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The Leavenworth Press from Leavenworth, Kansas • 3

The Leavenworth Press from Leavenworth, Kansas • 3

Leavenworth, Kansas
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THE" SARATOGA SALOON, Sails rout mm rm IVholeaate fifteen and DEALERS IK T. 133 lSr A. 1 1 VICKD.J. H' If SV KA. JO, HASAOUX WINES.

LIQUORS, FRUITS, CICAR8 Oreat reduction In lines for "flockod Hat" At. guiiio. t.o. Cor. 3d and Cherokee Leaven- milfoil ijr worth, Kan.

wa-iy NATIONAL BEER HALL, 40 tthaumet Strut, leavesworth Wbtiirt mills OWEN LUFI'EY, MAKUFACTUHER Of ALL WOOL GOODS! Oaaalmerea Doealfiine TweedaM Jeana; Flaanela; AND) uk. OF ALL KINDS, At Wholesale. 1 CARPETS, CARPETS CHAS. ACKENHAUSEH, Troprlctor Till DEbT OF r' HU'dllS. Wlnea and Mllwsukna Peer con.

staullv kept at the bar. Warm Ii evory luurnint. iM-a-n BOEPPLEIt TRUMP. ST. GKOAGB EXCHANGE NO.

204 DELAWARE ST. Tli. flt. Gooi-ffe Kxtdianae Is one of tlie neat eat resorts In the city where you can at all SHERIFF' SALE. Stale of Kuntat Leavenworth la th.

District he Flrat Judicial District ol the citato of Kansas, Bitting In aud fur Leaf- anworlh county luaald slate, R. B. C. Barker. 01BI KO.

Public notice Is hereby given, that under and by virtue of the Judgmeut rendered In the above entitled action In aud by the above named Court and of an Execution Issued oo said Judgement, hi me directed aad delivered, 1 will on WEDNESDAY, the 19th DAY ot SEPTEMBER A. D. 1877, at the hour of lo o'clock of aald day, at the aouth front door of the House. In the pity of Leavenworth, In the County of Leavenworth and alale uf Keuaaa, oler at Puhllo Hal. aud sell to the highest bidder, for cash In band, IU.

following described tract of land, situate lying and being In the County of Leavenworth and Slate of Census namely A part of the west half of the south-west fractional quarter of aeollun 18, townselp range HI, more particularly deacrlbed as follows, beginning at the south west oornerof aald lot, runlng north 14 rods to a atone, from thence east 7 rode, from thenoe aouth 14 rods, Irom ilienee west 1 rods to place of le, Inning. aald property bus been levied upon, and Is to he sold aa the property of the above named de-fendaut. Wiliuv Boas, Hb.rtff, Sheriff's Offlss, Leavenworth Oily, Aug 1817. lime, nnil llle noac oi liquors, iii-aiuue. vviue THE PUBLIC PKRS3 Of Leavenworth, Kansaa, issued both Daily ami WERKi.v,Mlooiitulua the lutest ml mutt Important newt, and a great warloty of Intorent.

lug reading matter, uituble tor all classes, trades anil crufosslona. TUB DAILY rUIlUO I'HESS Is Uio loading nowi ami busluess iper In the Motiopolluf lie eJituius are dally llllad will InlureHUng Intelligence from all parts of the woi Id, by mall ami tclegrai anil frouiCorrepouleiHs. it Is Hie Isrgoat evening Dally id the Htate, ami ooulalns mure rod Ung matter lor tho p. Ico, thaiuny other ilally published la Kansas.

THE WEUKLY rUBI.IO PRESS It an eight pWi forty-eight column paper, con-ulnlng the cream of the dully edition, together with a large amount of valuable Information on almost every itihject late and Intoroitlng newa, market reports to. Both editions of THE FTJJBL1C PRESS are groat fnvorlte with tlie people Mm Dally dillonnow having a circulation In Kuuaaa, greater than that of any other pupei'i while tlie circulation ol tho Weekly edition It oqualled by but few weeklies In tbe State. TKI1MS: OAlLT.byCsnor, per ween uy tail 1 copy one roar I 0 On 1 covy eix lunir.lis 9 00 1 copy three months 1 1 copy one AO In clubs; 6 couiea one year 20 on 10 1 year to 1 aililr'a no oo 45 1 year to 1 81 Ub trirrfkTV' Untie eulina lbers 1 roar 1 9- uagor neer, iw uuu iigura iu mm unr, IJnow have on hand a large supply of Mew sua Sti.gnu. rai.vrua ui carpels, WHIN 1 wia Lunch Eforr Moruing tt 10 0'Clock. sen to we seiau i rau.

