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The Ellinwood Express from Ellinwood, Kansas • 1

The Ellinwood Express from Ellinwood, Kansas • 1

Ellinwood, Kansas
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lire 01 WOOCi. a1 1L VOL. 6-NO. 41. WHOLE" NO.

301.1 ELLINWOOD, BARTON COUNTY, KANSAS, THURSDAY, JAN. 3, 1884; I 1 i ii III I IBIIMII ,1 ii i. I Printing: rrcss for Trade. Sfjc GHtntuocb (stress. Eyery smoker should try Little LITTLE JEWEL Joker." AV.

IS. CAItR, Proprietor. DRUG STOBB. "Little Cabin" Restaurant and Bakery. McHUGH DYNAN, Proprietors.

2i Having concluded to enlarge the Expbess, we will trade our six-column half medium Gordon segment cylinder press for a seven or eight-column hand press in good order. Our press does as ti je "work as any power press. Just the thing for large job and poster work. Call and see it. 4-3 2 R.

W. BAKR, Wholesale and retail dealer in THURSDAY, JAN. 3, 1884. RATES OF SUBSCRIPTION. One copy one yr.

Si One cop; 75 Gi.w ropy three months In duns of ten i q) tsingle 1 05 Advt-rtletusr rates made known oi annlicu tion. Tbo best smoking tobacco is Little Joker. Paints. Oils. Varnishes, Keep constantly on hand a supply of BREAD, CAKES, PIES.

MEALS AT ALL HOURS. in every style. PRICES TtT.T CD General Grant is recovering from his recent fall. es (3 C3 4 us a call. The Ellinwood Post Office.

Office open from 7 a. m. till 9 p. m. daily, except sundavs, being open on that day from 12M.

till 1 I. M. only. Mails close lor the East and West promptly o'clock P. M.

Mall for HJl-Sworth and intw uiediatc points departs Tuesday and Saturday at 8 a.m.; rrl ves at p. aa. Monday? and Fridays. for Mllwaukeeand intermediate points eparts e-ry Monday at ti a. and arrives at p.

the name day. Mails for Witsou and Intermediate points depart every Saturday at 1 p.m., anil arrive every Saturday at 12 nu -i. William MiSJfER, PotJt Master, The total corn crop of the United States this year is 1,673,790,000 bushels. Saturday was the 74th- birthday of W. IS.

Gladstone, the English premier. LADIES' EMPORIUM Of Fasridri: The Kansas City Times says that congressman Haskell died of over-smok- Masonic Ball and Banquet. The ball and banquet given by the Masons of this city last Thursday evening was all that those having charge of the affair could have fondly. anticipated. The supper was without doubt the finest ever spread in Ellinwood aud one of the best it has ever been our good fortune to partake of.

Two tabies the entire length of the Willimson Phippa building were actually loaded down with the fat of the land, and not one who assisted in relieving them of the numerous good things they, contained but what gave utterence. to the expression that the supper was incomparable. The attendance was large, the building at times being crowded. At about nine o'clock the orchestra repaired to the opera hall followed by a merry crowd eager to trip.the "light fantastic" to the dulcet strains of their charmingmusic, and enjoyed the beauties of the terpsichorean art until the "wa sma hours." Being all that good management, beautiful ladies, fine music and a big crowd could make it, it was certainly a happy event. The success of the occasion, however, was not surprising in the least to those who know the Masons.

When they attempt to do anything they recognize' no such word as fail, and in this their first an-nual ball and banquet they have scored a grand success, and we assure them that St. John's Day, 1884, is looked forward to with anticipations of great pleasure. Glass, Pntty, Also a lull line of Patent Medicines, SCUOQL J300JS. SrATIOXEEr, 4 MOTIONS. PERFUMERY, SOAPS, BRUSHES, FANCY ARTICLES, Ac Physlctaag' Pmcrlptloas earefullyrtd.

acca rately compounded. Purio Wines and Liquors, for Mcdicmni Purposes Only. Fine Cigars and Tobacoes a Specialty. ELLINWOOD. KANSAS OFFICIAL CITY DIRECTORY.

The Santa Fe railroad will pay near F. A. Steckel T. Powers V. MangelsdorL.

