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The Daily Independent from Coffeyville, Kansas • 4

The Daily Independent from Coffeyville, Kansas • 4

Coffeyville, Kansas
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Girl Cam lUck. THE DAILY INDEPENDENT MOMOOMLUV COUNTT FAIU RESOLVED Tliat You Will Get thc Middlrlioro, Sept. IJ. I W. KENT, FrrHor.

The suppnacd victim of the Bridge TEBMS: TEJt CENTS PEt WEEsT. Best Returns Possible for Your Money. port, murder, Marian Grace 1'ciLiua, arrived at bet borne this afternoon in the l-t of health to the great joy of the family and the I flaw l4a Hk aaar AtUtM, Ttopraduet rV a4 rara, RmwMtf tt pl laaonr lata Sfrlnllaa) law. 1M paalur ek mm Im, IMiil. I wii Swiat.

TtuM iMf I. I Im aaa, At miiI Uu, tm mhS Im Siwtar, svssr avtsise ascsif evaiur. A. DON STOCKER. DENTIST, CROWN AND BttllKJrfcWORK A.3I'X'IALTV.

(Jrvluatsof Dental iVpsrtiaeat of WaetJngtoa I'alversity. unbounded astotiUhmcnt of the en 1'rof. R. Kennedy spent tire community. day in Caney, IK p-n br4 Siicit mmrm Uuti Her father waa not in town, for Montgomery Moore drove up a Lt iU tlm of arrivt fce WM inugciiuenCT nu.y.

on his way beck from Bridgeport HSTAL MBLOM, Ladies' call and are thoae "Pink I with the gruesome remains which EiMIMS AttO, Hail Hi Itti). I Tea" at Mr. A. Cooper1 1. be bad identified aa thone of Grace.

mu. i-l JmhI lor which the funeral arrange Tba abort resolution mast popular one taking In consideration tba amount of people potting it ia practice at the 1)1(1 8T0UK. Over 900 samples to choose from, representing some of the bt custom mods tailors on this continent. Wa taka your nirssur and will nake you a good, stylish suit with so big attachment prices, and if not entirely satisfactory yon needn't taka them. Tba Thompson Glove Fitting sod tba Koyal Wort-eater Cor-seta bare no faal.Tbink of these two makes wben you are to want of one.

Tba piles of new goods com log ia makes one think of gooU Incident to tba eeaaon, and so wber else will yon And aacb an array aa hers. You'd oa foolish to boy anything elsiwbere, that ia if quality, style and price cats any flgore with you; if sot, any old store will do. Wa bars selections that will coma nearer suiting you tbsa Hod elsewhere. Come sod bring your friends to see the new Millinery aad Capes, Jackets, Etc. Uuna.v wanning me tugging oil tm Umw hui tmttf, AM Mr.

T.U.tfe sM IImww a awsiff Mkar. AM Mr.ClMkia.atH. far pmim Sn4 nwwm Umt. Tb' afl Um awto vara wry Im. Tm Sam M4 Um SmI.

TM PIMM) StrS I Wf Is Um mM tm Um mi I mm loAsy Is Uau' mm) a tMkn mN m4 Um. A niMS RmS mt mi Sum Is all ku lwi UM. TMuiuaaTM4. bfrffbwc IM tiMiiM Mfe Ttm torn." Mil im tnwl im mu, E. C.

PIERSON, viMtur to Mound Valley I the grave, had already len com Mis Kate Miller spent smtuay I jdeted. tliner parents in InJ-pelence. Miaa Perk Ina came from I'rovl- New Cab Line rs. L. H.

Arthur went to Ft. iter, R. snd waa accompanied Scott Monday to visit relative and ber lover, Charles Bourne, aivl 4 and at first it was stated that the friends. VrVWK AT OLD UeKEA DA UN la Buy your millinery where yosJ couple had been married. This was afterward! denied by young Itto OwSiaU UMm Is ttmnti.

are sure it will tie Tight, at Mrs. Bourne's uncle. A. Iv. Cooper a.

1 Lnti or.Urs at alcLeea A Le- ark'a Livery barn fur the Mr. and Mrs. Bert Connelly and ana aMf Um Dm, Sm a mm IS, tm mtmt Iih Uul Im, Tkt kwkM ptm MlM, MW (1f MUM not Im aa4 kigS SrS t)M. ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST. L.

