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The Ellinwood Advocate from Ellinwood, Kansas • 5

The Ellinwood Advocate from Ellinwood, Kansas • 5

Ellinwood, Kansas
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I JOSEPH TIEISEI1BUEG "We have the best school shoe in the city. Try them. Majjgelsdorf Bbos. Co. P.

P. DTJWH, DRUGGIST Keeps a full line of 4 The Fashionable Bate Am prepared to do all kinds of to-sorialwork, in the latest approved fashion. Satisfacion guarantee. HE CHILDREN. All Agree that That the nicest Line of Novelties, Toys and candies can be ha2 VOSSEN SON.

At THE Hutchison Kansas Does Only First Class WORK. JLeave Ordeks With, Wm, WEISEIIBURG. Jake Thul, Dealer in All kinds of fresh and salt meats, Breeder of fine Holstein cattle. Cash paid for hides. NEW DISCOVERY.

VFTB Attn. A new, aad uit miotic pre6sea, excessive, lamtj mensturfction. Now used by over I MUWtt ladle Inrlfforatea these orgun. ware or daageroM uhILmiom. paper.

t3 per box, email box ft. Bern sealed In plain wrapper. 6eod i i or parnouiara. mua mr wmtrnx nt-or address: PEKFEttfalCS' JbSOClATiO.N, Calcac. tSL.

For Sale by F. P. Dunn. WEAK IYIEI1 MADE VIGOROUS If cay. SOAT.

IS'DWr- What PEFFER'S IIERUIGQR CIS It acts powerfully and quickly. Cares wWa all others fall. Young men regain lost manhood; oMi men recover yout uiui vigor, abioiowiti anteed to )nre Ncrroainfu, Iot ttaUfejfc In elt Kmpotency, Nightly Iitrnrea, ther sex. Falling Memory, watting ease, and all electa of gelt abut or exctttet indiscretion, wards off Insanity and conetnnptm. Don't let druggist impose a wortniess suDsiuuie von because ft fields a greater profit.

Insist on 1 ing PEEFEIt'S NEU VIGOR, or send for K. Can be carried In Test pocket. Prepaid plain wtaa per, 81 per box, or for 5, with A. PorttTwe HI rrlttn Onsrastefl to Care or itefnjut Money. Pamphlet free.

Sold by lruggirts. Addre VEFFEIZ Ml)ICJaXi ASS'X, Chleac. X2L- For Sale by F. P. Dunn.

REVIV0 tMgijjfei RESTORES ja tell tztx 1st Day 4yv THE GREAT ZQttx Pay. FRENCH REMBDVJ Produces the above results la 3 DAYS. tLMSU powerfully and quickly. Cures when aSoflcss faiL Young men and old men will recover Cioir youthful rigor by using REVIVO. It jii5r and surely restores from effects of self-almaiaw excess and indiscretions Lost Manhoo4leC Vitality, kn potency, Nightly Emissions.

tC Power of either sex, Failing Memory, Vjtfic Diseases, Insomnia. Nervousness, whiciimfi: one lor study, business or marriage. Itnodaar cures by starting at the seat of disease, batirr rninm TEIMUUHn I I El a urn www MM We are offering our clothing for tne next thirty days at cost for cash, Makgbllsdoef Bbos. Co. The cheapest place in town to buy goods for cash, produce, or corn is, Mangelsdorf Bbos.

Co. We want your butter, eggs, turkies, chickens, ducks, geese and corn. We pay the highest market price; Try us Mangelsdorf Beos. Co. Have yon seen our line of warm lined shoes and slippers? If not come in and see them.

They are jut the thing for winter. Mangelsdorf Bbos. Co. We have the largest stock of boots, shoes, dry goods, and groceries, in Barton county and the cheapest for cash, at Mangelsdokf Beos. Co.

Piles of people have piles, but De Witts Witch Hazel Salve will cure them. When promptly applied it cures scalds and burns without the slightest pain. Pete Doherty. Wichita arjd Return. For the annual meeting of Masonic Grand Lodge, February 17th to 22nd.

Tickets will be on sale Feby.l5th to 19th limited until Feby. 24th, for $2.65. J. Ii. Ruddick, Agt.

Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe ver sores, tetter, chapped hands, chil blains, corns, and all skin eruptions will postively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 25cents per box. For sale by all druggists, Before Subscribing for a Magazine See The Best DEMORESTS. AN UHPARALELLED OFFER Demorest's Cut Paper Patterns are the most practical on the market.

They are of any size that any member of a household could require, in each copy ot tne magazine is printed a coupon entitling the subscriber, or purchaser, te a pattern worth and regularly sold for 35cts. or any number of patterns for four cents each to cover postage and package When the value of the patterns is considered the subscriber actually gets Demo rest's Magazine Freer And what a magazine it is I For 1896 it will be more brilliant than ever before. New management, new methods, new ideas. Each copy contains an exquisite, reproductio in colors of some celebrated picture by a famous artist, worthy to adorn the walls of the most refined home It is affirmed thatDem-orest's is the only complete family magazine published combining all of the most excellent points of its contemporaries, besides having inimitable features of its own. Demorest's is actually a dozen magazines in one.

It is a digest of current events and ideas for the busy manor woman, a review and a store house ot interest for all. Wives, mothers, sisters and daughters can find exactly what they need to amuse and instruct them, also practical helps in every department of domestic and soeial life, including the furnishing and ornamenting of the home, embroidery, bric-a-brac, artistic and fancy worK of all kinds, and suggestions and advice regarding the well-being and dressing of their ownper8on. The scope of the articles for 1896 will cover the whole country and its vailed interests, and the articles will be profusely illustrated with the finest engravings, and, in will publish the best and purest fiction. It treats at length Out-of-Door Sports, Home Amusements and Entertainments; it gives a great deal of attention to the Children's De partment, and "Our Girls," and has a Monthly Symposium by Celebrated People, in which are discussed important questions of the hour of interest to the older readers, Let us have your subscription at once, you get more valne for your money than it is pos siDie to secure in any other magazine. The magazine one year for go.oo Or six months 1.00 Over 250 different garments are shown each year, patterns of all of which are obtainable by subscribers at 4 cents each.

Sample copy with pattern coupon sent for ten cents. DEFOREST PUBLISHIUG 110 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. New Fall Line of Fashionble Millinery Goods on Exhibition no at the Fash- ionable Milliner Emporium of P. KimpleR, The Oldest Wholesale Whiskey House in Kansas City.

STANDARD Lii CL OLIVER O' BRYAN, EstabUshed byR. 8. Patterson 1S68. 614 BROADWAY. KANSAS CITY, MO.

Kectuckr Bourbon. S1.5C. S2.00. SfLZQ. t3.00 E.

Carl Thurow came up from the etrip last week and will remain here the rest of the winter. Mrs. Fortna, wife of D. K. Fortna postmaster at Chase, died at her home of dropsy last Thursday.

Albert Items. From Johnnie Smokexn. Mrs. Pair Paxson is on the sick list this week. Misa Mattie Teten has been under the weather with tooth ache for the past few days.

We are now having spring instead of winter, and wheat and buffalo grass is coming out fine. Bill Schultz returned from the stirp last week. He reports it as being to wet down there to be pleasant. J. S.

Winget is the champion bicycle rider in these parts. He rode about five miles last week without any tire on one wheel. The 41 district entertainment at Al- bert last Monday night was not very well attended but those that were there re- port a good time. The revival meeting which has been in progress for the past week at the Ger- man M. E.

church is doing well with a good large attendance. Joe Schlim was married at the bricks home in Reno County last week and had to stand three "tin-pannings." Joe thought that was something that never happened before, but it does sometimes, wnen a leuow gets married away irom home. Down by the Arkansas. From 'May-be-so." Willie Frank is row hauling rock for Mr. Gales.

Felix Simon ia working in Kice coun- ty for his uncle, Mr. Erdtnann. Mr. and Mrs, Thompson from south of Raymond were visitors at Mr. J.

D. Ramey'a one day test week. Nearly all the members of Mr. Ha- ear's family were the victims of the la grippe during the past week. Ben Rnmey came up from Sterling this week for the purpose of hauling a load of feed to that place from Mr.

and Mrs. Charles Reaugh have gone to Hutchinson on a short visit to Mil Reauzh's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

The lyceum and spelling school com bined, was a decided success. A literary society will meet weekly from now on. on Wednesday evenings. Miss Pruella Hager spent a couple of days in this vicinity, visiting, laei week, beintr on her way to Conway. She will make bar home there for a time.

