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The Allen County Herald from Iola, Kansas • 1

The Allen County Herald from Iola, Kansas • 1

Iola, Kansas
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'V --ri 'til 10LA, KANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1892. NUMBER 2a YOLUME III: rj 'T LATE MISS0UKI NEWS THE VEILED PH0PHET BOLD DIAMOND ROBBERS Accused of tbeasonJthE MAN WHO VANISHED. BY FEBGCg lC3ir5 CHAPTER It Continuedi BY ORDER OF THE Member of a Snieldo Clob Takes Bit tUe Sensational features. Nnw Yobk, Oct d. J.

Barlow Moore-head, aged tl years, reputed to be worth 300,000, and recently a Keeley care patient committed suicide yes terday by shooting himself through the heart at his boarding house. Moorehead was the Manager and financial backer 6f the play "Young America. The play was soon to have been produced at Philadelphia. I annihilated1 mS physically by dls. integrating my body, add sending my eoul forth to the infinite without its Cehy ehveloipa "At this critleal stage 6f my Career, however.

I chanced to udc3t fy old friend. Lai Chunder. who was still engaged In his lifelong penance, and by his power I was protected in a preat measure from the malignity of the Brahauiini I remained a long time with Lai Chunder, submitting myself to prolonged fastings, to. terrible ordeals whici require a (So'iil of iron to" withstand, and after years of self-ttirtura months of motionless contemplations, and long weeks of ardent study, I arrived at a profound knowledge of the hidden mysteries of the spiritual world. The crdeai was a frightful one, physically as well as mentally, but thanks' to the tremendous vital powers' I Inherited from my father and the subtile intellect which was the gift of my mother; I survived years' Of anguish and suffering, attaining at last toe wished for goat I could leave this tdcsent of clay at will and could send astral body whither 1 desired.

I could indulge in the dreams of a god, and partake of the joys of Paradise even before my body had perished from this earth. Willingly Would I have remained away fofever and let my pain-twisted, scarred body return to the earth from whence it had or'ginally sprung, but the laws of the universe prevented me; my time had not yet coma and I was forced td rettirn at certain intervals and reincarnate myself in this body which I now wear. TO BE CONTINUED. CATCHINQ A WOLF. side's he was playing cards with Philip Trevanni i'tstliat allP''ii4id Roveramire, wheii Lancaster stopped in his recital froni utter exhaustion.

The young man made a motion with his head to signify it was, and the doctor, seeing that the effort had exhausted him both mentally and physically, made him drink a glass of Wine, and then sittiqg ubwfi again in his $wn Chair began to talk in a slow, deliberate manner. "Judging from the explanation you have given me you are in a very Unpleasant position however, the man may bo only stunned." "No no," interrupted Lancaster hurriedly, clasping bis hands, "he is dead I feel sure I killed him oh if I could only undo what I have dona That is impossible, said Roversmire a little Badly, "whatever we dd always bears fruit for good tr evil and we must abido by the codsequenceS of our Own acts of course you killed Trevanna in a fit Of passion, but I'm afraid such a plea will not hold good with a jury. Do you intend to give me up?" cried Adrian in a voice of anguish. "By no means I was only putting a suppositious case far from wishing to give you up for a crime committed in such an irresponsible manner I am going to save you." But "That I will explain, but in order to do so I must tell you my history-it will sound like a romance td ydii but luckily I shall be able to prove the truth of it td yod by putting you in my own place. "In your own place, said the young man in amazement The doctor looked piercingly at the young man for a moment and then gave a satisfied laugh.

"I think you'll da" he said coolly, desperate diseases require desperate remedies, and if you Want to escape the strong arm of the law. you will have to undergo a very curious experience." And that experience?" "Forms the sequel td the story I am now going to tell you. CHAPTER IIL The Dissection of a SouL The history of my Ufa which I "SC. I The Cass Coaaty nond Cases. Kassas CiTr, Ma.

Sept 3a There was an attempt at compromise made this morning by the Cass county judges with the contesting bondholders before Judge Philips, in chambers. The three county judges, Lane Wray and Allen, who for the past six months have been lying in the count JaiL were present Judge Philips aiycd the parties to decide on the compromise of 05 cents on the dollar. The bondholders were obdurate, however, -nd refused he offered compromise. Judge Philips Cll now take tbemnttev consideration, and. if he decides thii he amount offered is a reasonable ot.e.

will coicriel the bondSwldors to compromise ana wi" release the imprisoned judges. lie will make his decison in a few days. The Flilas of Ticket. JerrERsos Citt, Ma, Oct Secretary of State Lcsacur has decided in several cases submitted to him that certl Scales of nominations wholly within and for one county and city mnst be filed with the county clerk. or in St Louis and Kansas City with the recorder oi voters.

lperewn: the nominations fr congress in the Eleventh and Twelfth districts, both being entirely in St Louis city, must be filed with the recorder of voters. The same rule holds gooa as trt unsfnnt n.l -iudfrtfS of the ClTCUlt and criminal courts under similar con ditions. Only those nominations em bracing more than one count mnst uo Gled with the secretary of statev Most Obey th School Law. Jeffebsox CiTr, Ma, Sept 30. Gov- ernor Francis has written a 6trong letter to Judge E.

