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Topeka Mail from Topeka, Kansas • 1

Topeka Mail from Topeka, Kansas • 1

Topeka Maili
Topeka, Kansas
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.1" 1 OFJtL Twenty-Fourth Year. Topeka, Kansas, Friday, June 8, 1804. 01.00 A YT8ATL On motion of Hon. T. F.

Garver, of Upon reassembling in the afternoon Sailna, the rules were suspended and the convention proceeded to the nom Tie I'MjlSTEflS. the state central committee ination of a secretary of state. The SIIAVIIEE'SJOOD LUCK. James A. Troutman Nominated for The eaptsia.

roe- ccr tlecA fc tessdea tstwoOssCsa terse csSsssdcs tsh, aad be tesrsCsty c9tsd chosen as nearly as it could be before following candidates were entered: In nominating James A. Troutman for lieutenant governor, the republican tale convention mads the wisest selection it could possibly have made. He will add many votes to the ticket in this county. He has no superiors in Kansas as a political orator. He Is W.

Edwards, Pawnee county; Frank I Two Young Girls Join the Coxeyites L. Brown, Anderson county; Dr. H. S. taaisC7ec Lieutenant Governor.

in Topeka. Roberts, Riley county; general J. S. McDowell, Smith county; Dr. W.

A. at Major Morrill for Governor and a Strong: After east fcral Eadmrlag- XXaay nar4efclme. Their consultation in the various districts. W. E.

Sterne, of Topeka, was chosen in the Third district Senator Danner, of Harvey county, moved to suspend the rule and nominate a candidate for for associate justice, and ex-Governor A. P. Riddle, having placed in nomination Judge W. A. Johntson, the nomination was made by acclamation.

Ex- phy-deian of this city. Leigh, Rooks county; J. M. Smythe, lNeWww oneo ttegrow. Greenwood county.

Before balloting in men of the weat began, W. A. S. Bird arose and an- The Mail prints this week the an Sex 1 DleooToi Ticket dominated by the Republican State Convention Thli Week A Short Platform. li to Topeka Why They taJmtobcres soonoUfcykS Before nounced that Shawnee county having I nouncement of Edwin A.

Austia that already received one place on the he is a candidate for nrobate iude. pew sem tded with mil tho Governor Anthony then moved to pro ticket. Colonel J. W. F.

Hughes would subject to the republican primaries of clotfcistT. That It was conceded by everybody that tne read to Bt. bonis the finest body of representative men ceed to the nomination of a governor, and Hon. T. F.

Garver placed Major The facta are just oecainj to ttjb thence to ntueexra of the state of Kansas, assembled at xney uos do a canoiaaie lor secretary or jane 16. No one doubts his ability to state. Mr. Bird made one of the neat- fill this position. He was assistant at- est little speeches of the convention, torney general under S.

B. Bradford, The first ballot resulted as follews: and made an excellent official. He is E. N. Morrill In nomination in a bril eonoernlng a very mterestlnj rrr'rrl connected with the Sanders cf train stealers who were bronsnt to the tjzl liant speech of three minutes, and Hon.

on usetr the republican state convention held this week. Of the 893 delegates composing the convention, 481 were ex-un sdjfc. W. E. Stambaugh placed George W.

Edwards 262, Brown 198, McDowell I regarded one of the best young lawyers I United States Marshal XT eely. Martin In nomination. The ballot The rush of advertising this vestiffaUons made by the stood 771 for Morrill and 122 for Mar takes it necessary for the Hail of the Cincinnati Enquirer ehow tin. Issue a supplement. A larger edition Major Morrill made a neat little the ht iioDerts 101, emytne V4, Leigh 45.

ia Topeka. Ed. Austin has always On this ballot, Shawnee voted as fol- been a stalwart republican, has never lows: Edwards 11, McDowell 8, before been a candidate for office, and Smythe 6, Roberts 4, Brown 5. is well worthy of such an endorsement The second ballot gave Edwards 331, he asks from the republicans of this Brown 238, McDowell 123, Roberts 135, county. He has a great many earnest Smyths 65, Leigh 13; Shawnee giving supporters.

Roberts 1, Brown 12, Edwards 15 and speech of acknowledgement after the their identi bmt of the Hail, is sent out to-day than was ever before printed. the few storm of applause had subsided, con had any knowledge about the cluding with the remark: "When I LOCAL GOSSIP. look upon this audience, I know there that it was only when they were ecgj that a hint was dropped from whi the correspondent has unraveled all the) facte of the incident. McDowell 7. W.

