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The Evening News from Girard, Kansas • 2

The Evening News from Girard, Kansas • 2

The Evening Newsi
Girard, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

SHOT AND ROBBED. unhealthy for the flowers. If you are in luo uauiv ui duv.iu J5hQ Evening News GIEARD, KANSAS. The breath. It is better to stop your Jonlin.

Jan. 31. Station K.o.ti! and fa than to anore. 1 A Acent W. II.

Broadstreet of the published rny Time man should lie In bed at least eight Frisco railroad atGrandby, was shot NEW K' I hmira out of twcntv.four.AH except KINO and mortally wounded by two mask Was lawyers. They lie so much all the time Kntored the Poulo at ainjrd. Rao Moeond claw matter, lpmcer II, 1M3. ed bandits last night. While he was busy receiving a mestage two it don't make any difference if tuey sleep or A man should never strangers walked up to the ticket when the cheapest price sold the goods -regardless of quality.

SUBSCBIPTION RATES: By Carrier, per week 10 cn" ftroe One Year lump out of bed very sudden. inHnui nit rirm nf them drew a IIJV4W revolver on him, demanding money starts the circulation too quick. He oueht to turn over and stretch, and Future Events. yawn, and gap, and scratch, ana Siiite ReDublican Convention at Bit)ad8tr('etr1Bisted, and the robber deliberately fired, the bullet taking effect in the side of his face near ie still, and watt till some Ct tue Wichita March 9. women wakes and gets cpnd makes National Convention the mouth.

The men then rifled the The Time IS i mefts in Chicago June 21. the fires. onfn wiiii'ii unlocked, and Democratic Convention TMN MAN WHO WON'T TUG secured ubotit $75. PRINTER. Broadstreet hail some trouble in meets in St.

Louia July Third District Republican Congres I iifVIUUQIlCCb tlV wwew I May he be shod with lightning and ra9U) luH alarm, and he was suffer- a mm I I sion'nl convention meets at Coffey- compelled 10 wouuer jog lotenselyheu assistance arnvim ville. March 3. powder. May he nave sore eyes from town, a mile and a halt rrom Sixth judicial district convention, a chestnut burr for an eye-sione. lbe (l Tlie wouded man was Mav he never be premittcil to kiss nd ajj Wlg I llV" when people" will not buy such shoddy 1 goods, but with a little more money and a better educated taste, demand furniture that is handsome, well made and stylish, furniture that is btlt useful and ornamental.

That's why our store does an immense business a handsome woman. May 543 night i i physicians have given meets at Pleasanton, April 6. Crawford County judicial conve tion meets at Girard, February 3. I mares trot races over bis stomacu ooeo for Uis recovery. every night.

May his boots leak. mayor 0f j0plin was at once We predict the nomination of Mr. His gun hang hre and bis nsning agke(J by tejegapU for the use of I I. a Hocli. lines break.

Anutiieu example of evil associa bloodhounds to be sent there as rapidly as possible. The dogs were May his coffee be sweetened with tions. Gov. Bailey, like poor dog dispatched from here at midnight by Mayor Cunningham to the scene of Tray got into bad company. If Crawford County has a machine the shooting, a distance of eighteen flies, and his sauce be sweetned with spiders.

May he never strike oil and bo continually blessed with nothing. May his friend run off with his wife and his children take the whooping cough. May his cattle die of murrian, clement, let it meet the same fate miles. Aftor rnhhinc the station, the as that at Topeka. each and every year.

We have the goods the people want. If you have not been trading with us so much the worse, for you. 1 Try us once anyhow and if we don't hold you as a fixed customer we will think strange of it. Say, do you want a right nice rocker for $1.85, Next Jweek we will give you a "Spiel" on chairs. See what we will do for you.

