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The Journal from Russell, Kansas • 3

The Journal from Russell, Kansas • 3

The Journali
Russell, Kansas
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IKS Advertise In tiio Joi Memorial Iay. The Journal. Einsi pnnnp Corn 1 said to bo growing satlsfac torily. Stock is doing splendidly on the Paper. BLEB IJUUU laige, Tho iikiiiiI ceremonies of ineinnriat Day will be conducted by Larralieo IV No.

I'M (J. A. In Bui-soli, Kansas, May IS85. All arc Invited to come mid participate. Bring your lunch barken well lllled.

Good coflee. milk, sugar, cru'-kcrs. pork and beans will be furnished. The lollow-Ing is the program The voice of the bull frog Is heard In the land. Tho exercises on Decoration Day will bo very enjoyable, A.G.

Wcod has hud a cellar excava-led under his residence. Kach train from the cast brines a number of strangers to Russell. Many farms and pastures have been fenced this spring in liusscll county. The lamb-crop so far as reported In Trees set out this spring are growing Wednesday, May 1885 nicely. WRITING TABLETS EMPLOYMENT Iliavo OjMne.d uu agency at Hi ew Depot, where fanners and stockmen lic'UIng lu itlers or farm mil.

can get tliein. Faiullies in town needing 1 1 -1 and parties in search nf ejiiploymcut hoiil call on me. 1 Fbank I have jlt reeelvi a large stock of notions, consisting iu part of baseballs, bats, blank book, enxpier, dolls, dominoes, envelopi-a, tMi hooks imd lines, feather duters.hariiio!ilcas.j('w.i!iiiriS,ink, marbles, luateh boxes, meinnr.iiidnm books, note ami receipt Urlea, photogriiph nlbums. pipe-, pocket books, rubber bulls, pens, shipping lags, scrap-books and hlctures. tona ami uti-inn-n The ruins of the city Jail are to be OF ALL KINDS anil ISCKH'l'IONS.

Kntoii-cl nt the PoM-Otlluo lit KiihsoII for lrunmlRlm throujfli tlio uinil lis nt'conj. luaa iimil niatn-r. disponed of. ne jtussc-u uotue iiine in a near coat of paint. Just Arrived, And are now on EXHIBITION.

this county is not quite up to the aver The band gave an open ulr cor.cert age. 1 Friday evening. At 12 o'fl(K noon radons will bo nerved at the eonrt Iioiihu. Alter dinner usomllo nt tho Oiiera Houpo, wlim-u the program will bo carried out. Jtiiulo T3nwl.

Hymn, CnnKTPiratlon. M. S. ltltbllu. 1'oein lload by J.

H. 1'iuiiklin. Music liana. -Address Kev. J.

C. Dana. MuhIu Jtanil. Tim proeoxxion will then lie formoil In llio following order and niurc-h to tlio emiiotcry wlio-j tlio Knives of the fuJIou bti-uea will i -The attention of tax payers Is called Farmers are busy, and there Is a con to the notice of thu Board of NOTICE TO AIlVEUTISEltS. Copy for Munilliiir advertisements must bn baiiuud In nut luCor lliuii Tiii'mlay noon.

Ia must lie in by 4 o'clock TuilHy evening, to iiiHuro puhllciitiuii In current Wmio. Until aotlcel la with locul reiidinif ttrhtly ten centi ptr lint for pit Insirtlon uml i couiB nor liuo for ieftcb HubHoquunt iiiHurtluii, NEWS. Gardens aro sequent lull in trade. (piill tooili picks, tweezers and tobacco Nelson Wolcott lias just received a ANDY I ABLETS. boxes, IU0Ut-IChe Clins.

Vafes. toilet mid Some very ludrlcous Incidents occur- car load of furniture. smoking sets, hair brushes, perfumery, toilet soaps, shaving soan. suv ed durhir tho blow of last Saturday The City Council was In regularses pocket louUIng glasses, ifla-ts euttern. night.

slou Monday evening. oggles, rubber bands, pocket combs. Elislia Root has a residence in violin strings and keys, mtwio boxes. col. The decaying vegetable and animal strewn with flowers: Color tieiirer ltiissoll Hand.

