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Anthony Journal from Anthony, Kansas • 3

Anthony Journal from Anthony, Kansas • 3

Anthony Journali
Anthony, Kansas
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Seaney was in Wichita, last GO, TO THE "CITY DRUG STORE week. GllAY On Saturday morning, May 27, 1882, to Mrs. St. Clair Gray, ot this city, a boy. Bntercd at tho Postofflee at Anthony, iond clsft mstUr.

AVill Wright took a business trip SVB9CBIPTION BATES. DIED. to Caldwell, Monday. W. II; Pierce returned from Wich ita, Monday evening.

yr $1 a months McXEELY. On Wednesday even ino- Mav Mrs. W. Mc Where you will find a Complete Assortment of TOIIsET AND FANCY ARTICLES, Three moutlu W. K.

Clifford, was up from Xnelv. at her home, in ihis city, of A VKUTISISO KATES. Vint nurtlnn 1A Mill TXTliU; ch 8abiM' camp, Alomiay, circulating among his Ubersl Annual friends. auent lnhoition. ft cent ter line UVJ Sponges, rushes, Peiftmery, Glass, Putty, Faints, end rates on 1U: lavl aivei-tiemeijU.

I. P. Campbell, one of Har per's leading attorneys was in the city Monday. COUNTY OFFICEKS. Varnishes, Medicines warranted pure and of the very best quality.

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Uaincs re turned from their visit to Missouri, gpI0EQQ3E3E3 2 Physicians prescriptions Carefully Coxnpourded Dav or XTIilit Wednesday evening.

Saml. n. Peters. ti. V.

FianeU. Ci. vr. Vicker. U.

M. SnfPHrd. K. 1. Klllott.

A. Zebarfat f. I. Prlrett. A.

VL. Briltone. Inst E. A. Kice.

J. It. tilenn. PlstrictJuJe -leirmntatlve JikIkv -County Attorney CJonnty Treairer KegiHter of Deeds Sheriff Clerk of Mat. Court Superintendent of Tub County Clerk County Snrreyor Mr.

O. Jennings, and family, have moved into the Ciendeniu house, in the west end of town. hesemorrhage of the lungs, Sample Copies. We are sending out some sample copies of the Joukstai. this week, and hope those receiving them will consider It a cordial invitation to subscribe.

We have not had time yet to see you and make your personal acquaintance, but wiil try and do so as soon as possible. In the meantime send in your names. A Good Weekly Newspaper Free. Any of our subscribers who pay us one dollar and a half cash in advance for the Joukkai. for one year may receive free, one year, either the Tope-ka weekly Capital, the Leavenworth weekly Times, or the Chicago weekly News.

Sample copies of these papers have been or will be sent to you free for yonr examination. This offer is worthy of your consideration. Master Henry Potter, who has AXTIIOKY, LOOKOUT! been with his the territory, Coroner If. II. Canr.

1st DM. 2nd 3rd came to the city, Monday. T. 11. Sterens.

Joseih Baelir. Commliutloners KANSAS. ANTHONY. Dr. II.

Martin, of Harper, came dawn to the citv, Monday evening, and remained over night. Having just Returned from New York and Philadelphia, we -FOB TIIE- Francis M. White, one of the solid men of Harper township, was Have Upenea oui xne jjargest xseso oeaectea Stock of Goods ever exhibited to the People of Southern Kansas. G-OOIDS. down Monday on business.

Joe Seauav brought a handsome A.NTIIONY SIAILS. DKrABT. For Caldwell via Sonora, IlluffCreek ami Dos-ter, dally excent Sundays, at a. ni. For Wichita Tla lfan'i-.

"n.n.v,n,edf1j m' lvr. Omul Klver and Uuby, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at a. in. Auiciva Front Caldwell and Intermediate points, dally excnrt Hnndays, at.7 i. m.

