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The Eureka Daily Graphic from Eureka, Kansas • 1

The Eureka Daily Graphic from Eureka, Kansas • 1

Eureka, Kansas
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a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a THE EUREKA DAILY GRAPHIC. 1 EUREKA, KANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1903. No. 88 YOUR ATTENTION DAILY LIVE STOCK MARKET REPORT To-day's Receipts: Kansas City 9000 Market is Steady. Chicago No Receipts Given.

(Special wire by Elmore Cooper of Kansas City for the benefit of their customers and friends.) Kansas City Mo. Dec. 3 9:50 a. m. hansas City has 9000 cattle today, market slow and steady.

Prices to-day are--Dressed Beef and 5.00 Stock Cows and Heifers. 2.00 2 75 3.00 3 75 Hogs. 4.50 4 60 HoGs. There are 10000 hogs on the Kansas City market today. Market 5 cents higher.

Bulk of sales $4.50 to $4.65. LOCAL POULTRY MARKETS, Hens 60. .60. Turkeys. 10c.

Eggs 22c Butter Corn. 30c to35c. Hay $4.00 to $5.00. Alfalfa. $5.00 to $6.00 Geese Creat reduction at special sale.

Wrist bags, pocket books etc. at J. D. Clark's. Gilbreath Divorce.

Last week Judge Madden gave his decision in the Gilbreath divorce case. Mrs. Gilbreath was given a divorce, 81000 alimony and custody of the child. Mr. Gilbreath did not make a fight on the divorce.

The contest was on the division of the property. Gilbreath claims that he is a poor man, but it was shown that some of the property he inherited was still in his possession, and half of it was given to his wife. They have one child. Mrs. Gilbreath is daughter of Mrs.

B. D. Freeman of Madison. An Old Citizen Gone. On Wednesday of last week John Campbell died at his home in Madison.

He was an early settler in Kansas hav. ing migrated here from Indiana in 1856. He and his family settled in Douglass county and was a resident there for 19 years. They then returned to Indiana. In 1891 tbey located at Madison and have been residents there ever since.

Mr. Campbell knew something of the hardships endured by the early settlers in Kansas having been a participant in the border warfare. He was a friend of John Brown and knew many of his plans and anticipations. Mr. Campbell was 79 rears, 6 months and 11 days old at the time of his death.

A wife and six children survive hi m. Obituary. She a gained that golden strand; She is clad in robes of purest white She has joined the heavenly band. CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Algasture of Sarah Lyon was born in Madison county, Illinois January 27, 1853.

She was married to Mr. James M. King October 18, 1871, at the home of her parents in the same county. In the fall of 1878 she moved with ber family to Henry county, Missouri, later to Bates county, Missouri, and in 1886 they moved north of Eureira, Kansas, living there 3 years, thence to their present home north -west of Quincy. She died November 26, 1903 at the age of 50 years 9 months and 29 days.

She has lived a good 1 and useful life. She W88 the mother of six children which are all grown and living. Her death occurred at the hospital of Dr. Robertson, Quenemo, Kansas, where she had been for some time in hopes of a recovery. She departs life here for a better home beyond, leaving her aged mother, a kind husband, six children, five grand onildren and many relatives and friends here and elsewhere to mourn the loss of wife, mother, neighbor and friend.

She united with the Christian church in March, 1896, which has been her earnest belief ever since. Few persons were more generally respected and loved than was Mrs. King. The funeral gervices were held at the family residence Saturday, November 28, at 11 a. m.

being conducted by Ed J. G. Slick, of Yates Center, and attended by a large concourse of neighbors and friende. In terment was in the Pleasant Valley cemetery. Oh! Mother how we have missed you, Missed your smiling face; Home in not what it used be.

Since there is a vacant place. Death has robbed us of our mother, Whom we loved and cherished dear; It was mother yes, dear mother Can we help but shed a tear? How we loved her, yes we loved her; Oh! no earthly tongue can tell. Yes the angles they have called her, Up to heaven there to dwell. Mother has crossed the shining river. (THE BENNETT-HULL NUPTIALS.

A Charming Home Wedding Solemuized At Maple Lawn, The beautiful country home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hull was the scene of an unusually pretty home wedding last evering when their daughter Edna Hortense was married to Mr. Clarence Eugene Bennett of Oklahoma City. The ceremony was preformed at eight o'clook by the Rev.

Mr. Wells of the Congregational ohurch. The home was prettily decorated with and white chrysanthume and lighted with candles. The bride looked charming in an exquisitely made gown of Paris muslin trimed in lace worn over white silk. She carried an armful of brides roses.

Her only ornament was a diamond and pearl broach the gift of the groom. Delicious refreshments were served and the presents were many and beautiful. The out of town guests were; Mr. and Mrs. Verger and Miss Donaldson of Kansas City Missouri, Mr.

and Miss Burr of Wichita, Miss Harrison of Carthage Missouri and Mr. Bennett Sr. father of the groom, from Oklahoma City. Mr. and Mrs.

