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Bunker Hill Gazette from Bunker Hill, Kansas • 1

Bunker Hill Gazette from Bunker Hill, Kansas • 1

Bunker Hill, Kansas
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TIME TABLES. "gutther pill J. C. GAULT, Publisher. 9 SUBSCRIPTION.

SI. 00 PER YEAR. If paid In advance otherwise, $1.50. Rev. Schauer and wife returned yesterday evening from their visit to Washington and Marshal counties.

They report having an enjoyable time. The democrats of this precinct met at the school house last Saturday and elected delegates to the county convention which meets at Russell next Saturday. Th Tititiria! PAnvufitiftn OFFICIAL DIRECTORIES. P. Railway Train Schedule.

WEST HOUND. No. 203, Pacific Express 7:17 a. m. No.

201, Colorado Express 6.5s p. No. 213, Way freight I p. m. EAST BOUND.

No. ao4, Atlantic Express 9:10 p. m. No. 202, Eastern Express 8:47 a.

m. No. 214, Way freight 11:13 a.m. Parties wishing tickets for points east of Kansas City, or other points not on the Union Pacific R'y will please let me know-one or two days before wishing to start, and I will get ticket to destination. Also will check your baggage to destination and thus save delay and expense.

E. M. Smith, Agent. County Officers. Representative Corbett Count Attorney Vt.

G. Eastland Probate Judge I. S. Chadbourne Sheriff James E. Smith Treasurer Chatt.

Smith County Clerk J. 13. Hlmei 'Clerk of District Court L. C. Riley Itejistcrof Deeds Nelson Wolcotl County J.

J. A.T. Dixon County Russell N. t. Sturdevant C.

II. Kellogg Commissioners Charles Shaffer Chas.Wolcott Arrival and Departure of Mails DEPARTURE. Going west, at 7:17 a.m. and 6:52 p. in.

Going east at 9:20 a. m. and 9:10 p. m. Going north, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 a.

m. ARRIVAL. From the cast at 7:17 a. m. and 6:52 p.

m. From the west at 9:20 a. m. and 9:10 p. in.

From the north every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, p. m. 9 Center Township Officers. Trustee A. H.

Thomas Clerk N. Bartleson Treasurer A. H. Shaffer GAZETTE GATHERINGS. The republican judicial convention to nominate a candidate for the fourteenth judicial district met in Ellsworth last Tuesday.

The convention was called to order by the chairman of the central committee and the call read by the secretary. The temporary organization was effected by electing Ira S. Fleck chairman, R. Burch secretary and R. V.

Morgan assistant secretary. This organization wa: afterwards made permanent. The customary committees were appointed and reported. There were three candidates in the race for nomination. W.

G. Eastland, of Russell, T. F. Carver, of Salina, and S. O.

Hinds, of Lincoln. Each candidate was supported by his home delegation and Judge Hinds was also supported by Ellsworth county delegates. There were thirty-two ballots 111 all. On the last ballot Saline county voted her eleven votes for W. G.

Eastland which gave him the nomination followed by cnthus'astic cheer- After speeches by several persons the convention adjourned. W. II. Biays Jusuces' W.C.Hoopman Harbaugh I Jesse McGirmess Bunker Hill City Officers. Mayor fTohn W.Shaffer F.

W. Blackburn iCouncilmen R. N. Bartleson D. Gross John Hupfer Clerk J.

C. Gault Treasurer H. Eyler Police Judge W. Hoopman Marshal R. Lynch School Board.

Director John Price Clerk Ira S. Fleck Treasurer Chas. Shaffer CHURCHES. Methodist Episcopal. Meeting every alternate Sabbath at 11 a.

in. Sabbath School at 10 a. in. Rev. V.

Cox, Pastor. Lutheran. There will be a game of base ball Saturday afternoon between the Saline and home second nines, Mrs. J. W.

Shaffer started Saturday morning to visit her husband who is working on the L. W. branch of the U. P. railroad.

The second annual re-union of the Kansas Veteran Association will be held at the re-union grounds on East Wolf creek north of Lucas, September 25, and will last for five days. John Dunkcljof Christian county, 111., is on a visit to his brother at this place. Mr. Dunkel is talking of buying some ranch property. He hits already purchased some city property.

The annual educational meeting of the Bunker Hill public schools will not be held, to-morrow night as published in the school announcement but will probably be held some evening next week. The young ladies of the M. E. church got up a pound social for the benefit of Rev. F.

