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The Daily Independent from Coffeyville, Kansas • 4

The Daily Independent from Coffeyville, Kansas • 4

Coffeyville, Kansas
Issue Date:
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OiTIfUL umixTonr. Aweriraaj I'atttotiaoc at la) tlia I'ront lUiik. POSITIYEIY IHF BIGGEST SHOW EVER ORGASiZtO! A. DON STOCKER DENTIST, The feature of be aurtd! Ai! ui ruBoum e4 fratutt. Mania rUitlMkla.

It 'I ttxiaa are rsii I hi aunis ttt ika 4Hmf cf uuf 1 ka hv lital oat akipa arc i yrrwrdiair with tha fu)lwlf r.ii. Taa are on4 fr ba rrulura rllUa. tU Imhaa Irltw, Ui I- lrJ, lu bul for hirfa aol yMbl tar WrJ nl Tt uIki. korr, ir i iMinni la wtl 14 erm-mHrr thl, ma mhrm tvxl a ntMi' I kauw to whs rUM bri mf: COPFEYY'LE SATURDAY, Tba ArraMhai at lha ami The Famous Adam Forepaugii and Sells Brothers America's Greatest Shows United. Where othcra Mat cheap trah iimh l.ntrrtainmrnt.

Mttrr V.ul. Taanrt Th-m All Ktiirndua Hpread of Tenia irr ttirm ail. ai'ltal I'erwanrntly Intratnl luy ttni ITS ITS Mtrret irr atir in, Thcui MaCltuilr nj I'osrr 1'enfouriiia Ibrm Kante and Nana Thrm KANsA STATU MUrx.TiftY. Mill (oar llrf A tl" ITI HJ, il l. aai II 4, 1 Mf.

lf II it i a I HIII it Sri ail ata i ln, tif ia a a StaaiaiM a Wan 4 II r-aa fela rr. lub a l-a u-t-f I COLXTY MUtXTuRY. Sntairr ftanlraa i aa l-iaiai-1 Cl Br II SI la ra. a.ia J. II l'1 ill k4laua t- IP fwaa i I Jvwa I a 1 1 JH I ti ill Art.iaaai iuaia I aaa Ir l.

lit II I II ul HiaiiK'iM Im im.i t.ita laV aatw iia CITY MRWTxUY lr.a I im I I in I at rf i nt Wall Ifetta a li A A Mliwt i j'r II Sik MaauiMtf I. 1-lMiikrtl Ml tt. a) Ja-w l.a I a i l.a tt II loul I HI I UBimlr, I lit I man tnttn to NTII.MKN AD-n Kw I. li-u. It IHalf A'! I Irtin l'i Mania') IUi: liKI'AUTMKNT.

C'Hirr ArtiMtr Knauta iwiiui a is U-i a. a a v. pit nnm. I K. ana M.

fnj a.i'i, ar is ia lu a.ii..1a ar i at I. N. a M'-i an am ai rri(uf tl.i OllM tj. KM ll" rLLT.r-ra.uMr I ai. Mm! Ita r-1711 aa al l-via ai i jr.

a at aar in kH. aa 1 siritr mt lrt.i:a Ma darla a. vrla-- t.Mtlllli t. VI. I I laa 4.

ti t-'l a. l'iprv. aaiii ai ft I a at ai fr-jKtit, a tr.i-t aiiii.aai ar 1.3b at viiiiH rti -laiit 44 a in a at I. I u-l atl I Li I-. at rrir.i .1 1..

Nan-lay 1 im Irani A.v.B'-ialnti.iUi.j a at l'- If Vfm-'tft. jl.rrf avfrt.iri I mm IO 6 ft CI Vl Htm Dra Athlete 20 l'i IGSIOI DflOnl DalEfif ICSOSITS lllrkrlll aiiill) ll)lnK of liUora 30 SPLENDID CLOWNS. CROWN AND BIUIKJK WORK A 81'KCULTY. fc.tdsataet taul IVptrtsrnt of WMi'tftoa reifertlty. Vis, ILOS, IUmimi UJash 10, Hail UcIlwru.

THE DAILY INDEPENDENT W. KIINT, tKKMt: TEN CEST PER WKKK. vsar avasiat) Biccrr st'sttar. Ttm All I When it is cago, it in Has fraaelaea HoBoloJa liavaaa t'aaarj Uland Matin to4o Vteaaa. Moaeov Hong Kong I'klllpplaaa Malbsaraa Orr World.

