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Galena Miner from Galena, Kansas • 3

Galena Miner from Galena, Kansas • 3

Galena Mineri
Galena, Kansas
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THE MAIL BAG. Sionx- Herald Bays, that the mention cf Touslay's name, creates THE GALENA MINER. tfutuishexl Evunj Thursday, still has on hand some of that good Tea, the best iu town br the price. T. Hadlcy, cx-cditor of Empire City Echo, who hat been absent for several months, came back yesterday for a short visit among his many friends on Short Creek.

CSWa are selling Wall Taper, all colors and styles, from 6 1-4 cents aud up per roll. Logan Profitt, Empire City, Kan. Ell Powell is constantly receiving large invoices of new spring millinery goods and is prepared to guarantee satisfaction to the most fastidious tastes. Ladies wanting O. STOCKSLAGER, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Ofllce on Main opposite Barnes store GALKSA KAN.

l-39f J. 31. LOOP, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Offlce atTollce Headquarters. GALENA KAX.

(l-30tl kinds of hardware cheaper than ever at A. F. Gore's. Mayor McPherson and Capt. W.

B. Stone are in Columbus attending court. Fresh beer always on hand, at Billy Beller's. The lead market continues very dull, three cents being all that is offered, and is dull sale at that. spring hats of the latest styles at Mrs.

Ell Powell's. consternation, on Short Creek." If Van Bennett was correct when he lid 15,000 people were sleeping the sleep that knows no waiting, simply because they had dared to raise their puny voices against him, (Touslay)," why shouldn't it have rather a terrifying effect to be brought Into daily contact with him. Van is sd hyper bolical though, that we never can tell ust how to take him. Perhaps it would, be Safe toV that Tonslay's name creates more consternation ban does Tousiay himself. 5T Mr.

E. P. Dresser is fast com pleting the addition to his store building and will have, whed it is finished the best arranged dry goods establishment in Galena. Mr. Dresser returned on Saturday; last from a ten days visit in a Chicago whetfe he was laying in his Spring and Summer stock of goods, which compriso every thing from a cambric needle up.

The quantity of new good3 he receiving is siniply immense, and as Dresser says he is determined to sell, ladies will do well to. call and examiue his stock and prices before purchasing elsewhere. "Abe," Spencer's driver, tells a most singular story about one of the horses he drives. Last fall it will be remembered, young Katze- mau drowned himself In Short Creek, above the ford. Abe 6ays he always offers the horses drink at the ford, aud previous to the drowning of Katzeman, they always drank.

Since that time only one of them, the other refusing driufc, after being driven hard and deprived of water for a ourg; if offered it at the ford, on Short Creek, north of Galena. When driven into the 6treaui, if thirsty, he will drop his head as if he intended to driuk, smell of the water a second or two and then throw up his head and snort, and start for the' shore. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.

Daigler, of this city, came very near being poisoned, on last Monday taking a swallow of a preparation ot turpentine and white ead, which had been unthoughtedly placed within the child's reach by some painters engaged on the south wing of the St. James Hotel at which place Mr. D. and family re sides. The liquid almost produced strangulation with the child, but was luckily, soon made to rest quite easy, and further thau a deep drowsyucss and apparent soreness produced by the strong fluid, on oue so tender, has experience no other injury, and has again resumed its playful mood.

Council Proceedings. Council met pursuant to a call of the Mayor, at eight o'clock, p. m. Present Mayor, A. M.

McPher son councilmen, M. C. MoWry, E. H. Dunbar, 11.

L. Paine, J. West and R. W. Vaughn.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Councilman Paine nominated M. C. Mowry for President of the Coun cil, and upon ballot the vote stood 3'c-asfive, nays none. The Mayor de clared Mr.

Mowry elected. The following members was placed upon committees Finance committee, M. C. Mowry, J. West and E.

II. Dunbar; MC. Mowry, chairman. Oadinance Committee, W. Vaughn, L.

Paine and M. C. Mowry R. W. Vaughn, chairman.

Committee on dram-shops, H. L. Paine, E. 11. Dunbar and West WW W- f-fc 11.

Li. l'aine, cnairman. Committee on. streets and alleys, E. II.

Dunbar, R. W. Vaughn and M. Mowry E. H.

Dunbar, chair man. Cemetery Committee, J. West; W. Vaughn and IL Lu Paine J. W-ott; chairman.

