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(PRICE 1 CENT.) Kansai Tribune, Weekly. Kstabllshed June, 1HW. Kansas City Tribune, Dully, Kstabllshed July, NOT BURN ED AT THE STAKE MINISTER ARRESTED. SENATORS CALL ON HANNA Thuraton and Shonp Want a Free Silver II 1U1 1 IS. WSINI91K Marked Consideration Shown a Murder- Preacher' I'uiisunl Way of Getting ou Colored Youth hy a Mob.

Manciiac, Dec. 23. Jerry Material for a Sermon. Rochester, N. Dec.

23. Eev. Burke, the colored boy who hacked HE DID NOT FLAY SECRE Mas. John Fos and her mother, Mr David Kirkpa trick, pastor of the Second Unlversallst church of this city, BIG CHICAGO CONCERNS GO TO THE WALL. ENTIRE PHILIPPINE COLONY IN REVOLT.

Cavanaugh, with an ax at their home at Clio, Livingston parish, on Sunday le TARY OLNEY. was arrested yesterday. He Is accused of accosting a woman on the street and asking permission to accompany night, was captured by a posse of citizens about a mile from the scene of the crime. In view of the fact that Man -In the Cabinet. Cleveland, Ohio, Dec.

23. Senators Thurston of Nebraska and Shoup of Idaho arrived here this morning and Were driven Immediately to the office of M. Hanna, where a long conference was held. While it was stated that the visit of the senators was of a social nature, it is known that the prime object of the conference was to discuss cabinet matters, and a gentleman close to Mr. Hanna stated that there was little doubt but that Messrs.

Thurston and Shoup came here to urge Mr. II anna's influence towards the selection of some man representing "the affected silver district; which they represent, as a member of the the ladies are not dead, the plan to GALLERIES WERE FILLED. THREE BANKS AFFECTED. SUPPRESSING THE NEWS. burn him at the stake was abandoned her.

She reinsert, whereupon he threatened lo arrest her. Kirkpatrlck acknowledges talking with the woman, but states it was a method adopted by him for the purpose of obtaining material for a seriea of sermons. and he was simply riddled with bullets. W. H.

HATCH DYING. Pacific Railroad Displace Cuba In the The Fnmou Ex-Congreman' Death Dlcae Ha No Terror. Los, Dec. 23. Dr.

The Sixty Day' Notice Rule Tot Into Effect Two Brewing and Malting Companies and a Contracting Firm Aiilgit Reekie Management of the llllnolt Hanlc. Thomas Powell of Columbia, made' Momentarily Expected. Uaknihal, Dec. 23. Ex-Con True Situation Concealed by the Spanish A Repotted "Victory" That Wl In Reality Disastrous Defeat Merman Officer In Insurgent Rank! Will Not Reply to Melage.

Debate Senator Pettlgrew and Morgan Hltterly Attack the Bond-Aided Road and Op-poe the Ponding BUI Adjourn to Jan. ff. some remarkable experiments before party of doctors in order to prove gressman W. II. Hatch is lying at the int of death at his home near this the efficacy of his.

remedy for certain diseases. He alarmed some of the phy y. Yesterday morning he was sicians present by injecting bacillus i 1 1 1. .1 I Washington', Dec. 23.

The senate into himself, appearing to take them without evil effect, lie also injected thought to be dying, and his relatives and friends were hastily summoned to his bedside. At the noon hour he rallied and became conscious and at 3 o'clock was apparently better, but his friends have no hopes for him. He is suffering from Bright's disease. was unexpectedly diverted yesterday from Cuba to the Pacific railroads. An some imcula into two guinea pigs, which promptly died.

He will inject DURRANT CASE AGAIN. Brief in the Appeal of the Notorious Convicted Man Finally Filed. San Francisco, Dec. 23. I chambers in the supreme court yesterday, the brief of Theodore Durrani, accused of the Emmanuel church murders, was filed, although there had been much discussion as to whether it could be now filed, the usual time for doing so having elapsed.

Attorney General Fitzgerald, also filed a brief replying to defendan'ts counsel. Dnrrant is now given ten days in which to file a brief replying, after which the case of Biunche Lamont's murder will be finally decided. sputum from a woman dying from consumption into himself. unusually large crowd was in the galleries, anticipating that Mr. Vest would continue his speech on the attitude of Mr.

