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Beloit Daily Gazette from Beloit, Kansas • 4

Beloit Daily Gazette from Beloit, Kansas • 4

Beloit, Kansas
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Taaai Taa lawky avaaaa la taa Kr asaa, Call tHHtjmt hTt tratk I kMl. 7d3t 1 Paon Klaaor Magera at 240 for draylaf or Uvak baullng. 7d3t Local Drioto.f) A QOOD ONE! Niagara aeoaataaally fall a a fataV klUer. tleWll Arlatloa akowa a aaark4 The raia wa only .14 of aa lock Mlaa Era Cheat to eipoaaad bo Cn. Claranw Johoeow 3, Emu, today.

lowarda prwclptuUoa. froaa Cuba this evaolag. deep bat It aura doe Ulp aom. aau a atari ba cat OrapatU oaaU per b4akt, la A. Brad- Mllllaary opralng a M.

Ueaa. fraah totaatoaa, 4 lbt for tta. 91, Crou A Parrlah. 1 dlt flea baeket lota 34 oeote. PImm 25 ly'a, SopC Uk.

On aoaaa aimer 4aya atrei Cook Groearjr Co. 1 dlt 4dU eratt al 7 dlt defy Mtaorologtcal ooadltloa. ClM plueu II 3ft Bin plant S3 erat 7 dlt Mra. J. V.

Robert and children 'a, ottos 25. Cook, pboo 2i. Moat of th wotaca who pwt oa be.lV tnc suits (his lumrner get tba wC are eiperUd thia teening from Me-Pbereoa, Kanaaa. Mr. P.

P. Sorgatt returned to De ClM Mtla upton raturnod to i 1 tail yottarday vniag after a vltlt villa iltl morning. Th electric fan crop la atorw Jul bow than va a cereeJ crop. Caret baby'a croup, Willi' daily rut and bniitea, mamma i tore Joy riding In th air bldt fair to be 300 Candle Power Light at One Half Cent Per Hour No smoke, no flicker, no dan get. Opal shade softent light.

Easy on the eyes. Try one at my expense, I have several on hand. JUST TRY ONE, It will cost you nothing. Light Is something all the family uses. I sell system lights for residences, Can give you good prices and absolutely guarantee all goods.

1 have throat, arrandma'i lameneea Dr. come a aky feature either tbta year or Beit Thomu Oil th great household rem edy. Moet of tb early pretldenilal booma with her daughter Mre Roe McKIddoo lo Manhattan. Mra Lillian Micbeoer ttat pretl-dent of th W. C.

T. U. paed through Haloll laat nlgbt oa bir way to Down. To opening: day al M. A.

Dradley' mllUoer ilore It $pl. Uth. 4 d5l Mre. Laura E. NldJer of Tueblo, will be badly froetblttea before anotb er tprtng.

Pr. G. Steven, of Ot borne, th lire. Robt. Huffman waa Aibtr-Uka pangr this morning.

lire. Howard Simpson waa expect-4 horn Cawktr City tbl morning. T. J. Cougbenour aod ion John, return! yaewrday eeolog from Mo-ftorton, Kana.

Mre. Marcta Tattoo tod two cMld-taa Wft tola morning (or Eldorado, Kioim, to vUlt relatlse. Owe 11 known epecialitt on the ey and tietacle will be at tb Aeerae Hotel Thursday and Fri There ar microbe on a dollar bill, but dollar bills do Dot fly about to all(bl on on. day. Sept.

28 and 29. arrived lo llelolt lat nlgbt Th aweet girt grsdusi ha deeert' ed tbe foBDtaln of Itemtng for the A laty liver leadi to thrnic dytpep soda fountain. na and conttuation weaken! tbe whtletytUm. ioan' Reguleta (25 have olf ntr of cranei and blue from loa ber ab baa beeo Keep lo mlod Sept. 14tb, It I M.

A. Dradl)' 0eolDg day. 4dit A cat ran look at a king, and for cent pet box) correct the liver, tone that matter mott any ton of a mi a can grow a pointed beard. phia Price ore right, riion 2. Groea rrrlib.

