirst with stagnant or poluted water. 31 ilk 13 one of the most wholesome diets, but it often becomes the source of sickness and death especially to young childrenfrom the foul and deleto- Patents I Edison has hiade a fortune and hia nam will go clown to posterity as the Maste' Genius of, this age. "lie has taken oil nearly 200 patents. Inventors' entitled to Patents should send stamp for information to Presbeey Grkes, 509 Seven Washington Soldiers of the War or 1813 or their widows are now entitled to pensions.

Soldiers or sailors in IndLin, Mexican, or late war who are entitled Bouotic, "Land Warrants and Pwsi. should write at once'to Presbrey Green, 509 'Seventh Street. Waslnnotou, D. C. OQ CO JACOB CAMPBELL.

W. hi. CAMPBELL CAMPEEIiLiSEOTieiEE, GEAEST MEECHAN TS, Proprietors of the TT (S-iEAiM EiLiaTAirapm West of the Depot MINXEAPOIilS, KANSAS. Cash paid for Grain at the highest market rates, Grain sold on commission, or Ullt YALLCT. The, view obtained from the tower of Campbell Bros, elevator is most magnificent, a euporb panorama oi city and country.

The beauties of ions quality of the water that milch cows are allowed to drink. our charmiog little city is much enhanced by the natural picturesque- 5 And bv ennfininw hiikpIvps strict to (enclosing a stamp) giving statement of Within the dwelling, the more one elass of work employing none but shipped for other parties at the lowest rates. case Information ana auvice ireeiy noss of the surrounding country. The country is now dressed out in perfect the ventilation in every cor and promptly given. Inventors wish ner of the living and sleeping rooms to secure patents, ee tilers' under home its richest robes the varied tints of the better for health.

The perfect stead or preemption laws will also find it the abundant foliago of the trees to their advantage to place their case in and shrubs, and the natural luxuri cleansing of the walls and ceilings as well as the floor, greatly promotes the hands of this well-known and reliable firm. They make no change any case THE Using nothing but FIESjT-CLASS IMPROVED MACHINERY and the very h'est of SELECTED TIMBER, And fy a thorough knowledge of the we have justly earned the reputation of making the I R. J. YOUNG. JOSLLN.

YOUNG-andJOSLIK. Hard ware Merchants c3 ph health. Dirty water, vegtable and unless successtul. i. animal refuse bhould not be allowed to remain in-doors, but be carried THE WAYS' AT WASHINGTON.

Fnoii oui: ows Cokkkspoxdent.1 WtuhitujtoA, D. July 1878 A native Turk said to tne writer not long since, 'l)ut ting" pointing to the unsightly Washington monument, "waz shust de zame as now dwenly zeven yeas ago. Zey sed that it wud be right away builded and asked ze monish from me, zwich I gave: Where did monish went you tink?" A question immensely -pertinent and others not Turks have mentaly if not audibly indulged in the same querulous fan clesi The Eip Van Winkles have awakened from their long sleep, and the monument now is really to be completed preperations are being made to commence the work at once. Ben Butler has turned philosopher and is bunting after the missing link between himself and his seat in the White House. A desire to be President makes a greater fool of a man lhan anything else, except courting his fourth wife.

Butler slings dirt at both parlies as a member of the Potter committee, is Bweet laborers, Crispins, and socialists and fancies he is booked for Governor of the old Bay State and keeps his crooked eye on the Presidency in 1880. His attack is serious, whether the patient will kill the cause he has espoused, or vice versa is a question that the future and the political undertaker must settle. One apparent fact now confronting the norvh, is the fixed determination on the part of the south to force upon the country tho payment of rebel war claims. The action of democrats in the last con far away from the residencek The foregoing is just as applicable to MINNEAPOLIS. Stone Seliool House-Sealed Prsals.

Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of school district No. 16, until Aojru.t 1st, lor the buiklin? of a stone school house in that district. Bids tor the mason. and carpenter, work will be received sepenttdr. that of the stone work preferred by the perch all material to be furuishud on the ground by th Plana and specifications 3 CO the country as the town, but in the city, sanitary laws have to be more rigidly observed in order to promote heallhfulncss than in the country, because the iree circulation of SECOND STREET, JThe best and most complete assortment of saroDTisg ever brought to this market, and includes "TOe Diia99 may be had of the clerk or" director of .1.., .,...3 air is obstructed by the buildings, ance of the beautiful vegitation which covers Ihe earth, renders it difficult to imagine a country possessing more beauties, attractions, and advantages.

