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The Ellinwood Advocate from Ellinwood, Kansas • 5

The Ellinwood Advocate from Ellinwood, Kansas • 5

Ellinwood, Kansas
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A NEW DEPARTURE. Soothing, and not irritating, strength" ening, and cot weakening, small but effective euch are the qualities of De-Witt's Little Early th6 famous little pills. P. Doherty. The American Steam Laundry of Hutchinson doea only class work and repairing free.

H. Wagner, Agt. The of life may be increased by lessening its dangers. The majority of the people die from lung troubles. These may be averted by promptly using One Minute Cough Cure.

P. Doher ty. To cure all old sores, to heal an indolent ulcer, or to speedily care piles, you need simply apply DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve according to directions. Its magic-like action will surprise you. P.Doherty.

un.niT";;uti)in:MUUM:inUiiniiutlun.uuiL;NUUM i mm; Santa Fe Road Establishes an Industrial Department. Oevelopement of Local Business Fnterprises to be Fostered. 4 Barnes A. Davis appointed Commissioner, with Headquarters in Chicago. The management of the Santa Fe Route, appreciating the vast importance of developing local business enterprises in the territory traversed by its lines, has created an industrial department, in charge of an experienced and competent Commissioner, whose sole concern it will be to assist in such development by acting as a.means of communication between would-be investors seeking profitable employment of capital on the one hand and the innumerable opportunities for such investment in western territory upon the other.

The Third Vice- president of the Santa Fe. has accord- ginly addressed a communication on this subject to the General Freight Agents of the entire, system, a copy of which communication we give below. The significance of this beneficent policy to communities richer in opportunity than in capital will at once be apparent, and it will doubtless meet with hearty co operation everywhere: Chicago, Nov. 20, 1896. Mr.

F. Gay, G. F. Topeka Kae. Mr.

Li J. Polk, G. F. Galveston Tex. Mr.

E. Chambers, G. F. Los Angeles California. Gentlemen, In pursuance with the policy we have already talked about, of assisting in every way we consistently can in locating new enterprises and tt the same time fostering industries already located on our Imp of road, we cgctablcPrcparationforAs-siudiaUiig uteToodandReguta-ting the Stomachs andBoweis cf neither OpmrfwMorphine nor Mineral.

Not Narcotic. KeapeafOldUtSAMVEL ftanpkm SetaZ' AbcSama J'ppvnwnt tPt CarbonabSei fi arm Seed -CfariAtd Sagar ttiaferprvttf' floral A perfect Remedy for Cons tipa- 10 ft, DOUT CMOIlltitU.UiaiTllUea Worms and Loss OF SlEER Tac Simile Signature of NEW YORK. EXACT COPY OT WRAPPER. aw It? Edwards iMMMMjpii iiripniiiiiiiii iii "Mil pL'iii ii 1 I Hti illifSJ gpii THAT THE FAC-SIMILE SIGNATURE OF- IS ON THE WRAPPER OF EYEBY BOTTTJE OF Castoria ia put Tip in one-size bottles only. It is not sold in bulk.

Don't, allow anyone to sell yon anything else on the plea or promise that it is "just as good" and "will answer every po pose." Bee that yon get G-A-S-T-O-B-I-i. rappet I Fair GOAL Mm mm 0) I have established an Industrial Department. Mr. Jas. A.

Davis has, been placed in charge of this department with the title of Industrial Commissioner, with headquarters at Chicago. This department will, so far as it seems compatible with take a paternal interest in the development of the towns and'territory served by our Company, and it will respond promply to all calls for co-operation in the estab llahment of factories, location of mills and the development of any and all resources that may be discovered. I It will endeavor, where necessary, to place produce in touch with markets, and in a general way it will undertake I to bring about improved conditions all DEALERS IN-w LUMBER 1 Due and timely notice is hereoy given that do hunting will be allowed on my land uuder full penalty of the law. Respectfully, F. W.

Hailman. McKinley has been elected president. But it is a fact that you can buy more groceries for your money at H. J. Roet- zel's than any other store in the county.

Try it. We take your butter and eggsr ff otice to Dog owners, Of late dosr have been attacking stock on my farm south cf Ellin wood and I am compelled to take precaution to protect the same. So please take care of your dcg9. Fbank Petz. "When Baby -was sick, we gave her Castoria, When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria, When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.

When she had Children, she gave them Castoria If you want to subscribe for any of the leading papers published or if yon want to renew to any paper that you may be now taking just hand the' price of subscription to the postmaster and save all other trouble and expense to yourself. The Advocate clubs with most papers published and by subscribing for two or more in connection with the Advocate you will save yourself frem 15 to 20 rer cent on all the papers subscribed for. 8 Best in theNorlJ. COOK BOOK FREE, address De LAND Fairport, N. Y.