The iiUou petitions and botaofs were presented and referred to com mittee 011 dram-shops, who granted the prayers of the petitioner, and on motion by Councilman Payne, the bonds were approved and ordered filed J. W. Adair L. C. Stapp, H.

C. Davis, Casper Tretcher, Wm. Beller, Geo. Thompson, John Schnrlerer, Tamblyn White; 1 Ti? E. J.

Weilep, Police Judge, presented his bond, and on motion bv Councilman Vaughn, was approved aud ordered filed. The following bills were referred to Finance Committee P. C. Millikm, faKmg census, W- Martin, clerk of election, $2.00 E.C. Pritchard, clerk of election, D.

S--Young special policeman, $8.00. Ou motion by Councilman Paine, M. C. Mowry was appointed as committee of one, to rent a suitable room Or city purposed On motion by Councilman Mowry, the Ordinance Committee was in strncted to carefully examine the pamphlet of city ordinances, before receiving them from the publisher, and make all necessary corrections, and report at next meeting. On motion the Council adjourned until the next regular meeting.

Attest W. T. Edmonston, City Clerk. Xotiee. Nptice is hereby given that the undersigned are in no way connected with or interested in Merchants' and Miners' bank at Galena, Kaueas.

Jdrfi? M. CO'oper, Efjr. Zellekew S. H. Sanderson.

1 Galena, April 30lhf 1879. BY WELDY. POSTOFS1CE TIME TABLE; ARRIVAL AND DKFAKTCRK OF M1IU. Kansas City, and all points North Sonth ana West: Arrive, daily, 19 a. Depart daily.

4 P. 6t. Louis, and all points East, arrtfe, 1:30 rl m. Depart, 8 a. m.

Joplin Arrire, 10 Depart, if, Oiace hours 7:30 a. m. to 7 f. m. Sundajr 2 F.

M. to 4 r. L. WELD I P.M. iiirrTER List; LIST OF LETTERS ONCLAI WKD RKMAlN-inz ia the poftoflic at ilen.

for th week ending May 1. 1879. If not called for within thirtv days thev will be aent to the dead letter office Parties calling for these letters will please say "advertised," firing date of advertisement. Brtihre Thomas 2 Resent Henry Ciillum Joseph Delaney tieorge Dixon Alexander IacmLL Ixiwey Kagrgie i i- Lewis Martha A. McCleUan A Conner -v.

Pace Caroline Sallie auie Ward Maggie The head of the family weut gunning. After tranipiug about the whole day, he returned at night completely wotri ottl. His accosted him with, "Well, my dear, what did you get "Get said he gruffly, "Why, I got back." And that the case with us. We've got back. Straw hats are ripe.

Of course we Ibr'give. "Dad" Varick took ns in badly. Mrs. L. F.

Smith is in Columbus; visitiug her brother and will not return until the latter part of this week or the first of uext. T. Uadley, ex-P. M. of Empire; is in the mine.

If yon want to see "Jule" "bile" just ask him something about eminent and self-made men. A promineut government official employed his son to make out his reports. The sbd would sign his father's name, "per The department being very strict iu such matters; wrote the official; who; by the way; is an Irishman, asking who "II" was. His answer was "By the grace of God and the assistance of my wife, Mary Ann, he Is my son, Henry." The China shaft holds her owii nobly. We find, in looking over the books, that, owing to the peculiar manner iri Which they are kept; we can't tell anything about the number df pounds actually turned in.

but from the boys, we learn that they raised 982 pounds in 2 hours, or 2 pounds in 982 hours, we are not positive Which. But in either case it shows increase over previous" turn-ins. A passenger on a train bound for Leadville. noticing the scarcity or passengers on east-bound trains, remarked that the fact was evidence that Leadville was si good place. Oh," no I said fellow traveler, it is only an evidence that they are compelled on account of financial embarrass ment, to return by the 'other road, "And what road is that? asked the traveler.

"The wagon road' was the reply. And yet Shoman is going to Leadville. Hardtack from the Times. "We wish Weldy would hurry back from Ohio, as We feel awful lonesome. We do not expect him to' return though, until he has exhausted his stock of cock-and-bull stories." Don't dwell so long between words, Frank.