Nor are these advantages more apparent than in-trinsic. The rosources of the county for producing all the necessaries, many of the comforts, and some of the luxuries of life are practically unlimited. The land is rich beyond comparison and easily cultivated, and tho yield always good, and (sometimes enormous. The man possessing the fee simple of 160 acres, or more of land here, with health and industry to work it and a moderate amount of skill to make cultivation profitable, is really more independent than those engaged in any other business, profession or vocation with a much better guarantee for that compe and the consumption of the most vital portion of the atmosrjhere R. P.

Blahs. Director. Thop. Bardrick. Clerk.

Phillip King, Treasurer. the oxygen, is more rapid, commen I "BfiST WAGON ON WHEELS" We give the following warranty with each wagon We Hereby Warrant the Fish Bros. Wagon Jfo to be well made in every particular and of good material, and that the strength ofthe-same is sufficient for all work with fair usage. Should any breakage occur within one year from this date by reason of detective material or workmanship, reoairs for the same will be furnished at thr place of sale, free ot charge, or the price of said repairs, as per agent's price list, will be paid in cash bythepur-chasar producing a sample ot the broken or defective parts as evidence. Trrtis W.

Fish, 1 Edwin B. Fish, FISH BROS. CO. JNO. HUGGINS,) RACINE, January 1st, 1878.

Kno wins: we can suit you, we solicit patronage from every section of the United States. Send for Price and Terms, and for copv of our AGRICULTURAL PAPER. FISH BROS. CO. Racine, Wis.

surate with the greater density of its inhabitants. Although some may regard it as a detestable he-esy, niGiiEsr HONORS AT THE Centennial World's Fair of 187 I it ia nevertheless true that health is a greater factor in calculating the value of life than are the possi TUB town JCC OWL phoning er Or gmin bilities of the accumulation of wealth. Established 1821 etpoia, PROXOUXCED TJXAXniOUSLY A3 THE BEST 1NSTEUMENTS tence that renders life enjoyable, review of criiuijiai. cakk wo. i.

Purchasers of Brown's Ginger are arainst niratical counterfeits intended to be sold on the splendid reputation of let wan an these unquestionable mosekh op jdlt 19, ikts, Their comparative excellence la recog advantages we have an abundance mas. jioyt, jcdue. And other well known makes. A full ine of "Plated Wrare hUelt Hardware From the best manufactories, at the lowest prices. Carpenter's and.

Mason's Tools ot every desdription nized by the in their Report fiom which the'following Is extracted. GfT Great chance to make 'J UxJ money. If you can't get gold you can get greenbacks. We need a person in every town to take subscriptions for the largest, cheapest and best this matchless-article. All real urowii's Ginsrer is prepared by Frederick Brown, Philadelphia, and the label bearing his name is incorporated with his private U.

S. Internal Revenue Stamp, to counterfeit otroom lor all comers, ana gooa iThey were fined $40 each and costs. The B. Shootn-ger Orgajj Co'a exhibit gress had a very suspicious leaning farms can be bought at very mod- This will add $120 to the school fund of as the best Instilments at a price render them possible to a larjre class of purchas Illustrated tamily publication the erate prices. Those nearest to town the world.

Anyone can become a successtul ers, having a combination of reeds and which is lelony. Brown's Ginfrer for traveler's use. 1 Brown's Ginger for summer complaints. Brown's Ginger for cramps and colic. fetching higher prices than those Glorious victory i Mr.

Iloyt further in the country. The man stand up and bo sworn. You say fijOSt. The most elegant works of art given free to subscribers. The price is so low that almost everybody subscribes.

in this direction, but the introduction ot an amendment to the constitution to forever prohibit such payment, was the occasion for sixty-two southern democrats, to place themselves squarely on the record in bells, producing novel and pleasing ettects, containing many desirable improvements, will stand longer in dry or dmp climate, less liable to get out of order, all the boards being made three-ply, put together so that with limited means can get a really that E. Crosby, Mrs. E. Crosby and TIIST SHOP connected with store good farm at a low price, and those G. P.

