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Caney Daily Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 1

Caney Daily Chronicle from Caney, Kansas • 1

Caney, Kansas
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Resells Yesterday. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Kansas City Colurabna 1. Louisville Milwaukee 1. Toledo 6.

St, Paul 4 (10 Innings Indianapolis Minneapolis 6. NATIONAL LKAGl'K. Iloaton 7, Brooklyn J. New York Philadelphia S. Cincinnati 4.

Pittsburg t. AMERICAN I.KAOIK. No game scheduled WKSTEUN LKAGl'K. Omaha 13. Pueblo 0 Denver 11 Rtoug City 4.

Topeka 1. St. Joseph 2, Lincoln Molne 6 WESTKKN ASSOCIATION. Muskogee 4. Coffeyville 0 Tulsa 1.

Snpulpa 0 (10 Innings). Fort Smith 4, Independence S. SEfiRO I BADI.T STABBED, AVIATOR liEARtET RAX lTO WIRES ASD MlflllS WRECKED. Dai I Flange helfe la Hill la of HrnrlU It Flight Is Secccssfsl It May be Pes. alble I See lllrd-niaa Frees faney Failar Teslerdaj.

Dirt Fltlng la Cheyenne and Holland AddlllHia Adds Scree of Aclltll la Ike Cllj, leek Like He Was Going I Paris Brigand Along Railroads Look Toward Welfare People. MUI KEAR ELECTROCUTED If some of Hummer and Tonga gang would tske the trouble to walk, ride or glide out to Kssl Caney they would RmliH 220 Veil. Through Body-Atlatloa Meet Postponed Tain Hal Ha; Whea C. I n. be surprised at the activity there.

A big cut Is being made In the grade of the Cherryvale, Oklahoma Tetas railway. pipe lines are being laid lo I he Harttesvllle. Okla May IT Aviator Kearney announced Ibl morning thai positively nothing would h-i him from making a flight thia afternoon except some accident, lie said he would not disappoint the crowd again unless absolutely forced to do so by high wind, which doe not seem like-ly. After visiting the grounds the aviator said be would not only make an aaient this afternoon but would make a cross country flight toward and perhaps beyond Iiewry nartlesvllle, Okla. May Itavle, a negro who has been a trusty at the' polio station for a week or two.

and who yesterday secured hi release may have to answer to a most serious charge, as a few hour after hla release he seriously stabbed another negro by the name of Joe Howell. The affray nccured last ntgH shortly after dark In the neighborhood of First and Irwey when the two ncgroe became engaged In an alternation and Davla pulled a long knife Mud plunged It to the bltt In Howell's side, afterwarda making hi earpc, Howell fell to the ground and par tin nearby ruahed to hla aid In attempting In pull the knife out. the blade remained Imbedded In the fleh or bone, the handle coming off. The knife wa a stag handle dirk with a blade about five Inches In length Howell was given surgtral attention aa aon a possible and fear are entertained for hla recovery. Psvi disappeared Immediately after the stabbing and alftioiish (he po lire were on hi trail within a very short time, at a later hour last night he had not been caught, Cheyenne gtaaa plant, work on re ame Scheduled Today.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Kansas City at Toledo. St. Paul at Columbus Minneapolis at Ivotilatllle Milwaukee ndinnadl NATIONAL LKAGCK llrooktyn at Boston Chicago at Bt loul Cincinnati at Pittsburg Phlladolphla at New York AMERICAN LKAGCK. St Ixiula al Itetrolt Cleveland al Chicago New York at Philadelphia IWlon at Washington WESTERN LKAGl'K Same train play today.

pairing the big plant and placing II In redlnea for another fire within a abort time are under way. the yard for the Porter telle ay are being graded and widened and an entire ad dition, the Holland addition. Is being graded and plotted It certainly look like business In Kast Caney Tbe Porter road has encountered an unexpected hraVjr grade In swinging around by the smelter, glase plant and brirk )ard to connect with the Mia-ourl Pacific A ten foot cut In made and still the grade Is a heavy one The cut sweep diagonally acrow the Cheyenne ground to the eaat The dirt taan out la being OO0)OOO03C At the I'herrhr Tomorrow. oooooo O0O0)OOO0)O Passed the Office Window. O4OO0)O0)OO Wfil.

Sue I safe So p. rk out the window now. The former Mr. John Jacob Astee tried to liiiiM-raonate Juno and carried a Peacock with her to a ball room In the "400" In York Juno these fool freaks of "aaasieiy" leader disgust pple more wilts tbe so callel t.Hleir leaders than any other one thing Old Oele Williams make us ttred When hr was a 4ng, clerk be jimt the sun down Iowa and when we were about rewdy to get up In the morning waa turning In Sow the miliary click uf hla heels dix-sn't resound until a and while we are sweating and fuming Irving to get out the rag at 4 p. m.

he sweep pant In an auto for the tennis court Old banker Williams make tired lil Di: till. FOR STREETS. Ottawa, war. Mill I Oil In Ke.l. deace District Prerty owner along sire! In Ottana.