1L Norton of Platte City, president of the state school book commission, calling his ate tentvm to the action or the Sedalia scliool board in deciding not to use one of the books agreed opon ny the commission and advising the commission to take steps CO see that the law is enforced and that CU attempts at evasion be punished by fines from day to day. Prohibition! ts on Time. Jeffeksox Crrr. Ma, Oct t- The Prohibition state ticket was filed with Secretary of State Lesueur yesterday. It was filed by Secretary l.

W. King of the state central committee and was accompanied by av petition containing 1,500 names, asking that the names of the Prohibition state candidate be printed upon the ticket This petition fulfils the law and the ticket was accepted by the secretary. This is the first ticket filed and the time for filing expires October 19. Looted and Darned. Caufobxia, Ma, Sept 29.

The large general store of J. T. Tising at Sigh Point a village two miles south of this city, was burned early yesterday morning together with all the contedta Ga examining the safe it was found that a hole had been drilled into it and the doov blown off and it is presumed robbers secured its con-, tents, amounting to several hundred dollars, and then set the JmilUwg on fire to cover np their tracks. Total loss insurance $8,000. Three Killed and Three Injured.

Sr. Louis, Ma, Sept 2s. Three men were killed and three seriously injured in a wreck on the Vandalia line near Qreenville, IIL, last evening. The west bound express, due here at 7:45 p. dashed into a handcar on which there were six section nren and hnrled it from the track.

Three of the men were instantly killed and the others seriously injured. Fire st West Plains. West Plains, Ma, Oct Last sight fire broke out la Washington's grocery store, completely destroying It together with Miss May Martin's millinery store and Livingston at Ureen's law office. 1 he loss amount to several thousand dollars partly sovered by insuranca The origin of the fire Is unknown. A 13-Tenr-Old Brtd.

Sedalia, Ma, Sept 29. Sedalia- furnished a bride aged only 12 years yesterday. The child being Kate Gammon who was married to Melville Brawn, a laborer, aired 22. The father of the bride is in the penitentiary and the mother readily gave her consent to her daughter's marriaga Cat Her Throat With a Rase-. St.

Charles, Ma, Sept 3a Mrs. Eliza Klsker was found in the yard of ber residence here with her throat eat and a bloody razor by ber sida The wound was self-inflicted, the result of a deranged mind. The dead woman was the mother of four children. Xe Beanieltten fa Jeffzssos Crrr, Ma, Sept a Governor Francis has refused to grant requisition for Willard E. Winner.

the promoter wanted in Philadelphia. and be sent a letter to Governor Pattison setting out the reasons for the denial. Sedalia, Mo, Sept 29. An order received by the agent of the Pa cific express company in this city yesterday, directing that all New York consignments for points in Texas be quarantined here for a period of six days. Candidate Bi St.

Joseph, Ma, Oct 1. D. Barnes, candidate for congress on the Democratic ticket in the Fourth district, was buncoed out of 100 yester day. Be was induced by a stranger to Indorse a forged check. An Edaeator Eads His LIT.

St. Chables, Ma, Oct The dead body of Prof. Leckey, principal of Woodland institute, of CFa'lon, was found about 8 o'clock yesterday morning in the stable loft near 'he school building. lie bad committel suicide. Killed by the Marshal Aurora, Ma, Oct 1 Yvterdsy af ternoon at Green Ilagen's saloon II sr- rey Co, a barber and desperate char acter, was shot end instantly killed by City Marshal Gardner while resisting arrest lie leaves a wife and t-rr THEY GET IN THEIR WORK ON A SEDALIA JEWELER.

"While IT la Back la Turned They Coolly Help Themselves to a Tray of Stones Valued at Over Sl.OOO and Blake Their Escape. Sebalia. Ma, Oct 4. a Q. Taylor Son, jewelers, were robbed of more than 91,000 worth of diamond rings while Barnum Bailey's circus was exibiting here.

