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Cheney Journal from Cheney, Kansas • 3

Cheney Journal from Cheney, Kansas • 3

Cheney Journali
Cheney, Kansas
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1 lIEi iril .1 I I I fir II I i oy me io entertamaieDt by the two Attention Ladies MB r- It is said that aa soon as the For Scott road reaches the Indian territory line south-west of Anthony new town will be started. The work of competing the remainine few As we hare quite a stuck of Winter Goods on hand, consisting of Beavers, Felt, we will offer special bargains in that line for the next thirty days. We do tbis to make room for en immense Spring Stock. Thank th. ry renu; one -eighth one -fourth col tun one alf column one month.

H.Sfl; THE JSS LOWEST PRICl milea of the read to Anthony will lie dope as MM nian one to, 98.00: rearting notices, ioe each insertion. soon as the weather will permit. ing you ior your liberal patronage in the in musical blind men.Forcnakj- and Charlotix, at Tail's hall Monday night was well attended. A ow that promises Is be good is what will bring Cut crowd in Cheney, but it rs astonishing bow quick no other apparent cause thati a fifteen -cent admission fee w.U take effect to reduce the audience to the the crowd usually around the mourners' beach at a revival. The hall was near-ly foil The music and $fngrng were both gojd.

Forenskie baa a powerful base voice and has it under complete control. The violin performances were generally praised, es ATTORNEYS. Andrew Murphy bs built a meat market vuu 10 can, and we will do our beat to please you. Yours respectfully, Goedy A KESt. on A.

Sweet's lot, between J. W. Tapp's confectionery atore and Walker Bros. The Ever Offered Highest market Bali is mt laf'T building is twelve by fourteen feet, and will ATTORNEY AT LA rLL PRACTICE IX A Sedgwick and adjoining rain tie. AH businew en trusted to bu care will be prompt! Attended to.

Cheney, Kansas. for holr. Vj v. i be neatly fitted up for coi.vieutly carrying on the business. TO COMSUHPTIVEJ, NET AT LAW.

WICHITA. SEDO- The bus pees before the city council at its next meeting. nir Mnnrf county, Kansas. Office in Centennial advert having T1.1H pecially the imitations put the fun began shock I j- win iu pass whan the showmen annoucced their plan to three ordinances, relating to the CoUar and -Hi1 ire, jones. A TTOBXBY-AT-LAW.

SPECIAL ATT EN- hands the formula "of a Simple Vegetable Remedy tor the speedy and permanent cure of Consumption, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma and all Throat and Lung Affections. Banal! oi me entertainment, it uotiin addition to Chenev. th uon JPTen to consultation by sail waa to vote a present, at ten cents a vote, to nue sidewalk, and the planting of trees tw wijoinmg towns, umce in mamm Hovey A dry goods tore. Wield uKansa laving thoroughly tested its wonderful cur -S pvijul" iy. i ne canaiaaies were eung the streets H.

I BTBOHM, urought forth that is, their names were his duty to make it knon 11 to thoe who mav The Following ar tim The draying business of Chenev has been at WF KING MAX. KAN- mentioned and the balloting commenced. ueeu n. i ne recme win iv. consolidated.

J. D. Wolf and J. W. Mo harge to all 1io mav aausWii mtn Lowest srood Comas will jointly run one wagon, and thus ftist DALE.

iirections for preparing aiid using. Mention DAUB DALE. is parcr. Address -frof. W.

H. Arm trong, 737 Race Street, Philadelphia. Pa. rnces ever reduce expenses without lieing the Jess ac commodating and punctual with their pa tron's. 1 TTOBXE Yo A VI COUNSELLORS AT LAW.

KPC Xo. DpnglM Avenue, over BiHlor A ftaher'a atore, Wichita, Kansas. given on Miss Fhronia Coffey was the first to be complimented. Mrs. 3.

H. Harts came Then followed several ladies who, but for the excitement, would also have been the most popular! Miss Lydia Banish was brought out afterward. These three ladies received higely complimentary votes, 3 Boots and shoes at a sacrifice at the Fa mous. vr or- I C. GOBIN, ATTORNEY AT LAW.

