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Kincaid Kronicle from Kincaid, Kansas • 3

Kincaid Kronicle from Kincaid, Kansas • 3

Kincaid Kroniclei
Kincaid, Kansas
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Sjncaid Real Estate Exchange and Loan. Agency Frank 1Mb Born June 28th, 1886 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Howarter, a son.

Dr. i KINCAID KRONICLE Press Notices: Of our celebration and our town. LOWEST PEICES, Jllunger attending: physician. corner oi Born July 6. 1886 to Mr.

and Mr. A THE wjumjr in i lie iximsi oi probably the 7 OzarM Motel. Alva K. Clark, a son. Dr.

Mnnow THE HMnTn HAPMrco ennn For the 1 latest styles IN Millinery and Dressmaking. Ladies should go to Mrs. Oma Smith country in Kansas, is situated the thnv- ino PTirlif.mnTitheild rr 1 icnamg pnysician. J50RN July llth, 1886, to Mr. and DEPOT, li-ver since it came into existence the t.nwn nao molA trio tvtini i i th.

u1' none OPPOSITE the best of workmen; therefore my WAAVU1IJJ work is firsts! a Tl PP A TTJTXtX Mrs. Albert M. Steward a son; Dr. SATURDAY, JULY 17, 1886. must oLurti prog- ress, and now, it has as a general rule.

Mpnger attending phvsician. The Mh ofJuhi of which are seldom seen iii a town of quadruple its While portion of x.uuuktjsotick ai you want a eboditiT Shoe shop in connection ploon "htofl SVSr- A. mantpy clean toed' so to the OZARS. fact also rs that Orcn Thompson keeps aU T. i it and Miss Hattie Walker's New Store opposite the 13 ue to its fortunate location, a lare-e nrf.

th uui Biunaara orana of Cigars. Tor Mrbedvnre call on LB. Campbell. Woiibt Furnished in 10 JDays, on cood title Htr 1ST DOCK SOUTH OF RED FRONTHikD- Samnla T.nATY,0 credit is due to the enterprising men who went bravely to work. confident in the now siivoccs At i WARE.

Hams and Breakfast Baton just re Post Office wm wvumuj Blue Mound, Kansas. and hanSy ta boa stabST 0D Among those who have done much toward hriiMinor Tin HARYE MILLER Uan Lawrenc. the editor of th. 'u, itiu wieup jor cash at Dodge's Sash Grocery, Kincaid Schbol. General report for whole term.

Good cigars always on hand. Starting his paper with 'the firm Cutting fitting done Promptly Well Ol Taylor took his departure Wednesday for Blue Mound to enjoy a vacation of a thonth brsb: Miss Flora Taylor bne of Blue piuspeuis oi ine town, he already sees the brightness of 1 ilm prepared to do all kinds of E- Scruggs. Proprietor. Best Average in Recitation Attend the infftoto tVio tnnn 1 ance and Deportment during the two ii GOODS all NEW direct last and all the time, and makes the Rnvrrr -c woric on short notice. Store fronts and inside finish a specialty.

Satisfaction gaarfanteed. Shop at B. Campbell lumber yard. UIUUIUS. In the A Class.

John Seruo Mound's popular voung ladies was the guest of the Misses Routzong this week. Miss Sallie Reynolds' slimmer term of school closed last Tuesday. She ha, t-uD iujn, proclaims KincaidV prosperous future to the world. Garnett Plaindealer. Jr ourth reader grade.

Mollie Hahn, REAL ESTATE, LOAN AND After a pleasant ride of thirtv Tnilpj Mattie Anderson and Rena Routzonff. From Kansas City'. Stamping done to brefcr at low rates. KINCAID, KANSAS. we arrived at the town of which is xusriy Ji.quai.

Third Reader orad. TVMi xniio BAEBER SHOP, town only eight months old, and has a iar as neard from eiven entire satisfaction. Ab Matteson, the man shot recently by Sam Patterson was in town Wednesday last and seems to be almost entirely population Of at. Itftt. Ri-r hiin.