Armed Veterans. Member ti. A. It. H'limof VcUiraiia.

Citizens. ltetui-u to city In order. C. M. HAiisuiiAKiicn, 1 H.

V. iliiiHAKii, VCom. (j. II. Johnson.

ored I whii. court oh'Ster; ice cold soda course of erection on fooutli Main matter within the city limits should be water and lemonade iilwavs on hand. I Tho Pen cr Pencil. V. Mall, Climax, Paragon, Good I-iu kand numerous other kinds of J.

C. BLAI1M unrivaled Tablets. I Carry Full Lines removed Immediately. can't be beat on prices, Call ttnd exam We publish by request, the address ine. A Democratic paper in ltusscll is of the Senior and Junior classes to I'rof.

French. among the probabilities. 2Uf FkankWkrd. bilKEP FOR SALIi, I liave for sale elicnn on mv nnMi, Sprinjr chickens ars ripe. Cultivators are la demand.

Subscribe for tho Jouiinai. -See G. Knif 's new "ad." A new "calaboose" is now In order, t. Bunker Hill Is to have a new paper. Land seekers still continue to arrirc.

Mushrooms are now much so tight after, -i -The pay car went through on Monday. The calf Increase Is quite largo and -OF- The shipping of spring chickens will tho calves are doing well. Blank Boob, Periodicals, apparently be quite an Industry tit this place, this year. Nearly all the rail-mad land In Tmc UitEeDKii'8 Gazette of Chlunpo In ty almott universal consent voted tlie lending-Ilve-Ktock paper of America. It Is a laro, handKomely-prlnted and boautirully-illustra-ted weekly paper, of from 30 to it pases, full information or great value to every farmer who makes stork-raising leading feature of his business.

Hon. Fitch B. Stacy, who for ten Russell county has been sold. M. H.

Hopkins will occupy the room Cigars and Tobaccos. Tho roof of Martin Fox's house under tills office, recently vacated by the was blown off Saturday night. primary school. Ktruui ana sec tne beforo purchasing, We are doing considerable Job work Tha exercises of tho itmior class nt the Jocrsal to jour friend Prank Weed. Send lately.

Send In your orders early. tli4 Hall last Wednesday evening were yours has boon secretary of the Iowa Improved Stock-Iireeders Association, says of It Its general appearance, umko-up, literary ability, absolute fairness to all classes, freedom from personalities, and as an educator of the people. It Is unsurpassed in tho world. I feel proud of It as an American prodnctiou. quite The Court House received a general scrubbing and cleaning out yesterday.

For quick work in making a loan call on Voorhis and ifeverviliin.r 1 1 A number of Russell county people There Is a good opening for a hotel at Bunker Hill. Th Mayer House office lias been rijtlit you ill get your money lie same have taken advantage of the xcurslon rates to Mexico, P.i. Flic City Marshal Is contracting for crockery crates In which to incarcerate u. juu inline application. Zltl about 2')0 ewes more or les, with wool ami lambs.

j. Livixostox, li'tf Pleasant Hale, Rush Kas. 'J cams For Sale. I ivo Jut arrive with a car-load of the best work-horsi-s ever brought to this town, which 1 will sell at reasonable prices, fall and examine them at the Opera Hall Stable, liusscll, Kansas. 12 J.

C. Fargo. Horses! nurses! Horses! I shall arrive in Russell about Maj 15tb with 000 head of the largest and best mures ever driven up to the Union Pa--ciiic. Tlie mares have been selected with great care, and are Just iho thing ror horse ranchmen. They are the cet of thoroughbred stallions, and will be sold very cheap and parties wanting a Mini- her ofllieiii can get them way down at bottom prices.

lf' T. C. Pattkbsox. Farm fur Kale. Owing to other business I offer for sale my farm of 100 acres.

I vim live nnd one. tramps. The Dunkards had their annual love Sheep-men should dip their sheep afler And Hon. Jno. Landritfan, president Illinois State lloardof Agriculture, says: "It is beyond question the very best live-stock publication in America." This is high praise, but we believe it is merited.

