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The Tri-City Herald from Gas, Kansas • 1

The Tri-City Herald from Gas, Kansas • 1

Gas, Kansas
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WICE-A-WEEK VOLUME IX. WHOLE NO. 620 No. r4 GAS CITY, ALLEN COUNTY, KANSAS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1908 $1.00 PER EA News of Interest News of Interest II DEER INJURED an raper We have Just received a fine lot of up-to-date Wall Paper just from the mark-" et for your consideration. The prices im this 'new stock are very reasonable and no one should overlook this opportunity to make selections now.

Come in and see samples whether you wish to buy or not, your time is our time and we always ready to wait on you. If we do not happen to have what you want; it won't take longto get if. Remember the place. S. R.

Swan, Druggist A "The levy of taxes iu Chanute this year Isian qutnge," remarked a real estate dealer this morning, says the Chanute Sun, after he had had a strenuous seance With an excited property owner, to whom he tried to explain why hi taxes were higher under the new tax law than This opinion is shared generally by dealers who are almost unit in as serving that the apportionment this year will deal 'ri staggering Mow to Chanute property valTies from which the town will he years In recovering. The real estate continues the Sun, more than any other diss, come directly in contact with this phase of the question, and all assert that the excessive burdens of taxation will result detrimentally if not disastrously to Chanute. Under the taxes levid against many proper ties their earning capacity is reduced to a minimum, and as income -is one of the" first considerations in at) investment, few people with Idle m6ney can be induced to purchase Chanute real estafe as long as the present unfair distribution of taxation prevails in Neosho county. The assessment levied against the town this year-' will retard Its progress for years to come. One Chanute mar) who owns two or three blocks of resiJence property and Main street business building must pay $300 more taxes Fresh and Clean Merchandise Is What You get at this store Give us a trial ALLSTOT E.

D. TELEPHONE NO. 63 J. known in Gas City sustained a very painfull and perhaps fatal injury yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. He fell off of ascafford from a house he was erecting "on South' Cottonwood Street near his house which he Mr.

Deer is well cnown in Gas City, having a acting in the capacity as council man for this city two and for that and vatfeus. others reason the people here are interested in his well fare. The attending physicians. fear danger, the spin is injured and a stale of paralyeitf is now in evident. A.

Miiler Injured M. A. an employee of the Prime Wes tern of this city received a very painful wound on head this afternoon about- two o'clock. A large iron bir fell 011 his head inflicting a bad wound. Nothing serious will result from the injuries received News of Interest W.

B. Patton, Grand Theafre Thursday night. Rev. C. W.

Lane and wife, of Moran are here visiting friends and relatives this week. Geo. McAdam, the only demo crat elected in the for a county office, w4 in the city yes terday Hei was elected county commissioner over T. Anderson by 17 votes. Guy Taylor returned Saturday from Arizona, where he has been for the past friends are mighty glad to see him and equal ly glad tQ learp that he is prospering in, his 'neWfieTd of business.

Moran Herald: fr. and Mrs. Sutherland, of Geneva, and Mr. and Mrs Caleb Carmain, of Gas City, were here to attend ihe funeral of J. Strong Both Mr.

Sutherlad and Mr. Carmain were employed by Mr. Strong several years ago. The petition presented by Stout changing the boundaries was again brought up before coun ty superintendent Mrs. Funston Saturday and refused again.

This is the third time the matter has been up for hearing and Mrs. Funston ruled against it. Herald readers will remember the case. Mr. and Henry Lenhart, of Gas City have Issued invitations announcing the marriage of their daughter.

Miss Galena Henrietta to Mr. HoseaT. Garver, of Hilda Mo. which- will be solomized at their home on November 26th, 1908 at 8.30, The Herald extends congratulations and best wishes in advance for the happy event They will live on a farm near Ilil da. Mo.

The veterinary hospital, 314 West street, Iola, Is equipped with a veterinary operating table and power dental work. Calls made anywhere night or-day. Frank Beattie, V. proprie tor. "Residence, phone, 139, hos pital phone 139 When in Iola Take Your Prescriptions To DRUGGISTS.

North N. Y. Store. Iola. Jnst received, a cai of coat at the W.

M. Hanna Peed Store. The Infant child and Mrs. Hackler is reported improved today. Roy Strimple came up from Cha nute th's morning for a few days visit.