Crosby plead guilty to the it is impossible for tnem to eitner snnnK, with more ample means can get charge of selling whiskey without Brown's Ginger for sea sickness, nasua. Brown's Ginger stimulant: no reaction. Brown's Ginger used by army aud navy." Brown's Ginger -used all oer the world. Brown's Ginger counteracts fmpure wa swell or split. The only organs awaraea this rank.

Where a large assortment of TINWARE is constantly kept on hand. This medal and award was granted after farms with-cvry- deirabIo-advana license on the 4th of July. -Who tage and each investor can be sure did they sell to Did they not sell favor of payingaJL southern claims. With a near certainty of a Democratic majority in tho Senate, the most severe competition of the best makers, before one of the most competent One agent reports making over $150 in a week. A lady agent reports taking over 400 subscribers in ten days.

All who engage make money fat. You can devote tril your time to the business, or only your spare time. You need not be away from home over night. You ean do it as well as others. Full particulars, directions and terms free.

Elegant and ex pensive Outfit free. If you want profita-jible work send your address at once. It costs nothing to try the business. No one who engages fails to make great pay. Address The People's Journal," Portland.

Maine. ter. that his investment will continually to you, and are you not a witness juries ever assembled. Brown's Ginger prevents malarial dis A. MONEYPEXNY.

increase in value besides giving him against them Please answer yes ew styles ana prices just issuea. wnicir ease. An abundant return for his industry or no. If you answer yes, then you ar in accordance witn our rule, tne isess Oi an for the least money. ve are prepared to appoint a tew new whilst ho cultivates it.

It would be helped to put up the job to gain "difficult for the industrious and this glorious addition to the school a- nts. it is wise to consider this question and see to it that none but true and loyal men are returned to Congress. With tho depressed condition of our industries, it is not a pleasant anticipation, that we and our children may be oppressed by the tax-gatherer, to pay the claims of those 'llustrated Catalogues mailed, postpair on application to 'thrifty man to find a more desirable fund, and what a benevolent cause Brown's Ginger delicious summer drink. Brown's Ginger excellent in rheumatism. Everybody knows the value of Brown's Ginger as household necessity and preventive of disease.

Be sure your druggist gives you the right kind Brown's Ginger, as described above. FREDERICK BROWN. Philadelphia. Dealer STAPLE GBOCERIES, CANNED SALMON AND SAR spot on earth for the investment' of you were engaged in. "Yes, I went A.

SfATIOXAI. STADABB, SHONINGER ORGAN 97 to 123 Chestnut Jstreet, New Ha Jhis means and industry than the to Mr. Crosby's drug store, related DINES, CONFECTIONERIES, TOBACCO, CIGARS, NOTIONS. "Solomon Valley, Kansas. 1 the story of my wife or my child who fought four years to destroy the Union.

being sick, had a prescription from GREEN, DRIED, CANNED and PRESERVED FRUITS made sbeeialty. CHEAP FOR CASH. Coop xE soLCit, on mjn-mtkohe. I Dr. Clark, and Mr.

Crosby sold me The soldiers who risked all for rru eo? small quantity of spirits." Well, the old flag, villi do well to remem 1 a r-t nn11 Mtltn MINNEAPOLIS. FIRST STREET, iiiil uiul nub mg yjiuour a ovix vviiiq' hni heAn Hfcnmn.nniAil uril iinnonul 1 AN ADDRESS TO THE SICK. Do you wan lo purify the system Do yon want to eet ri 1 of biliousness! Do von want something to strengthen you Do you want a good appetite? Do i want to get rid of nervousness Do you want good digestion? n-t im rr ttlivn well? THE MEXDELSSOHN PIANO CO. ARE NO WSELLING NSW HANDS fatal r-nn-AnnAn. ft lu lUB xuy, a uu iuo -tu u.

WESSTEE'S UNASRISGES. 3000 Engravings 1840 Pages Quarto- ber tnat the day is near at hand unless they are keenly Ou the alert, when they will need to ask a dem with similar heated terms in other Jul? I1' on tQ 10,000 Wards and' Meanings not tn other ot the 4lh, a man steppea into tne years, although so great a degreo of I Dictionaries. Hit hniirf nn vnnr PAnstitii ocratic Congress to remove their disabilities. No." is this aVijiyThe. -r- drug store and told G.