It Is published by J. II. Sunders Chicago, 111,, ut a year. hiS, in iijr iiiiii purpose tlie extract ol tohai io nianidiictnr- Judge Voorhis responsible for the mania, now prevalent in feast at Elder Hoi II tiger's last Saturday night. A number from abroad were pre eu uy tne inn, Co.

is the best, and can be obtained only of W.M. Hunks, sent and participated in the ceremonies. this city. Owing to--the prostratiou of six or About 2,000 pounds of middlings were spoiled by the rain, where the reof of r5 22tf HAIL INSURANCE. eight telegraph poles east of town, during the blow of Saturday night, we were cut the mill was torn open.

For Sale. or clubs of ten at (2.00. We the members of the llussoll high school, do hereby extend our thanks to Mr. C. II.

French, who has been our instructor for the past two years, for the Interest he has taken in us and our progress while In school. We think he has been a good Instructor and all join In requesting off from all telegraphic communication growing crop insured against "slicked up." The band will plnynt the strawberry ftitlyal to-nlffht. The Dunkcr III1I depot has been undergoing repairs. Russell county now wears her best, nd brightest apparel. W.

E. Gibbs lias fenced two lots with wire, north of the mill. The lutert stylos of Job work at reasonable prices at this oilice. I. L.

'Mann's house on North Maple fitreet la nearly completed, Bunker Hill is to have a nicely kid nut cemetery of live ncres. The elevator at Homer was wrecked Iy the wind Saturday night. eastward. nun uv oornis Jiros. 21 tf Farms Tor hale.

One set of double boggy barncss. new. The First Nation! Bank of Gteat Call on 1M. vtarner. 24tf Bend, with a capital of S30JOUO has been To fully enjoy this climate and lids half miles west of Riisr-11 ami two and organized.

Work on the bank building I have for sale sonic of tho cheapest farms In Russell and Barton counties. splendid May one should arise one-half miles southeast of Oorlmm. Im- will begin Immediately. Another bank- Call and see nt the early, and walk for un heur or two after him to return next fall, if he does not remain in It.issi ll this siiiumcr and sincerely hope that the School Board will endeavor to obtain his services, for another uovemeiits consist of a good frame tonse 12x10, stone stable 18x38. an ex House.

HAllIiKLL. 12-lf company has nlsO been organized at the same place with the same amount ol cellent well; 129 acres under cultivation, with one mile of hedge and a number of capital. growing trees. Price $2,500. A lad from out of town who had boasted that he could "do up" any officer aiid who made lilrnself generally "too Enquire of Geoijgk Stout, I''-f Russell.

Kan. YOUNG BULLS FOR SALE. I have for sale nt my place six miles Ranker Mill mi tim Kiiim, promiscuous," lust Saturday night on the streets, took a "be" line north at a 2:40 sunrise. Subscribers to the Journal who intend to be absent a portion of the summer can have their paper sent to them upon leaving tln ir address at this of.iee. We hope sometime in the nearfut'ire to see a large stone court house at the head of Mam street, surrounded by trees and occupying with the grounds an entire block.

S.O. White lias Just received a carload of Woodmansce windmills, which he can sell at prices will astoni-li the natives. Give him a c-ill and exam gait when lie observed city marshal Shaw year. Signed by SKNIOIt CLASS. Jen tile Beach, Bessie Shedd.Cora Fams-worth, Ilattle Slimm, Lettle Beach, Jennie Curtis, Flora Burrell, F.

G. Corwiu, Josio M. Henry, Chas. Voorhis, Fred Dawson, Fannie Henry, Flora South-worth, Ellle Elllthorpe, Harry Dawson. JDMOU CLASS.

Bertha Laubiuan, Hattie Fink, Ida Gibbs, Grave Xicholson, Lizzie Anthony, Alice Lester, Clara Lonar, Klsie lledilck Henry Scnft. Charlie Banker, Carrie Banner, Bertha Frichard, Ruby Sladc, Pris-cella Iliiiiili, Mamie Farnswortli. Mcerlng In his direction. SALE OF STCOK. Go to lionayne'8 sale of cat'le nt place on liens' Oreek, I) miles sontli-cut of Itnssell, on Tliurdav, June 4th.

at 1 o'clock p. in. Major Slialtner will crv the sale. 23w3 Ass for TUB GErman Hop Bitters, tlio only geuuhie Hop Bit-ters manufactured by Dr. C.