BHjJWMdence, Cheney, Kamwu. seasonable goods in Sedd- For bargain in Drv nuui m. CHURCHES. J. A.

Schmidt, real estate agent, has just printed some circulars, to be used in the east setting forth the advantages of the Ninne-scah valiey as an agricultural aet-tinn and Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, go to the' and all would hve been elected had it not been necessary for all but one to be defeat kaffifElHODIT tflSCOPAL. KKRVfTKM EV. uuiuua new xora tore, where vou will be ible to get the moat goods for the leat ery Sunday morning and evening alternate If" ed. Mrs Harts was awarded the nw 11.00 a. m.

Evening ly. aumiDi "ervicea at HlOIieV. All SOOUS nOW 111 Binal Iw, wick Couaty service at 7. 30 p. m.

sold in order to make room for a spring and torget the place the Faipons New York Sedgwick conuty from a taxation point Merril A Chamberlin take possession of their recent purchase, S. R. Pierson's agricultural house, March 1. That is about th season of the year that the implement business to boom. if.

A. TI7 H. ilAXKIX POST XO. SS5, DEPART -3 meat Of Kansas meet every first and third Saturday in each month. '-m A.

THOMAS, Commander. X. Bt RKOws, Adjttfaatf" "Mrs. Elizabeth Barett Browning's The voting was closed with two dollars and thirty cents' more votes than there was cash but the discussion continued and has beep more or less the town talk ever since. AH the legal steps requiredexcept the 3iore.

opposite postonlcc. 40 S. J. WcRTUStyfa. Proprietor.

Men's Farm and durable 0 P. D.Tdll has received a carload of fur u'ture which Will be sold cLeup" for cash final action of the council, have been taken Auction sales will be held every Saturda 10 aamit those lvjng north of the sectioii at J. Ellis'Miverv stable, near the railmnH line to the incorporation. There is but one WomterfiilTi We do not know of any medicine that has ainedan equal popularit in such a short dissenting residents. All the others, some -tme, tor the insf ant relief of Couirha seven or eight in number signed the petition.

The addition will ri-. 1ant. ireness in the 'funtrs as BtRiia' r.n,,.. P0ST0FFICE. Mail via Wichita Wert-rn railroad, at pm.

Mail amven from the west via the Wichita A estern railroad, at 6:80 am. Time of closing mafia fbr eaat and weat via Wichita A Weekrn railroad, 9:00 pm. PenUme to -Venice, Chenev, Birch and Oat, Tuesdays and Fridays, leaves Peotone at us; arri vea at Cheney is lea ves Cheney at pan; 1 vl th Pedtonfe route, Mondays and Thurs-daye, leave Mona at :90 am: arrives at Chenev at 13m; leaves Cheney at 1:30 pro; arrives at I'aqtone at 5:00 pm. Office hours from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Sunday, from 7:00 to 9 am and from 8:00 to 9:00 p.

Money order department open from 7:90 am to :00 pin, except Sunday. 5 Joslyn. Postmaster. ularriC43 $6, will be sold this week for Don't fail to see them, Thev are great bargains indeed, i i Jt i aj Men's nobby and well made Overcoats worth 9, will be sold this week for $1 You cannot be economical unless you see these overcoats. acres from the southwest corper of E.

C. Go-bin's farm forty acres from the southeast Cocgh Svblf. Jt mild and pleasant to takv ind will not injurs the most delicate infaut. Sample bottles Free' at Jocelvnand Wingert corner of S. K.

Collar's quarter. On this strip there are already seven residences.with three more nearly completed. It is righi that they should be joined to the citv. A. L.

Coffey will bo the auctioneer. Private sales and trades will also be ide. Mr. Jonathan at.v.rof Mrs. J.

L. Randall, who recently arrived here from Vermont, has opened a carpenter shop in a building near the "City Stablea." A cr on Wednesday's east bound freight train broke down near the Cowakin) delaying the train a few hours. Superintendent Nickerson, of the western division, is in this city. He came down to establish a station five miles west of this -ity, at which point a concern for the manufacture of pressed brick will be erected. Jlay of the requisite qualitv is abundant at that point on the railroad.

