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Kincaid Kronicle from Kincaid, Kansas • 3

Kincaid Kronicle from Kincaid, Kansas • 3

Kincaid Kroniclei
Kincaid, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Buy a lot in Kincaid. LOCAL NEWS. KINCAID KRONICLE. Stands for the most popular, one price firm' irf Andersoo County. To verifv this Broad assertion You have only to call And get Kcx, U.S.

A. Ier Year, 2jC Kansas Citt, of ncros of Government Jnd temMmi open to homesu PRICES. ion.soldiorclaimnndKS fS IS SSI SB unty. Kvery number i-k. Mt act lnd Xws.telUiw nmber will be worth moretoyoa than llprlcefor n-niMtt rSl tim hAT I ntfl ZLI1U.

Ul'Jir lUUIIIUU a 1-cen; or American potago stamps. Writ, IVI jUte. Always tell wht Vpet you got this ad vertlaeme trrom. uj A Child Can buy of us as cheap as any one Can. We invite an inspection of our goods, and A comparison of out prices with those of any firm in KutiszS, COME IN new stock of men and' boys' And examine our large fl" Boots in fact we keep eveything You We are closing out, very slloes Hate CaPs' Want.


2 p.m. 2.47 p. m. East. 5.13 p.


Offl at Drutr Store Professional calls promptly answered. Dr. It. C. SPI.AWX, PlIVSICIAN SCIIGEON.

ProfeRclonul calla promptly answered. Olflee with O. W. Keller. Reeve Kansas.

STEWARD BROTHERS' CASH MEAT MA1IKET. Clioice reph muita, also dried and salt meats constantly on hand. Cah paid forJHiuos. Kim-aid Kansas. A.

L.OSBORX, BLACKSMITH. Horse Shooing and Plow Work a Specialty. fc-Givo me a tiial.j KINCAID, KANSAS. AUTON CAROLINE, PKACT1CAI shokmakeu New work in the latest styles, and repairing neatly done. Mending rubber twots a specialty.

Try him. C. A. BROOKIXS, CAUPKNTKtt KUILDKIt, am prepared to do all kinds of work on short notice. Satisfaction guarateed.

Shop i Lumber Yard. Kincaid, Kansas. GEORGE MILLER, AUCTIONEER. I am prepared to cry sales in all parts of the country. Write meat KIncaid, or call at my residence two miles north of town.

MISSES FLEMING MILTON, MILLINERS, Do all kinds of cutting and fitting, and also keep a full stock of the latest, styles of hats bonnets, trimmings for both hats and dresses, flowers, etc. etc. When in need of anything1 in our line call and sec us. West Commercial Kincaid. Kansas.

i oh ynniiH Wagon and Carriage Maker. All 'Work in my line done promptly and neatly. Repairing a specialty. All work guaranteed; prfces reasonable. Kincaid Kansas.

a. griswold; House Sign Painter, am prepared to do all kinds of painting. Kalsomining, Paier Ilanging, Etc. Prices reasonable. Work guaranteed.

kincaid, Kansas. S. D. WHITTIXGTOX, Public Auctioneer, Is prepared to offer his services to the public to cry sales of all kinds in any part of the country. Come and see me or write me at KINCAID, KANSAS.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Charge Reasonable. OZARK HOTEL, Opposite Depot, Kincaid. 1 you want a good meal andja clean bed, go to the OZARK. CIGARS ALWAYS 1IAXI).

ON J. Silicons, Propt. I will guarantee absolut To All Who Insure With Me. Call and get my rates and terms I do not say: "Cheaper than the cheap est;" nor "Better than the best. But I do say: Good enough, and cheap enough.

Get my terms. I'll treat you WHITE! W. C. ROUTZONG. ucai jad prami: John LaMay was in town Monday.

Australian Cocoa nuts, at Finch's at. inhilds' urices on harness, he will save you a Childs' harness is all hand made, and will wear. Iola will derive a very decided ben efit from her gas well. TVwi't fnrtrpt the date of John La- jurvu May's sale, October, 12. a house and lot for sale or trade.

See Routzong the Pioneer. Go to A. L. Childs for the "Capital" wagon; also the Xewton wagon. Porter are azents for the Kincaid Town Co's.

property. Cnrinir wntrnns an buirsries of all kinds at Childs'Jmplement store. Mason Hamlin Organs excell all others in tone, workmanship, beauty and durability. A. Childs has the largest stock of harness in the county, ms prices can not be beat.

