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The Kansas Catholic from Leavenworth, Kansas • 5

The Kansas Catholic from Leavenworth, Kansas • 5

Leavenworth, Kansas
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JSrUSrSS O'-a iiOULOi OCTOBER 24. tion is certainly destined to become a preacher of wide reputation. He B. B. Wolff, toilet case.

W. A. Bishop, 50c, J. K. Cochran, tin bowl LKAVENWOUTH, KANSAS.

pitcher. Schmelzer Sons, gun and has been in Holy Order only a little over a year, yet he holds his large congregation almost breathless, one might say, during his sermon. There are three things about his discourses that give him this influence over his volver. hearers. He has a pleasing voice and speaks so distinctly that he can be heard with ease; he is always logical, and presents his subject clearly; he has a fine command of language and Cliurcli Directory masses on Sunday.

Cathedral, 7:30 and 10:00 a. m. Sacred Heart Church, 7:30 and 10:00 a. tn. Epiphany Church, 10 30a.

m. St. Joseph's Church, 7:30 and 10 a. m. VESPERS ON SUNDAY.

Cathedral, 3:30 p. m. Sacred Heart Church, 7.30 p. m. Epiohany Church, 7:30 p.

m. St. Joseph's Church, 3 p. m. always claimed that it pays to advertise in our paper and that we have represented ourselves in a true light to merchants and others who wish to advertise with profit to themselves.

Merchants, read this carefully and judge for yourselves when you desire to place your goods before the public Committees and General Proceeding. The first meeting to talk up the Fair was held in Phelan's hall. Sept 17, 1889. Mr. McCormack was chosen president and Wm.

Smith acted as secretary. Father Cunningham was named treasurer. On hall Dennis Ryan, J. O'Donnell and John Meyers. Printing John O'Flanagan, F.

Louis Casper, 50c John Walkeiwitx, 50c. Mike Solan, $1. Tom Cunningham, 50. Jerry Hurley, 20c J. R.

Judge, 50. M. B. Donovan, $1. M.

Bransfield, $1. L. Williams, $1. Emil Wetzel, 50c. W.C.

Dengler, 50c Mrs. Walker, 50c. Mike Bah lent, 50c. Matt Kelly 50c Mrs. John E.

Fullam, scrzp expresses his thoughts in well chosen words. Scarcely rustle can be heard in tne church while he is speak ing, A Wonderful Discovery. Are we not a nation of dyspeptics? Look at your friends, and ask them if it is not so. Scarcely a family is free from it. It may not be called by that name some say indigestion, others a little bilious, or a kidney affection, but after all, we can settle down to the fact, it is a little dyspepsia, the result of violating the laws of health.

We have worn the stomach out by overwork in its efforts to digest what we eat and drink. The pepsin thatdisolves tne food in the stomach is lessened to such an extent, that the process of digestion cannot be carried on. It was a wonderful discovery that pepsin from animals can be put up combined with simple medicines, that the affected can take it, and furnish aid to the weak and debilitated stomach, in its work of digestion. This great remedy is Brown's Pepsin Tonic, the cure for dyspepsia, indigestion, head ache and ailments arising from a disordered condition of the stomach. So many have found relief that orders come from all sections of the country.

Druggists everywhere keep it for sale. CAN CIS It UBS. ment and the Te Deum Laudamus. The services were well attended. We had a pleasant call from Brother Fabian, of Notre Dame, who is here in the interest of the Ave Maria.

The Ave JIaria is a journal of such excellence that we need only say that it ought to be in the house of every Catholic. There was Mass at 7:30 a. m. last Sunday at the Epiphany church, and Vespers in the evening at 7:30. Father Coolen preached an eloquent sermon on the feast of the taking for his text, "How terrible is this place, this is no other than the house of God and the gate of heaven." Mr.

Groenfeldt, ot the Evening Post, lectured last Sunday evening in the society hall of St. Joseph's church to the men and young men of the parish. The subject was the race question. There was a large attendance and the subject matter was well handled. Sunday the 20th was the feast of the dedication of all the churches in Leavenworth Diocese and was observed in the city with great solemnity.

While tne whole Catholic church in the United States is de A Remarkable Case In This City When the Cancer Cure company basket. of Kansas City, first offered Mrs. Ed. Carroll, baby's silk qrult. E.