N. Cox and family Monday night. A' considerable sum of money was raised and a goodly number of useful articles given and a general good time was had. The Woman's Home and For-oign missionary society will meet in the Lutheran church next Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock. All the members arc requested to be present as there is some business of special importance to attend to.

Miss Ella Moody was the recipient the other day of a letter bearing the following novel address; Carry me along at a rattling rate, To ussell county, Kansas state; At Hunker Hill station let 111c be Till Miss Ella Moody calls forme. J. McCormick and family who have been living in Greeley county this summer and who have been visiting Mrs. McCormicks parents, Mr. and Mrs.

W. A. Largent, started yesterday morning for St. Marys where they will make their home this winter. A school district in Miami county has hit upon the novel idea of hiring teachers by having each applicant give a public exhibition of his ability to teach.

Any school board who would ask such a thing has no back bone and any teacher who woidd make such a trial is a fool and should be refused the school. We have just received from the publishers, S. Brainard's Sons, 145 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, copies of the "Red Hot Democratic" and the "True Blue Republican" Campaign Song Each book contains sixteen pieces of music arranged for male quartette, with words and music complete. They arc not cheap word editions. The price of each book is but fifteen cents and will, do doubt, have a very large sale.

Before coming to town to do your trading look over the paper and see who is the most liberal advertiser and then go to him and buy your goods, and our word you will never regret it. You will find the advertisers are men of push and enterprise, and will give you better bargains than a man who is too close fisted to spend a dollar for fear he will not get it back again. The day for a man to carry on a successful business without advertising is past. Competition is so close that he must let the people know what he has, or he will never make a success. Patronize the man who advertises.

The law business is brisk this fall. For cheap real state loans go to F. W. Blackburn The republican county central committee meets in Russell Friday. The largest line of-groccries in the city at Warthen's and at bed rock prices.

II. McCurday blurted Monday morning for Doniphan county where he has some property he expects to dispose of, The labor party is developing considerable strength in some portions of the state. F. W. Blackburn Co.

can do better by you 011 real estate loans than any other agency in the county. Amos McKanna'and J.Dvnkcl while out in the country Monday, killed a large wolf just north of town. The Gazettk office is as well, or better, equipped for doing all classes of job work as any office in the west. Warren FUher returned from Hugo, Colorado, Sunciay. He had been sick for two weeks' with typhoid fever.

Mrs. E. Nichols started for Bates county, Mo. Sunday night where she will meet her husband who went some time ago. Amos McKanna started yesterday morning for the eastern part of the state to work up the trade 111 his combination towel brackets.

The Russell papers, announce that the butter and chessc factory at that place will be ready to commence operation September 1. J. Kemp met with quite an accident while doing some lifting the other day by spraining the tendons and muscles of his right hand. Any one wishing a bargain in Dress Goods or Boots and Shoes will do well to buy of Warthen as he is closing out regardless of cost. The rain which visited this section of the state the first of the week was the best rain of the season and will be of great benefit for seeding.

The gentlemen who talk of bonding the county for a court house and getting the people into debt these hard times had better look to their laurels. J. B. Haney presented this office with a fine large watermelon one day last week. Mr.

Haney says that he raised melons this year that weighed forty pounds. Elias Trapp received a dispach Sunday evening stating that his mother who resides in Ohio was not expected to live. He started Monday evening for that place. As we have concluded to reduce the size of our paper by leaving off the "patent" side we will not raise the subscription price until the patronage will justify us in resuming our present s'xe. Russell county cannot complain of want of recognition in the Ellsworth convention Tuesday.

She received the chairmanship and the candidate and could not very well ask for more. The well known publisher, L. W. Dickerson, of St. Louis, has recently issued a book, entitled "The National Contest." It gives valuable information on the Tariff question, Statistics, valuable for every voter.

Also complete biographies of Cleveland and Thurman, and Harrison and Morton. Agents are wanted to sell this book. See advertisement in another column. Meetings every Sabbath at 11:00 a. m.

and 7 :30 p.m. Sabbath School at 10:00 a. m. Rev. J.

Schauer, Pastor. SECRET SOCIETIES. Beulah Lodge, No. 291, A. F.

A. M. Meets first and third Thursdays of each month, on or before full moon. John M. Hammond, W.M.

F. V. Blackburn, Sec. I.O. O.F.

Bunker Hill Lodge, No. 313, meets Tuesday evening at 7:30. Steven Lewis, N. G. Ira S.

