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The Kiowa Kansan from Kiowa, Kansas • 4

The Kiowa Kansan from Kiowa, Kansas • 4

The Kiowa Kansani
Kiowa, Kansas
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tory by Hazel Skusa and Grace Dain from Gerlane lor a visit with her ton was particularly interesting, as was the prophecy by Zona Sooter. daughters, Ruth and Marian over Sun. day. Saturday, May 27. Following was rendered a play, 'When Grace Goes to Europe." by Misa Hazel Groff of Nortonville, Kansas, arrrved Saturday evening for a visit with her friend Miss Grace Dainton and attended the graduating exercises.

the class and a few assistants. The parts were well chosen and happily rendered, but the olot was, to say the least, an innovation. It seemed to be a portrayal of a scrt of domestic Another. Saturday Specials Mr. and Mm.

A. W. Dainton of To- dilemma, well fraught with feminine frivolities and foibles, finally ending peka are visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. W.

Dainton and family and attended the -commencement exercises. WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY THE MERRIAM WEBSTER The Only New unabridged dictionary In many years. Contains the pith and essence of an authoritative library. Covers every Hold of knowledge. An Encyclopedia in a single book.

The Only dictionary with the New Divided Page. 400,000 Words. 2700 Pages. 6000 Illustrations. Cost nearly half a million dollars.

Post yourself on this most remarkable single volume. as they all do, in getting over six day's work and worry crowded into of vthe Secretary of Report a space of about an hour. One of the most interesting things in the play was the probable fate of the dog "Asbestos," warranted not to bark. bite. ARE GOING TO CONTINUE offering our Saturday Specials and if you do not take advantage of these splendid offers it is no fault of ours.

We could not af Agriculture. Hon. J. N. Herr is in receipt of a keep you awake at night or harbor fleas.

The parts were all good ones, and to tell the best would simply neces bnnch of bound volumes of the Report of Secretary of Agriculture, F. D. Coburn, being Volume XXII of the re sitate that the whole plot be repeated ford to make these offers permanent; nor could we afford to offer many articles at one time on this basis, so please observe the items and the date. ports. This late book is probably one of thu best eyer put out by the Depart and the parties taking parts be named separately.

The opera house was simply and tastefully decorated, the ucuiars, etc. ment, and comprises a neatly cloth bound book of over a thousand pages that are well filled with interesting draping of the class colors, turqouise and gold, being artistic in the extreme. matter. A few of ihe subjects touch Special For Ladies Special On Men Hats ed upon are wheat, alfalfa, farm im All members and friends who might provements and conveniences, live stock, particularly beef cattle and hogs, sheep and their handling. A vA WW --fry'Spriiigfleld.

Hsu. be interested in the organization of a Christian church in Kiowa, please meet at the K. P. Hall, over Yates' grocery store, on Tuesday evening, Fine Spring coats, short, made Cft of Taffeta, were $8.50, now ThJU very interesting series of articles and Choice of our fine $3.00 hats frO Ofl will sell next Saturday for only 4) LOU Choice of our fine $2.00 and $2- (ICQ 50 hats, on next Saturday only I UU Ladies fine waists, worth up to $2.25, on next Saturday sell for $1.50 reports on poultry of all kinds and their management is to be fonnd in this volume, and may be learned by May 30th. This is important to those interested in this movement.

A good attendance is desired. the breeder. Following the general Signed Committee. discussions in the various subjebts are Remember we will make special prices on Men's and Boy's suits till our present stock is sold out. exhaustive tables of statistics, valu able and authenic.

Taken as a whole, the volume is one of the best ever is sued, and justifies the expense the Kiowa 10Alva 4. Managers Reed, White and Devlin brought their bunch of pill tossers up from the waterless city on last Sunday State goes to in this respect, if ever any of these reports has done so. Mr. PIANO TUNING 7 L. E.

DeLand with L. B. Hill is prepared to do up-to date tuning. All work fully guaranteed. Phone 51 Henr, received forty of these, which E.

G. Walter Mere. Co. arer aisiriDuuon among ine resident of this county as long as they last. "The Money-Saver For The People' and like the noble Duke of York, they "marched right back again" in the cool of the evening leaving their scalps hanging on the Kiowa grand stand.

