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The Plainville South Side Gazette from Plainville, Kansas • 7

The Plainville South Side Gazette from Plainville, Kansas • 7

Plainville, Kansas
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Convright 1920 Hart Schaffner Marx Prep Styles for Young Men THERE'S development a stage when in a he is young man's physical in pretty young years, but big enough to be classed as a man so far as clothes are concerned. Hart Schaffner Marx have designed special styles for such wearers; they gave these models the title "Prep" styles, They're younger than "young men's" styles, and older than boys' styles; somewhere between They're specially designed for very young men; a style of their own. We have plenty of them and they're guaranteed to satisfy or money back. THE HUB Mrs. A.

M. Reed and Mrs. Dunn of Stockton, mother and grandmother of Harry Reed, and an aunt Mrs. Dust and daughter Marguerite, of Whittier visited Harry Reed and family, Saturday. M.

T. Minhart who had been visiting his uncle S. K. Wise and family, accompanied by Miss Bertha Wise, left for Blackwell, Tuesday. J.

V. and Mrs. Burroughs will return from Excelsior Springs, first of the week. Miss Gene Burroughs will leave for Tescott Monday to spend a short time with her sister, Mrs. Will Fischer.

A. M. Phillips returned to his home in Peculiar, Wednesday, Will Fischer and son Harold, of Tescott are visiting his brother Henry Fischer and family. Frank Slason will leave Friday for a ten days visit in Wyo. A.

F. Cochran and family are over from Hays today visiting Dr. and Mrs. W. E.

Andreson. Miss Virginia Lee Ford accompanied them for a more exended visit. Mrs. Geo. Connoly in hearing her baby cry, last Thursday, ran out to their north steps to see and in some manner fell, cutting and injuring her ankle severely.

Chas. Reddick of Belleville. is assisting his brother L. W. Reddick at the Mack Welling Lumber yard.

The wrestling match between the "Terrible Turk" and young Maupin, was won by the latter in two out of three falls, by the toe hold. Jeff Lambert sold his residence this week to Mr. Peavy of Beloit, at $4500 and bought the Hinkson place at $3000. Miss Agnes Sulivan bought the Mrs. Woolworth place.

West Plainville Fred Wise and family spent Sunday with S. K. Wise and familv. Mr. and Mrs.

H. R. Smee, son Wendall and Albert Montgomery who has been helping Smee and Burkholder harvest and thresh returned to their home in Greenleaf. Kans. Friday.

Morris Burkholder who is here from Detriot, Kans. helping his uncle Elmer Burkholder spent Sunday with his aunt Mrs, C. N. Burroughs and grandmother Mrs. I.

Burkholder. Fern and Loise Sleichter are staying with their aunt Mrs. D. I. Henrie while their mother is visiting in Abilene.

J. H. Sollenberger finished threshing his bundle grain Saturday noon. RACINE Country Road Multi-Mile TIRES Racine Multi-Mile Cord and Country Road Fabric Tires yield extra mileage because of their Extra Tested quality and perfect workmanship. Racine Extra Tests safeguard Racine quality through each step in the manufacture of these tires, Motorists are thus afforded a pre purchase protection---a positive surety of service.

Racine Tires Pay You Dividends in Extra miles Racine Tires--Multi-Mile Cord and Country Road built with the extra care that means extra miles. You get greater mileage out of them because greater mileage is factory-built into them. The Racine Absorbing Shock Strip is an added insurance that you buy greater mileage when you buy Racine Extra Tested Tires. F. W.

Brandt Local Agent Plain ville, Kansas Buick Emblem of Satisfaction 1921 MODELS THOSE who have followed closely Buick Valve Head motor car developement will find that the new Twenty One Series has been developed as a whole, not re designed. While retaining features that have established the thorough soundness of Buick cars during the last twenty years, there have been added additional refinements of line and grace of design that inspire greater pride of ownership in a fine motor car. A distinguishing feature of the Twenty One Series is the Buick Valve-in-Head motor. This famous motor has been refined through automatic lubrication of every part. The hollow rocker arm shafts on top of the motor contain fibres constantly saturated with oil.

