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The Lucas Advance from Lucas, Kansas • 3

The Lucas Advance from Lucas, Kansas • 3

The Lucas Advancei
Lucas, Kansas
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A couple of gentlemen from 111. were here Tuesday aud Wednesday looking for THE ADVANCE. Personal and General. Go to Joe's for your carpets. Sea Joa's new Ad In tills Issue, lund.

I'ublwlii'ct every Thursday at Lucaa, The public Installation and supper given by the A. 0. V. Tuesday night People should not tie tliclr learns across Uwwell County, Kaosiis. GRSETIH6.

NiW YEARS Entered lit tbo post ollloo it Lucas Kansas, the side walks. Airs. J. lloyot, of CVdron, wai In Lucas yestirJ.iy. at aeoonu olaM wmi unmer.

BUUjcuirnoN bate. School commenced Monday after a two tl 00 weeks Vtt'iulloa. Ml One your, fMx month, three mouths, Several commercial traveler caino to ADVEKTISmO BATB8. NOTICZ TO PATH0N3. On and after Sept.

1, 1800 the Lucas Drugstore will adhere strictly to cash sale without deviation to any Geo. E. mi i W. W. DIOKERSON, WILSON.

KAITS- the only placu in ELLSWORTH County that you cmi get a wulch REPAIRED it will inn and keep time. All work done in a scientific manner iiiul warren ted to give satis faction. Y-T II YEARS EXPERIENCED- one Insertion, 9 luoiilii. Olio square, liiruu j( A HAPPY ANDPROSPEROUSNEW YEAR TO ALL -As the old year goes out and tho new year comes in, we hope to find ourselves all in better circumstanc One twelve uionth' Lucas, Monday. Frauk Griu.them, of Clieyenne, was In our burg, Frld.iy, The horse buyers brought quite number of stranger to town, Friday.

L. Thouvenell returned home Wednesday, after A so joura of many days. Messrs. M. Dye, J.

F.Kkey andTII.oy Bros, shipped cuttle and hogs' Monday. Joseph E. White, of Topeka was In Lu Oiie-lourt i itr (Ml 4,1 Ono-liall column, lx nuntns, column, one year jjjj JJJ lTlrter.lSiwU without specified time, will be runrireu lor uum uron" cas Saturday looking after his lutereats. UK manor, bovuu bi lion, mill UvooeuU lino subrequum Wlfu'ftrilOirM OK POSITION 2ft PRK cotKXTHA WILL UK es than we were a year ago, and that The trench for the fotindrtlon of Dr. Eye's new building is nearly completed.

The pleasant weather we have been having since the storm Is a gracious relief. Mr. and Mrs. F. Naylor were visiting Mrs.

Naylur's parents, on East Wolf, Sun JOB "WORK. ma are now prepared to do all kinds ot Pm.tlnK.K neat style and at reason-able rates. Olve us a trial. 5j- A new line of day. CHURCH I II.

Nnylor.C. M. Harseharger and other Luct.sites were doing business lu Itussell, tills week I). I). Deaver was able to lie out a while wu a grand tuccess, and every body appeared to enjoy themselves very much.

The Uocord will say this week that Jones be pay the freight, and that the Jaurual has now no excuse for existence, but the Aovancr being in a more healthy atmosphere may survive. Soothing for burns, scalds, chapped hand mid lips. Healing for cuts and sores. Instant relief for piles, stops pain at ouce Thee are the virtues of De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. The new board of commissioners are, chairman Win.

Weldle John Winebrenner mid Martin Walters all honorable men and we believe will look after the best interests of the county a God fclvei them to see It. 1 he flue hand of Geo, W. Holland could be seen in the way the Itecord secured the county printing, possibly Atherton whs lilsi adviser also, such an exhibition of financial ability Is supposed to be beyond the Record's man. A eed in the garden can be easily destroyed when It first starts. Consumption can be nipped in the bud by One Minute Cough Cure.

Lucas Drug Store, A short grass printer picked a out of the box, and Mr. Ury became Mr. Wry. In a short time an editor who spells by ear, wrote him down as Mr. Jiye.

Then a sarcastic editor gave him a front name, aud lie Is now In the papers as Iiock and Hye. It will take a legislative enactment to restore his old name. Kausns Notes In K. 0. Stur.