From Wh hltaand Intermediate point, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at p. m. Office hours from 7 a. m. to 8 p.

m. Oiwn from 9 to lo a. in. on Kunday. iirrlvr llonurlmnnt nurn front 0 a.

Tn. IO buerirv from Wichita, with him, for Ad. Kensley's livery stable. T. F.

Prvor, came up from Where you can find all kinds of BUSINESS NOTICES. Prints, Mttslinsi Shirtingsi Ginghams, Cheviots, Tick- i tho territory, Sunday, where" he had been attending the round-up. 0 m. A. H.

LINDSAY, Postmaster. Tandler Brothers have had their ings, Denims, ijottonaaes, (Jassimeres Jeans and. Flannels. DHBSS O-OOIDS. Good Iir grain Offered.

I will sell or trade the furniture and hotel fixtures, of the Empire house, and sell or rent the building, cheap for cash. Apply to, E. W. Duncan. Anthony June 1st 1882.

signs re-painted, which makes a de cided improvement on the same. TOWN COUNTRY. Lcm Hunter and M. B. Snyder, of Lawns and Scotch Worsted Goods, Cashmeres, Percales, Ginghams.

Groceries cheap for Cas DE ARE READY FOR THE SPRING OF 18 8 2. With Large and New Stock of i CLOTHIITG. Wedding Suits, Business Suits, Boys Suits. Cassimere. All of the latest Sheep Owners Will find 200 wool sacks, 300 lbs.

wol twine, the best and cheapest sheep dip in America for sale, at bottom prices ar, I. B. Forbes, Anthony, Ks. Teams Wanted. I want ren teams to haul fence posts, already cut, from the Cimarron to Drumm's camp.

I will pay one hundred dollars per thousand for the hauling. Inquire of, I. B. Fobbes. style and make.

Suits made in tne new spring styles, just received from Wannamaker, the largest Merchant Tailor in America. SLA.IS JL2STJD Get a good square meal at Kephart'a restaurant. Our city schools closed oil Friday-last for the summer vacation. The last time that winter sat down In the lap of spring, she had fixed a bent pin for him. The sign in front of Costa and Ohio's hardware store, took a tumble, Saturday morniug.

The Judge showed evidence of hard-ware while that clerk was employed, but Is recovering his "grip" again. Persons desiring to furnish board or rent rooms to the institute students, Will please inform S. A. VanKirk, at once. Our lady friends will please to note that we have some of the uicct visit-lug card stock ever made.

Call and Kansas City, Missouri, came in, bun-day evening and spent eomo time in the city. C. C. Goss, son of G. M.

Goss and an old resident of Anthony, came in Tuesdav evening, to sec his father and friends. M. S. Neighbor, Messrs. Hester and Melvin, came down from Lake township, Tuesday, to take part in the re-union.

W. R. Camercr, of Stohr-villc township, dropped in to see us last Friday. lie reports some very wet rains down below. Lew Jennings had the misfortune to run a pitch-fork in his leg, just above the knee, last Friday, and has to carry a cane in consequence.

Rev. T. D. Childs preached an excellent sermon, Sunday morning from A.W tlie Latest S5 les of STETSON MORRIS, CAl-SlCIf? J' Old Papers. IT We have a few old papers suitable for wrapping paper, for sale at this office at a very low price.

and CATTLK-KING Brands. Also full XjLiio of Medium GradeHats at SOcts. to r.CO, BOOTS SHOES. Ladies'. Fine Kid, Goat, Pebble Shoes.

Also a full line of custom-made Slippers and Newport Ties, Gents' Fine Calf, hand made Boots and Shoes, also a fall line of Good, Every day Boots and Shoes, from the best to the cheapest. NOVELTIES -AIsTZD FTJRNTSIirN-O GOODS- John 1-41. The music at the Congre The best quality of sewing machines, best assortment of machine needles and machine oil is tobejound at Davis's hardware store. Warranted to give satisfaction. Dont patronize irresponsible agents when you can do These Goods are First-Class and of the Best Manufacture They wiU be sold at SUCH VEBY LOW PRIOEd As to invite your patronage.