Sunday tvn at Chi- I a fcundat It a Hundaf .,.,.,.11 Mas urii It II ss Muadir Hundaf it frtdf I so at Buaday aa Hundai 11 Muaday I ST a Monday IHia Monday 1 a Moadar 1oar od at LloyJ'a, W. 8. Oliver left Saturday rooming (or Fort Scott to visit relatives. Bay oar faJ at Lloyd's. Miss Nettie Clark left Saturday morning for Mound Valley to visit friend.

Daily Independent loc a wctk. K. Friendlich returned to Galena Friday, after a few day May In the city. Lloyd's la tba pine to loy your roaJ. Mrs.

I). F. Dunn, of Wichita, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Davis, The prettiest hats at Mrs.

Cooper's. S. Crawford was a pavwngrr on the "Katy" Saturday morning bound for Fort Scott. If yon waul halad traw yo lu Lloyd s. A.

Wusler left Saturday morning' for Colorado, where he will spend the remainder of the um-ovttv Sobacriba for lb Iitr lsii nstiisr. Mrs. A. S. Maswell and Mis Patterson left Friday afternoon for Sulphur Springs, to send a month.

International atoek and poultry food at Lloyd's. Miss Lina Dunkin returned to her home in IndepcndemVSaturJay morning after a pleasent visit with friends in this city. Call talapbooa No. JW whan yoo want floor or fd. J.

J. llakcr, who has been clerking in the Lender for several months, will take a vacation until September except on Saturdays. If you want a good lot or shoe made or repaired call on Wm. Cnixan, on Wot Ninth street. If yen nd anything io tin fl lina Lloyd dm it.

SuhscriU-rs to the daily arc roll-ng in by the score. We all bay oar fad at Lloyd's MONK TO LoAN ON CITT or FARMil'KOrKKTl' UOW.nATBSI. THOB.SOURRJH. JaJOUtXSXKSlKKSraTXXXKXXj lirai ejii Sim fxh iwixc I THE ONE AND ONLY DOUBLY CIRCUS MAX1MUS! 1 It nf- 2 Hitmpla apr-a, rirtt. An jl I U- i of Alt, I pil IVf fnrii male an-t lrmj larr a fidrra.

Uiana. traprr. Iilltu.t la, jth-lelra, a. (l.rnii jn tar. Ii a.r hriwnra.

harintrrrt, UaS inff Uilt iro. I'rotra. trotiK a.Jaits-iliK a ii-l auarUta lnur, ataro. ampbitisoua, larautif ul ami i an.) i.uruiiitunr. in ixntl al ni.ttUfal a t.

Ttiesc ate the words of a most careful observer of event in the 1' mted SUtea, Henry Norman, of the Imdon He write to that paper of the condi tion observed in the United States "Ami look at the display of American tatriHim. When the Volunteers werr summoned by the President, they walked on the croc a if they had been waiting in the wings. They were sub jected to a pbycul examination as searching as that of a life insurance comjany. A man waa rejected for two or three filled teeth. They came from all ranks of life.

Young lawyer, doctors, liankers, well paid clerks arc manning by thousands in the ranks. The first surgeon to I killed at Guantanamo left New York practice of fio.ono a year to volunteer. As I was standing on the steps of the Arlington hotel one evening, a tall, thin man, carrying a large,' walked out and got on the street for the railway station, on his way to Tampa. It was John Jacob Astof the possessor of a hundred millions of dollars. Theodore Roosevtlt' srough rider contain a numUr of the smartest men in New York society.

A I larvard cU mate of mine, a rising young lawyer, is wwking like a laborer at the Hrooklyn navy yard, not knowing when he may be ordered to Cut a or Manila. He i a naval reserve man ami sent in his application for any 'from the stoke hole upwards. The same is trite of women. When I failed to say gwsl bye to Mr. John Addison Porter, the wife of the secretary to the president, she had cone to Tani to ship as a nurse on a Red Cross steamer for the coast of CuW And all this, 1 it rcmcmlcred.

is for a sr in which the country is not iu the remotest danger, and when the ultimate summons of pat riot tun is unsjKiken, C. M. Hall, Ceo. Francis and II. Mahan, came up from Coffey u'le this morning snd arranged for men and teams to lin work on their new bru plant at this place.

Cherryvale Clarion. LOST- I let wren Wilson's shoe shop on Ninth street and the cor of Mleventh and Klin, a five dollar bill by one whose family arc out of fl and are in distrcs. The finder will confer a great favor by leaving same with J. II. Matthews.