Oe La P. So unexpected was the coining of Miss Bet kins and young Ihninie that, outside of Mr. Thompson and one or two friends who bad lwen buby spent Sunday with relative! Cab, 'Bus or in this city. RAILWAY TIME TABLE IMS tii.n4 tMl.sa4 IwnWM Boy or young nun wanted to previously notified, there were Baggage Transfer, learn the shoe makers trade. Good very few at the depot when the IMirntofmiiun, la IMm gtaM Mrkm I Ml MmSllikMMi (Mr.

and they will for yon at any tint iMM 4 wages. Innnireof WCVls, train came in. The rouni lady r. KIMM7. day or nigut.

Tbooe 25. Mr tnv V. c'ntliiii li-ft U. howtvcT. immsxliately recvg- Ivd IVioley spent Sunday in Ne II 1..

day fur F.mporia where abe will nwu oitenha. Mm 1'earl Cramer is awikting i i i i I tne town witn incTctinae raputty. KIMSKSM rKHSONALS. in the Ixadcr. Anotiicr urge Invoice ol line There wa a lanre crowd at the UXXX iriUtXKiUOUOOOOOOOOl packet n.

heads juM received at -ate tm. young lady stefned Mrs. Swavie went to kfoorehead J. W. EIIDERS PLANING MILL, 1 Manufacturer of Sash, Doom, Stair Work.

Office Furniture, Columns, Brackets, Mouldings, Hanistcrs, Etc. Attend all wojk promptly. ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN Mill located at Cor. 7th and R. Coffeyville, Kansas this office.

Call and get our price from the carrisire and ran into the Lloyd's the plane to loy yoar Saturday evening lo viit her smt. eosj. on them. The prctticstjhats at Mrs. Coop from the Mrs.

Mat-Ie Skinner left Monday Jut across the street George Farbro returned Monday I 1.:, i I er a. t.iCaitrline t. afier a vinit eemeicry, The Fair is the place to buy tab- mw nt. iht. rliv "'y tbis morning, in repon attend the state fair.

a a wa' lets the cheapest. 110 ine reueM 01 me uiuie 01 miss IVrkin. a grave bad Urn dug by ChrtatUa Oiareh. The revival services continue International stock aul poultry to to bis former position as engineer I the seston in the family kit, and the won at uuytie. grow in interest ami influence for oiunc nama re iiween umcsijrinew earth thrown up tvside it For best ami 'cheat! line of good.

VcMerday the services were atul Clirrryvale. I could 1c plainly oeen from the tablets and other arhont iierrssitrirs, a. a a v. ftiviam. I.

Kw-k uul Mrmi.hii. 4i'r. Uarst llrinhl. U.l rlrpt Suinl mt I. Kiir Mmplili.

4ai1y. dl Uxl rrrl Kuplf dtrl S. a M. 1HVIXIOS SL Mul. 1n.

rr(K- Umml friiil. tiiri-rit iaUr 1 W. tjni Mil. dil Artru I lat-kl rirc4SuuU 'I pi I B. u.M m.

KtVimnS. Mill. dilr imm I pm Urmi Irrml'l. dJulr imm m. IniK Mil.

tlally 4rl Mde Ucftl fiiSlK. lUlif tfl'Aftt JAftM I.W, Division. K.l Mill an-l ftpna. dll 15 Ki'k ilailjr tr II) in Wmti lrnrUt. d.iy rr4 rhirul) jn Kipnn daily dK 1H I.

m4 i.t ki daily did. In Iu i.irai lmiil.ilailyii,pi Sunday did I ai a mt Iratn I AMaoiiaiKm d4lt did npi largely attended, ciiccially go to the Fair. night, when the seating capacity "in 1 mi mi mini ui juu Half an hour after Miv IVtkini II yra nM.1 anything fn tha tr I printing, it will to your interest of the house was tested thoroughly arrivnl home, a Wal tiiklortaker's IlM LhjiJ baa It to have it dune at the Isi'itr- Services continue lhnuifh this wagon drove up to the Itoutv and KT oflioe. and over next Sunday. Mis If you want a K'H1 lt in it was a i-nfTui which lu U-rn Eureka HprtnK As a iniumor and winUir rart can Dot ba enrpaej.

To Ibis faiuona sll-year-roand rrl round-trip tickets are on sale from all principal cilia throughout the eoantry at (really redoo! reUa. a u-ai iittle paaiblt giving d-tailed ilMcripllon of Knreka Spring will methttt free njun appliealion (im. T. NtctM.Untt. (lou'l I'm made or rt-pairvd call on Win.