-Cleric ly 25.000 taxes in Barton county this 5 I I A. A. Treasurer Police. I udire Marshall 1 -3 CD L. 1 year.

A. J. llarnjrrover It. W. Barr Peter Klein fe" V.

S. Musil 8. B. Deupree VCounclimen. C.

Mullen A man by the name of Pancake died in Wichita last week. He is doubtless the coldest pancake in Kansas. CHURCHES. MRS. A.

KLEIN Keeps constantly on hand ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES Millinery, Srsss Tnmmins Notions NEW GOODS RECEIVED EVERY WEEK. Ladies cannot help being pleased, both In styles and prices. My stock is complete and ladies will find a large supply from which to make their selections. We make all the new styles of French Trimmings. 9-Rooms, First door south of the Ellinwood Bank, Give me a call.

3 Kansas will be entitled to eighteen PltEHUYTEIUAN CiUTKcir, Barton Avenue. Uev McElroy I'astor. Preaching regularly each at 11 o'clock m. Sunday school at 10. II.

I. Ives Superintendent. Everybody invited. week at home $5 outfit frre (Si ly. ahsolutely Pure.

No rigk delegates in the national Republican convention at Chicago next June. Kit 3 T. C. COCKER, Fashionable Barber ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. Shaving, Hair Shampooing, Dyeing.

Ac, done in first class style. Preparations for dressing and preserving the hair mad on order. Charges low. GERMAN LUTIIERX, Kllinwood Avenue. Uev.

Krause Pastor. each Sabbath at 11 o'clock a. in. I ST. Joskph's Catholic Cmntcir, Ellinwood Avenue.

Uev. Father Epp, Priest. High Mass 10 a. m. Vespers 3 p.

in. The residence of Chas. E. Styles, of Atchison, burned Saturday. His wife and little daughter perished in the of either sex, youn st ar old, can make irreat rar Rl the time they work, with ahmlut certain, ty, write for particulars toll.

Itatleit Oom-pany, Portland. Maine. S2SO.OO In Gold Given Away. $2.00 per year, postpaid. SOClETlS.

JOHN SCHNEIDER, A V. fe A. The eighth annual meeting of the Iansas State Historical society will be held in Topeka, on Tuesday evening, JJan. 15th. Harness Saddle Maker.

LLIX WOOD LODGE, No. 217, MEETS IN regular communication the second and -DEALER IN fourth Saturdays of each month, at their hall Senator Ingalls, by invitation, deliv lips, Uss. JACOB DRESSEN, Boot Shoe Shop. Manufactures all kinds of BOOTS, SHOES, AND SLIPPERS. Repairing neatly and cheaply done.

Second door south of Bank. ELLINWOOD KANSAS, First Corner north of Post Office. ered his lecture on Garfield before the ptate Teachers' association in Topeka Friday night. Hymeneal. A very pleasant episode occurred at the City Hotel, Tuesday evening, the occasion being the marriage of Miss Libbie Province, daughter of the genial host and hostess, to Mr.

Shannon Ira. Mr. Ira is one of the staunch, reliable young men of Comanche township and his charming bride one of our popular young ladies. We unite with a host of friends in wishing the happy ELLINWOOD. KAS.

Notice Of Attachment. Before H.F,W. RninfrAmnfilA It is rumored that Judge McCrary the United States Ciruit Court will over Maneelsdorf 's store. Brethren in good standing are cordially invited. F.

M. Camfbkix, sec'y, F. P. Dunn, V. M.


IS, G. A.R., Ellin-). wood, metts in Masonic hall on the nrst Saturday of each month. Visiting comrades in good standing always welcome. J.

T. SPUING, P. Geo. W. Ashton.

Adjutant. NIGHTS OF LABolt, Wasldngton As-nembly No. 2751. Meets in Opera Hall Ilrst and third Tuesday eveniugs of each month. All laborers requested to become members.

Visiting brethren In good standing cordially invited. J. T. Weoe, W. M.

It. W. BARK, jresign to accept the general solicitor- Peae of Lakin townshig, Barton county Kas. Henry Rohlflng, Wm. W.