1- Second Reader grade, Myrtle Giffon, First Reader nili 5UU13. At T1 nfln nn t- K-vra tiro1a l.J II 1 For a clean shave, dandy hair cut and Those who wora inn tr after by Dan Lawrence, the. Kronicle man. and Pant vt aw ArcpuillllClJt a daiSy sea foam. Call on unnngwnoie term, Kyv Borem, Hattie wi wiiu pro vided dinner for us.

We wefce happily INSURANCE ACffiNCY. Abstracts Furnished and CoUectibns Made. Town Coijgts for Sale. Office of Notary Public and Justice of the featf BiRT STZWARb vi5 anus, aw hi Attendance Moau xiautjs wnere W'e Soon ato nm. i laic guou imngs Shop just south of P.

O. MARKS eue AecKer, Myra Thistle, Kena Rout tng, Eddie Mills, Bertha Mills, Mattie Anderson, Roy Andersoiij Lottie Leffler Hewitt Griffin, dealer in jewelry at Mound City accompanied by his wife Sunday in our town visiting Erv Kincaid, his father-in-law. mi Dni. -1 1 i Kincaid, Trnnc oxxiauer neignDor, juncaid, is WALtACE SMITH, Proprietor. Airue unnon.

j.he oniy one who was uiuo lu connnue to do so. -Garnett Eagle. neitner ansent nor tardy Myra Thistle; Many thanks average uaiiy Attendance 41. No flattering notices of our town and our We keep constantly on Itahd the xne construction company is putting on the finishing touches and will soon have the St. L.

E. in order for Ihe regular trains to Colony. Mrs. Gallowp, ol Hallo well, Kan. who has been makine- an ovtcn enrolled 56.

Saixie L. Reynolds, Teacher paper. We do not as an vditAr la- DRILLED WHLS. AU busing entnted to irfii i fcttttdeS to With nessandekre. Office, First door south of Denies: W.

C. ROUTZONG, Kincaid, i ir.nrfs choicest cuts of to anymore of the credit for the success of Kiilcaid than is i can loan money on 5 or 7 year's I have purchased a Fort Scott Drill of our town1 Whotl, irTA.n, uuie. an iurmsh almost any terms JJ 1 TV -k. uvu WXC and located in Kincaid prepared to uesirea. jtiave ifLKNTY of money consequently NO DELAY.

Will buy ui lower prices for drilling wells than pvci- kaa "flr i tt uub ud iuvuanitii says in behalf of ijtir toWn is ho more than the duty of a local newspaper to its town. We believe it to be our duty to work for. write fnr- oi ioii- Fresh and Cured meats that Ihe mar-ket affords. South of Post Office, Fresh Fish its season. Visit at her on-in-laWi J.

A. Crane, returned to her home last Saturday. Mr. VanDorn, traveling: auditor for the extensive lumber firm of S. A.

Brown Co. paid Uncle John Hononni, a uuies secured by real estate. I GUARANTEE SATISFACTION in EVERY vulCiuClcll. nave naa 8 years experience in the business. Give me a call vt JOHH ELLIKGTON Ktacaia Kansas.

uuu bam xui ttir town, first, last nnH oil i mvnoiLAK. xJ. Blue Mound. Kas uou JL UU will find that we Kincaiders have taken Denney Bros, is where you get good bar Kincaid, Kansas. an oatn oi allegiance to our town, "renouncing all allegiance to every other prince, potentate or sovereignty whatever" and are "mustered in" to live for tail on Wednesday, in the interest of the firm he represents.

The anxious friends of Mrs- Charles Sinclair will be considerably relieved to know that tinder the skillful treats ment of Dr. Munger she is very rapidly recovering her health again. Contest In Penmanship. 6. McKIMSON CHOICE; FEISSH GEOCEKifes PROVISIONS.