Two strange young men, one of whom had only one arm, entered the Btore and inquired about a piece of jewelry they alleged had been left earlier in the day to be repaired. C. L. Taylor, hj son, was alone v. 'storo and nad stepped to the.

rear to get the repaired While his back was turned tof the men walked behind the rounter and removed a tray containing twenty-four diamond rings from the (showcase, after which both thieves disappeared. Telegrams have been scat in all directions describing the robbers, but no clew has been obtained as to their whereabouts. C. L. Taylor is the husband of the lady who was ravished by a negro in this city last February, in Mr.

Taylor's presence, he being powerless to assist her by reason of having been tied by the black fiend. MISTBItlOUS POISONING. l'lve Children of J. II. Bailey, at Ferret I.

Poisoned Two Are Dead. Wichita, Oct. 4. Last night Ferrel, I. the last town on the Hock Island, the five children of J.

II. Ilailey, a railroad employe, were poisoned in some mysterious manner. Two of them died during the night and at last accounts the others were still suffering intensely in horrible convulsions. The attending physician says the symptoms are those of poisoning by strychnine, but the sufferers are too near death to offer any explanation as to what caused the fatal attack. I Robbed or 80,000.

Vakdalia, I1L, Oct. 3. A stranger went to the residence of E. Stokes, one of the largest land owners of Fayette county, yesterday and induced him to drive to Vandalia to see about a land deal Mr. Stokes drew 83,000 out of the bank and he and the stranger started -back.

Darkness overtook them and whon about one mile this side of Ramsey a oonfedcrate of the man with Mr. Stokes came upon the scene. The two men forcibly took Stokes' money and throwing him out of the buggy made their escape. Noted posperado Shot. Cheteithe, Wya, Oct.

4. Edwin Winkly, a noted desperado who, with Al Moore, killed Constable Byron Smitji at Lander in April last, was hot and killed yesterday at his hiding rjace at New York, in the Big Horn mountains. Winkly's cabin was surrounded by officers, who called on him to surrender. He tried to shoot, but was riddled with bullets before he could raise his gun. Ramsey Captured.

rrTTSBUBO, Oot 4. A special from Uniontown, says Jack Ramsey, the pal of Frank Cooley, who was killed by Sheriff McCormlck's posse, was captured near Fairchance and is now in jail. It is believed that since the death of Cooley and the capture of Ramsey the remainder of the gang wui disperse ana leave the country. I Bank Wrecker Dead. Bctfalo, N.

Oct 4. Bank Wrecker Edward S. Dann died at his home at 7 o'clock last evening. lie was stricken with apoplexy Sunday night and never rallied. It is rumored that his death was caused by his own hand, but this is positively denied.

She Took the Cash. Sedalia, Ma, Oct 4. William Stewart, a boilermaker in the Missouri Pacific shops here, left yesterday for Kansas City on the trail of his wife, who departed for that point last Saturday, taking with her 83,250 that Stewart leges belonged to him exclusively. Outlaw Frank Cooley Killed. Uniontowk, Oct 3.

Frank Cooley, the leader of the famous Cooley outlaw band, was shot and killed yesterday at his father's home, by a posse under Sheriff McCormick, while trying to make his escape after being arrested. A Negro Insurrection. Clauksdale, Oct 4. During an insurrection of negroes against whites at Boa, a small town near here, two negroes were killed and nine captured by a sheriff's posse. In addition to the two negroes killed, several are said to be mortally wounded.

Wholesale Jail Delivery. Wichita, Oct 4. Eleven confidence men escaped from the jail last night by sawing off several steel bars. They were arrested during fair week and are supposed to have been at work on the bars for several nights. Took Poison Tog-ether.

Bat Citt, Oct 4. David La Montague, a blacksmith, aged 65, living at Essexvtlle joined his wife, aged 63, in a cup of poison. She died and he Is in jail, where he will remain until the effect of the poison he took is shown. Death In a Hotel Fire. Vason Citt, Oct 4.

The Emmett hotel at Esthervllle was destroyed by fire last night J. M. Brennan, one of the guests, was burned to death. Settted Ills Accounts With Landanam. Nevada, Ma, Oct 4.

David Imler, aged 60, swallowed laudanum on the public square yesterday morning and died in a short time from the effects of the poison. When he came down town he told several parties that he proposed to settle his accounts with the world. He fell in the middle of the street shortly after stating that he had swallowed the poison. Kansas Hankers. Topeka, Oct 4.

The annual convention of the Kansas State Bankers' association has been called by the president Calvin Hood, of Emporia, to meet in Topeka October Id and 90. AHHANCEMfcNTg FOR THE GREAT ANNUAL WESTERN FESTIVAL The Prophet to at 6C Oct. I nan Hold Ills Ananas rede and Ball on Oct. 4. 8t.

