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The Osawkie Times from Ozawkie, Kansas • 1

The Osawkie Times from Ozawkie, Kansas • 1

The Osawkie Timesi
Ozawkie, Kansas
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The school building will make a very fine appearance when completed. A card party dovn by the river came to a very unceremonious ending Saturday evening. The cold snap of last week brought about a good many cuss words, putting us stoves, you know. The New Era states that Kirt Nor-thrup had a little eon. Eirt what kind Osawkie, Kansas, Friday, October, 15, 1886 FOR PERSONAL Judon Mosier passed through town lout week, on his way to Meriden.

T. G. Pitcher, democratic candidate for county superintendent, called at the Times office Saturday. Jas. B.

Elliott, candidate for district clerk on the democratic ticket, paid his respoots to the Times office Saturday. Thos. Biggs, candidate for probate judge, an old and popular democrat, was in town Saturday. We say candidly Leavenworth, Topeka Southwestern OSAWKIE KANSAS. Railroad time table: Going 8:86 A.M.

I I IIS IE! Sterling Bulletin: A 12-year-old boy walked off the cannon ball train recently, between Nickerson and Sterling. He was found in an unconscious condition and taken to Nickerson, where he was cared for by the company until the return of his mothei, who did not miss him until the train arrived at Great Bend. M. B. Dutton, identified with Kansas interests for nearly twenty-five fcr several later years proprietor of the Dutton house at Topeka, died suddenly of heart disease at De Funiak Springs, Florida, on Monday of this week.

He had been in business there for two years or more. The supreme court, in the appeal case of Chasteen Hughes, the convicted biga Going West BOB P. M. Cotton, Atrt. W.

O. QUIETT. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. of a man are you, Bnyway? v. The people of the United States alone AT consume no lees man QThe Times is glad to receive words of that Mr.

Itiggs would make a very worth of tobacco every year. popular and efficient officer. cheer from its friends. We shall, in the future, as in the past, endeavor to publish Legal Deeds, Mortgages and Geronimo has retired from bis former J. M.

Wiley was a oaller on Saturday. Papers Drawn. a paper that will be acceptable to all. Wk occupation, but the business is kept up by his partners at the old stand. Special attention given to Col The great moral and religious sheet will reach his domicile regularly every week during the next year.

Born, Oot. 17th, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam lections. W.

C. QUIETT, Osawkie, Kan. This has not been a good year for corn uel Fishel, a fine girl baby, weighing eight pounds, Dr. Hatfield officiating. Brown Weiland wishes to state that he in Kansas, and yet the yield will not fall short of 140,000,000 bushels.

is not a candidate for office and will not accept of any official position. Mr. H. H. Tillitson will make a large mist, has affirmed the decision of the lower court.

This insuies Mr. Hughes a protracted engagement, under the auspices of Warden Smith, at the state penitentiary. Garnett Journal: Ed. Weidenbaker, one of the enterprising young blacksmiths of this city, has just perfected a valuable invention in the way of a folding drawing knife and has secured his first papers. He will probably realize Dlt.

A. PUDEKJJAHG1I, isician and Siraon delivery here in November, he is certainly the boss nursery stock dealer in There is nothing that seems to Elder Dorsey, (colored,) from Wash ington, D. is holding religions ser- vises at the colored M. E. church in this the republican heart bo quickly as evidence of economy in the administration ef public trusts by democratic officials.

Office at "The wicked fleeth when no man pur- city. Handsomely off. His invention. Garnett Journal: Willie Ahultz, son El wood Miles plead guilty as chargtd Statler Co's Drug Store, sueth." So thought our friend last Saturday night, when he gave his wife a surprise party. Eev.

O. M. Hurlbut delivered a very of Jacob Ahultz, of Beeder township, while playing with a bow gun, shot hi m- Osawkie, Kansas. able and interesting discourse in this city Sunday, on the baneful effects of the use of tobacco. The reverend gen self in one eye.

The point of the arrow in the information, and was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary for shooting William Williamson on the 3d of July. Mr. Chas. Smith, of this city, in com was a short naJ and made a painful wound, which will probably result in his losing his eye. tleman showed conclusively that the use pany with his brother Mr.

