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The Ellinwood Express from Ellinwood, Kansas • 1

The Ellinwood Express from Ellinwood, Kansas • 1

Ellinwood, Kansas
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Qordon Granger has begun proceed ATTENTION The EUinwood Express. have the usual organizations found in older States. Our county has about 73 school-houses alreadj built and occupied, and churches and church organizations are springing up, and maintained, all over the count. EO. M.

ESTES, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ELLIN WOOD, KANSAS, All Calls promptly attended to, day or night. Office on Manta Fe opposite depot. and mining, and never discover a lead that will pay for the working. There is more money in the fertile soil of Kansas than ever has been or ever will be digged out of the flinty hills of Colorado. And the men -who settle here to build up homes for themselves and their families will, in the end be far happier and more prosperous than those who go to the mines expecting to get rich in a month cr so.

Mining is like gambling in nine hundred and ninety-nine cases out of every thousand the men engaging in it are ruined. The reports coming from Leadville, too, are like those from every newly discovered mining camp. We hear of lucky strikes, and of men who have in a day become almost millionaires. We hear very little of the thousands of poor fellows who have and hunted, and struggled, day after day and week after week, at the'hardest kind of work and fail at last. Some stories of this character get into the papers occasion-allv.

but not often. The few who have ings to annul her marriage witk Captain Blair, who, last week plead guilty to the charge of bigamy. Examination. A public examination will be held at Great Bend, on Saturday, March loth, commencing at nine o'clock A. Examining Board.

Aenounon heeler, an unio man, a vrarm personal friend of Post-Master-Gek tral Keys, and at present a resident of Chat tanooga has been appointed District At torney for the Eastern District of Ten nessee. me iiarnsourgn xeiegrapa reiect a poem of 11 verses because the author makes "folks" rhyme with "sixteen." The Telegraph is too fastidious. We have seen 'folks" of the pantaloon gender, rhyme with "sixteen" sweet sixteen" in the smoothest kind of meet-hr. Xorr. Herald.

If men would pay the printer they could avoid being dunned, and gladden the heart of a class of men who are poor and needy. We sometimes think that Scdani and Gomorrah in the day of judgement will stand a better chance than those men who read the papers and neglect to pay for them. Ex. There died lately at St. Louis a ladj named Gamble, who was the oldest Amer ican resident of that city.

Her husband was President of its first City Council. Mrs. Gamble's father, Col. Easton, was appointed United States Judge at St. Louis in 1805, and when she went there in that year the pepulation was not over GOO, and every house in the tows was of Michael Ball's capacity as a drinker was under discussion in.

a Sutro, (Nev.) bar roon when he entered. lie was proud of the distinction accorded him, and offered to bet $10 that he could drink a quart of whiskey in ten minutes. The wager was made and the money put into the hands of a state-holder. A quart of such whisky as is sold in mining towns was measured out. Hall swallowed fully a pint at a draught, but after that the fluid went down harder and ten minutes and a quarter had elspsed when the last was drank So he lost Ms $10 but that was.

not the worst, he isamediately fell to the floor, remained unconscious forty-eight hours and then died. William Bell killed himself as foolishly, in Waldron Ark. He had been a performer ia- a circus, but intemperance had incapacitated him for suh employment, and he became a bar-room bummer. His sole remaining gymnastic- feat was to stand on his head, which he was ready to do for a drink- Two men bet that he could not remains inverted an hour, and he attempted the fea, but a rush Hood to his head resulted fatally. Ex, ISai-toti Con nlj' From "Our Circular Barton County wis organized in It has an area of miles, and ais acreage of 832,480 acres.

The about 200,000 acres of thes lands, which are on the market. There are acres of (iovernment land yt unsold but it a very poor quality, the bt having lei all taken. Great Bead is our County Seat, axti is aity of about 1,500 inhabitants. EUinwood is a third class city f6W inhabitants, and is ten mcLes east of theccuxnty seat. Pawnee Rock Is leeated.

thirteen jailes west of Great Bend, on flic A T. S. F-R. and has a population of about 250. These places are allsettled with immigrants chiefly from other Etateswith a large sprinkling of Germans In several localities.