FliOtri? th the contest for improvement in AM. i swear ior ana light for Kincaid. For the next SO davs trip. mill, self a fi: SMITH SON, GeneM Blacksmiths. veuiiiaDsmp ay the pupils of the Kin xng material greatly reduced prices.

cam sunuOi. neensware, Glassware, TOBACCdj CIGARS; it nas been decided thni. Mrs. Clara E. Lewis of Howard, Kan.

an aunt of Oren Thompson, made him a visit last Tuesday, while on her way to Mound fliVtr tn tioa a i way to Mound City to see a sister "All work done at reasonable Carpenter and Joinerj J. Jts. Campbell Co. Important to Snippers. zong has made the most improvement whom In the revised tariff etioot nt v.

pausaip. Amy Uriffith secend naof a mt prices and warranted: Shop east of Mahtj's fed barn. vr buc iUV. Pacific R. R.

Co. the fnllowi tS-PIeaso Call and Get priees.3 ami Myra iuistie third. Bv a committee of judges elected by the school consisting of Prnf Rnnih(n ni 1 Kincaid, Kansas. jxtfcu have been marfa i Plans and Soecificatioris 00 uitu not seen lor seventeen years. Mrs.

Mollie Bough ton is Visiting her parents in Allen leaving Wallace to his first experience as a widower. He wants to be on his good behaivior between Kincaid and juiXLicy A UUJU.V ac iteasonable Kates. Ghicago, cattle $75.50. Hors fi5 Kn anu vym Penney. The were carefully examined by the DK.

MAYNARD Hannibal cattle. 5S on Ra nn fetaii- Building a Specialty. 1 "fc -W bt. Louis cattle tSS.OO, TToo-a nn LATE OF CHICAGO. All Work Done nt RpnannaU -l Kansas City cattle $22.00, Hogs $22.00 Has now InmWI in I vmmvuuwiv in iiis iraus" absence or we will report him.

The Kincaid Kronicle Kornet Band gave one of their pleasing open air coh- order that there might be no chance of showing partiality. They were examined also by others who agreed with the judges. iTiceSj and Satisfaction Guaranteed. and offers his professional services to Corn for sale at Bla.k.ri TtineniA UVivVM(i bCbfCt beryard. uuociaiuiruiguiem.

uaus answered Ion Kincdidi Kansas1, We can now furnish at on i. uesday night. These concerts are enjoyable and help us Kincaiders forget "dull care'4 and the dry hot weather. I sell nothing but a standard grade of implements tvhich Twill warrant in every to 7 years time at th EDlS EASES OF THE CHEST a Specialty. -vtuw.

a. 4 Lt0 lx DEALERS IN iaiMas'- we i5uy and Sell Land draw Deeds and Mortages, write Insurance in vojjm. yau ana see mc. I. B.

Campbell d- Co. licensed Barbed wire for sale by I. B. Cs.mvbe.ll G. D.

MUNGER, notary business Promptly attended to GENERAL MEBCflADM tlr. 1- 1 Fran lr Fruit Jarsi Fruit Jars! I the famous uv yj otatwnerjj can be had at. thp. WAGON and BUgY repairer Squire Routzong has fitted up the postoffieein a manner that makes it ihe most convenient and neatest office this parfof the country. A neat and well arranged post office always giye a stranger a good impression of a town.

Frank Warner, a well known carpenter of our town and Jack Carter the plasterer, started TQOri PHYSICIAN 1 SURGEON. j-vuw vyito wow, cheap. vmproveajar at U. IS. Thompsons Carriaoe rmintfam A j.

to "JUMP a JOB" and "DO IT DP EXIItBITIOV. Griswold at his shxm in rear nf TTinnni, Ofllcte at Drag Stor.e -Professional calls promptly answered. GiVeh by the rjunils of fha unng on your work to A Tl AUsaay evening Jly 13th, 1886 v-ovi)r UU an overland" trip to Wichita to try Lone Elm. Mr. Jon TT PBOGKAM.

At Kingaid. OUR 8TOCfe IS cosiri.feTE in Opening address, My Valentine, by -v, uuimmg arrived from Equity last Sat.nrfio.-ir rc" lurtner west. We wish them good luck wherever they may go. -Al Finch, the popular ice cream man says that he did a "rHi.v THE last ot the Equity buildings and will be A xuicuce luarsn. Kecitation, The Saloon Keeners Si Kincaid -r.

vvooiey, who intends starting a drug store. IINCAID Clara Ellington. Recitation, Walter Scruggs. Short Recitations, by the little girls Etna Griffith, Ollie Sisson, Bertha Mills We celebrated one day last week in honor of onr hew township Lone Elm. mess the 3rd of July.