Olnejr toward the Cameron "WORLD" SOLD. Bought by the Scrtppe-McRae Newapaper resolution. The interest this had (lldy Chlcagnan Elope. Chicago, Dec. 23.

-James Canavan, 5 years old, and Mrs, Ann Murphy, "8 awakened'was shown by the presence Syndicate. Kansas Citv, Dec, 23. The in the diplomatic gallery of First As sistant Secretary of State Rockhill, property of the Kansas City- World who is next in rank to Mr. Olney in Newspaper company was sold by auc tion to-day for 820,000 to Bernard Cor-rigan, who was the only bidder. It is years old, eloped from the homes of their children last night and were married by a priest, without the sanction or presence of their numerous relatives.

The marriage had been vigorously opposed by their children, and the aged pair left their homes by stealth, and, with closed carriage and other traditional accompan state affairs, and who has had special charge of the reports coming from consuls in Cuba, The foreign" delegation also was well represented. A Tonne Senator Wanted, Ciiicaco, Dec. 23. The failure of Angus A Gildele, general contractors; the American Brewing, Malting and Elevator company and George A. Weiss, Individually, all of these being due to the collapse of the National Bank of Illinois, and small runs on three banks were the echoes -yesterday of the bank failures of Runs were made on the Garden City Banking and Trust company, the Hibernian Savings bank and the Illinois Trust and Savings bank, but none of the runs was of much importance.

The officers of the Garden City Banking and Trust company had expected that a run would bo made upon that institution, and were ready to meet it. At the close of banking hours, the officers of the institution announced that during the day the amount of money taken in was treble that paid out and the bank was declared lo bo in bettor shape than at the opening of the doors 1 the morning. The run on the Hibernian Savings bank was of short duration, as the officers declined to make any payment on time deposits unless given sixty days' notice. They said that this was understood that Dr. W.

S. Woods will Mexico, Dec 23. AV. V. Fry, The large audience was considerably have no connection with the paper in future, and that Bernard Corrigan, In bidding for the plant, represented the Scripps-McKae Newspaper league of Buffalo, N.

Y. disappointed over the failure of Sena tor Vest to make the expected speech iments, succeeded in having the ceremony performed. and the consequent failure of Senator Hill to reply to hun. el-alrroan of the state judicial convention, said to-dayr "The Democracy of this state should be represented in the United States senate by a yonng man. Senator Vest has served his time with honor to the state and Cockrell is advanced In years.

We have the best of materia! among the young men of the slate. There is Som B. Cook and others we might name, who would fill the place with honor. The state and The opponents of the Cuban resolu Ilrall Ha llalui, Too. Nkw York.

Dec, 23. The Herald's London, Dec. 23. A Madrid dispatch says: "In order to secure the success of the next loan the government is straining- every nerve to to conceal the true situation in the Philippines. The whole colony is in revolt, and scattered bodies of Spanish troops have been hemmed in by the rebels.

It is rumored that a certain proportion of Herman reserve officers arc-in the insurgent ranks. San Francisco, Dee. 23. Private advices from Manilla, Phi lippine islands, reached here to-day and are verified by an account that appears in the Hong Kong Press, received per Belgic. The news contained in the communication deals with the attack of the Spanish on the Koveleta isthmus, and the attempt of the Spanish to dislodge the insurgents in Cavite and Viejo.

At the end of the campaign, which lasted until the 14 th of November, the Spanish authorities sent out dispatches reporting that the attack had been successful, and that the rebel loss was very heavy. The Spanish claimed to have lost about 25 killed and 100 wounded. It is now learned that the great victory that the Castillians predicted ended in ignominious defeat. The rebels held Noveleta against warships and troops. The Spaniards retired after Buffering heavy loss.

SPAIN WILL NOT ANSWER. Cabinet Will Make No Reply to the President's Message. Madrid, Dec. 23. The cabinet meeting yesterday was presided over, by SenorCanovas del Castillo.

