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Topeka Mail from Topeka, Kansas • 1

Topeka Mail from Topeka, Kansas • 1

Topeka Maili
Topeka, Kansas
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Topeka, Friday, 19, 1892. WISXTTY-SBCOND YEAK. 01.00 a Yeak hr C3 Mr. and Mrs. Denison have eone to I rain last week made BT.rf? mnnth trlth tio Am.n'vhtirw I thm anil nvmn Itmm i I -t 4 "-rav mi ii i aits, neeoon, in Aancoin, ieo.

i Tea flora a Tuesday evening of Mm last week was auita serere at Medina. jcucts is wresaing in uaoaun see county. Br. Read is on the sick list. Miss Mida Naylbr is going to Boston The republicans of Shawnee county will hold a primary election ca August SO, under the law governing primary elections and by authority of the republican central committee of Shawnsa county, betweea tha hours of 3 and o'clock p.

m. in Bcssrille, Scldkr, Oakland. Fotwin and the precincts In the city of Topeka, and and 6 'clock p. m. in the baiasco of the county, to elect a candidate for state senator and district judge, and a set of delegates and alternates to attend the convention to be held at the court house in Topeka on August 23, at soon to star a Tear with her brother.

Wilson. We are Terr sorry to lose her and feel as if we could not do without her. It overturned seTersi houses and sheds, and among them the tallest house in the piaca. It also broke down many shade trees and did considerable other damage. Mrs.

Walter Kunkel had one of her shoulders put out of place by the wind blowing her jplnst the fence. One day last week while Harry ricltrel, of Lawrence, was visiting at U. W. Spangler's, Onral and Harry started out from the house, and near the gate a 83 caliber revolver, which Orral had in his pocket, accidently slipped from it, striking on the side- Misses Anna McArthnr and Kettle Spencer visited at Whiting Kan last wee. And Cento' Furnishing Goods AM AG ED BY WAT K.fle flail a TTflnaA Tl.frtV AM ft who has been Tisiting Mrs.

Wile and Mrs. Faxon for the past few weeks, has a wuck. p. mn nominate one ciera of the district court, one probate judge, one county attorney, one county superintendent of schools and one coroner. returned to her home.

waia in sucn a manner that it was dis- mm mm A A MM A A il uiue laoy oy me name or Myrtle i cnargeo. ineoau struck Harry near has come to stay with Mr. and Mrs. C. I the knee and ranged upward, ana up to Tne basis of representation to be one delegate for every fifty votes or a fraction of twenty-five or more votes cast 717-719 Kiosis Ave.

iifB place on Eala this wesk dczen Ladles Lisla Hose, black boot and colored top. A regular SOc hose, and we will tell them for 30 Or thret pair for 61.00L This is ono of the best things we have offered in hosiery this season. Must Positively be Closed Out In TEN DAYS. iiwr iu iuo ewusni put ui tuts i ofcuruy ua usji osa not Dee a xouua. Ills friends came ud from Lawrence township.

for George W. WInans in 1SD0, and one delegate for Linn creek precinct, Monmouth township, and one delegate for flBasSHsgBB warn precinct, uovcr township. The candidates for state senator and QO'Cliildreii's Suits. 0 Boys' Suits. district judge receiving the highest number of votes cast at said nrimarr 20 doz.

Overalls. 50 doz. Working Suits. 1,000 Straw Hats. 500 Fur Hats.

Mrs. -Nay lor ana Mrs. Head are ex pected home from Washington within the next few days. The neighbors and friends of Mrs. Murphy helped her to celebrate her seventy-first birthday on the 12th Inst.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Goodeil went to Denver this week. They will visit their son, Frank, at Garden City on their return.

The league social, which was rained out on Tuesday evening of last week, Ladles 25c Fast Black Hose, selling 3 pair for 50 0ent3. 150 Men's Suits. 10 doz. Boys' Waists. election will be declared the nominees.

The delegates from the various precincts are instructed to vote for the candidates receiving the highest number of votes cast at their respective and took Harry home. Since then we have heard nothing. Those ripe melons at Smith's make the small boy's mouth water. J. L.