Munhy has firm in several J.ihii Ili-ckiiwn of Indq ordered by the family. TIm: fun- Cruxan, on ca! Ninth strwt. met tings as soloist aud leader wa in town Silurday ami Sunday arranginunts ltad Ke far aoiig ithKev. HaiWw, will I-here Thou. G.

Il.tnt's fine slims for shaking haii.U with bis many that the family ministrr had leen this week lo assist in the meeting Ladies are up to d.itc and tin fiiciids Ufuie leaving his 'Woik notified and avkrd to nmduct Ihr and pirare music fr the program best. TiiK Fun. jytf ftiliHiiln in Wichita. fervUTS fur the ledture on next Monday Call tltpLin No. RH whnn yon KrnicinU you can get inroXX tiin'it.

Kev. Harlow will then de want nunr or immi. TI10 Niw IK: pot iniiienrr4l. cnvelot-, with your name and liver hisjuiulark-ctureon "Court For the avMrtuicnt of For several months the Santa Fe atlilrc-s uritiliil tirallv ihrrron hip, Iiht and Marriage." r-t -1 it mi I muiwi rii" in sro io I i i small admission fee will ba charged folks have had in coniidcratUm the building of a new depot in this 1 ne ruir. 'ur iiuic mioc rMir a.

win tuund Irafr It a ar Kn-lthl laini Ml Fraiahl laotM. Paaamarr am if iM m. PmtM irrwn I It at fmalil atTiira Trja J. N. ASHBY SON, lb IMiillTlim, lMnain a STOVES, TINWARE.

WARRANTED CUTLERY, Hardware Npwlaltlrt. IncluJma lumpa. Kuroaer. (irdin ToA. Uawline SUivm in Motm.

A I mi Bianiifarturvr of fv-r jlhlne In Tin, Iron and rr- are. to this lecture. A cordial in vita No need i) iiig fancy prices for willow calf for lwys and youths city, and wc are plea.wd to an- .1 i 1. 1 tiou is extended to the public to at can't Israt. Thk Fair.

J.V) tl rrmung wnen you nouncrj lhc erfction of a fine tend all these services. can save tig money calling at vi.riflcj Ull want traw go to If yon Lloyd's. the Iiki'KK1kvt office. WATCH FOR THE FIRST CHAPTERS and Irlets of fall, farads one 01 mat roaiti siitntantiai 1111 Karnltal Krtw. provements in the City.

The Ladies who want to sec some- iih the Santa He's fine new On October jd to th the Mis 1 I a thing fine in the sin line, should depot, the machine shops and VTK naxe mn conuacico. lor ani aa a sotin ran tic railway win sen rotina ImMij. Stltartig ul lifiir Wirk, wrm Um lien J. NrASHBY SON. call at the Fair ami r.amiiir det bnildinrs of the K.

0. C. I lor ia wota on removing wie trip tickets to Kansas City at one Thos. G. Flam's sh.

It Uats all S. W. railroad ami the tfundreda old U-cn oin fair for round trip, namely f-i vs Return limit being OctoU-r 9, 'y8 of other Imildines that will 1 Dut Thc "innl permanent competitors. up in Coffeyville within the nexl improvement that the Santa Fe Three trains daily to Kansas City few months, it is no wonder that MT nuking in this city and Go to C. Rol tM.11 Co.

on South Walnut slreit for seed from Cofleyville. Is Effect Toesdaj, Jane 7, 1S98. tNT Borsti rsatSH. wise tTotdc are lecomine interrnt- thcrryvale I 1. 1..

.1 1. rye. Iloor and fa at Lloyd'a. 1 tuiici kiiu ui v.a a ij vvi i. I.

I HuiHlay Murd I Nu. I I. am. i I. am Kta a Mh- fcvvillc's future.

Kailruads make I ClMfl I. PHI. Good second haml lfy carriage 1 1 1 i-. 1 1 KanaaaUty HorM Mbow. gurrka niwtim TtlMlv A case of insanity was narrowly llo imnrovrnCnts unless there aim eiiims luiuiu (eu lor sale a I The Missouri Pacific Railway I 1 Mi I a Iu I II I el I It I a I lo I a I ii I 1 ii i.aiiika Narmiia Srllfnali aveneti yesterday evening by a br itht irosi ts ahead.