at July 8-TI diy DEXTER SALOON. THE VERY -LOW PRICEb. In the basement nnder the FIim'XATIONAL BANK. Coins and axanilna my stook aud m' Wr'joiit MM BBBBSSl StlTfa This hBr and rooms nave been reflttod, and every- tliluK will at all tlmea he Keut In tne neatest etvie. GILLETT'S BEST WHISKIES, Bi amlles, and Wines, also Cincinnati Cream Ale, fresh tatieu every ciuy, ana tne aansaa jirewery Beer.

auuo rrojinei.r, m-i; MEflOHANTS1 EXHANGE Novelty Hills Elevator, HAVENSJWILSON Frop'i I J. SCHLIIZ'S RtlLWAtiKEE BEER. A a the 6 montln 76 ton of our season for maklnir Iminlrles and selnctlng a school for your ilauslitors and wards la approaching, we take pleasure In calling the atten 5VrTVK'f ftrtiVSMto Bedwomllosaml ahalsoutl, of Leavenworth, commanding a splendid view of the city and For! uJaZrlatcd exclttslvelv to the use of tho imulls. affording titer, a mouths So tnnluhsi coiiicri anil 1 to uetlui' mouut, Best Wind, Liquors and Clfrars. at HUGO MATn-ONB'l'H, No 111, Third Street Leavenworth Kansas, Mar ID, tf.

up of club 6 35 10 cmi! ami 1 to goluir up of club 11 00 -ne grouno. conipriuw uvwi iinntih nlivMii'nl ilnvMliiitmi'iir. Manufacturers of Choice Family Flour; of the e5. niL'r. Vd inAMZiZrutin'emem of the building aro unsurpnssetl.

Large halls and sitting rooms; apaclonsand well Soctted From all parts of the West, and tiled promptly and further Information cheerfully given on application augigdarw ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. STATU OF KANSAS, i Leavenworth County In the Probate Court in and for said county, la the manor of the estate of Qeorge W. ifvana. Deceased, NOTICE Is hereby given that Letters testamentary have been granted to the undersigned on the estate of George W. Evans, late ot aald county, deceasod, by the Honorable, the Probate court of the county and state aforesaid, dated tho Slat day of August, A.

18T7, Now, all persons having claims against the said estate are hereby notified that they must present the same to the undersigned lor allowance, within one year from the dale of Said letters, or they may be precluded from any benefit ox aald ea-tate aud that if such claims be not exhibited within three years after the date of said letters they shall be forever barred. JOHN. L. WAiiDLE. Executor of the last Will and Testament of George Evana, deceased.

September 4th 1877. 8il In Witness the undersigned, Probate Judge of Leavenworth County, have1 hereto Bet my hand and affixed the seal of tue said Probate Court, thla 4ih day of September, 1877, Nbwtok Misx, Probate Judge sepewlw Anfitat dnr it irlB" neat toilet roomst iratid study lull: nuinoions reeita i.iiiooinsi iniirniary ami cuspenMary; large rniecinnea anu rocreuiion tlon hall a woVIHalns have been sparod to render SU Mary's a pWaant home for Its nntatea, while the charming proapect i va or tlia ioiithftil stmlent on all aides, makes the literary labors of each day light anil cheerful. It la divided Into two tonni of flvo months vh; Pupils rvnan ll.f MltmlttV lie jiiiououitv Cash must accompany all orders for subscription end In do case will that above trices bo varied from. WSend money by Draft, PostorTlce money order or Uegi.toi ed let ter at our risk, DR.II, D. llonx, Editor.