A torpid liver means a bad complexion, bad brentb, indigestion and frequent headaches, To avoid such companions take DeWltt'a Little Early Risers, the famous little pills. Lucas Drug Store, The annual meeting of tho Kansas Editorial Association will be held at Topeka January 2 and 28, 1897. Important matters "for the good of the order" will be presented and every editor and publisher in the State should be on hand. The local arrangements are being well taken care of and the newspaper men and women of Kansas will be handsomely entertained by the people of the Capilul city. Lost A dear little child who made home huppy by Its smiles.

And to think, it might have been saved had the parents only kept in the house One Minute Cough Cure, Hie infallible remedy for croup. Lucas Drug Store. Dr, D. W. King, recently Republican nominee for state senntor lu Cherokee county, has one fad to which he is very much devoted, lie believes he can cure a broken neck nearly ns readily as any just received nnd will be sold at low prices.

Good VIOLINS ut 83.00. THE BOTTOM Saturday afternoon Dr. Lye took him out riding, A. Dolton, of Lurny, brought home 125 l'Hl'sliYTEKIAN Services- every two weeks pim. HKV.llitADBin.r Pastor.

head of calves aud jearllngs from Arkan has fallen out of WATCHES and sas, Saturday. METHODIST BPIBCOPAI-Scrvlooa at 11 a. m. every two woekSAT. Mitchell.

Pastor. Hen Drown lust a young horse at his you can Ret a GOOD for $7.25 farm over on Kacoti creek, last Saturday, by blind staggers. SECRET SOCIETIES. The State Historical Society will hold All oilier goods ut similar lowkilg tires. SPECTACLES Its twenty first annual meeting at Topeka, January 10 1807 C.

II. Keliogir, of Fay, Russell county A1 Lucas Pont. No. 402. O.

meet. or. the flrst Suturuay or each uiontu, i o.olocs p.m., In their hall In the Houiau building. All ex-soldlero and sailors Bre lasted tojoluwlthus. "ZJZZvc shipped three cars of territory cows to fitted to nil kii ds of Eyes, young or Paradise, Saturday.

Howard Markle returned from Lebanon. old. Don't suffer continual Headache, when you can slop it by wc may all see a brighter prospect (W us this year, and with more bountiful crops and better prices, that we may all enjoy ourselves with more necessaries and luxuries of life. I am very thrankful to alL of my many friend jfor their liberal patronage, they have given mo in the past year and I will kindly solicit their custom and as many new ones as will feel my store, worthy of their patronage. This; year I will have my stock more com-, plete than ever before with the lat-.

est styles of goods and at the very lowest PRICED and best grades. I will surly use you right and al- of v. Mica-CamuNo US ins ol Veterans meets In Friday where he has beeu gathering corn for some time past, wearingthe 'proper Glasses. Do S. I.

Liiwdoii, of Sylvan, was In town Saturday in the interests of the Holmes Live Stock Commissloa Co, of K. C. not confound ordinary Glasses with Special Spectacles Hint are ground the lloiiian Hall the second days at 7.80 P. all Hons ol Veterans Hie cordially invited to Join with txor Captain. WOMANS RELIEF CORPS- I.ucas Corps, No.

IWI. woiuans lleiiel Corps meets on the 2, aud 4, Saturdays ol each mouth HtDo'olock p. ui. In the Hoinuii ball. MitH.

J. M. Sohivbm, Pres. Mita. Lizzm Harms.

Beo'y, Tiizey Bros, are permanently located at Lucas, and are prepared to buy hogs and to fit, cattle. See. them before selling your stock elsewhere. A. E.

Fisher, of Trenton, Mo. came out to Lucas, Saturday, to look at the W. II. A Miserable Condition, Doctors Could Not Relieve. CUlt CD by One Bottle.

A W. Meot.lnO. a.K- Hall Lucas, Kansas, the Bates farm. Ileistr Ingto trade some town properly for It. pecond Hiid rotii'lh Tuesday in eacn inoiiwi.

A cordial Invitation Is extended to all workmen. 8. L. Avhtbn, M. w.