"A case of sheep-stealing before 'Squire Hodgkius this week. Wo hasten to say that the editors of the Star and Courier were not the vic tims. Now; if yon can get the ml to hasten: to say the game of wo can still say we" love We "Whew what whoppers that fel low, Weldy, will tell the "old man' when he gets back to the old home-nest in Ohio, about his fciplrflts fd the West. He'll sit for hours on the porch and tell his father about scalping Modocs, Quapaws, Nez Perces and Cherokees, aud hundreds ot hairbreadth escapes he has id In this country." Yes Fratfk, b'ut think' Of IhV hun dreds of hair-breadth escapes that we won't tell him about, for Instance among the Shy-Anns, the Sues, the' My-Amys, the'Minnic-Sotas and "CoL Gibbon, who owns a large flock of sheep, had" promised us some notes on sheepf-rahung." DoiTt 'rush off Into new-fangled idea's, my boy, but follow the footsteps' of your illustrious sire, antf make editors of your children. So Deception Used.

It Is strange so many people will esontinOe to' Buffer day niter day with Dixpepsfa, Lirer Cortr- filaint. Constipation, Soar fetomach, General elnlUy when they can procure at our store 8HI-LOII'S VITALIZE free of cot If it does not-care or relieve them. Price 75 eU. Sold try Hainer Galena, Kan. Communicated to the Muter.

Mrs, I. O. Miller's select school commenced April 21st. The school is both pleasant and interesting Inf all respects, to teacher and pupils" alike. It is intended to make the term one of profit to the scholars and satisfaction to the patrons.

That beiifg the main' object of the teacher and in which' she always has been succeesfuL Galena, May 1st, G0X.DSZX This trnly Taloabis mwliclne ha' won the f.vcr and praise of all who bare tried It. For Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, antf Consumption, there is nothing superior tW ft. If yon are, Mffar-ing with any Bronchial or Pulmonary affection, try it. win do yon good Tar the prevention and care of Consumption of the Langs, it lathe-greatest remedy Nature has ever conferred to medical science or research For Croap, Uoareeness; Whooping Cough and Asthma. It is iavalnablc- Try 10 cent bottle for roar Cough.

Two doses' will give relief. A large bottle will do wonder. Ask yon druggist for Mabmi's Gqj.dt great Throat and Lung medicine, and take no other. Regular sizes vents and 81.00. Try 10 cent bottle first.

-BY- Mcdowell niciiols. Subscription Prico $1.50 per Year. II VTES OF ADVERTISING. Spate. I rear.

6mos. I 3 mos. 1 won. 1 column ln iw 00 $13 00 column (m io QC 1 10 oo column I 30 on 12 7 op fi coluiiui xi 1 li I 7 00 I 3 00 Carl 1J0 0100 4 oo 2 00 Local per lin first insertion and five cents a line for each (subsequent insertion. Everf discriptlon of Plata aiiJ Fancy JOIt PRITI done, with neatness and lixpatch.

CITY, MINES AND COUNTY. C1TGoto201. Trade In Galena continues good. 57" Prints for 5cts at Dresser. --The turn-in of lead, last week, was very lare.

CiT Hermit age "Whisky at the Capitol Saloon. The man is the heavy chap of tho Dispatch. CST Giant Powder, only twenty cents a stick. Lead has again been struck up In the Nevada shaft. CjT Ladies' lincu suits for $1.85, at Dresser's.

Joplinitcs were numerous on Short Creek, last Sunday. (3Rargains in stoves at Gore's, Eilh Guthcrie turned In 15,000 pounds of mineral, last week. C3T The jolliest Shetland shawls at L. Rati s. Dun.

Haiuer is building an addition to his house, on Galena avenue. whisky at Thompson's. The Miner will be a two-year-old next week. CThc finest flowers In town at Mrs. Ell Powell's.

Corn retails at forty cents on our streets. CSTTry -Cur rcst" and "Key West blub" ciar at Thompson's. No one has noticed the elegant hardware sign of A. F. Gore's.

CjTGo to the Capitol Saloon, for your Rock Beer. Judge Mf(Hl is spending this week al ColumbiM, attending court. CJTCOl is tho p'acc to get clicap and food groceries. The I vcy-Kiiiley case comes up next Mond-iy. CST" Wash poplin for 5 cents per yard at E.