D. Warner, who.e name aj)puars on every bottle that Is genuine. Br. CD. Warner's Gsrman Hop Bitters Is a medicine that will live through nil time louriial or Health.

TSe Best tie WcrlJ. Dr. J. W. Hamilton, of Merrillnn, says, I have sold Warner's White Wine Tar Syrup for years.

It is Hie best eou-'li medicine In the world and has no equal for asthma. 1 Last la looking Into tlie six head of yearling high grade shorthorn hulls, sired by the thoroughbred bull, "Duke of Russell." Come and see them. stares of W. jr. mioses Oliver and GiJdings Banker, the way tlie No damage by the wind of Saturday flight is reported wist of Homer.

'Wheat was rushed into town at a rest rate during Friday and Saturday. The westbound accommodation Monday noon, struck a cow east of Bunker Hill. The bowlitiff alley was twisted out of shape by the "zephyr" of Saturday If there is a plasterer in this town out of a job, he can And a little work at this office. i- About a.OOOcoIonUU from Pennsylvania are locating in pieklnson county this spring. i Peunel's wire sign which hunjr across were hurried, suggested the idea Itf W.

G. IIATTOK. PASTURE FOR CATTLE. I will take In my pasture one mile from that our city people should do their shop ine the mills, and get prices. town, 100 head of cattle for tho summer.

The back-alleys must be cleaned up Good pasturage and plenty of waters at once or an epidemic will surely fol A new lot of Organs at Warners. 23tf low. It Is Impossible for the wells i kEBUK lu, fcLMTHIterX, IStf Russell, Kan. Wool sacks at the Circle Hardware ping on other days of tho week and give Saturday over to the country people. It would be much pleasanter for them, easier on the store-keepers, and would enable the country folks to get an earlier start home.

Except in unusual instances there is no occasion for the city people to do any great amount of shopping on Saturday. The store-keepers and their clerks some portions of tho city to remain pure store. 21 4n Hill-Slayden Sheep Dip at W. E. Banks' drug store.

22tf and iincontaminated. with tho amount of COLUMN. tilth surrounding them. Bran S9. per ton or 50c ncr cwt.

at the Having torn down two or three par tit ion in our office we now sit in a semi' very often get no dinner at all on demoralized and chaotic state, compla cently awaiting the good pleasure of an I'crsonal. artist in plaster, before further repairs Main street', came dowu in tliu breeze of Saturday night. Bring your bakcts well Bilcd next Saturday. The committee will furnish plenty of coflee. 'A couple of our city took advantage of the rain last Saturday uight tJgst shower, bath.

l-z-C J. Collins, took hls Sunday school class, down to Cedar Creek, Thursday, itussen wins. 12-tf Go to the Circle Hardwaro store for wool twine. 2Hw Voorhis Bros, buy and sell lands, and Oan money. 21 tf Bran $9.

per ton or 50c per cwt. nt the Russell Mills. 2-tf Scntts Jollet Barb wire at Warners. Everything Fresh and New at and improvements can progress. McKi' Phinncy have just built and put Into the city meat market, a large L.

L. Bowlby, of Falrport, spent Sunday in the city. Mrs. L. R.

Croissant returned from a visit in Elk county riuuday noon. W. S. Boome has recently beeu con- and well constructed refrigerator. rItls WE POINT WiTH PRIDE built uitfiii the best approved plans, and is of very large1 capacity.

'It cost over lineU to his bouse with auailuctiou of the lungs. $200, and Mr. Cassidy is complimented Liu mpti rey s. 1 tf All kinds of sheep shears at the Circle Hardware store. 21 4y Tha best Confectionery in town at llumphrey's.

1-tf -OUR ELEGANT LINE OF- T- Fowler and Frank Copeland. upon tliis addition to his establishment. A strong wind last Saturday night Wolf creek cattle-men were hi the city on Monday. did a little damage to buildings In town. James Fink left Friday for a visit to A portion of the roof ol the mill, the hams of II.