The cabinet considered President Cleveland's message in so far as it dealt with the freak Deputy Appear In Parla. Paris, Dee. 23. The Paris newspa pers are full of gossip about Dr. Oran-' correspondent in Rip Janeiro, Brazil, telegraphs that it is semi-officlally announced that the Brazilian government ere, who has been elected deputy for tions assert that the Missouri Senator's fuilure to talk is due to the fact that he has been induced to look into authorities which do not sustain his view of the question, and that he has con-eluded to investigate further before speaking.

is in possession of documents of the greatest importance in relation to that the times are ripe for a new man from the people." Pontarlier as a Radical. Dr. GrancrC is a rigid Mussulman, and he intends to wear the turban and the burnous in the chamber of demities. His election was due to bad management by the Moderate Republican committees. He stood for the election with the title of part of Guiana which is now in dispute between Great Britain and Venezuela'.

Sir. Pettlgrew called -up his resolu Getting Even With a School Board. -O8A0K City, Dec. 23. The These documents, it is stated, give sat tion appropriating 810,000,000 to take up the trust notes of the Union Pacific isfactory proof that the territory in board of education ordered women not because they were not prepared to pay all depositors in full, but because they wished to avoid embarrassment to small bankers, who might not be prepared to pay all their depositors at question is properly within the domain of Brazil.

railway. He said that this step was imperative to protect the interests of teachers not to attend danees, claiming that it was a bad example to set pupils. The Prophet of God." Case Ask Damages for Libel. Toi'kka, Dec 23. Attorney tne government against those who held the notes, whose purpose was to absorb The order was regarded as unreasonable and at a meeting of business mqn once and who might te placed in an embarrassing position if the stronger banks were paying all demands for time deposits.

the branch lines of the Union Pacific. "Inopportune at Thl Time." Chicago, Dec. 23. The Board of Trade yesterday adopted a resolution protesting against the adoption of the II. Case of this city has brought suit in yesterday morning a resolution was passed instructing the school board to He declared his belief that the Union Pacific was not insolvent and that the the Shawnee county district court against John R.

Mulvane, Harold T. The Illinois Trust and Havings bank abstain from tobacco during office for the sake of the example. Chase and Dell Keizer, proprietor, floating debt was created for the express purpose of complicating and embarrassing the government liens. Camerom resolution on Cuba by Congress. The resolution says the Board of Trade sympathizes with any people struggling to be free, but it believes also demanded sixty days' notice from depositors.

The giving of the notice was sanctioned by the clearing house committee, and the object was (the Illinois Trust being the strongest sav Mnenet I omlng to America. New York, Deo. 23. M. Massenet, editor and business manager respectively of the Topeka Daily Capital, for 820,000 damages for an alleged libelous article published about him a year ago.

Mr. Gear of Iowa, chairman of the the recognition of independence to be committee on Pacific roads, asked if since the death of Gounod and inopportune at this time. ings bank in the city) to give the Ambroise Thomas, holds first place Mr. Pettigrew favored the operation of the roads by the government Cuban question, and also measures for smaller ones the opportunity to point City Official Buipected. Des Moines, Iowa, Dec.

23. Investi among French composers, has decided to come to America, and in the near The South Dakota Senator answered Death in Buckwheat Cake. St. Louis, Mo Dec mem that certainly the government could future Americans will have the pleas to its action as an excuse for giving the notice themselves, which they did, and thus effectually stopped a run. The Illinois Trust and Savings bank is said not possibly manage the Pacific roads ure of hearing "Manon," "Le Cid, "La bers of the family of F.

M. Roberts, a fireman on the Missouri Pacific rail worse than they had been managed, it gations made by experts show shortages In several of the departments of the city administration. The city clerk is reported short some 97,000 and Navarraise and other of his operas, would do away with the pools, combi the coast defense and increase of the fleet. It is reported officially that the cabinet decided not to make any reply to Mr. Cleveland's message through diplomatic channels.

DRANK WOOD ALCOHOL. Two Young Men Dead and Other Likely to Follow Suit. conducted by the great composer to have 80,000,000 in cash on hand, and was to-day loaning- money instead of, were poisoned by eating cakes the unaccounted tor moneys in the po as in 1893, calling loans to meet the demands of the savings depositors. nations and discrimination in rates which made the American railroads a target, for criticism. He urged that the government should embrace this A Probate-Judgea "Sooner." made of prepared buckwheat flour yesterday; Four of them are at the city hospital, and it is doubtful if they will recover; lice court for a single year amounts to 1,602..,.