C. Edwards was nom- pi emmug can be no doubt as to the result, and I ion soldiers, and, unlike the convention of two years ago, there were no strange faces in the assemblage; all were well-known wheel horses in the republican ranks. Chairman Simpson called the convention to order at 12:30 o'clock Wednesday noon, and after the singing of "America, and Invocation by Rev. John A. Bright, Judge Samuel R.

Peters, of Newton was elected temporary chairman without a dissenting vote. He was put in nomination by ex-Governor Eskrldge, of Emporia. Judge Peters made a spirited opening address, alluding to the condition In in which the nation had been placed k. Mi acienuon to tne announcement tnat ttio rl inafMl nn fha thiml hallnt-. predict that in November you will roll lowing vote; Edwards 582, Brown 232, 1 Superintendent W.H.Wright up a majority for the republican ticket The annual prise ccstsst In When "Gen." Bandera was tryinj t9 ia a rauuiUBW iur reuuuuuauuu.

juo and that Kansas will be redeemed." at Washburn ecUsje, takes piass this will have no opposition. It is generally I from Pueblo across the arid refftea ct George W. Martin was called to the eveainj. conceded that Shawnee county never I east Colorado and west Kansas, his est front and informed the convention joined by a that he and the Kansas City Gazette lirs. Dr.

itoby gave a fctj sterday to Sussa B. Antbcay tsA had a better superintendent than Mr. Wright School teachers of all poli which was recruited in Pueblo "would do their best to help in the McDowell 7, Smythe 3, Roberts 2 and Leigh 1. On this ballot Shawnee gave Edwards 25 and Brown 10. Next in order was state auditor, the candidates placed In nomination being George W.

Clark, of Mitchell county; S. W. Gaunt, of Rawlins county; G. W. Jone9, of Graham county, H.

P. My ton of Finney under the command of Capt. ShoeerafX other prominent equal suffrecSsts. tical parties unite in endorsing his election of Major Morrill and the en an old oldier of the Tenth work. The office of superintendent is This a btj week for the tire ticket." The appreciation in was mastered Into the really one of the most important in the The turners from all over of the Coxey which Hon.

E. W. Hoch was held by Like some of the other gift of the people. Sometimes in caps-1 MCompany G. met here Sunday, had a btj the convention manifested itself in the companies the majority of this eoca ble men, through political maniDul ad Monday, and a good Use gscrs3y.

loud and continued calls for that gen county, T. T. Kelley of Miami county, A. L. Cook of Gove county, A.

H. Chase1 Hon' ih fortunately for The new creamery at Richland is tleman, but he was not In the hall. An adjournment was here taken until no nriu. n- I ouanucc cuuuiy, lucre wm ue mm Km mm 1 a a mm now assured and work apon it will trouble of this kind this year. commence at once.

morning, to accommodate the commit tee on resolutions. Get your watches and clocks repaired Squire J. II. Marple informs the It appeared that the committee had at Ray Parmeter's, 824 N. Kan.

Ave. 4 -( deliberated wisely and well, for when Mail that he will be a candidate for re-election to the office of justice of the peace of Soldier township. Get our prices on Lead and Oil. they reported the following platform at the morning session, it was carried through with a hurrah, which indicated of Crawford county, C. A.

Hoar of Trego county, and H. L. Millard of Rice county. The first ballot stood: Clark, 97, Gaunt, 36, Jones, 36, My ton, 117, Kelley, 169, Cook, 31, Chase, 54, Cole, 237, Hoar, 43, Millard, 57. Shawnee county divided her vote among the several candidates.

On the third ballot, George E. Cole of Girard, a crippled man, was nominated. Otis L. Atherton of Russell county was nominated for state treasurer on the third ballot, his strongest competi George Higgins, brother of ex-Secre pany were quite young. The entire army aa composed largely of each men aa had no families, who had allowed the men with families to remain about the mines, doing the little work there provided.

In 1889 Emeline and Leonore Gordon, with their mother and invalid father, left their old home near Franklin ville, Cataraugus county, N. to try the mountain air of Colorado, hoping to benefit their father's health. They were about Greeley, Salida, Colorado Springs, and while at Pueblo, over three years ago, he died. The mother was broken in health, and followed in less than six months. Their parents dead and their money spent, the two girls, aged twenty-three and twenty-six, undertook to make a living bj means of a small -millinery shop.