The oil passes from these fibres to felt packing within the rocker arms and thence to the cups into which the push rods fit, thereby lubricating them. The piston pin size has been enlarged giving 29 per cent more bearing on the upper end of the connecting rod thereby increasing the life of the bearing. The piston pin is held in the piston by a screw, making an absolutely positive bushing. The shape of the radiator has been improved with an increased exposed area for the core. The thickness of the core has also been increased producing a margin of safety in cooling capacity.

Mechanical refinements that make for easier adjustment and care of working parts in the motor and on the chassis have been incorporated. The adjustment of the clutch can be easily made with a wrench directly beneath the floor board and water can be drained from the radiator by simply turning a handle inside the hood. Much in the same way oil can be drained from the crank case. Batteries in the closed models are accessible through a small door in the floor board. Both front and rear springs on all models have been improved, insuring smooth riding qualities over all manner of roads.

F. E. SLASON, Plainville W. Henderson and wife of Scottsville visited with their son Ora Henderson and wife. Mr.

and Mrs. D. D. Hoover of Marysville, his sister and husband, accompanied them. They returned Monday.

Zurich J. F. Catudal made a trip to Salina last week and drove home a new Ford touring car for Victor Thyfault's Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hensley attended a picnic on the river Sunday.

Joe Thyfault and family of Concordia spent the week end here visiting relatives. Mr. J. E. Atherton's nephew of Witchita unloaded a threshing machine outfit here and expects to thresh here this fall.

Miss Albina Pulec who has been working for Frank Verveka returned home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J. L.

Thibault of Menden Nebraska were here last week to see about their threshing and other buiness. Mr. William Burnham's baby has been very sick the past week. Mr. Joseph Novotny returned home from the hospital Sunday night.

His hand is much better. Miss Mae Mattingly who companied Mary. Thyfault to Salina Thursday returned home the first of the week. Miss Helen Smith who has been visiting her aunt Mrs. R.

P. Cassett returned to her home in Stockton. Mr. Isadore Newell went to Denver Friday to have his eyes treated. The primary election in Logan township Wasn't very well attended.

There was only 10 votes cast. We understand that Isadore Pulec has purchased the Geo. Saindon place in the northeast part of town and expects to move there this fall. The following ate dinner at W. H.

Smee's Sunday: Rev. J. E. Keimel and wife, Sadie Smee of Plain ville, Rev. Brooks.

Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Mickey and and Mr.

and Mrs. V. I. Mickey. Rev.

Chas. Dick of Buffalo, Kansas was a caller in our town Saturday. Miss Josie Pulec accompanied her sister, Mrs. Emil Aksamit on a trip to Colorado. A Mr.

Street, of Stockton, who fun a second hand store, was round dead in the west part of town at a place where he kept a bunch of hogs, this morning. It seems he had gone out to feed the hogs and in some way came in contact with a live wire. There was a wire lying near and one of the man's hands was badly burned, This office wants someone to set type, Boy or girl with fair school education, and willing to do a fair amount of work will do. Rev. John Fischer and son Paul, of Hartley, Iowa arrived here first of the week to visit Mr.

Fischer's brothers, A. C. and Geo. Fischer. Mr.

Fischer is a minister in the Evangelical church. We enjoyed an interesting conversation with him at this office. Mr. Fischer and his son left for their Iowa home this morning. He thinks we have a great country arouud Plainville.

Fire broke out in John Martin's barn today, caused from green alfalfa stowed in the hay mow. The fire department arrived in time to save the building from I total destruction. John Fisher has bought the Whalen property. It will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs.

Tony Dopita. The fire alarm was turned in Sunday evening. An electric pole near the Catholic church was struck by lightening. The mill had a couple transformers burned out. H.

E. Parkhurst was up from Lincoln first of the week to do some acetylene welding. Parkhurst is the one man in the west who seems to be able to weld anything. The city sent a job of welding to him at Lincoln, Monday and got it back Tuesday on the jitney. Earl Groom, of Plainville, and Miss Laura Jones of Phillipsburg were married at that place Wednesday, and left immediately for Colorado on a wedding trip.

C. R. Phillips sold a Delco Light plant to. Sutor Bros. last week.

Engine Plows for Sale One 5-bottom Oliver and one 4-bottom Oliver engine plows, the two can be used as 9-bottom. New plows, three sets of shears, have never been sharpened. Other things in machinery that will Interest you. 6 on 2 Zurich 16-2-pd. John Senecal.

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