P. Crosby that be wanted a pint of alcohol for Fonr Page Colore! Plates. A Whole heat has not been attained. Fatal cases of sun-stroke decured at 94 Heal Estate, surnnce Art. Do you want a brislt and feeling If yoti do Each, and all styles, including Grand, Square and Upright, all new and strictly at the lowt nett casK.

whole action of the democratic House of degrees, anA loatne alarmingly a' last winter in relation to pensions, sale factory nrices, direct to the purchaser, medical purposes. Gv P. supposed the man told the truth, and that the city ordinance gave the right to No Agents. Pianos for $200, containing is but the precursor of an advance frequent in cities, at 96 degrees. In previous years when the ther il 1 M.MS.

TIT OJ Library in itxelf. Invaluable ill any FMntity, anil ia I'hiiol. Published by G. 0. MERRIAM.

Spring tield. Mass. Wrmly Endorsed by Bancroft, Prcseolt. Motley, George P. Marsh, Fit-Greene flalleok, Whn tier, P.

Willis. JohnU.Haxe, Eliiiu Burritt, Daniel Webster, movement against the pensioning iIATHUSHEZ'3 Ifew Patent Duplex Overstrung Se de, sell for such rnirnoses. He asked of any more invalid soldiers of the which is acknwledged by the mu mometer has reached 100 degrees tho man to sign a statement to the in the shade for several consecutive u. trtwrti oa maA. LONG TIME, ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS.

EUYS AND SELLS sical authorities to be the greatest iraprov-ment ever put into a Piano, pro- days, only a case or two have oc- ica, purp08es the man 8Igned his ducing the most aatmtithing povaer, richness. llurus Caoate, H. Coleridge, Horace More than Fifty College Presidents. vuivu. iuis ia aauuuwu ior uy me rp t) a u.

iiiiiud tvj. uiiu luo a uuuui 3 3 late war. The fifteen thousand pension agents in the country, who have prepared the cases of thou-ttnnds of disabled soldiers, discover a disposition in the legislation ot tho last House to prevent fiin and aeptn oj time, aim a su.xtaitiing singing quality never before attained, being a "Guaa'D Piano is a Square And the best vmeiican and European famished. This was all the Scholars. humidity in the atmosphere.

In Lnirita lhe Hovle's ever obtained Contidns ONE-FIFTH more mattfci than former heated terms the humidity the Crosbv8 by lheir consent, any other, Ihe smaller type giving much more on a nasre. Contains 3000 Illustrations, nearly three was inning, Bomoumes as low though they called often and plea.4 any more pension claims ot any times r.s tny as any other Dictionary. IlU-tdLeLS. Jfife and f'Lia ulosl the makt faiwfaffe. teLmlk, Ingaad tellable.

camianieA. -JE2H5LVE HIM A CALLsr lv-5-8 kind. the near future the grey THE MENDELSSOHN UPRIGHTS ARE THE FINEST IX AMERICA. They are pronounced the Pianos of the Future." All our pianos are made entirely bv ourselves fit our Nos. mi, 494, 49(5 493 West 57th Street, 85S, 800, 802, 8G4, 863,803 870 10th Ave Now the finest and one of the largest in the Orifin.illy established in 1842 seventeen per cent, xnis cuuseu hard for daring ihlj the evaporation of the body to pass but tho Crosby's had.

discovered Ifig-LOOK A I' the ttree pictures of a Ship, on page 1751, these alone illustrate the meaning of more than 100 word- and the blue will confront each other in Congress with the crev and terms far better than theycau be de on carrying whu i me su- lhat these men noUruthful perabundant heat in the system, that lhevwf. t.A lined in word.J holding the vantage ground. Every More than 30,000 copies have been plac A VALUABLE INVENTION, which deranges, and too often de- union soldier should awake to the ntroys, the vital functions of the WOMAN'S FRIEND. And steam Wnfber. Will cleanse your clothes wiihoat rubbing.

Every one sold, fully warranted. It saves labor and tho wear and tear of wash days. It will do' the washing of the family whila yoa are eating breakfast and doing np the dishes. Steam has ion.2 been known as tho most powerful agent in removing dirt and stains from cloihing and bleaching them white. Pi.per makers have for manyycniN -ised Mean in cleansing and bleacl.injriheirrags and they succeed in m-iking-.

by its igeney the filthiest picking- trenn gutter perfectly pnr and 'lite. Until the invention of the Steam, Washer or Woman's Friend, al-i'uoogb. oft attempted, no method It been discovered of applying steam directly to the clothing, which -onld be nsed in a portable monncr for domestic purposes. -The Woman's Friend washes without labor. It will do the washing for any ordinary family in thirty minutes to an hour.