St.Peter Paul Happenings. From "UMay Guess." The last two weeks was a good time to haul feed of all kinds, especially corn fodder. Willie Klein, a brother of Henry Klein Register of Deeds, was visiting friends at St. Peter Paul last Sunday. Tuesday, January 28th, Frank Bloom er and Miss Maggie Moran were joined in the bonds of matrimony.

The wedding festivities were elaborately celebrated at the bride's home. We wish them a happy journey through life. While it is to early for ferm work, is a good time to get your implements in good shape, plan and plat your fields, de cide what crops to plant and on what particular plat, so whenever the proper time is at hand no delay is caused. The great storms predicted by Prof. Hicks for January have come and gone, but were not so terrific as predicted-In fact the weather was so mild and sprirg like that some of our farmers could not withstand the temptation and have commenced plowing.

Th gold bugs want the United States out of the banking business. Indeed! A good idea. When the gold bug comes to the treasurer to exchange greenbacks and silver certificates for gold, the secretary should say to him, be was not in the banking business, and know no difference in greenbacks, gold, or silver. What fools some mortals are when they assert that the government, hen adopting free coinage of silver, would pay $1 for 50 cents worth of silver. Under frt ooinage the government buys neither gold nor silver.

It coins them and gives back to the owner of the bullion either gold or Biker the coins that are stamped into dollars. Besides the more silver there ia in use the mote gold will be in use. he history of the past will substantiate this. And just note this dear reader, whenever a republican Bays he is in favor of the free and unlimited coin ue of silver at 1G to 1 and then in the next mmu4e whoops up McKinley for Preeider, ha ia no good. Its either ignorant or inconsistency, for free coin-aga a iid McKinley ism does not go Awarded Highest Honors World's Fairv MOST PERFECT MADE.

A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Ihomas Koehler is up from the strip for a few days visiting at his old borne. DeWitt's Little Early Risers for bil- liousness, indigestion, constipation. A small pill, a prompt cure.

P. Doherty. An Ellinwood man predicts there will be no war because the male population of the world is not enough in excess of that of the females. He says wars are for the express purpose of killing off the surplus male population of the world. One Minute Cough Cure is rightJy named.

It affords instant relief from suffering when afflicted with a Bevere cough or cold. It acts on the threat, oroncial tubes, and lungs and never fails to give immediate relief. Pete Doherty. Wife Here's an account of a man who hot himself rather than suffer the pangs of indigestion. Husband The fool! Why didn't he take De Witt's Little Early Risers? I used to suffer as bad as ha did before I commenced taking these little pills.

Pete Doherty. If suffering with piles, it will interest you to know that DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve will cure them. This medicine is a specific for all complaints of this char acter, and if instructions (which are sim- P) are carried out, a cure will result we nave testea this in numerous cases, and always with like results. It never fails. Pete Dohertv.

Cure for Headache. As a remedy for all forms of headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very best. It effects a permanent cure and the most dreaded habitual sick head aches yield to its influence. We urge all who are afflicted to procure a bottle an'd give this remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tonic to the bowels, and few cases long resist the use of this roedicine.

Try it once. Fifty cents aiiu $1.00 at P. Doherty. At the last meeting of the Hermesian Debating Society the judge sustained the affirmative on the question, Resolv ed, that, more knowledge can be gained oy travel than irom cooks. The question for discussion at their regular meet ing next Saturday night is, Resolved, That further territorial extention by the United States is undesirable.

Speakers for the affirmative are, J. H. Torrance, Jos. F. Dunn, Ira Rohlfing, D.

K. Hol-ston, and Fred Wolf; for the negative, James Barrow, W. D. Wilkinson, Austin Torrance, Frank Redfield, and D. E.

Willms. The debates are growing in interest at each successive meeting, and those interested in the debates, intellectually though net members, are permitted to attend. School Report. The following Is the report of school district, No. 47, for the month ending Jan.

24th, 1896: Females enrolled 21 Males 20 Total 41 Average daily attendance 35 Those not absent were: Emma Brenn. Minnie and Mary Graff, George and Alice Langiield, Augusta, Clara and Geo. Wolff, Emma and Heiko Bunger, Max Ebert, and Anna Kasselman. Of these none were tardy but Mary and Minnie Graff. Miss Kathleen Wedge, Teacher.