F. .1 WRlfDRl.L. MHnflKOr, I. II. OOIVISY, Painting, Paper Hanging, Graining, Glazing, KALS0M1NINQ luiiuwiug "SEMPER II "S.Vt? I LAKE," Every bi 6 vVarranted.

entered alter the beginning of the term, are cnargeu wnn unij nir ThS imir nf instruction in si Marv'a Acadoinv, eompr ses the fullowlng branches: -pKiITbt lip Writing on Hoard, Mental Arithmetic, Elementary Goograi.liy, and "Object Teaching." KiifaRT DKPABTMgNT-VrH (iraiiimar, Woography, Modern and Ancient United States History, and Natural Philosophy. llHi iku C()li khctorlcand Holies Letters, Physiology, Mythology, Astronomy fiook-koo ping and Algebra. Graiuiatino course Moraland Intellectual Philosophy, "Logic, for Young Ladies, chenilstiy, Geology and Botany. The FreMh G.nnan and Latin languages are taught in this institution, also music on piano, harp, organ and guitar, and lessons In vocal music We firawlnJ'felnVK ornamental needle work In all varieties, crochet and laee work muslin, niwars All co mmuiilcatioiis addruaaed to tho Mother Su perior of St. Wary'a Female Academy, Leaveuworth, Kanaas, Address, THE PUBLIC No.

104 Delaware Leavenworth, Kaunas. ADVERTISING, Advertising rates will be given or any Informa dealer In seniaiiiyw We have recentlr adi.ed the latest ImuroT- will receive Immediate attention ments in mill machinery, and 'are enabled to 9 '(A tion In relation thereto, by letter, or calling at tlie omce of The Dally Public Press, No. 104 Dsla- Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Colors uniiuinukuie atnouy unit ctiu. uuur, guuu the beat. aug isdsia TmnrVTH TTnTTQi? H.Iton.C.W.Stnlth.Proprletor.' New Furniture, Sample Room rALlrlO llUUOlli for commercial men, Free bus to and from trams.

Wftre Strpft. WINDOW GLASS, Jfco. a ifriTn A AT TirtTTO James Hold Proprietor, the oaly llrst class hotel In the city AMMUOAJN u( Ananias, Col. Aug. 8-dtl MIXRD Paints for sale In Colors and Quantity to suit.

All work done promptly aud at Proceedings of tlie Count Centiul Com 111 it tee, Lkavenwobtii, tJopteiulier 18, 1877. 5 o)b lowest living prices, loe street, keavenworw. Day ly-4-tf-rc. AllCUlTECTUBK. ET.

CARR, Architect, No. Delaware a Leavenworth, Kansaa. Will niake plana, specifications and detail drawings for all klnda ol buildings, and superintend the erection of the same when required, Mchool buildings a specialty, Chargea reasonable, give hUn a call. rvlT A NT II nTTQI? Valley Falls, Hobcrt Riddjo, Proprietor This la a first class UUlAurlUN HUUioili House and has one of the best sample Booms for travelers. to L.

31 5 03 5 At a mlleil meeting- of tlie Itepubltcan County Cuutrftl Executive Committee, Ln', H. luiae pro torn, anu u. Alnm-n wua nlfiRl.i'ii tttinrt'liirv urn tf'lll. a a .5 5 A motion was made ami t-aniec) to hold the count? convention ot the republican party ou Mondiiv. October 8th.

ut 12 o'clock, lor the pur- CABLING'S CANADIAN ALE, IN BULK AND BOTTLE. SOLE AGENTS I F. W. HAYNE CO pose of iiumiuuiiug ttiu lullowiug candidates IT ESTABLISHED 1857. ESTABLISHE 1857 WHOLESALE DEALER, IN LIQUORS WINES.

1. ft PC! ior omoei Hheiilf. Treasurer. County Surveyor. Clerk.

Two Justices of tho rence; Kegisler of l)eoi(. Tluee Conslablea. PUBLICATION NOTICE. STATH OK KANSAS, lETi County of Leavenworth, In Probata court In aald county and state. Iu the matter of the estate of Robert T.