Wentwortli and G.L, Brad- Pennsylvania. He vyiU take in Michigan upon his return. shaw and the ''calaboose," were consider "Jumbo," of Abilene, not Barn urns') ably damaged. Aside from the above, wuere the had a pic-ulc. The post office will close at 12:30 Decoration Day and open after the parade nbout 5:30 or 6 o'clock p.

m. The Russell Journal, for a small pa-per. Is doing a "land office business." It Is to overflowing with advertise-laents. Salina Independent. The Bunker Hill mill has been shut down since April lpf, In order to put in new machinery.

About $3,000 is being expended In relltling the mill. The andev8igncrl has for sale, several house and lots, including tlie bettt hotel property In Kansas. For prices mid terms Inquire by mail or In person, of W. 11. JBiayS, Bunker Hill, Ks.

2ltf was sniilin? on the corners of our metropolis Tuesday. aHd the overturning of few outhouses, there was no serious harm done. A good Sam Caruell and Aaron n. Thomas, of Bargains in White Lead, Oils and mixed Paints at Bank's drug store, 22tf Go to 'Mrs. for the latest stylus in millinery and fancy goods.

22tf Money to loan on short time. 22i2 Haury L. Pkstanka. A full line of arascnes at Mrs. Phinneys, Main street opposite court house.

22tf Go to Humphreys for First Class Groceries. i 1-tf Fancy Groceries, Canned and Fre6li Fruits at llurnphrey's. 1 tf rain followed and spring crops ire quite Bunker Hill, were promenading tlie streets of the metropolis Friday. sure to yield well. Mr.

and Mrs. D. K. Winficld took their The depositions of Messrs. White, Btmuer and Corwiu in the 3ase of tlie departure Saturday morning for a mouth' GOODS AND WE INVITE EVERYBODY TO CALL AT AS EARLY A DATE AS IS CONVENIENT.


Thotivenal. who has a cattle ranch day, W. G. Eastland conducted the ex amination on behalf of the city, and in Fairview township, and who Is also running a hotel In Wilson, came up to this city Monday afternoon. II.

Dryden, appeared for the defendants. The cane will probably come up for trial W. Fred-Oswald, F. Holmes about the tutu or June, in tjie u. b.

Go to Voorhis Bros, to mako your final proof, and then you will be sure to yet it right. aitf Mrs. Phlnney Is now prepared to do dressmaking in the latest and most fashionable styles. For good, Instructive and Interesting reading go to the Circulating Library of and L. P.

Southworth were in town Sat cult Court at Leavenworth, urday, laying ranch supplies and mak ing preparations for A well-kaown citizen of this town, during the blow of last Saturday night, not feeling safo in his house gathered Prof. Bickerdyke has madesnothnrcn- What is the matter with making preparations fora big Fourth of July celebration 1 Let us soon get together and make arrangements lor a general good time. i Considerable ram fell last Saturday night. -Information received from nearly every portion of the county indicates that the ram was quite general. Hail foil in some localities.

We are In receipt ot a copy of the North-West Texas Wool Grower, published by Musgrove, Sweetwater, 'Texas Jt Is 'neat four icoliimh quarto lllld WO edutllir nliinn it: nn' nor cvnli.i. giKement with the Bunker Hill school board, as principal of the schools ut that place. This is his seventh yearas principal. about him Ins family and repaired to the inside of bis chicken house. Thev were about comfortably located, when the roof w.js.

vauM. la-tf For elegant fitting corsets and gloves go to Mrs. Phlnney Main street opposite court house. 22tf Sirs. 'J.

L. Phinncy has received a new A. C. Carson, of Blue Stem, visited the county scat Friday. Ho reports a very of the chicKcn house blew ott, and the flying debris, caused considerable dotlg.

I ii2 hiiiI an Immediate evacuation of tUt lare Immigration In Hie eastern part ol tlie county. heat generally in ids lo premises. This might be called taking a Sllmm'lcliance for safety. cality is looking well and he expects as largo a yield per acre this year as ho obtained last year. Joseph R.

