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The Leavenworth Press from Leavenworth, Kansas • 4

The Leavenworth Press from Leavenworth, Kansas • 4

Leavenworth, Kansas
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THE. LEAVENWORTH DAILY PRESS, WEDNESDAY, UJYY 2, 187S). HEM CKi) AM) UhStJITtil). Tlie John C. Dougluns Hutwit Col- I Mtinhnttun Worth Western Hull- An Tiioomb Without Care.

Jly tho cnm)iiimtiim inell.nd ofjipcmtmg A. CALDWELL, PmamKST. The Daily Press. N. J.

WATERMAN, VicE-rnEsiPENt 111 ni'H hn, a ijaiiut.unti income can ne so. Jfc A J-J IH A M. aaMuwaMSwa, NkM en Ami cuied without cave. Capital ,1, amount. JrfLa lYIill Jt'AUT KJLJN I UO M'EONKSDAY, JULY 2, 1870.

A Kansas I'ily Man Who Nerds Llttlu fiivestigntloii. -i', i IIMJ 1111 lucu huh equal piopiu tinnatii success. By tins ays- Mniiuttuit of and DtuUorsi In. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY, rond. 1 Tho Manhattan Noith Hailroad wan hi ild to-dny iimlcr forff Insuie by Cbuiles 11.

Miller. Aliialui in Clianci ry, to I Puree)) fur W.IIQO, who, bought tile road for Die bondholders. It will now be stocked aud operated, and will soon bo extended at each (ml, Topelia UMe, June 110th. Topclsu to tho Front. Topoka is to have a spiritual marriage shortly, Col Inane I'alon waa up there a day or two ago for the purpose of making the uocessary nrrnngouiiuils.

Emanuel Swedonberg, Franklin Pierce and about a dozen otheis from the spirit land will be there aud give tone to the affair, George tern AJciiinu Lawrence. A Hankers, N. pool thu orders of thousands ot customers, of minus sums, lulu one vast amount, nnd co-ojieran thorn under thu most iiliilllul mniingcuK ut, dividing prolils monthly. Each share-holder thus obtains Die advantages of the largest capital and experienced skill, wul Die percentage of proliU is very great; $20 will pay $100 in DO days; '20O will return $1,825, or 74 per cent, ou-thu stock, nnd so ou, ns tho market values, A prominent publisher ot tho Rock lslaud (111.) Vaily Ani'ii, making $101,15 oil an investment of $20,00, in October. Hundreds of others aru doing even bettor.

Messrs, Lawrence Co's new circular has "two unerring rules for success in stock operations and full information, so that any one can deal in stocks. All kinds of bouds and stocks wanted. New Government bonds supplied. Deposits roceivod. Apply to Lnwrenco Bankers, 57 Exchange Place, N.

Y. City. Farm, Freight, Spring and Express A pi! 9 ClMO. This morning tho trial of John Douglass upon writ of huhmii eurpm was called up before, Judge Cro.lor lit the District Court and held under advisement by the Judgo until Saturday. The readers of Tub Press are doubtless already aware of the character of this case, but lest some of them might forgot it, wo will statu that Sir.

Douglass wan urrcstod aud tried before Judge Vaughau ou a cluugu ol refusing to repair his sidewalks ou the corner of Second and Delaware streets uml lined 15. This he refused to pay and consequently was ordered committed to the calaboose nl il the iiuo was paid. Ho got oiU ou writ of hahtiu wijnii, the city attorney admitting, for the purpose of making a test cuso of it. It wilt bo remembered by our citiisuuu who happen to pass by that place, that It is-one of the most disgraceful, disgusting, and dangerous sidewalks in the city, aud the idea of umu of Sir. Douglass' wealth refusing to repair it, is to say the least contemptible, The poor laboring man, yea, even the hard-wurkiug washerwoman would bu ashamed of kernel! to have such a brealc-ueek miscniblo dilapidated sidewalk in front of her premises.

We will await the result ol Judge Crozior's decision ou Saturday with considerable interest W. lteed, of the and Cliff Bnhor, of J. 1'. B. GAMBLE, iSntKiriiJeiKieii'.