Wilkinson, Deft. ship of the A. T. S. F.

railroad. Said defendant is hereby notified that on Vi A i i couple a pleasant journey through life. FOIiTY-SIXOND YEAR. isa. TaOPrairio Faiw, The oldest, most reliable and leading Acricul.

turai Weekly or America, Advocate the Interests of the Farmer. the Breeder and the Dairyman. It aims to educate and elevate, and to rive Its patrons the la tot, best and freshest news pertalnlnjr to every line of Industry. The publishers aim to make Thk Fraxrib Farmer the standard Agricultural Paper of the country, its oiumns are devoted to the growing want of farmers trcatiriff upon all subjects relay ve to the farm, the nardn and household. Breeders of live Mock wlil find their interest carefully and 1 ullv fronted in spirit of perfect a family paper.

It is designed to place it In the front rank, and keep from Its columnsall that lsollctloiiable. The Prairie Farmer offers novel HM of caub prise for the iirget lists of wonl lint can froni the letters couipoltiii the naic, of "ThePrXirik Farmer.1 Every compel ltor, however, must become a KUlnscrlbr to ht 8" per for one year. For full rules nd regul ons, sec The Prairie Fanner. Kifr.i!ecfr sent any addrev the receipt of 'six In postage stamps. Adilrcs rraliic Farmer S51 phi JM Moortfc; III.

The Ellinwood Exim'ss mid Pmlri? Fainter A. SEDERLOF, Wagon Carriage Blacksmith and Repair Shop. Slioeing of crippled horses a Specialty. GIVE ME A CALL Shop at Rohlflng's old stand, ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. nu, uaj vji ljvvj, an oraer or attachment for the sum of One Hundred and five dollars and fifty cents ($105.50) was issued by the- above named Justice of the Peace against his goods in the above entitled action, and that said cause will be heard on the 2nd day of January, lss.) at 10 o'clock a.

m. If we who have warm houses and an abundance of coal can barely keep warm, what must it be with those who are compelled to burn cornstalks and oftentimes gather them during storms. Our Guests. The success of the ball last Thursday PHYSICIAN AND evening was due in a great measure to the presence of a large number of people from Great Bend. Almost, if Ex-Governor St.

John delivered a lecture on prohibition in Denver last not all, members of the Lanciers club of that city, together with a number Thursday night. It is claimed that he licnry uomnng, Deicndant, Attest: II. W. Bockemohle, J. P.

Notico for Publication. U. S. Land Office, Larned. Nov.

20th, 1883. NOTICE is hereby given, that the following named settler has tiled notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Clerk of the District Court, Barton county. it Great Bend, kn will be a candidate for state senator of others, graced the occasion with their presence. Among those present from the district in whicu he resides next fall. were Mr.

and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dalzlel, Mrs. Greenfield, My Gil- win ue hem vou lor a VCar in ildrw January 5th, 1881, viz more, L.

F. Weaver, A. C. Schermer- ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. Office in JLitUe Jewel Drug Store, where calls mav be registered.

H3m6 A. II. 1IAKK1S, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, ELLINWOOD. KANSAS. Office, Boom 1, up stairs, Parker's brick block.

Residence, south side of Railroad. It. M. IUEGLE, PHYSICIAN AND SURGE0ri, ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. Offers his professional services to the people of this citv and vicinity.

Consulta- tion in English and German. J. H. CAMPBELL, Send cen for post- A horn, Frank Wilson, Clarence Bird- 3- wire ana recei ve tree, a The cold weather of the last few days has brought out all manner of wearing apparel, from the faded short sacque to the long graceful circular. The degree of a woman's happiness may be judged from the length of her dolman.

wis in sail; the Misses Norton, Birdsall, Hall, Brown, Mosey; Schermerhorn; Messrs. CALL AT THE NEW Millinery Store OF Miss Ida Ginzel For EVERYTHING in the Millinery line. Finest stock ever brought to Ellinwood. A cordial Invi-. tation to ladies to inspect my goods I will not BE UNDERSOLD.

Dress-Making IN CONNECTION BY MISS lizzie bockemohle; 2d door south of Barr's Drug Store. ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. muuj uni awuj man atiyininic else in this world. All of either ex sneered from first hour. The broad road to fortune eu before Uie workers, absolutely sure.

