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Bunker Hill Gazette from Bunker Hill, Kansas • 1

Bunker Hill Gazette from Bunker Hill, Kansas • 1

Bunker Hill, Kansas
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TIME TABLES. When Lurny gets to be a coun ciety's existence, and that in that W. II. Biays made a business ty sent we hope they will send us trip to RtisM-11 Monday. gtmlicr gill Cnjcttc.

J. C. GAULT, Publisher, Arrival and Departure of Mails DEPARTURE. time there have been placed on the library shelves more than forty-eight thousand volumes of books, There will be a social party at word as we wish very much to know when such an important event the residence of Capt. Johnson Going west, at 7:17 a.

m. and 6:52 p. m. Going east at 9:20 a. m.

and 9:10 p. m. Going north, every Monday, Wednesday occurs. Friday evening. SUBSCRIPTION $1.00 PER YEAR.

If paid in advance; otherwise $1.50. C. V. Callaghan moved his ana naay, ai 7 a. m.

arrival. OFFICIAL DIRECTORIES. family and household fleets to Bunker Hill on Tuesday. Dorrance From the east at 7:17 a. m.

and 6:52 p. m. From the wetnt 9:20 a. m. and 9:10 p.

m. From the north very Tuesday, Thursday Nuggett. ana Saturday, at 0:00 p. m. II.

W. Roberts improving U.P.R aiiway Train Schedule. the appearance of his residence by placing a stone walk from the sidewalk to the house. WEST BOUND. No.

203, Pacific Express 7 5 a. m. No. 201, Colorado Express 6.52 p. Wanted, too bushells of mo.

213, ay treignt 2 p. m. EAST BOUND. black winter oats for seed. Must be pure and not stack bunted.

No. 204, Atlantic Express 9:38 p. m. No. 202, hastern Express 0:1 1 a.

m. J. B. Ccrbitt, Bunker Hill, Kan. Bunker Hill Lyceum, January 23, 1889.

PROGRAM. I. Music. 2. Reading of Minutes.

3. Roll Call. 4. Short Biographical Sketch of Prcs-Elect Harrison by Grace H. Biays.

5. Select Reading: Edward Mahony and Jennie Schauer. 6. Music. 7.

Debate. Affirmative J. C. Gault Ncg.J.R. Bickerdyke.

8. Declamations. Ira Fleck. Coldena Mounce. 9.

Music. 10. News of the week by Jessie E. Lucas. 1 1 Business.

12. Critic's Report. 13. Music. 14.

Adjournment. Question for Debate. Resolved, That the United States has done more towards advancing the civilization of the world than all Europe. We print the program for the lyceum tliis week just as it came from the hands of the committee. Ed.

No. 214, Way freight Parties wishing tickets for points east of Kansas City, or other points not on the Union Pacific R'y will please let me know one or two days before wishing to start, and 1 will get ticket to destination. Aim) will check your baggage to destination County Officers. Representative O. L.

Atherton. Count Attorney E. A. Ward. Probate Judge J.

G. Vogelgesang The'? as. E. Smith. Treasurer Ilarshbarger.

Count Clerk I. B. Himes. Clerk of District Court L. C.Riley.

RegUterof Deeds Nelson Wolcott. County R. Bickerdyke. County Surveyor W. G.

Russell. Coroner N. I. Sturdevant. C.

11. Kellogg. Commissioners Charlet Shaffer. Allen. Ccatcr Township Officers.

J. T. Newsome Clerk R. N. Bartleson.

Treasnrer A. II. Shaffer Justices. I w. Kotktmever.

i V. E. Harbaugh. Constable. Robert Janne Baaktr Hill City Officers.

Mayor J. M. Bradbuiy. John W.Shaffer. I F.

Blackburn. CovMaimeft R. N. Bartleson. I D.

Gross. I John Hupfer. Ctevk J.C.Gault. Treasurer H. Eylcr.

PoUecTudKC lloopman. and thus save delay and expense. K. BRAND, ett. H.

FRANKLIN, V1TORNEY AT LAW, RUSSELL, KANSAS. J0LLANDWARD. newspaper files and pamphlets; and in addition to these, this and former reports show a collection of manuscripts picture statuary, relics and objects of historical illustration of every kind and description almost countless in number. The character of these materials is such as was contemplated in the organization of the society and such as the law directs the society to bring into its libraro and collections. They are chiefly the printed and and written records of the people of Kansas.