Bennett left last evening for Chicago and New York City. They will be at home after Jar uary 1 in Oklahoma City, Obituary. Florence Irene Miller was born January 16, 1898, and died Nov. 31, 1903 near Utopia Kansas. We From miss your you little Irene, accustomed place, We miss your little footsteps, We miss your 8 ailing face.

We miss your little willing hands, Thy fond and loving care, Our home is dark witnout thee, We miss thee everywhere. Musical Talent in the Public Schools. Talents, like all the best things in life are scattered freely everywhere. All that is neccessafy is the discovery and development. When Prof.

Roney was here last wint he said there were 88 good voices among the pupils of our publio schools as anywhere on earth. Prof. Roney is a great authority on singing and his travels and experience have made him a quick judge of local conditions. There is no doubt of the truth of his statement concerning the musical talent in our public schools. The time for development is short but the results are marvelous.

One of the things to be proud of is the High School girls chorus. Insufficient time has been given to the work but their music is well worth listing to and the numbers to be given at the concert Friday night would adorn any concert program. The chorus is now composed of 21 voices aad that does not include all of the High School girls who can sing. The names of the girls who will sing are as follows: first sopranos, Alice Boone, Helen Sellick, Pauline Murphy, Anna Olson, Gail Hamilton and Ethel Welch; second sopranos, Ruth Peterson, Gea Doud, Laura Becker, Ethel Vaughn, Emma Williams, Gladys Christy; first altos, Bertha Beales, Lulu Miller, Helen Williams, Joy Smith; second altos Zulah Stringham, Miriam Smyth, Edna Flummer, Minnie Flummer and Dora McNutt. A Card of Thanks.

We give many thanks to our friends and neighbors who helped us during the sickness and death of our darling daughter Irene. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Miller. Westminster Choir Friday December II.

At the concert Friday evening, Dec ember 4, at the Lutheran church Miss Ackerman will be heard in vocal piano and pipe organ solo numbers. She will play on on the piano "Autumn" by the the famous French woman composer, Chaminade, and one of the musical, rythmical Chopin waltzes. The selection for this concert will be op. 42 the melody of which runs at times in two beats in the measure while the accom panimeot keeps up the regular 3 beat waltz rythm, a more difficult feat than appearance would indicate. Miss Ackerman has the modern technical facility for playing these things and possesses the spirit, fervor and abandon necessary to piay the piano acceptiably.

Her: playing on the pipe organ is characterized by good taste and ready adaptation to the instrument. Miss Ackerman will sing theoradle hymn of the Virgin. A tovlier song was never written. The tender beautiful words of the Virgin Mother's lullaby have been set to the most exquisite music and Miss Ackerman sings this matchless lullaby in manner beyond criticism. You will be better man or woman for having heard this song.

The High School is justly proud of the program for this concert. LOCAL NEWS. Remembet the High school entertainment Friday evening. Mr. G.

E. Loveland of Neal attended the Bennett -Hull wedding. Mrs. George Reed of Howard is visiting her daughter Mrs. Roy Cheney.

Mr. and Mrs. Hoover returned this morning from a visit at Severy. A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.

Stanley Bates this morning at 7 o'clock. Geo. Greer left for Parsons yesterday. He has been living here with Chris Lampe. Number 18,761 drew the Graphophone at the New York Racket today.

The holder has not called yet. Mre. Fred Hutton and children returned this morning from a visit with friends in Elk county, W. W. Morris will begin his sale of holiday goods Friday, December 4 with with special sale on perfumery.

Rev. A. O. Mortvedt of Newark Illinois arrived last evening and is the guest of Rev. Walstead.

Several people from Severy were in town yesterday attending the trial of Mr. Dickerson for assault. With every purchase to the amount of one ond dollar or more you will get a number for the $15.00 doll or $10.00 phonograph to be given away Christmas. Mr. G.

R. Hull of Gentry county Missouri is here visiting relatives. He is a brother of Mrs. Jacob Miller of Bachelor township. Mr.

Smith Lewis of Ruweda and Miss Lora Morris of Benton Kansas were married at Wichita Wednesday Nov- ember 26. C. S. Lockman, state deputy, and J. A.

Walker, J. A. Dickerson and Fred Farrice. district deputies, all of the Modern Woodman. held a convention here yesterday and today.

District Deputy, of M. W. J.A Walker informs us that the entire 4th Congressional district is now under his supervision. This increases his. territory; he now has charge of the 3rd and 4th Congressional districts.

All members of the Queen Bess Chapter O. E. S. are requested to be present this evening as there will be election of officers for the ensuing year. SECRETARY, January 1, I will close my millinery shop for the winter season and will sell all pattern and street hats at very low prices for the next 30 days.

Miss TANTON, The trial of Clarence Dickereon, who was charged with assaulting F. H. Cunningham on November 7, was held in Justice Gregg's court Wednesday. The trial brought several citizens of Twin Grove township to Eureka and lasted a good portion of the day. The jury returned a verdict of guilty of assault and battery.

Justice Gregg fined Dickerson $10. The fine and costs amounted to $54 40, which Mr. Dickerson paid. Couuty Attorney prosecuted the case. Col.