Tbe Steam Washer Is superior to all the devices for the fol ed in the puuuc schools ot MJie Unite. States, LJecommcnded bv 34 State Superinten danger of tho hour. The attitude THE WORLD RENOWNED body. During tho recent excessive of the democratic party on the ques dents of Schools, and more thau 50 College mi thom. with firmness.

For this the Boyle's became oftended, gathered together a squad of drinking men and went to Crosby's drug store hot term the moisture in the atmos lion of the election of President is such as to rait-e great doubts of the yum over 38 years ayo, being among the few makes of pianos which have stood the lest of time. OVER 12, 000 IN USE. Every piapfo warranted for five years We are now niaki ng al I our piano3 entirely of VDLOANIZEJ LUMBEK. Ihe greatest discovery of the age. Wood rendered imperishable, shrinking, checking or warpinjr impossible, and as incapable of absorbing moisture as vulcanized rubber.

Tn increased hardness and phere has sometimes reached as high as fifty per cent, which greatly retarded evaporation from the body, future. With bulldozing, murders with the avowed purpose of clean Presidents. Has about 10,000 words and meaniug-not in other Dictionaries. Embo-lies about 100 year? of literary labor, and is several years later than any other large The sale of Vbter's Dictionaries is 20 times as great as the sale of any other series of Dictionaries. 'Auquzt 4.

1S77. The Dictionary used and tampering with returns, they and caused it to be dangerously sur essayed in tho last campaign to elect ing the Crosby's out, they threatened and abused the whole Crosby outfit, and one of them, J. A. Boyle. charged with heat, and If the injji- Tilden.

Finding they were beaten, money was lavishly spent to de Ymuui yva uu uppruiunaung shoved a revolver in Mrs. Crosby's I. 1 1 1. 1 1 I in the Government Printing Office is Web- tougnner-s ot ine woou produces a reso In workmanship Is equal to a Chronometer Watch, a S3 elegantly finished as a first-class Piano. It the highest awards at the Vienna and Centennial Er sitions- IT SEWS ONE-FOURTH FASTER than oti.

machines. Its capacity is unlimited. There are WILSON RIACHiriES sold in the United States the combined sales of all the others. The VILQc -MENDING ATTACHMENT for doing all kinds of repairin- WITHOUT PATCHING, given FREE with each machi isssLiviLsors sewihg mmwm eo, 627 Cl 823 Broadway. New York: New Orleans.

La. 3 bauch returning boar is. This scheme -cuu, duu-buo Wuuiu and threatened to blow her nance of tone truly wonderful. The pro- ster's Unabr-dgcd Is it not rightly claimed that Webster is likely to follow. brain3 out th RO whl6key.

failing, they favor revolution. True cess of vulcanizing ia done by machinery established at our factory, and we have THE NATIONAL STANDARD? men of both parties united upon a One of greatest safeguards from Well, Mr. Iloyt have not the and other summer dis- by's sold to other parties, yes, under plan for commission, as the only means of preventing civil strife. LOCATED. J.

I. STILLINGS, M. D. They meet and under their Bolemn eases is the most perfect cleanliness just such circumstances as they sold in everything. First the person to me and T.

C. Boyle I have no tho application of water to tho en- knowledge that they have ever Cor. State Madison Chicago, and San Francisco Csl Offlco at the drug store ot E. Crosby, i For Sale bif aU First-Class Dealers tire surface of the skin, followed by Isold under any other circumstances the friction of. a rough towel, not But the fact is, we as good people only promotes health, but greatly as ultra temperance folkR, who have protects the system from epidemic persuaded the Crosby's to sell to us Minneapolis, Where he can be found day or night, unless professionally absent.

Attention will be given to all diseases of a local diatheses. The Doctor is an old experienced practitioner, having had the advantages of a city hospital aud clinical practice. N. li. Special attention given to Gynecology, (diseases of women).

Consultation tree. and other diseases. Eat sparingly for medicine, cooking, sacramental oaths, Mr. Hayes is declared entitled to his seat, and he is inaugurated. These same revolutionists were not satisfied, title is assailed and the people's money is now bing squandered to send committees here and there, to, hunt the McLins, Webers, and others to furnish material to run the Democratic machine during the fall elections.