Frith, the district manager for R. G. punn, Mercantile Agency, in a J. II. Dryden, of Keokuk, Iowa, has report of the condition of the fruit, live-stock in Western Missouri been in town several days looking over the field with the view of starting a pa 0 L.iyiinrj Jlst.d' -J, i A barrel of whisky shipped at Kansas and consigned to A.

G. Weed, ar-ritcd here empty. It appears that some one had located the had bored up through, the bottom' ot 'tlie car, and and Kansas, has tho following to Isay of per here. The field is sufficiently broad tor two or three more papers at this place. Before they are all sold.

It costs you nothing to look at them and we are always ready to show them to you. OUR NEW STOCK CONSISTS Katv Caps, Boots, Shoes, Dry Goods, Clothing, Provisions and a Fine Line of Gents Furnishing Goods. CLOTHING 0 CASH WE WILL TAKE BUTTER AND EGGS AND WILL FAY Tlie Highest Cash Price IN TRADE FOR THEM. and we cordially extend an invitation to Mr, Dryclcn to locate among us. Into the barrel, draining off all the "budge." Mr.II.

O. Gilford, the veteran sheep- stock of fashionable Millinery and Fancy goods. Call and examine them. 22tf Men wanting work and girls "Wishing employment should leave their names and addresses at Frank Weed's Wtf White Lead, Oils and Mixed Paints, cheaper than any other honse in the city. Bed-rock prices for spot cash.

22tf ifi. Banks. All kinds of Cigars, Tobacco's and Pipes at 1-tf Tom Patterson's herd of Improved horses will driven through, withpiit any sales being made therefrom until their arrival here, sothnt parlies here who might desire to buy a team or two can secure first choice. Parties wantinar good gentle horses should wait until I arrive, when I shall offer some extraordinary bargains, for they arc without exception a line' herd of horses, and I kuow they will suit anybody, 13tf. i -r T.

C. Patteiisok. oreeuer- was in town baturday. lie oe- irln shearing this week, ilia gives it as tils opinion tuac wool iu mis county is in trinsically worm two cents per pound more than any previous clip, owing to its better condition anil freedom from dirt or other foreign matter. Russell county: wneac to me acre was planted this year, but a much larjrer average of corn will be planted.

Leading cereals are wheat, corn and oats. There was not more than 60 per cent as much wheat sown as In the preceding year, at least 20 per cent winter killed. Wheat now looks well; oats same. Gorn being planted too early to make estimate on corn crop, but thiuU it will bo favorable for a good crop. At present there seems to ho nn insect troubling the wheat some, but not seriously.

Our hog 'crop will average about 10.000, sheep 40,000, cattle No disease Ot cattle, hogs or 8lieep Abont 1.200 emigrants have settled with us since a year ago. Very. lit-, tie fruit raised here. The fueling among farmers la reference to crops is good. Stock is looking well.

Have some salt springs- here, but not operated. Have bljih schools and common schools in the county to quite an extent, t'je county is well supplied. Prof. French' and E. S.

Hubbs, lef Sunday evening for Kstes The wheat is reported to bo dying In several iu thja county. The cause is variously attriouted to tho lies-slon fly, the chinch bug, and the March It la estimated that the yield will not be suficicut to supply the home do- r-The stone doorsteps Iii several of the stores tn city are very much worn down. vWh would auggest to future builders that if these stones are thoroughly covered with hot oil and then given wis or two coats of Iron paint, It will be Many years before hollows are worn into tliciu, where tney -will run a notei tiuring tne uinmcr season. HiStcs l'arK is eu miles from Denver, near the foot of Long's i cak. and It is said to oe one oi tne pret SjST CALL AND EXAMINE MY STOCK BEFORE PUR-CHASING ELSEWHERE.

tiest and healthiest places In Colorado. Hull For Sale. The ladles left Monday evening. A large umber or the personal friends ot the I Iinv for sale i Koodliigh grade Shorthorn Hull live years old. Can be wen at my parties were at the depot both evenings to see them off.

Tim Journal will make place on cedar Uretk. Uknuy sknkt, 23tf liuSiellKaS. weekly visits to the hotel. RUSSELL KANSAS.

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