Jackson, late of said eounty deceased. Notice ia hereby given that on Wednesday the. 16th day of September, 1617; at o'clock In the afternoon, the undersigned administratrix ot aald estate will make application to said court for an order to sell the following described real estate belonging to said estate to wit: The aw of seciion 97 township la, south of range east of th. th principal meridian, containing ISO acres i also the following lota situate in the city ot Junction City; Lois 1 and a in hloek lota 10 and i In block 4, lot 13 in block 14, lot 10 In block 17, lot lo In block 20. lot la block 28, lota 1, 9, loand 19 iu block as, Iota and 14 In block 40, lots la and 19 in block 4, lota It and 14 in block 63, lot Join block 54, lota 11 and 20 lu block lot 9 in block 6, and lots II and 90 In bl'k 71.

Ail the above deaceibed lands and l'ta situate In the county of Davis and state Kane, also the following described tract situate in tin eounty of Saline, In the atate of Kansas, to-wlt: Lot 07 on Santa Fe Avenue, in the city ot Salina MART ANN JACKSON. Administratrix of the estate of Uobert T. Jackson, deceased. Sep ii. it And In dally operation over 37 years.

1 Importers Wines, Brandies, Ml 3 5' a 2 A motion wits made and carried, to hold the anm b2 a CO 5. 111 RANDOLPH 8END FOIt PUICE LIST. a'lg djar primary meetings iu tho city on Sflttiruay, os tober fl. ii'on. 4 o'clock to o'clock' in tlio after TUEMDAT, OCTOBER 16 and 87, noon, auil the primaries ibr the county from, o'clock to 4 o'clock iu the nit or noon of tie tilh IB cr 2-g fir os 2 a a 2.

i. 0 0 0 0 0 0 KENTUCKY tG29 STATE ALLOTMENT CHICAGO UY1NQ Direct from the DlstBlers In Kentucky and are onablod to sell Orstlclass goods at low llgures. 2U DELAWARE ST. LEAVENWORTH KANSAS. OF $67,925 IN PRIZES! "I Vrlrenf 5 oool A .1 of or tha Ward Chris HeconU Ward Continental Hotel.

Third Ward Now Market. Fourlh Ward J. 1. Murphy. Kickupoo Township PluuHftut Ridge House.

Kastim Township Millwood. Alexandria Town ship springdale. Delaware Townsl.ip Lansing Post Office. lligl'i-atrie Towuubip High prairie School House. Fairmount Town? i Fninnount.

Tongjuioxie Tow li ip Touganoxle. ltouo Towiwhip, Keuo. Sherman Township, icnape, tStraiiKur TownHhiii. Josuiin Dodjrn'a. S2 1 Prize of.

1 Prize or 1 Prlie of S0W-W1IITE ('LOSS AND IMPROVED CORN STARCH 6 OHO 9 600 Or A. CALDWELL, President. X. J. President.

KANSAS MANUFACTURING CO. SB. If 6 I "SB A "1 i at 73 a a Cu IManuracturers IfepMlfMI isEAI.EHS on mu lion it is voted Unit tlie representa co ES (The 8th Wonder oftheWorld) 1 Prize of 9 ooo (. Isstother Prices amountiug to 44 15J Whole Tickets, ai.OO SO Whole TickcU for H4S loo for t)Vo. Chartered for Educational Institutions Under charter no postponement can ever occur.

All prizes paid in full. Official list of drawn numbers published in N. Y. Herald, N. T.

Hun and Loui.vllle Currier-Journal. Circulars containing full particulars free. Address SIMMONS A DICKINSON, Manager's oitlce. 13 8dst. Louisville.

Kr tions uio conventiou suan oo ten ueietfates nuof ouch ward in tho city, and four delegates qua! number of alto mates and no Coat no more than the common articles, capped Gloss and Conn Starch, which aie made by rot-tinir Mi ffi'iiin and rHLiirinir Lhn miti id MtiifTwitli potash and lime. proxies lie aitoweti. ii is aiso recoinmenuea to the convention that all votes In the conventiou betaken viva vosa. On motion it is ordur-ed that the pluce of holding the convention or sum uy tne rane uenerany. auir ii 4w rsr-glmllar allotments on the 15th and laat days hall be at tlie new court bouto, in the criminal or every moniu uuriug me year aepeuawtwi New 'Advertisements.