Lotftt, rpt S'9. The city" 19 cow on tip toe of in consequence of the promulgation of the1 edict by the Telled prophet announcing that he will arrive in St Iniis On the afternoon of Saturday, Oct 1, and Held his annual parade and ball on the evening of Tuesday, Oct 4. In honor of the Prophet there will be grand Illuminations on" both Saturday and Tuesday evenings, and these days with fair Thursday, Oct 6, wUl probably see the high water mark in the matter of attendance' St the carnival of 1892, which is proving so remarkably stressful. In previous years the Veiled Prophet Has entered the city in a secret manner and left mysteriously, but this year, as a mark of hii appreciation of THK VElT-ED PBOPITET'. the grand Illuminations and other special attractions, he haS announced his intention of arriving in state by boat The War Eagle, with the Prophet and his staff on boaf will arrive in the afternoon at the St Louis wharf, where it will be met by a large depd tationof citizens and a strong military detachment under command of CoL Wetmore.

The Prophet will parade to the Exposition building, where he wiU hold a reception, after which he will retire to his mysterious "den," Whence he will emerge on Tuesday evening at the head of one of the grandest processions of floats ever seen. The pageant will proceed over the principal streets of the city to the Merchants' Exchange, in the splendid hall of which will take place the Veiled Prophet's ball, to which have been invited prominent citizens and society belles not only of St Louis and the West but also of the leading cities throughout the United States. INCIDENTS AND ANECDOTES. Perhaps the most happily named man in England is Thankful Joy, a Hampshire cricketer. A missionary who has spent some years among the Zunis of New Mexico says they pass the winter in three stages preparing for a dance, dancing and recovering from a danca An old way of interrogating fate in love affairs is to slice an apple in two with a sharp knife.

If this can be done without cutting a seed the wish of the heart will be fulfilled. Among the advertisements in a Mas sachusetts paper is one notifying the public that there has been lost "on the Pittsfield road an umbrella by a lady with gold head and whalebone ribs. The passion flower derives its name from an idea that all the instruments of Christ's passion are represented, the five wounds, the column or pillar of scourging, besides the three nails, the crown of thorns, eta John Boyd Thatcher of Albany has presented that city with the original bill, signed by Queen Anne and Earl Godolphin, to compensate Albany's first mayor, Peter Schuyler, for taking four Indian chiefs to England in 1710. "The Abou Ben Adhem of the Nine teenth Century" is what George W. ChUds has been called.

The title is conferred in an inscription upon a silver trowel used in laying a corner stone of a church at Wayne. for which Mr. Childs had given the site. The trowel, thus marked, was pre sented to him by the pastor, Rev. W.

A. Patton, D. D. In 1835 and 183d Whitticr was a member of the Massachusetts legislature, and further indicated his willingness to be identified with politi cal measures by accepting the secre taryship of the American Anti-Slavery society. He soon wearied of political associations, however, and from 1840 on avoided everything of the sort An intimate friend of Whittier says that be thinks that the old poet made many of his verses in Friends' meeting, when there was no speaking.

The spirit moved but not to speech; he thought in silence, and returning home, Tacked up some scrap of paper and copied off his poem, as his friend Holmes says is the way of poets. Many such a scrap has been snatched from bis waste-basket by watchful friends. Two Plain field, N. boys, while walking along a road heard a splash in brook a short distance off. Upon hurrying to the stream they found a pool about thirty feet long by twenty feet wide and less than two feet deep full of black bass.

One of the boys waded in and immediately a lively skirmish ensued. The bass, wishing to escape, 'leaped high in the air, and the boy caught a number of them on the fly, and threw them to his companion on the bank. Then the boys started home with their fish, none of which weighed lest than a pound and labalL" tt TSiJ'Si testis' HOMESTEAD STRIKE LEADERS UNDER ARREST They Are Now Accused of an ORenat Against the State The First Case of the Kind In the History of PennsylTalnia. Homestead, Oct S.A fipr'eal sensation was created here last nighi by the arrest for treason of a numbei the members of the advisory committee of the Homestead strikers. Those arrested were Chairman Thomas J.

Crawferd, Willia Bair, George Uplands, John Dierken and T. Wi urown. 1 he arrest came like a thunderbolt to the strikers, they were so suddenly made and so unexpected The informations on which the mem bers of the board of the Amalgamated association were arrested were taade by County Detective BeltshoVer before Chief Justice I'axtou of the supreme court of Pennsylvania. The petition charges itngh Dohnelli Thomas J. Crawford, John McLucki6 and many others, all members of the strikers advisory committee, with treason.