C. Davis, plush odor and glove to insert a card in this paper we box. went to their office, to satisfy our Lynch, A. C. Lamborn, J.

J. Roche, H. Shindler, A. Werhner, James Henry Brueggew, pair slippers. E.

J. Humphrey, one cologne and selves that we could safely insert it, as we run no risks in this regard. McAuliffe. one odor case. Music Father Groener, Prof.

Ja From' inquiries made at the office W. A. Kincham, silver pickle cas cob J. O'Neil, J. H.

Foley. and elsewhere we concluded to in tor. Decoration M. Burns, J. P.

Mad sert the card. The business mana den, P. Geraughty, A. Giacomini, ger of that institution called at this John Harrigan, M. Cavenaugb.

office a few days ago and requested Clerical Appointments. Scipio, Oct. 19. Rev. Kulizek to Frankfort, Irwin and Wat erville.

Rev. P. Kloss to Marak and Everest. Rev F. Hawelka, assistant to Rev.

Neuaiu, at Hanover for the Bohemians, and to Morrow and Lanham; to Cuba, New Tabor and Belleville, in the diocese of Concordia. Louis Mary. O. S. Bishop of Lwth.

Official Notice. As the Rt. Rev. BUhop proposes to be present at the centennial celebration of the Catholic hierarchy in the United States, the visitation of churches set for November is canceled and will take place later on, of which the respective Rev. Clergy will be notified in due time.

By order of the Rt. Rev. Bishop. A. T.

Ennis, Sec. Leavenworth, Oct. 19, 1889. Subscription M. Phelan, Jas.

Mo Graw, M. Burns, J. P. Madden, J. Lyons, J.

O'Neill, Thos. J. Cusic, Mrs. R. E.

Thomas, fancy work. Mrs. Tanner, fancy work. Mr8. II.

Simon, fancy work. P. H. Kennedy, 50c II. fancy ornament.

G. M. Hurley, 50c. Dr. Van Em'an, 1.

Noll Fuller, $1. J. W. Keller, 50c Jake Bubb, 50c Bain, Varney fc R. H.

Fenn, 50c. Mrs. McCown Hunt, fancy plae- John Aaron, D. Ryan, C. W.

Doher ty, Wm. Smith and John Hannon Be sure and see that you get the right article, Proton's Pepsin Ionic Tne New Prayer to St. Joseph. Ninety dollars were paid in at this meeting. From the Encyclical of Pope Leo Sept.

24th, the committee on hall luel August 15, 1889. An Indulgence of seven years and seven quarantine every time this reported having procured Chicker-ing hall and annex. airs. J. Ii.

Jboster, silt acari. Bertha btaber, pair of bootees. Ida Goldthwaite, plush pin cush Ed. Wallace, Jas. H.

Foley, prayer is fervently said. This Ryan, John O'Neill, Chas. Fenning, beautiful prayer, with a nice engrav ion. Jas. Foley, and James M.

Auliffe ing of St. Joseph and Infant, can be had free of charge. Remit 1 cent- Home NOTES. us to co to the house of Mrs. Kittie Goodman, No.

913 North Fifth, who was under treatment for cancer of the breast Mrs. Goodman tells her story: "I am thirty-nine years old and have liyed in Leavenworth ten years. I came here from Nashville. About a year ago the cancer commenced to grow on me and 1 tried several remedies to no effect. I went to Kansas City and satisfied myself that the Cancer Cure company would do me some good.

I then consulted Mr. Merritt, the manager, and was placed under treatment September 13. 1 remained under treatment until October 13, when I came home. The cancer, which measured 33 inches in diameter, and has roots 3 inches long, is now perfectly dead and is liable to drop off any moment. There was no kniie or other instrument used on me; only a salve was applied by the doctor.

I am now relieved ot all pain and can eat as well a ever. The doctor visited me a few days ago and pronounces my cure postage stamp and your correct ad dress, and you will receive by return were appointed to solicit ads and to publish a Fair paper. Father Cunningham was added to the committee on music. Patrick Ryan offered a set of harness, which was accepted by John Hanon, Jerry Lyon, D. Ryau and M.

mail the New Prayer. Address Catholic Book Store, 108 West Twelfth Street, Kansas City, Mo. A Good Xhlng. Cyrus Sprague, 50c Mrs- Morris, was omitted in the list through an oversight, she ha donated a fancy quilt. 'J Willie McGraw, is canvassing for a paprholder.