The history of the strug- gles and triumphs of the people of Kansas, from the earliest day to the present, have been and arc being more fully recorded by pen ar.d printing press than ever before was that of anv people; and our histori cal society is very fully gathering in and placing accessibly placing upon its shelves the record as thus being made up. The published statistics of the libraries of the country show that the library of the Kansas historical society is the largest historical library west of the Misissippi river, and the largest but one west of the Alleghany mountains. When it is considered that this library is not composed of evanescent books of the literature of the day, written and printed for ths amusement of the hour, but that it chiefly contains the original records of the facts in the history of our own pioneer people, 'of the first generation of the founders and builders of the state, it may be said that when we speak of its remarkable growth in the number of its volumes, we present a future of but slight consideration compar-ed ith that of the character of the volumes which it contains as origi-matcrials of history. The legislature should make ample appropriations to carry on this work. Mrs.

A. II iU started Tuesday morning for a visit to friends and relatives in Scotland. The Gazette wishes htr a. pleasant jour ney and a safe J. R.

BicKerdyke has been se'ected representative to the Grand Lodge A. O. U. W. which meets in McPherson ebruary 26, J.

B. Corbett is his alternate. 200 acres of land to rent for spring crops. Two good farms to rent; can give possession March 1st. Address, J.

B. Corbett, Bunker Hill, Kansas. A. II. Shaffer and J.

Bresscl have proven themselves thorough machinists in their work repairing the boiler at the mill. The work done by them will save the milling company considerable. Bunker Hill has held its own during the hard times as well as any city the yfc, And Lis don better than a great mwny. The question Notice To Tobacco Chewers. You can get Jolly Tar, Gold Rope, Merry War and Lawn Tennis chewing tobacco at the Postoflice.

ATTORNEYS AT LAW, RUSSELL, KANSAS. Marshal R. F. Lynch. State Historical Society.

We have received from Hon. Sshaol Board. GAZETTE GATHERINGS. G. Adams, secretary, the Sixth Biennial report of the Kansas 'State Historical Society.

The report cov Director John Price W. H.Biays, Treasarer Shaffer ers the period from January 18, A. II. Shaffer spent Sunday in Russell. Oranges 40 cents per dozen at the postoflice.

Churches. ME. Meeting every alternate Sab-. bath at 11 a. m.

Sabbath School 18S7, to November 19, 1888. During this time titers have been added to the library of society, of bound volums, unbound volums and pamphlets, volumns of newspapers and periodicals, single Lemons only 25 cents a dozen now is, What are we going to do this spring and summer to further at 10 a. tn. Rev. F.

Cos, Pastor. every Sabbath at 1 1 :00 a. m. and 7:30 p. Sabbath School at m.

Rev. the interest of our city if prospects at the postoflice. Dr. Brown, of Dorrance, was in the city Monday. continue favorable? We must not newspapers, maPS atlases and A Hill went down to Kansas charts, 116; manuscripts, G62; pic go to sleep.

The first issue of the Russell Secret Societies. City the first of the week. turcs and works of art, 275; script currency, coins and medals, 32; war AT. A. Bculah lodge No.

J91 Meac ftrtt snd thirJ Thursdays of each month. JohmM. Hammokd, Vv.M. F. W.

Blackburn, Sec. relics, 12; miscellaneous contributions, 229. The library additions of books, O. O. Hill Lodge, No.

313, meets every Tuesday evening at I pamphlets and newspaper file, not including duplicates, number 12,864 THE KANSAS CITY STAR volumes. Of these, 12 00 1 have been p. m. w. A.

kebr, ft. U. R. BlCBEBDYKI, Sec. A.

Bunker Hill Post, No. 152, Kansajt division, meets the second and last Saturdays of each month. H. Cahnell, Com. Geo.

Saearm, Adjt. A O. Hill lodge No. 361 meets in Masonic hall exery Saturdsy night, Visiting brethren always welcome. J.

B. Cokbstt, M. D. Gross, Recorder, "PASTERN Chapter III No. 61 meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at 5 o'clock p.

a. Ella V. Bradbury, W. M. J.

M. Bamury, Sec, Weman'i Relief Corps. X. t4, Department of Kansas, meets tk frst and third Saturdays of each month. Mrs.

0. Grsswold, Pres. Mas. M. Shearer, Sec.

County School Signal, issued monthly at Bunker Mill by County Superintendent Bickerdyke is before us. It is neatly printed and well edited, and contains many use and practical suggestions for pupils, parents, and teachers, and is deserving of a good Dorrance Nuggett. For the year ending December 31, 18S8 the Brookville creamery took in 3,246,412 lbs. of milk, made 138,523 lbs. tf butter, and 22,591 lbs.

of cheese. The disbursements among the farmers for the year amounted to $30,710.64. The average price of milk was 94 cents per 100 pounds which would be about 30 cents a pound for butter if macle on the farm. Farmers beat that if you can. There is not a purer, better, or more helpful magazine published than "Woman's Wontt." It seeks to elevate the the character of periodical literature, and admits nothing of a harmful nature in its reading and advertising columns.