It states that the defendants, who are inhabitants and residents of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, did ordain, prepare and levy war against the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to the end that the constitution, laws and authority were de fied, resisted and subverted, and that the said defendants on July 1, with hundreds of miners, armed and arrayed in warlike manner, that is to say, with guns, revolvers cannons, swords, knives and Clubs, did unlawfully, maliciously and traitorously assemble in the borough of Homastead, and then and there with force and arms did falsely and traitorously, and in hostile and warlike manner array themselves in insurrection and rebellion against the commonweal th of Pennsylvania contrary to the duties of allegiance and fidelity of the said defendants. Chief Justice Paxson at once issued warrants and officers were dispatched by the sheriff to serve them. The action of the county authorities wa3 entirely unexpected and caused consternation in the camp of the strikers. This is the first time in the history of the state that any resident has been charged with treason against -the commonwealth, and the outcome of the cases will be watched with interest The penalty, which formerly was death, is twelve years' imprisonment in the penitentiary. ARRIVAL OF A SLAVER.

The Steamer Montsorrat Lands SOO Blacks at San lienite, Slexico. San Fbascisco, Oct 4. Private advices received here from San Benito, tell of the arrival there of the "black bird" steamer Montserrat with SOO Gilbert Islanders sold into almost absolute slavery. The Montserrat left 'Frisco nearly five months ago, havi ng been chartered by the same people that sailed the ill starred steam-brig Tahiti. It was stated then that its cruise to British Columbia was merely a ruse, and that it was really a slaver, working under the nefarious contract system.

The Montserrat had accommodations for 1,090 natives but had difficulty in getting half that number as the islanders had heard of the disaster to the Tahiti. All the natives were at once distributed among the coffee plantations near San Benito. Presidential Appointments. Washington, Oct 1. The president has appointed Orlando H.

Baker of Iowa consul at Copenhagen to succeed Consul Ryder, who is now awaiting trial in that city for peculation of a large sum of money; also John II. Drake of Aberdeen, S. editor of the Dakota Pioneer, as consul at Kiel, Germany, to succeed Edmont Johnson, who was removed this month for alleged irregular practices. Sensational Charges Against Sotnerby. Indianapolis, Oct 1.

Horace Smith, counsel for the plaintiff in the recent Iron Hall receivership case, made a sensational statement yesterday. He said that Somerby drew a check for $65,000 which was to be given to the plaintiffs if they would withdraw the suit and that he started out with a bold dash to pay all the certificates of his friends, but was stopped by his wn attorneys. Bold Highwaymen. Spring field, Oct. 3.

At Nich-J ols Junction early Saturday four masked men entered the joint depot of the 'Memphis and 'Frisco railways and ordered the night operator to turn over all the company's money. He refused to do so and wars knocked down, bound and gagged and about $100 taken from the money drawer. Four passengers, who were waiting, were also relieved of about $100. A Very Short Fruit Crop. Chicago, Sept 3a The American horticultural society is in session here.

The reports of the committees so far read show that the condition oi the fruit crop throughout the country is unusually bad except in California and New York. In Wisconsin the grape yield will be only 40 per cent of the average crop. Cast Up by the Sea. Wilmington, N. Oct 4.

Six bodies, supposed to be those of sailors, washed ashore last Friday on the beach at Little Bivcr, 8. forty miles south of the mouth of Cape Fear river. They were lashed to a raft made of spars and were in an advanced state of decomposition. Borned to Death. Yankton, S.

Oct 4. Charles Winchester, proprietor of a small hotel in this city, was burned to death by an explosion of a gasoline stove yesterday. He was sprinkling gasoline on the floor of a small room exterminate bed bugs. Champion Corbett in Clay. -New York, Oct 4.

James Corbett. the champion pugilist of America, was yesterday "done in clay" by Miss Kuhne young sculptress who performed a similar office for Mr. Cjevejapj 4ay Sir." said Lan castor, taking off his hat "will you permit me to" Suddenly he broke off his speech with a low cry, for the figure in the chair, that of an old man wrapped in a comfortable dressing gswn, did not St but remained in the same posi tion, with still limbs and closed eyes. Adrian at first thought he must be asleep, but his case was too urgent to permit him remaining till, the man awoke, S3 stepping forward he touched him on the shoulder, lo nis dismay. the figure did not stir, and on looking closely at the still face, the closed eyes and the rigid limbs.

Lancaster saw that he was dead. This fearful eight in connection with the feai'ful horrors he had already undergone was too much for his nerves, and with an ejaciilatidn of terror he put oh his hat arid strode rapidly toward the window with the. intention of seeking safety dnco more in night i6tay!" Adrian faced around rapidly with a thrill or horror, for It was the man whom he thought dead was speaking, and who was now standing with outstretched hand. Do not be alarmed," be said la a full rich voice, with a reassuring smile. am not dead, although you thought I was.