UsHT1e Ilemovcd. Patrons of the gas company will find the gas office now located in the new brick building on Tenth street, just wTst of alnut. M. A. Iv.

TATTos. Mgr. Help Wnte-l. Some lady willing to do house work and take care id child can find employment by calling at this office. No one who wants to walk the streets every night uccd apply.

K. P. Kiouralao to Indl tnapolMi Ind via UallM.Rr, The Missouri Pacific Railwsy ill sell round I rip tickets to In dianaioIis, for ftj.n, seven teen dollars and thirty cents. Tickets wll 1 sold Aug. io, Jo and ai, with open return limit to Aug.

30, with privilege ol extending the limit to Sept. IO. T. H. Agent Special Rates Via Santa Fe Route for the Trans-Mivsivyppi ami International KxoMtion, Omaha, Nek, June 1 to Nov.

1, iK8. For tickets limited to Nov. 15, 180S, to return, rate is $16.40. Tickets on sale daily until Oct. 15, 1 80ft.

also have on sale tickets limited to 30 day from date of sale at the low rate of ft t.65 tor the round trip. For particulars call on IU W. Twiss, agent Santa Fe Route. HU lioul Han Francisco Iff Tb dii set Ibroagh ear root to rwiinla In rinihwMl Miaminri. anlllh rn Kaiiass, Arksnaas, Indian Tir- lory and leiaa.

Tb most dirsct ronU to BL Louis and tba swat Doabla daily TsU- baled trains. Fn renliniog chair sri observation and drawinir-rooms lMMri Harry dining balls. Ask yonr nearest ticket aot for fall risril.ii1ar nr mrilrn NirJlob son, gDrslpSM agent, St. Loaia alo. The Daily Ibdiukdist will be delivered at yonr door every evening except Sauday for only 10 cool per week.

Give it trial. Preserves Eyesight. The electno light Io equipment of Santa Fe Route. E. O.

PIERSON, Hew Cab Line thone OFFICE AT OLD MellEA BARN Xtie citien of Nowsia are fully swale to the iin'ajrtatice of aecur ing frrcruiUic school. At the hut meeting of the city council the initiatory stej ere taken fur the early em lion of a suitable building and other preliminaries made for the ertahlihmrnt ami maintenance of a free rmhlic at bunt in Nowata, The Curtis Ull recently passed by congress, and now in effect, made provUintt for free puUic school in the territory whkh are to 1 established and maintained aa an auxiliary feature to the town aite cUue. The fund are to be created from a certain per cent, of the money received for town lota, and if thin ia inadequate, a genera atluxil tax may I levied. The mayor and council are the school board, einpowereil to provide the necessary building and raise the school fund as stated alwve. A new era is dawning in the Ter ritory, one of greater civilization and enlightenment.

Nowata is in the front rank in taking immediate advantage of the situation. Buy your millinery wncre you are sure it will right, at Mrs, A. Cooper's. An Atchiwm woman who has four small children recently got up from the breakfast, table, put on her clothes, and went off She had struck. After wrestling with the children's clothes and break fast, the hubnd sent for her ami gave in.

She demanded weekly allow ance Urge enough to I pay for an amiUnt in the hnue keejung, and got what she wanted. The plin is iiKgeteil by the Clot to a ntiuiUr of overworked At hi son women. Young man wanted to learn shoe trade, l.n'juire of J. Cubme Parties contemplating marriage will I confronted at once by a war Us. The probate judge sta'es that in cotna-tjuence of the law re quiring a lucent stamp for ln-rn and one for certificate of marriage, he will 1 compelled to the rioe of ft-e.

Thi is only one of the provisions affcit his office Hthrr lral doi'uments are tamed under the revenue law CHwego ii'lmt, l-'iiniislutl room fur rent. In-(jttire at this office. Mm. W. T.

Ixmg, Mrs. J. W. Simmons and Mrs. II.

T. Vans man lrft Saturday morning for Iota, in answer to a menage an nouncing the dangrron illness of their father. Mrs. M. ltaldridge, who has U-rn visiting the family of Andy Curry of this city for some time wrnt to Independence Saturday morning to visit relatives at that place.

Mucce-Mful Teacher. Among thesucces sful applicants for teacher's certificates at the ex amination held June 27th and jSth at Independence the following teachers from this city arc found; W. R. Hobln, first grade; Annie Creath, J. A.