At once address True Company, Augusta, Muiue. Kelley, Charles, Weaver, Schwingle, Besser, Gailey. We were pleased to see many of our Great Bend friends WILLIAM II. SMITH, Homestead application No. 2055 tor the E4 SElA Sec.

18, Tp. 16 South, Range 11 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land viz: D. A. Calvert, Isaac Markle, of Dubuque P.

Barton county, Kas. A. L. Whltcomb, J. A.

Rash, of Great Bend. P. O. Barton county, Kas. Also HENRY C.

BURMEISTER, Homestead application No. 1226 6313, for the NEl Section 28, Tp. 16 south of range 11 west. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: Godfrey Hartzman. Henry Smith, of state Center P.

O. Kas. Henry Ohlsmyer of Alliance P. O. Kas.

and J. D. Ronstadt, of Ellinwood P. O. Kansas.

35 6t w. U. BROWN. Register. present, and believe our people endeav Dodge City has a new paper, the Democrat, Vol.

1 No. 1 of which has been received at this office. It makes ored to make the time as enjoyable to them as possible, and from the many )U i Li a handsome appearance both editori kroTTN or fnrtc AstmicA 'n tmae toctf BiATkB, Copr expressions of satisfaction we are led to believe that they did enjoy the oc TOM. ally and typographicaliy, and was evidently launched to fill a long felt want. vtjts, Cjirexu.

frde t7aite.1 Satfi, Cud4. 11 ad 4 Bookswoh it 1 FatcnU sent casion hugely. When an opportunity again presents itself we assure them ELLINWOOD, KANSAS. Oaicc at the dnw store of Campbell Son. obtain lh rous hMUNNACO.iu Ake laths Bciurrino Amkjucan.

tb Utxat, "-widclr circulated iionUC3 paper. fi.S rr. Weekly. Splendid easrarinrs ani intrun(t la-tormatton. tspocimea copy cf ths HclcntiOc Amr can sent free.

Addraa WU.VN A 8ciU(TiriO A MSBica Offloe. aa Bruadway, Haw fork. their visit will be returned. I E3TS 25 Florida strawberries are worth $5 per quart in New York. The Attorney General has decided that the railroads of the state are compelled to pay the salaries of the railroad commissioners.

To us this is wrong. The people of thastate created the office of commissioner and they are the ones to pay the expenses and not saddle it off on the railroads. J. T. WROE, Wagon-Maker.

All kinds of wood repairing done on short notice and in the best manner. tQSATI3FACTION Fourth door south of railroad track west side ELLINWOOD, KANSAS wanted for the lives of i B. F. ATTORNEY AT LAW, GREAT BEND, KANSAS. i I4oaned atliowest Rjvtes, Ileal Estate bousht and sold.

Office, soutuerx first tloor. mWnSWyl and how to obtain them. Panrphlex free, upon receipt of Stamp for postage. Address GILMORE, SMITH CO. Solicitor of TatenlM, Sear Patent Office, WatMtgton, XX AGENTS all tbe Presidents of the U.

H. The largft ban a- The public debt; was reduced $12,000. 000 during the month of December. r.i.'.k somest ever soldi for less than twice our price. The fasten sell-ine book in America.

Immense profit to All inteillzent people want It. Any one can)-become a suc -cnsiul agent. Terms free. Hal-let Book Cow. Portland, Maine, The old year departed and the new was born in a blustering snow storm.

To tho Farmers, Stock-growers, Frnlralser Poultrymeii, nad Horticnltorista of the Southwest A. J. BARNGROVER, AUCTIONEER, ELLIN WOOD KANSAS, Will cry sals at very reasonable figures, and guarantee satisfaction. The snow storm was general through Missouri. Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska, and trains were seriously impeded.

FOR HORSES There la nothing that cxmjurt- with' Cole's CarboliKii I vi. Ti the publication seven column We have received a handsome New Years card from the Walnut Creek Mills which reads thus: The compliments of the season to our increasing number of patrons. May your cup of joy be brim full, pressed down and running over. We desire to make you our "Imperial" bow; we would throw the "Rose of Kansas" at your feet and break our "Daily Bread" with you on every paper, in size larger than any other agricultural or stock paper la the country. igowmenton the part of the Journal Coxa pan is to secure, to produce for the States r.f MimkiH.

kamm K.imA. i rwTi. Tbe object to and especially i cures cuts, wounds, bruises, palls sores', mange, scratches, thrush, ajflftrniiia-l TfoSfES1 AM AaaiCOLTOBXM willocntain.rixrt. Thendensed news tbe StriSF carefully edited by a thoroughly competent man. Second.