PARASOLS! Splendid Assortment! LOWEST PRICES! Weaver Small Are Showing Novelties in Silk and Turkish-Satin Sun Umbrellas, Cotton and Linen Parasols and nejv designs in Sun Shades. Prices Ranging from 10 cents Each, up. Weaver Small, C. BRACE, Treasurer. 1 11 A VJ0TV WOUTir.

McAFEE, KAtlHAH Ksns Lily Times, July 4. Chief Of P0I100 Spoors yesterday received a loiter horn Quincy, detailing the misfortunes of ft young girl who had been brought thero by a man from Kansas Cily, who gave his name ns McOawer, aud nt last deserted her just before she gave birth lo an illegitimate child. The letter said that tha couple came to Quiucy about tho first of Juno nnd that McDawor procured and paid for iu advance, four weeks' board for the young woman, whose uauie in Taylor, saying that sho was his hired girl and that he would soon bring his family to Quiucy and open a grocery store thero. Ho then left tho city, giving orders that if the girl were taken sick she should be sent to tho hospital, and 1ms not been socu there siuco that time. The condition of the young woman, who was eiicicnte, was soon discovered by those with whom she lived, and upon being questioned sho acknowledged that McDawor had seduced her in Kansas City, and then brought her to Quincy to conceal his crime, fearing that she would expose him.

Tho letter asks that efforts be made to find this man iu Kansas City, if possible, aud bring him to an account for the ttoublo he has brought upon this unfortunate young womau. The search for him will probably be a difficult ono, howovor, as he undoubtedly gavo tin assumed name. Dolf's ome and See the Cbmmiiiwa7i, will be the only Republicans present in the flesh. What $200 Did In Wall Stroot. August Kith, loth, 1878, a Philadelphia customer, wrote Messrs, Lawrence Hankers, Y.

"Dear Sim Yours containing remittance for $1,113.25, ns profits on my 200 shares, is received. Accept my thanks, for I am Very well salialled. You may use this letter. I would roconimond every ono who feels disposed to speculato to send for your circular. This is but ono instance out of thousauds, by which tho uow Conibiuntiou System of operating in stocks eunblos pcoplo with large or small capital to make similar profits, liy this excellent plan, the orders of thousands of customers from city and country nro pooled into one im-menso sum and co-operated ns a mighty individual account Kacli member of the Tliore Is no question about the Milwaukee' 'Door being tlio best beer fur general ilrliikniir' 'and tor family, Mr.

Heir has a large lot or tliin celcbrutwl Milwaukee lloor on hands In koga and bottles, which he otters at wholesale anil retail, and which will be delivered to any part of tlie city. Leave orders at the Star of tlioWest, or address John Delf, No, ,1 and 427 Shawnee itreet, Leavenworth, Kansas. ci "TT Jrvr MEW SOFA BED 32l Ielawavo Hthuet. combination secures all the advantages of run nobbiest suits wo ever did soe, wo saw in John Sccklcr'g Merchant Tailoring the lamest capital united with experienced "This paper may be fount! on tUe at all mt c. u.

I. P. K. It. Ticket onion, department marbm-tur-sxw skill.

Profits divided monthly; $10 invest No. 80 Clark Street, Chicago, where our Chew Jackson's ed returns $50, or 5 per cont. on the stock, S75 will mnko $150, and so on, according to thu market. Messrs. Lawrouce now Best Sweet Navy Tobacco, friends are atllberly to eali and examine It." circular (mailed free), baa "two unerring A Deserved Complimont.

The following notification, officially presented from the War Department, agrees exactly with our prediction of several months ago, iu regard to the efficiency and correctness of the Signal Service office of this city under the management of Sorgt. Samuel II. lihode. The compliment, coining as it doos from headquarters, is vory highly appreciated by Mr, lihode, nnd it is only due him as a worth', attentive gcutloiuan to the business intrusted to bis hands. Mr.

Lyon, fie assistant at this post, is none tho less liuieutod iu tho order for bis worth in rules tor success, and explains evorythmg City Intrfliseiieo. best in the Market so that nnv one can operate profitably. All kinds of stocks nnd bouds wanted. Now nnlv the Now American Sowing covornmcnt loan supplied. Apply to Law Muohme.

No. 300. South Filth street. alfilf rence bankers, 67 Exchnngo, N. Y.