Thomas Jackson arrived from Idaho, Thursday, in answer to a telegram announcing his father's illness. A full and complete line of hand- innr Ail ninths all elegant de- nuuic uuui v. 7 signs, at Van uusKirK xio Mapleton is talking up the natural There is little dOUDl but what they could get it by boring. P.vinjr in vour farm products if you want to take a premium, uecoiet-t CT the awards will be made the first Sat urday in next month. J.

McCaslin, the gentlemanly clerk 3 for E. Kincaid accompanied oy started for a visit li VI Vi. HA miv'v, to friends in Paris Indiana. Tucker Haines, at the Farmer's TJPtmirant. beat them all, they give a square meal and a good cigar for 25 cents, and don't you torget it.

Wall Paper Wallpaper, wall Pacer wallpaper, in end less variety, at Munger Co's, School books, stationary, fancy per- fumerv. fine toilet articles, beautitul albums, paints, oils, pure drugs, etc, etc. at Munger Co Jvmcaia. Since the railroad boys have been knmrkOl null AWTl 5)11 rl have been do- All J'V A W-' in their trading here, pennies have tn almost be at a UttUUiv civy V. premium.

Recollect that this is the last week vntir nroaucts for a ill A v- I premium. All entries must be i9 vir.t m. October 1st, and must be made by the grower. I intend to keep a supply of the Wal nut Peacock coal on hand and will ae- liver it anv place in Kincaid for 13cts per bushel, or sell it at the bin for 121 cts. per bushel.

V. feisson. Finch Bodge have bought more lowplrv nnd are sroins to increase their stock as fast as trade will war rant. Thev are going to secure the services of a regular jeweler to do all their repairing. Xow about the town well: what are von vaine to do about it? One thing some of you will do as soon as anyone starts around trying -to raise the funds well flnwn.

and that IS squeal. There were two or three fights anion a- the railroad ooys, i.uuu..y fallow followed an other a half a mile to get a fuss out of rmt. a. snnna mm, ciuu. lie utoi i i thrashing for his pains.

KomnAl Patterson has secured a po- sition in a hardware store in Toronto, onH lAft. for that place Saturday. wu a Sam is a jolly good fellow, worthy of any position of trust, me jvroioi Tvill visit him every week anrt reminu him of his many friends in Rich. Several of the "Old uoys" siarau lor Sl. XjOUIS oaiuiuii) uuiciokjuuuuj and the Rear Guard, His Excellency Washington C.

Routzong of Kronici.e fame, and George D. Munger dispen ser of balm, etc, followed, Monday. The old Vets will have a right royal time. KANSAS PATENTS. S.

A. Ilaseltine Patent Solic itors, Springfield, Missouri, send us the following list of Patents which were issued to citizens of Kansas dur ing the past week: Jno. B. Culver, Wichita. Water F.

Hartman, Cave Snrinsrs. Harrow and cultivator. Tt. Hunt. Leavenworth.

Sash balance Alex. Sargeant, Udall. Calculator for grain, I will offer at public sale at my resi dence, 2 miles' north-east of Reeve, and 1-2 mile west of the old Equity town site, on Wednesday, October 12, the following personal property: 14 head of cattle; consisting of 6 mitv nws. 1 vearliner bull. 7 head of steer calves.

5 head of horses and mules; consisting of 1 span of mules, 1 extra mule, 1 mare and 1 sucking colt. 5 head of stock hogs. 45 acres of corn in the field, and 35 tons of millet and prairie hay in the stack Implements: 1 two horse wagon, 1 Cassada plow, 1 harrow, 2 cultivators, 1 pair Fairbrnks scales: draws 1,800, 1 two horse stir ring plow, 1 set of work harness, 1 ex tra harness, 1 good wood cook Terms: A credit of twelve months on all sums of $5.00 or ovr. will be given; note to bear 6 per cent, interest from date, if paid when due, if not so paid, notes to bear 12 per cent, from date until paid, purchaser to give note, with approved security. All sums less than $-5, cash.

John LaMay. i 1 3f Bcfiisrsw notices will be run until, or dered out, unless otherwise arranged, and charged for at the following rates: Five cents per line for each Insertion, to regular custom ers; ten cents per line to transients for first Insertion, five cents per lino for each suDse-qucnt Insertion. Store room for rent. II. C.

