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The Cheney Weekly Blade from Cheney, Kansas • 8

The Cheney Weekly Blade from Cheney, Kansas • 8

Cheney, Kansas
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I -II .111 1 COBliESlOSDENOB. rsn szr? QUUl A 1 VA Jim ln i "I nave used two bct'lTR roar PalneM CtUry pound, it hss sat- us an apptt 1 1 BftaitCTtsJ nervea, tired traia. Impure felled, system, nil 3 Iren Gcusnau is imprprinff slotrly. TTxa, 7aaoat Elsishing yestereay. Born to Mr.

nd Sirs. C. Geasman Feb. dAOgliter, TJtocaaa bought tbe Oau McMercby fana S. IS.

asne s. i- tr me natural outcome la tie Spring. "A taclc'lne must be used. and covins equals Paiccs Celery Compound. We let others pralso us you cannot fcelp beUevtoj a disinterested party.

Are coming in: and vre are making Prices on them to suit the Hard Times We.have a nice line- of Prints, Ginghams, satteens, Embroideries Is prescribed by phyrfeians recommended by drujrisrs. endord br-nJnIstPis. pr-Uvd by users, and 1 nTtiL-ieturers. as a sp in medicine widen tio ail tint la cUiraed for 1 -Use It this spria. and see turn quickly It tones you up.

Puflffca tho.B.cod. Fun accounts of wonderful cures Palae's Celery Compound after her medicines and the best pbyaiclans bad failed, seat tree There's notnlns Ufce It. Lra, six ror fieoi Wnis, Richardsox Burlington, vt. Ettrafiler-General W. L.

Greenleai, Bnxllnff-rro. Vt, writes: MI hare used Palne's Celery Ccmpoond on several occasions, and always vtth bearflt. spring, being very much rua rtwa and debilitated. 1 commenced iking It. Two bottles made me fel like a ucw man.

An funeral tonic and spring xaedicino I do not icsow ot Its equid." DEWEY ON. fvorjnymwa it tt cmqy nve riTj ntMnnrtn nvco sa vtnon. I.rpnomieal. bnw i wffa mimi viauvuv I t.M emit tadj. W.

M. Pond. Comlwt OAXZmNO. 1 sr try lookit.K over tbe colpmns of our valiiHblQ paper last week several otters from correspondents. I presume Jey were of tbe same opinion as tbe Quill Driver, thinking now that tbe au-Mr and salt question bad taken up time and space which crowded us out, but of everything has been "mum" in tii-it direction, so here are again.

Prayer meeting every Thursday eve, nt the Richey schfoMionse. PreachiiiK very iimi and third Suudays in each by Rev. Pvcht. Every acre of land in thfa neighborhood, that is worth tillhig, is um for Mltivation, and more is ih demand. W.

li. Gobinaiid wife expect to leave Ar their home in Colorado, in a few i vs. He has just returned from Philadelphia and New York. Addel Lindliolm went to Murdock vduy to meet his wife at the train. DEALERS IN T.



Posts, Dcorp, Window Mouldings, Lath and Shin; 1 s. -AgeiiU 'fa and other Black Diamonds. Yards, Tliird, St, ai.d Second Cheney, A. S. MARBLE.

Agt. T. H. Shannon Physician Surgeon, OntCBAT, KcairiEscz. KANSAS.

the arkansas valley town land company. T0PEKA, KAS8AS. Town Pmriartv rrn tit 1 aQilt.on mmt (go wiM: TVrTXjTOIT, OHIO, TTaTitifacturers of Hamilton Gfiadea of Vehicles. PARLOR -f. i.

arket, AtehiBon, Topeka Santa Fe Railroarl, X. Southmv Kansas Jiail way, Chicago, Kansiis Western Wichita Western Railroad1. Cne Hundred and fifty owns and Cities in Kansas Un- One Management Unsurpassed Opportunities for Business Men and Speculators- ehh Meats and Sausages, id Game in season. The Guest ani-ials are slaughters! and the juciest ie.t sold the lowest prir-is. Frejh aid Salt Meats tways on hand.

Highest cash prices aid far bides andllts. LEE COLLAR. CorrespondenceSolicited. Address It. II.