Kansas, say the Ottawa Herald, have made arrangements lo uae crude oil on the tarvU pave, tnetil of that street. Crude oil has 'lerti applied very aurreaafulty In manv towns within Ibe post few yeara and ha ben found to keep down the duel better than "old plan of sprinkling till for the street costs about 3 rent, dtilvrred In Eastern Kansas towns, and la usually applied at the rate of from one-third to one-half gallon per souare yard For successful treatment the' roada should be perfectly dry, well swept and smooth, Following (he application of I earth aad Vain. No preaching -rlr-e at corner Fourth, and Main Sunday rooming i account union Memorial services a' Prrebyicrlan church P. I Mary o' llnrflesvtlle will preach Sunday even- (Special to the chronicle) Rartlesvllle. May (ha machine smashed almost beyond recognition and Aviator Kearney barely ewcaplng, being electrocuted by electric wire with which ha collided In attempting to make a flight here tli la afternoon, the aviation meet ram lo a sudden and unexpected cloe.

Cndaunled Aviator Kearney left today for St l.ouls to get a Cur-tlas biplane Nrjst Saturday and Hun-day he 1 make flight In two machine. ArrMrat Wlthnnl Warning. The accident fame without warning. Aviator Kearney had been (o the ground early In the day and pronounced the air fine for an ascension The ground were prepared for the big airship. They were rolled and the gra and other obstacle whlrh hindered the start yentetdny.

wer r-moved. He spent some time In the hangar looking over every part of the mar til lie and full) tented the engine. It seemed certain I hat everything bid fair for a flight. (her St KM! Prnplr Nolwlthatandlng the disappointment of yesterday a big crowd wax In ai-tendaiire, people being present by the hundred from nut of town More than people were on the grounds when the big alrahlp began It flight tint Away Good. The Farnutu marblue, which la the one owned by Aviator Kearney, waa brought from the haugaer shortly after o'rlork.

It waa run lightly over the ground to the place of starting Aviator Kearney mounted the machine. He waved hta hand to the crowd, gave a lever a Jerk Instantly the big wheela started and with a low whlr-r the machine shot forward It ran along on the ground for a ways, (hen skipped along lightly and then slowly Jtfted Itaelf from the ground a It shot away from the crowd. rear he roan Mr Carcenl. Kearney sailed away, apparently with a good start. Suddenly tils machine wavered Then It righted It-Self.

Again one plane tilted down and lug Come and hear him He ta a tine mitu and good i-ak' r. Mr ll.iilifn preachn In lartlellle Imlt Sunday morning and evening. HaplM bare. He Cargite of M.Cloud. Okla the nil.

screening, gravel or sharp- will fill the pulpit at the ttaptlst church Sunday Preaching at II a used tor the settrh and yard ground Is being placed oter quite an area and gie Impresaton that the ri). road promoter reriainly Intend ta build a great deal of trai and Shop If not they threwlnj sway lot of money Tbe Clirrenne ha a force of men repairing the plant. A some of the material fur rebuilding the tank la not here vet owing to the fact that manager Itiron did not etpert tbe break In the tank and waa not prepared to but down and begin work for a few y-t He hflj received adtW he material all) ri shed and will le here wllhlh a abort time Mr trii will install the fan ays-'em and start the plant earl). ua( a on aa poasible to ct the necessary improtemenl In and thoroughly pre-pare the plant for a long run. and Mr fllron ha alaaya fulfilled bl promise In retard to starting hla plant Teams aud men are busy on the Holland addition between tbe glast plant snd the tank farm, The streets are graded, rrosa rcrla are being graded and alo the alleya, A big auction sale of tola will be pulled off nevt week by a well known auctioneering real estate firm and will be a good one.

Circular and pamphleta by the ten of thousand were printed tn the Chronicle Job rooms the psst week and are being distributed over the entire country, giving Caney a splendid free adverllaenient. sand la spread on the road to take the surplus oil The oil can be supplied by mean of an ordinary tank fitted with a gaa pipe fitting and a vaive controlled by the driver of the wftgon The oil can be bought In tank lota of gooo gallon and upward Ind you know that one of the county officials was here taat week looking up a euppoed murder raae Far! "If the horse thieve persists In Stealing." said a base ball player the other day, "I wlah they would swipe my Chsrley-horse I cant play ball. Hn so lame MADE 0 AIR Fl.l( HT. Melco City. May Porflrlo Diss, to whom during thirty year all Metlco has paid defenre, secretly left the capital at 2 o'clock this morning.