We are Yours. robbers fled north towards this city, ITiie machine organ of our city, and bis hogs destroy his garden. oriiorn Hipv ii ro believed to be in would like to stretch itself on the May the famine-stneken ghost of an hiding. Hoch band wagon, but tlie organ is too little. editor's baby haunt bis slumbers, Port Pearson, who was one of the nnl hiss murder in bis dreaming lin nonnnpil from the iucu i ears.

May his cows give sour milk, Ne08u0 lost night while the and churn rancid butter. In short wa9 feeding the prisoners, is may his daughter marry a one eyed bclievei, f-om descriptions furnished editor, his business go to ruin, ana le om of lte mcn wuo Med up 3fitSi(rtd3mniime he go to tne legislature. Poor aud shot, the agent at Granby. When mm If TTi I mHMPW Printer. 1 1,., ahoi-itf went into the corridor of ll -UftfMW urn, 1 Iaii'T it a sight to see the machine editors try to climb into the Hoch band wagon, but they can only hang on for tar buckets.

There is one editor in our county, that said he was neither, a machine man nor an anti-machine man. Do yiti suppose he will go back on his Jrml now and try to line up with the anti-machine men? ') Since Governor Bailey has concluded that he would rather die a natural death, than to be crucified PARDONED, the jail to feed the prisoners, Pear flRS. flAYBRICK son hid behind some obstructions nnd The American Woman Freed From seemingly had no trouble in miking his escage when the sheriffs back a British Prison. London, Jan. 30 Mrs.

Florence was turned. Pearson was awaiting When You Build, Maybrick was released from prison trial for stealing a horse at pzone, today. Arkansas. A British jury fouad Mrs. Flor The robbers are described as being Build Well.

before the Wichita convention, the mneliinR editors looks about like young a'ud- smooth faced and ap ence Maybrick guilty of the murder ef her husband, James Maybrick, parently new. at the business. Both frost bitten poke stalks. i August 7, 1889, by the use of arse-f had white hai.dkerchiefs tied over nlc She was sentenced to be tha innor mirt of their faces. The The state machine has been demolished, out in many counties in the state are machines, smaller in hanged.

Petitions poured in on the ofllcers of ajl the surroundiDg towns British home secretary from all parts have been on the lookout all day for demension, but just as objectionable of England and America, and the them. You muy have an excellent Joundation, and the best workmen and yet fail to get a gubstantial building. Poor material is used. That does'nt pay. You soon regret your mistaken economy.

handle all grades of lumber, and all other building materials, Let Me figure onY our Bills before You Buy GEO. CRAWFORD, Northwest Corner Square, GIRARD, KANSAS. Mnnrlhnnnrta and DOSSe of in character. The people of Kansas sentence was commuted to imprison- A mmnd men and bovs have scoured nn( frit ll A UiVUt tut should not weary in well doing until thin element is entirely eliminated It has always been a question Th the bandits has but no trace of from Kansas politics. the minds pf many persons, especial found.

ly Americans, whether or not Mrs. The withdrawal of Gov. Bailey Working Night and Day, Maybrick had any part the killing from the gubernatorial race was cot The busiestand mightiest little thing of her husband, or whether or not, Want to Take aDrive? unexpected, and it certainly was the that ever was made is Dr. King's New in fact, the husband was killed. best thing for him to do under tbe riro.u instances.

Unfortunate asso- The contention of the defendant at Ufa Pills. ese pills change weal. i 1 1. I BOSS iniU BllOUJtlu, the trial was that James Maybrick braiu.fag into mental power, ciatiowe have placed him in an un killed himself by accident. Ga They're wonderful in Wuildine up the favorable light tefore the people of Hamilton.

Dr. Helen Densmore, heallh. Only 23o per box. Isold Kansas and now having severed Either for Business or Pleasure, see d. Dorse: Lord Russell of Killowan, Colonel Walnut Primary.

these objectionable relations, if he Andrew H. H. Dawson and others Tha Walnut primary was held Sat- will just keep quiet for a few years, worked for Mrs. Maybrick 's release, urday afternoon and the- delegates the people may in time overlook his The Liveryman. Mr.