Sit down for a few moments, and tell me who you are, and what you want here." Adrian was too astonished at this reception to make any remark, and still felt inclinod to retreat but his host seemed to exert some mesmeric power over him, and he mechanically sank down into a chair, near the table, letting his walking stick fall on the floor. The unknown was a tall. massive looking man, with boldly cut features, and a head of gray hair worn rather long. He also had a heavy gray beard which swept his chest, and his hands were long and slender with sinewy Angers; but what attracted Adrian's attention most were his eye9 dark brilliant eyes which had a look of power in their dopths. and seemed to dominate everything with their piercing gaze.

The ex pression oi nis icaiures was calm, a terrible calm, such as is seen on the faces of Lsryptian spinxea, giving the onlooker the idea of some dread power concealed under the placid exterior. "My namo," observed this man In nis musical voice, resuming his seat is Doctor Michael Rovers mire, and I shall be very glad if you will kindly explain. your presence in my house." "What my name is does not mat ter." Adrian said In a somewhat defiant manner, but for the rest I was walking along the road and finding the garden door open, I entered. Coming into this room. I saw you sitting apparently dead, and Was going away to seek assistance When you called on me to stop." A very fair explanation," said itoversmire.

calmly nxing his gaze steadily on the young man, 'but one that does not satisfy me what right had you to come into my garden at this hour, and why you are in such a dislevelled state? Gentlemen don't usually walk about country roads in evening dress." I came from town, "replied Adrian sullenly. That's more like it but you're not telling me everything. I could compel you to do so, but at prosent prefer you to exercise your free will." "I won't tell you a thine." Jome," said the doctor "quietly. "why set your will against mine? You are sure to be overpowered. I do not need to summon aid to enable me to retain you here; although apparently you can escape with the utmost ease through yonder window, yet unless I give you leave you will not be able to do sa" Adrian cast a frightful look of anguish at this man who seemed able to unveil the whole of the events of the night which he was desirous of concealing, and made an effort to rise but in vain, for his limbs felt paralyzed and refused to obey his will, so he remained in his chair waiting for Roversmire lo speak.

You see," said that gentleman with a slight laugh, you can do nothing contrary to my will, so your best plan is to tell me who you are and why you came here perhaps I can assist you." -ft-g Impossibla" That depends," replied the doctor placidly. "I possess powers, as you can see for yourself, which can do more for you than ordinary assistance now there is no time to lose tell me your name." "Adrian Lancaster." Roversmire' face flushed, and with an effort he preserved his composure, but it was evideji, that the young man's name conveyed some meaning to him for he muttered to himself: 'Adrian Lancaster the man she loves this is better than I thought he will be of service to me, and while helping him I may teach her a lesson she sorely needs. I must learn all this youth has to tell ma" He gazed steadily at the young man, and Adrian felt that in another moment he would reveal all he wished to keep secret when by a powerful effort of will he checked the impulse. "No! no!" he said thickly. 1 wont tell you I dare not I dare not" "You must" replied the doctor, in a relentless voice.

Judging from your speech you are In great trouble. I alone can help you. and to do so I must learn all the events which have brought you here speak!" "No! no! nof cried Lancaster, with a terrible contortion of his face, "I refuse." It was all in vain, however, setting Ms feeble will against that of the other, for little by little he felt the influence of the master mind dominate his own until at last all his resolution gave way with a rush, and in a quick, hurried voice be told his tormentor all the events which bad happened it is claimed that Moorehead was a member of a suicide club and that he ended his life to keep a pledge given there can be no doubt Half ft WSu letters addressed to friends and relatives were found in the suicide's room. One addressed to the coroner read: "1 have committed suicide as per club. Please give verdict to such effect and oblige.

J. U. Moohe-. B. My proper name is J.

B. Moorehead of Philadelphia. J. L. Thomas of Drrel Co.

is my uncle. It was reserved for Nestor Lannon, one of the Black Crook company, who had spent the last night with Moore head, to explain the sensational portion of his letter. The actor said hat there was a suicide club in this city, to which both he and Moorehead belonged, and the latter's death Was due to an oath he had taken at the time of joining. The last week of the deceased, accord mg to Liennon, had been spent in a round of enjoyment At 2 o'clock yesterday morning, when he parted company with the actor, Moorehead gave the former two diamond rings, asking him to retain them always. He then bade him good by, saying he was going on a long journey.

His friends knew of no cause for his act and are inclined to believe in his membership in the suicide club. AN EXPENSIVE CHURCH The Collection of One Subscription Costa the Lives of Two Men. St. Joseph, Ma, Oct 1. David Boyer the man who was stabbed Thursday by James Lawless at Easton, this county, died yesterday at noon.