Sallie Griffin, a silver cake Kate Judge, a lamp. Nellie Ford, pincushion. Josie Ford, pincushion. Lulu Turlav, wax cross. Agnes Connors, album.

Aiinie Coffee, album. Pat Doran, J. A. McAuliffe, picture. Stella McGlynn, handkerchief holder.

Jordan. The Santa Fe pay car came in Mondiy and made the boys feel happy. Mrs. Meyers organist at the Epiphany chun There are eight members in the choir. The Mas sung at St.

Joseph's Church, last Sunday, was Hamma for four male voices. The Chickenn hall this evening will far surpass anything in town, both in beauty and elegance. t.i ri o. 4 It seems? providential that in the midst of physical suffering, that the earth furnishes a remedv for most of John Aaron offered a fat steer. Oct.

1st, a brass hand was hired for the first evening and string music for the other evenings of the fair. The doorkeepers whose names appear on another page, were appointed at this meeting. dicated in a general way to St. Joseph each individual church has its own patron saint. The third Sunday in October of every year is named by Rt.

Rev. Bp. Fink as the day on which this feast is to be observed. The communication with regard to the fair for the benefit of St. Thomas church, Armourdale, has reached this office just as we are going to press.

We regret very much it did not reach us in time for publication as Kansas City and neighboring towns are all our friends. It will afford us great pleasure to do anything we can for the enterprise, and our columns ate at their service. Mr. Keenan, our trusty worthy agent, will lend a willing assistance. There was Solemn High Mass at the Cathedral last Sunday.

Father Cunningham, V. was Father Finn, of the Home, deacon, and. Father Klaus, subdeacon. The sermon was preached by Father Finn, "Roseberg's" Mass sung by the choir, the offertory being Terri bili est," by Mastioletti. Beside the service of the feast the dedication of the churches the solemn act of consecration of all the families in the parish to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was recited.

There were solemn Vespers in the afternoon. The Sisters of St. John's hospital desire to express their gratitude to the people of St. Bridget's parish. Marshal county, for the kind manner in which they have been received and the many valuable gifts giyen them by the people of Rev, John A.

Hurley's parish. Arte 11 people vied with St. Bridget' and the Sisters our ailments which are lazily brought about by the indiscriminate use of unripe food or vegetables Ti vuioiir, fan. which produce Dairrhoea, Dysen perfect1 and permanent, and I owe Committees James Foley, James Farrell, J. O'Neill, S.

Cavanaugh tery, Colic to restore the system to its proper condition has been the 6tudy of able men, and my life to the Cancer Cure com pany." and Al. Meyers, were appointed floor managers for the first night. many remedies suggested. But seph's church is seriously ill at St John's Hospital. The Fair people are a jolly lot, everybody has his own Way, and the ladies come out first best in every race.

Patrick Rvan. corner Shawnee Mr. and Mrs. Goodman are good, reliable people and are well known none yet has proved of so much here. Mr.

Goodman worked as This is about the hislory of tin meetings to date. At every meet ing the soliciting committee turned in cash donations. The whole affair service or given so much relief as Brown's Blackberry and Ginger. It cook at the Delmonico and Conti nental and also nt the Kindergarten is a skillful combination of two vain able ulants with aroma tics that re was a success from the commence at Fort Leavenworth. We saw the case ourselves and vouch for what is stores the stomach and bowels, allaying irritation.

All who have used here mentioned, and we, believe that it will testify to its great value for ment. Died. At Topeka, on the2lst, Mrs. Cath arine McGarry, passed peacefully this company does what it says and Dairrhoea. Druggists keep constantly saying, Brown's Blackberry that their mode of treatment is and Ginger is the good remedy for Dairrhoea, and to send them more of it.

Chanut. On this peaceful Sunday evening I thought I would drop vou a few painless and successful. Xlte Iadlew mmittees. McCormack, P. Carroll, Davoren and Hend.

