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The Walnut City Daily News from Rush Centre, Kansas • 3

The Walnut City Daily News from Rush Centre, Kansas • 3

Rush Centre, Kansas
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"While in LaCWo Thursday Time Tallin 4'. K. W. THE DAILY NEWS hnd the pleasure of meeting udg IIOIKO WfHT, Term of Mubarriptlon, Hamilton, of Sal no, Who eonu to Riinh county again in the intorhU of 57a. SAGRIFIG.ING GOODS AT 7.1.

I'ri-lKliL PmuMMiKur 9 00 am WALNUT VALLEY BASK. WALNUT CITY, KANS. (IMOOKTORITEd) 1 year IHi'lllIlM another railroad, iue jixige i.a many friends in this county and his I Ml ll III Fifteen rent per wet kdullvert-d by carrier lu preHence creates a good deal of i I buniasm. He is one of the best mil 11:1011 II MM I lift I All lWivii C.teM Helper llinki-ii Ari'lvtt Ht UimIi Iuv AUuiiir rt Hiumm rrlv Hi Nun Cl'v IS 4M 11:111 To Ailvertlwein. road men in thet-tate and our people fUT rates tor Hdvertlsirir shall lie as low a own him the thanks fur.

the Mo. i'u lew York Store. ihio ii. imy other impel hi tsijinu value as an an. Vl 'lill'li IlK-UIIIIII.

cifloroad. The Judge promised ll'-INU R.T. come to a thort time CAPITAL STOCK $50,000 HOME XI31VS. and when he dors 4 he people v.i make him welcome." McCracken Our onunlatlon. Enterprise, Tll me ve hiiiti'II" horns, ve meswnireri nf love.

74 I 7. rgMeiiKer.) Freight. leaven Nch Cllr 2M iu "Tip lii lliizliie AlHXHiidcr. 2:97 Nekiwnil tM Kimh Center 1 SrtM i.O! Tlmkci AllH-rl lleiur 4:16 vrrlveat Ort-Ht Ik-mt hjo We Can If wo are not mistaken, it was this Leuu moaejr on Bret-elMi tecurlty. Buy and -Mt Riehaoi and tot General Banking Business Sliiill sivIwIIinI printers lur below lime no diits alwwe? Tli aw-el liiirii their wing and salds to you Impel Hi vm Jfeliumirttt nn printer boolr, luill never same "granny" Hamilton who secured tho aid to the Mo.

Pacific road You V- 25 1 Per i Save chut Heaven. Warm. through this county two years ago, lint road could he be interosioj in TUAIN9 IIAILY XCKIT U1AV. Jlnll Mrliednl. Until fnrthrr n'llli-n mnlU will clou at Kiuli Oolly Low now in Unsh county.

We think that (Villi pojUilik-e Ka follow Drop in and See our the only object that old "granny kast Mouvn. Get on yonr minlionnet. Subscribe for tbo Daily Nrtrai Aflcrnojii trnln Hamilton has in coming to Itiihb WKMT noL'ND. county on another jailroud schema, Dry Goods And Clothing Afternonn tniln lino in PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE. II.

L. GULDIN, niO. GOR. MAIN STREET. ill or link hi'i and Atli iil uv leave Homo of the boys wont fishing to is to defeat MoCracken in gutting tho MninlHy, WrilniwlHV iiikI frliliiy 7 Hi rir iu nifiw.

iiin.riW'Kt!ii nun iiliiii duy. Santa Fe. It is well settled fact pnliiu north, iliuly 1pm Fur Fi'iilmi. liyiin uml M.irnlial leave that Mr. lias no interest' with the We The winter is about over for thiu can't, be Beaton every Kridny 7am Mr leiives i iicmiay i imrauuy Santa Fe, but just to- tho contrary, hiiiI Hatiinlity 3pm yonr.

He is a Mo. Pacific mnn( and is only BOOTS SHOES: jiiiiiiny uriirr inure nin-ii 4 11. in. 0 p. in, Olllu lioinn 7 u.

111. A. P. Hoby, V. M.

3. Vrwh Oystersjunt received at hired to defeat the Santa Fe in gnin IteeHonfl. ing any territory. We hope the good Cuttle ami hogs wanted at Hallett D. S.

WOLLMANN Good Table, Clean Beds! And in fact everything 8ip'f pie order. It i the tuol conimodiuus hoiixe in wenUiru Kaosan. people of McCracken, and Hampton township will not bo blindfolded in any such scheme. The raomont he R. BISHOP, moriti Ktnu TEAisFEE! Denny's Qet your groceries at the V.

Furriiture store. hears that McCracken wants the Santa Hier Wird Deutscn Gesprochen. NORTH MAIN STREET. Fe, be comes into the county and tIIEADQUARTEUS FOR COMMERCIAL TBAVEL JfJ There him Lor qnite a large quan tiiy of ico put up. says he wants to build, a railroad through.

Mark what we say, as sure as McCracken tries to cot the Santa to day noon CO A. "Red" Spencer lift for Horace, Kudwih Fe, old "cranny" H. will be around A You "Will SAVE MONEY, LYONS SON, to defeat it by souie "other railroad New York Count outers, CScts per Boots Shoes scheme. Do not allow yourselves to be drawn into his net again. can at J.