Only a few friends, whom he trusted, followed him to tlio station He was bound for Vera Cru to take a ship for Spain. In the distance he could hear tho voice of enthusiastic celebrant who were acclaiming the new president. Franclaco I-on lUrra. and shouting "Viva Mudero So carefully were i he arrangement made for hi departure that detail could not tie confirmed until thia afternoon Secrecy due less to apprehension of a popular outburst hern than to a d'-cire to reach Vera Crus without the fart being kttoan tn marauding band along the route Trave) between here and the seaport usually la over the Metlraii railroad, etandard guge line with modern equipment. KiUl along till route, however, frequently have been removed of late by bandits who were determined that Dial, for reason heel known to themsehea should not leave the capital.

7 PFiisimis 44444444 Harher Is one of the Jurors In Independence. Mr and Sdra Jack Hensey are (tilting homefolka here Ki-v. W. A Havne went to Ieey, Okla on busliiemt Mis lxta Norri haa gone to Itart-lesillle where he will lt Ja lllarkledge has returned from a business trip to Kansas City Mrs Chaa McCture In Independence Friday visiting friends. F.

RoKsmau returned from Jo--Hn. Mo, where be ha been on Inline. Mr. N. II Ritchie left this morning for Tula.

Okla where she will visit friend. Geo. Zlnn of Rate.) county, wj Sere thl week visiting the family cf 0 G. Barber Miss Rose Anderson and OIIy Sherwood have returned to Pern to islt homefolka. Mrs.

Price returned to her hom 'i Dewey. after a few vl ith friend here Bowen left Frldav for urg. Kens, where he wII vltlt r': 'ather, who ve-' Mrs. Itiron left FridaT fo? cA- 'evyllle where she will llt rtlathrj snd friends for a few daya. Mra.

S. 8. Freeman and son arrive-! Friday from lola where they h' been vUltlng relatives for a fe dayt. Tom Stevena snd wife of Cane- drove over In their auto 8 'nda" ar1 spent the day with Mr. R.

I. Hill-man. Mrs. J. Dubois and son Jack let for Coffeyville Friday where they will vllt friends and relative for a few days.

Mrs. Burros Lad wbo has been visiting Mrs. Fobert Blake for tbe past week left Friday for ber home tn Narcisaa, Okla. Mrs. Den Rough man returned from a three weeka visit In Illinois, She waa accompanied horn by her mother Mr.

Grutney. of Lumner. 111. Ree. Haynes went to Dewey Friday evening where be preached the Baccalaureate sermon to tbe Senior class of the Dewey high school.

Harr Adams returned home Friday from school at Missouri University where he haa attended thla winter. left Friday evening for Cedarral where will vtelt for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Longtoagh.

Chaa. Oaos and Ml Fleta and Mand Stevena of Caney were gneet of Mr. R. I. Hlllman 8undy Peru Items In Sedaa Tlmes-SUr.

Wind was Ta Streag al lUrtlrstllle I I'p, m. and p. Bnndav school at If a You are Invited to attend Catholic I hurrh. Mass at 10 30 a tu. Sunday arhooi at 12 Mans every morning of the week at ft a m.

Vou are Invited attend. Ret Meehan. rector, Sacred Heart church. it aekoplae mi mis. Yenllne, Ibe French A (later, Arrie al Vadrid treat Pari.

Madrid. May Verdlne the French aviator, arrived at the Spanish capital from Durgol af o'clock this morning, being the first contestant to complete the third stage of the Paris Madrid aviation race He covered the distance of 140 miles between Madrid and Hurgois, where he landed yesterday from St. Sebastian in two hours and forty-five minute Olbert and Garros are still stalled lt the mountains fastneeaea and It Is not probable thejr will be able to finish It looked aa though Aviator Kearney BRICK PLANTS ARK HI Mti must fall. The crowd gasped. Then Plenty Ca and llaaalag for Big Oatpat This Hammer.

Kearney evidently secured control of the machine and started It for the ground. Just then ha collided with the wlrea of the Prairie. (Ml and Ua Company and the electric line power wlrea. The big machine crlmpled up Ilka aa egg shell, hung on the wires Judging by the peacock like strut of some of those norlhalde bat) player, there la going to be an awful slaughter on the association park ground one of these day Here ta another good old chestnut on th Missouri Pacific that Is going the rounds: George Gould was making one of hta last trips aa president of the Mil-rourl Pacific, Hla private rar was laid out on a aiding for some reason or other and be got out to stretch bla legs. An old Irishman waa tapping the wheel.

