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Bunker Hill Gazette from Bunker Hill, Kansas • 1

Bunker Hill Gazette from Bunker Hill, Kansas • 1

Bunker Hill, Kansas
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23. TIME TABLES. Mrs. II. Eyler and daughter started Tuesday morning to visit friends and relatives at her old home in Pennsylvania.

BUNKER HILL SCHOOLS. P. Railway Train Schedule. WEST BOUND. No.

203, Pacific Express 7:17 a. m. No. 201, Colorado Express 6.53 p. No.

213, Way freight 1:50 p. m. Anraai Announcement for th School Year X888-9. east bound. No.

204, Atlantic Express 9:10 p. m. No. 20:, Eastern Express 8:47 a. m.

No. 314, Way freight 11:13 a. m. Parties wishing tickets tor points east of Kansas City, or other points not on the Union Pacific R'y will please let me know one or two days before wishing to start, and I will get ticket to destination. Also will check vour baeeaire to destination and thus save delay and expense.

E. M. SMITH, Agent. Arrival and Departure of Mails. DEPARTURE.

west, at a. m. and p. m. Going east at 9:20 a.

m. and 9:10 p. m. Going north, every Monday, Wednesday Jtanher Ul J. C.

GAULT, Publisher. SUSSCaiPTlON. $1.00 PER YEAR. If paid in advance; otherwise, $1.50. OFFICIAL DIRECTORIES.

County Officers. Representative T. Corbett County Attorney G. Eastland Probate Judge J. S.

Chadbourne Sheriff James E. Smith Treasurer Chas. Smith County Clerk J. B. Himei Clerk of District Court L.C.

Riley Register of Deeds Nelson Wolcott County Superintendent. J. A.T. Dixon County Surveyor W.G. Russell Coroner N.

I. Sturdevant C.H. Kellogg Commissioners Charles Shaffer Chas.Wolcot! Center Township Officers. Trustee A. II.

Thomas Clerk R. N. Bartleson Treasurer A. II. Shaffer Bunker Hill City Officers.

Mayor Bradbury John W. Shaffer F. W. Blackburn Counriltnen R.N. Burtleson D.

roi (John Hupfrr Clerk J. C. Cnxilt Treasirer H. Eyler Police udge W.C.I Ioopman Marsha! Lynch School Board. Director John Price Clerk Ira S.

Fleck Treasurer Chas. Shaffer ana naay, at 7 a. m. ARRIVAL. From the east at 7:17 a.

m. and p.m. From the west at 9:20 a. m. and 9:10 p.

m. From the north very Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6 mo p. m. HWXIOF EDUCATION, J. M.

1889. C. Shaffer 1800. Ira S. Fleck i8.

OFFICERS. President J. M. Price. Ira S.

Fleck. Treasurer C. Shaffer. Superintendent J. Bickerdvke.

SCHOOL CALENDER. Fall term opens September 3, 1888. Winter term open. 31, 18S8. Spring term open.

March 11, 1889. CORPS OK TKACIIERS. J. R. Bickcrdyke, High School De-partmcnt.

Miss Berta Markley, Intermediate Department. Miss A. J' Rcarlck, Primary Department. II. J.

Donecker, East School. E.O. Humes. Went School. NON-RESIDENT PUPILS.

Non-resident pupils, or those over school age may be admitted by the payment of one dollar per month In advance. The Treasurer's or Clerk's for tuition will admit any applicant to the schools of the district, No abatement for any part of a month. COURSES OF STUDY. The Course of Study is divided into a Common School Course, covering eight vcars. and a Iliirh School Course, cnvm-lncr GAZETTE GATHERINGS.

There will be more wheat sown this fall if the asorr i favorable than there was last fall. This section of the state i too high to depend entirely on corn. Exclusive farming does not pay as well as diversified farming and he who undertakes to make or break on one crop generally succeeds in breaking. The Harrison Sc Morton club meets every Saturday night and the Cleveland Thurman club every Monday night. Both clubs he increasing their membership each week and if you do not belong to either you should join at once and let people know which side you are on.

The exercises for next Saturday and Monday nights promises to be interesting. The effort of the Russell correspondent to the Abilene Gazette to convey the idea that the burning of James Bond's wheat was caused by the republicans is as near the truth as the correspondence to the same paper saying the corn crop was assured and that Russell county would go democratic. We love a liar but this Russell correspondent suits us too well. The well known publisher, L. W.

Dickcrsqn, of St. Louis, has recently issued a book, entitled "The National Contest." It gives valuable information on the Tariff question, Statistics, valuable for every voter. Also complete biographies of Cleveland and Thurman, and Harrison and Morton. Agents are wanted to sell this book. See advertisement in another column.

The Salina Record, a new paper published at Salina, J. M. Davis editor, commenced its fight for cx-istenc last Saturday morning. The typographical work is done in the Republican office. The paper is bright ami newsy.