Raines contemplates making a ttip to Chicago soon. stock of dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps, eta, belonging to Frank Eakin has been moved from the old stand to the corner store, formerly occupied by Van Vleck, E. P. Webber and others, and most formerly of all by Wo. Learner.

Green room stock has been above par this summer. Wonder what the As they are all more or less wet, I must dispose of them as soon as possible, therefore this is an opportunity to secure Clothing, Bats, eta. at very low figures. QOME FRIDAY HORHIHG. precincts or wards.

The members of the county central committee will take charge of the polls Ladies Fast Black Hess, extra value, only 7 Cents. was neia on Tuesday evening or tnis present, a ana re pur to tne secretary a list or delegates elected. CHICAGO CLOTHING HOUSE, a lunch lovelv lawn The various wards and precincts will be entitled to the number of delegates Ladies' Fast Black nose, extra value, only grand jury will have to say about it furnished an abundance of room for THOS. V01 LAND, 817 Kans. No.

Topeka. ana alternates lnoicatea by the figure the next time it meets? 10 Gents. those disposed to enjoy out-door games. Mr. Chivers treated the crowd to an Robert Eakin came down from Man of a resolution mtroducea oy nun, I enjoyable serenade from his wagon in I hattan a few days since to superintend ordering it paid here instead of in the the lane.

The evening was perfect Frank Eakin's dry goods store at this A. I 1 fTS i mt mm mm ri AJ UATf mm Sfc mmm a la following the name of each; and the Eoils will be open at the places named erein. Also following the name of each ward or precinct is the name of the person designated as supervisor of SOB TOPEM IIA1L. territorr. There are more Fottawats ana an passea on pleasantly.

I place. Closing out a lot of Ladles Blxck Silk Mitts for 15o a Pair. Dave Crosby was down from Thomn IIOYT. Several carloads of crushed stone are election xor sucn ward or precinct Rossville township, Ilarlow Cllne, at city building. sonville last Monday, nursing one of Job's pets.

Dave, read the Bible more being placed in stock yards, which will I and complain less. Silver Lake township, S. A. John CO Dozen Children's Handkerchiefs Only 2lo Each. give a ary piace ior caiue.

what kind of an element was it son, at ilolllster ofnee. Our wide awake agent Mr. Pyle, is I that was exhibited so plainly last Mon ever up to the interest of both shippers I day here than in the territory, consequently they will have to come here to get their dingbats. A prominent railroad official and a Erominent city official, the other day nd a dispute concerning the amount of interest the Union Pacific railway was to pay the government on the debt held against the company. The city official said it was one-half of one per cent.

The railroad man, said it was not and called the city official a liar. The city official told the railroadman be was a dirty railroad puppy and an ignoramus. Then the railroad man anaroao. L. E.

Merritt has long since been Mr. and Mrs. Barker, of Davenport laboring with the U. P. railroad com- Children's sizes, only Swiss Ribbed Vests, ail 6c Each.

Iowa, have returned home after spend-1 pany to have thalast syllable of Perry-ing a week in town, looking after their I ville stricken off, which the officials ttlLYBXl LA It II. Miss Ida Sumons has returned from "7 Id ting friends in Missouri. Mrs. Flora Stevenson, of Dallas, Texas, is visiting the family of brother, Ilev. W.

C. Stevenson. After preaching Sunday next at the 11. E. church, the ordinance of baptism will be administered by Rev.

Stevenson. Since the livery stable was rented there has been a dozen persons applying for it That is generally the case. John Johnston bought 4,100 bushels white corn of Uncle Billy Terry last week. lie paid 49K cents per bushel for it Bob Johnson has returned after an farms south of Iloyt. Menoken township, B.

F. Van Horn, at township hall. Soldier precinct, J. II. Marple, at Shorey school house.

Rochester precinct, Fred Thomp-klns, at township house. Muddy precinct, J. II. Miller, at Bolles school house. Highland, 3: George E.