The investigations will be Guthiiie, Dec. 23. In a contest Two central station detectives pushed. searched the town last night for E. S.

case from Lincoln county the com opportunity for an experiment in gov Matioon, 111., Dec. 23. Two deaths, ernment ownership of a great conti Dreyer and Robert Berger, for whose missioner of the general land office holds that Probate Judge Allison was arre3t on a charge of embezzlement nental line. He believed the govern Weyler Afield Again. Havana, Dec.

22. Captain General Weyler left Havana at 8 o'clock this ment should take possession and disbarred from taking land, though warrants were sworn out before Justice W. T. Hall by Frank E. Kennedy.

the result ol alcohol poisoning, occurred here yesterday, and several other young men are under the care of physicians and more deaths may be operate the Union Pacific road and its he was ordered into the reservation branch lines. morning on board the Spanish cruiser The firm of Dicks Kennedy kept on official busiuess by the government Mr. Piatt of Connecticut spoke of and in no way took advantage by his its account at Dreyer's bank. At noon Srturday Mr. Kennedy made up his announced.

The investigation by the the imperative necessity of considering the important question of settlement with the Pacific railroads. The in presence. Triple Shooting. daily deposit and took to the bank, currency and checks aggregating 8154.15. The doors were closed, buton coroner's "jury brought to light the fact that the alcohol used had been taken from the Mattoon gas works and is known as wood alcohol, considered Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec.

23. James debtedness, reaching- 8115,000.000, was Mr. Kennedy showing his book, the Two Murderer Bepltd. Jefferson City, Dec. 23.

Governor Stone granted a stay of execution to James. Links of Holt county, who was sentenced to be hanged December 30, 1896, to January 30, 1807. Stay of execution was granted to Edmund Perry of Douglas, who was to be -executed December 30, to January b0, 1897 Congressman-Elect Callahan Dying. Guturik, Dec 23. Congressman-elect J.

Y. Callahan is dangerous-1 ill at his home in Kingfisher, and is not expected to live. In case of his death Governor Renfrow will appoint a congressman. Senator-elect John Dubois of this city is also near death's door. in danger of being lost, and yet this seemed to disturb no one.

He hoped it would be one of the first subjects doorkeeper permitted him to enter.and 1 1 .1 to be a deadly poison if taken in any quantity. Physicians express surprise Preston, aged 40, a farmer, shot his wife, Amanda, aged 37, and the lat-ter's son, William Bryant, aged 19, and then himself in the home of Mrs. Pres Legazpi, bound for Mariel, north of the military line, ac-ross the proyince of Pinar del Rid, with the intention of resuming personal command of the operations against the insurgents in that part of Cuba. A Race War Imminent. Louisville, Ky Dec.

23. Reports reach here from Mayfleld, that a race war is imminent. The town is said to be guarded by bodies of armed men against a threatened attack by negroes to avenge Stone's death. May-field iMid neighboring towns are greatly excited. considered after the holidays.

Chicago, Dec. 23. The listed assets Mr. Morgan of Alabama said the ton and son this morning. The Pres-tons will die.

of the Illinois National bank, are said statements made by Mr. Pettigrew that any ol the young meii survived. What the Pacific Roadi Owe. Washington, Dec. 23.

The secre tary of the treasury has sent to Congress a computation of the Pacific rail were of a most grave character, in effect, they meant that certain individ Vetoed by Swift. Chicago, Dec, 23. Swift, ve uals had made a fraudulent combination to load down these Pacific roads toed the ordinance reducing street car road debts as made by the government actuary, The statement shows that so as to absorb them. It was difficult lares irom cents to 4. A Meir Cuban Suggeitlon.

the advances to the Union Pacific, in- French Army Increase Proposed. London, Dec. 23. In a special dis eluding the Kansas Pacific, by the government will at maturity, the 1st of next JulV; amount to $92,846,285, of for any single mind to grasp the "labyrinth of fraud and rascality" that had made this subject a perfect "saturnalia of fraud It was a twin brother to the Credit Mobiler frauds, carried on by the same methods of bribery and patch from Paris it is suggested that Great Britain, France and Italy, the which sufficient has been repaid to re three powers most interested, offer duce the amount to The balance due on account of the Central corruption. their services in the Cuban question in order to prevent a conflict between The subject has been so deeply buried in fraud and crime as to be Paris, Dec.