Ladies fancy table. Mrs. Madden, Berry, Wernher, McDonald, McFarland and Miss Amanda Clarke. Refreshments. Miss Sarah Jen will come home laden with.

the fat lines from this place, so that you of the land. Father Hurley and his may know that Chanute is alive people are noted for their sincere and prospering. Your correspon way of doing a charitable act, and their treatment of the Sisters on this dent cf a few weeks ago, Mr. Sweeney I think, had a good deal occasion, has excelled all their to say about Earlton, but by some nings, Mamie Lyons, Kate Stanton, Clara and Julia McGonigle, Annie Ryan, Lizzie Corkery and Rose means overlooked our burg, although the former has but thirteen families in it that' attend church McAndrew. Young ladjes'fancy tables Misses whilst Chanute has twenty Catholic families.

Our people' in town and Robert Berry, buggy whip. Lottie Lyons, child dress. Mamuv Flyun. silver set. May MrAiilliffe, pincushion.

Fnfk O'Rourke, paperholder. Johnnte Doyle, riffle. Ella McDonald, oincushion. Sarah Murray, pincushion. Middie Wallace, sofa pillow.

Esther Berry, toilet set. Agnes Fahey, toilet set. Julia Lyons, bandkerchiefholdex. Kate Judge, gold pen. Howard Hunt, babv quilt.

Lena Ryan, game chickens. Katie Collins, canary. Josephine Doyle, glove box. Katie Darling table scarf. Andrew Murphy, toilet set.

Mr. H. Feapan, white silk em broadered gents handkerchief. A number of persons gave small sums up. to 25c aggregating a large amount, which we -cannot fmbhsh, as it would necessarily engthen the list considerably, ano our space is limited.

No subject has been more fertile of speculation than the origin language, and on few perhaps leea satisfaction can be obtained. TLa Jew positively insist that the Hebrew tongue is the primitive 3sa-gnage, and that spoken by Adasi and Eye. The Arabs, however, dispute the point of antiquity with tks Hebrews. Of all the languagessa-cept the Hebrew, the Syriac bzahsJl the greatest number of advocates, especially among the eastern authors. Many maintain that the language spoken by Adam is lost, and that the Hebrew, Chaldee, and Arabic are only dialects of the original.

ngue. 'Daniel Dorchester, D.D published last year a book on 'Romas ism versus the Public School Sy-tem'in which he pointed out thatni-less Protestants rose as a man "they would be overwhelmed by Jesuitical intrigue; and got his reward for i by being made superintendent of Indian School." (School Bulletin We had often wondered what constituted. Dr. Dorchester qualification for office. His incompetency has been so glaring and Jus bigotry so rabid that his deposition seemed only a question of time.

vBat now it appears from this candid, avowal that we will have to awaitrfhs Doctor's return to the way of truth and tolerance before seeing him once more a private citizen. Catholis Home. Annie Fitzgerald, Josie Curtin, Kate Cavanaugh, Josephine Curry, Rose Storm. Other ladies country, attend Mass, and we have two Masses on every Sunday that have been added to these commit there is Mass, the first Mass at 8 a. tees, which will be published later and High Mass at 10 a.

We have instruction for our cbil and Broadway, has given to the Cathedral fair a fine set of double harness. The" communication from Humboldt is unavoidably crowded out this week, but will appear in our next. Eight cars make regular trip on the Fifth street-car line One car every ten minutes and the round trip in one hoar. Father Colamban Meany, O.S.B., of Mt. St.

Mary', celebrated Mass and preached at the Sacred Heart church last Sunday. Verv Rev. F. M. Hayden is home from his European trip feeling in good spirits after his rest from pastoral cares the past few months.

The new addition ta the Water Works reservoir has been commenced by Geiger Campbell. It is a huge affair, and will give employment to hundreds of men. The Mass sung at the Sacred Heart church last Sunday, was Wil-lard's in "BFlat," The offertory was Haec Dies. The manager of the choir gays it is the bpst in the city. The Catholic Fair now issued from this office is a four page, six column paper, well printe 1 and ably edited.

It will be devoted to the interests of advertisers as well as giving the fair news each day. The dedication services at Lan-si last Sunday, were very appropriate. Father Coolen sang High Mass. The choir rendered Steelin's Mass. Miss Maggie Long, of Leavenworth, presided at the organ.

Father Downey has completely equipped the Sisters' school in his parish with new desks and other furniture. The furniture was purchased at and is just what is needed in a school-room. The Forty Hours Adoration at St. Joseph's church closed Tuesday evening last with Procession and Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacra on. dren every Sunday morning.

