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The Eureka Daily Graphic from Eureka, Kansas • 4

The Eureka Daily Graphic from Eureka, Kansas • 4

Eureka, Kansas
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LOCAL NEWS- Juot arrived at mm daily graphic KOIITKO AND VUBUHHKO BY HUDSON FOOHT. Mrs. Kerr came in from Toronto today. 'Entered as second class- mutter, Hnptem-1 1, IDOg. at tUo post oiTlcn at Kur.tlt Kalians, under Uie Aot of onT)s ul March IMS." Barge Lon Smothers returned from Severy today.

Frank Ball of Quinoy township Is in town today. CANDY R. J. Edwards of Emporia is in the The disaster on the Frisco near Ft. Ssott 'is another example of oriminal carelessness, which oost the life of 10 people and seriously injuring 38 others.

Many' people who have grave responsibilities resting upon them become to inured to them that they seem to grow oity today. Fred Challioomb arrived from Okla noma today. From the Miss Anna Parks returned from Wichita today. careless. In this oase the neglect of duty i was so flagrant that it almost City of Zion.

is here from Mrs. Ellis Martin Anadarko Oklahoma. equals deliberate wreoking of train, 1 field reace, Ws have a lot of woven win field fence at a bargain. Call at Houston Lumber Company, Eureka Kansas, G. S.

Sallyards is transacting bust ness in Wichita today. Hellio Gulliokson oame up from Lone You will have no trouble in deciding what to buy For Christmas if you will look through OUR STORE In Furniture our stock of Fancy Rockers, Lounges and Couches, Easels, Picture Frames, Wall Pockets, Mirrors, Tables, is very complete. In Hardware, we have everything usually found in a first class Hardware store such as Guns, Fine Pocket Cutlery, Carvinig Sets, Nickel Plated Ware, and Remember With evenr dollar's worth you buy you get a free chance to draw a Handsome Rubber Tire Driving wagon or a First Class Sewing Machine, FREE. The drawing will take place at our. store on the evening of the 24th, Our Prices are as low as the Lowest.

EUREKA SUPPLY GO. Opposite the Court House. Wolf Oklahoma today. Come in and get some. Barger's grocery.

Smith La Rue of Hamilton transacted business in town Monday, Eureka Steam Laundry, They keep up with the times in machinery and workmanship. Give them a trial and they will hold your trade. Bert Fowler passed through Eureka yesterday on his way to Severy, John Pegram, one of Lane For Keut. A seven room house one blook from the oourt house. Inquire at this office.

progressive citizens, was in Eureka to day. Ju9T D. C. Johnson is transacting business in Kansas City today, He is expected tljeo OUR home tomorrow, Dealer in made nappy A number of Eureka's people attend' ed the sale of 0. B.

Kidder today, Mr. goal, flour, feed I mi iff Kidder lives near Utopia. Faustina Swennev. who has been in and Grain. Topeka for the past four months oame home yesterday for the holidays.

1 also handle the LAVEL Cream PHONG 180. eparator anil sup- lit. South Main 8t. Nwa Heidleston and Florence Tucker are at home for the holiday vaoation. They are students in Washburu college, Miss Ruth Vail started for Mountain View Oklahoma this morning and will spend the holidays visiting with her SPECIAL SALE ON HOLIDAY GOODS G-L.

TETRICK Dental Snrjpi Over Citizen's National, Eureka, Kansas father. Those fine Colorado red potatoes are going fast. Come and get your winter supply before they are gone, Johnson A. Bcrt. Mr.

C. E. Miller received word that AT his father who lives at MoFall, Missouri, was dangerously ill. Mr. Miller started home this afternoon.

By the Christmas gifts purchased at our store. Lots of happiness for little money. On Display Here You Will Find Toys for boys and girls of all ages, at low prices. Trains, Dolls, Guns, etc. TOILET ARTICLES and gifta for older ones.

Every Year Better Than The Last. G. 1. ifei W.W.riorrs.' R. A.

