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Sawyer News from Sawyer, Kansas • 1

Sawyer News from Sawyer, Kansas • 1

Sawyer Newsi
Sawyer, Kansas
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SAWYER, KANSAS, FRIDAY, 'JUNES, 1317 VOL. 12 NO. 23 Wank A. Harris, 8 William B. Pitzer 25 rover E.

Lee, 27 Roy II. Pride, 28 the cards and place, the men as they think best. If you want a full and free chance to pick vourown particular line of service, volunteer now or you will very likely be disappoint Among the various, kinds of service in which one may enlist under thevolunteer plan arc the medical corps, signal corps, engineering corpsjnfantry, cavlary, bandj marines, navy, field artillery, coast ambulance and commissary. Enlist how and take your choice. Beacon.

Thoy Registered Tuesday the1 young men of Wxoijand Elm townships came to Sawyer to register for military purposes. There were 20 register-xeJ on the Elm township. side and 9 ort the Puxon side, or 75 in all, the result shov ing from 20 to 25 more than those well acquainted over the territory could think of Previous to registration day there was some talk that a very few meant to resist registration but if anybody had any idea of such thing-he changed hte; mind. -Be low are the names and ages of those who 'registered: Paxon township 21 Chester A. Tc Daniels, 21 Alvah Turner, 21 Frank Stoops, 21 Ciaude A.

Young, 21" F. Mueller, 21 E. Brubaker, 22 illinm 'Kerr," 22 Tiiomas A. Euban ,22 -ss'tt Raleigh; 23 Walter W. Oiler, 23 Ffnnk C.

Gilpin, 23 Verne Kessler, 21. Wallace C. McKee, 21 Wilford E. Kimble, 21 Fred Huddleston. 24 Chas.

Flory; 24 William V. Daune-, 24 Ervin C. McDaniels, 2o Marry Wray, 23 Johrj M. Rhea, 25 E. Hattield, 25 John H.

Garber, 26 Luther E. Peacock, 26' Oscar L. Gurley, 26. Claude Keller, 27 -Chas M. Webber, 27 Albert Shmidl, 27 Chas -John M.

Reece, 27 Tom E. Ruggs, 2S Bardell L. Carter, $8 Alfred A. Maytield, 28 initc i. uii tvo, iitj Claude C.

Wheat ley, 23 Byron Blair, 20' -Austin R. Douthart, 29 James S. Wheatley, 30 Jess A. McDonald, 30 Clans Bergner, 30 Lee E. Barnhart, 30 Humble, 30 Chas F.

Piff-iy, 30 John A. Carter, 27 l)eclarants v' Walter R.Lilliequist, 26 William Korzan, 'i? Aliens Gonzola Robles, 24 Comelo Soto, 25 Jose Flores, 23 Elm township-- E. Moore, 30 Dean C. Osborn, 29 James N. Ilelsel, 29 -Marvin E.

Flory, 22 Joseph D. Norris, 27 Charles Norris, 25 Frank Novotny, 25 Steve Novotny, 28 Clave P. Lee, 29 Rudolph Novotny, -23 Leslie If. Pitzer, 23 Harry L. Garrison, 23 C.

Garrison, 30 Noah G. Milkr, 22 LeRoy Lambert-, 124 Edward Peachey, 23 --Oliver Swisher, 30 Walter Peachey, 30 Fred Swisher, 25, r.c Coming Wednesday The next meeting of the new Auto Road association is to be held at Sawjer Wednesday night of next week, at which there will be delations from Hardtner, Medicine L6dgo ariPratt. The purpose of the'1 organization is to establish and mark' an auto from Alva to Pratt, connecting with the two through, roads at those places. It ts believed that with this road properly on the map that it will get; the bulk of the through travel from the south east to the as it is a much better and more practical course than any other that has been proposed. Hills is the third meeting that has been held for t'ois purpose aud it is hoped that at the next meeting to be able to perfect the organization and get busy.

This week the meeting was held at Medicine Lodge am a goodly delegation went down from here. A' big crowd is expected, here Wednesday night of nxt vyeek. Rich Man's War How silly it is for to contend that thiv is a rich man's war, that great corporations are pushing us into war so as to reap a harvest while "labor" does tl fighting! Look over this list to date and note the trend. Copper manu- factu rers have a greed to su ppl the army's needs of that product for the next year at half the present market p-r i e. The Bethleham Steel company and the United States Steel corporation haveoffered to (to likewise, The United "States Rubber company and the Roi River Shipbuilding company have tendered their plants to the government.

Henry Ford has made a similar offer. The general Electric company is willing to give its extensive re search laboratory to the naval consulting boai'd. The Mexican Petroleum ycompany has offered live tank steamers and. five million gallons of fuel oil, and the American Telephone and Telegraph company has placed its wire facilities at the service of the government. In all, 32,000 corporations, firms and individuals have offered to turn over their plants to the governmer.t during the war free cf charge.

Mar quette Tribune. Choosing Service There have been a good many inquiries as to whether a man may choose the kind of service he wishes after ho registers under the selective service law. It is the concensus of opinion among army officers, that it will be impossible to allow -nien to choose in the new army, and a little reasoning will demonstrate why this is the case. Ten million men will be register ed. In such an immense body, to allow each man tD suit his own individual tastes will be absolutely out of tke.

question. There will be no opportunity for talking-it over with a recruiting officer, fare to face, as there is now. The names will la on the cards, together with information, and no other consideration will go. The at my boards wiii siasply classify C. A.

3:15 The Church, Rev," O. G. Mul in 4:00 The K. iiral Preacher, Mr, W. F.

Brown. 8:00 Song Service, Rev. Wn Clapper. Money and the Kingdom, Rev, 11. J.