With a large Democratic major i.y lowing reasons: 1. It -uses much less soap than is required by any other method. 2. It does its own work, thereby) saving a large portion of the tim usually taken. 3.

It requires no attention what ever while the process of cleansing is going on. A lady can do her washing while she is eating" her breakfast and doing up the breakfast dishes. 4. Glothing wears donble the time of meat and all rich and fatty food, purposos, to make vinegar, to kill Perfectly ripe fruitfish, rice, salads bed bugs, and for all other purposes with plenty, of good vinegar, is the except drink," thought that if the most health preserving diet in hot Crosby's would take our word and weather. Tea ispfeerahle to coffee sell to us in violation of the law, or chocolate; lemons, either to eat they ought to be punished by ad in the last House, no action was -SYVOPS1S OF STATE MEET OF AHEttlCAX t'ESIIRAL r.

l' i DKCEMBEH 1877. Cash Capital $300,000.00 deinsurance Keserye 213,500.87 All other Liabilities 75,516.46 taken to preent the repetition of or converted into lemonade is moBt vancing the school interests of this wholesome. Fresh drawn well wa- county, and so we put the job up ter is also a very healthy drink, and on them and thev squeeled, and gtost I TV thr exclusive control ot the patent for piano making, which, together with our other patents and improvements, including Maihushek's Duplex Overstrung Scale, render our pianos in every respeilt THE In the grand results of strength, durability, reliability, and ability for standing in ine, volume, power, resonaiiie. brilliancy, sweetness, sympathetic aud singing quality of tone, evenness throughout the entire scale, delicacy and elasticity of touch and beauty of finish, the mim Mii mmj on Piano Standi Without an Equal. These pianos made one of tho finest displays at the Centennial Exhibition, and were unanimously recommended lor the Highest Houoi 8 Processor O.

M-Newell, the celebrated pianist, who received the distinguished Honor of a Gold Medal and Badge from the Centencial Commisiouers tor tUe. highest excellence iu piano playing at the great Exhibition, says of these pianos: '1 must ay that they equal the best piano uiade by any firm this city. For tveness and pure singing qualify of -tone' they have no superior any where. Toe 'continuation of sound after striking a note is something wonderful in the art ot scale Pianos sent on trial, and eoid on installments. Don't fail lo write for lllustra-fed and Descriptive Catalogue mailed free.

Caution. The Merdelssohn is a regularly mcorpoiated manufacturing company, and the only hou-e whica makes the entire piano, and wells direct t.i the purchaser at factory price. Beware of -hogus" pianos ottered Oy dealers who pretend to be m.uiulacturers. We reler you lo the New Yotk Commercial Agencies, which, will giv you reliable infrm itim iu regard to them, as well as to our integrity, character and MviNDSL330Hi PIASj) No. 21 fiast inch Street, Near Union Square KJ3W I0SS.

such scenes in 1880, for the evident reason that these revolutionists are well satidfied with tho present law, and the opportunities it gives them the freer it is from mineral substan- that "will be a warning in the lu 5S9. 107.33 207,833.79 ture to others, who have respect Xet Sumlua ces, neia solution, the more for our civil authorities. tl li IB to defeat the honest preferences of II II ff li 11 Squiktum Squatum, Reporter. healthy it is. The wells in this city vary considerably in tho degree Of purity of the water they supply.

the voters in the next presidential wasiicu in ill is i us lie Liiiiu mojr will washed by a machine or by hand labor or washboard. b. curtains and all fine fab rics are washed in a superior manner. For flannels this Washer is most desirable as it will not full as a machine or hand rubbing does. All fabrics from the finest lace to a red blanket can bo washed perfectly and with ease, without the rubbing board.

It is truly a labor and dothwsavitig invention. G. W. SHAW, Agent for Ottawa Kan. Dr W.

J. JACKSON itttii'MinQ Total Assetts $796,941.12 Asse tsin vested exclusively in U. S. bonds mid bonds of the of Missours. Gko.

T. Ckam, Pres't James Newman. Sec'y, II. S. wOODEN, Agent nt Minneapolis' LONOO HMOUE.

election. Fax. This is caused by the different kinds By an ingenious instrument, the of strata which the water passes Royal Obseivatory, Greenwich, Lon t-" ul 'i CHEAP XCLTUI(3r. through before it reaches each par-1 don, has been able to register the ticlar ell. It is best when fresh exact number of hours of suosht On Wednesdaj, July 31, an ex SMALLPOX.