Spivey, Uen. Agt. TOPER KANSAS W. A. Coats, Sec.

aud Trn EDITORIAL SPECIAIi BTJQOY OP AZ77 CTYLH TUmCLIL SPECIAL TTURESS 5 Proportion, Xnratility oirootIon of ITinisli a an Mirror nnwn worx is tne best mcuium-prfced work in the United States. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE. HAMILTON BUGGY CO. Manhattan Billiard Pool Room. A.

BMGGrS, Chattel Security Loans 1 The Greatest IIovItir TO4St5S C3HENEY, KANSAS. mod leva low jroi can k-i bUi e( lllL ratl eo! aoft. Mt-1 lr.ypi-k.iJ jila itrl-wd, ni daeh.4wi.fc ail eamS4 bkomer aot aa I I a a reaabw pri- SU9, prer-dd, a- 4 caea wmw I vr a Toa-si-tect, Ltaf.ea. CocUti aa iiuiraOoa Taaf Oisrars. Fancy Drinks.

onfectioneries. Liinch nw tanotreraitad V'mtllr. FiLa DwaanmcentrKwufTw itt tlt oMnt In th th. book ia 1 I pne loiliy w. m.

JjyjJU 06 HiilUJjJLLVf rAAipiietoio, Wara.l itner's Commercial CxCluegk 1 lor -to imlil ia wit Barnes1 PatentFcctPoirerllachinsiy. Vorkora of Wnnri a Maai him ft wau-b ta Um wurkl HaMawBiMtt. V4J' wtthoat aceam power, by asinr outfits ot these' ItMa kifc. wan, urn rower, ana meremoacy from their jobs, than Iitibt other mcaiu e.tiwi 3J EaiMl Mtt' ml witk Work, Warle. A Inn fn.

iv-nranrmit' 1 --S? caaur caa tacwr ot frra. ri i witii them boy can acquire practi tueib-f with oar taricaaiMlvaU SnOST-HAND ISSTITin iON AND ENGLISH TBAINIXQ 8CH00L, is The Standard Institution, and the Larp-est IN THE WEST. Fall rnf ormation. Catalogue, eta, Sent aula an llwuftvhold "SO tor Sad for Cati--JT fifLl--d Ik' awdb a aa Tt-JiZn Vvv. aad afutr ia Um kuyt away as SMeaajra, fftam la -waar hnm fr 9 month.

aa4 aanwa favw la taoaa vaa MMf hv clivii. ihry bwemi tw iwopanr. Taaaa rH nr ran ba fan of recaivia tba Write ti Wa rv all umn, Aedraaa Address P. RITXEfc A. President.

-J V.C i'BE WI JHITA STATE MEDICAL AND SUKGIAL SANI-TARIUAI. 150 forth Main Street. The ordiaary mellioJ ol'Ueatiiir uiscase in vogue for past ajcesfcand which have had their growth from empvrAcism and conjecture, ralhu than from any exact knowledge of the anatomTr physiologj mil chctnutrjr of the human body, or tbe laws that Ictcrmine the effects of certain agents are fa t'gir-Z way to more advanced theories and deductions based on well kaoaa and clearly rcco-'nrzKti rin. 'iSiiit u-p rk' jvT fcf: ft I i Short Hand by Mail, a Specialty. Send cents for Primeriand airmlLessons: I jrll i.

nut. ft re ri.u ptraun ecn to, v. ty the mu a convenient "WARREN FOSTER. to Ui bsyer aa anT We viitataM r.tMif rC'Carvu uie linavl oar tid art aatrvtc. Ia retwa me art tbat vm kiww wliat ri ti.

iftuvr tro aiay rail st wm U.utr.stnt aftti last ti meat ayawsn, if iific facts. Piirrmoat amcng the advana-d thera 1 he 1 '-VWa tyttm to its nnui.ifiat.' Iitit'inr jrinr awe peutic methods is the combiaation trratir.vnt with ST p) iwarx-rrr. 1 tirt 'rrae t. hiaa sffi 'elr UNDERTAK ciua BKmucn seua is electro inagnetie taedicated spirit vapor, apolied to 33 watches In each 4wfWs-' Swriw ir I r. IT raicBT.