COLD AT CRIPPLE CREEK. The Best way to Get There 1 Over The Santa Fe Route, The fabulous rich gold mining district of Cripple Creek, Colorado, ia attracting hundreds of people. By spring the rush bids fair to be enormous. That there i3 au abundance of gold there ia demon- strated beyond doubt. Fortunes are being rapidly made.

To reach Cripple Creek, take the San ta Fe Route, the only standard gauge line direct to the camp. Through Pullman sleepers and chair car3. The Santa Fa lands you right in the heart of Cripple Creek. Inquire of nearest ticket agent, or address G. T.

Nicholson, G. P. A. T. S.

F. R'y, Monadnock Block, Chicago. IJedicines, Paints, Oils, Books ana Stationery. 4 0I1Y AllGHSTTER, Drayman, Baggageman and Expressman. Prices lower than the lowest.

Prompt service. Your trade solicited F. TUCKER 1 1 B0B1SQH. DRS TUCKER OOBIIISOII Montana Block. 1st Ave.

East. Hutchinson, Kan sab Teeth extracted without pain by the use of Gas, Ether or Chlerof orm. The following' are their dates here: January February 6 and 20 March 5 and 19 April 2, 16 and 30 May 14 and 28 June 11 and 25 July 9 and 23 August 6 and 20 September 3 and 17 October 1, 15 and 29 Nov 12 and 26 December 10 and 24 JOHN DENKER, Scientific Blackmith, Satisfaction Guaranteed IN HORSESHOEING AND BLAGK5MITHIN6 Topeka Avenue Ellinwood, Kansas. Gi. TOEPKE NOTARY PUBLIC REAL ESTATE ICE Choice Farms for Sale.

Also City Property. the best insurance com panies, that will pay all honest loses. fFarm loans made and renewed. Low interest. ELLINWOOD, No delay.

KANSAS A little time to read this rhyme, Will make your sad hearts merry-Pure milk means health, Good measure wealth, These you get at the Jersey Dairy. Good bran and beet and sorghum sweet And shorts, their three meals vary. In straw knee deep They nightly sleep The cows at the Jersey Dairy. Ere mornin bright, hands kind and light Them feed and wash and curry, So flows the milk Richer than silk That you buy at the Jeresy Dairy. One dime from your till buys four quarts a gill, Of skimmed milk, sweets the tale of a fairy, A quart of cream Like a poet's dream, For two dimes at the Jersey Dairy.

But a half dime a day is needed to pay For a quart of new milk, but be wary! For economy's sake. Two quarts daily take For eight cents, from the Jersey Dairy. So come one and all, short people and Ltau, Fat and thin, dark and fair, bald and hairy, Its the good milk that sticks, So begin 06 Buying milk of the Jersey Hairy. Mrs 1). K.

Grant, Manager. UK I li CAVEATS. TRADE C3AR3. DESIGN PATCHTS, COPYRIGHTS. etoJ For Information and free Handbook write to MUXN 361 Broadway.

Ktw Yosc Oldest bureau for securing patents In America. Every patent taken out by us is brought before the public by a notice given free of charge In. the rear; tLSO six months. Addrpna. MCXN Sc CO.

AO SURA A Largest ctxrulatlon of any scientlfie paper I the world. Splendidly illustrated. Ko intelligent man should be without It. Weekly. ffc3.00 a Ureal Pierre ionic ana mooa-ua-ar and restores both vitality and strength to ft-muscular and nervous system, bringing To the pLnk glow to pale checks and fire of youth.

It wards off lasanity and Cs-siunptioa. Accept no substitute. InsLsl caisap-ing REVIVO, no other. It can be carried ic pocket. By Si.oo per package, ia jJki.

wrapper, or six for $5.00, with a positlr aefc-ten guarantee to cure or refuad the uuwy every packagw For free circular addrr 54.00,$o0 per gallon. Penn. or Md. Rye, 2.00. 53.00, 54.00, 55.00 per g-allon.

Brandy, Wines; Gin, Alcohol, Rum. Term Cash with order. ext ra charge. F. O.

Kansas City, Send lor catalogue and Price List. ROYAL MEDICINE CHICAGO, tH For Sale By Dcsx. bess, 361 Broadway, aew xorK city.

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