Beacon. Our Opinion. After selling numberless preperations, w. ire convinced that BEGGs.rtrBoHcAL i-unequaled. For Pain, Cuts, Bruise, Rheumatism, Frost Bites, Chilblains, it is warranted by us Jocelvn and Wingert.

Their interests are the same as those living Make SO "per cent, by buying your at Wertheimer's Famous. 37-tf within the present incorporation and they should have the same voice in the management of city affairs. Those who will come into the ejty by the addition are, S. K. Collar, D.

M. Lazarus, S. H. Harts, C. E.

mora A nr. A Reliable Noose. Messre. Jocelyn and Wingert are alwavs reliable and try to aecare fhe lieai of everv thing for their patrons. Thev now have bought a laree" Qiiahlitv of cmm.

vbcu, rtB, a. lngcn.ueorgi oteei, n. r.Uoode, Mrs. A. Skinner, E.

C. v.uniu ouaur, anq are alwavs witUM am Men's stylish cassimoro (vrH Gobin and William Brown. L. G. Lapham was out It Sunday, returning to Wichita Monday morning.

Ht CHENEY MARKET, Carsfully prepared by Walker Bros Orocers, everv Friday, WHEAT KYE Xo. 2 CGRX-Load OATS Per bushel "g'tol s- eady to recimend it to every one in u. will tie pold Ii XW nrvU 1 i I a preperaion tor Coughs, Ooids. uiiio vVML IUI OIJ. JL JI i tp i uronchitis and Consumption, as thev kn 3 7a .25 GARDEN SEEDS In Bulk, All New and Fresh.

Walker Bros. fading Grocers of Chene. HONEST DEALING oOaAi ttO OC cjLieCiihed i no other remedy that is gaining such a a rw Will go into business isj Wichita and iu a few days will move his family there. No one has ever left Cheney with more regrets as a ioe reputation. Sample bottles free.

55 BUTTEtt-Good EGGS Per dozen COAL. SelHita-; two thousand dollars' worth iornis departure than Mr. Lapham. The mm )uai receivea ar v. u.

lull a. 42 inai ne wouia leave was a Osage Shaft 5 7 Pittsburg, lump 65; Canon Citv 75, oave money uy imying your blankets at wertheimer's, the Famous New $Tork Store. Public Sale! 37-tf Hats and caps at cost at the Famous. great surprise to everylody. He will make a valuable citizen in whatever community he may happen to be, and he was looked upon here as one to be especially valuable Cheney and this vicinity.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Addington, sons-in-law of Mr. Lapham, will also go into business in Wichita. Men's Caps, worth 75 eenta II nnrl 7 37-tf I will sell at my residence one and a halt miles northeast of Cheney on Saturday.Feb-;-uary 28, 1885, the following property b-it: Twelve milch cows three and six ears old, some fresh: will all fah cjimiuc goous ana prices an convince vourael that vm nun ana l.UU.

Men Fur 1 i) i ti 50 and 75 cents, noni Bo 85 the Famous than at any other place in town. The justices of the peace that is. we call 37-tf them justices of the peace recently elected Does This Mean You. in Morton township have received their cer You are subject patn in the region of the -r-'u i. a r.

in Remember tbat Chatfield'9 prices are Wichita prices, and before you buv your Hardware, Barbed Wire, Iron, Plow" Steel, Wagon Wood Work, Stoves," Ranges, also your Steel Goods, go to the cheapest Hardware dealer in the west. D. C11 atki kld, Cheuey, Kan. tificates of election from the county clerk, i maciive, your atom ach does not digest its food, vour Bowels together with he necessary blanks for bonds are inactive, tfecca DanHplinn wo to six weeks. Three heifers, two years ld.

Five two-year old steers. Two four- ear-old fat steers. Nine yearling calves, ix steers and three heifers. "One good horoughbreJbuU, three years old in July. 88o.

gight sows, five with pig. Fifteen hoats; weight SO to 130 pounds. Two sulk- plows and one fourteen-inch stirring plow One header, Hodge's make, with fo-ir head-jr liOxes. Four cultivators. Oneone-hors, vheat drill.