Our stock of SjeZD'WJLieDE, STOVER Tinware, will be found complete at all times and at Prices wituiu the reach ot all Agents for IiAI3it CELEBRATED SHEEP-DIPj Guaranteed to Cure Scab and all kindred diseases. OOST-A. GHIO, ANTHONY, KAS better at home. gational church, which is always good, was exceptionally so, at the morning service. W.

H. McDaniel, brother-in-law of the Mr. Casteeu's, came up the trail with the Anthony drive, is highly pleased with our country, and will become a citizen of our city. Such men are valuable acquisitions. John Livcrmore, came up from the territory, last week, and reports tho folks, working on the post For sale in Silver Creek township, the late styles of Lace, Ties, Coif ars, Cuffs, Neckwear.

Ivitl Ail sec samples. Wo intended to published a list of the soldiers enrolled. at the re-union, Tuesday, but want of space compels us to defer it. The wind, rain and hail storm which took place Saturday -morning, was quite a formidable combination, but wo hear of no serious damages. Faded or gray hair gratl ually recovers its youthful color and lustre by the uso of Parker's Hair Balsam, an elegant dressing, admired lor Us purity and rich perfume.

The Methodist church received a new Kstcy organ, on Monday last, a good quarter of Jand, good running .7. water, price $250 on three years Foster's CelebratedFive-hookleloves a $1.50, below city prices. The Famous Alexandre, at 50 cents to $1-50 per pair Hosiery, Embroidery and. Laces, latest patterns. 1 time.

Must be sold bj June 10th. J. F. Goggin. 7- mnrttrtf If you want a deed or -os 1 We will be in daily receipt of large invoices for the next thirty days made out, to buy or to sell a piece of land or to sell any school boud, call on S.

A. VanKirk, at the court house, and our establishment win De lun oi ine cnoicest Goods the eastern markets afford. contract, in good health ami getting on nicely. John reports things, very wet down there, and is suffering from a bad cold in consequence. Mr.

Melvin Mason, brolhcr-iu-law of W. 11. Kirk patriek, accompanied by Mr. John Chamberlain, both of Sedgwick county, came down last week, and have taken claims and will I have several rood claims for sale. which had heen ordered lor-them by JK.H.

Liiiiusav. It is an oriran ot su cheap, ihese claims have been deed perior too, find will add much to the ed to tne mortgagees to save expense The Oldest Grocery House in Anthony, DEALERS IXtf- oi iorccjosure. rorraer owners gone uuracuou 01 uiu ciiiu vu. east to their "wives relations." become permanent residents here. The republican central counnitlee J.F.

Goggin. will meet at the eotmlv attorney's of Stock Notice. fice," tine 3d. A full attendance is de We welcome the young men to our midst. Miss Ella Kelly, having closed sired, the obicct heiuif to can con i taring enclosed six hundred acres vention to scud delegates to the state her labors here as principal of our of land with a good barbed wire fence, congressional convention.

Drug Store, near Postoffice, 1 am now prepared to take stock to schools, during the past winter, left Mondav morning, for her home in The ordinance of bnptism by emer pasture, very cheap, at Fair View park, three miles, south of Anthony. Winiield, followed by thejrood wishes sion was ndMiuiistcrcd to two eon- CANNED GOODS, AND COAL. W. KNAPP. verts, by Ilev.

Mr. Wood, last Sun FOR WALL PAPER. of her many friends here, wlro hope she will not consider it (W)righr, to desert Anthony for good. OUR ZTML OTTOS: day 1 he baptism took place in Sirin'r creek, west of towu, in the Plenty of lime, just received at Ben. S.

Miller, of Caldwell, is, wc prosenco of a large crowd. arc sorrv to say, unfortunate-in his New Millinery. "Will not he undersold," "Full weight and honest dealing1 We Pay theBestlMarket Price for Country Produce, A Full Stock in All Styles. Call and Learn My Prices. trips to tho territory.