City. For Sale. at cost at Flesbor Schnne-man's. -Thero am cases of cholera morbus reported iu tho city. IIouso 6f 4 rooms in South Leavenworth, tho position ho sustains to Leavenworth: Green House.

On Delaware street, noxt to Davis' hardware store, 10,000 pausios and verbenas, 10,000 geraniums, colons and other bedding plants. Many new kinds. Also the finest collection of evergreen ever offered iu this market. Call aud see. D.

C. Uawtuohne. tf DELMONICO RESTAURANT. TOM GIACOMINI, Proprietor. 411 Shawnee Street the European The best the market affords will always be found on the Tables.

The neatest rooms iu tho city for lodging can always be had. Wholesale and Retail Oyster Depot Aberaathy liro. shipped a large lot of lino well; fruit trees, Sc. Stable for two Wab Dspabiment, furniture out West yesterday. Ori'it ov thu Cuusr SiokalOiticeb, I1T1CEB, 1 11, 1879.

horBOS. Lots 07x180. Prico $100 cash. F. A.

Cooswell, Fifth-street Bridge. W.iHitisoxoN, D. June Tho scarlet fover, that has taken away so many childron, has entirely disappeared Cloud County Nows. Special Correspondence to The Press Concordia, July 1. A copious rain fell iu Cloud and adjoining comities last Friday nnd Monday, which did tho growing crops Immense good.

Throughout all of northwest Kaiisns, comes the report that com looks exceeding well. A oouplo of timely rains tho latter part of August, will make the largest corn crop ever produced in tho northwest The wheat crop is being harvested, aud while there will bo two-thirds of a crop iu some places, it will not avcrngo more thau half a crop, in tho Republic and Solomon vallies. K. P. KXTEN8IONS.

The graders are hard at work on the Junction Cily Fort Kearney railroad ox-triihiou bctwoen Clyde and Concordia, Cloud county. It is expected that the curs will bo running into tho latter place by the middle of September, It is reported that work will soon be commenced on the Solomou branch. Trains now run to Minneapolis, Ottawa county. The chances nro Unit tho iron horso ill drink out of Tom Uensey's mill pond ere summer flics. For the past few weeks tho exteudou from Salitia south to McPherson couuty has been pushed with nnusnnl vigor.

The men have worked through the raius and on Sundays to got tho rond far enough to secure certain luuds. HANDSOME IS A NCTUKE When Open it Makes a Perfect led. from our midst. Our friend Remington was made happy (J It EAT II EDUCTION a few days ago. It was a boy and looks ex In the Trice of Hats, rnathv Brothers'.

An Honest Medicine Free of actly like his papa. Thore will bo a regular meeting of tho city council this evening, with L. Miohael, president of the council, in the chair. TUe case of Tom Mines for shooting Joe Cranston will be called up before Judge Vaughau in tho Police Court to-morrow morning. notlischild, tlio Halter, Segt, I'anuul IV.

Bhudt, Siijml Corps V. S. Ltacemnrth, Kansas: Skrokant: The tullowiug extracts from the report of tho inspecting otlicor who recently visited your station, are furnished tor your information i "Tho office was found in oxcelleut order, well arranged and well kept. "Tho office books were examined in detail and found up to date, iu good order, properly kept with greatest neatness. "1 have the pleasure to commend to the chiof signal officer, both observer and assistant, lor faithful attention to duty aud became of the excellet order iu which I And this office, and have to recommend Private Lyons for promotion.

Very Respectfully, W. II. Howuate. 1st Lieut. 20th Infantry.

U. S. A. S. O.

and Assistant. Will Rtnrt East next Sunday for the pnr- chnso of his Fall stock. As it is nccossivry for him to mako room, he will sell from now A nice large all wool Shetland Shawl on, his entiro stock nt gveally reduced pri THE WEEKLY SKI for at Fleshor Schuuciuivn s. The Indian captives now in the Doug ces. Any spocinl orders for lmls or cups left las county jail, and recently brought thero from Dodge City, will not be tried before with hiin will bo promptly attended to.