We were unable to get a tabulated score, and owing to sickness had no representative at the game, but are informed that the boys played mighty good ball. The batteries were, Kiowa, Case and Long; Alva, Fry and Overstreet. Harley-Davidson 1, Wichita The City has begun active operations in the matter of the installation of the oil burning device for the water and light plant. It is expected that it will be completed in about a month, Glenn is putting in the storage The Kiowa Konservatory Of Music Anna-Myrtle Smith Director Musicale Kindergarten a specialty. Given away-1 Gold and 2 Silver Medals in Contests.

Res. Studio, L. W. FOX. cistern for the oil.

It will be made of cement, and of ample size to keep on time to the operation of his dray line. This change in his plans was made necessary by the removal from among us of John Jennings, his younger brother, who has been caring for the dray business for him during the winter. John and family go from Kiowa Kiowa to Lake City, where they expect to make their future home. "Bill" McComas, formerly connected with Garland's Meat Market, came in from Winfield on a pleasure trip the other day. J.M.Miller made a short trip to hand plenty of oil for emergencies.

Miss Ethel Lewis returned from several days stay it Wichita, where she has been with her mother who is undergoing treatment, the first of the J. P. Sampson and wife were among the Gerlaneites who had occasion to visit Kiowa last week. John Vaughn and wife of south of town went to Medicine Lodge Friday to attend the funeral services of Mrs. Anna Hester, a former schoolmate and friend of Mrs.

Vaughn. They returned Friday evening. The Band Concert Saturday night was enjoyed by all, particularly the very wet shower that accompanied it. Some fellow facetiously remarked that the Commercial Club ought to have given these concerts last fall and winter when rains were so badly needed. We'll just keep them up.

Rev. Fuller Rhodes, formerly of place, has been giving evangelist meetings on the street, accompanied by his wife and small children. They have had a good attendance. Roger Axline came down from Medicine Lodge for a short visit with friends the last of the week. Little Accident With a Horse.

This morning while out driving with her brother's wife in the family buggy Miss Grace Dainton had a very exciting half minute. While on south Seventh Street the horse, in some manner, got entangled in the harness and began to kick over the front of the buggy. Miss Grace, who was driving, received a kick on the ankle, which was quite painful, but was otherwise uninjured. Marshal Clark Bunton was near the scene of the action and at once rescued the unfortunate ones before any further damage was done, It was indeed a fortunate ci.Gumstance that nothing further was injured. week.

Dr. Geo. R. J. L.

B. Ellis left yesterday evening for the Banker's Convention at Kan sas City, Missouri. He will return the last of the week. Geo. Nay and daughter, Miss Ida, Physician and Surgeon Oifise Over New Postottce Kio Kansas PHONES- Office 181 who have been visiting M.

S. Justis and family some time, departed last Anthony to interview A. A. White on the proposition of the east and west line of railroad from Anthony west, yesterday evening. Owing to the short space of time Jim had to talk with him, he was not able to accomplish a great deal in the matter of detail.

We hope the next time more definite resuls may be had. Sylvester Munson returned from Enid the first of the week where he week for their home in California. White SoxO. Sunday was Harley-Davidson motorcycle day at Danville, and an invitation was given all Harley-Davidson riders by Drouhard Motorcycle Co. of Danville to come and see the opening game of the Harley-Davidson Ball Nine composed entirely of Harley-Davidson riders and "Boosters" against the Wichita White Sox.

The Harley-Davidson team wore their new uniforms of dark blue, with yellow trimmings with the name Harley-Davidson in. yellow letters on blouse. The Harley-Daidson team played ball in keeping with the performance of the machines they ride, not a "Miss fire" not a stop for adjustment and they furnished the only "perfect score" of the day. From the first explosion the Harley-Davidson team fairly "burnt up" the diamond, every explosion a power explosion. The faithful never tiring always ready, ever efficient "Barleys" bounded about the diamond with that ever sounding "pop" ''pop" that "killed" the White Sox engine before they got to the first (test hill).

There were some 38 Harley-Davidson riders there on their machines to see the game, but owing to the threatening rain some 15 riders did not come. Kiowa furnished 3 of the 9 Harley-Davidsons that are in or near Kiowa, Arthur Ray, Robt. Benet and Frank Overstreet who got much pleasure out of their little hundred mile jaunt. They rode the machines that have been in the R. F.

D. mail service here for the last 3 to 12 months representing three models 1909 1910 and 1911. All have given the same degree of success and they are planning some more pleasure runs in the near future. Miss Margaret Wheeler expects to leave for her home in California the latter part of this week. R.