The other day A verv pleasant birtimav partv was Mrs. S. E. Adams has received her given Mis Mollic Taylor, on Tuesday new spring millinery and desires the ho was riding rapidly after a wolf, when his horse stumbled and threw him, breaking his shoulder, and other evening, by her many young menus. ladies of this vicinity to call and ex tone was the recipient ot numerous presents, and the young folks seemed amine them.

She feels confident she I I I tZH CT wise itiiurmg him. lie is still camp -A ILTTIHIOIISrsr can suit them both in styles and price. and is doing as well as can be expec to enjoy the occasion hugely. SHEEP SCAB! vjrivu jicr ted under tho circumstauces. Jle has Ifanv body thinks the wheat crop our best wishes for an early recover-.

SALE AND FEED STABLE. LIVERY, Go to the red front restaurant for a T. F. and J. C.

Pryor have com square meal, cheapest in the city. ZE3I IE UP IiOP is a tailure, let them call and sec a sample of Mr. 11. F. Smith's wheat, left with us.

The berries are large and plump, and would seem to insure, menced work on tho fence around their pasture. George B. Stevens has Five hundred men. womcn and chil AMENT AMEY, PHOPR'S. dren wanted to dine at the red front least thirty bushels to the acre.

the contract, and is furnishing the posts, and they expect their wire at restaurant. Bluff Avenue, Antiony, Kas. Gall and get a trial can, 'of any size, of Harper by June 10th. Ihcir pasture All parties whs have not settled for One of our young hopefuls; at the Congregational church the other Sun Keep the best of Livery Teams and Saddle Horses. is a mammoth one.

being eleven miles HTLIi, SLATDEN SETTLE'S, lots in the cemetery will please call and do so and get their deeds. I am and a half wide, by sixteen in length. day sat where ho had a good view of Turnouts furnfshed on short notice, -with' or without drivers. Horses 1 A' I' A 1 1. ami requiring uiiv-six mues oi wire the bass viol.

On leaving he in preparing to make substantial im Concentrated Extract of Tobacco Sheep-Dip, the Pryors are energetic men. and quired: "Pa what was that thing the provements on the grounds this year deserve much credit for their enter man kept scratching on its back with A SURE CUBE boarded by.the day or week. CHARGES REASONABLE. auu ii uikcs money to make them. M.

W. llAIiSEY. a stick prise. Patents for Osage land up to No. 1 am prepared to furnish for A temporary injunction was served walling wells and cellars, for founda ou the commissioners and county 12166, nro at tho Wichita land office, and for tho Cherokee strip up to No.

766. Itegistcr of Deeds Zacharias will tions and buildings generally. If vou P. Lkk, Surveyor. cleric baturdav, to restrain them Irom issuing the bonds voted Tuesdav.

John D. Beowx, Justice of the EASIEST USED CHEAPEST DIP! Of any Dip in the market. It has been used by parties in this county'and GIVES GOOD SATISFACTION IX ALL CASES. I want you to give it a trial. A "trial can," of any quantity, can be had at my store.

I. IJ. FORBES, Anthony, ICnw. contemplate building do not fail to get procure patents for parties without lhe men engaged in this scheme to ngurcson stone. Kemember, stone is as cheap, and more durable than other LEE charge, if they will leavo their final cast a shadow on our bonds, should re receipt with him.

member that we left Harper alone material. M. W. IIaisky. wheu they voted their bonds, and I am prepared to receive cattle for REAL ESTATE AND LOAN BROKERS, that their uncalled for and malicious Among the men who have come in here recently, none are more welcome summer grazing ot which the best care spite work is as good an advertisement than Lieu rollick's partner in tho cat will be taken.

Terms reasonable. I J. PAUL OBOVE, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. We now have 20.000 acres of improved anl nnimnrnvpd land in Ilarner eountr far as Antnony neeti want, xne bonus wcro legally voted, and they can't tle business, w. F.