7 dlt Jm Macdooald MpKU to lv In the ttomach cure constipation. Auction Day the cheapest light In existence, candle power considered. Can sell a five light system complete for $35.00. Ask me about underground The eoailea man who ha not also abed bis good manners I all rlht Hld Hougbtoo returned laet bight tb morning for Lawreoc to nir 2 merchant will bat bargains bile the hot weather laefa. from th log ram farm near Aiber Till ber be bai beeo etaltlog lb Kan tat tolvrtiiy for th coming oeilTburaday, and aoy farmer may tell anything.

storage tanks for Aviation hero are becoming too numerous to be ctxinted oo one's Ca nm up. ters Etery country baa then. Notice Grtptt at 25 oeot per fit Only a aatkt of that California fruit granulate tugar left. 1'Iiob In Tb president of lU Ladle Library A Wl-ntla wosn ts said to hav aa ambliton to be coventor, flow does kkt lolt. 21 mdII.

I'boo 25. Cook Grocery Co. dlt D. E. Gilbert' family bat moved Club request tbal all books belonging to the library return! at oooa.

she sued oa betptn lefUlattoof JAMES CHAPMAN, ffi your order no. Croat FarHib rbooet. 7 dlt Mre. Will Hampton ot lo Concordia tbla morning to till her tUur Mre. 4.

A.QjIoo. The government owns 10.000 reindeers la Altk, and Strang to nUi book to tovn for lb winter In order to ink advantag of th Baloit Corn In Hayes Township vbdlri baa tried to irb tbem. aafcoole. Mr. Glltwrt will remain oo ti farm until the fall work la dooe.

Two ear of red Corn were brought Any new ball plarert who may be purrhssed ebould be Intured for at Into this office this morning from the Regulate th bowele, prorootee farm of G. Denman in Hayes least sis months stalest wearing out township. One of th ear wa 10 eay natural movement, we eon itipation Dnan'a Kegulet. Ak your druggitt for tbm, S5c a bo. inches in length, the other slightly When New Yor builds tt 100Uy let and both were well ftilKL building our mountain climber will be Method of gibbet Counting.

While the Kir pilaris named tt days of their week, tb Jews numbered them only, tb fir day of tb week being always th dsy after tb weekly Sabbath. rtrteen different method ot Sabbatb counting are kaowa to bav ettsted durtng tb latt four thousand yean. Including every day ot the week, week of. different and varying length, from sts to tea daya, and months of varpiut sod varying length. Dr.

R. A. Denman who handed us svd tb iprot of a trip to 8tur land. Elilmer WalUre of Manbttun hc bat two eUHlof bit brother Dan the ear, aayt his father hat acres of corn; the early planting he tsyt. altera, left ibit morning for bU A woman 19 year old wa tt enter tbe Wisconsin university, and thus will be poor, but th later I ery bom.

good. Societl Notes JOINT PICNIC Two clattes of lb Preabylerlao Sundiy school, tb "Merry Workers" a claa of girls, and lb D. Y. a boy'a claa took an outlr.g yterdsy In th way of a plcoia la Wood's Grov aotitl.ersl of too. Tb young yeopl arrlted at lb grov about levea o'clock iulpped with what they considered for a day oreratloot; tb tqutptoent Iccludwl for dinner and supper Tbe picnicieia returned ialt jester-day vteclcg.

Mrs. A. It. IVoper th teacher of tl Merry Werkers, aod Mim Mary Mct'all teachc ibe U. V- boja.

Tbe psHywatcbtp rooed by Mlet Mary McCall and Grace Gls. rhanaes (rum aa aied lady Into a cot leste girl. Mis Helen Wlgbtroaa of Otua. atantae arrived la Helolt lat night to aptod Ibe winter moclts with br sister, Mre. W.

A. Sift. Mr. and Mre. Draher aod child-m Lelaod aod Mia Gladyi accompanied by 3.

Tolr aodblsdaugb-atr, wot to Jwll City Mill morning. Mildred and Buela Wallace ltt last night for Itostca, Ms. wcr ttcy lit study mus.e. Tt Miatet Wallac l.av engaged roomi till Mr. acd Mra.

T. Mauls, fotcreily of Lelclt kr lla cctiilotf jwar. I nie tnoved my pbon from my Back to Work feed yard to my relderx on N. Cheiitnut phone 240. I'artief want In spit of tbe newspaper bumoHtt a good many picnic are betd without tb tnterterenc on tb part ing draying or trunk hauling dune call It wa a grett pleasure for the many friend of G.

McIVmtld to see him sufficiently recovered to Jn me. Klmrr Mtger. of J. PlutU th store yetterdty for the flret time A bolt nl I'fMnlne tlurk a self In several week. Tbe only apparent change in Mr.