A Card, A large Eight Page Sheet Thankful for tho liberal patronage be stowed upon mo in tho past, nud soliciting a oontiuimnce for the futnro, I dosiro to ns of Fifty-six broad Cohmms, will ht sent, Post Paid, to sure my customors that no effort will bo spnred to hnvo each family woll supplied with good ice, promptly upon moir orner Respectfully, jl-3t Benj. Uiveiis. any Address, till as. The remains of Willie McGiuty, ogi eighteen months, the little sou of Mr. William McGiuty, of the foundry, wero buried this afternoon.

Aug. Ncubanor is now to bo found at Clms. Lindner's old place, opposite tho New Market House, as genial as over, waiting for his friends. Bound Over. The soldier, Eiehwalk, who was arrested a few weeks ago by V.

S. Deputy Marshal Yeikes, at Fort Leavenworth, charged with passing ten dollar counterfeit bill on a colored woman iu this city, had nil examina Henry Wittenberg has opened a new saloon at 410 North Fourth street, nearly opposite his old stnud, nnd will keep the choicest beer, wines, liquors nnd cigars Charge. Of all medicines advertised to cure any affections of the throat, chest or lungs, w'e kuow of none wo can recommend so highly ns Dr. King's Now Discovery for consumption, eougbs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, hny fover, hoarseness, tickling iu the throat, loss of voice, oto. This midiciuo does positively cure, nnd that where everything else has tailed.

No medicine can show one-half so many positive aud permanent curcsj ns have already been effected by this truly wonderful remedy. For asthma and bronchitis it is perfect specific, curing the very worst cases in tho shortest time possible. We say by all means give it trial. Trial bottles freo. Regular size $1.00.

For sale by Igel it southeast corner Shawnee and 5th streets, Leavenworth. Coal I Coal! City Cixuk's Orricx. I Leavenworth, Juno 23d, 1870. Scaled proposnls will be received nt this office until Wednosdny, July 2d, 1S7'J, at 3 o'clock p. for furnishing coal to the various city departments for tho year ending July 1st, 1880.

Bidders will state the prico per ton (Win-ertil. The city reserves tlie right to reject any or all bids. Fm)D M. Kpauuno, juu25-d-lt City Clerk. SrKLlAL 10CAL KOTWES.

Tooth brushes large assortment Nursing bottles. iiitliber diapers, No. 1, 2, 3'nud 4. Toilet sonps, in great variety. Shoulder braces, Hair brushos, combs nnd sponges, Humphrey's homeopathic specifics.

Toilet articles and a full and fresh stock of drugs nt CAMPBELL KENDRICK'S Star Drug Store. Mr. Herman Hoffmann, the practical His old customers nnd everybody else nre iuvited to cnll aud sco him. mlldlm AHA Johu Stickler oilers to make Suits or C'o its and Vests to order very near ns cheap ns his best ready made. Go nud exnniiue tion here this morning before U.

S. Com Address 1113 UIV, New York Oity. bis stock of samples. marum-lhr-sAw Wanted. missioner Chmgh and was bound over iu the sum of j00, iu default of which he was Grand Picnic at the Arsenal Grounds on the Fourth.

The numerous friends of Father Kelly, pastor ut Fort Leavenworth, havo mndo a-rangements to have a grand picnic ut the Arsenal grounds on tho Fourth, The best music that the Fort affords will be furnished the day, nud a good time is predicted by all. Thero will be a shooting gallery, flying Dutchman, sack races, foot races, shooting matches and numerous other national gnnits, prizes will be given at all tho games. Some ol the best speakers aud elocutionists iu tho comity haveproiuised to be ou hand. d3t. Personal.

Governor Anthony went out this moruiug ou thu Kansas Pacific. Dr. R. E. Vhilcof Washington, registered at tho Delinonico yesterday.

Col. Charley ltobinsou left this moruing on the Missouri Pacific for Wiuflcld, Kans. Mr. Thomas Haiumoiid, of Tonganoxie, was iu tlie metropolis yesterday and bought a big lot of dry goods at T. K.

Foster's. Mr. T. K. Foster left fow days ago fur tho East, on a busiuoss trip.