A. W. Smith, of Boon made the Times a pleasant call yesterday. We are glad to see the Osawkie Times of the weed, was harmful upon the sys G. W.

HULL EXPRESS, A Pine Assortment Of DRUGS, MEDICINES jlKD CDEMICALS, Perfumery Toilet Goods, Paints and Oils, School Books, Stationery, Cigars, Tobacco and Confectionery. Holton Recorder: W. J.Fleming's safe was burglarized. No damage was done except breaking the lock of the office on deck again. Hope Col.

Groesbeck will be able now to keep it going. The tem, especially, on the young, and that its use should be done away with. There can be no good argument advanced in Mrs. Parks, a widow lady, living in last issue was very bright and newsy. door and injuring the inside of the safe, Will Attend to all Calls the northeast part of town met with a Valley Falls New Era.

its favcr; it is a filthy and disagreeable This is the third attempt to find money in his safe, but eaoh time without suc serious lies Sunday by loosing her house Promptly. habit and we would advise the young cess. and all its contents by fire. GOOD MEWS. KANSAS OSAWKIE, 0.

W. Smith, vice president of the A 2-year-old child of Mr. Henry, who lives just over the Kansas line in Squire Johnson has moved to the Santa Fe railroad has addressed a letter men who are addicted to its use to give it up. Of course, it is not expected that old timers like ourselves, will give up our old clay pipe and chaw gum and smoke sassafras bark, it can't be shop formerly occupied by George Watt, Jewell county, was playing in the hay, to the board of railroad flommissioners, J. M.

FUNK Will Pay Highest Market Price For where he will continue to carry on the blacksmithins' business in all its when a hired man, not knowing it was there, stuok the tine of a pitchfork in its informing them on and after November 1 a daily passenger train will be placed temple, killing it instantly. branches. on the Leavenworth, Topeka South western railroad. The Valley Fulls Free Lovers. HOGS Al CATTLE Osawkie Times: A man from Atchison county, camped near Jacksonville with his team, and during the night some one The eigne of the times oan be read rin the heavens, and the index finger of fate stole the team and made good his is pointing out the way of the republi E.

0. Walker and Lillian Harman, the free lovers, were tried in the district court at Oskaloosa, and found guilty of illegal combabitation as charged in th9 cape. The owner offers a reward of can party. It is pointing up the stream It appears Leavenworth licenses, or tolerates at least, gambling hells and whore houses. If this be the case, it is PORE LIQUORS $200 for the thief.

that contains salt water. Ottawa Her A little boy named Joy Harper of, In car load lots, and will ship from any point in the county. J. M. FUNK, ald.

Lincoln, Lincoln county, attempted to not to be wondered at that so many saloons are running there. Free whiskey, loosen some horses that were tangled in FOR It is stated that our esteemed friend, 'r the rope with which they were tied to a free women and free gambling dens. A. G. Patrick, has cut loose from the wagon, ffhen one of them fell on him, The name of Leavenworth should be OSAWKIE, KANSAS.

indictment. An appeal har been taken to the supreme court. The defendantd go back to jail in the meantime, and they are said to have almost entirely lost that brazen, defiant and cheerful disposition which 'characterized them in the first stages of the proceedings. g. o.

p. and come over to the Lord's side breaking his leg. changed to old Depravity. Col. D.

E. PURPOSES MEDICAL and that he will vote the democratic Iola Register: A box car containing Anthony's Times is battling manfully ticket this fall, It has taken A. G. a about 7J tons of broom corn on the side in favor of law and morality, and we PATRICK McMAHON, BOOT and SHOE 1UKL First-class work guaranteed. track of the S.

K. depot, was burned long time to discover the promised land. hepe it may win. recently. The railroad company will We keep all goods found in a well stocked Drug Store.

Call and probabl- be liable for the loss wuioh was We have received a circular bom an The candidates placed in nomination about $500. Fine hand-made Boots and Shoes eastern concern offering to show how to see our goods, and prices. by the Democratic and Republican party, Burlingame Independent: It is not 1, cook an old hen and to do up bosoms, generally known, but a fact, neverthe LAKE CO. for county and township offices are, as far as we know, good men. We hope less, that an old burying ground was Sis, a specialty.