Itoesons. L. S. Hong, of Union, is in the city to- day on business. MADS BY Buyixo The men who oonqured tbo wilder ness, who left tbeir homes in the east Can't count the toams on our TO ORDER by MCCnU A Hf GROCER IE DEALERS IN DRUGS, CHFMICItB.

PMim CROCKERY QUEENSWAR to enter upon lives of hardship on the frontier, who lived for years and streets to-day, to many. Nate Fields, of Garfield, is in the city to day on business. oj ivi. iiLsU lining years from hand to mouth, were nev kt TU1 WAtJIUT C1TT rCRNITL'BK STORK all wort er given to hall the grumbling or 2 Doors North of Postoffice. GU A.1 1 A.

JS: EED; complaining that is beard now from men who do not know what hardsbqS is." These men of the frontier who A. HAUSNECK. China tea sets Another big land sale to-day and still the boom continues. A. P.

Davis, of Hello Prairie, is in the city to-day on business. Ilidlett Denny are paying the highest market cash prices fur cattle C. E. Edperton. Physician Surgeon E.F'.ngir.

lived iu huts and cabins, who subsisted on corn meal and wild game were animated of the average American Knsit Center, Kaxsas. Glassware of various pa terns Lamps and lampfLxtures. Everytl ling usually kept in a first class Store, WALL PAPER I 1 citizen, and they. Irinmphed, It is and hogs. I.

HALE, BANK OF RUSH CENTRE money 'to lovtst Mr. W. G. Brrington, of Wichita, Attorney at Law is in the city looking up a location Tn nil the latent stvlcit nn1 colorn, to wliiMi we rail fle rrorticc In State anil Kcdural courts. for a rink.

fair to assume that however dark the prospect may seeratc most unfortu nato of lowly laborers now, it will never be than was the pros-pest oftho pioneers who bogan in isolated settlements the work of civil- ization. These pioneers chose their 3TCOI.LECTION8 PROMI'ILYMADK JpH of the buying public. Our Mock is new and fr-sb. WALNUT CITY Tv A TM. Quite a good many strangers in the city to day some of whom aro buying T.

H. M'DOWELL, up property, IN LARflK OK SMALL AMOUNTS Olf LANDS, CHATTELS, FtRSOSAL SECURITY OB TOWW PROPERTY. Agents For Arkansas Valley Town I Land Co. Justice of Peace Mil H. V.

Wattermer, formerly of For work knowing something of tho difficulties in the way, and they wore men enough to fight the battle out Tho majority of the people in this country e3t. Ohio, is in the oitv dav, the WALNUT CITY KANSAS. guest of G. U. Griggs.

MILLINERY! SaleStable. Livery, Feed, fi who are now mustered among tbo discontented came here. They must Mr." Uramer commenced work on thoLriek yard to-dav crettinjr the 0 WJC SELL CANOS CITT fight their battle out with as much grounds in readiness. MORRIS SIIIKEV. North Main Street.

RUSH CENTRE, KANS. manliness and as much det ermina north The severe blizzard iu tho west caused tha Ioh of a tion to succeed as did thoso who good FresJi Milk made their comiug here possible, many lives during the past week. Kearney County Gadeite. DKMVRIIKO THE APOTHECARIES HALL R. F.

McAlister, of Union township No road in this state has made is in the city to day purchasing lum Every Morning. SHINEY BROS, 8c Pro's. Do a General Livery, Feed and Sale Business. Special Ratci to Traveling Men. Good Rigs and Rernonable Hate.

2T Cor. CsLin. cSs "CTrLion. Gts. more progress, or been more ber for improvements on his farm.

G-eo. Butler. cial to the country throngb which it runs than the Santa Fe. The people G. B.

Griggo and family, of Wal CHAS. GR0EZ1NGER uut Citv, visited at E. L. Williams of this great state are opening their Wednesday. McCracken Enter dealer in eyes to this fact.

Those who have WALNUT CITY, KAS. S. D. FITZGERALD, PRO I have Just opened up In Union Avenue near Depot Hotel, a drat elnsa drui? store where everything ran be lound In the way of fresh druM, medicines, cliemicaU, perfiiniua, stationery, funny good, aohool crayons, hlmik books, c. Also, oil paints and varnishes.

Opposl ieto the Apollietarles Ilall is the Walnut Citv Lalioratnrv, where most nf thedrium and medicines are freshly manufactured. Also two urupi idory meUicincs of which the undersigned Is patentee, viz, prise. voted aid toother roads, and after 'Quite a little excitement was crea General Merchandise. ted on our streets this morning by getting them, have found themselves in the posession of a road, no more beneficial to thir community than a runaway toam, belonging to some Selilni? as cheap farmer.

ClotiliIla at Cost. dummy line. We clip the following from the Mo Cracken Enterprise, at lie Celebrated London Stomache Bitters I Prayer meeting at M. E. church on OHK DOOR HORTII roSTOFFICB.

which town they have the Mo. Pac. Thursday evening. All, both old LAND LOAN Agency of and young are cordially invited to but which seems to be a detri msnt rather than a benefit. MOISTET attend.