The county is divided about as follows Bottom lands 30 per apLand all undulating prairie. The Arkansas river reus through the entire length of the coenty, rna east to west. The other streams are the-Walnnt, Little Walnut, Blood, Deception and. Cow creeks, all tributary to the Arkansas The wells of the county are from ten sixty feet in depth. There is a good article of sand and lime stone found In different parts the In the matter of products, Barton county ean produce a very great variety, but wheat is the chief.

We believe that Barton county is the best wheat county in the State, and it is raised with less labor than in any other portion of the common country. Corn, oat, rye, barley, millet' broom-eorn, are all raised Fuccesyfully, also garden vegetables. There is no inel in the county, neither tim ber nor coal, that has been' developed, till we think that good coal will be found when capi taiists take hold of the matter and develop it. The climate of this section of the country i Washington, T). but subject to Sudden changes in the winter season.

Strong-south winds prevail here, but never reach the magnitude of gales or tornadoes The arnmers are warm, but the nights are cool; and it matters not how hot the day may be, it is always cxl and comfortable for slwp- inarat night. The atmosphere if dry the altitude l. high, the elevation being l.TffO feet above the Ivelof the sea. No mias-ma arises from decayed vegetation, and consequently no miaioatic diseases prevail. Lung diseases do not engender here, but It is the asylum for many Invalids who have become afflicted with thee com plaints, many of whom get well.

Thi county i well adapted to raising cattle, horse, hos and sheep; but we have what is known as the "herdlaw" which necessitates every man to keep hi- s-tock ujon hi own premises, hence we have no fences, for we have no highways upon which domestic can run at large. Several kinds of hedge plants are grown successfully, the principal one being the Bois d' arc, or Osage orange. The society of thi section is much like that of frontier settlements everywhere; but we Farmers Flour Dealers t3 Sat THE EllinwoodMills ARE DOING THE Best Custom Work AND MAKING THE Most Reliable Brands of Flour Of any Mill in the Arkansas Valley. WE MAKE Flour of all Grades, AND KEEP Meal Feed of all Kinds, We also deal i Colorado and Oago Coal, and are prepared to FILL ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY, WILSON HALL, Ellimrood, Kansas, ORDERNo. 1.

To My Customers, The Railroad Company ham made no lledtitionin reignta, Rut IWill Make you IRE00CTI0I 01 LUMBER! AND ON- Air Building Material $4.00 per M.l Will seQ you LumU rat $2G M. Btar a Shingles HJM Lath at M. Lime aS 52.00 bbl. Plastering Hair at cents per bashejr I will va pi Irate SterlcgR EDsrcitl cr Great Ed BUT IZVEMBER, This Means Caslx Parties -with In tlm must rtmke spec! al IT? nijjjementx with George Ahton. Will pay yoa THE HIGHEST MARKET PRIC33 For yoar Wheat, Corn, Oats.

Rye, Wilt take anything in the shape of Prodsc? to square vtT Old IUlU. Come and Se.tite with the CasJi Or make Ratifactory arraiigements by JCote, or we g-t new lxxkj. Let us settle tip ail the oul yoar accounts. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous XeTf Yea I remain Yonr Ohedient Servant, G. W.ASHTON.

Ellin vood, Jan. IS), 179. F. W. QUAST, Manufacturer of Boots and Shoes REPAIRING DONE On short notice, and at the lowest prices.

Drop In and examine our tock before taking your orders elsewhere. Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed, Shop cat of the Commercial House, ELLINWOOD, KAXSAg, THOMAS L. POWEBS, Editor and Manager. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One copy, one year. postasre 2 00 One copy, six months, postage free 1 00 One copy, three months, postage free 50 ADVERTISING RATES: One insertion, per Inch One month, per inch .5) 1.00 Three months, per inch Six months, per inch One year, ier inch 2.2.J ZZ I 3 6.00 Local editorial notices among the local reading matter, 20 cents per line each insertion.

Local notices under the head of "Business Notices," 10 cent per line, each insertion, 7 words make a line. Special rates for a large amount of advertising space and long time, will be made on application. Bills for advertising ill be collected, pro rata, the first of each month. All legal or transient advertisements must be paid for In advance. CORRESPONDENTS, We wish to obtain good itemizers in every section of Barton county.