The entire field of home interests is ably overed its departments embracing Art, Literature, Poetry, Fancy work, Floriculture, Mother's Corner, Home Physician, Boys and Girls, Bright Babies, Cooking, Vegetable Garden, Poultry, and miscellaneous matter of the highest order. None of the prevailing trash of the present day. Every member of the family from the lit-ones to the white-crowned grand-parents will read it efgerly and derive benefit from its pages. Published by L. Mitchcl, Athens, Georgia, at only 50 cents a year, J.

B. Corbett made a business trip to Abilene Wednesday. J. M. Bradbury went Kansas City Sunday night on business.

The repairs at the mill being finished the mill is now running again. Two of A. II. Shaffer's children have been quite sick during the part week. Frank Young will commence teaching a term of school in the north part of the county next Monday.

Rhetorical exercises at the school house to-morrow afternoon and a public entertainment in the evening. J. Menges returned Monday from the south-eastern part of the state where he has been at work for some time. R. F.

Lynch returned home Tuesday evening from Osage City where he has been at work for the past month. Superintendent Bickerdyke has been busy during the past week in moving his office and getting it in shapa ready for active work. When you need your boots or shoes repaired take them to II. Shell. He will do you good work and his charges are reasonable.

E. M.Smith, of Solomon City, and formerly station agent at this place, stopped over Sunday in Bun-bat Hill on his way to Denver. In a few days I will open out a good stock of boots and shoes. Call and see me, J. B.

Corbett MISCELLANEOUS. procured by gift, and 863 by purchase. The whole number of volumes in the library at the present time is as follows, namely: 9,971 bound volumes; 30,353 unbound volumes 7,981 bound newspaper files and volnmes of periodicals; in all, volumes. Of the newspaper volumes, 5,757 are of Kansas, The report containes a list of Kansas newspapers and periodicals now published, from which it appears that they now number 827 in all. Of these 45 are dailies; 733 are weeklies; 1 semi-weekly, 40 monthlies, 1 semi-monthly; 2 bi-monthlies; 4 quarterlies; and one occasional.

They are nearly all being recieved by the are bound and placed on the library shelves for reference. They came from all of he 106 counties of Kansas, and record the history of the people in all the communities, The list and tables which the report contains show that there is being made up by this uociety for the use of the people of Kansas a library of history and reference, remarkable in its growth, and still more remarkable in the character and value of the materials which it contains. They show that the growth of the library and collections has steadily continued from year to year during tho thirteen years of the so The Star is the acknowledged leading evening paper of the West. It containes in a concise form all the news of the wo Id up to five o'clock p. m.

of the day published giving its patrons the freshest news from twelve to twenty hours in advance of morning contemporaries, It publishes the Kansas City Mar-Kets, and the full and complete Live Stock and Grain Markets including the closing reports from New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Kan. sas City. The Star controls and publisher exclusively the full day Associated Press Report, and a large line of special telegrams. Tne Star has the largest average daily circulation of any paper published between St.

Louis and San Francisco. The large variety and good character of its miscellaneous reading its exhaustive telegraph news, its forcible and independent utterances 011 leading questions makes it one of the most popular and influential papers published in the West, Ask your postmaster, or write for a sample copy. TERMS:" One Month, .50 Three Months, 1.00 One Year, ..4.00 GIVE THE STAR A TRIAL- Bunker Hill Building and Loan Association meets on the first Monday of each south. J. B.

Corbett, Pres. W. C. The W. C.T.

U.of Bunker Hill meets very alternate Tuesday at 3 p. Second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Visiting members welcomed. Mis. N.

Cox, Pres. Miss Gsace H. Buys, Sec, The Band of Hope meets the second and fourth Sabbaths of each month at a p. m. Mrs.

M. J. Schauer, Supt. Miss Blanche Shaver, Sec. The Bunker Hilt Cornet Band meets very Tuesday and Friday evenings for practice in the band room over Warthen's C.

Hpopman, Pres. J. M. Biavs, Sec. The Board of Directors of the Bunker Hill Water Compsny meet every second and fourth Thursday of the month.

H. EvisR.Sec Ira S. Fleck, Pres. vt. H.

Buys, 8oj. 1.

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