Neilan, Marguerite Fcny, aectmd grade; Mary IJeatty, Amanda lUatty, Winnie Pbillij. third grade. Children's Hats soc, JSC, jo.c 40c, nj to 1.50 and 2.00. We can please you at Mrs s. Vantrt To exchange city projx-rty for a gooil farm.

Ajily to C. Long. IU-al ml Mglit Without injury sight. The Pants Fe eiuipmcot I ligbtd by electricity The IxiiKPKKnKKT iocx week. Some Lounges PLEASE IN APPEARANCE, OTHERS IN QUALITY, OURS PLEASE IN BOTH.

Furniture Street Wetiave DouDle MooniiicienliyCouiDleie zooiootcol coiieciions LI 2 3 a ff ul la lha awtd Srm llrraiJ. jn.u. It gUe 2, ln IUn Mnl ladamf Femalf San-lo- Woatterfal Fart Dlnn of tie PiclJSc Tielie Qittpioa BAEEEACK BIOEKS ImpfJliI K0AN RACE COUKSt l.r m.irc, ah.I arcU ttrrj iv ul nt fir 1 ah'a tee czl Peiiorniioo Seo lions I ELEFHflNTS. HAVE a Orinoco tapir; a auprrb New Culnea OF KXIIIIJITION rWr Open an tlmir F.arller at Kloaaon atore. ALWAYS AltKANt.l.l) t'Olt.

tlir an init fainut an.l tnnrtinnn ru- rtrr Din Mil. hti nm.t (r ao.l in manv eon.ji,. umsa ln! 411. a I.V cai'tlte aataer rrprrarntatltra are i.l In mini In ra, arirtr. oualltir ljr anr otbt-r rthibtt nat hnjl on earth, SlllllvM SUlllar.

A rmtrn mK IK fMtle (4 aa ralklt auftly alut ran-p an mm Sot diwlurb Ilia (Irrprra oa It slr lM-fr lha Bftil. mmr nirrttri a aeatliara Ui aajr to a "-ral! "Ah. 1 r. Ixiw tnany iboaa amis ttirr ar kn arnMa Ik Iklaklef sW-hl." "Klrkl. rlisl rkam; n'l mnmf Millian Ihrr ar lhal I.B I rmt Io ls 1" Mmrrrmm Malta tmr Slkwrt.

rt la amaU tnallor kl.m ttta kiral ertlamna of lb Italllmnra Hua whlok pnnra Ikatl JOnMa tf tlg Io all Uia ranaSrnrliin of Ik Man'karias lraa-k wf krr grrl rail-tamA at Tbt Hlrtl fnmpaa. sl tirroa a aa, alartut work vartrrdajr a r.irtr- far S4.000 Wj ratht for lb Traw Hibrrws railMr- lit1 lw aliitml rtittfnr' f.a hrt Uff nxmll.a Io Vla.ll, alk, lh la-ra KnUt trrmiawa oi railroad." Tkal bny tshjr mn4 Duav kam will (vonMial aa Utng aa ka lra. Icrsr't Ikniifh amraikal araat. tl.a sirlnry al Nf Vk I'rraa.

North American Turnera I'nloa Onenllon. For the alune occasion the Mo 1'sc. Ry. Co. will sell round trip ticket.

June iSand so, to San hrsn cicn Cat for JVkk5, tickets lim- itea to Ang., returning Stop overs allowed at any tint in California, Oregon ami Washington going lictween cwn Francisco, Angles, rortlaml and returning. I will take poeion of the hark and mail route Is-tneen and lUrtlenville July I. All orders can Ik left at MiMwn Co s. drug store.

Jon RAGLE DOTY. REAL ESTATE, LOANS, INSURANCE. t1tJMrlf ttffasfty af Irakis fvl y-aa. L4 1 4 we (V a r4- sr rrtsl" ftafwi eat Is bTf4S teatrf pfwfssrlf ur4 av fcet kaei rm hlr j4 assfttn M.rt rksaisl ttt4tyaikit ft ft ftajIKii. t4 Is tWftiwa) ffwamtaak m4 far Hi mWf Ml ttke MaXa a IK fyt att 1 eUteiaiS.f aa tss HHntnM4 aVC4 taa lb tfi Asm 4 jnHk-wrw k(Man If tM ftril li ImUi Mffar KAULK D0T1, kiHiM I ASH IUU.

SI I1MM. CorrirviLlI Jaaaia. tkwt liana and ail klada of hunt amj ln( at raaonatla ratrt I. N. ASHBY SON, Tk k4ial4a Tioaari.