Donaldson, Evangelism, Rev L. Simes D. You are urged to attend this church. Helps on the International S. S'.

lesson for June 17, 1917. The Risen Christ. John 20-1-18. Introduction: Christ yas on Friday and on the Sunday he came forth from the grave. It is of the resurrection that we study to-day, I.

At the sepulchre. 1-10. 1st scene. Why? When? Conditions as found. The disappointment.

The appointment with Peter and John. Results, 3-10. II. At the sepulchre, 11-17. 2nd scene.

WThy The stran gers. The coLversation and the results. III. The message. messenger, 18.

The ittr feeling in the matter. Lesson: Have you evr sought for Christ and did not find him I Peter and John did. Have you ever tarried till ha came and spoke to you. Mary did. Do you know him so well that you know him better by his voica than by his appearance? Mary did.

To know him as Mary did, you must know him as the risen Saviour. Uses of the Loan To the American citizen wlfr gives S'me consroeration to fea tures of his investment other than the mere money return from them, the uses to which the money raised by the sale of the Llbertp Loan bonds is to be devoted will prove a patriotic in ducement to purchase such bonds. A certain dignity attaches to money invested in a high and noble cause. Tike Liberty Loan is made by made by the United States government to purchase arms and equipment for American soldiers and sailors, food and supplies for the American Army and Navy. Tlie money is to be spent in America for, tbose Americans who are fighting America's battles on land and sea.

Part of the money raised by the sale of Liberty Loan Bonds is to be loaned to our allies; this too is to be expewded in America. It is to be spent for food and supplies for the Armies of our allies fight ingon our side on the various war fronts Eurojw. It Ts America's first contribution to wards hc part in the war we are enguged in. It is billions for defense in the world-wide war Autocracy is wag ing against Democracy, but not. one cent 'for tribute.

The Ladies of the Christian church-will given food sale at the Jackson Stephens stoieon Saturday June 9. Cakes, pies, will make up the sale. Learned Something A Coss, who has quite a larie patch of potatoes for one living in town, had a little experience in planting that will prove-of value to' him in the future and. it might prove of value to others. About half of the potato seed that MrV Coss planted was'homc grown, the other half he bought and ther were, seed from e'i'where.

resu It shows tip plainly. The stand of the home seed is much better than the stiver and one ccaii "tell to a row where the two kinds of seed were used. Isabel Star, Quite a number in- this vicinity have learned the same lesson. Heretofore there seemed to be a general impression that" taters grown in these parts were not good for seed, and lriust of thos planted each yearhave been ship ed in. This year seed potatoes cost so much tha: those who had the home grown kind used them.

In every case the have borne better and have rown bette than those ship ed in. If the yield is satisfactory home grown spids will b3 in demand for seed hcrca.ftcr. Fifty Dollar Bond In issuing Liberty Loan Bond 9 in a denomination as small as $50 the Secretary of the United States Treasury hasput it in the reach of almost every American citizen to do a real and actual Lervice to his country. fill can fight, "not rill can render personal service in other but those who are 'denied the privilege of serving their country in person have the lege of serving her by lending their money to win her victories. But it is" not patriotism alone that urges the buying of Liberty Bonds.

Thrift and a. ise economy in investing small savings commend these Liberty Loan Bonds to small investors. Tney are safe, and considering their tax free quality free from all federal, state and local taxe? (inheritance taxes excepted) and free from anv war tax that may hereafter be levied, affording an absolutely net income of 3 1-2 per cent, they constitute an ideal investment for savings. Nor is there any reason for waiting for a later bond, issue in the expectation of a higher rate of interest being obtained, for the law provides that should such! bonds be issued laterK Liberty Loan Bonds may be exchanged for them at par. Unclaimed Mail Letters for the following names remain unclaimed in the post- office at Sawyer, Kansas, Juod 1, 1917.

When calling for them nientioned that they were adver tised: Mrs. James G. L. Baker Will Geoller Mrs. id.

MaU G. Stand wich F. TiULLINGHAai, P. M. Children's Day Next Sunday is Children's Day at the M.

E. church. In the evefiiug there will be the regular Children's Day exercises. A great deal of time and care has been devoted to preparation for this event and it will undoubtedly be a pleasing affair. It is needless to ask the people to turn out on this occasion.

They always do and it would be a -shame if they failed after the infinite pains taken by the committee to prepare for it. All will be well repaid for attending. PROGRAM Song America Scripture Reading Supt. S.S. Prayer A Welcome Recitation Recitation Recitation I Piano Solo Exercise Motion Song Recitation Henry Divon Ruth Mohncy Kenneth Brown Jaunita Renner Orville Smith Ruth Coe Fourteen Children Primary Classes Louise Merri man Donald Shrnder Walter Smith "The Gleaners" Freddie Trillingham Leone Merrhnan Gladys Frost Eight Boys, Ruth Long Nellie Brubaker Arthur Brown Recitation Recitation Seng Recitation Recitation Recitation Drill Recitation Recitation Recitation Song Recitation Recitation Recitation Exercise Duet Recitation Recitation Choir Marcella Harrel BeUlah Dauner Alice Trillmgham Five Children Marcella and Bernice Ruth Gilpin Neva Smith Song, "The Rose Buds" Recitation Lethea Walker Drill.

Thirteen Girls Song Choir Benediction M. E. Church Notes (H. L. Shook, pastor) Three hundred sixty seven in our schools last Sunday against twenty seven the Sunday before Let us take advantage of all the fine Sundays aud keep our average high.

Ashton had an average attend ance in theS. S. Of sixty two daring the rally period. Sawyer and Isabel are making preparations for Ciiil JreaVllay 1 services. The following very helpful pro-gram will be given in our church at Isabel next Tuesday Jutw 12.

2:00 Devotions, Rev. G. W. Garrison. 2:30 The Sunday School, Rev..

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