If you wish your section noticed, send us the current news, con fining your articles to short paragraph Items of fact, except where some important event occurs that is of general interest, Business letters and other correspondence, to receive attention, must be addressed to THOMAS I. POWERS, Editor and Business Manager, EixixwooD. Kansas. The House Committee have reported adversely to the scheme of opening up the Indian Territory. In the House, last Monday, Mr.

Biddies' bill to regulate fares and freights on railroads was lost. The President has vetoed the Chinese immigration bill, asserting that our treaty obligations are sacred, and must be carried out. The President is right. Wichita is going to have an east and west rrilroad, the St. Louis, Wich- ta Western, and the Eayls ys it will be finished to Wichita by the first of August, next.

The Secretary of War is of the opin ion that it will require only 900,000" to make the Arkansas river navigable rom Wichita to Ft. Smith. Let the good work begin, and the sooner the utter. The case of the United Stateaw, the Burlington Missouri Railroad Com- lany, involving the right of the Uni- ed States to annul certain patents issue by it to the company for 1,205,000 acres of land in Nebraska, was decided last Monday by theS upreme Court, in favor of the company. We find the following in one of oar exchanges: The Atchison.

Topeka Jt Santa Fe Railroad Company advertises an excursion for prospect tors and land buyers, to leave Troy, N. on March nth, lor Kinsjey. are i.iii, ana ior round trip ickets, good for forty days, $51. Now if the Itiggs bill was a law, the Santa Fe Company would be obliged to carry all passengers over its lines at the same rate it does the above excursionists. Would there be any justice in that? asks the Atchison Champion.

Then and Now. "fear down the flaunting lie! r.sult no sunny sky with he! is poll tea rag-. The excitement following the publi cation of the above well remembered ines, in the New York Tribune, was intense, and many were the threats of vengeance made against that good old man, Horace Greeley, for permitting the poem to appear in his journal. Yet we have in our country to-day, it seems. a class of men who are anxious to ex punge from our national records an article equally dear to every American heart, riz a sacred and solemn treaty with a foreign power, and nothing Is thought of it.

An American's word should be his bond and we have more respect for President Hays to-day than we have ever had before. By vetoing the Chinese bill, as it is called, he has shown himself to be an American, and a fit representative of a country that boasts of being the asylum for the op pressed of all nations. Notwithstanding Greeley's poem, the Stars and Stripes still wave over a hap py united people and thanks to a sen sible and patriotic President, we still are enabled to boast of our manhood in the matter of keeping sacred treaties made with foreign nations, even though it be with the Heathen Chinee." The Leadville Fever. Atchison Champion.) Those who are beginning to catch the Leadville fever ought to remember that mining is a lottery in which one man draws a prize and a tliousand lose al the money they pay in. This will not, of course, prevent thousands from try ing their luck at But it may have an effect, on some who are doing well now, and will do better to remain where they are.

It is a well established fact that i has cost two dollars to obtain every dollar of gold or silver that has ever been mined. Leadville and its mines will be no exception to this rule. Thousands are going there who will spend the earnings of years in prospecting The average yield of wheat per acre In this "county, last year, was nearly 23 bushels. TIUE ELLDHVO I MARKETS. Ellinwood, March 6, 1879.

Wheat, No. 1 70e No. 2 6.V: No. GOc No. ooe Oats 22c Rye, 2Tc rn ey Corn 20c sneilea 22c T7t iuur, IW IDS ID Corn Meal, lou Hs 73 Potatoes, Irish, per bushel 50 Onions, per bushel 1 00 Turnips, per bushel, 35 Butter, o20 iara, rt io Eggs, doz Apples, green, bbl.

OS Si (X) 07 Chickens, live, doz dressed, 52 00 GVi urKeys, id 7tts 3len 9(bbcrtiocmcut0, $5.00 REWARD. rnilE ABOVE REWARD WILL BE PAID J. for information which will lead to the recovery of a valuable Newfoundland Dog, supposed to have been stolen from the under signed. Mi. S.