Bob Palmer will be ut the bead of the helm until his return. Col. J. It Ilallowell, the nble nnd popular U. S.

attorney fur Kausiis, arrived iu the metropolis this moruiug on official busiuess, and had his hash at the Delinonico. The Colonel will orate at Wiuucgo on the -111). dipt M. V. Jlaruey, one of the cleverest and most active traveling men in tho boot and shoe liue, arrived iu the metropolis yesterday and wiped off his chin, pulled down his vest, Lung np bis coat and opened np his sent to the couuty

U. S. Attorney CLEARANCE SALE Fvery professional man, bolul keeper, merchant nnd other business uinn, to sub Ilallowell appeared for tho government nnd Mr, Scott Ashlon fur the prisoner. It will -OF- scribe for the now City Directory, now being compiled. A canvasser will call upon you bo remembered that Eiehwalk is tho indi vidual that has been pilfering fur some time soon.

Subscription nud advertising rate iruni Ucu. hinith, ot the Hub iulautrv. October next. Tho report that John Ivinsou had been appointed Master Mechanic of the Kansas Central railroad is premature. Mr.

Ivintou is not appointed, The Yoang Men's Colored Social Club will give a banquet aud ball, on the evening of the 4lh, at Odd Fellows' Hall. A good, gay and festive time is anticipated. The damage by the late storm to Kansas property is estimated by the city engineer to be over The damage to out-city and couuty wou't amount to The streets are drying up rapidly, and if the weather only coulinues good for a day or two, we will bavo a fine Fourth of July with plenty of fun lit tho different pic-uics. We understand that W. 1'.

Frtelaud, a woll known printer aud a tip-top clever gentleman, has taken the foremanship of tho ritttte City Lamknirk: Weather indications for this looalily to-day Stationary, rising barometer; south-erly winds; slightly warmer; clear or partly cloudy weather, possibly followed by westerly winds in northwest. Tho Kansas City Mail, one of our best and most readable exchanges, has been enlarged to a ulue column paper. We are glad to see such evidences of prosperity ou the part of our escelleut contemporary and hope it may live long and mako lots of ducats. Lawn Suits at greatly reduced price, at Flcsher Schuuemau's. Tho programino offered by Prof.

Carnes' elocution class ou to-moirow night, at the Christian church, is a very attractive one, raugiug from deep pathos to broad humor, aud our most popular families will be represented. Admission 25 and 15 cents. A telegnuu was received here this morning from Leadville, stating that 13. Dreska, formerly foreman in Ilershficld's jewelry establishment, died there yesterday, and asking what disposition would be made of the body or if it would be buried there. His wife lives in the city, but we were unable to leurn what she will do about The foolish umu 4aketli his wife to a church sociable, and spendeth $5 for ici NOT SELLING OUT Hut mut cIoko out the tftiyeit orlion of ray Kaalern Stock in order to go more evt-ensively Into A.

3V PA C.Tir It I IS i My Mock' ot BOOTSSHOES AND SLIPPEBS, Is complete, and eomiinscd all Til 1-3 LAT1WT liberal. Our business houses should be represented in its advertising pages, so that when strangers open it, they may kuow who are our busiuess meu, and where to find them, Office in Rulstou's building, corner ProoosHion and Pionie. The Cathedral Puribh have all arrangements made for a gnaud procession and pic uie on the Fourth of July. The picnic will Delaware aud iuird street. tt BOOTS and SHOES -AT- 210 Fifth Street, Bet.

Cherokee Knit Delaware bu. DRECHSEL GRAIESKE, Uoali ing clear out their present line of goods to make room for their fall stock, will for tlie ucu ninety days oiler everylhlng in tlicirastore at Reduced Prices, Hat not it coat. They cannot pay freight on good, pay rent fur store, lore help and then be held at ltoigei's Gardeu. Whitehair's baud furnishes the music. A good time is anticipated, as all the national games, shoot A Card.

To all who are suffering from the errors ana indiscretions ot youth, nervous weak ing gallery, flying Dutchman, ton piu alley, Ac, tic. will be there. Prizes will be given at each and all of these games. watchmaker, having removed to 117 North Fifth street, west sido, betweeu Shawnee and Seneca, inviteB his eld friends and cus ness, early decay, ic, I will scud rocijic that will euro you, mat or chajiok. This great remedy was discovered by a missionary in South America.