STOVES. itlN WARE. WARRANTED CUTLERY, Hardware HpfrrlalUa. lerludln luat, Kuraac.tirda Tuula.Oaaolioa hlovaa liaa HUivaa. Alan aianufarlurora of -arrUtlii la Tin.

Mtml Iroa snd ara. ImIIij. Sitttrtif as. Itytlr Wirk, nnk al 4u4.aa N. ASHBY A SON.

ILUI I. Offer hla profralonal aervtretotbe cttlu-na of I'offcjfTllle and the aur-rmimllna; country. Hpeelal attention rttrrn to dtaeaaea of women and children. J. L.

SKINNKH, Dray and Transfer. Spseial attention given to tba moring of 1'isnos 10 any part of, ths eitr. with the Latest Improved PIANO MOVER, which I here jart parehiased. J. A.

WOOD PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Omtli-m Tanaarl Urtmrr Mm. KlaOiStraat. RaaMaaaa al 0, Taaiawra.tRaal SMa. Ijeare order at alcLeea A Lew ark's Litery barn for the Cab, 'Bus or Baggage Transfer, and they wiliVslJ foe yon at toy tim day or nigbt. Toon a Imena In wlili ttaitr rit itniir.

lift Mrinfthan the ml tr turn grt rMl WE The Only Real United Hippodromes IMublr nTirmam-e a Ujiiiic nrrrr of -I be t'liainiilun arrnaa of H-rllne rnatloiia--all thf aujn-rl-t ratea of all time the ruii-nent anniaeinent tiolMaY rnteat of sll nation. We have plant male HIPPOPOTAMUS We have a monater, tuU-gruwn ar tear; a atundiu, tait hurm il Sum atra rlilnncerua; a fltxk of towering Sahara oatrU hea; a at range gnu, or hornrj horar: a uiarnlfU'enl Nier antritMie: buh family of treat l-Uck manea linn; I in mw ixt wtnw at mms four trentcruluu Malay tiger; a rare caaauwary; a titan Auatrallan emu. liaVCII aMOUaNIaMG la Effect Tacsday. Jose 7, 1898. rT B.H Ml TIIINt.

N.i. I l.iiila I I am. i I-am. Ma A Mr. Furrha J'l ilitt.

f.aiitia i nr I. l-tn i i t) i a In 41 I a I ii 1 a in I ti I ii I oi KAXT IK It Nil TIH flll.ttl4t I Stt. I I Ar I'm Hla'tia A M.l. "ana arr Miml Ir. am.

i Ar thgtiiaii llMtlna fi'f in' 41 a I lu iv I In .11 In a A St lfjrA dlulHn' naM f-alii r.btrl liitMlalii Kit ftka Hirfini; a lMirf," liaa Imvii im-U, a Hit in a liai.dliil litti.lralhM-.. A tl" (r. 1.1 ant a.l n.t.irtaia ail la uuirir.'. t.i l.l 11.

Wl-I Maraatn. rurra -irttitr. Ark. 3 TRAINS DAILY 3 tsv for1 Kansas Giiv SiLouis Chicago 3i And sll sajtorn point. Morales sad renin train run la Kana Cltf Aftaroooa train runs tla tit Louis.

T. B. FOGG.At. The CASH MEAT, MARKET located as lha South wail a. a Barrkklow bnlldln.

trhnr you'll find tha beat of avert. thin la ctha atarket and old -the lowaat prke. Give Them a Call. innsmnL iitoi i DOUBLE PARADE PAGEAT1T OF PRODIGIOUS 103U TIM? a-lll." 4 TirCT Mit elaborate. r.irl,-, I (jKAiMiLbl er attempted.

An ratraracauce of display II iril I'CT unparalleled. A triumiili ol aenaatlons unde- a i vtii a onlable. We have Jtaken particular care to aclect a line Loungea and Couches that are satisfying right through. Outside and inside they are well made. No weak places to give-outun expcctedly.

Prlcea range from 10.50 up. We have 104 Open Dens, Triumphal Cars and Chariot Cages! awasa as aia'ii ppi artasf mi wr bbtv THE ONLY REALLY GREAT SHOW COMING. Two Performance Dally, at and TheCoffeyville Wcat Ninth AdmNslou BOaCwta. CblldrfB under 9 Year. Half I'rlrf.

liVaerted aeat ean be e-ureil fXiWEUT KXCL'llslON KATKd.

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