Colfev cheap. Inuire at this office, mm I I company, will sell round trip tick J. L.SKINNEK, Dray and Transfer. Hpetnsl atteution given to tba moving tf 1'isniM in any part of the city, with the Latest Improved PIANO MOVER, stream 01 good Im and the honesty ilc HT IKH'SU THAIS us iu Kansas V-ii), ncp. 10111 iu Gi to C.

Robeitaoii Co. on South Walnut street for seed So 1. I Kuudaa Mnr.1 4. Af. pin I Ar pm.

Hta'ot a SUIk 01 iNBti i employe at tnisace. Upring, u-tween J.ti old lady came up from Coffeyville, lo.o,K, tmmm. Mark the 94th inclusive, for 95. limited N.i. I'aw Ar.

am. HI 10 III PI SI to return Sept. 36th. rye. and entering the dejiot sat down to I prediction a ii i a V.

I a I Hi Nrliilinali Warruna i.aAliitia Kurvka Htnna T. B. Fooo, Agent. IU Vt Miss Fattcasoti, who is in charge iei. ruc presently noticea mat 1 her isjckctliobk and all wealth Mob T-rwI'a Houm.

We all boy oar fsd at Lloyd'a. Rough Riders of tlie millinery department at the Fair is now in the east making se arA haiMlaomo now patuiiliM' l.uldrlo was missing. She grew frantic and I Vigo, Sjain, Sept. 16. A crowd was taking 011 at a great rate when I0 7" IeJple Isrsiegcd thc St.

Louis Fair, Oct. to The n-aa HKlna aa a llraliti Krrl," ha lvu which I bare lout pnrcbuaad aunl. a lib imw and liraiitiliil lllu.trall.MK lections and buying thc fall stock. Santa Fe route will sell tickets lo ai) arm lir any addrru, addruaa all la ot Will Frank the switchman, stciped bouse of General Toral today, de- qmru-a anu orurm mi She will return about thc 2th (ill i. WKsr.

Manaatrr, St. Louis and return at $10.35 fr the round trip. Tickets on sale in and inquired for thc owner of a I mandtng that the troops which ar K.urrka Hprin, Ark. DR. Ill 1.

SH1PP Offer hie jirofraaional lervlee to the cltlten of CotTrrvllle and the iur- Erery member of a United States cavalry troop is a "rough rider" when duty requires him to be. Captain Charles King, U. 8. was a rough rider," aad in bis story red bandana handkerchief and oro I bcrc ywterday from Santiago Oct. a to 7.

Inclusive, limited to re-tininriiJi Ti. UA i.ft I de Cnl on tioard the Snanish to aud including Oct. 10, Septcmlwr and every lady ill find it to their interest to call and sec the selections for fall millinery. K. W.

Twiaw. a a It. biying in thc seat of the coach, I be immediately landed aJfV rounding country. Keclal attention 23011 the tmu.y wrapcd securely in the I 7 Tocwieo 10 uie quays, cmcr-1 Want I W. llvrn to dlieaiea trr women and children.

few nan omce-! Chlldren'a Hats. handkerchief with no marks or lrwf, ami were with dim- Will pay a good price fur 25c. 3.c 40c. up to ii.omuirM of identificatiotu Sb? r. I culty dispersed by soldiers of the W' coupons of aoda mint chewing A Trooper Galahad andJ.oo.

can please you at rirvntly felt better unon reirarnhie frrison. Afterwards crowd of gum her possessions than she fowl before lxa pcop reuinicu 10 uie Mae ll0lp Mted aaaaaaaaaaasaa I -hc lost them. Cherry vale Clarion. qua" hcn they saw the Reliable salesmen to sell lubricaat- be writes fascinatingly of life Clder Mm Uiinnin I vn binding barefooted ami nearly mg oils, greases, compounds and MONBV TO LoAN to among the nation's heroic de Mr .1. 1.1J naked they Ux-ame infuriated and sicialhes exclusively or aa a side J.

A. and SURGEON orriCSi-Ow YoumI Umq MlorV 'NlaUStnm. iaee al O. K. Tom1.

SaM Sid. fenders. As in all of Captain I aiiSrntiniLul flwitaiil Tnral a IsssaMw 1M1 Ul WtUIIUWUll, mws wr 11 1 as war tm a nnii cider mill will lie running every The Stoddard Oil Com King's stories, there ara lovers in liii ortAiii 11.urr.u11 LOWMATSB. Tuesday and Friday and persons hin an1 8toninK pound Cleveland, O. d-sat this.

They ara interesting lovers. the building. the ishing cider made should govern For 8ate. too. Tba story is full of excitement Wa have purchased the exclusive aerial rights for this themselves occordingly.