W. L. Fitch was the attorney for the defendant. At The Concert Friday Night. Two very pretty motion songs will be sung by a chorus of children.

The names of the children taking part are as follows: Ilde Fuller, Miriam Welle, Wanda Tetrick, Donelda Warner, Mary Burch, Marie Bagsley, Vera Wilson, Vera Treaster, Maurice Smyth, Norton Long, Eddie Pritchard, Harry Raymond Smith and Earl Prine. FOR SALE A Desirable Residence Property. 150X150 ft well improveed with a good house of six rooms and attic, well finished and in perfect, condition. Large cistern, pump in kitchen. First class stable, large chicken house and other out buildings, good fences, walks and city water on premises.

Also fine Knabe Piano and a number of pieces of solid oak furniture, all in good condition. Also a good phaeton, nice family horse, fine saddle horse, harness and side-saddle, For prices, terms and examination of property, call between 1 and 5 p. at MRI, ESTHER MANN': Cor. 2 and Maple St. Eureka Kan828.

Is called to the following card; read its contents carefully SOUTHWESTERN BUSINESS AGENCY. L. H. JOHNSON, Att'y. and Mg'r.

Eureka, Kansas, 190 Busines Chances. Dear not sell or buy a business of any kind until you write or 80A us. We are extensive advertisers in the great dailies, well known magazines, and other advertising agencies. No difference where located, We buy and sell or exchange real estate, farms, ranches, dwellings, city and business property; restaurants, stocks of groceries, dry, goods, millinery, boots and shoes, harness, hardware, bakeries, livery, jewelry, furniture, feed, cigar stands, lumber yards, coal yards, laundries, blacksmith shops, business openings such as real estate, loans, insurance abstracts, partnerships. telephone and electric light plants, bonds, all kinds of good corporation stocks, and of business enterprises.

Send us a complete description of any thing you wish to sell, buy or exchange, telling us fully your exact requirements and we will satisfy you. If we do not have it, will advertise specially for it. Yours Truly, SOUTHWESTERN BUSINESS AGENCY See the $15.00 doll or $10.00 phono graph to be given away at Morris. Kansas City may have its theater pest, but it seems to us that we people of Eureka suffer a far greater nuisance, we refor to the loathsome habit of men who stand in groups on the walks or line up along the buildings and expectorate tobacco juice on the side walk and pedestrians must walk through the filth. What shall we do to rid oursolves of this nuisance, is a questien we would gladly have answered through the medium of your daily paper.

A Reader. Coal and Wood. For seasoned stove wood, heating stove blocks, best grades of coal, bran, shorts, corn chops, bailed hay and brick 808 James Murphy Nortn Main Street, Phone 199. Westminister Choir Friday December 11. Wanted 500 Bushels of corn for which we will pay the cash.

A. E. SHaw. Chickens For Sale. Thorough bred Barred and Buff Plymouth Rock Cockerels.

Mrs. Chas. Osborn, Eureka Kansas Look out next week for J. D. Clark's special Sale Of pictures.

C.AH ATA. sears the The Kind You Have Always Bought Bignature Special sale this week at J. D. Clark's. Wrist bags, purses, pocketbooks, etc.

Great reduction. Bears the The Kind You Have Always Bought Signature AUTUMN AND WINTER Are very pleasant seasons in the Ozark Mountains. The altitude in this region is sufficient to insure a thin, clear atmosphere; and the location is far enough south to guarantee a mild, open winter. EUREKA SPRINGS has flourished this year as never before, and the approaching Fall and Winter promise well. THE CRESCENT HOTEL has been remodeled, and opened under the management of the Frisco System, with Mr.

E. E. Sumner as proprieter. It i is provided with new conveniences and comforts of every description, and will be open for business the year 'round. Illustrated descriptive literature of Eureka Springs may be bad from any representative of the FRISCO SYSTEM or upon application, to Passenger Traffic Department, FRISCO SYSTEM SAINT LOUIS.

Then This signature is on every box of the genuine Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets the remedy that cures a cold in DO YOUR Christmas Buying AT Barger's. Tons of Candy, Fruits and Nuts. Fine Groceries, Fine China, Sold Cheaper than Credit Stores Buy Them Low Rates to Schools and Churches. 8 Removal Sale (14 shop. Che Old Guriosity Shop, is move going January to 1st, SURE.

Therefore will offer EVERYTHING, Including Show Cases, Fixtures, in their line. Some of the BARGAINS Are Stoves, Iron Bed Steads, Stove Pipes, Furniture, Hardware and Tinware, Notions, Novelties and Second Hand Goods. OLD CURIOSITY SHOP. P. Christmas, Bibles, Books, Albums, Musical Goods and Supplies, Clooks and Jewelry, Tables, Toys, etc.

Call and see if you can't find a Bargain We Pay the Highest Market Values. Office and Headquarters CASH FOR EVERYTHING. 115 E. 4th St, Kansas City, Mo Aaron Company, (Successors to W. E.

Doud.) Wholesale Poultry, Eggs, Game and HIDES. Call and Get our Prices. West of Eureka Bank..

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