courtroom, ItissiiL'Kostod that in the several Com mis aionera Districts delegates he selected to norn raw, FREIGHT, SPRtMG A.HB EKPRESs SHERIFF'S SALE. State of Kant as, Leavenworth Co.u In th. District Court of the First Jndlilal Dlstrlot of the Stale of Kansas, sitting In and for L.av.o worlh County la said Leonard T. Smith, Plaintiff va. William Buchanan and Sarah Buchanan, Helen danta.

oiss ao. Public notloe Is hereby given, that under and virtue of the judgement rendered in th. above entitled aothn In and by the above named eonrt, and ofa special execution luaed on said, to me directed and delivered, 1 will on MONDAY, THE 8th DAY OF OCTOBER, A. 1877. at the hoar of 10 o'clock a.

m. of aald day, at toe south front door of the Court House, In the elty of Leavenworth, In the county of Leavenworth, and state of Kansaa, offer at public sale and Bell to tlie highest bidder for cash In hand, the following deacrlbed tracts of land, situate, lying aud being In the county of Leavenworth and Stale of Kansaa, namely: The north west quarter of section seventeen 5171 In township eight (8) of range twenty-oae 91) and the undivided hve-eightha (K) Interest a aud to the north west quarter of section ten (10) In township eight (8) of range twenty-oae 11). WILLIAM H. BOND. Sheriff.

i By ASULKT O. SPALDINO, Under Sheriff Sheriff's office, Leavenworth City, September Id, i77 Bakkb ft dill Attorneys ter Plaintiff. PT A "KTHQ7 ocUve, One aosewooU (not uso BAGS! jimie atouuey uommiissioner ror me soverai dtstricta at the primary niuelings named in this call, and that eucli uelcguteH meet at the new court house at 11 o'clock a. M. of Monday.

over six moutlis). oulr tis- Mnnufacturert 0 AG the 8tL dayot October, for the pui'itoso of making the nomination, and that such nominations shall be reported to the convention, ami that the representatives be the same as to the convention. On motion it is ordered that the LEAVENWORTH C. B. BRACE, J.

P. GAMBLE, J. B. McAFEK, Treasurer. Hiiperintepdnnt.

Becictary. LEAVENWOItTII i-Lju. New Pianos at wIioIohhIo. Great bargains. ORUANS Nearly new, io; 3 stops; nap, tops tW; stops 12 stops f65 to $75.

Hare opiiorrunl-tics. New Onrans at whotiMiile. Beware Imita-titns. liest ofl'ur ever made, read, bent on 6 to 16 iluys test trial. Money ro funded and freight paiil bull, ways If unnattHfaqtory.

Kst. 1856. Admits wanted. 1)1 counts to Teaehers, Mln. islnrs, A'UUex UAX1FL F.

JJKTTY, Washington, Nw Jersey, BUGGIES, PHAETONS, Skeleton, Track Wagons Salkiei Concord Top and Open Buggies a Specialty. Bag Manufacturing Company Leavenworth Times and The Puhlic Pit ass be requested to publish ttit'HO piocendings. 'the committee adjourned to meet again on Thursday, the 1Kb Oav of October, at eleven -cioti; at mo jsew toun House. Ci. W.

11. MOOKK. A. O. CIIA8E.

WE keep constantly on hand a large stork, aud iruod asaortineut of llrst class work. 114 and lie Main Street, MAN17FACTTJRBR8 1ND DEALIItl III Cotton and Faper Flour Sacks, Burlaps, Seamless Bags, Uunuios, Urocers' Bags, Wool Bags, Twines, Ac, Ae, Ao. Sec pro tern. Chairman pro tern. uawu $66 week lo your own town.

Terms ind out flt fres. U. HALLKTf A Porllaud, Owing to our superior advantages and facilities (or ruHiiufaeturiiiR', we are enabled to sell tho same class of work fur per cent, lesa than other lac 1 HAVE OPENED FOR LIVERY THE ORIGINAL EDGERT0N STABLES, V. COOLKT, M. J.

W. FOSTKR, U. 1I1E KANSAS C1T1 Surgical nnil Medical Institute and tones. ALL WORK WARRANTED. Repository and OrSce Xo, lot Main Street, uav.nwortb, Kansas.