McDonald ft, that he Aedtnt Needl Ptctoryf Th dlw-overy of a prehlstorlo needle ta-to at a prehistoric lak vil-Sage near England, roused much Interett recently. Th placed on mound ot cly raiaed th levl of th water, Tb framework of a prtmMlv loom wa found under one mound, and the number of bmkeo bone aeedlea and bne splinter dlacovered In another mound led the esplorert to think ihti ft insy hav ben tbe site ot an ancient nerd! factory. Strictly pure Duluih 8upHor Lin teed oil at II Id per gallon platlr.g plsno la IouUvttte the Hhr isr ini a a noit look like he would not tip th ecales J. M. Ward from heaven.

as high as he would have before he 7d3t 1st door fast of Y. Store became sick. tt Is etld that flft do not like blue Joe Hicks lit sergeact 32nd Co. C. paint Perhaps you have aotked that Will Flba the practical painter and A.

C. stationed at Fort Baker, Cal they alwava srem to bat a prefer par hanger will do that Job of paint whchasUm visiting Ibe biulllcki ence for white walla Ing or papring far you. I 'hone 405 family near lielolt Ibe past lb re HITS mcttbs left for Fen Baker yesterday The Frankfurter JWtueg declares F. rkf id-nc corner of Fifth lmljendfnce avrnue. Sepll2t that tbe sword still rule th world soornlog.

When 8eher "Hollered." Comltg boui from tb morning servtcw ooe Sunday Dr lwcher threw tlmif ca a taunt and aald. tn a ton of deep dejection: "I b-litv thl lb worst sermoa I eer preached Oo of bit daughter protected tbal tb bad seldom beard hint when wa mor energy tc "Ob, ye. tb Impatient reply. "When 1 kva anything to say I boiler." Tl Outlook and not the dollar. However, It takes llrs to make swords.

Milton l'ser Ht Itttt (utdty for Phone 240 the mail man when yov War and Worry. "Worry wrare out more people than work doe. said tb ready made philosopher. "Of court tt does." replle4 Mr. Growcher, "for tbe simple reason That so msny of ut would rather put in our lime worrying about wot ihtn doing ft" FUR RFXT-A dwelling bu.

want a trunk hauled. He ha to make Laautc alert La alii tludy law In tUhuie C'clrertlty tbla year, Mr. Fortunately It Is root enough stain bow ibat th red headed girt can Imiuire al thia Cdtf all train. 7d3t I'm will I cntuleiU otctgerof wrr a celluloid comb la ber hair FOR roomt at ll9 Kttitn, tie iCcial Utilverslty without roneiant apprehenalon. I here a world of confidence in 2CI North Uersey at.

Munro Art fiptr, utill tb actwal elictlco of Studio. (fUrrt test tprlog. Chamberlain' Cough Remedy for I hav oned it with perfect auecets," A German has Invented a liquid bullet wblrh will lr.rpi,tt without killing 11 should be ud escluslvety write Mra. M. I.

llawford, Poole LOST-A buccbof kejtwiUi In tb didn't ksow It wt loadrd gun. till Md. For by Kent Long atttcl.ed. Flcdtr leave at Ue lit p'ay, "Ihcrta acd Ortoge UlctKBin" la primai lly a maliur II tc Dcrniuur. Drug Co.

GawitecT-ce 443t OneCent tetter pta9 predicted This look like a good thing, but pctmUts no doubt fear that tt UUsJI IVLVUIYUU Fnll lino Hr Mankptsi and Inp rot, luhh and furroUn. Spring Autoinol.ile that keen vour fitt 9 warm. LOST: A light checked colored coal between Mike Peter farm and E. Croat left lant night for Ft. will mean bills tent In tdlr aa often Joseph, from which plar be will P.eloit, On the inrid is th name.

A. HsrreU, Heturn to this olTic. go to Mamha'ltown, to attend ctmler. It la a fatcy drttt tfttlr acd sirott'ly to laOlet and The lirtckenrldge ccmpacy will play "Titorca and OrtCK lllot-aomt" at tbe 0ra House tomorrow afternoon, Piarhoea it aluaja more or lest jvevaling during Seplember.

He pte-pared for it. ChamlH-rlain' Colic, A new York man wbo committed ulcld Mt a note In which he apolo gathering of all men who da business 3d3t with th Letta-Parker Grocery Co gised for muMlr.g tbe room. Evident l-nnrt st hne ot riding caddie in thin part of Knnr-as. tt-ry tliiiif? guuraiitwl just nt rrpriH-nted or vour money tack. BEHREND HARNESS CO- ty poitteneaa bad becon a habit with htm.