Buchanan received word that his father, well along in years, is very Tomato plants for sale, first door west of Opera House. Mrs. S. L. Perry.

ill at Kingsley, Kansas. Recovery doubtful. Rev. D. K.

Sailor was in from Hardtner, on business the first of the week. He sure is proud of that new motorcycle, and it's a good one. W. J. Sterling was in from Hardtner, yesterday.

Will says he made a sneak and escaped from farm labor long enough to get to town. Mrs. Etha Allen made a short visit and business trip toCapron, Oklahoma, last week, Vencil Row made a short pleasure trip to Wichita the last of the week, returning Sunday, Orville Cully came in from Lamed for a short visit with friends the last of the week. Together with bis fath er he has bought a bank in Lamed Snedals and reports business prosperous and increasing. C.

C. Skiliing made one of his cus a tomary visits from Waynoka with friends and relativrs here Sunday. Miss Lila Coyle left Friday morning for her home near Medicine Lodge, She made her stay short on account of has been making arrangements to move his family to Kiowa. They will likely arrive and become residents of Kiowa the first week in June Miss Dollie Hull visited in Conway Springs last week, this week she is visiting Miss Elizabeth VanHook in Kiowa. Mrs.

Frank Overstreet visited her parents, J. B. Cramer and wife at Wichita recently. A. Lashmet and wife made a com bined business and pleasure trip to Wichita Friday.

Messrs. Stranger and Molz of Hardtner, with their wives made a business trip to Wichita last week. Word received that Mrs. Frank A. Lewis, who has been operated upon at the Wichita Hospital, by Dr.

Horn, is doing well, and on the road to complete recovery. Miss Tessie Pearl came up from Alva, wher she had been visiting her mother, the last of the week. J. V. Ormond, of Wichita, Supt.

of the Insurance Department of the Knights of Pythias is in town in the interest of his Claude Mutchmore was doing some sign work in Hardtner last week. R. Buchanan retnrned from K. of P. Grand Lodge last Friday evening.

Rev. Dwight K. Sailor, pastor of the Hardtner M. church, returned last Friday evening from Hodgeman eounty where he has been on business for the past two weeks. While gone he purchased him a fine new Indian motorcycle upon which he made his return trip, John Hirgis, of Hazelton, was down last Saturday to get his automobile which has been in the Owl Garage for repairs for the past week.

The en gine was completely overhauled and worked "like new" when he started on the return trip. John W. Gray, of Cherokee, accom-' panied by his wife, was in town last Thursday night, enroute for Argonia, for a short visit with relatives. While here they visited Mr. Grays, sister, Mrs.

R. G. Watkins. Henry Jennings, who, has been employed at the Holloway Elliott shop on north Sixth street for the past year, turned in his resignation on last Wednesday and will in the future give his the illness of her father. MR.

and MRS. W. LAUGHMAN Undertakers and Licensed Embalmers In Kansas and Oklahoma PHONE 53 a. J. tne automobile ex pert in the employ of the Studebaker Best Colo.

Potatoes (110 per bu. 4 I I fc.19.p0:ad! $1.00 Fancy plums, were Ofl 0.30, now Fancy Peas, were OH 0.30, now Corn, 3 cans for QC only Tomatoes, 3 large QC cans LEWIS COMPANY. people who has been converting some of the Flanders cars at M. Circle's place of business, made a short trip home to Kansas City the last of the week, returning Monday. Herbert Bowen, of Oklahoma City, who had been assisting him, left for Oklahoma City to remain permanently, last week.

Paul Perry came up from Charles ton, Oklahoma, for a short visit with relatives here, last week. Mrs. J. K. Richardson came down Franklin High School Class Day Exercises.

Last night at the opera house the class of 1911 presented their class day exercises to a crowded house. The program was well and agreeably rendered, including several musical numbers, songs by the chorus, violin trio by Messrs. Laughman and Bainbridge and Miss Ruth Richardson, piano solo by Miss lone Hamble, piano solo by Miss Catharin Coryell. The class his. DR.

W. MAYS Dentist Office in Fraternal Building Phone 165 Residence 155 FREE! CHINAMEL FREE' FREE' BEMOMSTMTIOM! Wefcpsday, May 29-3L Flo way am Store City lira Our expert Demonstrator will be here to show you the very latest stunts in interior decoration. Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to make your old floors, wood- work and furniture look like new. It will cost you nothing tq learn and you are under no obligations to buy, Remember the date. Phone 72.

O. E. HARMON, M.D., Proprietor..

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