23. The cabinet council has decided to introduce a bill, which has already been approved by the su- perior council of war, to establish a fourth battalion in infantry regiments, which would increase the fighting stiength of the army by 160,000 men Arrangement for the Inauguration. Washington, Dec. 23. Tickets to the ball to celebrate the inauguration of President McKinley will cost 85 Spain and the United States and to almost beyond the possibility of an in terminate the revolt.

Pacific on July 1 next will be John L. Sullivan Penniless. Boston, Dec. 23.r-John L. telligent consideration.

As to the pending funding bill, Mr. Morgan said he opposed it. and when it came up he Work for the Unemployed. to include, in addition to the $2,475,000 loaned to the Calumet Electric company, $500,000 advanced to Robert Berger, a son-iA-low of President George Schneider; 8500,000 advanced to G. A.

Weiss, another son-in-law, and over 800,000 of doubtful debts. Berger is a partner in the firm of E. S. Dreyer which also went into the hands of a receiver yesterday, and Weiss is a brewer. The losses by the failure fall upon 071 individual depositors and 350 national, state and private banks.

Included among the depositors are the treasurers of the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois. The deposits of the treasurers of the city of Chicago and Cook county will aggregate 8 1 -The amount on deposit by the state treasurer was comparatively small, Among the depositors were many large corporations and receivers. They included the receivers of the Northern Pacific railroad and the receiver of the Whisky trust. The deposits of E. S.

Dreyer Co. include the funds of the West park board. The amount at the time the bank closed was about Lvnn, Dec. 23. To set the would Insist on the fullest lattitue of A Train Dispatcher a Snlclde.

Parsons, Dec. 22. E. H. Hun-socker, chief train dispatcher of the Missouri, Kansas Texas railroad here, committed suicide to-dny by shooting himself with a revolver.

It is hinted that drink and financial troubles were responsible for the deed. Germany's Philippine Guarrihlps. Hong Kong, Dec. 23. The German warship Irene, with Admiral Tyrpitz on board, has sailed for Manilla, under orders from Berlin to protect German interests and the interests of other powers in the event of severe lighting, which is anticipated there.

Long Term for Anarnlilut. Barcelona, Dec. 23. An additional batch of Anarchists was sentenced today. Forty of them were condemned to twenty years' imprisonment and unemployed at work 810,000 was raised debate.

at a meeting of the board of trade last Mr. Vest interposed at this point nierht. This sum is subscribed to es Sullivan, the pugilist, sat in the poor debtors' session of the municipal court yesterday to explain why he had failed to settle a florist's bill. The ease will be further heard January 11. It is said that of the thousands of dollars which Sullivan has made, he has not left even enough to pay this small with a question as to the meaning of the President in his recent message each.

The committee of decorations has decided to erect illuminated arches across Pennsylvania avenne at the in-y tersection of each cross street, that unless Congress acted on this Pa tablish a shoe Industry for the unemployed. s-si, Tnlly Scott Mother Dead. cific railroad question, the executive branch would act by January 1. Mr. Morean eavc a deprecatory ges, Ric 23.

Mrs. David judgment of 8318 obtained by a florist, 'McKinley' Off fat Home. ture, and said: "Now in all Egypt Scott, mother of Tully Scott, the Dem there was only one man, and he was -Mrs. Harrison's Watch Recovered. Indianapolis, Dec.

23. Several weeks ago General Harrison was robbed of a gold watch belonging to his wife. He offered a reward for it recovery, and yesterday he received a package from Chicago containing the watch. ocratic leader, died here yesterday after in illness of several months. She left a husband and five children, the divinely inspired, who could interpret the dreams of Pharaoh.

The senator Chicago. Dec. 23. President-elect McKinley left for Canton shortly after ouirht not to ask me to interpret the President's message. If any man is lattet all grown.

Negro Fiend LyniheL capable of interpreting that message. it is the senator from Missouri. 1 am PAUL BANKS CLOSED. ST. Mavfiki.d, Dec.