P. Dresser'. F. J. Powell made a turn-in of over live thousand, last week.

A new barrel of Missouri cider jtiat on tap, at Keith's. "Dad" Varlck, postmaster at R.ixtcr Springs, spent tho day in the mines last Tuesday. wheelbarrows at A. F. Gore's.

Ucv. Warren Mavo will fill Rev. Clarke's appointment ui this city, next fcjnnday night. CirSmoke the "Malta Concha" cigar at Thompson's. Mouroe Powell and Eli Keller made a turn-in of live thousaud pounds aud last week.

CT Finest whisky in city, at tho Capitol Saloon. Uncle Fred Hammer has been adding to the beauty "of his prem ises, lately. sweetest and prcttcst hats at Mrs. Ell Powell's. -Ex-mayor Lykins, W.

C. Jones, aud E. A. Scaramou, of Columbus, were in Galena, last Friday. (3" Keith has the best cider in town.

Judsre Matheny says he has twenty-tivo cases In tho district court, this term. (57" 27 pounds of sugar for $1.00, at Lauderuiilk's. -Anderson Watkius, on East Galena tract, are gettiuic some fine mineral, now. C3T You can buy clothing for almost nothing, at Dresser's. Hose Cheney on the Titzer forty, at Beaumont, on lot eighteen, made quite a good strike this week.

C-Sweet Michigan cider at Fritz Weber's. The discovery shaft at Beaumont, is said to bo turning out three thousand to the shift. C3TA full line of ladies' fancy dress goods at J. S. Barnes'.

We learn of several traofers of titles of miuiug property at Beaumont this week. 5TGo to Thompson's for line chewing and smoking tobacco. Postmaster Shoman, of Empire City, is going away, next Monday, to bo absent for a week or two. CSTLogan Profitt, In Empire City, haye the latest style of Window Shades aud Rollers. -Almost everyone is more or less Interested in the court proceedings at Columbus this week.

am still here and liable to tay. Br the way, I have some goods for sale, cheap. Joe Rosenthal. We heard iu a quiet way of an other wedding that is soon to take; place. We don't much believe the report is true, but then its not so easy to always know about -matters of that kind.

Joe Rosenthal i3 in favor of honest government, and low prices for clothing, etc. Tho Sioux Herald man, with commendable frankness, calls Tous- ay a dog. We think it rather hard on 11m when we take into considera tion the fact that the Herald is his organ. pieces of choice brands of spring patterns of calico at J. S.

Barnes'. That would be paragon of or thography and philology, to'cover up some of the gross errors that ap peared in the Sioux Herald's adyice to the Miner, tries to lay the blame on the devil. look at the stock of notions and fancy dress goods, at L. Bun ui's. Wo rather guess, the Echo man lad his hoofs trod on, at the last dance, at the Grand Central from the way in which he jabbers about the boys from the ''South Hill" getting bask" on.

ZSTZ. II. Loudermilk, at 204, sells groceries cheaper than any house iu Galena. Why certainly, Cassey, one is "a we thought you knew that all the time or we'd have told you privately. But don't let your impatience get the better of and you'll succeed in time.

C5T California Port Wine and Ken- tuckey Bourbon Whisky for medical purposes, at the City Drug Store, O. T. Street Co. J. N.

Patrick Pierce city, will open a furniture establishment uext week in Galena. Mr. Patrick is said to be a gentleman of the get up and go ahead order, that makes him popular where ever he is. Go to Dresser's where you can fiud anything you want, and at rock bottom prices. The juvenile paragiapher of tho Joplin Herald, became wonderfully incensed last week, because we joked him a little.

Pshaw, sonny; what's the use of getting mad? Dry up your tears and be more manly. Wanted. Every miner to try the "Neptune" blasting powder, the best high explosive, iu the world. For sale bv A. F.

Gore. Ordinance twelve, recentlj pub lished iu pamphlet, form, makes it uulawful for juveniles under eigh teen years of age, to be found on the legitimate business, after nine o'clock, p. M. C5T All styles of lawns, linen suit ings, alpacas, percale, gross cloth, and other fancy dress goods at Baum's. A boarding house mistress of Red Hot street followed a delinquent boarder into a saloon a few days ago, aud talked to him in a way that led to believe that the "way of the transgressor is hard." Good kid gloves In black and all colors for 50ctsj at Dresser's.