Send a self-addressed I guarantee to sell my muck "hen per than thow Hoot auJ Shoe llouei that ailvcrti to if 'til laumicae, I will not be Undersold! Col. Anthony has been invited to deliver tomers to call aud see him in his now uunr- tors. Returning thanks to the public for the oration. d'it envelope to the Rev. Joseph T. past, iavors, no respoctiuiiy requests a con btatiou Now York. samples in room No. 11 Delinonico restau- Great reductions have been made in runt tinuance of the same. juulO-d-lm Compressed yeast, just received.

Gokdom Bno. ladies' lawn suits, walking sacques, zephyr My home-mamifactnred gondii 1 can warrant, ttitduau ell nearly as cheap as Eastern work. FEANK No. 404 Shawnee Street, Leavenwohxh, Kansas. Fred Felix duuirog to inform tho public that he has returned to his post, and will Our talented yonug friend, Henry Wool- For a pure Ilavaua cicar.

an invicorat- shawls, parasols, at Flesher Schune-man. Real Estate Transfers, hereafter greet old friends and new acquaint man, will leave to-morrow for St. Mary's, whero he is expected to deliver a iug glass of Bass' pure ale, a cool refreshing lemonade, or an exuiliradug mint uilip fixed up with all tlie modern improvements. ances at his old place, 115 North Fifth street The genial nature nnd gentlemanly manners of Mr. Felix attract tho best of our The following instruments were filed in Fourth of July oral ion.

Wo congratulate tlie good citizens of St Marys in the choice call in nt 320 Delaware streot and Charlcv it-ii gooiiH ut iii-Mt cent aud make an honest living; therefore they do uot advertise to do so. lint tliry il claim that In this clearance sale they ran and will sell as line and sulistanllal goodH, clllier of home manufacture or Hasiern make, ut as low prlcea as any lioue advertising to sell A.T COST! EAGLE DRUG STORE 'DZALEBS Vi PUEE MEDICINES and CHEMICALS Paints, Oils, ami Window (ilass. A full line of patent medicines and every tuey have marie tor speaker ou that day, the office of the llogUslor of Deeds, yester day: neison win see tnai von aro suited, ml-tf citizens to his place besides, he keeps only Mr. Woolmau, besides boing an eloquent I.ncieu Eaton to Isaac Price: warranty John Heckler's Spriug Suits. They nre tasty in design, are well made and fit ele speaker, is a polisheu gouuenian, What to Buy for the Fourth deed; tho nurtheast quarter of the southeast gantly, and what is most important, they quarter ol section township la, range sa, nre otlered low.

Uo and see them aud be the best of everything in his line! 18-tf Best gtj npowder in the world for $1 ll, Gordon Duos. For Sale. east ol sixth principal meridian convinced. niarCm-lhr-sAw P. HELEY, MERCHANT TAILOR, DEALER IN Foreign and Domestic cloths cashmeres Elegant Suits At (rem $25.00 upwards.

is the question. I have the finest French and American mixed candies, fancy crackers, fiuo pickles, catsup, mustard, all kinds Aaron Frederick and wifo to Frederick Maurcr; warranty deed; lot 28, block 115, iu Frobh butter, Gordon Bros, er earn aud cake. The wise nun alloweh AH kinds of book and job priulinp, and the westorn addition to the city of Leaven his wife to serve in the refreshment com- The Trans-Mississippi Press Association wooa engraving at u. j. bmitn to s.

tf worth S'JUU have sn afternoon telegraphic franchise for mittoe, and when the eveuing comoth he Mr. Rylaiid Jones has opened salo in en nor bt Joseph, Lawrence, Ft of canned goods almonds, raisins, figs, dates oranges, lemons, apples, pcilehes, pears, apricots, cocoonuta, Brazil nuts, pecaus; filberts, peanuts, English walnuts, goeth to that church sociable with a market Kaw Valley Town Company to Samuel Ketsall; warranty deed; the south half of the Hcott or 00 on. merchant tailoring establishment at 429 Shawnee street opposite the old market basket If his wife hath improved her op- thing belonging to a first class Drug Store. We soil goods at the lowest figures. Prescriptions carefully compounded.