One lumber wagon, and one tay frame. One threshing machine. One rown corn plaqter and check rower. Two Judge Coffey early anuounced that he would -co- t'ti ii ill correct all this. Ask Jocelvn and Winrrt not deliver bis books until ordered to do an mi noiiie.

All-Wccl Funnels Vfir fl T'y-v 1 1 1 1 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY sH, 1885. by the governor. Neither of the elected oi'- .1. "if 'ap "wwp price o. an, extra ficers cares enough for the office to contest paid tor bogs.

G. Kovii this ueek for twenty-five cents. thi jL Ail-Wi mJ" Mr. Coffey's right to hold over even "it" ii 4C-at Days length, 11 hours 1 minute. Tap? has a barrel of apples.

could be successfully done. Possession Is For Sale. nine good points out of ten in law, Two large ricks of Cane, two ricks of mil. 1 la. a -asW' I 1 Business men report collections better.

The regular and certain revenue to th. iei, anu two ncas ot frame Hav, or will take cattle and feed them through. Will I Cheney city treasury is one hundred All is quiet on the Po atofhee question auu lurman corral to teed iu. lowing machines, and one one-horse rake -Seven tona of hay. All mv houaehold and utchen furniture.

Terms of sale: A cred-t of niue months without interest if paid at siatunty. If not paid at maturity. 12 per ent. interest from date. All sums under dollars, cash in band.

All over ten lollars, the time above stated with note and pproved security will be required before ropcrty is removed. John Hillkax. John Corrxr, Auctioneer. per month. It comes from the two saloon- rienty ot water handy.

Also, have two Brown Wolf have their real estate office and two eaminsr rooms. u. iresn much cows for sale. V. V( I IU pearly completed.

H. C. BafOBSCAS. collection of these fines which are so called to correspond with the words of the ordinan Mona, Kan. a regular cor- Thr IFtchita Beacon has respondent at Cheney.

ces prohibiting saloons and reality are licenses there is not much busi Fresh Bread, Cheney Bakery. Our real estate agenta arc expecting a J. W. TAPR ness for the judiciery department to do. Po- farge emigration this spring.

Dress Goods o-noric ra x. uuuge iison 9 uocKct, to the credit oi Confectionery, Stationary, For Board and Logdino Kingmaa county is to have a grand jury. the town, has very few cases of drunkenness It was granted by Judge Sluss. GO TO or disorder. cent goods lor filteeu cents.

An o.tuc,a iu p.ouoraon runs ana juaiir dies and Cider always on Eighteen township ip Sedgwick county Twenty-one miles offence ill be built on the Jewett farm plsctecl justices of the peace this year. nana. The material is now beinz taken fmn Oklohoma societies are being organized Cheney to the farm. The fence built on 3 various placea over the United Statea this place is very substantial. The Dost Wichita and Western Railroad Time Table.

It seems to be the intention of nearlv are set eight feet apart, and on each side everybody to go to the masquerade to-night. furrows are plowed a foot or more in dent! IN EFFECT NOVEMBER 9. 88, and the earth thrown into a ridee aloncr th. Head Jqhn Hillman's advertisement of rrf posts. If wire is used, a top board and afcta the auction that takes place on his farm on 98 a cap board, make the fence plainly visible February 28.

Men's All-Woo' Rod Fnjprwr P. f. Tharp'a bank building was finished 1 will A colony consisting of eight or ten fami Freight Acmtion. Second Class. eente: Men's 1.00 UiiderwAir Plastering and casing was what so1-? for "5 30 ctnl tu- lies will arrive here during the early part oi 07 95 Kg reight and Kingman Ex I.

BTATIOKS a a. a Vccom'tioo. press. bttwb, jj, K. A A.