Boxlngfor Shipment, 13.50 Extra. em-t-9 Horn a us Hospital. Bags made and printed to order on short notice. AugtWdly We treat successfully all doformlties, as curved in ne, wry ucck, nip juiui disease, clob feet and at iff joints. Our braces and B.

S. RICHARDS appliances are mule at rrn a tne iiiHiuute. riasuo operations for the loss he Ifn, and nose, hare liu. South Sid of Delaware between 4th Ste. Tumors ol all klnda removed.

All forms of cancer eared without the knife. Catanh, deafness Mothers who Dose their Darlings will drastic purgativeness Incur a fearful responsibility. The gentia, modoiato, (yet effective), laxative, alternative, aud auti-bilious operallon of Takuast's Ai'krisnt peculiarly adapts it to the disordera ol cbildren. dueaaeoftue heart aud laugs, lease of the eye, gianuUted Leavenworth, Kansas. Miner AcTonsa auaana in FOR THE BLACK HILLS And the recently discovered gold mines tn the Big Horn Mountains Oo by the way of DBNVsa, LugriNKX and tlie great Kansas Pacific Kail-way.

Remember, Denver and Cheyenne are the principal out-flitting points for the mines and the sapest, most DiKBCT and host rasqvxKTi.1: tiaveied route to Custer City, Deadwood and the. Blg Horn country, la via Cheyenne and Ft. Lara-' mle, WOK THE BAN JUAN MINUS. Take the KANSAS PACIFICRA1LWAT for DDK ver, where close conaectlona are made with the Denver and Klo Grande Railway for the Colorado Springs, Pueblo, El Moro, Del Norte, Lake City, Silverton, and all points In the Sam Juan Country. By taking thla old favorite line you can atop over In Denver and visit ihe old established mines aad smelting works in Its vlglnlty, aa advantage every one tntereated in mining can readily appreciate.

Pullman Palaci Cahs through to Denver without change. Lowest rates to all polnta. Mapa, Circulars, Ac, giving full Information, cheerfully furished bv addreasiug Goneral Passenger Agent KANSAS PAC1FC RAILWAY Kansaa City Mo. The KANSAS PACIFIC la also the most direct freight route to all the points referred to above. Lowest rates and beat time both eaat and west bound guaranteed.

Call upon or address John Muia, Acting General Freight Agent, Kansas' City. Mo. by Jif-i 31 lias rupiures, pues an i J. W. CHANCER, DEALER IN ROYAL CHARTER OAK Cook Stoves, HOUSEHOLD Furnishing Goods, 'TINWARE, TINNER'S STOCK, fte 4Q? Ostawars Street, ly-4-8-n niuuia rauicsnv cueru On thm Corner of Seneoa anrl Third Streets, With an entire new stook, my horses are Stvllsh, Kltirl and Good Roadsters.

Carriages Buggies and Harness are ol the Latest btylo JLt FIRST CLAsS, and 1 hope, by strict attention to the wants and needs of the community, to merltand receive a a fair share of patronage, If you wish a ride for buaioeaa or pleasure call and see me, AS I WILL NOT EXCELLED BY ANY WYERY In the City. Horses boarded at reasonable rates, and satlsfacrton guaranteed. All diseases of the urin- Harness, Saddles and Collars, iyn Extra Fine Mixed Cards. ith name, IU oeuks, puat u-UU. L.

JUNtB NsBsan, 1ST. Y. Lary organs, stricture 1 stone in the blsoxler, dis eases of women both gur- fficsioi)iuieacalv a flpecialty. Klectilcity for ParslvHii and nf-rvroui diseanes. Also dronsr.

Bridles, Whips, nailers, Brushes, Ivmbe, Ac. tr Bepaii Inft Pane Neatly and Cheaply. All Wo.k warrauted, aepsdly Hydrocele and tSpermatonhoja. AUo Klectfo Aledlcated and vapor BATHS, Pattenu are nrovldsdwlth oard in the Institute. We visit any part of (he country to pfifoim snrglcal op- erauoos.

street cars mi uuci irom iuo uepoi to tne institute. AUires DKs. Coolrt Foster Cor 12th St. and Grand Kansas City. Mo.

tavinoloie stamp foraaaosver hi our Journal. I IJC9i KtotOn BW SamplM worti 3 43 4.U fie. Btismmi A Portland, Maine WML R. R. TIME TABLE.