Your I'atronuge la Solicited. IGEL 8. K- Cerner ot Fifth and Shawnee streets. i rally One ot Uie best opportunities ever oftcred southeast quarter of section 21, township 11, house, and invites the attention of the pub imigc 4i, i-oiuaiuiug ou acres. 9000.

fine bananas, maple sugar, citron. Fire lie to tho fact He proposes to keep the Thomas Shaw and wife to Nicholas Cue'- works, nil kinds, torpedoes, pistols, paper best of Roods nnd do work at a verv reason ner; warranty deed; ten acres in section iC township 7, range 20. able prices, it yon want a spring or sum for an evening paper. For further particulars, address John C. Shea, Seo'y, Mail Office, Kansas City.

CHARLEY BESSEK. Phillip Host's Rest Mllwnukeo Veer. mer suit can on xtyiaua iones. tf All work done in a manner to give Satisfaction. 411 DELAWARE 3 lbs best prunes, 25c, Gordon Bros.

caps, spit-cevils, serpents, pinwhecls Ac, SrECt.U.UKH. Jolly, 10c per glaus; Cheese, 2 lbs. 25c. Lemons, 20c Oranges, 45c doz. Good Cigars 10c.

Fauoy crackers 25c lb. No Deviation No Misrepresenta Rholfing tion. The finest assortment of cnllinu cards at Ono of tlio plea-sautcst places of resort in J. bniith no 307, Delaware street tlie city for rwroalion and pleasure, are wholesale cmocHita May 21st we inaugurated a bona fiilt clearance Kilo, which has been in satisfactory progress ever since. In order to sell Oyster crackers, 4 lbs 25c.

Fresh Butler, Leavenworth. Kansas. It 5 lbs best fresh parched coffee, $1, Gouoos Bnos. uie ununru parlors 111 "iuuriey imager. A new and elegant set of tables of the latest 2lbs for 25c.

Finecut chewing tobacco, 70c improved stylo, with elegant appointments, our goods as quick as possible, we concluded, after mature deliberation, to offer them For blank books and sbitioncry, cnll on MILL are at the command ot the pleasure seeker, At tlie bar will be found a choice selection 3. J. Smith No. 307, Delaware street per and the Best 5c cigar in the West F. A.

COOSWELL, 4t Fifth Street Bridge. Auction. at cost. There wili be no deviation from AXD DEALS RS IM Wines, Lienors, Traits, Cigars, Corner TIIIHOaad CIIEKOKEE Leavenworth, Kansas. wi LicavenwortU Woolon Mills tr of wines, liquors nnd cigars, as also Uie popular Milwaukee beer, which is always WkittakerB star hams and breakfast this course till the Inst article is sold.

Our stock of boots and shoes is large, fresh and II. D. RUSH, Mimittclircr of bacon, at M. Phchin corner of Fifth and A $10,000 consignment of Gold and cool ana rerresning. Success tho Stock Market.

boncca Btrceta. tl complete while it is fast deminishing, still the assortment is yet aubroken. An inspection of onr stock will prove that we Silver Wntobcs, Diamonds, Itodgcrs' triple plated wore in Kuives, Forks and Spoons, We have the beBt sugar cured hams, Goedox linos. Few people understand how large fortunes are amassed so rapidly in stock operations. Choice Family Hour.

OWEN DUFFY, Clock -i, Revolvers c. have goods to please, and the prices, we Messrs. Hankers. N. portnuites, be conjoin away aneaa oi tkc game.

A line of new ruchiugs just received, at Fleshcr 4 Kchuuotmiu's. The fine of $250 imposed upon a "Dr." Van Horn of Kansas City, for putting out a shingle with D. on it in Urge gold letters withont a diploma luu been remitted, aud Van Uorn committed to the eounty jail for fifteen days. Cord. Those mountebanks who travel from cily to city are great frauds and should be arrested as vagrants They do a vast amount of injury wherever tluf are tolerated.

The attendance at the National Camp Meeting at liUniarck Grove, has not been 6 largely attended as was anticipated on cconnt of the disagreeable condition of the vreatlier. The meeting will be continued until Monday next, so as to give everybody ou opportunity of visiting the placo They go from there to Bennett, Nebraska, where they propose to eommeuce a meeting in connection with the Slate Camp Meeting, on July the 8th. Kansas City baa ft police fore of thirty policemen, including Chief Bpeere and Capt Mallny. The annual appropriation for the department is $24,000. The chief gets $125 per mouth, the captain $85, the sergeants $72.59, and the patrol and detectives tW each.