These gloves are good quality, and usually sell for $1.00. The Sioux Herald says: "No man is forced to become a member. It is at his own option. We are glad to know this. If is a great re lief to kfioW that we are not going to be forced" to "jine." Just received at the City Drug Store, a fresh supply of mixed paints by the gallon ready for use white or in colors for outside or inside paint ing.

O. Street Co. J. S. Barnes i receiving, daily large invoices of spring goods," and parties who desire most for their money will do well to call on himbe- ore they purchase.

E. P. Dresser keeps all the' new styles in dress goods, lawns, flqucs, dress linens, percales, bunt- ings light brocades, trimming silks to match; Joe Rosenthal wants it distinctly understood, that he is not a candidate for Police Judge of Pitzer ville, that nothing less than a nomi nation for Constable, will be ac cepted. of the most melandioly realities we know of, is, that one of those new Spring hats at Mrs. "El Powells, it will make a Short Creek girl happier than a fifteen dollar pic ture of her Gustayes Adolpbus.

CiTPaint brushes, white-wash brushes, shoe brushes, clothes brush es. and hair brnphes a large variety at the City Drug Store, O. Street Co. 3sr E. P.

Dresser has the largest stock of dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, In Cherokee count)', and will guarantee to sell, them at the lowest possible prices. Call and see anything in her line will do well to examine her goods before purchas ing. V' jj Everybody consults their own interest, as well as thier pocket-book, and this is why you can save money by buying dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, of E. P. Dresser.

People are flocking there because they can get goods cheaper than any where else in the country. gWe have just a large stock of Window Shades, comprising Paper, Line li, Plain and all width and colors. Call soon and get first choice. Loo an a Profitt, Empire Chy, Kan. Our boot-blacks are enterprising ittle fellows.

They go over to Ga-eua and np to Columbus And out shine "the natives of those burgs in a way they despise. taxter Times. Of coruse they are enterprising, who wouldn't be, if they were starv ing and out of work. The school building in Empire is fast being rushed to completion. The total cost will be between twenty-one and twenty-two hundred dol- ars.

It is a very commodious and- convenient building and will, when completed, be an ornament to the city. -It has been currently reported for several days that some woman in Bonanza, dislocated her child's neck in attempting to draw it suddenly away from a tub of water which she thought it was going to tumble into, but we have been unable to get the particulars. Dr. Emmons has discovered, on his farm five miles south of Galena, while digging a well, some very fine specimens of zinc ore, which taken into consideration with other indications for miueral, causes experienced miners to believe that some rich deposits will be found. Johnny Murdock, a little sou of C.

Murdock, of this city, met with quite a severe accident, last Sunday, by being thrown from his pony. He was insensible for a time, and fears were entertained that ho was injured internally, but such not being the case, he is all right agaiil. Mr. Baker, president of the board of school directors, of Empire City, and also one of the carpenters engaged on the new school house, in that place, was considerably bruised and had someof his limbs sprained, last Monday, by falling from the top of the building. Guthrie Fuller had stolen, from their stable last Sunday night, a set of double harness aud some extra collars and bridles.

Parties are following a family by the name of Meek who leu here on bunuay morning as it is supposed that they are the guil ty parties. No word has been re ceived from them as yet. The officers in Empire City "pulled" a house on Columbus street last Saturday night, and several of the "boys" were captured and lodged in the cooler, but they became weary of their close confinement and took off the fastening of the door and walked out, leaving the authorities to hold the "sack." We await de velopments for the sequel. Gov. A.

Crawford, of Fort Scott, was in the city last Saturday. He had lectured in Baxter Springs, the night before, cn h'i noted sub ject of "Kansas at the An effort is being made to haye Mr Crawford this lecture in our city, soon, which we hope will be ac complished, as it is a subject that should, and does, interest everybody in Kansas; John Sweeney is erecting on the corner of 1st street and Galena ave. in this city, what will when fin ished, one of the finest, if not the finest frame house In the county. It is provided throughout with, the latest improved conveniences both in the household and culinary de partments and when completed will be' as cosy a home as any one neeu want. Galena and Columbus need night schools.

The Courier and Miner outfits should attend in force. Baxter Times, Why, Frankie, bless your dear lit tle innocent soul, of course we ought We'll never forget your telliug ns of the very great amount of informa tion you got the oxH evening you attended night school, when the teacher didn't come, and yon didn't have any candle. Of course, we'l goj and the first opportunity, too. After the rain: on Monday every one on Main street seemed to get the cleaning mama. It iff needless to say that the Miner office is not on Main street.