We are glad to note this fact for Al is a rustier and is al ways ready to bear his part of expense andworkingeHing up any thing for the benefit of Kincaid. Miss Crume. rmTroiinn. Restaurant Dry Godds, Clothing, Gents' Fnrnisning Good's, flats, -Caps BOOTS ft SHOES. Also a Choice Stock bf Groceries Highest market price paid auuriorence Marsh.

Confectioiiry uucssier urea tne fire-crackers. T. C. McDowell. Trustee; I.

K. Reeve, Treasurer; and Hi Miile, Clerk. The icpuuucans seem to fab-0K KRGNICL I aui fully bre'tiared tn mat th Song, Chewing gnm, Charlie Whittington. The Weather, A short concert exer- WV wants ot my customers, in eatinff. lead, with very little formality.

Miss Nettie Rickets, of Kansas City, a. i i wiiespona- ent for the Kansas City Tinies was our town Tuesday and was a caller upon the Kronicle. The Tinies is t6rtu-nate in securing such a wide awake and energetic representative as this ladv proves to be. annKing and smoking, oy unie Flora Sisson, Leffler and Myrtle Giffon. for produce.

18 visiting at Mr. Schuessler's. Mr. B. L.

Byerby has the foundation laid tor a dwelling. Brady looks happy CREAM A Live weekly paper, Recitation, Our Preacher, Edna Routzong. Recitations, bv tint? im. AiST SIDK CbxilERfcUii STREKrj KIIftAID, nccApecmim to look much hap- by the gallon for parties; published in the in -George Keller loan and real estate broker at Lone Elm came over Monday to our "burg" on business. Mr.

Keller reports his business. as increasing since he changed his location to the new town fornix. "vulcli "rate Griffith and Mabel Marsh. Recitatioii, My Home, Lida Jackson. Essay, Choice of Companions, Addie ueiuie long.

Mr. Kile has purchased Mr. McEver's blacksmith shop. Mr McEver intends moving to Missouri. You can get MEALS LtitiCH at all hrtnfs: terests of Kincaid In fact every thing to be found iH a i Song, Six Little Kittens, by the little VI ouwss loyou we hope you may make a million.

Of the visitors present at our 3rd of July celebration, all we talked to expressed their complete surprise at the substantial and neat The boarding cars left us last Monday evening and returned east. Messrs. Smith Meade have been doing some lively threshing this vi- CAMPBELL and vicinity. JOB nrst class restaurant. II.

PINCH, Prop. Kincaid, Kansas. iUCll rimirni mnlr. Pialogue, The Prohibitionisti Clyde Miller and Molhe Hahn. Select Reading, Myra Thistle.

Recitation. Ovpr th hut everything move with energy and shells put the oat on short notice. Oats have been turning out well. eight months old town. No one expected to see so much of a town.

Our celebration made the town of Kmcaid many friends; cue roor- DEALEBS IN The crops are siifFentitr sovoroi WORK uuuse, ixjia uorum. Recitation, Kind Words, Mattie An-dferson. Recitation The Robin, Iteha Routzong; Recitation, The New Church Orran Addie Stone. want of ram. Some Corn around here will be ruined in a few days if it remains dry, and all looks parched and withfirprf XV Jpacne? i.7w;p-Barnes, real estate and loan broker of Blue Mound favored our town With a visit on Monday and extended the right hand of fellowship to the Kron- inihber tiuiiders' fiaMwarej D.

(Vi. Smith, V.l. pfiitsn mm PHf sf ciar; PosiUreljr kd prisons given the sict orricE at his 1ruo store; KINCAlt), KANSAS. that it would be a good plan to start a f1" a Of all kinds Done Sods. Teachino- coal and building- maeiAL 0,0 "ever iaus to rain when there is one in progress.

froCoW? has turned trom Colony. Esther Avert. Essay, Kind Words. Fannie Haynes. Dialogue, The LitUe Missionaries, by Flora Decker.