Repairing in all its branches. P. McMAHON, Osawkie, Kan. We have no use for the old hen business and we venture to say that the average covered near Hcranton some time ago the best man may win. We do not believe in this strong party spirit govern the headstones bearing date of 1780 and E.

D. METZCER, young man knows how to do up bosoms, 1781. THE OLD RELIABLE A dancing party will be given at Having Purchased the Robert S. Miller, who went to Juno ing in county or townsldp elections. Tote for the best man and let the party Funk's hall, Friday night, October 29th, Jeff Davis said to a visitor a few weeks ago that he had always considered kissing not only a senseless but in many instances a reprehensible habit We never did give Jeff much credit for anything good, but now, since this last utterance we are prepared to say, that he is as mean as laphet.

A Vacancy Filled. Hon. Tal. Brown having declined the republican nomination for representative from the Seventh district, the central committee met to-day and filled the vao-ancy by the selection of Hon. G.

W. MoGommon, who represented this dis tion City in 1859, filling many impor DRUG HOUSE take care of itself. In state and national tant offices at various times, died recently in California, where he had gone for his by the colored people of this city. John Thatcher and Robert Derritt are mana Stock of Groceries elections let party lines be drawn for health. all they are worth keeping in mind how gers.

Good mueio in attendance, and a Frank Walker, of Lindsborg, was car ever, to always vote the Democratic OF J. A. STATLER fine supper will be served. All are in' vited. rying his gun carelessly when it slipped ticket.

heavily to the sidewalk and discharged its contents into his body, effecting fatal OP MATHENY WELLMAN, And having added thereto COMMUNICATED, Wishes to call the Attention of Ben. Wellman and brot her drove into wounds. trict in the last legislature. Editor Times: On account of my letter being returned on account of bad The editors of the Eskridge Star, Messrs. D.

Gardner and E. H. Perry, have married twin sisters, the Misses Ada writing, I will try again. In regard to Vacancy Filled. At a meeting of the republican cen Topeka Friday for the purpose of selling a team of horses, when they arrived there one of their most valuable animals was taken sick and despite the best medical aid that could be obtained the horse died during the night.

Flour. Feed and Staple A. 6. Miley's card to citizens of Osawkie and Ida Quimby. the Public to their fine assortment of Drugs, hemicals, Oils, Wall Paper, This Firm Carry in Stock tral committee to-day, D.

W. Baird was informing them of his departure and in Mrs. Charles Sooysmilh, formerly placed upon the ticket for county attor Miss Jennie StringfeUow, of Atchison, Dry Goods, ney to fill the vacancy made by the declination of G. W. McCommon.

died in a private hospital in Philadel phia, recently. Will the Talley Falls Register, Win The Osage coal miners have gone to Is prepared to furnish all goods Tobacco, Confectionery, Talley Falls claims to be right on top work lor bi cents per bushel, and in his line at living prices viting them to come forward and receive titles to their property: I own property under his Dyer title. I have consulted attorneys, and they say that Miely can't make my title any better. If he has got a tax title on your lots you had better look out You all remember the Shelton steal. A man that will steal a lot irom a women through a tax title, and then sell it for $20 or $30 more than promise of 7 cents on the first of No All kinds of Farmers' Produce of a big coal mine, and the people over there are looking around for some fellow vember.

chester Argus and the Nortonville News please keep their readers posted, later on, as to the amount of our advertising. These three volunteered the information that the Times started out with one half column and it is but fair that they keep taken in exchange for goods Eugene Everest, of Lindsborg, was Buyers may depend on Fair to come along with the money necessary to bring it to the surface. awarded tae medal as champion bicycle Treatment and honest weight, rider of the state of Kansas, at Junction City. it up. The Name For It.

L. D. Smith of Hutchinson, while Toilet Goods And Fancy Articles in great variety. All kinds of Patent Medicines. Wines and Liquors expressly for Medicinal Purposes.

STATLER CO. OSAWKIE, KANSAS. A share of public patronage is solicited. E. D.