S. St. C. B. KoUrwti.

"LPn-Awaae 1 trcc NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT. STATE OF KANSAS 1 County of Leavenworth. In the Probate Court of aald County and State. In the matter of the estate of Nancy A. Will lama, Deceased.

Creditors and all other persons tntereated In the aforesaid eetate.ere hereby notified, that at the next regular term of the Pro. bate court, In and for aaid county, to be begun and held at the Court room. In the city and county of Leavenworth, State arToreaaid, on the first Monday la the mouth of October, A. D. len, I shall apply to aaid court for a full and final aet-tleinent of said estate aa administrator, of Nancy A.

Williams, deceaaed. Leaveuworth City, Auguat Nth, A. I87T. AUSTIN CHAPLIN. Administrator.

OroDibua leaveB tlckt offlce, southwest corner of Delaware and Main treeu.oue hour le advance of tlie following for all trains on this line except uie a. noriB. ana ui. 'km a. a.

aouia, aoim KOara. JACKSON'S BEST SWEET NAY CHEWINtL'TOBACCO! was the hlfrhlcst priie at entennlal exposition for its One chewing qualities, the excellence aud laitini characlor of its sweetening and' ilHvorlna. If you want tKe Iwst tobacco ever made ask your grocer for this, and aee that each plug ocara our Wue atrip trade mark with words Jackson's Beat on it. Sold wholesale by all jncuers. pond for sample to C.

A. JACKSON Manufacture, Petersburg, TO HA TV GOOD flFALTIl Tflfj LTYaH Mlal UK IN OKltEK. FALL SESSION, 1877. Omaha, SL Panl California Ii. a.

m. JosAccommodatioa, 6:38 p. m. Omaha aud Uallf ormla Kipreea, 'lars a. ol UNIVERSITY OOIltfl tOITH.

K. C. A Ft. ilwtt Kxprma t-M a. m.

Kt. Louis, Uuiaoy A nitrate Itpreaa, l8 p. m. 81. Loula, (juinoy A Chlrapi fanrws.

VM a. m. -OF Kansas- Florence Oil Stove, Bupsrlvr fa DnrabllHy, Commences Heptembar k- Hall's BETWEKN CITY Aiill IOKT LKAVKMWOTH SCIENTIFIC. Full conrm a of attidv la Anrient aad Modern ROYAL. OJi economy 1 WlfiflRATO? urinmn, id ueuphiali'sand Poliiiral srienre.

In Maihemaik-4, in mural science, in Kngluk Literature, and Hintory, In Civil coursea In Katnral Hlstorv and Cbetnia. teptwaw Exourslon to the Rooky Mountain The Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe Railroad haa arranged with the varieua railroad I mea ia the country for special round trip rates to the Rocky Mountains' and haa accural the following rates to Denver, Colorado Springs, canton City. Pueblo and return: From Kansas ciir aad Atchison, 145; Su Louis 60i Chicago, auio-cy, tau; Cincineatl, $bsj Buffalo, $1S, and correspondingly low rates from all polnta, east, north and south, Tneae ticket, are good far so days and to stop at all stations vest of the Mieeiastppi river. Tickets are on sale at all rrtneipal station, throughout the country. This la the new rout, to Denver through the garden of Kanaa.andCol-' oraeo Bend for mapa, circulars, rim.

tables Aa te T. J. ANDERSON, Oea. Psss, Agent. Aug IK Topeka, Kaa; Bosu by way of Delaware, Fifth A Cheyenne Ste.

AUItj tq At Fort going to City. 30 a m. I Vau a. m. Trips itoa I p.

m. Icity at A nop. BL TrOD p. m. CrQce.

8. fi. corur of ioond and ni.wira aim try. A hlher course of Normal Irulructiou for to any ether stars la ate. tiliaeetthc wantsof STerysady.

