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The Kiowa Kansan from Kiowa, Kansas • 1

The Kiowa Kansan from Kiowa, Kansas • 1

The Kiowa Kansani
Kiowa, Kansas
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i tr: KANSM THE 10 OWA SIX Pages Kiowa, Kansas, May iOth. 1911. Volume II. SIX Pages No. 6.

erent and the WEIS WIN WREST Kiowa editors are to be com eligible, Wilson of New Jersey, Dix of New York, Harmon of Ohio and Marshall of Indiana. INSURRECTO ON A RAMPAGE CONCERTS BEGIN SATURDAY NIGHT. I i 'ti mended for their enterprise. LING BOUT Added to this list we have Kern of Indiana, Reed of Missouri, Ex-Governor Folk of Misssouri, Mayor Gaynor of New York and Barn Destroyed by Fire. Saturday about noon the barn Match Proves To Be A Mixes With Nightwatch Middleton.

Harrison of Chicago. What an Very Fast. Broomhall gives the world's of-fej ings of wheat for the week at a little over eleven millions of bushels, falling off of almost a million bushels over last week, and about the same amount below the same week last year. 1 ractically all of the countries t. at export wheat, with the ex of Russia, showed heavy decrease in shipments.

The increase from Russia being approximately three fourth of a million bushels. The corn trade showed very slight increase over last week, being a and granaries on what is generally known as the old Ed Bishop Committee Starts Ball To Rolling. FARMERS ARE INVITED easy thing it will be to select a winning ticket out of this bunch, WINNER PLAYS LOW GAME LAST THURSDAY EVENING and goodness knows their are place, formerly the Charles Decatur farm north of -Kiowa about eight miles, caught fire from some unknown cause and burned to the ground. This place lots of others, to say nothing of the tried and trusted standard H. About One Hundred, Twen bearer, William J.

Bryan, Demo had lately changed hands, and C. H. McBrayer And J. Nichols, Appointed By Com. Club Do Work.

Demented Man Causes Considerable Excitement When He Refuses To Leave. cracy will be able to locate a Moses sure enough, and will fol- ty-Five People Witness Bout On Monday Evening. was the property of Martin Scrip-sic. son of Mike Scripsic south less than two millions of ow him to victory. bushels, against a little over one west of here.

The new owner had lived on the place only a and a half millions of bushels the same period a year ago. C. H. McBrayer and J. H.

Quite a crowd of local sports Postal Deficit Disappears. Finally, after nearly thirty short time, and at the time of the fire was in Kiowa on business. The only person on the premises at the time was a farm years in trying, Uncle Sam has augumented by a few from surrounding towns were at the Opera House on last Monday evening to witness the wrest Suggestion by Rev. D. D.

Nichols, as members of the committee appointed by the presiding officer of the Commercial Club to make arrangements for been able to run his Post Office McSkimming. Department on a paying basis, hand, whose name we were un ing bout between Henry Weis, able to learn, The loss will and we are informed that the old time deficit which usually he band concerts this summer, The Congregational Church of probably reach $2,000,00, including the destruction of about hovered around the fifteen to Kiowa is known and regarded as of Chicago: and Chas. Richardson, of Wichita, as arranged and advertised by Gus Pearson, formerly express messenger on the one of the most up to date and pro were out nn the streets yesterday in an effort to the money required for these events twenty million dollar mark has disappeared, and the postal sys eleven or twelve hundred bushels of wheat. The building-was gressive in the southwest. Over tem has actually paid out and in not insured.

Mo. passenger trains through here. ull. Or course this is good a year ago they adopted an innovation that has worked Well and satisfactorily, the abolition this summer. The idea is to have twenty concerts on succeed Thursday of last week a Mexican on our streets proceeded to make himself a general nuisance to everybody, exhibiting all sorts of evidence of insanity or some other sort of "cussedness." He gave his name as Vincent Martin, and said he wanted to go to Higgins, Texas, but seemed not to have the money or inclination to part with it.

Marshal Bun-ton and Night Watch Middleton concluded that they would procure him a ticket, and with that intention Jack Middleton started to take him to the Santa Fe train Thursday evening. On the way, however, he objected and showed fight, when Jack at once put him to sleep with a good old right hander properly administered. After he had spent the night in the "calaboose," he was arraigned before Justice Buchanan on the charge of as crowd was -called news, and it is not at all surprising, for the reason that the in of the collection plate and the Back From a Vacation. Joe Nichols returned. Sunday ing Saturday nights during the season, and these will be paid raising of all church revenues by to order by K.