Its politics is democratic and what the citizens of Saline county have done to be inflicted with two democratic papers is more than we know but we wish the publisher financial success. Attention Democrats! A full altcnhancc of the members of the Bunker Hill Cleveland Thurman Club is asked for at our next meeting Monday night, August 20. Hon. Tibbets will be present and address the Club. All interested in a good government economically administered are invited to be present.

W. G. Hatton, President. two years, also Post Graduate Courses, of one ana two years each. COMMON SCHOOL COURSE.

Go to J. B. Corbett for loans. T. D.

Moore is working at Ft. Riley. Ready mixed paints of all kinds at the drug store. For cheap real state loans go to F. V.

Blackburn Co. Blaine is talking with no uncertain sound since his return home. Gold paint for gilding and ornamental painting at the drug store. J. Corbett can furnish money at as low rates as any firm in the county.

The number of visiting delegations to Gen. Harrison is still on the increase. Go to F. V. Blackburn Co.

for your loans. They can give you satisfaction. We publish this week the An- CHURCHES. BRANCHES TAUGHT. Orthoepy and Orthography, Penmanship, Mental and Written Arithmetic, Grammar and Composition, Geography, United Stales History, Constitution and Physiology.

AH who complete the Common School Course will be entitled to "Certificate of Graduation," and will be fully qualified to pass examination for a second grade Methodist Episcopal. Meeting every alternate Sabbath at II a. n. Sahhath "School at 10 a. in.

Rev. V. Cox, Pastor. Several of our ritizens went to Dorrance Monday on business. F.

W. Blackburn Co. can do better by you on real estate loans than any other agency in the county. The local politicians are flying around to sec what their chances arc at the convention which meets in Russell to-day. Enough rain, apparently has fallen in Kansas to keep the state from drying up within the next twenty-four hours.

Kansas City Star. The support given to the newspapers of this county by the oflke seekers leave them in a fine condition to bolt if there is any crooked work carried on. The types last week made us say that "Gallant Little Phil Sherman was dead." It is one thing to write an article correctly and another thing to have it appear so in print. A good many democratic papers are asking fou joint discussions. We cannot see what good there will be in such a plan unless it is the only way the democrats can dra a crowd.

We go to prets one day earlier this week than usual. This fact and the fact that we have been absent part of the time starting another office accounts for the shortness of local matter this week. Some one unknown to us left a couple fine watermelons at the residence of A. T. Ulsh but as he is now working in Salina the melons soured before they were found.

The donor has the thanks of thi.i office just the same. A Democratic County convention will be held at Russell on Saturday, September 1, iSSS, at 2 o'clock p. m. for the purpose of placing the county officers in nomination. Center township is entitled to 6 delegates in the 1st precinct.

The people of Ireland are clamoring for home rule so they can protect themselver from the penefits of England's free trade ideas and the citizens of the United States will do well to profit by the experience of that unhappy and persecuted people. We were presented Monday with a fine lot of potatoes that were grown by W. II. Biays on the lots near his house. The 'squire got about thirty bushels off three lots, and this would make about 120 bushels to the acre which is not bad for an off year.

John Martin is drawing big crowds in Kansas because he is a good talker, and the republicans of that state always turn out to hear what the Democrats have to nay. The Democrats will vote for him and the Republicans will vote for Humphrey. Kansas City Those who are making American flags at home will remember that the rule of the navy in regard to the flag's proportions is this: "The flag is thirteen stripes wiJc and twenty-one stripes long. The union (blue) is seven stripes square. There is one star for each State in the union.

Last Friday night some sneak Lutheran. Meetings every Sabbath at 11:00 a. HIGH SCHOOL COURSE. and 7:30 p. m.

Sabbath School at 10:00 a. in. Rev. J. achauer, Pastor.

nual announcement of the Bunker SECRET SOCIETIES. Beulah Lodge, No. 291, A. F. A.

M. Meets first and third Thursdays of each month, on or before full moon. John M. Hammond, W.M. F.

Blackburn, Sec. BRANCHES TAUGHT JUNIOR YEAR. Higher Arithmetic, Algebra, General History, Grammar, Book-Kceplng, Physical Geography. SENIOR YEAR, Geometry, Philosophy, English Literature, Word Analysis, Geology, Botany. Those completing the High School Course will be entitled to "Certificate of Graduation," and will be fully qualified to pass examination for a first grade certificate or will be admitted into the State Normal School without further examination.

I.O. 0. F. Hill schools. Carriage paints, floor paints, building paints and all other kinds at the drugstore.

Both the republican and democrat clubs of this place are getting a large membership. The council at its last meeting passed two ordinances which see in another column. James Jones, editor of the Russell Record, will address the repub-can club Saturday night. II. Franklin has disposed of part of his interest in the Russell Bunker Hill Lodge, No.

313, meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30. Steven Lewis, N. G. Ira S. Fleck, Sec.

G. A. R. SCHOOL EVENTS FOR 1888-9. Annual Educational Meeting, Friday Evening, August 31, 1888.

Public Rhetorical Exercises, Friday Evening, December 21, 1888. Public Lecluies, Song Reviews, School Socials and Rhetorlcals will be given during the School Year. Commencement Exercises and Annual Tournament of Games, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 16, 17 and 18, 1889. Bunker Hill Post, No. 152, Kansas division, meets the second and last Saturdays of each month.

M. C. Hidbard, Com. J. S.

Moooy, Adjt. Journal to M. Beardsley. Harrison Morton Club. The Order of the Eastern Star Meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at 5 o'clock p.

Ella V. Bradbury, W. M. M. Bradbury, Sec.

TEACHERS, TAKE NOTICE. The Courses of Study prepared for the Bunker Hill Public Schools are especially adapted to your wants in the line of your professional duties, and fully qualify you to pass examination for a hrst or wcond grade county certificate, or for addmUslpn, to the State Normal School. Woman's Relief Corps. No. 124, Department of Kansas, meets the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Mrs. G. Griswold, Pres. Mrs. M.

Shearer, Sec. Program for August 18, 18S8. Song, "Win Harrison Can." Address, Jas. Jones. Song, "Victory Rests with You." Explanation of political map, Ira S.

Fleck. Voluntary remarks. Song, "He'll Make You Take a Walk." MISCELLANEOUS. Bunker Hill Building and Loan Association meets on the first Monday of each month. J.

B. Corbett, Pres. W. C. IIoopman, Sec.

TheW.C.T. U.of Bunker Hill meets every alternate Tuesday at 3 p. m. Second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Visiting members welcomed.

Mrs. F. N. Cox, Pres. Miss Grace II.

Biays. Sec. Gault and Ulsh are getting ready to do a heavy job printing business. Salina Herald. We have secured a job office in Salina and henceforth' A.J.

Ulsh will be found at that place. As cutting down expenses is the order of the day, hereafter we will not buy any more "patents." Go to J. B. Corbett for loans. You can have part of your money on the day the papers are signed.

Mr. J. J. Paxton started Sunday night for Linn and Johnson counties this state looking up a location. R.

N. Bartleson was setting up the cigars Saturday all on account of a girl that put in an appearance the night before. The Bunker Hill boys went to Dorrance Tuesday to play a game of ball. The score was as follows: Bunker Hill 43, Dorrance 8. $50,000 to loan on farms or city property, at reasonable rates.

J. B. Corbett, Bunker Hill, Kans. ORDINANCE NQ. 24, First published August 16, 1888, An Ordinance providing for laying and collecting a tax for the year.

1888 within and for the city oi Bujtkar Hill, Kansas. Be it Ordained by the Mayor and Couicilraan.of the city of Bunker Hilt Kausas, Section: That there be levied and collected! for general revenue purposes for t'ye of tU city of Bunker Hill a tax of ten (10) OA the dollar on aj.1 the real, mixed and persona property within, the limits of the city Bunker Hill, taxable according to the iawbf the of Kansas. Section a. This Ordinance shall take-effect and be in force from and after it publication In the Bunker Hill Gazette. Passed the Council August 9, 1888.

Approved August 9, 1S88. J. M. Bradbury, Mayor. Attest, J.

C. Gault, City Clerk. The Band of Hope meets the second and fourth Sabbaths of each month at 4 p. m. Mrs.

M. J. Schauer, Supt. Miss Blanche Shaver, Sec. ORDINANCE NO- 25.

First published August 16, 1888. An ordinance providing for the amending of section 4 of ordinance No. 22. Be it Ordained by the Mayor and councilincn of the city of Bunker Hilt Kansas. Section That section 4 of ordinance No.

22 be altered and changed so kliat the fee of the ponndmastcr shuli one dollar for each animal impounded. Section 2. This ordinance shall take effect and bo In force (row and after its publication once in the Bunker Hill Passed the council. August 9, 1888. Approved, August 1888.

M. Bradbury, Mayof Attest. J. C. Gault, City Clerk, set fire to some wheat stacks belonging to James Bond.

The stacks The Bunker Hill Cornet Band meets every Tuesday and Friday evenings for practice in the band room over Warthcn's W. C. Hoopman, Pres. J. M.

Biays, Sec. were completely destroyed as was a threshing machine belonging to Mr. Ilollinger. Any one who would The Board of Directors of the Bunker Hill Water' Company meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month. H.

Eylrr.Scc Ira S. Fleck, Pre. W. Biays, Supt. be guilty of such a dastardly trick should receive the hardest punishment allowed by law..

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