They made daring the last year 8,389 arrests np to the 21st of April. The amount of fines collected wag shout $12,000, nd recovered over $5,000 worth of stolen property and delivered to the owners. There are nine poliremea on duty dnring the day and fifteen at night. The night and day force exchange places erery wo Goods warranted as represented. Saratoga Springs at Loavonworth.

have jnst published two unerring rules foj. LE.iVEXwomn, are satisfied, cannot lie reasonably objected to, as we are positively selling out at cost. KiSSAS 1 Vtintctnnrand neater In alt Wool ads. i Yoa will alwav. And a full attics ot It follow.

Commencing Jnly 2nd at 2 P. and Excelsior Water from Random. Snrinrra. success, and lull details, so that any one can operate. Mailed froe.

Their new com-binatiou system of dealing in stocks is won ag gootia uie very iowmi prices, ootulanng ot continues each day and evening at 10 A. N. sold at A. Beign's confectionery store j'in8-tf Cuask Buoe. As a diuretic, tonic and alterative, this and 8 and 7 p.

11., nulil Saturday evening July Gth. water is unsurpassed. Thero have been seveml artificially compounded Mineral WaU-rs introduced to the rnblic. but it is Coal The best quality of Coal at lO-OEITTS ler Husltcl. acauowicugea mat none can te manutac derfully profitable.

By this method thousands of orders, in varisns sums are pooled into one immense capital, and co-operated as a mighty whole, thus securing to each shareholder all the advantas of vast capital and best skill. Profits divided every thirty dbya. $15 would make $75 profit, $100 wou'd return 81,000, or 10 per ceut on the stock in Uie month, and so cn, accord turcd so as to possess all the valuable properties of the natural Waters, or to pro Ladies invited to attend the sales. D. A.

Hoo 4 Anctioueera. P. S. These goods mn.t be sold, julyl-dtf. Albert.

Wcrlhcr, besides having the Casdmcrss, Tricots, Bea-ers, Xerseys, Satinets, Standard and Pressed Flannels, Gray and White Blankets, And all linds of SCtocMng and Fancy Tarns. Excursion July 4th. Knowing that everybody wants to oeUv brate this glorious day, and that the cheapest and most pleasant way to do so would be to go on a short exenrsion, tho Missouri Pacific railway Company hare decided to sell on the 4th of Jnly Trip xcar-sion 7icAfj from all stations on their main liue and branches, to points within a hun duce me same permanently benebcml cf- tects. mav2t-4w fS'At the new office, corner Main and ing to the markot A New Vork Fashion Cherokee streets, AL.SO Editress aud a prominent newspaper cor Bucklon's Arnioa Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts.

respondent made over 375 per cent profit on an investment October 5th, 1878. Manv IIVTiI COAL braises, sores, ulcers, mlt rbenm. tetter. dred miles, at two and one-half cents a mile each way. Tickets will be ood going and returning only on the 4th.

For tickets and chapped bands, chilblains, corns, and all kinds of skin This salve is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in others are doing well or better. Large or small amonnU can be used with equal proportionate success by this system. All kinds of stocks and bonds wanted. Gov- neatest, cleanest and best ordered and arranged saloon in the city, keeps the choicest brands of wines, liquors and cigars. lie keeps all the Urns the most costly and fast ionable lunch of any man in the business, Call at his place on South Fifth street and you will find something nice to drink, good to eat, and choice to smoke.

j27-3t AXD BL ACKSMITH'S COAL, Of every description. The rrt fttm-k tn Srlert Fron. and itm from tg ft rrmt, by latinf further information call on any ticket agent Fort Seolt Plnsti-r Inr- 'ie ionti at me mhi. ftemenirr ihi oui Selling Price the asoal dier Cost ITic. eminent bonds supplied.

Apply to Law of the Missouri Pacific railway. every case or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sole by Igel Jfc corner of Shawnee and Filth streets, Leavenworth, Km spl6-dJtwly rence uanners, 67 Exeuauue Place. I ami cinent, A.C.JAC3UI3 if tOWUM, u.

Agt K- Y. Cily. I Owen Duflj..

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