The tragedy was the result of very singular circumstances. Lawless had subscribed 85 to a church fund, which he refused afterward to pay. Boyer was one of the trustees of the church, and urged that the law be invoked to compel the payment Lawless was about to leave the state and an attachment was issued upon one of his horses. The case was about to proceed to trial when Lawless and his cousin met Boyer and another of the trusteees and a quarrel ensued resulting in the stabbing of Boyer by Lawless and the killing of the latter from a single pistol shot fired by Boyer. Demand Entrance to White Schools.

Guthbie, Oct 4. Although the territorial laws provide for separate schools for negro children the negroes demand that their children be admitted to the white schools. The matter is now before the court. Friday at Kingfisher forty negro children, backed by a crowd of adults, entered a white school and took seats, and it was necessary to use force to remove them. Negro preachers are advising their people from the pulpit to use force if necessary to sustain their demand.

The Money Conference Date Set. Washington, Oct 4. The international money conference will be held at Brussels November 23 with seventeen powers represented besides the United States. The governments which will send delegates are Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Roumania, Russia, Servia, Spain, Sweden and Norway and Switzerland. Iowa Farmer Stopped In Time.

Omaha, Oct 4. The bold scheme of several farmers to change the course of the Missouri river by ditching across the narrows at Belle-view has failed, P. Benjamin of this city having secured an injunction which suddenly stopped the work. Had the ditch been completed 3,000 acres of land would have changed ownership. Aeronauts Kil ed by a Fait Peoria, I1L, Oct 4.

James Gomes and J. A. Loomis, both experienced aeronauts, fell from their balloon yesterday afternoon and received fatal injuries. In making the descent the balloon encountered a tree, and precipitated the men a distance of forty feet to the ground. Father Martin Chosen.

Madbed, Oct 4. Father Martin was chosen yesterday general of the Socie- i ty of Jesus by the convocation of Jesuit delegates at Azaeitia. Father Martin is a Spaniard, 50 years old. He has been a deep student of science and an author. Bank Bandits Foiled.

Erie, Oct 4. Four men entered the Keystone bank to-day and during a struggle one of them shot Frank V. Kepler, the assistant cashier. The men fled without securing any money, bnt after a hot chase all were captured. Kepler's wound is not serious.

1 Warrensbnrf In Darkness. Warbensbcteo, Ma, Oct 4. The electric light and power bouse at this place was totally destroyed by fire yesterday morning about 7 o'clock. The loss is estimated at $35,000. No insurance.

Joseph Ernest Reaaa Dead. Paris, Oct 4. Joseph Ernest Kenan, the distinguished philologist andau-, thor, died at an early hour yesterday, after enduring intense suffering from congestion oi ine lungs. Bats Scattered the Ponton. Warrensbubo.

Ma, Oct. 4. Ira Mas-sey, a prominent citizen of Simpson tnwnahin who. With the rest vf his family, was poisoned some days aero, 1 died last night Poison had been I laced about the house for rats and ad been carried by the rodents over some meat of which the family after-' ward partook. General Snowden Responsible.

Philadelphia, Oct 4. Major uenem onowaen, commanainsr omcer of the national guard, declared last evening that he was responsible foi the arrest of the Homestead advisory board for treason. Bill Barns Won the Bet, bnt It Coat Htm Deaflyi One cold, windy day apart; of lively young fellows driving across the prairie saw a prairie wolf making a meal from a dead horsa Bill Burns offered td bet ten to five that he could catch the wolf, and the bet Wal taken. Bill directed the driver to get as close as possible under cover of a low ridge some SOO yards from the wolf. With the wagon concealed by the ridge and the wind in his favor.

Burns began to crawl through the knee-high dead grass, which was nearly the color of his canvas coat and old felt hat The horse lay with his back toward Burns. and as it was frozen the wolf was eat ing from the inside of the carcasa going almost his whole length into a hole eaten in the horse's abdomen. He would go in and snatch a mouth ful or twa then quickly back out and look around. It was evident that he considered "eternal vigilance the price of liberty." Each time the wolf went In Burns crawled rapidly toward it lying flat in the grass whenever the wolf cams out In half an hour ho had got within a few feet of the wolf, and watching for a favorable moment rose to his feet jumped over the horse and caught the wolf by the hind legs. To the spectators it did not look as though Burns had more than touched the wolf, when it was rods away, and went off with such a grand burst of speed that one of the boys declared ho could hear it whizz long after it was out of sight Although Burns held the wolf but an instant he was severely bitten on both arms and on one leg.