Galena Miner i Yes, and it is needless to say the Miner filce is never ter Times. Just' as we expected, from the Times man. Because he stayed in the Miner office twelve or fifteen months and didn't clean up during that time, he thinks everybody else lives the same way. But they don't all the same." W. M.

MATUENY, ATTORNEY AT IA, UALKNA KAN. Will prae.f le In all the Court of Southejitrn Kanaant Honthwest Missouri, and the 8uprein Collections. 3 tl Jj R. EMMONS, M. D.

Graduate of Geneva Helical College, New York. OfUce at City Drug Store. Speclnl attention paid to chronic uki, and office practice. GALENA KAN. 2-38U.

R. J. W. IIUTCIUNS. Member of the College of Physician and Sur-.

geous Canada,) rilYSlCIAN and SURGEON. CALKNA KANSAS, Ofllce. (n the William' building oppotIN the postotace up Matrs.Main street. M. F.

CAMP. M. D. Offer hi profeaMonnl services to the eilizens of Empire Cilj and Galena Kspeelal ntti-nilon riven to Surgery, Midwifery and livnes of Women. Olli on Main with Esquire C.

A. Clark, Knipire City, Kan. iMV R. G. W.

DAVIS, Of Empire Cltv. may be found at bis office, vtppoaife posf-olfiee. In Galena, over Itinthul' afore, from eltflit r'elock, a.m., until four o'clock, unlens professionally engaged. N. II.

Chronic diseases a specialty. GALENA HOUSE LOKNEUriKSTHT. AGAI.KNAAVK. J. C.

MADDY, Pitoi'RtETor, la an old and experienced hotel-keeper 1 1 renovating and making this houno llrt-class In every reepeet. Tcnm reasonable. 2-7 THE BANKS HOUSE MAIN STREET, GALENA, O. V. "VVEBB, Pro.

WIIjIjAKD HOTEL. South Main Galka, Kax. VflLLlFORD SON, Proprietors. rrillK LARGEST HOTEL ON SHOUT CREEK JhI completed, newlr furnUhed through-out, and kept in flmt-elaa style. tn jre nd harks arrive and depart alntont every hour In th tlay.

Hample room for commercial men. 1 I STOP THAT COUGH By goin to the reliable and well known Drug Stand of Haincr and buying a 50c. bottlo of Green Mountain Conm Balaam. If, nf-er using onc-lialf, you get no relief, return tho balanco and get your money back. Sample bottles lOcts.

See ndv. in this paper. A.U ION! MAIN STREET, UALKN A. KAN. (Opposite the Post Office.) Auction, Private and Specliil sale of all cl.n-ea of good, run luting of hats, CAI'S.

UOOT, MIOK. NOTIONS, A CLOTHING. Sale day, Wrdneadayanri' Saturday. Cuhli advances muda on cemdgnment. II.

S. SWirT, Anetioneer. XL OCEKIES! SCOTT Proprietors. liealera In feed, provision and piodm o. Fancy arocerie KiH-cialitr.

All alike, and sntiid'itctlon guaranteed. Eust fid." of Alain atreet lietween rront and Keel Hot. 2-M GALENA MARKET. JonN WEST.Prop,. Ik nn cold weather shop, but la a perm mi Institution, and runa winter ami mimiitrr, Keepa conaiantly on hand, fowls drenaed and live, and meuti.

of all kinda. SelH tin low a anylxMly. Don't believe hharing but pay" hixheat pricea for stock. 2-'t GIANT lias beca thoroughly proven to be the Best Explosive in the World. Every stick warranted to give perfect satisfaction.

Special Bates to Dealers and Large Consumers, The trade supplied by J. Cooper. Arthur Dallcr, fecott Dausenburg ami others. 3, EL Sande rs on, 2-46. General Agent, J- B.

BATIESS, FORT 8COTT, KANSAS. Offer the Large! and Beat Selected Stock of WAIiI. PAPER To be found Weat of St. LouU. -25000 Rolls- 0eleetel and purehaaed direct from Fonr of the Jjanreat Mannfactortca In the Country.