Dbkik.e, Uecordor. Com Knight aud family returned home, yesterday from their visit to the eastern other broken or dislocated bone, aud is of part of the date where tliey have beeu visiting friend since December 24. A- F- fit A- nine HIM Lodge No. 198, F. and A.

M. fiieets SRtunliiy evenings, on or before the lull mono. Visltlnir brethren are cordially Invited to moot with us. 11. Navlou.

w. M. John F. EUcy, Soo'y. the opinion that nine out of ten of the men who hanged maybe resuscitated by a method which lie proposes.

He recently applied his system to a miner with a broken back nuk brought him out idl right, and he is now looking around for an op portunity to try it on some executed murderer. IC. O. Journal. All the different forms of skin troubles, from chapped hands to eczema and indolent ulcere can lie readily cured by Dt-Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile I.

O- O. F. Lucas ToiifO, No. 1. 0.

O. meets every Thursday evening In tho l.O.O.r. Hail. Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend. Jacob Hose At J.Fmnnls.

Noblo Urand. Secretary. cure. Lucas Drug Store. best interst, hope to, HJs.L.t.bfefc; REQEKAHS.

The Hnttlc Long Lodge. No. 2M. Rehek-sh Oegi-ec, I. O.

O. F. meets on the first and third Tuesday ovenlnjrs of eiieh month in th Odd Fellows hall. Visiting members cordially invited to attend. MliS.

-BAKA llCI'PENTHAL, N. G. B. G. Scrlven, Secretary.

ways to your see you come "Fbeoowia. N.V.. Julv 9. 1804. A 0N3 FARE BATE To Topeka from all points in Kansas nnd Kansas City, account bilver Conven Dr.

M. M.Fennek. Dear Sir: In 1887 1 had been afflicted with in. tion, Inauguration of State Officers, State F. L.

and It. A. Tutiks, of Popeneau, 111. came out to Lucus, Friday, to look at the count ry.tliey will probably locate here if they can flud a place that suits them. In the settlement of the David Naylor case the count) commissioners performed a simple act of for which his parents and friends are very much pleased.

The public installation of the XV. It. C. officers was well done, and showed that the ladies take great pride in their work. As much cannot be said of the G.

A. It. Mr. unpen, Hush Mailer, and Ea Fritts.of Lurny, were in town Friday. Mr.

Mai ler brought some horses down to sell to the horse buyer, but arrived too late to dispose of them. Join. Bunker has turned out to be quite a broncho rider. He was offered a dollar last Friday to ride a horse that had never been saddled before. John says that was the easiest dollar he ever made.

The Eldorado Times prints the following card of thnuksj from a dis-eoiisolate widow, '-I desire to thank the frieuds and neighbors most.lieartily in this manner for their united aid and co-operation during the illness and deatli of my recent husband, who escaped from me by the a complication of ailments, including pain In left side, kidney and bladder trouble and luucorrhoea. I lost flesh and became so miserable that I could not be around. In this distressed condition I sought the aid of an eminent physician, but he did not seem to Yours Truly Board of Agriculture, Stock Breeders' Association, Poultry Breeders' Association, State Temperance Society, Good Templars, of A- The Lueas Camtt ol Modern woodmen America No. UIH, meets the First and wediiesdav evenings of each month in lloman Hull. Visiting Neighbors always welcome J.

Benjamin, V. C. J. P. wortnorlnger, Clerk.

of Kansas, nud XV. O. T. U. Tickets on sale Jan.

9 to 10, 1807, in JOE HOMAIM. clusive. be able to find a remedy that would reach my case, aud I received no benefit. Finally I was advised to try your Kidney and Backache Cure. I (elt better the first duy after beginning Its use.

Within throe days I was much better und by the time one bottle was taken I was wholly relieved. A slight return a few months later was cured by ouo-hulf bottle of same." No return since The Union Pacific pst llne-V. D. Better Agent. ftmst I nation in its worst forms, dyspep IV.

A. A. The regul-ir meetings of the National Alliance Aiil will be held on the evening of tho third Monday of each month. Geo. Tolivr, Sec.

S. Dlusmoor Pres. Dr. Geo. E.

Eye, sole will refund your money if not sa'lnfied after using sia, sick headache, hilliousness and derangement of the liver are readily cured by DeWitt's Little Early Risers. These little pills never gripe. Small pill, safe one bottle of Dr. Fenuer's famous medt cine. pill, best pill.