S. Simpson, acting as announcer, and Weis was introduced. He gave an ex creased facilities of the Department, in the way of rural and other improved deliveries has or by a nominal donation from direct subscription. About the same time the Congregational Cadet Corps was formed by Mr. each and every citizen.

hibition of dumb bell exercise with eighty and one hundred, noon from seven weeks' vacation at the ranch of Abner Wilson in south east Arizona, and informs us that he had the time and experience of his life, Joe In conversation with the gentle made the patronage of the mails more popular and in this manner increased-ihe service and reve well, which has had so much sixty pound bells, holding the men named we were told they do with the moral uplift of latter up from the' ground at nues. Someone has jokingly had succeeded in making ar tells us that Abner Wilson is doing finely, that he is meeting the young lads of Kiowa, and has been a boon to the entire said that the illustrated post with all kinds of success as a community. arms length, lying flat on the floor and with a 200 pound man seated thereon. At the conclusion of this part of the program Messrs. Allan and Sch- card has been the cause of this change, and it is not at all un- rangements to begin the concerts on next Saturday evening, although all the money needed Not content with the stride ranchman, and that his health is a great deal better than had ikely that this is, to a great ex made by his suggestion of doing away with the collection plate, or the project had not yet been tent, true.

It is to be hoped wantz, two local boys who were to stage the preliminary bout subscribed. been the case for some time. Roughing it and ranch life seems to have had a good effect on Joe, that, in view of the removal of the ostensible cause, the pro The band is in better condition sault on H. VanDusen whom he had pushed off of his dray the day before, and was sent to the county jail at Medicine Lodge for safe keeping, pending such were introduced. These two Rev.

D. D. McSkimming, last Sunday morning, proposed for the consideration of his congregation still more progress. It is posed increase on the postage as he comes back with a good ads were received with applause at present than at any time during its existence. The instrumentation is smaller, but tlie of periodicals will not be made.

by the spectators and Allen won rich coat of tan, and the constitution of a harvest hand. On Magazines are a necessary, not disposition as the County Attor his suggestion to procure and in the first fall in seven minutes members are all working togeth a luxury, and should not be tax stall in the church a moving pic 1 ney and other officials think best to make of him, While the man At exactly 8:45, Richardson er in the best manner. Several the way home he stopped over at El Paso, Texas, and crossed over the-Rio Grande to Juarez, ture machine, and every Sunday was introduced and immediately members of the Kid Band, will night, to give a series of moving afterward Referee Fugate called seems to have some education, and to talk rationally at times, no doubt be able to join the Mexice, the late scene of seve pictures on strictly Bible Und re- arge band before long, as was ral exciting chapters of the little igious subjects and themes. ed to death. It is to be hoped that some of the franking practices of members of Congress will be eliminated, or at least materially reduced, both in the matter of garden seeds and of speeches and public documents; this would effect a material saving, and time on the big match.

Weiss won the first fall after twelve minutes of rough wrestling with intended when that organization he shows unmistakable evidence of being mentally unhinged. He is rather lighter in color than rocure films of religious sub war game. He tells us that he was much pleased with El Paso jects, portraying truths of this half-Nelson and Scissor-hold. was instituted. The program for next Saturday evening is a specially prepared one.

The and with the surroundings gen most of the Mexicans, talks fair Schwatz won the second fall of kind, and invite the people to witness them; these lectures to erally, the preliminary in about three English, and says he is in sym pathy with Madero, His pecul band has been working on it for would be a relief to many who be given without an admission who are burdened with these some time and while the reper seconds, by rushing Allen. Dur ing the interim they also wr fee, if possible. Back From Sunday School iar mania seems to be a desire to "start something," and he toire of the band comprises in This suggestion is a Food one. Convention. led off the remaining fall, Allen he neighborhood of seventy- gratis nothings.

If this increase of revenue keeps up, one cent postage may be possible at no ana ngnt in line with the pro might have been severely accom winning in seven minutes. The gress of the times. day has five numbers, the very best of that quota has been selected for Miss Mayme Spurrier and second fall of the big match was modated, had it not been that most of the people regarded him passed when it is sacrilege to hold any sort of meeting in the Mrs. Edna Billerman, accom won by Richardson with a half the opening night. as insane.

house of worship, other than the Nelson and leg hold, in about The members of the Kiowa distant day, but we sincerely trust that Congress will not take advantage of this condition to heed the clamor of the mail order houses to establish the par singmg of psalms and delivery seven minutes. Weis won the Commercial club extend a cor oi sermons, mat the moving panied by J. d. Spurrier, represented the Congregational Sunday School and O. M.

Findley represented the M. E. Sunday last fall in twenty-fiye minutes dial invitation to the farmers of picture machine, if properly handled, is one of the most pow the country surrounding Kiowa with a half -Nelson and Hammer logk. Editorial Association Coming We clip the following from the Alva Piqneer? which speaks, jfpr ifself on. the matter- of the comjng Editorial Association and erful educators in the land to School at the gtate Sunday to be present on next Saturday day cannot be denied.

