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The Walnut City Daily News from Rush Centre, Kansas • 3

The Walnut City Daily News from Rush Centre, Kansas • 3

Rush Centre, Kansas
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Tina Tnblr H. A W. A Howl. O. IPj.

Ktlarerton. THE DAILY news. liniKll The LaX Chieftain of the fifteenth Tern of Mubacriptlom. came oat with one the lowest BANK OFRUSH CENTRE! soo WALNUT VALLEY IUih'. WALNUT CITY, KANS.

(niooHHrArr.oi 1 year months 3 utterly false tirades that has ever disgraced the columns of that sheet of vitupera'ion and falsehood. For Fifteen een'upVr week dcUVeriil by'errtor To Auvertinrrn. the past year it has been howling it' MONI0Y TO LOiVlSr Our rates for advertising alinll be low (How or any other paper oi equal vwue iui self hoars, in an endeavor to convince iU few readers that the county peat TeniMiiK nieuiuin. S7H. 57S.

KleiKlit. Psiwliurr Leave tlrwir fiend TfSiTiii ui llclwr IVSI Allx-rt lilO liM Timkeii Srt 12:22 Arrlre at Ituali 2: Jo 12 pro lave 1:15 Nekomn 1:10 Alriauiter 11 limine 2:15 Arrive at Ness City. noma kakt. 7 I 57(1. Pwwwnifer.

Freight, Uavei NM City 13 in i III Hazlne lull 3:15 All-milder 3:57 Nekoina 2:10 UiHh Center :02 Thiiken 4:3 Albert 6:20 llelT 6:6.1 ArrlreatUrcat Uond 4:40 pm eJO SKCURITY IX LAROK OR fiMAl.l. AMOUNM tAKDS, CHATTELS, rillHOXAI. OuJlOWH PBOPEBTT.4 election of 1878 was in favor of LaX CAPITAL STOCK $50,000 no mi news. Go to lleeson's for suit and has charged the friends of Wal Agents For Arkansas Valley Town Land Co, Arthur Richardson in on the nick nut City with all manner of frauds and corruption in that election, and now that the supreme court of the state, after having spent over one list. Loans money on Crst-elasa teeiirlty.

Roys and tells eiehanx ana does General Banking Business Tha Duilv Niws is eix months old -WK SELL CASOX CITT COA1-- year in an investigation of the facts 9 today. TRAINS DAILY KXUKPT HUN KAY. in that election, have said that no KANS. Cattle and hogs wanted at Hollett RUSH CENTRE, such fraud was committed by Wal Mall Mehednle. I'ntll further untie malls will eloM atUiish Denny's nut City and that by the ballots cast Outer postoMce as follow One week from to-morrow will be then, Walnut City was chosen the KART BOUND.

Afternoon train Christmas. county seat of Rush county tho fact WKST nbuKn. PENNSYLVANIA ii. guldin, COR. MAIN UNION STREET.

of the supreme oourt having followed B. W. Phillipp, of Canton, Kansas, Afternoon train IMpn Mull for tinkling mid Ash Valley leave Monday, Wednesday nnil Friday 7pm Taylor Trower, Livery, Feed Exchange Stables. OPPOSITE O. K.

W. DEPOT. the law in the case and decided in fa is in tho city ou business. rcr iJMTOfttte. jucvracKeu ana omei vor of Walnut City causes the points north, daily 1pm For Kenton.

Kvan and Marshal leaves Hollett Denny are preparing to every Friday 7am Chieftain to rave in a manner that For Hrookdnle leaves Tuesday Thursday put in a stock of groceries. and Haturdiiy 3pm would suggest that the editor was money oroer omce omn i a. in. p. in, onto hours 7 a.

in. to a D. ni. Remember J. Reason lias a car either a natural fool or else was in K.

P. Mut.LAY. P. M. load of salt for sale cheap.

if ii spired by too frequent indulgences in GOOD RIGS AND EASY TERMS. Good Table, Clean Uetls Mr. E. B. Hong, of, Union township, the flowing bowl.