Coulson, of Leba 'Xf 1) sale, in large or small tracts. Also a targe amount ol improved and unimproved cftT property tor ale. Beinir well acouainfed with all the lands in llarner and adioinlnrf M. W. II Blanks.

non, Indiana. He much taken help it. counties, and having au extended acquaintance with noii-retident Itval tate owners O. HULL, IsZ. Attorney at Law Office one door east of Peirce.

with our couutry, and will bring his family here to reside, in a short time. I am now prepared to draw all kinds The Anthonv dramatic cluVplaj-ed Caste." last Faiday evening at the in tiiis iiart ui jvauas, we can ODvr 10 paruca Having Jteai cscaio lor waie or to iiioae siring to buy advantages second to those of no other agents in southern W4 keep corrected Plats of all the the Government Lands In Harper county corrected PHYSICIAN and SURGEON of legal documents at short notice. Wo took advantage of a kind invi Presbvterian church, in this ciiv bc- Office in the Cade Building, ana reasonable rates, i Keen a sunnlv monthly from the ynited States Land Office. ASTnONY, KANSAS, 1 I tation from the excellent landlady, to oi aii Kinus oi legal blanks. ANTHONY, KANSAS.

ire aiairauuieucu uv iu very creditable manner. Owing to the threat iuko uiuner at tno umplro house, and wc are not surprised at the populari J. F. GoaoiN, Attention Sheep Breeders. ening storm, which broke before the H.

N. KIRKPATBICK, M.D. performance cioseu mere was a con ty of this house. Mrs. Duncan knows how to get up a good square meal, and make things comfort ahl a stant confusion aud a small part of PHYSICIAN and SURGEON.

He are agents for Ladd's extra audience was scared out. As to the and pleasant for her guests and board strength sheep dip which we are sell TO STKZvTCSElIS Desiring to locate on Government Land or to purchase Improved Property, ws emd show you the Choicest and Cheapest Selections of land in the county, and cas show you more in a day than you can tiud, unaided, in a week. We have On one to five years time on Real Estate at the lowest rates of interest, and Interest payable only onre a year. Cherokee Strip Lauds bought and sold. Con vera nremg and Abstracting carefully at tend to at all time.

Taxes paid and property routed and managed for iion-reidnts Call upon or address play, it was good, all things consider OFFICE: City Drug Store. ers. ing at manufacturers prices. This W. S.

CADE, Attorney a Law, Offic in the Cade Building ANTHONY KANSAS, Will practice in State and Federal courts. Pensions aud liottntiea obtained, Collections made and all kinds ot legal business will receive prompt attention. 5-11 ed, aud under ordinary circumstances KANSAS. ANTHONY would have been greatly enjoyed. dip is the only sure preventive and cure for SCAB and kindred diseases Iu another column will be found the announcement of tho third annual of sheep.

Costa Ghio. There was some very nne amateur acting, Miss Black and and 31 r. Tand GEO. M. KELLER, UL iiormai insnrute, or county.

ler doing especially well. The play PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. roi. w. uotktn, the conductor, is without doubt, one of tho ablest iu ltscii is ceriainiy not suiica to ama X.ICIC Ss I1ROWN.

Anthony.Hons teurs. Harper Times. OFFICE On Main etreet, flt door east of ino state. Mrs. Carrie Graham, of J.

P. oooaiN, Peirce's Orocery. iiarper, is well known to many of our Tblrd Annual Ssalon of the Harper Coun ty normal liuuiae. KA2K3AS. ANTHONY, nu cjLctsiivub nuu luieui- i gent lad and will mrl.iinlv nilil Attorney at Law Good JobWork at this Office Cheap.