SrXQKlfils' fcootnwest, will rpce've careful editorial treaf Under app-oprlate heads, the subject of Urmixg, uck and Jieei-rliiBg, and poultry growing, cultivation cf fruit and flowers, will botrpatwi tivl IIED. On the 30th day of December, aged 10 days, Eugene Ashton, infant son of C. E. D. and S.

A. Snow. Our darling has gone. "Far from a world of grief and 'OLD RELIABLE" MeaMarket. JACOB THUL, Proprietor Slt 11 "rt wo devote tcQ to twelve columns of ortsrtnal matter week i a tbetrablect of Agri'miture, Horticulture, trtock aud Poultry raising;

Carefully selected crlainal matter will car-H wwt'fmm nu nnsc eternally snut in." orasilKriTfnWi paper throufTh the comons of the wAi ASAaUCnn.TUEKI. rtJi. JcdicjuaarticiPsexpresHly written or flected for the I With our last issue quite a number of subscriptions to the Express expired. We trust that those who are now rrJ T. rt.

tT tf 1 a leaning leaturx articles will be ul milar to those which now i nons ana an skin or hoof diseases! quicker than any other remedy, ig the only preparation that will invari' ably bring the hair in itaorigioai color J. M. Harper, Superintendent of the' Adams Express Company, Chicajo, says: "I am using Cole's Vttcriimry Carbolisalve on the horses of the Ad ams Express Company, and take tire in saying that I have never used anything with as good resoIU. It is7 all that it Is represented and works4 like a charm." Pound cans, 1 small cans, 50 cents; Prepared by J. W.

Blacld River 1 alls. AVis. Sold by all Drur- ANAKSWERWAXTED. Can any one bring us a case of Kidney or stp.nuy appear. th MncTranhit i receiving it will continue their sub paper, devoted to Soionce, Literatare.

Asrieultcre, Ilarti- I keep constantly on hand a supply of Beef, Pork, Sausage, etc. Fresh and Salt Meats. RT.TJTsrWOOD, Grand Central Liver complaint that Electric Bitters will not scription, as we desire to add to rather speedily cure? We say they can not. as thou than erase any name from our list. If sands of cases already permanently cured and V.

7. wujuy interests nave grown bo raptcay.tuat lo-cay Kansas city is 'l J11" in thU countrj Chicii-o beln? first. It alsowell-kaown that. nuneno who are daily recommending Electric Bitters there are those, who think me wants of this noetrorthaa been made by any jrreat polishing company to mrvt vat aca proauctive oomtrv In thfHn ni or stocs and Family will prove. Blight's disease, diabetes, weak they cannot take the paper longer thev Iheedepartnt" back, or any urinary complaint quickly cur- tbe ea.

Tliey purify the blood, reartilate the bow mf -JSSSSF tn Ker lb and experimentally, beWnd th is enterprise. and the els, and act directly on the diseased parts. promises iterein set forth. will confer a great favor by informing us to that effect that it may be discontinued, as we shall carry no deadheads and those receiving it may expect to for the working t- ii cents for wu; sm 1 we wj II Hrnail vou fr. re v- ii- isvery bottle guaranteed.

For feale at 60c a bottle by Campbell Son. OF ITIlSCEtEPXIOrC. lis JJ tiln hf 1 of tLe may be able to make a trial of the JOURTTAI. A XIISr the following low rates of subscriptions and special iadaoe- be pay for it. meats will offered: CONSU3IPTION CURED.

One copy cf tbe Journal and Agriculturist, four month a 44 six T5 .150 Young ladies, leap year is here; but take our advice, don't be too hastv: it An extra cony will be majledfree to the getter up of a club of five, all sent at thesame tfma. accompanied by the cash far five regular subscriptions. ubw. An old pkysician, retired from active practice, having had placed in his hands by an East India Missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy LIVERY STILE U8T. win put you in the way of matin ey in a few days than you blatany business.