His vile attack upon the judges of the court shows Ben ter Horst. ntoPKirrou was in to see us this morning. Conie and See And in fact In apple pi orW. It flip and niot coruiuodioua Louse in whmN-iti Kiitiskk. what desperate straits he and his ilk H.

W. Wade, of Fall River, Kan- are in and is only the howls of a dead Eiile Oer Parlors. Dealer In all kinds of sas is a guest of the Union HoteL dog. Our merchants are busily engaged THE (APOTHECARIES HALL No sensible man will for a moment "HEADQUARTERS FOR COMMCP.CIAL Confectionery. in fixing up tLerr holiday displays.

believe any of his false assertions KANSAS. WALNUT CITT and the chances are that the only F. E. Wilcox, of Horace, Kansas HARVEY registered at the Depot Hotel to day. thing that will be gained by it is that the writer of the tirade will get hauled up before the court for contempt.

MILLINERY! literally blocked WALNUT CITY, KAS. S. D. FITZGERALD, PRO. I hare Just opened up In Union Avenue near Depot Hotel, a first class drug store whew everything can he found In the way of fresh drugs, medieluvs, cliemlraK perfumes, stationery, fancy Roods, school CMyons, blank books, Asc.

Also, oils, paints and varnishes. Opposl te to the Apothecaries Hall Is the Walnut City Laboratory, where niont of thedrugs and medicines are freshly manufactured. Also two proprietor) medicines of which the undersigned Is patentee, viz, TDealerc in The abuse is simply the outgrowth tho country to Our streets are with teams from day. ME. MOBRIS HHINET.

of an enraged putty headed tool, who by abusing other people hopes to let himself down and cover up the North Main Street. DRY GOODS, ll. C. Carter, of Philadelphia, is in the sitv in the interest of a medical many lies he has put into circulation and is good evidence of the fact that Fresh Milk journal Clothing, Furnishing Goods. The Celebrated London Stomache Bitters they have no hope of ever succeeding in stealing the county seat, but hope OKI.fVKHKO Hullett Denny are paying the highest market cash prices for cattle For malaria, Indigestion, the unequaled Every Morning.

I and hogs, by arousing the prejudices of the people to keep alive sectional hatred and thus prolong their political ring. GROCERIES PROVISIONS Geo. Butler. Relinquishments and deeded land to suit purchaser by Ickes Touug For diarrhea, dysentnry, flux, cramps, Ae. IT HAS NEVEit BEEN KNOWN TO FAIL even In the most desperate cases.

I make a standing offer of gion oil to any person who having taken even two doses of the Klixer Hure Cure for the alwvc oiuiilalnts and they have failed to cure him. It Is only 8.1 rentu per bottle, family should be without one. Couie one, come all, and take your medicine. Boots Shoes of Alexander Several handsome residence build But let them howl and rave all the are a mind to, it is a fact nevertheless that Walnut City is the county seat WALNUT CITY, KANS. S.

D. FITZGERALD. MADE oi xvtisn county and that as soon as ings will be commenced here in the near future if the weather remains the peremptory writ is issued, which will be on January 4th, every county TO ORDER J. M. NEEDHAM LYONS SON, officer in Rush county will move his office to this place, tae LaX gang of all won bulldozers to the contrary notwith DEALERS IN GTJ A-KViSTT KEU.

standing. open. J. M. Needham, our popular shoe maker left this afternoon for Ellin-wood to stay over Sunday with friends.

George Eddy, of 'Alexander, was in the city this morning He reports our sister city enjoying quite a steady growth. Spelling: lieport. Grammar Department. drugs, mmm. piitb, HEW GEOCEET STOBE.

Opposite Strong Ross' Bank. rRUSH CENTER, KANS. GROCERIES. Exchanged for produce. J.

REESON, H. ANDRTJS, UBALKB IN Mittie Bntt, Frank Russell, Guy Confectionery Smith, Jimmie McAlister, 100; Dora CHOCK KRY Ik QU13ENSWARE Jones, Yina Dixon, 08: Myrtli A. A. Millard, representing the CIGARS TOBACCO, Waight, Addie Hallott, 97 Leah of LEMONADE, Western Cottage Organ company Duvison, Lotan Smith, Mary Jones Meadota, is in the city to day, OCJ; Frank Hart, 04; Roy Dixon, a guest of the Union Hotel. A.