Daring the past year their business has that it spoke the sentiments of at least tary of State Bill Higgins, has resigned A. J. Arnold Son. Get your watches and clocks repaired at Ray Parmeter's, 824 N. Kan.

Ave. Strength and Health. If roa are not feeling strong and healthy, try Eleotrie Bitters. If "La Grippe' hai left yea week nine-tenths of the delegates: his position as travelling man for THE PLATFORM. We, your committee on resolutions.

George W. Crane, and has purchased an interest with Tom McXeal in the beg leave to make the following report: rteaffirming the republican national Kansas Breeze. i platform of 1892. and weary, use Electric This rented sots directly oo Iirer, Stomach and Kidneys, gently aiding those organs to perform their fonoUom. Dick Uodgins, steward of the Topeka itesolved, irst: The constant pa club, was married Tuesday eveaiag to tor being Bruce Lynch, the engineer.

F. B. Dawes was nominated for attorney general, Prof. E. Stanley of mare afiictod with Sick Headache, roa wtf triotism of our party is in itself a guarantee to the nation that the-interests Bad ipeety aad permanent seUef hy Ukiag Eleetrie Hiss Flossie Sherman.

No yostatj amen Bitters One trial will cooriaoe roa that thfc of its defenders, their widows and Topeka has more warm frieads, aad is the remedy yoa need. Large bottles only ftie orphans, will be liberally cared for and we denounce their cruel and deliberate amounted to nothing, and a month afro they were without enough even to pay Arnold son's Drag Store. Lawrence for state superintendent, and Colonel Dick Blue of Linn county fox congressman-at-large. Atone o'clock this morning the convention adjourned. none are more sincere in wishing him continued happiness and success than is the Mail.

When betrayal by the present democratic ad their way back to their old home. ministration. the Pueblo company was being All Free. Those who hare used Dr. Slag's New Discovery organ- Second: We adhere to the republi know its value, and those who hare not, hare now There was no quorum at the nat lln i of the central committee of the district can doctrine of protection, and believe that tariff laws should protect the products of the farm, as well as of the factory.

the opportunity to try It Free. Gall on the advertised Druggist sod get a Trial Bottle, Free. Seal fA well-built railway starting wfCH its track, bridges, rolling stock and miscellaneous equipment in the best of. Monday, and the meeting wts ad journed to Saturday, June 23, 1694. at Third: The American people favor your name sad address to H.B.

BocfcUn Oo Chicago, sad get sample box of Dr. King's New Life pais Free, as well as a copy of Guide to bimetallism and the republican party 2 o'clock p. ql, at the court house, at demands the use of both gold and sil Health and Household Instructor, Free. All of ver as standard money, with such re which time a convention or separate from the county order, with the usual reserve supplies on hand, can, says a railway exchange, be operated for a certain short period, say a year or two, on its existing plant, With very small outlay for keeping up its condition. But the original plant whtoh is guaranteed to do yoa good and cost roa nothing; Arnold A Son's Drag Store.

strictions and under such provisions. for the nomination of a representative, to be determined by legislation, as will It secure the maintenance of the parity of values of the two metals, and that rapidly deteriorates unless repairs and' A Sound Liver Hexes a Well Man. Are you or troubled with Jaundice, Sick Headache, Bad Taste in Uoutht Foul Breath, Coated Tongue, the Durchasin? and debt Bavin or Dower renewals of line and equipment are kept up. And the cost of putting a of the dollar, whether of gold, silver or paper, shall be at all times equal. The interests of the producers of the coun road back into full, effective shape by Iypepl.

Indigestion, Hot Dry 8ldB, Pata one creneral overhauling has been found a Back and between the Shoulders, CblUs try, its farmers and its working men my (7 demand that the mints be opened to and Fever. Ac. If you have any of these to be greater than if the repairs and the coinage of silver of the mines of symptoms, your Liver Is out of order, and renewals were kept up with wear and will be called. Born, Sunday, June 3, to Mr. aad Mrs.