Fleck, Sec. Start the children to school the first day. Sheriff Smith was in the city Tuesday. There will be a meeting of the city dads to-night. Ready mixed paints of all kinds at the drug store, A large line of dress goods below cost at Warthen's.

The finest line of canned goods in the city at Warthen's. The finest line of dried fruits in the city at Warthen's. Mis. R. F.

Lynch and Mrs. A. Shaffer were in Russell Friday. Smoke Jack Gill and Faultless cigar for sale at Warthen's. Gross has been hired by B.

Warthen to run his notion wagon. Buck Bros, shipped about 400 head of sheep the first of the week. Try that choice plug tobacco at only 30 cents per pound. Gold paint for gilding and ornamental painting at the drug ctore. The case of Bazere against Strobcl was decided in favor of Stro-bel Hon.

L. Wilhelm, of Jefferson county, is visiting his son at this place. Wonder if the Wilson Eagle will give us a free advertisement this week. Go to F. W.

Blackburn Co. for your loans. They can give you satisfaction. Ira S. Fleck was in Ellsworth Tuesday as a delegate to the judicial convention.

Rev. Cox moved his family to his farm south-west of Bunker. Hill last Tuesday. Chas. Collins, a prominent citizen of Russell, died at that place last Friday night.

Regular preaching next Sunday at the Lutheran church at 1 1 o'clock a. m. Carriage paints, floor paints, building paints and all other kinds at the drugstore. Prof. Bickerdyke will arrive at home to-morrow morning from his trip to California.

School commences next Monday and every child in the disttrict should btart the first day. Quite a number of farmers were in town Saturday and merchants report that trade was brisk. This office turned out some sale bills last Saturday for M. Kessler. He will have a sale September 8.

G. A. R. Bunker Hill Post, No. 152, Kansas division, meets the second and last Saturdays of each month.

M. C. Hibbard, Com. J. S.

MooDy, Adjt. The Order of the Eastern Star Meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at 5 o'clock p. Ella V. Bradbury, W. M.

J. M. Bradbury, Sec. Russell County Teachers Association. Program of the exercises to be held at Bunker Hill, September 15, 18SS.

TKN O'CLOCK A. M. Paper, Music in schools, J. Bickerdyke. Discussion, One half hour, by T.

Ford. Paper, Organization of a district School, Miss Clara Shcnk. Discussion for one half hour, opened by Miss Mellissa Goff. General discussion of current events. Adjournment for dinner.

two o'clock r. M. Methods of conducting a recitation to be illustrated by forming a class and hearing a model recitation, L. A. Parke.

Half an hour's discussions, opened by Miss Carter. The Chautauqua courses, Mis Cora McDougal, Discussion one half hour, opened by Miss A.J. Rearick. Miscellaneous business. Adjourn.

R. Headquarters Bunker. Hill Post No. 152, G. A.

Department of Kansas. General order No. 2, Series of 1888. Comrades will take notice that at the next regular meeting of the post (on September 1888) an election of officers will be held to fill vacancies. By order of M.

C. Hibbard, commander. $10.00 REWARD. The above reward will be given for information that will lead to the recovery of one corn sheller and part of orie wind engine taken by me under execution as the property of II. C.

Degner and left on his premises and under his rare. V. Harbaugh, Constable, Woman's Relief Corps. No. 124, Department of Kansas, meets first and third Saturdays of each month.

Mrs. G. Griswold, Pres. Mrs. M.

Shearer, Sec. MISCELLANEOUS. Bunker Hill Building and Loan Association meets on the first Monday of each month. J. B.

Corbitt, Pres. W. C. Hoopman, Sec. TheW.

C.T. U.of Bunker Hill meets every alternate Tuesday at 3 p. m. Second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Visiting members welcomed.

Mrs. F. N. Cox, Pres. Miss Grace II.

Biays. Sec. The Band of Hope meets the second and fourth Sabbaths of each month at 4 p. m. Mrs.

M. J. Schauer, Supt. Miss Blanche Shaver, Sec. The Bunker Hill Cornet Band meets very Tuesday and Friday evenings for practice in the band room over Warthen's W.

C. Hoopman, Pres. J. M. Biays, Sec The Board of Directors of the Bunker Hill Water Company meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month.

H. Eyler, Sec Ira S. Fleck, Pres. W. 11.

Biays, Supt..

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