23. Jm Stone, twenty-eight to eight years in prison. FlU Leave for Mew l'ork. Sax Francisco, Dec. 23.

Rob Fitz-simmons, accompanied by his family, started for New York last night, where he will sign the articles of agreement for liis light with Corbett An Alabama Negro Lynched. Birmingham, Dec. 25. George not stopping to interpret the message." Mr. Vest, with mebsage in hand, desired a more exact answer, and pro colored, charged with criminal assault on Mrs.

J. M. R. Green, a white woman of this city, was lynched last ceeded to read the president's words, but The Old Minnesota and It Stock Yard llranch Forced to the WalL St. Paul, Dec." 23.

The Bank of Minnesota, capital 8000,000, the was cut off, amid laughter, by Mr. night by a mob. The mob tore down Mors-an's earnest remark: "I wish the the jail door and took the prisoner senator would not bother me with that from the ouicera, oldest and generally considered one of James, a negro, was lyuched at Wood message." the strongest banks in the Northwest, A Hired Man' Itevenge. Mr. Pettigrew's resolution was then referred to the committee on Pocifio closed to-day, State Bank Examiner Madelia, Dec.

23. Fred Job- stock last night. esterday he attempted to assault Fannie Smith, aged 17, while she was on her way to school, A Wood Tomp Pool. 10 o'clock last night, going -by the Pennsylvania road. From the President-elect down to Mrs.

McKinley's maid, every one of the party had some new clothes. In one trunk- was the gown which Mrs. McKinley will wear at the inauguration, and in another was a new suit for Mr. McKinley. Big; Lumber Deal Cloed.

Ashland, Dec. 23. The Weyer-haus lumber syndicate closed a deal purchasing large tracts of pine lande pituated in six or seven counties in Northern Wisconsin. The purchase involved $700,000, and is one of the largest and most important known in lumber circles, involving the fee title to nearly 30,000 acres of land. Kama City Grave Robbed.

Kansas Citv, Dec. 23. During the past three weeks two bodies have been stolen from Union cemetery by medical students and have been taken to the University Medical colloo-e in the citv for disvetlon. railroads. After passing several pri linskl and son were murdered and his wife wounded last- night by the hired Murder at Rrookfleld, Mo.

Brookfikld, Dec "23. A. W. Mahan, a conductor on the Hannibal St Joseph railroad, fatally injured a -bartender in Brookfleld, last night They had a quarrel and the bartender drew a knife, when Mahan kiekyd hira to death. He Hasn't Been Married Long.

Topeka, Dec. 23. Lieutenant Governor-elect A. M. Harvey has appointed his wife to be his private secretary.

The position lasts during this session oi the Legislature, and is worth 8150. Not One of the Miner Perished. WlLKJESBARKK, Dec 2:2. A canvass of the homes of miners employed in the Baltimore mine, where the explosion occurred, shows that all the men escaped. vate pension bills, the Senate adjourned Kenyon taklngpossessionof the assets.

The Union Stock Yards bauk, which is closely connected with the bank of Minnesota, also closed its doors. man. The murderer is still at large. Indianapolis, Dec. to January 5, 189..

Price of Coffee Fall. he closing ol these banks was a Joblinski was a farmer living twelve miles south of here, and had opposed wood pump manufacturers of Ohio, Illinois and Indiana met here yester New York, Dec. 23. The competi the marriage of his daughter to the decided surprise, but has not affected the other banks of the city. 2.000,000 In Publlo Sequent.

tion between the American Sugar Re- day and formed an organization to lt-Mi man iinin? company and the firm of Ar- maintain prices. The AllUoo Story Denied. Fire at a Reformatory. Boston, Dec. 23.

The will of buckle coffee merchants, is on in earnest. Another reduction of Eljiiha, X. Dec. 23. Fire last cent a pound in the wholesule price of roasted coffee was made to-day.

This night destroyed two buildings at the state reformatory, entailing loss of the late Henry Pierce, ex-mayor of Boston, has been filed in probate. Upwards of 000.000 in public bequests are distributed by the document Dubuque, Iowa, Doc. 23. There is no truth in the story that Senator Allison has been offered the secretary shin of to is the second reduction thus far, about Siuo.iiiiii. CD.

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