Eddie Mills and Frank iv u.t uoe time a newspaper man and has a Very warm "tK lteliWS" Whb B1 tt0uble fchat We dont know how to write to bur girl We don't quite know, whether she lives Democratic Prlniarv OlSSUU, Recitatibb, Curfew Shall not Rin To Persuant to the order of Manfbrd bchoonover, chairman of the Anderson county Democratic Central committee a primary-was held in Kincaid on Tues Aaa Koutzong. RecitaUdn, The LitUe Girl, Eya fre keep constknUj on hand a full and complete itbek Of lomber'i lath, ehmgles, doors, blinds, sand, lime, hiir and all classes bf bunders' hardware. liabcock. She used to vegetate in Blue Mound but We heard Yesterday that the government had transferred her to Babcock. How about that Bro.

Botkin. The Dialogue; The Picnic Party to J' TOWN SITE COMPANV. yuijr xom iowj. ior tne purpose of selectmff six dplrtmtPs tn bard. Rose Tate.

Recitation, 1 Live for Those Who Love convention to be held in Garnett on Saturday, the 24th of July 1886. The meeting was HEADQUARTERS AND GENERAL OFFICES xn xjorum. are con siderable worked up over the change in name of their post office to that of dl suPPse(l to be the work of the Mo R. W. Co.

and the citizens ir iiann was ntmminniKiiv nhn recitation, Old irother Hubbard, rVJ wmw- L'aI I cnair- man abd C. Routzong seiiretafV, Whereupon the mOAtinor- im- At Kincaid. KANSAS are circulating a petition protesting against the chanire. "uuicuiaujlv proceeded tn th nnia "ent (U11S. Recitation, Farwell, Alice Thistle.

Validictory Essay, Hattie Stone. Song, Good Night. Suioi uusiness oi Choosing six dAlAfrafoo ive expect to makg thiS county dur future" home and Shall remain iii Kiiicaid. its Interests are ours, and what we make here we spend in the improveiSeM of the town. Ife solicit a share of your patronage; Kincaid is a town of wonderful grotvtli Blue Mounders for kicking.

convention, resulting in the choice of V. P. Hahn. forrrncri ii Musicians, rrof. Bonghton, David cjwer ana vvm.

jsmith. LW1S. Leri Rvprl-P- rnry on tne St. as E. railroad in the eastern barf, of A Tia Rf7Tn? OW transPires that Bert Steward has taken a boy to raise.

Whether he will raise him in the fear Mm uan the or train mm for a barber w. ko Ihe exercises throughout were well ana Jefferson Lewis, were the following alternates. J. Sato trtra TV oi very creditable manner indeed. Although an oppressive hot eyeing mc audience listened atten- dgfson county, and in a desirable io- less.

Frank Reynolds, Mel Mitchell, Kooert Sanders and Joseph Knox. All the delegates tiitniA T. uuL oeen in- 8miUne ali same ttnd Grandpa Whittington is as happy as a big sunflower. The Den nev Rm Vi W8re entertained and pleased. Great praise is due pnpils and teacher, jtiss Reynolds, for the success 'UCSMJU LO DC prompt lb their Attiidn cation ior Dusindss of ujjuu Liie county convention at nam hj cuwjnainment.

All the participants seemed well Jtilj S4th 1886. St0re a bn, not 1 thl maed with through tbe Alnine heights bearing th strange device 5 Tl everything run smoothly and without chairman w. C.Bdutzong. Secy. pttf chase Hoiilgsi Otii agent will takd EAgi1 END LlfeRY BARN, KlCAiD, Kansas.

Good teams and cobby rigs always ready for" our cuktSiiSfr for traveling inen; Eemember thft Kc3 Earn east of Ozari Ilocse: Xotlce. Oftond after Sftbrrrbiti ihiiti vice Strang-er yet which can be better understood look at when you pass their store and txiai usually attends com mon school exhibitions. The enter-men wa. tekcn ali la all' music included a complete success aad anoth- Kincalof6 of ros. tOdfl seZZ f7w7e awvnv I Villi pleasure in snowing pxircnages thS town plat and Osagd Valley Totvn Sits Q6 tfuee n2y.

1 trord to gurnet, i uenney Bros..

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