Second Class. First Class. PI si First Class. (10:15 pm 9:40 am 9:05 pm WICHITA :03 am 11:00 am 9:43 did 14 a 11:35 am loioopS 20 0 GARDEN PLAIN S2 12:15 am 10:15 pm ft 5 rnrwv 1:00 pm 10 40 pm I MITRnmK 11 .0 to be done. aareu.

may are from ilontour count derwear for 23 cents. (10:45 am am Pennsylvania, and will settle in the ttnisTi i No fears need be entertained that the ice 8:40 am of Cheney. They are induced to come here 8:05 am tn the tce-bogse haa already melted. It lit through the efforts of the large number oi acema to be keeping yell. am Pennsylvanians already here, and thev mat The Exnrnn tr Kne towuship's officers are Trustee, W.

Thff Vroierht an1 A 1 be relied upon to make as good citizens. ir Ua Wj -til- Hi avwmiuwiiuoa ixBins run everv aav cveent train leaves WichiU at 7:30 am, and reaches EmrbVat 1 1 -1 W. Forest; treasurer, M. A. Swift; clerk, mm.

iiu. auu iii iii t-i 7 i iin'ik a i The officers elected in Grand River town at 10.K?5 and arrives at Topekaai V5a fim KWSTawfJHBfCto Wm. M. Parham; constable, B. F.

Forest, pui. muv4 1L 111 Lifi ML 5fl TIKI nru ship at the last election were: Oliver Bud I Dare Ooffay has sold his "Blue Front fov trustee, K. H. Chamberlin for treasurer. Livery Stablea" to Mr.

Conner, a recent ar A A Barlow for clerk, J. W. Case anri rival here. Mr. Conner took possession last John Stevena for coustables, S.

Hudsiieth Tuesday. P.Smith and John A. Williams for road LOOK OUT! asaassssssaasHaaaM. Tsa The ur per atory of the Cheney bakery overseers in the first, second and third dis Don't Delay, Noli he Time building is being completed. It haa been Mir a lodge room for the Odd Frilows.

J. L. Randall's "City Stablea" has been here. recently improved. A comfortable office ha -ror bip- Baro-ains The Wichita United States court house to buy.

-p; been fitted and many other convenience added. Mr. Randall's business will hn- bill passed the house of representives last Tueadey op motion of S. R. Peters, It ap ci pally dealing in horses and propriate, for the purpose.

a wen appointed livery will be kept in Mr. John Uillman his rented his farm 1 an in all kinds of Such Bargains will Sot Walter: Osborne purchased themeat mar. northeast of Cheney for three years and will a a ket next to the Tyler house last wcek.takinif sawvB io town, tie is htting up hie store building on Main street fo. a residence. possession Saturday.

They are pleasant and accomodating gentlemen. Mr. Walter came here from Colorado about The United Statea court will not begin another aesaion at Wichita on March 0, the -fs3 Dry Goods, ago. Mr. Osborne is from Missouri.

time to which it was adjourned. For some Tee grocery store of W. W. Bruce was reason the meeting haa been further pat off. closad this week hi.

This lare ywu eoinato tae maouerade to-nicrht? the ummI t. .1 I' occupants ot that i ou re not 7 Yes tou are. 1 on sav vou arc I aland kv. hi, Clothing, pe Cheney Ccithing C(gipcni not going eo that you will not be known, but This time Mr R. when the faces ara uncovered youra will be now believes, to resume businew.

them if there is one man in Cheney more in- ujer iam me siuewaiK in front of and attentive to business Caps, Boot, Shoes tua lot between the Blue Lick saloon and another it 1a Herman Walter, the harness '-bbSHbbbI maker. He is atwavs at home and always -AND- at work, and the result is that his efaop is A. Thomas' office this week. If one or two more joints should be pat in, Main street would be quite passable. Yesterday was the last day of Mr.

A. D. hfarble'a echoed in the Marshall district. Laat night the literary society of tka school weu tilled with the goods he makes. Mr.

W. L. Oliver, from Camp Point, here Wednesday with a r. L. D.

at of horses. He now has them for sal at th gate an exhibition and had a meeting sat They are nearir all wn SfONE PRICE TO mr 1 um wsth. The pnlar Dry Gosttfi.

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