METZCER. Texaa Sifting. moving a heavy flagstone for pavement, Elder Madison, of Abilene, an let it lau on his Ion crushing it badly. it cost him, will take advantage of a man in the dark, that is if not prevented by cowardice. He puts me in mind of Alexander Selkirk "I am monarch of all I survey; my rights there is none to dispute.

From the center all round to the A cow on the track ot the A. old time and very popular preacher, has been stopping for a few days with Mr. O. C. Dewey, of this city.

Mr. Madison, railrqad, near Waverly, derailed the train wrecking five box can. No one hurt Concordia Timet: CoL Asa Kenney, J. M. Fuss.

sea," etc. of Russell, died recently. He was one Osawkie, Oct 17th. ot the old settlers of Russell county. JJR.

W. M. HATFIELD, Fhjsician and Surgeon. Office over Lake A Col Drug Store. OSAWKIE, KANSAS.

we, are informed, had charge of this circuit years ago, and was very Eealous and active in his work, so much so, that his health has become impaired, but it is hoped that he may be permitted to live many years to do battle against the sin and wickedness of the world. A little child ot S. Heartgrave, of ashington, got concentrated lye in one We were traveling by rail from Liverpool to London. In the compartment were the Pathfinders, Other Pirate, the Man from Chicago, an Englishman who was stranger to us and myself. The stranger was less exclusive than most Englishmen.

He actually spoke to us without an introduction. Pointing out of the window he said: "Thawt's the Avon." "What isT said the man from Chicago. "Why, thawt, don't ye know the river." "Call that a river "Why, yass, what would you call it!" "Oh, we wouldn't call it at all; in Amw-ica we wouldn't give a little gutter like that a name." MAw." Long pause, during which the Briton seemed to be reaching around somewhere after his intellect "I have never been in your country, ye know, but from what I've heard I presume your rivers are quite extensive." "Quite." Tve just heard you say you'd 01 its eyes and will lose the sight The 14-year-old eon of Dr.T.F.G. Todd, of Altoona, was thrown from his horse and fatally injured. The Wisdom of Jot BlUlngs.

Flattery is like cologne water, two be smelt ot, not swsllered. The editor of the Kingman Courier has been presented with a handsome PecallarlUM Hei About Town. Ben Well man is the sly cuss. Silas Steffey usually gets there. Jim Statler is the most religions.

G. W. Cotton has the smallest feet Doo Mieley is the great interviewer. Charley Smith is the most truthful. Esq.

Quiett is the best looking one. George Hull baa the sweetest smile. John Lake is the dudiest of them alL Henry Oasebier is the ladies favorite. Capt Abbott is the slickest politician. Tint Ijams is theerossest looking one.

John Marker wean the best clothes. gold watch by bis friends. BLUE BIBBOH OFFICE OSKALOOSA, KAN. HDADQUATERS FOR lands, loans and Abstracts. LANDS sold on Commission.

LOANS made without Commission LOANS on 2 to 7 years time. LOANS with privilege of paying in Installments. ABSTRACTS on all Lands and Town Lots in Jefferson Co. Give a a CQ. Metzger AInsler.

If a man hain't got a weH-balanoed Lamed, the most thriving city of the head I like to see him part his hair in the west, is now supporting a complete street middle. railroad in lull operation. There is only one good substitute for STEFFEY QUIETT, Dealers in stock: AT OSAWKIE. Will pay the highest market price for cattle and hogs. STEFFEY QUIETT, Osawkie, Kan.

been up Ben Lomond; bow, wouldn't the endearment or a Bister, and that is Capt Lacock and wife, of Hiawatha, celebrated tLeir twenty-fifth wedding yon call thawt a mountain your coun the endearments or some other phellow's anniversary recently. sister. Esq. Johnson is the tallest man in Mt Hope bas a new institution in the try" "Good, greraoua, no; wouldn't think of it" "Aw." "No, wouldn't call that a mountain." "And might I awsk what) on would call it, ye know "Thar "Xsas, Ben Lumen "We'd About the hardest thing a phellow kan town. shape ot a building and loan association.

The enrollment in the citr schools at do is tew spark two girls at oust and pre- He Ijams ween bis collar over bis call that a wart" "Aw." neck tie. I serve a good avenge. Lawrence this year has exceeded 1,703. it.

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