His opponent claimed the stakes because Burns did not hold the wolf, but Burns said he did not agree to hold it but to catch It; that he did not intend to hold it long enough for it to bite him, but found he could not let go quick enough. The Det was decided in Burns' favor. Forest and Stream. A misquotation. "Have you never felt moods too subtile and evasive for the cold interpretation of unromantic prose?" asked Reginald De pouter as he gazed eagerly into the tender face beside him.

"For instanca can you imagine the infinite yearning which filled Longfellow's soul as his mighty heart throbbed with A feeling of sadness and longing A longing to be kissed That resembles sorrow enly As the rain resembles mist" )id Longfellow really say that?" she asked as a crimson splendor more glorious than a Mediterranean sunset shot across her fair young Boston faca "I think those were his exact words," replied the unblushing de ceiver. "Then, if Longfellow said it" she murmured gently. "I I think, Reggy. you might Life. In Boston.

Mrs. EacBeigh I saw the Chicago woman whom you used to do sweet on, standing on the corner oi ash-ington and Tremont streets this after- ternoon. BacBeigh Bnt my dear. Washing ton and Tremont are parallel streets. 100 yards apart at the least Mrs.

BacBeigh Well. I can't help that -can Truth. Out of His Use. Rag Man (at the back door) Got any rags to sell, sir? Facetious Resident Only what I've got on. If you want them you 11 have to buy me toa Rag Man (backing down the steps) I'm only buyin rags.

I'm not the garbage man. Chicago Tribune. The World's Inhabitant. This globe has bad 66, 627. 842.

237. 075, 255 human inhabitants since the beginning of tuna To even bury this vast number the whole landed surface of the globe, every inch of it would have to be dug over 120 times. Aeeonntod For. We're about five minutes late this morning, said the passenger. "aa sir." said the conductor.

"You forget that yon are on the last car of a very lopg train, Harper' am about to relate to you. is known to no one, and 1 only reveal it now as it is necessary for the success of the experiment! contemplate making that you should know all about ma I am generally supposed lo be a cosmopoli tan as I speak many languages, have traveled a great deal, and physically resemble the natives of no particular oountry. As a matter fact how ever, I am of mixed blood my father being an Irish adventurer and ray mother a pure-blooded ilindoa This blending of the East and West gave me on one hand a strong physique. and on the other a reflective brain, to that I was eminently fitted for the strange career 1 chose to lead during the earlier part of my Ufa My father went out to India when it was ruled by the H. E.

I. and, being aounscrupulous man. determined td make money in the easiest way he could. A chance soon presented itself, for my mother, the daughter of a high priest of Brahma, fell in love with hi3 handsome faca and, yielding to his protestations of love, gave up her country, religion and parents in order to fly with him, which she did, carrying with her no inconsiderable amount of wealth, principally consisting of gems stolen from thetreasury of the templa "My parents came to England, and, shortly after I was born, my mother, unable to bear the rigor of the English climate, died, while my father shortly afterward followed her to the grave, being assisted there, as I strongly suspect by a Hindoo servant who resented his treatment of my mother. This servant by name Lai Chunder.

then returned to India, taking with him the remnant of the stolen jewels and myself, the offspring of the ill-fated marriaga The jewels were restored to the temple of the offended god, and I was given in charge of my grandfather, the high priest whUe Lai Chunder. having lost caste by crossing the ocean, was purified before the shrine of Brahma and then sent forth aa a fakir to do penance for the rest of his Ufa -Seeing that I was partly Irish, and the offspring of a man he hated, my grandfather was not at all pre possessed in my favor, and I have often wondered that he did not kill me by some subtle means known to his sect but whatever power may have withheld his hands he did not do so, but at first tolerated my presence and afterwards grew very fond of ma My mixed blood prevent ed me from becoming a priest but my grandfather taught me all the lore of the templa and. being a remarkably quick child. I soon picked up a ereat deal of curious knowledga The East as you know, has always been much more accomplished in escoteric learning than the West seeing that the Asiatics study the operations of the spirit while the Europeans confine themselves mostly to the material wants of man, so that having a vein of Eastern mysticism in my, blood coming from my mother's sida I became deeply versed in occult scienca 'As the years rolled by I was in itiated into the most profound mysteries, and by subjecting ray body to the ordeal of fasting as practised by the fakirs and yoghis of Hindostan. I gained a wonderful command over the spiritual part of myself.

Unluckily my grandfather died just as 1 was attaining- the last 6ecrets of Eastern psychology, and, his influence being withdrawn, his fellow priests de termined to kill me as one knowing too much of their secrets and dangerous to the brotherhood. Fortunately. however, my learning stood me in to good stead, for I discovered my danger and fled from the neighborhood. This would not have 6aved ma seeing that the priests had at their command secrete which, if used, would bave.

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