Micas urug store. Evangelical Church Directory. For Jan. WEST. No.

accommodation, 1:40 p. Jan. 10 Preaching at (wu p. m. LUCAS DRUG- STORE PURE DRUGS AND MEDICINES.

Fine OHemicals. Pharmaceutical, Specialties, Dye StvifTs, Sponges Oils, Faints and Bmshea it j-y a 11 a. m. 24 .11 a. m.

gi 11 a. in Sunday school every Sunday at 10: a. P. A. every Sunday at 7:30 p.

m. Prayer meeting each Wednesday night at 7:30 p. ra Every body cordially invited to any or all of these services. I. II.

Keelkr, Pastou. Minutes seem like hours when a life is lllllAl'" No. 84, Freight accommodation, 12:20 p. m. C.D.YETTEU, Agont.

Business Directory. Vogelgesang, Attorney and Counselor at Law, RUSSELL. KANSAS. hand of death on Friday hist while eating his breakfast, To the Iriends and all who contributed so willingly toward making the last moments and funeral of my husband a howling success, I desire to be remembered most kindly, hoping these few lines will flud you enjoyiug the same blesi-iiig. I also have a good milch cow and a roan gelding horse which I will sell cheap.

God moves inn mysterious way His wonders to perform. He plants His footsteps in the sea and rides upou the -torm. Also a black nod white shoat very low." Hoxle Sentinel. A Kansas It is a tolerably chilley day when anybody gets the best of the genuine XV stem Kansas girl. The Fairvlew Enterprise IS THE BEST.

Druggists' Sundries a gives the experience of Prof. Means, now Geo, E. Eye, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURSEON.

ALL CALLS ANSWERED, DAY OR NIGHT. Office At Lite Drug Store, Lucas, Kas. A complete line of Toilet and Fancy Articles, Perfumery, Combs, Brushes, Face Powders and Preparations for the Teeth- ESTABLISHING' priuci pal of the schools at Everest, Means at one time taught school in a Western Kansas iwn, and one of his pupils, a bright, pretty young miss of perhaps 15 Rnd full of innocent mischief, had given him a great deal of trouble and one day atstake. Croup gives no tune to sena tor a doctor, delay may mean -death. Oue Minute Cough Cure gives instant relief and Insures recovery.

The onlj harmless remedy Unit produces immediate results. Lfcas Drug Store. SUNNYSIDS. Report of Sunnyside school Diet. CO for the mouth ending December 24, The following were neither absent or tardy for 3 months Emmet, Lucian, Gracie, Roy, Hay, and Ralph Cooper, Those that received 100 in deportment for the month ending December 24, were Emmet, Lucian, Gracie Cooper nnd Arthur Rice.

Number of visitors during the month teu. Myktmc Teacher. Chicorn, "Herald:" Richard Ven-sel reports One Minute Cough Cure Hie greatest success of medical science. He told us that it cured ids whole family of terrible coughs and colds, after all other no nilled cures had failed entirely. Mr.

CEO E- EYEi W. he concluded to punish her. It was his practice to whip Ills pupils over the hands with a ruler nud calling the girl to lilin lu ALLEN C. CARSON, Notary Public, Real Estate Loan and INSURANCE AGENT. JOB WOEK A SPECIALTY! We are now prepared, to do all feinds of job printing in a neat style and at lowers "COOK BOOK" FREE, write DeLAND CO.

Fairport. N. Wanted fln Idea SSSiSs a kindly tone, for he is not a cruel man, said: "Miss, giv" me your hand." The girl's arm trc-mbled at her side, and raising her Lead and shaking her hanging curls, the Professor detected a shy smile upon her lips, and her coal black eyes sparkled ns she with au effort: ''La, this is so sudden! You'll have to ask papa," Uole Sentinel, Collections made. Agent for towr. PROPERTY.

Office in G. A. II. Block, LUCAS, KANSAS. Vensel said it assisted his children through very bad siege of ineasels.

One Minute Cough Cure makes expectoration: ooe rM 1 Pt' i Protect Tour Ideas; th. may bring on wealth, Write JOHN WKDDEKUURN rrv, 1 'r I' ftiM I.

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