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CEANCER, Stove Deafer, Leavenworth, Kan. ParchSMra win save the expense aad tnmhle of sending East tnr "repairs, and bny atovea adapted tnWtm fnel. an1warranta in onernt prfrtlT. To vriptj. hr rh trad rverv whpre Cook aad Ltandry work of all kinds doat wilboai la- 1 FRS A COURSE OF LECTURES On various topics, emmrinfVlence, Literature, Aar and Law, by some of the oat emineat mea aonrenierce irom neau Bene ror circaiar.

G.B. OUAPIN, QcnlAftsot, Sit Dataware ft aveowarU, Kaasaa. agsats wanted. a tf Chicago, JturU Itln A taHfit B. M.

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IkCl A 00., nf 1 Tocal, Piano aad Organ by a competeat Instrao- For any desired la fnrmrttnn. writ to J. haRreMw. MILLER TEN PIN PALACE (ept I dim. Lawreaca, Kaaaaa.

Madison Dispensary, tO IS. ClMrk At, IlL Vnutttusixrii. avanitanr aiaausaa, Mmrtel ttociftM mt tbm tami, at (a ar Dr. JAMES, frit upinliM nmta, katf Mrr. Mtarf.

a. JOHN BARBER, Successor to Gee. E. Baswll i uraemia or lira raaura a Heating Cooking Stoves, Tia, Brut, Covper ul ShNt IreiWan, 4tD QttiWtra LEAVENWORTH, KAN. 804 Washinftoa St, o.

Ft turn. CHICAGO. Leave. Am re. t-a a Aecoramoilatloa mail Mia e-i Mnwl Trsin MiwrH Pmrite JUIlroaJ.

Tralni Leave. Arrive. St. Louis Kipresa I ts a sa i iiroiTii Man, wtpm liaspaa a. AccommodatKm ait a sp KonmiBM JPmnfit Itiilrm4.

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aveterinarysnrenio of I years study and practice has opened in oflli-t- 416 SHAWNEE SI Eart of Mansion house, lie can cm Hitchead, fiMnla, Hweenv, Bone KnaTinand air dtsesseil iheooat9ulj-rt tn. He Isahmsrlda to cure cattle ami hnr. He ftiminhes his own aiedi(ne and waV the mre nf lyirs a speciality (irthrirpresniit llesjsu ftn I warrants to core. The dortrr ap ticrmis and em-h as wellas En filth. He a diploma from ooliadelfost, near laiis.

CO-ILTS AND kTf sretrtal faHHtls tr eoaHa aotf berss of all re at wAderw-ar. OUcc rvrt trw a. m. Ntfb. trT eali at OUor Biol's.

itf-it aAFtrtf tfhsav PUlT(M aSna, MsHiaall 4aBaaMtiaa, SsjWUlT tm- 4ctJF ptmfim Um fw. ares-rtj --( savxrit rows a. noewu aiaaiifis pa rmern, mr tmrwtX PvHaH faf psAfM) rmtmtiM osaW siri.sra. aw w-lttimr. OeMtAa.

ui trm CsjejfceVinM. a nnwfumu iilir i Ji fk ''If nrtkvr iiw fa all thttt 3- It ia mtJt MARRIAGE GUIDE, i b4 flriew an ail taVfMtr- av ea ram riTwwti. VW 9 Urw rt MWKTVytmf atl Jr. lataak are BaKKUS QHTTirUTTHIllllta ILUTSATHe THREE OF THE FINEST AXD BEST Ten Tin alleys in tlu West. And there la no amuaemftit nf a inoreiieaHiifiil ftinn the game of ten Plaa.

Tb. leest bar ia tb. ertr and evervthing in the line or lj ii llrandies. Wines, Ale, Brer, and Sagara, None bat gentlemanly aitenoasla will UeeiopkM Nntmi will he sllwho led. visit thU koaaa, lulvl-lr dAKIKC aULLKK.

km IMr iia A W4 th JrrW 9t Mbw sal rtS la bsa piHrt4 ia Mr vi ra? ITtTT cisT, ssrrai st bil iinat9 rnAST, aai vvHiii Saaday patrttn. Tnirt lUiarNw 0 mr sk m. I xcited. tlalir. Job wnrkaad repairing Tat with iHlrm aa daptatuk.


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