Flanders, at Highland Park grocery. Oakland, Scott C.Moore's real estate office. Potwln, H. S. Allen, at Allen's bam.

have agreed to do. Hereafter this place will be known as Perry, not Perryvllle Landis Brothers, are now busy with as nereioiore. a good force of men, baling and ship You would be surprised when you see the Neckwear we are closing out for 25 Ocata. F.M. Stark went down to Kansas ping nay.

When farmers need a good rain they 1 City last Tuesday on business. It is said that we are to have a new just call for a church social, and the said the city official was another and darsont take it up; and so it went until the audience became so large, they both were ashamed of themselves and quit. Now both parties have "blood in their eyes" and their war paint on. rain comes. shoe shop in town soon.

Boys Windsor Ties, 5o and 10c. A fine son took up his residence with Dr. Surber says while he was in Colo Shunganunga, I. S. Tack's rado he took a ride of seventeen miles Mr.

and Mrs. Emmet Broadis on July 25. leader ox tne store. Tecumseh township; D. H.

Thomas, at G. A. It halt absence or two tnontns witn his string Q0 cy official is the of running horses at the kite track at people's party, and is Holton.Kan. informed on the affairs one of the best Mrs. Elmer Ketterman is her sister, Mrs.

A. Boise of of our govern Monmouth precinct 1: E. England. over the mountains a couple of Irishmen, each having a bottle of whisky in his pocket The doctor says they pulled their bottles on him several times during the trip, but he put them The social at Mr. C.

Ketterman's was ment in this vicinity, while the railroad official is an extreme republican and has no lave for the dem-DOD peo Mr. Geo. est, of Kinraundy, 111., accompanied by his son, Geo. left List Wednesday for Yankton, Dakota, FRENCH C. P.

CORSETS. at Lyon's school house. Linn Creek precinct, John Tevis, at Disney's school house. well attended and a good time gener- off with he excuse that he was sick at the stomach. ple's fellows, and hits them hard every 1 ally.

Our regular 1.73 Corn ts, selling fcf 01.37. 'The, republican primaries will be opportunity he gets. Mr. and Mrs. McCreight spent Sun to-morrow, and "holy smoke! howl It is with sorrow and regret we an-1 day.

with friends at Avoca. -oisappointea some or the boys win be I nounce the death of one of our respect-1 -Miss Mlrtle Ketterman entertained FLBASAWT HILL. Oats and wheat are threshed. The yield of oats on some farms is twenty- niter we voies are count en. ed christian women, Mrs.

Anna fetone, I her friend. Miss Birdie Watt of To Our regular 82X0 Corset for 31.93. ml -w a. A mm m. mm Mr.

and Mrs. Jas. L. Cutberth. Mr.

peka over sabbatn. five bushels per acre, on others ten and Mrs. Frank Rains and Miss Maud Mrs. Frank Landis, is enjoying a few bushels per acre: of wheat the yield is a a mm mt I IHV I1H PMIIW III 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 WJU IJI1HJU mmm -mZ mmrm A I twelve bushels per acre and under. jiams leit on juonaay ior wicmia 10 1 Tr, I weess" visii irom ner sister, miss r.aim Richland Hampshire, at Farnsworth's store, Richland.

Williamsport township, George Neil, at District No. 3. Auburn township, W. H.H. Fox, at Padgett's store.

Dover precinct, Carey Snyder, at Dover post-office. Kaw precinct, George Valencia school house. Willard, L. H. Hillers, at Willard school house.

NortX Mission precinct, E. M. Cockrell, at West Side railroad station. South Mission precinct P. J.

Spreng, at Oak Grange hall. TisitrelaUvesand attenathe U.A.B.MsSSPSSSSS'l ttZTnI WtoJ Holloa. which she had suffered for some time. Our regular $173 Corsets, selling for 01.93. reunion.

their Mr. and Mrs. Rippeto have as During her illness she gave convincing Mr. J. E.

Guild, left on Mondav guest, a brother and his wife. evidence of a christian faith in God The prospect for corn is good. Mr. and Mrs. Page expect to start next week on their visit to Canada.