Abram Troup, 1289 Polk street a son. Robert E. Heller, the well known populist lawyer of Topeka, has written a political novel entitled The Prophet of tbe Verdigris Valley," which will be published in a week or two. It comprises 300 pages and is raid to be quite a meritorious book. Tbe scene is located in southeastern arises, and the story calls attention to the wrongs against the poor.

be Lnited states, and that congress your blood is slowly belog poisoned, be consumption. should enact a law levying a tax on cause your Liver does aot sot properly. Importations of foreign silver sufficient to fully protect the products of our own mines. Mb. Albert Sadtlkr, a well-known mining engineer, who has a personal Bjduuks will cure aoy ilsorder of the Liver.

Stomach or Bowels. It has no oars OF THX 8CSFXCTS APPBOACHKD GAPT. Fourth: We favor national and 8HOSCBAIT. equal as a Liver Medicine. Price 75 cents.

state legislation for the encourage knowledge of mining in this country and Europe, thus describes the difference in the wages of American and Free trial bottles at A. Arnold. ment of irrigation. Ised they determined to disguise them-selves) In male clothing and try to drift Fifth: We denounce the present TimM am rinll and anil crooda cnr. I with the army a little nearer to their German miners: "While in Colorado I state adminlsltratlon for Its violation of the laws and contempt of the had difficulty in getting men to work respondingly low; get our prices on oil.

nt- Jhey secured mena lfcaao ojo ej eai aywaj aa aaa mw vi at vis for three dollars a day. In Germany A. J. Arnold Son. The Beet fialve la the werU ftw Oass.

courts, the corruption and incompetency of its officials, its gross mismanage their black locks and were soon ready the miners are paid thlrty-eeven cents Bait Raeaja. Fever Seres. to join Capt. Shoeoraft'a ment or the state institutions, and for iMIMalss Gene, aai ail the discredit it has brought upon the They were enlisted one night giving their names as Cyrus L. and Thomas sei peakfvely eares Piles, er se pay a oay, and tney live principally on brown bread and potatoes.

They have meat about once a week, and consider it a greater luxury than the most Is smaraateed tegire good name of the state. And we pledge the republican party and the nominees of this convention to a faith O. Gordon. They learned that the natural route of the army en route for WaAhinsrton would be throuirh Pitts a ful and economical discharge of all MAJOR E. N.

MORRILL. under democratic control, and the state under populist control, and concluding as follows: "Let us, as republicans, name standard bearers whose character and ability Is beyond question, liet us place upon our banner the matchless principles of pure untrammeled republicanism and we will march to enthusiastic and complete success." Charles Martin, of Salina, was elected temporary secretary, J. E. Umphrey, of Reno, his assistant, and the chair was empowered to appoint committees. An adjournment was then taken until 3 o'clock.

Chairman Peters was so busy preparing his committees, he failed to appear until an hour and a half after the convention assembled. At first the delegates were contented to amuse themselves with campaign songs by the Modocs and Coyotes, and then evidently repenting of their action before recess in cutting oft the woman suffragists from making speeches by adopting the rule that all resolutions should be referred to the committee on resolutions without debate, they began to call loudly for Mrs. J. Ellen Foster to make a speech. This the talented lady declined to do for awhile, but was Anally persuaded by Mrs.

Laura M. Johns to come to the front, where she probably made the speech of her life, it was full of spirit, loyalty to republicanism and earnestness In the cause of equal suffrage. She was heartily cheered by her audience, but when Mrs. Laura M. Johns afterwards presented the memorial to the convention, urging a suffrage plant, an adjournment was taken without referring the memorial to the committee on resolutions.

The chairman, on arriving, announced his committees, ex-Governor CV. Eskrldge, of the Fifth district being the chairman of the committee on resolutions. At the evening session Chairman Peters called the convention to order mnd announced a song by the Modocs. For encore Frank Crane, of the Modocs, gave "Peffert Calamity Wall in character. The committees on order of business, permanent organization and credentials then reported.

The temporary organization was made permanent and the reports accepted without revision. While awaiting the report of the committee on credentials, the Modocs sang "King of Calamity "Throw a Dollar at Me," cud the song that captured the convention, "One of His Legs is Longer than it Really Ought to Be," the words of of said songs being written by A. A. Cowley, of the Mail. dainty morsel that could be placed on a millionaire's table in the United burgh, and boxing their few things and official duties to a strict observance and an honest enforcement of law, and to obedience to the mandates of the clothing- they shipped them to that States." Choice refined lard at 7c per pound; leaf lard, warranted strictly pure, lXe.

at Ed. buechner's meat marast. courts. Ballard's Snow Oinlment. This Lloiment Is different in composition from any other liniment on the marker.