Bayard, Mr. Hay and Mr. ur mistakes. itocu, ana oiujuuo. im and Simons.

de legates Uvere elected: The Chicago Tribune, says. An UUUUlS, IU kUBI I BUIUiUDilUUllBI kV.uj presented the matter to the British 11 trftinn went into a house on office, but their request and the nu Elizabeth street on the West Side, Amr's merous petitions from America were the other day and asked for some- ignored. It was hoped that the thing to eat. The lady was a little je.igiously inclined, so she cut him American woman's case might come under the coronation amnesty, but the British authorities refused tc in off a large slice of bread, and when 1). B.

Gregory. I. E. Clark. W.

D. Singleton. Tbeo. Jacobs. Wm.

Archer. J. 11. Dbflb. W.

T. Hite. HeDry Welty. W. Newton.

1j. Zweifel. 1. J. Dill'euback.

It. G. Cravens. J. A.

Wallace, Amos Linton. Falling hair means weak hair. FOR SALE On Advantageous Term A Block of $200,000.00. Bonds TWENTY-YEHR 5 Per Cent GOLD DEBENTURES Guaranteed by tbe Stroiig-est Financial Institution of it Kin In the Wo. Id SURPLUS, 68.000,000 For Further Particulars Apply to Q.

FRcD BECK, Ajrent she gave it to him she said: "Now, Then strenethen vour hair; clude her ncme in the list. mv poor man, I give you this for feed it with the only hair food, God's sake." He took it, turned it Ayer's Hair Vieor. It checM falling hair, makes the hair ever in his hand, and said: Well, Hlf Train Crossed a River on the Ice, Clinton, la. Jan. 28.

Philip Howes, a pioneer Northwestern railway engineer, is dead here, at the age of 74. He was the first man to madam, for Christ's sake put some air Vigor butter on it." i REMARKS ON SLEEP. No Pity Shown, con- 'For vears fate was after me bring a Northwestern train across ornw mm nletelv cures dan Always sleep with your eyes Bbut. tt. Tbe track AI.

Night "Was Her Terror. "I would cough nearly all night lone." writes Mrs. Cbas. Applegate. Never eat just after going to sleep on ice.

This was in 1859. A person should never get up in the bena, "I had a terrible case of Pile cansinn 24 tumors. When all failed Uueklen.s Arnica Salve cured me. Eqaally good for Burns' aid al linrnlnff before waking. Never druff.

And it always restores color to gray hair, all the rich, dark color of early life. ftnil would loi. It kfl. Then I fclofl Hair Vior. It quickly stoppad tli tling W4 of Alexandria, "aud ceuld hardly get any sleep.

I had consumption Col, L. F. Copeland who will be sleep with your head to the east our city Tuesday February 9., is The yeast makes things rise tod one of the most popular lecturers on cues and pains. Only 2Cc at Stoi-s. For nt.

A irood daeirabls resideaea property J. 0. ATI oon. -Babies ougut to sieep iweniy the American platform. Hating fori fmir hoiira ner dav.

But we never heard we know where of we knew one that would do it. Men, Falling Hair bud that if I walked a block I would cough frightfully and spit blood, but, when all other medicines failed, thres $1.00 bottles of Dr. King's Hew Discovery wholly cured uie and sained 58 pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed to cure Coughs, Colds. La Grippe, Bronchitis and all Throat anc Lung Troubles. Price 50c and ft.OO.

Trial bottles free at stor speak. en Summit Areme, four blocks from women and other children require Wat somucu and if they Did it really take the iuh the see Will McDen.ld. poTernment fifteen vears to leara Missotju wants te do eome DOSH ouEEN. strlotif hand mads that Mra. Mmvhrick did not Doison "mashuut" too.

Well she has the ens half HaTana illsr. Fc 7 ton't It they loobe it. Unless yon wash your feet very often, never sleep with flowers in the room. It is UnU Framsr. her husband? example..

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