Iiirb liar, rtn or.t Iwtwtv titruts rcn nui it ft a Uh the orv-JwrroHk. an) Ku'rft acila ive 63SWitca Gub. and veret cash from hrtv la ci.v vai'd. to e. Na ttauirad.

f-imie. aaMf laaae waai ractiea asa frw the treat ki--c feit ic lb awrni. and li.a afrtartererifcnwa tatn-iavtie tO liox -J4LO. iLwua4, JAsUae.

'I tbe Gab for each waedt Before it goes 1 oat. eAch menljer Qtv'y pay it a week. Tbis i why we Eire you 1 more for yoar monry thoa a ny one else Jtad why we are doUig the largest i watch in the world We tell only first quality coodi bat oer i price Are about what otlien pet sec-na 810 Sllwex-WaUIs iay HhJl) Stem-Wind American Level WaKh either tactinff case or ODen. fuj o. me patient; a method is fast stijx.r-ceding all others, and which is attracting at oace the admiration of the oiediail and scientist world A'inist every 'sutTeres it aware from his own personal experience that little fwlfcmcecstn be placed tnedicine alone, fkatit is generaH of no avaU ml so fist is this impression gaining holt with noth patient and physician, we may anticipate an entire revolution in Cnro oi the combination treatment, so near does it approach a panacea tor the numerous nervous jutd chrome diseases for which initiikind is tiabie.

With this new method acarctlv anv miVIn Kansas. Cheney fX I Our Watcit is a Stem-wd Keeps constantly on hand a full line of OpcaVaee. rtrt -raality, itUTcnea Gold AjncncaaLevcrW atch rtnmmtttdta a-3arcirj. ItisnuiyeQaartoatrr hers. We toad fon of electrified vaor wh cb is absorbed into tlb: sjstem thtonh a CvLlCate much 1 1 jaaf jaaaa afjM ina 'JIM UUJL laare sansawtcrr and servicati than any Solid GoM Case be sold at (ess thaa doulitbe tnoney, as che solid cases are ol low qaal'ty.

arf worthless after short use. Our 033 7atcb contaias auiaeroas important catented. Sm-I, ne pores ot tae sam (endosmos eal-rmatic canttla rv absorption, parif ing the blao-l, strengthening the nervous force and accomplishing nre ot" an equalizntaM of tbe circuUtinir fiakis in the hontan and assisting nature in efievtaallv aches and pams and blood pe wona thin 4 I a aj mft sf ttWeMjAaaA-aaaia. aVaa fFMiifsW mm awve bTiiw eSAc. ate timirff Pettni Dtutrtx, Itl se 0' a ji aa aaaw i it is fully eeaMforaccaraCT.

srrjearaBce.diire. to ay $7 Watch, eisher I ouiy aaa service. OpeaFceorUi intias. It is pleasant aafc, rational and and we mviie every perMn aGbcted to vUir aur inatitution to coovinca themselres that there never, xisttd a remedy so striking and immediate inita cficcts. so umvrretl in its character and acotie, and so simple and safe its apnIicttioa.

Cases regaricd incsrahle and cf year standirtf, yield to its nuld bat wdcrfu! intfiaence and in no case can the application vt the elec riaed spirit va-ior he attended wit! tfa u.ct i aw a'aii a vvauUMU BaJal fai 1 -II Kaft -tlfl aW4drl Tal iVa ahaawjaal HMW aWpS! aVW Vaaut road Watch maie. Open Fsce cr iitmthnf; All these price are aS cs-i or ia Mte' j. dartger, thvrtbv lestifvutg it lo be Oie inosfc harm. thesapeutici. universal, in- feof yjiusr sr.

rA. fx It baa permanently cured movsxsrrtA caaea prononncea by doctors hope less. If yea bavo preraonttnry such sa Cough, of rtreaahinsr. don't delar, but nsa PISO'S CCItE roit CONSUMPTION Afaats Wastedi elecmtid medicated sprit vapor properly oaed! wuld betheoniv agent which could lay claim This institution is open at all season, the war forxhe recepdva cf patknU. Address TUACKKK.

if pf fast emaer ajniast macftattaH. 'Lias -a, a 4f ytSoa. ar t. etf fnaaajngSaJ Afmmsji.

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