HAUSNECK. Si 93J; Frank Smith, 02; Birdie Gor China sets Giaridware of various paterns. Lamp3 and lampfiztures. The time of holding the Sunday dy, 91J; Merkle Hale, 90; Grant Physician Surgeon, Qj school at the M. E.

church in this Hallett, 88. Rusk Center, Kansas. overytl ling usually kept in afirstoias: INTERMEDIATE JJEPARTMENT, GRADE, 1.0 place has been changed from the forenoon until half past two in the Nina Smith, Harvey Morris, Melvin 0 Early, Ralph Bunn, Joe Buhl, Glen afternoon. At the regular meeting of the Wa T. R.

STURGEON Real Estate Smith, Carle Vaughn, Lillie Watkins, WALL PAPER Tn all the lates styles colors, to wo tiie n. of the buying public. Our stork i si-d f-. "WALNUT CITY Tv A NR. Sammie Kennedy, Richard Deighton, GRIGGS CO.

Money loaned at the best rates and ready when the papers are filed. No We buy, sell and trade all kinds of Real Estate and do all kinds of Legal and Notary work. Griggs Co. HSvLsla. Center.

Co. 2Zs rian Literary society at the school 3 Lida Wnghl, Clara Wright, Henry house yesterday afternoon anew con Walnut Oitv Kans. Kirch, Mable Rush, 100; Lettie Hal A stitution was adopted, and Mr. Mer-kle Hale elected dresident, and Miss Bertha Smith, Martha T. H.

M'DOVVELL, HI Jones, 93; Willie Armstrong, 92 Mittie Britt, socretary, Walnut Git Nathan Fierce, 914; Pearl Shiney, Justice of Peace 85; Patrick Connelly, 70; Frank To morrow being Sunday, the day should be devoted to thanksgiving WALNUT CITY KANSAS. to Him who directs the affairs of the Gordy, 681; Stable. universe, because of the glorious tri Livery, Feed, a Sal I0TEI DE BOSS." Ahee Davison, 100; Ida Dixon SI. HALE, umph of justice and right in this 98: Maggie Bellport, 00; Quinnie county over tho wiles and snares Attorney at Law Bagby, 92; Willie Rush, 85; Cyrus of the schemers and demagogues, M. E.

SANDFORD, Pro. Practice In Htate and Federal courts. Deighton, 87; Fron Deighton, 90 Gordon Varney, 82; SHINEY BROS, Pro's. "Whom the gods would destroy JSTCOLLKCTIONS PROMPTI.YMADEgJ Head marks in grade, Jimmie 1mm Stylish Rigs and FM they first make mad." It is an old saying and judging from the mad ravings of the LaX leaders it is to be Senior, NoahRuhl, EddisBay Do a General Livery, Feed and Sale Business. 60 TO THE POST OFFICE Primary Department.

Stables Opposite Arlington. Special Rates to Traveling Men. Good Rigs and Rcrsonable Rates. NEWSSTAND fully verified in this county seat contest. Their ravings are only the howl of a defeated and crushed gang Artie Hayes, Gussie Bellport, Wil "Walnut City, Rush Kansas.

4, lie Kirch, Oliver Mcalister, 100; Ril of dead beats. he Harned, 99; Guy Smith, OUie FOR IjT. 23- Cor. 2vdIaincS3 "CTnion Gtc. Vaughn, Rupert Brenton, Willie PERIODICALS Harvey, 90; Delbert Early, 87 Min The howls of the LaX papers are very conclusive evidence that the clique of demagogues of that place nie Sanford 85; Rosa Connelly, 80; Rnsh9it3: Kansas.

Usie inerce, Willie Beaton, 75, I.AM) L0AX Agency of HARD The county seat question in Rush county has been decided in favor of Rush Center, and we were in receip D. HIRLEMAN, BLACKSMITH. Does all kinds of of an invitation to attend a banquet in celebration of the event yesterday. SMITH HAItBTT Collins Bros Ness City News. "Work.