C. Milan has moved to Rose fill addition frf tn Overstreets addition. Giaiidma Taylor returned from a fihoft visit 'with relatives al Fort Scott today. Amy Beasley returned from a short visty with friends and rela tives at Moran yesterday. John Griffith, of was in the city Sunday and Monday Visiting friends ami relatives, lie returued today.

For thYuext three mouths com mencing Nov. ist you tan get the Herald ana Mail and Breeze tor ft.oo per year in advance. Do not et this opportunity slip. Earnest Smith left yesterday for a few days visit. with friends and relatives at Girard, Kausas.

He will return Friday. Clark Thomas, of was in the city Saturday and made this office a very pleasant call. Come again Mr. Thomas. Eight cars of ties, five cars of rails are oil the Mf K.

T. siding at this place for the Union Portland switch. It looks like business, if you please. John Estees and family are ex pected home after a wo weeks visit with relatives in Nevada, Mo Mr, Estees, the Herald is pleased learn, is much better. Drv F.

t. Leave! has in stalled averf fxiwnstve book case in his ofSce. Dr. Leavell has one of the finest and most complete office iu Allen county and there are very few in the state as pretty. Services at Christian clnirch Sabbaih School at 10 m.

Pre achat ii -a. iu. and 7V tn. by Brolhei Hunsecker of Yates Center, all are cordially invited and we hope the full membership will be present as there is some important business tQ be adherded to by order of the board. James Philips received several wounds as the result of runaway yesterday aftenjoon.

He was go ing to the Hanna home northeast of town about four o'clock, when he says, the team which belongs to Mr. Hanna, scared at something on the roadside an started to run Mr, Hannn says the team is as gentle as lambs and would uever attempt to run, had the driver driven, them in correct style. Too much two-per cent was the real cause of the horse being Injured and the wagon tongue being hro ken to splinters. About oue o'clock this afternoon a fire alarm was turned In from the Fourth ward. The firemen made a good run to the scene of the fire.

The fire was located at the home of t. W. Dow on South Washington. A small barn which was filled with baled hay and was a mass of flames and was almost completely destroyed by the time tnat tne are company arrived on the scene, The fire was started by a match in the hands of Aubrey three year old son of Mr. and Mrs.

Dow. When the child set the fire he was very much fright ened and ran into the enclosure which was used as a hog lot and was in eminent danger of being severely burned by the fllames when he was rescued by W. 0. Dano, who was oue of the first on the scene. Tiie firemen were forced to send for the second hose cart before they could extinguish the flames which were a danger to oiuer property which was 'Weather Forecast for Kansas; Pair-tonight and Wednesday.

joun rosier, was in iiuniDoiat yesterday on business, The ity council will meet- to- nigh in' rgular session. J. E. Hiinler made a business trip to Chanute yesterday. Now, Mr.

Sheridan, you must not get in ad the elect inn is over. Call at vLamberton Hardware and hear the New Sephuft Edison Kecords. Don't forget to call on the Santa Fe Cafe on West Madison avenue, when in.Iol See John Slykhoiift for all kind of Jewelery. Watch ami clock re- paring a RevLeeper returned from a kusiniss trip at tawrence and Olathe, last Friday evening. Dr.

C. E. Woods is today his office rooms repaired, brraerly occupied by Dr- Ren- nick." "i He is moving today. Miss Bessie Webb left for her home at Ft. Scott, after a weeks visit with Miss Genieve Taylor, of this city and friends of Iola.

Mrs. Ella B. Mills and daught ers, and Edith returned from a weeks visit with friends and relatives at Kansas City. Mrs. R.

who lives north of the city, was taken quit ill last Sundayvbut she is improved to day, all of which the Herald is pleased to learn. Triplets hung it over the Burlington football aggregation at Electric park Sunday. The score was 34 to 0. in favor of the Tripletsor never have been beat. E.

T. Wilson was in Humboldt yesterday on business and taking in the sights. Mr. Wilson is now salesman for a United States Bond Company and has taken a position as an agent. For first class watch and jewelry repairing go to P.

M. Dillion, he also carries a stock of needles, oil and repairs for all sewing machines. F. M. Dillon, Watch maker and jeweler.

The Choral Club held a meeting last night at the central school building and decided to hold the first contest on December 15. The program will be published in this paper next Friday. The W. C. T.

U. will hold a meeting at the home of Mrs. J. L. Katiffman next Friday afternoon at 2.30.

Mrs. Kees, of Iola will give a hand, book drill at this meeting. All members are invi ted to attend. The W. C.