J. MONROE TAYLOR io mc mierest ot the institute. Let -c-vcry euortw ueiu maue make ATTORNEYS. everybody attend, who can, and make session, at Anuionj-, July io, 1882, Office Opposite the Cade Building. STABUSH0 ISM, im luicresiinii aua memorable.

i imi luiucsuu et-sioa we PRINT Bills, Cards. Blanks, Tickets, Posters, Receipts. Programs. Envelopes, Bill Heads, Pamphlets, Statements, Note Heads, Letter Heads, Visiting Cards, Funeral Notices, Wedding Invitations, Anthony, Kansas. a I iVlWkX.

O. C. Howe. ever held in the county, and the best in the state Over lifty teachers PARKER'S J. A.

McPhe. McPHEE, HOWE Jb HAIR BALSAM, have signified their lutention to at MISCELLANEOUS. It tend. Prof, G. W.

Botkiu," of La Attorneys at Law, Caygne, Kansas, Willi conduct the FnvnpiE house, institute, aud to those who attended Office over Davis Hardware tor, last year, he needs no recommenda E. W. DUNCAN. KANSAS. ANTHONY, AU Farmers, Mother Bnwm who ate tired Ml by work or worry, ndaSwho are ankera-bio with DypV" RheniBatisB, IWeuralta BowcL Kidaey Liver C4win4aiiiH, yov cas be tnnganted and cured by mine; tion.

To those unacquainted with Anthony, Ivansas. him, we will say that he is one of the W. R. KIRKPATRIO One of the most pleasant social events in the history of Anthony, was tho surprise party tendered Mr. and Mrs.

II. O. Meigs, on the occassion of their twentieth wedding anniversary, last Friday evening. The-following ladies aud gentlemen constituted the party: Messrs. Oimstcad, Look wood, Knisell, Beuuctt, Forbes, Pennock, McPhee, Lapham and their respective wives, Mr.

W.F.Coulson, Mr. John Unll, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Black and Mrs. Meridilh.

The bride and groom were presented with a fine table linen and set of napkins, by a number of the lad frieuds. The comnanv snent a vmini And anything else commonly done ablest educators in the state, having This hotel is centrally located and newly fitted in a country job office. Call and see had a number or years experience in Attorney at Iiaxy, and furnUfeel throughout. Excellent accom-modatiras and Charges Reasonable. our samples and learn our prices, the institute worK.

Jle wilt be assist ANTHONY: KAKSAS. ed in thU work, by Mrs. Carrie Gra out- a week in your own town. $5 fit free. 2io risk.

Erervthin" ham, principal of the schools, at liar- IRVING HOWE, Mm per. lioaro. can do bad at reasonable Capital not required. We will for S. A.

VAN KIRK, i nish you everythinr. Many are rates and those desiring to do so If you are wasting away with Consumption, Age, or any Weakness, you vill find this Tome the Heart nedlclne Von Can Usve for JEkestorlns Hcaltn Strenstli Far superior Bitten aad other Tonics, as ttbailda np the system bat ancr mmrirates. 50c. and suea. None genuine without sigaatnre of Histxuc 8c Col, K.

Y. Large saving in buying dollar size. A IB makinff fortunes. Ladies make a much' as cau rent rooms very cheap. For full Attorneyiat men, anu beys and siris maKe trrcat nay.

J. T. Botkiu. 113 TTATEa SXM NEXT TOU1X He whitest, nicest and bestgoodt iaadK Guaranteed pure, snperior in quality tni style of package to any brand ra tie Takes lesa -qttawrrry same work. Ask your if Laye eo other.

Header, if you want a business at which you Iarucuj.irs,. aanress, larper Ivansa. or y. tiue lunch being served and all re turn -ed feeling hnppy, oyer the enjoyable can muke great pay all the time you work. I Couxt Anthony.

Circulars be issued write tor particulars to u. imuktt Shopon tbe North eisle of Main rret, oti door north City Moat markc. All -work guaranteed to jrive Also a good ock Of tQljacco and cigars on badw Floreston Cologne. fnrty Fnmnt rMMc 4 I.T ill aim mi ttrtmmt rjMt tm fttti. Portland JIaiq soon.


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