Jackson. The Kincaid school will open, next Monday. W. L. Denney and wife were town Sunday.

S. A. Brown Co. received five cars of coal, Monday. Turkish napkins, 25 cents a set! at the Kansas City Store.

A. A. Shockey traded his farm for a stock of goods. Fresh Oysters always on hand at Finch Dodge's. Look at the 10 cent counter at the Kansas City Store.

Well, Squire Porter, they don't hear. J. A. Crane. A.

L. Childs will sell you hand made harness for $25. A. L. Childs visited his friends in Union township, Sunday.

Look at those lace callars at cost! at the Kansas City Store. Go to A. L. Childs for hand made harness, at from $12 to $25. A.

L. Childs is prepared to do all kinds of harness repairing. This week's rains delayed the rail road graders for several days. Beautiful rugs of all styles just at Van Buskirk Kincaid. A barrel of fine new sorghum mo lasses, made by Correll, at Tate's.

Tucker Haines keep no old goods on their shelves, everything is fresh and new. Charley Trekel has traded forty acres of his farm for the livery stable at Welda. The best Portraits that Can be pro duced are made by the Photographers at Kincaid. Mr. and Mrs.

Chas. Mills returned from an extended visit among friends in Elk county. The date of John LaMay sale is October 12, instead of September 12, as the bills read. Those receiving the Kronicle, who are not subscribers, will owe us nothing but thanks. Miss Laura Ilighsmith will start.

next Mondav. for Elk county where she has a sister. Miles Keeton will teach the Mt. Zion. school this winter, and will nnfln sehnnl Mondav.

'4 D. W. Tate is sellinsr more hats at fancy prices over this railroad matter. Dave is a lucky one. 1 have nlentv of monev to loan on real estate, at simple interest, at op tion plan.

J. E. Beam. Fine Turkish tidies only 25 cents at the Kansas City Store. Views of residences taken on short notice, by the Protographers at Kin caid.

Give them a trial. Xow is the time to apply for your farm loans before the raise in rates. J. E. Beam.

Take your flax seed to S. A. Brown Sc Co. They will pay you the high est market price, in cash. Xow is the time to get the reflection your shadow, ere the substance fails.

Photographs, Kincaid. S. A. Brown Co. will buy all of your "Independent" flax seed, and will pay you cash.

Bring on your seed. Mrs. F. P. Ewing returned, Thurs day, from a sojourn of several months in Utah.

Frank met her in Kansas City. Bates Chambers spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday in town. He had the misfortune to loose his pock-etbook while here. D. Tate is selling a very fine luality of lubricating castor oil.

His price per gallon, is much less than ta any other placein town. Moran Herald: The sheriff of Franklin county was in town last Fri day morning, and went out a little ways east of town and arrested two men as horse thieves, and took them back with him. We could not learn their names, nor where the horses were stolen Sim Heriot, one of the surveying corps of the Kansas City Pacific is lying seriously ill at his home in Osage Mission. At one time his life was despaired of, but he is now somewhat better All the indi cations go to show that the Chicago Alto is the "power behind the throne' in our new road. Wells, Fargo Company does the express business on our new railroad.

The rains of the last few days are most welcome. Had the dry weather contintued much longer, stock water, with a few exceptions, would have been entirely exhausted. Andrew Caldwell, a weaUhy stockman living five miles west of town, has been haul- in wsiter for over a month for all" of his fat steers, something over a hun dred ami drivinir his lanre herd of stock cattle over three miles to water. Many others have fared no better, and some much worse. The eround has not been thoroughly soaked for almost two Years, and should it freeze up dry as it has been the last two months, it would be a verv serious matter with stockmen throughout the State.

(K. vhf.l Vfirld- It llOS i.Tll A MkAKiTi W- 9 holear fori ff I your wuneptoiniy, nap.veycur wn. cuv CITY, WO Gold Dollars Are Scarce. Silver Dollars Are Clogging up the Treasury. Paper Dollars Are Welcome Wherever They Go.

R. Wingren, KINCAID, Will Take Any Mnii of Dollars Except Trade Dollars, And Will Give You More Than Value FOR Your Dollar. We are offering bargains in Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Boots and bhoee, Jcc. Dry Goods, Queensware Wmcn Make SI.00 worth $1.50 We are offering bargains in Boys' Suits Which Make $1.00 worth $1.75 But when we sell Laundried Shirts at 75 cents which are worth 11.50, then $1.00 is wortn $2.00 For proof of these statements Call on R. wingren KANSAS CITY Bargain House! Kincaid Kansas, G.