M. Lodee No. 55 and Fidilitr David Martin DEALER IN SINGER, NEW HOME, WHITE, STANDARD, and other Sewing Machines and Supplies. NEEDLES for all Machines. Musical Instruments, Eureka, Kans.

South Main Street, Lodge No. 106 will hold a joint insulation Wednesday evening. A will be given after the ceremonies. Mr, Will Brown passed through Eu reka yesterday on his way home to spend holidays. He is a student in the Agriculture college at Manhattan.

Mrs. Andy Bieman who has been visiting her sister Mrs. Joseph Sieman returned to ber home at Kilda'e Oklahoma yesterday. Mrs. Sieman'i sister accompanied her home and will visit in Oklahoma a few weeks.

HARRY LEWIS, Wholesale Dealer in Hides and Furs Poultry, Butter, Eggs, and Junk. EUREKA, KAN8AS. 5 Down Where the Wurzburger Flows' Von Tilzer sSIIRbI MUSIC "In 'he Sweet Bye and Bye" Von Tilzer UlllIH lillldlU 5 Good Bye Eliza Tilzer "Down Where the Cotton Blossoms We have an entire new 7 on T.ilzer stook of sheet musio in- Hiawatha Vooa, or Icstumental Neil Moret eluding many pieces "The Burning of Rome" E. T. Paull notlisted her Having 5 contracted for a large i Valley of Kentucky" Stanford of the best Jh Crawford sheet muaio, we will un-? wnen ine Apple Blossoms rail ti! further notioe, furnish Cobb 4 Edwards any musio published at -a the following prices: All Central! Give me 50-cent music for 20c, 60- 5 'w''e 'Jr Hamilton eent for 25e; 75-cent for the Bamboo Tree" Cole 35c.

We like mail or- "Minnehaha" Lossy dersat 1 cent per copy A th. Aboy. 2(Jc Mpy Bj xtra. We do not carry 0 cent musio in stook. Oflt Cent Extrt.

Lane Music Co. Live stook agent, Price, of the Miss ouri Paoifio was in Greenwood county the latter part of last week and the first of this, while hunting on G. 8. Sail- yard's farm be succeeded in killing a large grey eagle, the bird is a fine spool men of the speoies and measures 6 ft 8 in. from tip to tip.

NORTH MAIN RESTAURANT Prof, Kelley of Emporia will speak at LJ) Successors to Deal Treat We carry ths best -grades of Lumber Building Material the Christian cburoh Wednesday evenj ing. His subject will be "Spiritualism, Christian Boience, and other Occult Soienoes." A soientifio explanation showing what element of truth- and RUWEDA J. H. Appleeate was in the southern SHORT ORDERS REGULAR MEALS. Willis' Old Stand.

part of the county the latter part of the R. E. CHENEY M. CHBNEJ. CHENEY CHENEY, I DENTISTS.

i Office over Post ORtce. Eukeka, Kansas what of error exists in the public mind week on business. concerning them. No admission J. TROLL, Proprietor, Eureka, Kansas.

Phone us your holiday visitors for the daily. It is a pleasure to wear a collar that When in need of a Shave or haircut Call at HOTEL GREENWOOD BARBER SHOP First door East of Hotel Office. First Class Work Guaranteed. The only SterelUer In the state. O.

P. STEWART, )w J. F. Workmen J. R.

HENRY, Prop. 1 I KAK8A8 has been prepared by that new shaping City ordinance is now in effect. Lecture December 30, come all and enjoy a good time at the Methodist church. maohine at the Eureka steam Laundry W. B.

Higbee was over on Willow Creek Friday after wood. A. M. Wilson and W. B.

Derbyshire went to Eureka Friday. H. G. Sewell of Jerioo Mo. visited at Geo.

Wilson's last Thursday and Friday. M. Shull and sons of Eureka are building a barn on the Race farm, J. S. Halstead got a horse crippled in a runaway Tuesday.