Capital not n-; will start ycwi. You can work i- n- irt time only. The work is univer- to iioth sexes; young and old. Yu tn earn frr.rn cents to 5 everv e. r.

1 h-it all who want work may test th- he nxake this unparalledotrer: v. r.ot well satisfied we will send to th trouble of wrltlnp us. Full illr tions. etx, free. Fortunes be nwii bi those who give their whole time to the wor (reat SUCCTjt nhuilntlr' would doubtless be of some benefit to fo 2JT0 Wft Vl ynalf nm ivmp rtt ila Jrtrnlff T.

wrt imrmmtttMi toaztyBd- for the speedy and permanent cure of and send your choice from the Mlawtns list of rosnlar boe'es. an dress, you to brush up your knowledge of ren of the Bible history and hunt up the record Ellin wo d7felas Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Ca-arrh, and all Throat and Lung afiec- tions. also a rjositive and radical fxirt -ftpT. iu watjcoi xainyan-s Scottish CMefs. Thaddus of I I UArsaw.Last days of Impeti, Andepon's Fairy Tales, Tom fcrown's School Tayaat Bbr it of Naomi, daughtar'of Enoch, who de Under tbe Bea, Julius V' clared that she would not marry anv Popular Tales.

Fanl and Vir sri nla.R ifla. and Zi ZU tz" nt i.Wll" i for General Debility and all nervous Klartuow. Address Stlnson JLCo.PcrtUnd,S,t Baron Munchansen Dicken's Child's History of Knr'a-d. WWkva vnKilVa I man-no -never (hardly ever) who was illustrations. Or your choice from the elegant soi-tmn cf tii fjn nt.

wxizt wjxijjuuuus, auer caving inorougnly tested its wonderful curat ivf nnwpT in Vexed Oersryman. not a just and perfect and she ven the natlencji of IriU tLe finest and mot complete edition of tbe poets ever Issued In this country: Aytoun. Inrr3, fcryv'n, Cliaacer, Dsn ry df-n 1. hot meonjel, Favorite I'oems, Ooethe, CiWhe FausldaiS, llemarf I Hood.llerbert. Ullad fUomf.

Insrelow, Keats, Lncilf. Jtlltoa. Moore. MsnoiayTVlV-mPt? Cin, Odyssey-Hocier, Fce, fo, Poetry of Flo.vers. setti-ItemS rhluer Sou! I stuck to her declaration too, and came H.

J. KLEIN, Proprietor. When you want to hire a rte, call atllie Grand Central, and secure one Carriages to Funerals furnished on the most reasonable tcrrttf. Our aim will be to study the convenience and comfort of our patrons, and we feel satisfied that we can please all who may favor us with their patronage. If.

x'vLEIN. exhausted were he a Treacher ai e-kzv Ingr to interest his audience h-i i v. keejing up an luceasant covzhiz" imix)sihle for Mm to be "v- alarmingly near being an old maid, as sne was 6b0 years old before she eot To al 1 far whn TOTfSt 't jre January 1st ISI, we will send a copy of our II I tnousanos oi cases, leels it his duty to make it known to his suffering fellows. The recipe will be sent free of charge, to all who desire it, with fall directions for preparing and successfully using. Address, with stamp, naming this paper, Db.

J. C. Raymond, Washington Street, Brooklyn, New York. elesrant of IOWA. Kansas or Ml-xxnir.

married. No, girls, don't be in too big I atv tiTii ally atboriwd to act as tbe JO i-JOLfiiaLca" iiaasas City, iXo. Cut this aa." out aud giiow yoarfrienda. Itr-v ll I anurry, though there are exceptions ti isppeax ssin easy can an be nsin-Dr. Kinj-a Key SS- Prernd cu lllZ JsyTrLere, or sent by xasJ for JLups.

Also famished In larps cant, for I. JOILKSOK St Boston, llass. oi course to all rules. auilli'yii'irwiirimi iai swiiiiBMiinrnnnimi mnnn ininirUM liiSTn aMm hi rln ilmliki mrr Mmtaaaiii-miiilliiil ftni li i iiwallajawattMa immlm if err. 1.

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