WANTEDDy middle aged woman a position as housekeeper. Kefrnca At usually treated a tprained ankle eichanged. Addre Mra. T. will disable a man for three or Th cumber of wreck reported on Chtilera diarrhoea Kemeiy la prompt Hroiley, Clifton, Kansas.

Gd3t four weeks, but by applying Cham berlaio't Liniment freely at th In jkA effectual. It can always be drnd- pert that tbe Paclne ocean la not quite aa pacific at lb nam would ed upon and is pleasant to take. For WORK a levly jury i received, and observing the direct with cb bottle, a cure can Salt by Kenl Long Drug Co, impiy. wilting to oo any kind of work. I1on to Mr.

Shaw. be in from two to four day For aale by Kent Img Drug Co, Sd'Jt Mra. E. Moringo Arthur C. Pooler attorney-atiaw 8omt distinguished men want to be aafetusrded.

lenally. against th odor of tobacco. Nolselraa gum chlng would be another good thing to bring about I OK SALE Notice to Contractors Collections and Insurance For bowell Complaint in children tdwayt giv Chamberlain' Colic, and Dirabea Kemedy and castor oil. It ia certain to effect a cur and and when reduced with water and tweet-avtad it pleasant to take. No physician can prescribe a better remedy.

For amle by Kent Long Drug Co. IX)R SALE: About a ton of nicely cured red top and foi tail hay all sealed Dice win ba reoeived al the olty clerk' office for tb construction of a cistern at CUT bill. Cittern to be raked up into a pile. A bargain at $5.00 per ton on th grounds. Inquire of A.

Cathan, phon 2312. 62dtf 20 feet deep below tb arch and I feet la diameter, arch to be built ot brick Idea to be plastered oo the dirt and We see by tb paper that a Philadelphia woman 80 year ok! ia taking cornet Ieon. Evidently sbe bus developed a tertbl grudg against her neighbor. On good thing about trying to wai th fly" I that It ba a tendency to mltlcat disapproval of tb ball player who fall to fatten bla batting average. FOR SALE-London Letter Carrier and track complete Good aa new not less than 20 tackt of cement to be ued ioo udlog aid arch aod a cement Fire, TorDfttlo, Hail and Plato Glass Insurance written on Kami and City Property.

Ix)w rates. Agent for Uniou Central Life Insurance of Cinn-cinatti, Ohio. Agent United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company, of Baltimore, Md. Furnish bonds of all kinds. Office over First National Bank, Beloit, Kansas PHONE 103 platform to be built read for sun CASTOR I A lot IafkaU and CMldraa.

aod a bargain. E. P. Gilford 7d3t tlie contractor to furnish all material. uiat win do received up to 9 p.

m. TYPEWRITERS TbKbi Yea Km Ahrijs Sept. 19. 1911. The city reserve tbe A Georgia bachelor, whll waablng Bssrt th BUgwamre of right to reject any and all bid.

C. R. lUrriuk City Clerk. ered an artery In bit wrlit. And to-e If be started to aew a button on Ms routers he'd get blood FOH SALE-OhverVis'Ue Typewriter cheap for cash.

Perfect condition and doe i writing. Could ship on approval I free trial. Writ tot'harlei vt, Kosedale, Kan. 4.Vltf, A Hruea woman who waa trying to rk-'e tti (ertivea by drestlcg In A am ttllt band Irg aiM-oerd oecaus or nei i tvt A Chicago woman with fft wrtainly ought to troute otis and palcts al wbo'tsaie prices, ate IF you want to paint that house or barn tipire with me for your paint. I can I1 you one gallon or ten gallons in any color that you want.

I always have it on hand. You don't haTe to wait untif I send in your ordrr. Conu and see me, or PHONE 346-A cDo "VXX TTnpciDnD. and tbal will ttve you money. I I moved to North Chestnut street, my pbcoe bo.

Is now IX Post Card Coupon Gip tKis Coupon and bring it to the Office I tru paper with 10 crr.ts, and receive a aet of 20 Colored View Pott Cards Tour of the United States By maJ, 3 cents extra for poataje. 4d3i S. A. Dkkson We are to'd that It It now j' to enjoy contln jont trellcy ire- Terre Mauste. InJ to Showbegan.

M. It mav otible to enky faring Terre Haute, but bow can one enjoy going Ia Sboa began Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR I A.

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