Gould went up to hlin. "Morning How do you like the wheels'" "Not worth a darn." said the Irishman. -Welt, bow do you like the carT "It's good enough for the wheels." "What do you think of the roadr "It matches the car. Oould looked at the old chap for a minute. "Maybe you don't know wbo I am." "Ye.

do," retorted the Irishman. "You're George Oould. and I knew your father when be waa president of the road. And. by gob.

he going to be president of It again!" "Why. my father I dead." said air. Gould. "Well. I know It.

and tbe Missouri Pacific ta going to as fast aa It can," aald the Irishman. Nearly two thousand people Jow aeyed out to the aviation field at the fair ground yesterday sf.ertMion tc see Horace F. Kearney do thrilling stunts In the air In bis Farnum biplane, but the stiff wind that continued to blow all day was ton much of a handicap and Kearney decline to make the attempt to mount the atmosphere, aays the llartlesvltle F.i-amlner. Ilia machine waa ready, the crowd waa aniloua, but patient, and every other condition waa perfect. Tbe crowd wa given "wind check" and told to com back today.

Tbe bird-like aeroplane wa taken directly In front of the grand stand, and tbe motor tried out while the crowd looked on. greatly Interested Mr. Kearney kept waiting for the wind to dl down, and said that he would attempt a flight towards evening, but th crowd dldnt car to remain that long. Mr. Kearney bears marks received two weeks ago, when In response to urgent requests to make a flight In Just such a wind aa wss blowing yesterday, he went up tn th machine which could make little headway and cam to th ground with a "spill." sustaining a broken rib or two and a badly cut face.

He says be will not attempt a flight vnteas th wind drops to a leaser speed than yesterday. a tnlDUta and then dropped to the Ithln the time limit. Tbe old Caner and American brick plants are both running to full capacity there daya. There la plenty of taa and the plant are running steady. They hare all the men working and their payrolls monthly add aomethlng like 1204)0 monthly each to the dinner bucket brigade of the elty.

The plants are receiving and shipping order dally. Th brick plants form quite an Important Item to Industrial Caney. BALL UAIE SI'S DAY. While Sei Will Be Ilerc for a Big featest Tesaorrew. One of the best games of the season la assured the Caney fans tomorrow when the Coffeyville White Sot will be here for a game with the Caney flluea.

A tip top battery has been ae-eured and one of the warmeat struggle to be bad anywhere will be flied up for the fans. The Bog la composed of former players and la one of the team to always asaure a good game. There will be aomethlng doing every minute. The game la called at I o'clock. ground together with Aviator Kearney.

Crowd Rashes la Ike Setae. Immediately the big crowd rushed across lb field to where the big alrahlp lay a ahattered wreck. One plana waa crumpled and the other broken. Two blada of the propeller vera broken and the other twisted. The motor waa out of commission.

The steering gear waa smashed. Kearney waa picked up and hurried In an auto lo town and given medical aa slatance. It la estimated 1 10 volta passed through his body. The doctors declare hla condition not danger-ua. Ta Make A sol her Flight.

Tha aviator will maka another flight or aeries of flight a next week. Ha will leave tonight for 8L Louis where he has a Curtlaa biplane and will ahlp ft to nartleaville. The wrecked alrahlp waa removed to the hangar and work on repair are under war. It la expected to hare It tn readiness for another flight next Saturday and Sunday. Two airships win used and both will be la the air at the earoe lime, baring bis Baak Caaranly Sail.

Two Nowata bank have been aued In District Court for a special astesa-tient of one per cent aaeeased by the slat banking board and which when due th banka claim tbey were not liable to aa they bad been nationalised. The bank hich bae been sued by tbe atate banking board are the Commercial National bank, formerly the 8tat bank and Trust Co and th Producers National sank, formerly tbe Producer Stat bank. There will be thirty separate aulta filed th total amount sued for being In the neighborhood of $50,000. All persons knowing themselves to ba Indebted to Franks Brothers Lumber company, will plea call and aettla. FRANKS BROS.

LBR. CO. Fully tain out of every ten case of rheumatism Is simply rheumatism of th muscle du to cold and damp, or chronic rheumatism, neither of which requlr any. Internal treatment All that Is aeedVd to afford relief Is tbe free appltcaUoa of Chamberlain's Liniment Give It a trial' Ton ar certain to pleased with th quick relief which It affords. Sold by all dealers.

Celdea Lily Batter, tt els pea ad at the Caaey treasury gad Ic Cream Ceaspaay. Advertlaera desiring advertlsementa In the dally Chronicle should get their cope la this office by 10 o'clock the morning of publication- to Insure advertisement displayed to advantage and to be Certain of their appearance lo the dally edition. The number of ada to handle make It Imperative that some be read? for the first ru. Decoration day aeit Taeaday. IV) nt forget that Roberta, the particular jeweler, haa a ok selection of wedding gift.

Have your watch repaired by Kob-erts, th Jeweler. Ion 1st sett Thursday. A good rsJa la seeded. cjdeatav.

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