T. U. will give a social next Saturday hlght at the home of Mrs. Joe Coman's on North Main street. Refreshments will cpnsist of Pumpkin pie, doughnuts and coffee.

Price 10c. Everyone; inyjted to. attend. Mr and Mrs. Ir of Mel-vern, Kansas arrived here this afternoon for a few days visit with Mr.

and Mrs. M. Tompkins of North Taylor. Mrs. Boon is past senior Vice-President of the W.

R. C. department of Kansas. They are on their way to 1 E. Hunter, Chas Bollinger, adwin Hunter and L.

D. Gibson took in the county yesterday and nearly slaughtered all the rabbits on the landscape. The catch, it said amounted to .97 rabbits and 'other game too numerous to men ition. It is nvw believed to be a fact since Bollinger said so- At the meeting of the Union Portland people last Saturday, all thebidsJor Switch were rejected on account of them being tod high The bids will, however be let next Saturday at a special meeting of the stockholders. Work will be gin immediately, so it is said.

1 this year than ever before, a sum which will cut deeply into his rental income and reduce the percentage of profit on his investment to a minimum. Oue. of the large three story business tmildlags Ufiag- Main street is asSesed on a valuation of $7,000 more that it cost, yet it has been built thirteen years and has probably depreciated considerably. It is on the valuation at which it was assessed. So general has beeu the increase In Chanute taxes that the snbiect is of Intense interest to local -prop erty owners just at this time, -and more tall figuring is be done, in an effort to approximate the year's los? of gain, than is usual at tax paying time.

Its the same way Inlllen county too. Mere Fancy Put away the Bryan button Proudly it adorned ray breast I am weary mother darling. Give your tired bov a rest. Kansas handad us a lemon-Even stately "Illlnoy" Joined in tlte repudatiou Of Nebraska's Willie I have heard from Indiana, And also the news from Maine, While the vote of Minnesota Gives your little boy a palu. New York Jianded us a package And Wisconsin bumped us one- There appears no friendly quarter Underneath the shining nun.

Put away the Bryan banner, For its usefulness is o'er, And Nebraska's Peerless Leader Will not need it any more. I have yeilded up my dollar, Separation gives me pain) Have you given yours.dear mother? Tell your darling once again. Prondlly I declared for Bryan In the days not long gone by, With a purpose firm and steadfast And an appetite for pie. Followed all the changing issues Bryan is my only next Can yoa tell me, mother darling What will be the issue next? DR. M.

COLE eri'iis Stevenson BIk. IOLA. OSsce Phoneys, Residence 631 Chas. Poling will give his aniv: ual Thanksgiving shoot next Fri day November 20th The shoot will be cailed at 9-30 and the loca tion is west of the M. K.

T. Ry. Station aad south of the street car line. dreat many kicks arc being registered before the commission ers by persoual and property tax payers. In a great many cases the taxes are too high and the new law seems to be very es pecially is this true in Gas City.

Frank Dennis left yesterday on a business trip to Neodesha, Kansas. Mr. Dennis will probably accept a position at that in the near future. Jake" Myers, formerly of this city is now located there and has an excellent position. In another column of this paper can be found good works of Rev.

J. T. McCrory, who will lecture at the Christian chtuch tomorrow night. His subject. "How four Young Fellows Won Out" will be.

great interest and you should nptjaij to attend. Gas City does not intend to be olit done in giving elaborate sup pers. Saturday night about fifteen of our best citizens seated them selves before three little 'Opossums at certain hotel. The goo- goo eves made at the three little creatures, Smothered with sweet potatoes were out of the ordinary, and the manner in which they were devoured were simple, Three courses were served, the other two, the Herald promised to say nothing. A good time is -ft Caint who was injured several weeks ago Jjy getting hit on the right foot with a hammer by a fellow workman was taken to the hospital last Saturday to undergo an operation for appendici-tus.

The operation was yesterday and today the patient is getting along nicely. People do not Hesitate to come to our store to buy Pianos or Phonographs. They know they will get their money's worth. j. V.

ROBERTS MUSIC COMPA'Y Iola, Kansas. Krause's When in Iola Don't fail to' EAT" "At the popular Restauran 112 EAST STREET Fresh Oysters Served if iP if if if if if H. A. BROWN iDrug: Store 4 Pure Drugs. Fioe Stationery.

Headquarters for Postal Cards. Old Court House If If If If If If If If If iZ near.

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