The haymakers are busy putting up hay. The late rains keep the grass for Buffalo, N. Y- to remain until fall. and the hone of a home in heaven, as Dr. Fulton's sister, has returned to Our regular 0100 Corsets, selling fox Mr.

Guild has been afflicted with ery her home, in Junction City, Iowa. suring her husband and children that cipebs for some time, and will take all was well with her. All say a saa Mrs. Chubb gave a reception Tues-1 green, growing and thickening up. treatment for that troublo during his M.

mm my farewell, hoping to meet yon in that aay evening compumeniary to juiss i absence. beautiful world beyond tne river wnere Bell and Miss I'ettllonn. I rwyijiTMiwu. irst ward, 12; u.u. at en- Amos Ilolllster, George VanorsdoL rru i The annual meeting of the Fennsvl-1 gine house.

parting and sorrow shall never be. iuo wwiw oi.uiuj w'emug i i nflMFirm ftrflftf flftflftPY Marion AnoTsriol and I srriwd -vhirh rpk verv imnrrLnivn I -loan Wines, I f.VAMk fA Ida ah I. tnhtfiil untw. wvtuug asavkMUUU ut wic lie nry Miller, represented the Lake were held in the M. E.

church, conduct- "A A rr, of Kansas, will ho held nt th ran fl A mf ir t4 -r- I i t. I UUliUJCUb ialXs. JLf OQIIU ETO mm ASCII I ZC 7TIZJ rti I mWm A A rest Alexander's coal store. x. xk.

Auu alio. wiuu fwi' cqut iter. OLcTciiBun. a. uuuicbui mi i LiiR ciLT or Tonecft on wnnfsnav JtnfS Our regular 01.00 Corset selling for represented the W.R.C.

at the I consist! nir of Mrs. L. C. Cleveland. Teifl I Thursday Arnrust 24th and 2Sthl892 -w mm 75 Cents.

Third ward, 18; A. B. Qulnton, at Couch's shoe store. state encampment at Wichita this Misses Minnie and Maeirie Vender-1 vc! Ti iM commencing at 10 nVJork A.M. 24th.

I mark and Mr. John Patten rendered I ui mauio iiaii, xr. wju ra. nf fh. fiT' week arriiAnn i mm lajtPTWina iaii nr nn.

Petti John: Miss Gertrude Bell of Cin splendid selections of music. There round trip has been secured over all I at city prison, James Ramsay, at Sixth railroads in this state and from St I and Clay streets. All democrats who have renounced their creed, the world, flesh and the Our regular 8123 Corset selling fcr si. 9a cinnati; Miss Shariey Pettijohn, Indiana; Will and Maud Pettijohn, Hoyt was a pretty large attendance at tne funeral. The remains were interred in Joseph, and Kansas City.

Mo dsvlL and will solemnly and of their Fifth ward. 7: A. L. McNair. Twelfth Mr.

and Mrs. C. P. Kittle took in the The spmpathy of the honor proclaim that theyl will support I the cemetery. and Kansas avenue.

community is extended to the bereaved Knights Templar triennial conclave at good from August 22nd to August 27th when signed bv the state secretary after the close of meeting. Itisdesir- The primary voting places in the fnmillf nf thn rterJLjd mna with sad I isenver. me nominees oi tne ipuDucan party at the primaries to-morrow are cordially invited to step up to the front and city of Topeka are as follows: First ward, at the engine house. Thursday Dr. and Mrs.

Pettijohn, I able that Pennswanians in the several hearts say, "Farewell, till we meet be m. av 1 5 1 WW U. I a mm. WHITE SKIRTHiGS. Our regular 75c E3c 00c and Second ward.

Fourth and Madison so. yond tne river." enteruunsa mr, oparu, iiirv. xiouuu. i counties ox tne state enect county Or ISe Mr. James Steel, wife and daughter of I ganizations and send such delegations 1 streets, and Fourth and Lake streets.

fnrilrtl 1r Vji Km nil nnd I thamflaaM n-v llmlf Kstno marlal TMvl nanl fVnniili's Menoken; Friday. Mr. Ld. Small and I as they may desire, limit being made I Third ward. Crouch's shoe store.