Try "Your Grip" cigar a specialty. It is our desire to keep a full stock which shall include all goods that the trade demands and our prices are uni formly low. We solicit your trade and will endeavor to render satisfaction and give value recevied for all pur chases made at our store. G. D.

LUNGER KINCAID KANSAS. OT1CE FOR PUBLICATION. tSentember th Notice ia hereby (riven that th following- named settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final proof in support of ma claim. and that eaid proof will be made before the Jadze or Clerk of District Court, of Anderson county Kansas, at Gamett. Kanww.

on Octo- tr 22nd. 18CT. viz: John F. Patterson on borne entry No. 5071.

for the W. of N. W. See. 18 Tn.22 S.

Bancre Zl E. He names the ollowtar witnesses to nrove his continuous residence twin, and cultivation of. said land, Tiz: 3nn Adams. TA. Snodsrass.

Charles Middle- ton and J. W- Miller, all of Kincaid Kansas. Johh L. Fbxcx. citcr.

Drugs, Journalists' Drawer BT Equity Etchings. Miss Hattie Smith is visiting in Gar- nett, this week J. O. Bidwell, who has been very ml' ic monri innr The Sunday scnooi in uistnct wuas lpen reoreranized. and new officers elected S.

W. Dial has been baling hay the past week, on the J. D. Henderson A farm. J.

W. Boatwright is spending the week in St. Louis, and other points in the South It. S. Boatwright and II.

S. Dial are runniner their well drill with good success Miss T.ettie Dial, who has been vis iting in Welda for several days, re turned home Saturday. The fall school in district 40 com menced September 19th, with Miss Mvrtie McKirrieran as teacher. She has a full school. Osage Occurrences.

George Myers has bought a splendid new top buggy. I think some of our marriageable widows had better "look a leddle oud." Jacob Stanley is down sick, again. Dr. Lambert, of Moran, is atteneding him, and also Mrs. Mattie McDaniels, who is very sick.

Frank Hunt and Miss Custer were married last week. Frank was at the primary, smiling all over his face; he says he doesn't want any office yet awhile. A big tin wedding at W. A. -Ross', lots of vounff folks, and any amount of tinware, plenty of "gude" eatables and a splendid sociable time gossiping, all around.

We had a big turnout at our primary convention, and we think that D. D. Britton will be our next Sheriff, and W. II. McClure, Treasurer: J.P.Duncan, Register and R.

W. Duffy, County Clerk. ZACK. Belfry Budget. Wm.

Smith is on the sick list. Mr. Finley remains very poorly. Marion Ater is drilling a well for Mr. Cramer.

Mr. J. II. Cramer is enjoying a vis it from his mother and sister. Mr.

Frank Olmstead commenced his school at LeGrand, Monday. Messrs. Frank Ater and Samuel Willis were in Iola taking in the ne gro show, last Saturday. Allen Shockey has traded his farm for a stock of general merchandise and will co into business soon. He says he is going to quit raising broom corn until it brings a better price.

jewelry! Jewelry Wo have received a choice and well selected stock of jewelry; all first class Lroods. Call in and see us. we can I rj saYe you money. Al. Finch Co lqOK! I a thousand dollars worth of new croods has just arrived at the GLAbJs the countv.

D. W. Tate proprietor. Go and see him, he means The Fort Scott Marble and Granite Works are amongst the leading insti tutions of the country, and always reliable. If you need anything in the marble or granite line, call at the Works at Ft.

Scott, or address I. W. Moody, Ft. Scott Kansas. Restaurant "Confectionery.

We hare opened a reanlar Farmer's Restaur ant in the south room of the Jackson Block, where you can always be sure of a hearty Welcome and Warm Meals Always Ready. We will also keep on hand FRESn BREAD, CRACKERS, COOKIES. CANXED GOODS, CHOICE CIGARS, FINE TOBACCOS, CANDIES, NUTS, Etc, Etc. CALL IN AND Let's get acquainted immh kincaid FARMER'S SEE 'set i ox -ataw aoii sinc( tnpiaqj os ptra sii id 0qnSt tn Xittad.

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