All of Which la offered at l'rioea that defy Competition, PER SINOLR BOLL: Brown' 8 cent and op. Buff 1-3 cent and op. White 8 cenU and up. 13 1:3 cento and tip. gatlna 1 cent and op.

Cold, Mmaa, 25 eent All lb Latest Style of Bonier, rrlzc and Dadoea, In ltoe.k. Sample of Taper sent by mall on Application. Stale the Quality dealred. F.vprrM Cbargp on "ler for 00 and 1 upwanl. I'ma Paid.

CnrialDH, Curtain Goods, Baby fct-Thla Hoiiae la located on Main tm-t, ft- 1oVite the Bank, and I the Headquarter Tor the raveling puWIin. Commercial men will find the IANKM to be Kirst Claaa in every respect. Fiiriii We are informed that the publi- catiou of the Dispatch in the Messenger office is to discontinued. spring suits from $5.00 up at J. S.

Barnes'. J. K. Williams on lot 16, Rosen thal Teeter tract at twenty-seven feet has a fine prospect. Ladies' zephyr sleeveless jack ets, all colors and prices, at L.

Baums. Cappell, Rose fc Jones on the Rosenthal Teeter tract, at thirty feet have bis: mineral. If you want an extra quality of hand-sewed boot or shoe, go to Dresser's. L. Barnes on lot 21, Rosenthal Teater tract, has a good prospect.

Miners can obtain the Boss lanterns and miners' oil at the City Drug Store. O. T. Street Co. On the Rosenthal Teeter tract recently opened, there are over fifty men prospecting.

C5T Look I Look I Look I at L. Ba urn's immense stock of spring and summer goods. R. II. Scudder, one of the suc cessful miners on East Galena land, is at Atchison, for a three or fonr weeks' visit.

You can buy a good double-width black alpaca' at Dresser's for 25cts. Another beautiful shower yes terday. Whoop la I but won't the corn grow. 3TGo to Loudermilk, at 204, for the best aud cheapest. Danscubcrg and company have improved the appearance of their delivery wagon with a new coat of paint.

(Thc latest and nobbiest patented Window Shade Rollers at Logan Pro fitt's, Empire City. Some boys a groundhog, last Saturday, down on Evan's branch, which was quite a curiosity to those who never saw one before. Clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes, shirts and underwear, cheap for cash, at Joe Rosenthal's. Mr. J.

C. Ilahnan has removed his shot; shop from Main to Red Hot street, intoliis building two doors west of the Capitol saloon, C3T A full line of all kinds of-fau-cy goods, iu all colors, prices and at L. Baum's. Halloo, you Courier, Times and Star men Have j'ou seen or heard any thing of Charley Stockslager this week New goods in immense quanti ties, at Dresser's store. Go and see the new styles.

Col. F. M. Malone, one of the pioneers ot bhort ureefc, came 111 from Puna, this week. He will leave for Colorado in a day or two.

"3ST Wall paper! the largest stocK on Short Creek, at Logan Profitt's, Empire City. The binith-uyae case has en-sraired the attention of the district court to the exclusion of every thing else, this week. you feel bad go a nad get drink of Apolliuaris water at Tomp- son's. -Wm. Daniela again has charge of the work on lot 33 in East Galena and everything is moving along briskly.

Ladies' grass-cloth, lawn, pop lin, ready-made suits, at lower prices than ever, at Dresser's- Col. Stone has put a neat fence around his property, on Galena avenue, and is ornamenting the yard with shrubbery and handsomely de signed flower beds Cir'felu icing shovels way down low at A. F. Gore's. T.

Dunham and Dr. II. O. liana wait, of Empire City, passed through Galena, on their way to Girard, last Frfday, to attend court in Crawford county. mos popular and fragrant Perfume of the day HACKMA TACK" try it.

Sold by Hainer Bros. R. F. Clouse. a farmer living two miles southwest of this ciiy, reports as having struck some very favora ble shines of galena, on his place, last week, at the depth of ten feet.

3 Sweet Michigan cider at Fritz Weber's. Joseph Fleming, one of the best druggists in the south, has returned fiotn an exteudedstay in Kansas City to take charge of the Palace drug store in Empire City. Boys if your sister or sweet heart wants a nice new dress, go to L. Baum's aud get it for her. gST Ftr anything in the clothing line, go-to Joe Rosen some of the bargains..

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