January 1, 1 will close my millinery shop for the winter season and will sell all pattern and street bats at very low JE3E003K prioes for the next 30 days. Miss AUTUMN AMD WINTER. Just Money. H. Johnson has au abundance of money for farm loans It is no difference to the borrowe whether or not it is a home company or private money.

He has money to loan on farms on good and quick time. For Stle. Two lots on north main street for sale. John Cahill 2la miles east of Eureka Gasoline Feed Mills. Headquarters for Cotton Seed Meal, Grain Grain bought and sold on Commission.

Old Elevator Building Mo-Pac. Depot, If you are not already a oustomer of the Eureka steam Laundry, make yourself a Christmas present by having your work done there. Remember Chas. Jack will furnish the best Christmas dinner in the city. You can beat auction prices if you will look at those pictures J.

D. Clark is Those fine eating apples or Chxia'- Are very pleasant seasons ia the Ozark Mountains. The altitude in ths region is sufficient to insure a thin, clear atmosphere; and the location ia far enough south to guarantee a mild, even winter. mas ii at Chas. Jaoks.

Roast pig, turkey, oysters, celery will be on Chas. Jaoks Christmas menu. Don't fail to see those pic EUREKA SPRINGS has flourished this year as never before, and the approaching Fall and Winter promise welL THE CRESCENT HOTEL Take a look at those bargain pictures that J- D. Clark is selling. It beats auction prices- tures J- D.

Clark is selling at his special sale- Ofcouraeyou will get your Christmas candies and nuts at Jacks. i Wa Pay the Highest Market Values. Office and Heidquartere HAMILTON Don't forget the lecture at the Methodist church Deo. 30. Miss Josephine Clemans a sister of our "Friendly Cashier" Perry Clemans oame In Monday to spend the hollidajs at Hamilton.

G. N. Levering oame in from New Mexico to spend Christmas. He is look ing well and has a good position with the Santa Fe. The Devil acd Fool will be the subject of the lecture at the Methodist church December 80, Dr.

Belts of Kansas City. 8. G. Beevers has purchased the Camron Liver) barn. Grant Pettyjohn left this morning for McKracken Kansas.

J. J. Thompson baa oommenoed to improve bis property this week. Lowest prices on stoves in Greenwood at Anderson Shooks. Mr.

Houseman has purchased 160 acres of land from D. E. Aiosworth. Tracy 4 Co. have some good bargios many lines.

Chas. McCliotick has rented the J. 3. Thompson farm for the coming season Suit filed in Justice Court J. Campbell H.1dUton.v CASH FOR EVERYTHING.

4th St, Kintit City, hat been remodeled, and opened under ino management 01 in rrtsco System, with Mr. F- Rnmnr a mwmM Meat delivered to all parts of oity free of charge at Cutmyer'a meat market. It is provided with new conveniences snd comforts of every description, and Home mad lard bree lbs. for cts. at at Cutmyer's meat market.

Important. Don't fail to bring in your oaeh tickets and get your numbers for them on our buggy and sewing machine drawing before Thursday the 24th Inst, as the drawing will take place on that eve-ning. Supply Co. wui do open ousiness tne year round. Eureka Springs may be bad from aay representative of the BIG DISCOUNT 01 HOLIDAY GOODS it W.

W. MORRIS' Aaron Company, (Successois to W. E. Doud.) Wholesale. Poultry, Eggs, Game and HIDES.

Call and Get our West of Eureka Bank 1 Coal and Wood- For seasoned store wood, heating ANDERSON GROCERY AND BAKERY. stove blocks, best grades of coal, brad i shorts, coro chop, bailed bay and briok see Jam 1 Xortn Main Street, or poo application, to Traffic Departeeit, rasco avsTEM BXIWB X.OTJIS. South Mai a street. Your patronage solicited: -A. Andebsoh.

rootie lira. nnnnnna mtmmm WMnnnnna an.

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