WJXJjMS. EUinwood, Feb. 27th, 1S79. WANTED. ifk AAA RUSIIEL.S OF 1 III I the highest marl iUik ii en, in cash.

Fai mw)9W barley to the Ell KUSIIEL.S OF liAKLEY, for which market price will be giv- rmers. nring all your EUinwood Brewery. Jan. SO, l7y. n41-tf JOHN HESS.

CENTS for a SQUARE MEAL, AT THE People's Restaurant Dining him ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. I keep a cisoice stock of Candies, Nuts, Raisins, Apices, Lemons, Oranges, And am now fully prepared to meet the want of those in seareh of such luxuries. OYSTERS SERVED TO ORDER. 1JOAKDING By the Day or Week, with or without lodging. I keep the BEST 5-eent Cigar in town.

Call and see me if you want to appease your hunger, or smoke a god cigar. feb-cJ2f AV. II. LCTZ, Proprietor. GO TO H.

J. ROETZEL. ELLINWOOD, KANSAS, P'or your Hardware, Stoves, rfeeep a Full Stock of Naifs, Locks, Pocket Knives, RAZORS, POWDER, SHOT, I aroAvxnt for the Celebrated' COOK STOVES, Warranted to be the FINEST and Best Work- iiigKtove in America. I WARRANT VER STOVE. Being a Pratial Workman, I glv eepecial attention to TIN ROOFING, SPOUTING, And all kmd of Tin, Copper and Klieet Iron work -Comc anil get prices, and savenatneyS in buying.

H. J. ROETZEL. First corr atorth of post office. IVlangelsdorf EJ LIN WO OD, DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, Clothing, Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, YANKEE NOTIONS, Also keep constantly in a complete and cnoiee assortment oi GROCERIES Queensware, Glassware, Wood and Willow Ware, mmm, siovn, mmn mil fcc, FIELD AND GARDEN SEEDS Made a Specialty.

Dr. F. STILES O'FLYXG, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ELLIN WOOD, KANSAS. All Lung and Female' Disease a specially. Office first door north of the drug; store.

GEO. TO WEILS, 'Justice "of tie Pace and Collecting Apat, ELLIN "WOOD, KANSAS. Accounts collected, and 'Remittances made promptly. Office one door ent of the Germanla House! GEO. W.

HONEY, Counselor, Altosy at Lay, nl toejascer, Collection Promptly Attended to. ELLIN WOOD. Barton County. iv'ANMAH. ANSEL It.

CLARK, ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Central BfoH, vomer of Broadway and Main street. 8TEKLING. KANSAS. JOHN C. HAGEN, Practical Vat5hmaker and Jewelsr, ELLINWOOD, KANSAS.

ENGRAVING A SPECIALTY. CLOCKM AND WATCH KK Repaired and regulated, and work warranted to give satisfaction, THOS. TOWERS, PasKionath Barber and Hdrdrssser, ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. filmvinjr, Hair Cutting, Tfair Dreslner, Shampooing, lyeinjr, Ac, done In good style AND AT VERY RKASONARLK RATKS. Mrs.

B. A. KLEIN FASHIONABLE Milliners Dress Makers EUinwood, Kansas. Dress-Making in ail its branches carried on and satisfaction guaranteed. We keep constantly on hand aAillllneof LADIES' GOODS, Which we are offering at EXTREMELY LOW PRICES FOR CASH.

CUTTING AND FITTING lone on short notice and according to the latent fashionable designs. PATTERNS OF THE LATEST FASHION Ordered as soon as out. The Avery House, Ellitmood, Barton Kansas. AVm. C.

KELLER, Proper. TFARE, ONLY ONE DOLLAR PER RAY! nMii: AVERY HOUSE HAS J. accommodations and the table cannot be ex. la u-y t. yst'-d ia fuim teams.

My ali.i will hM picrsui all. 4i-yly Commercial House, UCSROW BISKS, tojrista. ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. New House and New Furniture; FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATIONS. Good Sample Room for Commercial Travelers.

Our Charges are Reasonable. Germania House IICUSEL WERNEiSr Prcp'rs, ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. THE "GERMANIA" IH A NEW HOUSE, and affords the traveling public all the conveniences of a first class hotel, at greatly reduced rate. It is nearly opposite the depot. and convenient to the business center of the city.