Its in At the close of the match evening as their guests at the cels post. Let's do all we can for the free and economical dissemination of knowledge and information, but by no means encourage or assist the attempts of gchopl Convention at Topeka last week. On the way home stailation would be the means Richardson served notice through opening of the musical season in of bringing many to church who from Topeka Miss Spurrier and his backers that he was dissatis Kiowa, You will be both pleas are not in the habit of going to church at all. A great deal fled with the decision on the Banquet to be held herein Kiowa the near future, It is gratis fying that the proposition is meeting with such unqualified ed and surprised if you have not already heard the band this of good might be accom Mrs, Billerman stopped over at Wichita and witnessed the bird men flights, Friday, and return first fall and challenged Weis to the big mail order houses to come into close and direct competition with our home merchants. Cheap postage on maga pushed in this manner, IS meet him again at any time and spring, and in case you have, and it is certain that none other ed home Friday evening.

A re place and in the near future. Of you'll be sure to come. an uijiyersal approbation, It will have a better effect on our the two men Richardson put up zines and periodicals is a much than the most extremely narrow could find occasion to criticise the management. Modern and port of the convention will be given, in the Congregational church next Sunday, and from community, and on the towns in needed blessing, but on com Kansas Governor Wilson in the cleaner game by pdds, Weis resorting several times to the up to date people demand that this vicinity than any other one thine that could be arranged at City. merce and commodities the rates ought not to be less than will al their religious methods and prac what we have been abje tfl tactics that gave Delivuk the tices keep pace with their own name of being the dirtiest certain, the report wjJl be well worth attending.

The ladjes movements. And why not this time. Lend a hand, every body, and help it along. Governor Wpodrow Wilson of wrestler that ever gtruek a mat. low the home merchant to enter into fair competition with the big mail order house.

state that they had a most ex fye Oonmercial Qlijb and edi At only one time did the Referee New Jersey, while on a tour of lectures and speaking, addressed cellent and enjoyable; time, thatUave to calf Richardson and that tors at mowa are making a several meetings in Kansas City, Franklin High School Notes gj Qrgce Dainton Topeka received the rangemeptg to entertain the was in the second fall when and met with most cordial and over three thousand of them, Laundry Opens This Week. The machinery for the Kiowa Weis complained that Richard son had a strangle-hpjjl, enthusiastic reception by the newspaper men of Alfalfa and Woods county in Oklahoma, and and Harper and Barber eounties Frank Anderson attended the with open arms, ana did everything possible to make things pleasant. They are especially track meet at Alva Saturday. Missourians. Those who have met the governor have been unanimous in their opinion that he in Kansas, the entertainment to Steam Laundry arrived on last Saturday morning, and the proprietor, W.

F. Thompsone, im Florence-Burgess was absent ft Dun Company's. enthusiastic on the matter of be given at Kiowa, where the newspaper men are to be ii vite4 Tuesday morning, is real presidential timber, of Repgrt, musip, and the" entertainments real worth and big enough and The Orient Society held a busi by the combined, choirs of the tpeftectan egnqraj asscaiy for the" four counties. The Failures for the week ending nesa meeting Monday morning, cjty churches, The big organ in good enough to make his tion, in the event of his" receiv toriat brethren up there are tak the 6th, in the UnitecLStates .4 4 the Auditorium rendered a musi There was no school in the inn a good deal of interest in ing the Democratic nomination, number 244 against 232 las the matter, and have induced seventh grade Tuesday on ac at least a reasonable probability. the Commercial Club to also lend eal accompaniment that would be difficult to equal in any city in southwesV The delegates count of the illness of Miss Ana- mediately began setting it in position to begin work.

A representative of this sheet called at the laundry, yesterday and found Mr. Thompsone very busy, but he kindly condescended to show us through his establishment He has two large washers, an'extractor, and the big shirt finishing machine in ad week, 239 the preceding week and 220 the corresponding week It is just a little early to be its assistance, we nave reqeiy bel Williams. ed an invitation to take part gin putting forth but last year, Failures in Canada who stopped over at Wichita to The final examination cer if we are not badly- mistaken. the proceeding, ana are tAinlv culm? to acceDt it. this week are 33 against 24 las The given the First year German the Democrats have plenty week and 18 the corresponding newsDauer men of these four students, Tuesday morning.

the best of material to select week a year ago. Bank ex counties have many interests in witness the aerial flights say they were more than pleased, and enjoyed this part of their trip, especially their little sprint to catch the home coming Santa Miss Nellie McGee spent Sat from, when the big convention common, as well as having a changes are very much lighter, urday and Sunday at Burlington desire to get better acquainted being 12.7 less than fQF the. dition to his other apparatus. The place will be ready for business by the last of this week and they will wash every day. will be held in a little over a year.

There are at" least four governors who are more than and assist in promoting good feelinz between the business Miss Martha Lynn spent Sun eyeryJ same period. in 494Q and 2.8$ Fe train, to the limit, in respecj. day in Hazelton. less than Qr Interests and people of the (Jiff-.

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