Mr. Grab-bag, Esther Frank Rausch, an intelligent young Wallace, Annie Thompson, Louise away, in her sixty-seventh year, fortified by the Sacraments of our holy religion. Mrs. McGarry was the relict -of Mr. John McGarry, of County Dublin, Ireland.

She died aw the residence of her 'son, Mr. W. J. McGarry, of Topeka. May she rest in peace.

Catarrh Can't be Cored with LOCAL APPLICATION as the? can no reach tbe teat of the dl seine Ctarrti I- -blood or constitutional dis aao, and Id rd to euro It you have to take internal lemr dies. Hall's Catarrh Cure i taken intern -ly, and acts drectljr on the blood and mmu surface. Hall's Catarrh Cure ia medicine, it was precribed bv on i tb beet physicians in this country for rea'iMi' 1 a regnilar prescription. It iacompoi-d oi the best tonics known, combined with best blood purifiers, actlns; direc. ly on mucus surface.

The perfect com hi nation the two ingredients is what produces wonderful results in curing catarrh. for testimonials free. F. J. CHENEY CO- Toledo, O.

Sold by Drugyigts, prioe What Next? Edward Trapp, a German civil engineer residing in this city, says the Brooklyn Eagle has secured fbt-broadest kind of a patent for an in vention which seems to set aside all the established theories of phys. cians 'regarding the conveyance of light and which opens up a new field in optics. This is what is claimed. By Trapp's contrivance a superintendent can sit in his office and by merely wheeling around in his chair and adjusting a little telescope to his eye caa see exactly what is going on in every department of the factory or warehouse. The manager of a hotel can look from his office into the kitchen, dmning-room or.

any other apartment of the hostlery by 6imply looking into the tube arranged to go into the apartment in question. This is the broad adaptation of the process. The Catholic Fair. Mr. Brown, 50c.

Mrs. Doran, 50c. Mrs. Weisman, 50c First grade boys, cigar case. gentleman and an industrious young man, gives instruction to the children.

He has a class of sixteen and they are learning splendidly. I will cIosb by stating that we are about to have a public sup nobler works of charity in the past. It can be fairly said that the Sisters of St. John's are engaged in a work which cannot be fully appreciated this side of cthe grave, bufc; Jfether Hurley and his people gracefully remind them that their mission has a reward even in this life. Around Town.

Tim Bransffield, of the firm of Hoffman Bransfield, came in from Horton Tuesday, and immediately left for New Mexico. Tim is kept busy keeping track of his many contracts. Mr. Wiegant is selling his fall stock of new goods as rapidly as he receives them. The reason is that the goods are first-class, and prices to suit everybody.

Mr. Wiegant is a careful buyer, hence his success in selling. No. 421 Delaware street, South side. L.

C. Hausserman is the best sign for his own meat shop. His meats of all kinds are the best that can be bought for cash, and his way of doing business is appreciated by a liberal trade. i Corn Muslcers, The Corn Huskers Salve nas been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to keep the hands from cracking or getting sore while husking corn. Only 25 cents per bottle.

Sold by all druggist' per next month, the proceeds to be for the benefit of an organ. Topfka. Rjv. Father 0Conuell. left us last week for Anderson county, where he will take charge of a church.

Doherty, Dolly McFarland. Wheel ot fortune, Annie Curry. Post office, Maggie McCormack, Mary McAuliffe, Alice Phelan, Louise McCormack. The ladies worked well from the commencement, and say the merchants and citizens treated them better than ever before. Xoea It Pay? The following letter from the Catholic book store, 108, West 12th street, Kansas City, explains itself and proves that the Kansas Catholic is the best medium of advertisement in the State of Kansas.

Oct. 21, 1889. Me. Editor: I received to-day 117 letters for the Blessed Beeds. See how your paper is read? Yours, J.

Heilaian. This is in answer to some lines we published in our issue of Oct. 17, and substantiates beyond a doubt what we Many friends in Topeka, regret his departure for he was a good man Eyery act in life was done with most conscientious motives and even in severity his rulings were tempered by love. Rev. Father Dunning becomes the assistant minister of the church of the Assumption.

He is an eloquent preacher and of hi sermons the Topeka Lance said a few weeks ago: "Rev. Father Dunning, assistant priest at the church of the Assump.

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