First elsss fare guaranteed, Good Sample Room for Commercial Men. The patronage of the traveling public Is very resieetfully solicited. Billiard and a tcell furnished Bar in basement JOHN HESS, Proprietor of the Brewery Saloon, Washington Street, ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. The best of Wines, Liquors and Segars, and Our Own Superior Lager Kept constantly on hand for the patrons of iue nouse. nave A GOOD BILLIARD TABLE In connection -with the saloon, upon which JU lovers of the game ore Invited to play.

succeeded are voluble, and like to be interviewed; the thousands who have failed hide their disappointment, as men are apt to do, away from the sight of a world that has small sympathy for failure. If vou are doing reasonably well, or making a bare living where you are, don't go to the mines. Kansas. Extract Report of State Board of Agriculture, The lands in farms aggregate 094 62 acres, of which are improved, and are unimproved. There are in the State 274,450 horses, valued at 40,564 mules and asses valued at 3,042,300: 286,241 milch cows, valued at $7,442,266 586,002 other cattle, valued at $12.423,242,40 and 1,195,044 swine, valued at $6,094,724.40.

The tences oi the state are vaiueci as follows: Stone, rail, board, $3.608,300.71 hedge, 6,582,877.25 wire, $1,212,702.41. Additional Local News. -o- To all our subscribers who are owing us on subscription, we will, upon their payment in full of what is due us, send them for one year the American Young Folks, one of the brightest and best papers in the country for boys and girls. The Indians A Lecture. Uncle Jimmy Cannon, th old scout of the plains, called on us yesterday.

He intimated to us that there is great danarer of an Indian outbreak the com ing spring, and advises the people to be prepared for trouble. "Uncle Jimmy lectures in Katten-lorn's hall Friday evening, March 7. If you want to learn don't fail to attend the lecture. 4 The stockholders of the EUinwood Cemeterv Association are requested to meet at the eemetery on Saturday, March 15th, 1879, at 9 o'clock A. for the purpo-sa of building a fence around the cemetery.

Those of the stockholders who cannot be present and assist in the work, will please pay one dollar to Mr. F. A. Steckel, the treasurer, with which a hand can be procured to work. This is a much needed improvement, as teams are running over the grounds and breaking off the stakes marking the lots, besides there are now many valuable tomb stones set up that may receive damage if not soon protected.

By order of the President. W. Halsey, Secy. Decision of the County Attorney. Amos McDowell, Trustee of Laltin township, Ellmwood, Ivas.

Dear In reply to your letter of Inquiry of the 3rd would say, 1st. That machine men who holu machinery with a view of selling it an advance price or pront, or which shall have been consigned to them for the purpose of being so sold, are to be held as merchants; and the statement of personal property required to be delivered by them to the Assessor, should include the value oi the personal property appertaining to their business; ana such value should be ascertained by estimating the average value of such articles of personal property: as they shall have had in their possession, or under their control, during the year next preceding the first day of March, preceding the time of making such statement, or during that portion of said year which they may have been engaged in such business. (See Sec. 5370, Art. 5, Ch.

107, Dassler's Kansas Statutes.) 2nd. They should estimate amount on hand, as nearly as they can, in each month in such preceding year, or such imrtion thereof as thev niav have been engaged in such business, then add the several monthly estimates, and divide the asrsrregate bv the number of months they may have been engaged in business. This rule will give the average value as required. (See free. 1 Art 5, Ch.

107, Dassler's Kas. Stats.) Yours, truly, Sam. J. Day, Co. Att'y ORD1NANCE No.

23. Published February 27th, A. P. 1C9.J AX ORDINANCE proTidinj? for an election for City Officers. Be it Ordained by the Mayor and Councihnen of the City of Eilinvrood Rectios 1.

An election will be held at the new brick hall, In the city of Killn wood, for the election of Mayor, SCouncilmen, ami Police Judare. for the ensuing year, on Monday. April 7th, lis7. February 26th, 1S79; Approved February 2ttth, li7. F.

A. STECKEL, Mayor. Attest: IL J. Reixts, City Clerk..

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