Skirting, closing out price Toneka sportsmen were on the prairie between town and Soldier creek i nicniiAiio. no August 15. Quite a wind id 50 Cents. this week hunting prairie chickens. storm I Miss Gertie Miss Mamie I as to numbers.

A meeting for organ-1 Fourth ward, city prison, and Sixth Saturday I Hollis, J. Chubb and family. Wm. Pet-1 izing a society for Shawnee county will I and Clay streets. swept over this place on evening, which was xoiiowed bv a nam tnonn.

wue and sister, miss annie i ne neid at tne court house in Topesai nun ward. Tweiith and Kansas They were a little too previous, but perhaps did not intend to shoot only to find their ranse. Chickens are very Our regular S1.20. 1.21. ft 1.25 si rain.

weuer; on sabDatn, Mr. jxesnaum and J. M. French, of Topeka. was in I Mr.

J. H. Stevenson of Topeka. 31.50 and 81.73, your choice for ccarce. The spring rains destroyed the at 2 clock p.

m. Saturday July 30th, avenue. 1892. Information as to organizing The several primary election boards and programme can be hsd by address- are instructed to permit no one to vote lng C. P.

Bolmar, state secretary, 535 at the election but known republicans town lsst Saturday. I Mrs. Cleland has returned from a 75 Gents. eggs. Mr.

Falrchlld. of Overbrook. and I very pleasant visit with friends in Re- and that the test for republicanism is Mr. and 'Mrs. Owen Chlpman, of St Harys, were visiting Mr.

and Mrs. Kansas avenue, Topeka, Kan. Miss Anna Sullivan, of Twin Mounds, I public county. with Miss Carrie A picnic party of near thirty merry Crockett Ivnnner ppntlaman from rpr llpthpl Richard Chlpman Tuesday. Mr.

and an ainrmauve answer to tne question: white with colored edge; our regular Do you Intend to vote the republican I an ai Kvirf inM Card of Thank. lint. Chlpman were returning from We desire to return our heartfelt ticket at the general election of 1852?" I Frank Sanders is at home for a few I church with their best girls, spent Sat their wedding tour. Mrs. Amelia Neis yvr wender and son and Mr.

Charles Keis- days. hffie Dice came home last week.after 1 render, wife and boys returned Tues spending several weeks with her grand- day from a long visit with relatives in i I mmymw mm wmtmmmmmymwmrmf wmmmwmm mmr p4f Who SO kindly assisted US during Our nartiea will net be nermittAd to vote at turned them, for a kind invitation to I Indiana. parents. long affliction and late bereavement his election, and the judges of the elec- BLACK SKlOTIfIS join their party. Preaching on Sundav morning at and father.

the U. B. church by Rev. Stover. In A.

B. QUIKTOK, Chairman. the evening services were held in Mrs. S. J.

Ward and Family. E. B. WlIALEY. Our regular SOs, Cc, CSc and 61 IX) Skirting, selling now for 50 Cents.

The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips diea Sunday of summer complaint. The funeral took place on Monday and was largely attended. The remains of the little one were laid in a beautiful white casket which was carried by four little girls.

The scene the Methodist church by Rev. Stevenson of Silver Lake. Secretary. Republican central August 17. Miss Kate Boler has returned from Topeka where she has been for several months.

committee of A Bure Cure tor Piles. Itch lag Piles are kaown by moistar liko per- Mr. Sullivan, of Twin Mounds, was Shawnee county. piration. eanciiui tateate itehiag when Married At the home of the bride's the guest of Miss Ida Zirkle last even This form well Blind, Blaeding or Protrad.

was very uffecting but pretty. Services ing. parents, August 14, Miss Emma Miller Our regular C1.S3, SLSO and Skirting, selling now for 75 Cents. were conducted in the SL E. church by I Mr.