"Let us have a meeting and appoint Mr. Musser will take charge of the For malaria, and the uneqimled STTELIE CURB For diarrhea, dysefttary, flux, cramps, Ac. IT HAS NF.VKrt BKEN KNOWN TO FAIL even In the most desperate caso 1 make a atuiullng oiler of iwovn to any person who having taken even two of the KIKer Cure for the aliove ompliilnts and they have failed to erne hl-." It is only Hi cent per bottle. No family should he without one. Come one -y all, und take your medicine.

S. D. FITZGERALD. Norman barber shop in the morning, a committee to go to Topeka and learn what ca be dono towards a branch of the Santa Fe road. If we ne caving bougut tne same some SMITH HAIWW days rgo.

can.t secure a why not get an other railroad We can get it if any encouragement is offeoed by Hamp Mrs. W. Butler, of Carrollton, Ohio, sister in law of Geo. Bufclor' ia now ton township. Of course we cannot AOItHTS FOB SALE OF A.

T. B. RAlt.ttUAt) afford to lose th.s opportunity. visiting at Mr. B's and will remain 3 Walnut City Furnitara Store All right Bro.

Newton if the citi- 0 WH for some time. 'Wr- i-' Farms, Claims, Stock Eanelic tit. 117 zensot Center ran- assist O' I I' W. W. Junkin returned home yea you in any manner it will be a gen Carriesji complete line of 3STortli IvCEtiri Street, terday from Sterling, Kansas, where uine pleasure for them to do so.

"There is a move on foot to build be had been visiting his brother, ed itor of the Sterling Bulletin. FURNITURE HARDWIRE! a road from some point on. the Santa Fe, vih McCracken to WaKeeney. Hampton and Alexander townships HJ25. At bottom prices.

BRUSSELS Two nd Three ply Wool CAR PETS D. Ii Fuller, of Lyons, Kansas, and Geo. O. Blake, of Kansas City, are in the city looking after the Jrvin are ready for a proposition. Now that the Mo.

Pacific has disappointed us, we are ready to forward any stock of goods. They will purchase the same and open it up in a few Collins Bros scheme that will benefit McCracken. 1 window Shades, We have talked-with several in re gard to this matter and all favor days. D. N.

Davis, of Belle Prairie, town WE KEEP A I0I.L USE OF it" McCracken Eaterprise. riM Picture Frames, Window Glass, Oil Cloth, Ect. Mr. Newton, you ore right ship isio the city to-day. Mr.

Davis Shelf Hardware, It bos always been our opinion that a north-west route from some point on the Santa Fe road, wou.d, at some has just returned from Republic county, Kansas, where he has been for some days past closing up a sale of some real estate. Ij 33 Ben ter Horst. Walnut City 7 Kansas. time, be built, if proper aid and en Tinware, Stoves, Iron, StottV. Wood Stock, Iron and Wood P'jmn.

andJTubing.f. Wrber, Tennessee and Studebaker AVagona, Buggies, Carts, feo. rnopancTon UNION HOTEL. couragement were given. McCracken it seems, has taken the initiative step, and we will do all we to help you.

'j We will say for (be citizens of Cenier they wijl as sist you in any such good move. Oder Psriors. I Uealur In all kinds J. Confectionery. The Finest Line ol Implenieiits The rotary snow plow nsed by the Northen Pauifio hai proviso a snoces'.

Over 200 in tie" of track cleared by the plow in 20 hours time the average depth of snow being 14 feet. A report from Banner township is current that a paying vein of coal has been discovered in that pait of the county. It is well known that several small finds Lave beer made WA1.NVT CITY KANSAS. A letter to one of our principal bus iness men yesterday says that "the In the county. Btiford, Peru and Winena Plo, CultiFatorn and Sukys, Peru and Walton Listers.

All kinds of harrows, Gasc-line ana oils. Agents for Deering Alowers and Hinder and Victor Wagon Seal js. machinery for the gas and oil well, J. O. Wright, Prop.

Board By The Day Or feeK! The aboye Home, has been remodeled and fur nishod in Grstjclasa style. Terms reaHoualle. and TJalori Street. will be ready in a few days." Par ties interested in this matter of test- AMPT nrw weeks. The OilVIi IIL.

l-'iLItiK GAZkTTE will li mailed, seiirely wrauned, to any address Id the United KMtea POP! 3 month on reeurt of t)ne VVV I A Dollar. Liberal (lisoimnt allowed to Postinmters, Acreiitmnd The ATT 1 zbttb ol York In the le (rltliiite Hnort)n and lenwtioniil 1 1)11 1 1.. tl pubiiJheil na tit? American t4" 17 iontlnent. Apnly for tornm to lvlll-. Jcox.l mUlBHiiuil, ng the earths bowele," will be ready bn n.

enfficient quantity 1 to fay fori COME AND SEE AVEST U3ST1 ON STIilCKT with their shilling checkeU, when the tne worumg. work begin..

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