It is a scientific discovery which results in it being the most penetrating oiuiment ever known. There are numerous white imitations, which may be recommended because they pay the seller a greater profit. Beware of these and demand Ballard's Show Lncucxirr. It positively cures Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains. Bruises, Wounds, Cuts, Sciatica snd inflammatory Rheumatism, Burns Scalds, Sore Feet, Contracted Muscle, Stiff Joints, Old Sores, Pain In Back, Barb Wire fleKlailey to apeak at Ottawa.

A vacation combining rest and In Let us figure on painting your house. Sixth: To the maintenance of these principles we invite the support of all patriotic citizens. The first struggle in the convention commenced with the balloting for struction Is offered by the Chautauqua Assembly, Forest Park, Ottawa, Kan A. J. Arnold Jk place, where they expected to leave the army and make their way to the old New York home.

After the army stole the engine and half a dosen coal cars and sorted east over the Missouri Pacific, they spent 44 hours without more than three hours rest, with not a full meal, with very little water for any purpose, hard at work repairing track aad clearing wrecks when not mania? at wild sas, June 18 to 29. You don't have to At the city meat market 03 JL travel many miles to reach It, either. lieutenant governor. J. W.

Moore, avenue, YA. Buechner keeps emytlssg usually kept in a nrst-elcsa tnarket, aawl i I Santa Fe route will take you there quickly, cheaply and comfortably. N. Heizer, James A. Troutman, Dr.

D. W. King and E. G. Dewey were placed he allows no one to undsrssil tH ta in nomination.

The first ballot indi pries. tf. speed, the dust aad cated that the strife was to be between Awarded them look as though they Rate is only one fare for round trip. Cuts, Sore Chest or Throat, and especially Tickets on sale June 16 to 29 inclusive, beneficial in Paralysis. Sold by A.

limited to return June 30. Arnold. While every day of the assembly will Remember that Stansfield is located be good, care has been to obtain special at 632 Kansas avenue, opposite National from a hard day la a Highes Honors World's Fair Capt. Shoecraft had rieaeedurlnflr the attractions for Grand Army Day, June hotel, with a full line of drugs, etc tia win never forget. Urn eonrmand of the 21.

Gov. Wm. McKlnley, of Ohio, the TTnlllB Pet Ctt lz Stcre, helped disoovi renowned statesman and orator, has amonj the squad of breve fallows who agreed to deliver the chief oration. There will be numerous local speakers, ansarded the colon During the vaned exssvtsaoas of less famed but scarcely less eloquent I eandera army before into the 0 tjj Dill r-- v. ruu.

Inquire of Agent A.T.A8.F.RR as to cost of trip, expense of csmping iiwiu. mow vaMvw wi.n. aw Capt. Shoecraft lalslmstsfl the Heizer and Troutman, the vote standing, Moore 148, Heizer 222, Troutman 217K, King Dewey 89. Wyandotte county voted solidly for Troutman.

The second ballot stood. More 137, Heizer 251, Troutman 271, King 185, Dewey 60. On the third ballot Dickinson county withheld her vote until the last and then cast it solidly for Troutman. This brought the latter gentleman within sight of a nomination, and a stampede was made to change votes to him and "get in out of the wet." At this junctures motion was made and carried to commence the ballot over again. It is doubtful whether the motion was in order, but it 1 satisfied the convention and didn't change the result.

Mr. Troutman was nominated on the third ballot, as corrected, by a vote of 538 to 348 for Mr. Heizer. out, etc. two of his eoeapeay.

lie le an old bachelor, and kept his eni i iliss to kia-self. When the army arrived at Tope Excursion Trains: On Grand Army Day, Thursday, June 21. ka it was given tents, sad eaaxped 1 the railroad yard on Fifteenth At the edg eof the 1 Hammocks, Croquet and all games inSesson. Storms. The Tailor.

water tank, aad Ifarrhal ZTeely dered a tent pitched, stxpplied with We mak a specialty of oar entire beats VXXSt F2RKXT MAD3. UGH ART TAILORIBG. ter, eoap, and that required to tsdee a bath. While Cast. Bhoeeraft 13 czlj A CE03UELL W.

Ce eth aad AveX AGENTS FOR over this new order aad his of C9 TO GREAT-KOCH ISUO GOUTE i 4 1.

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