A large list of reed estate for sale WALNUT CITV KANHA WE KLEP A LINK OF by Smith Hallett AOBVTS FOB SALB OF A. I. 8. F. RAILROAD LANDf Land Office at WaKeenev.

Kans. NOVlJ, 18S7. 119V9 W.J. WILDEN. Notice Is herebv Blven that the following Farms, Claims, Stock Ranches, named settler has filed notice of his Intention to Will attend to the make nnai proof in support of his claim, and that said oroof will be made before olerk district ISTortli Main Street court of Rush Co.

Kas. at La Crosse Kua. ou Bee. 31 1887, Viz: are at last forced to' the wall and not being able to longer, hide their unprincipled actions are endeavoring to slip out of the mire by cowardly and false assertions against the highest court in the state. A man of princi pie would not use the language found in one of those sheets this week.

It is only the utterly depraved wretch that resorts to that kind of an attack. Notice. To whom it may concern. You will take notice that the fo lowing is a list of warrants or orders, drawn on School District No. 31 in Rush county Kansas, that have been Registered, are unpaid and fo which the Treasrrer of said school district has sufficient funds in his hands to pay, to wit: Warrant No.

87 drawn in favor of Burlington Insurance Co. or order, for the sum of $26,50 and dated Aug. 20, 1337, presented for pay-in out nnd registered 1887v D. S. Morgan.

Treasurer of School District No- ill in Rush KaDens. Spaying castratinG uacoo riwonaa, tin do GZ33 tor tne Is 1 19 17w. He names the followini witnesses to nrove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, vli: OI all stock Mr tlione who may desire hfsser- Shelf Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Iron, Steel, Wood Stock, Iron and Wood Pumps and Tubing. Welior, 'J en-. neHsee aud Studebaker Wagons, Buggies, Carts, The Finest Line ot Implements In the county.

Buford, Peru and Wincni Pln-n, Cu'tivntnrs and Sukys, Peru and Walton Listers. All kinds of harrows. line ana oils. Agents for IVi'ving yM(iwern and Biiuh'M and Victor Wagon Scalds. Htefan Veseckv.

Rvan. Frank Rtvsknl. Olnev. Mike Ciumsky and Aaron O. Hortz, Kyan Kai.

viuea. jvcL-ps cuusuuiiiy on nanu LINUMENTS W. h. 1IKAHI1. 1M7 Keglkter A.

KIRCH, Dealer in TOVBSJ H0LL0WWARE TINWARE. Land Office at WaKeeney, Kans. I Nov. l'i, 1887. Wo 11028 ITliloh are cunrantecrt (or etitn.

Horn nlinuM Notice Is herebv given that the followlns-named er 4c, Sic. Ko.siileiiee miles northwest. settler has filed notice of his Intention to make nnal proof In support of his claim, and that suid oroof will be made before Clerk Dint, court Rush SAATPT 0n or ks, The Co. Kans. at La Crosse Kas, on Dee.

31, 1887.. a a a ssd fii will I viz: be mailed, securely wranned. to anv address In Byron J. Ashby 303 for the 8 6 1 18s Manufacturer of the United mates fOPT months on of One VViT 1 Ij.j Iiollnr I.lh. I on recelt of One erai niscouui awoweuto rostmnsters.

Agents and rai niscouui awoweuto rostmasters, Agei luhs. The roLicKaA-'V ATI trfS WELL TUBING AND ROOFING now. He nam the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon, and cultivation of, said land, viz: Meth E. Hall. McCracktn, BenJIman E.

Hull, Martin Burrons, Samuel V. Swisher, West t'olut w. 0, t. IIKAIIO. New York Is the intL.OLi,nlyle Itimale Illustratad iortiiiir and Sensational onrnal published on the American LV IT COME AND SEE US.

JCSTOiTJNTON" S'VR KK'V SI tnntlnent. Aiiply for terms to A 1VL.L, GIVE HIM A CALL I Kivliud ex.l rnuklin Hquare.X. 11-17.

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