Spanish general succeeded in escaping to the Leon XIII. On learning TRAINS DAILY Three mules and four horses; will sell very cheap. Inquire of 0 Laa ColTa vlllr for community and the first chapters this, the mob gathered on the dock M. Clossen, at Watt Daxs' gToce will appear in these columns soon. and stoned the steamer for half an ry store.

hour, smashing the cabin windows Itcad wtMicUt Have you Read These doors? aMSWJBBBSa--- -WMBLJl BW 4 If The Leon XIII. was obliged to Without lnlorv to mjhl. Tbt THREE-PIECE BED ROOM SUITS leave the place where she was I Santa la ligbUnl by fVAeWJl ray moored. I aiacuioity Five steamers are ready to trans Kansas Gitv St, Louis Chicago And all esitern polnU. Morulas aad evening trslnt run vU Ksntsi Cltf Arternoon train run vis 8t Lou I.

T. B. Wanted. port the returning Spanish soldiers We have some buyers for good and civil officers with the archives bottom farms. Now is the time to Are a Specialty Of ours.

and rnunitona of war from Cuba, list your farms with but it is believed it will take four s- Upham nejii a. mia.rp loOKOul I Tki ffili.r TT.r Uml for the most desirable of thkl" pring 'e troops dock to ttpain.i Tbs lortltr ot th Sootiiih blshluiUr Hs 1 I mo bu mu a pminwH uu season's offerings and it only! mis. j. nines ikj niece Alias 4., htm The ThT ara drToiod to lb wna-dartul it kta lal arrnaa, and pMlal murta of tourlata and hraltliaaakara. la the OKKAT KHV Tkouik anbllakad bf a Rail-ay aoaipaay tms Santa mm Tfecv ara literary and artlalla priHlurltima.

dltnK) tor rvala aawn Irmralrra a IwlMr aa-praciatloa ol th atlncUoaa ol our awa aoualry. Mailed frr lo any addme oa receipt of Boaia aa ladtcaied: A Colorado SwiaMtr." St II- luatrailoaa. rta. "Tbt Mokl ttaak at St llloatralloaa. a rta.

Qraad Uanoa of Ik Colorado Rlrar' I pa llluatraltooa lata. "Haalie Rxanrtaaf Na Mriloa." SJ pa-. SI lllaatrallona. ata. Vaa Hot Hpnn and Vtetnt-ir." IP llluatrattoaa leu.

Baaltk Hmnnaof AHioaa," Tl Iltlloatrallona. lata. "To lHlorala aad Hark," ITS IIS llluatratloaa. au. W.

4. UCK, OJ AS. F. Kjr, roaaka. Kaa.

needs your presence to demon Ella Coshow returned Sunday I Ud. ud hiirhUadm who mrmrm mxBer- CASH MEAT. MARKET strate what a fine line we have. They are made of Oak, Asb. I night from an extended visit to fro Mm ti I 1 1 1 1 At a.

a. a.a 1 "a.r lnxa rr. Un- abo ted "lanuTYonr zh. of the lapse time can effect their beauty or durability. Norther I Salt Lake City.

tiloealod ea th South wait They IWt Wink Whan tba train atopa: tbealectric warm, though tbts would bs annoa lika naslii aw siai ai jitmsA mr.A wmm i aafcinnj mXtxA a. a house in the trade is offering such decided bargains. corner ot the plaia. In the Barricklow building, where MLtses Ida McCreary and I-m' miaf ap m's abirt aawrsa for tba lights Is passenger equipment of the Santa Fa Roots. Florea expect to leave tonight for porpoM.

It ia sai4 thai a straaanr, assing a Wichita to attend the state fair and a.a you'll Bnd the boatol every thing la eths sisrket aad sold at i the loweat prlee. snldiar la fall bistdandar nnifarta ahlr- WanU4. We have some buyers for good visit friends for a week. The Coffeyville FurnitureCo.j t1d La a oold wind, aok4 aiiai Advertise in the IwDBntfinKfrr. I itaody, ara yoa oold wll iba kUtr 'Ka, aa, aaon," iba soldier aaawsrad bottom farms.

Now is the time to list your farms with Give Them a Call. UrtN'tTlIX ntOI. tmUananUr. "bnt I'm tdgav kUt with WeBt Ninth Street. w.

s. upntm. Boy your.faed at Lloyd'a. jUm cauldl" Ejchanaw 9mi.

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