8 if THE JERSEY DAIRY Has the only Aerator an milk cooler Ellinwood can boast of, Jersey Aerated milk Excels all other in Richness, and keeping quality. Saves your ice bill. Exceeds in quantity, and Your milk is Delivered early At your kitchen door In summer, and wintei. Rain or shine. You should, therefore.

Buy of The Jersej- Dairjv Mrs. Delia K. Grant, Manager. HE CHILDREN All itefPlftQk i SaifeJM, Mouldings, .4 SANTA RE AVENUE- Do not Jet the holiday rush permit you to neglect your eyes. See Dr.

W. A. Phillips, at the Greene, December 11th. He treats diseases of the eyes and ears, and has been successful with many of our citizens. The old lady was right when she said the child might die if they waited for the doctor.

She saved tbe little one's life with a few doses of One Minute Cough Cure. She had used it for croup before. Doherty. The old way of delivering messages by post-boys compared with the modern telephone, illustrates the old tedious methods of "breaking" colds compared a a a witn tneir almost instantaneous cure by One Minute Cough Cure. P.

Doher ty. The proof of the pudding is in chewing tbe string. Price us on hardware, tinware, groceries and farm implements and we will prove to you that we sell a better grade of goods cheaper than any one in ths county. Try us. At H.

J. Roetzel's. Dr. W. A.

Phillips, who has so successfully, treated diseases of the eye and ear, will be in Great Bend, at the Hotel Greene, on Decmber 11th and remain three days. Patrons should call on him early and make appointments, es the doctor will likely be very busy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises, bo res. ulcers, salt rheum, fe ver sores, tetter, chapped bands, cbil blains, corns, and all skin eruptions will postively cures piles, or no pay required.

It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 25cents per box. For sale by Pete Doherty. Old People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and Kidneys will find the true remedy in Electric Bitters. This medicine does not.

stimulate and contains no whisky nor other intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowelp, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding Nature in the1 performance of the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need. Price tifty cents and $1.00 per bnttle at P.

Doherty. Trje Convert-The foaming glass he lifted high, Nor paused he to reflect; Quoth he, with pleasure in his eye. This brew I'll ne'er reject. Forever more shall I rely on, SCII A UN AG EL SEIECT. The purity of this home brew has converted many from ili health to the pride of strength.

Try it You! Order to day from, FEKD HEIJI BREWING COMPANY, Kansas City Mo. Go To The National Lunch Boom, IN BASEMENT OF NATIONAL BLOCK, over our System. It will not attempt to boom any one town as against another; in fact, it will not in any way favor booms, but will proceed on the theory that a solid continuous growth is better than a boom, and its efforts will be in that direction. It will not take any financial interest in proposed industries, as it will have no money to invest nor cash to contribute. The Industrial Department will not Bssist in the location of creameries where there are no cows, nor rolling mills ia a country without either iron ore, fuel or coke, nor in any way will it knowningly lend Its support to a proposition that seems wrong, either geographically, commercially or financially.

Manufactories that consume native law materials will be encouraged. For example, in the corn belt there does not appear to be any reason why hominy mills, glucoBe, sugar and starch factories, if properly managed, should not thrive. These factories should all begin in a small way. Ihe capital invested 6hould not all be put into working plants. It Proprietor of Little Charlies Parlor All Kins of Mixe Drinks.

MCK SI'BINKEIl PR4NK RADER, Rader Proprietors of the ELLINWOOD takes money to operate a factory after it is built, and the primary essential is Jt good management. Nothing succeeds with poor management. I write you quite at length on this subject, because it seems in nottant to me that everybody along our line ought to know how we ftl about this matter. We want to be in touch with the people we serve, and we want thm to know that we appreciate that anything wo do towards building up and enriching the town3 and country we YOU DOMTiAUE tO B'MYPMOTIZED -IN ORDER TO SEE THE VALUE OF-OUR THEY ARE COOD ONES AND SURE TO PLEASE. traverse builds up and ennche3 this Company.

Mr. Davis will be glad, any time, to CASH STORE. 0 Horses Bought and or Boarded the day 3 nroalr 1 L'l 3 9 The very Best rigs In town at most Reasonable Rates. 9 A liberal share of your ill mm 9 near rrora Boards of Trade, Commercial Cluks, Farmers Alliances or any organized bodies, as well as firrs and indi- Tiduals and will make it his business to visit and ad rise with any community wishing to establish manufactories or in any way desiring to improve their condition. Circnlar announcing Mr.

Davie' appointment will be issued today, and I think it would be well for you to advise all your subordinate office ra as to what we desire to acccmplkh, in order "that we may get the greatest results from the I Industrial Department. Yours f.ruly, Paul Morton, Third Vice-President Agree that That the nicest Line, jx Novelties, Toys and vi can be had partonage respectfully solic i FOR ALL SEASONABLE vS HI Ahi OT. DRINKS and a COOD LUNCH, VOSSEN At A.

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