Neise is spending a few weeks in of this place, to Mr. Rogers of Topeks. I rUM onc to Dt- Bosaakq'i Pii Remedy, Tourist Trips Round trips to the Pacific Coast. Short trips to the mountain resorts 'l iuiWiu. I The uongregauonaiists gave anlce- TnO expression recital at the BantlSt I The nonnda that immt mea 1 msam tnntwr fit Mr.

Tnminn'i nn Vri. of Colorado. vhieh acts directly on parts aSacted. abstbs tnmor. allays itchlxuc affects a pmnaneat cars.

Meta. Drassiats or maU. Cireolars fiwe. Dr. Baeaako.

Arch Philadelphia, Pa. Sold by Arnold StaaaSeldTDroicgU ta. church last Thursday evening was well days is the hum of the threshing ma-1 day evening. The proceeds amounted The Great Salt Lake. Yellowstone National Park the Children's Flouncinp at a great iuiium wu a imanciai success, luxsa i rnina ana me raining or waimnii tiani.

I tn ahont rsuh. vellle Whitehead 1 gave eight redta- most wonderful spot on this continent. ing wheat to town. Mr. and Mrs.

Rand of Eskridge spent Hans which wero splendidly rendered. Pusret Sound, the Mediterranean of BUY YOUR The Epworth league convention will ine saoDain in town. especially MCaUlns Memories. Kcl- the raclflc coast be held at Overbrook next Saturday Miss Carrie Loomis has returned loa DifflculUe -The Gypsy Flower All reached via the Union Pacific and sunuay. from amego.

ana -now uiris study" were all 7Ell rendered and the elocution re- m. system. For detailed information call on your nearest ticket agent or address Several from this place attended the Drugs, ledicines, Patota. Ous.To!lt Artictee; Booaa, Stationery, ttenooi Supplies, Lamps, Sancy Goods isaraaoiy nne. miss woitenead was FARM BELLS for dedication service at Wakarusa, Sunday.

Rev. Mr. Broad of Topeka spent Sun E. Li. LOMAX, Gen.

Pas3. Tkt. Agent Omaha, 21 eb. A. M.

Fuller, azent 523 Kansas L. C. Cleveland, Miss Mattle Stockwell, Vicars. E. B.

Tucker and Ed. Cones, Regular price 05. day in -wao rendered spicnoia rocai music. Kan." Family Drug Come and see our Senator Perkins writes that the A Ward Ladlea Ladles who dseirs a baaatlfal clear akia. trss SCOTT BROS.

money due the rottawatomics would be paid them in about thrco weeks WARE. frton plmplaa, boSl, Uotthsa aad other crap Maaaf actarera of Uaoa. shookl eomamtes at oses to ass Dr. Book Gforo, fr cm the 10th Inst. The commissioner of Indian affairs informed him that the STOVES end TiriWlRL I Gnaa Irapromd Uvcr PSlla.

They vfll also g2S Saasaa Arat, Korti Topeka, Eta. rscaors that heavy lock shoot yoar eyes aad kaaka them brifbt, ad will csn fraat payment had been delayed through isistakei made bv Agent Patrick in We can give you Bargains in Stoves. tSTPrice 81X0 per Galiona E17fices as Low as tiss Loww.! Hew, Fresh and Bright. FBL3CKIFriOE3 ajBsyaUf pet ep by aa experfeaesd DraisSst.

TCEaw eases arises, isemetaber. too are Dry Goods, MUIineiy Vf totim ttiseUlty fsrplyfcs FPdes. Psrtise, 1 rrsiml to eaa amall ui at b-l time, irtich coated with psrs sagar and sriU; the enrollment lie also states StTE'LTjTN A RfTTT THtJ tl At the payment will be made in Kan-1 P4W2W BHIIi, accordance with the proviziens 702 Kansas avenue, TOPEKA, KAN Eooait, te aa4 rwractiBily tolku a sar otYoar saa see as, tsa wf wm cojoa and Oorpet3 or prorate aay aapisaaaat seasasioai. old at 3 scats by Araoid 4 A. ZMTS a CO S3 laylsr-tt,.

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