Dr Dunn has on hand Cow poX virus, lo; vaccinatiO i. Thi3 virus is more elHeient protecrive, mv safe thaw humanized virus. drawn, and will measure from 52 to lwt year-1 ln tho twelve months ending February 10th, ihe 50 degrees, which is much less dan- sUn wasabovthe horizon at Lon- cursion will take place from Minneapolis, Bennington, and Coal Creek aad more, by buying a machine that will last yon life time, tad tit bM aU tit litest BSmKQ IIACHIIIE 5 ftfcl JjsteiiBi gerous man it would De nearer to don 4,554 hours: tho amount oi it Is the product of heifer lnnoculatiots Btations, to Ft. Riley aud back the same day. Tickets there and back, the freezing point 32 degrees.

The sunshine during this time, was only from tbe celebrated spontaneous case oi ew pox discovered lu Beaugeney, in sanitary condition of the dwelling 128(3 hours, that is, the Londoners house, bothwithm and withnnt. w.u U1 lu France, in 1866, and has never passed .4 I sunshine they were emitted to, a wviu.jr iuiiwui, xiiuer iu to the register. The winter Tbe tegular lare would be $6.00. The net proceeds to go to tbe building funds of the M. E.

and Presbyterian churches. Train wilj leave Minneapolis at 7.30 a. 12 The AMEKTCAN SENATOR, by Anthonv Trollop, double No, 20 through the human subject. Ofiice at Hall's new Drug store, north of post olBce Charges 50 cents. heailD.

oi us inmates in warm wea- months received very Janu 3 A PfUNCESS of THULE, by Black, double number THE SEASIDE LIBRARY-Clioicfl books no longer for the few onlv The best standard novels within the reach oi everv one. Books usnallv sold at Si to 3 given (unabridged and unchangod) for 10 md 20 cents teh. 1 East Lynn, by Henry Wood. double number 20c, 2 John Halifax. Gkntuiman.

ty Miss Mulock double number 20c, 3 Jar Eyre by Charlotte double number. 20c. 4 WOMN HATER, diss Read. 20c. ther.

Stagnant water, all kinds of ary only 3. hours, Februarj' only decaying animaf and vegtuble sub- 40 hours, December only 27 hours January and February there Btanccs In proximity to the domicile were 14 days each in which there are prolific sources ot sickness, and was no sunshine, and io December often death, to the residents. One AUh.ouh had only 5 hours of sunshine, there were SOLOMON. Established in 1872. Has been, practice 15 years GEORGE JtETCALF.

RESTTJTiANT. HEALS AT ALL UOUK3. Day borrders 3 a week. SODA WATER, CONFECTIONERY, G4XDY, CIGAES, TOBIOOO, TIIJ5 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN TIIIRTT.TIIIBD TAA. The river began lo riae last Sun-day and Las been rising at intervals ever since, and if now, (Friday) still rising- It ia higher now than it has been since thegreafc storm on Jl-iy 30 '77.

Ho 6lu lT6 or mail il.iuin iha 14 The DEAD SECRET, by Wilkle Collins, single number, Jc. 15 HOMOLA by Geo. Ehot, singT numrer, 1. 16 Thr ENGLISH, at ihe NOF? rf I rOLE, bydnles Verne, single 17 HIDDEN PERILS, by Mary cil Hay, sino-le number, 10c. 118 BARBARA'S HISTORY, ly rs-ia B.

Ed wards, double number, 20c 19 A TERRIBLE TE3JPTATJON by Charles Eerie, single nuatber, IDo PensionsI! Soldiers and Sailors, waroi 1812, or Indian wars, their widows, and all pensioners whose names have been dropped from the Rolls can now secure pensions. Send stamp with full particulars of case to Presbury and Green Patent attorneys, 509 Seventh street fcshington, D. TH6 MOST POPCXAB SOieNTlFlO PAPPR lf TH3 WORLD. tenth tne aegroo oi leuaness the only 7 days when it did not have mmosphere will kill infants that Bome August hud only one day each when no isunsamo 5 Tne BLACK Verne's last new novel, single nnmber 10c. valley since Tuesday, no eastern mu- "lr Tear il iince Wednesday.

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