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The Daily Tribune from Winfield, Kansas • 4

The Daily Tribune from Winfield, Kansas • 4

The Daily Tribunei
Winfield, Kansas
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DAILY VISITOR WINt'ELU FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1886 i p7 pa 1 RriffSflw 6nU IMliWl 111 STILL TAKE THE LEAD AS 1000 and 1002 Main and 10 We have on sale THIS WEEl LOW PRICE MAKER of all solid well made BOOTS SHOES We will not be undersold and will meet all competition in prices and not only that but we will sell you any thing in Shoe line 10 to 15 per cent less than any house in Winfield and still sell them at their real value. Call and look at our prices and yon will think as we do, that we are, the LOW PRICE MAKERS PEEBLES KEACH JgTOne door north of Johnston.s Furniture Store, BIG CLOW AB0CT S0TII1TG- The city council has about conclud to stop work im the Ninth avenue bridge until spring, and citizens direct ly interested and the Vernon farmer are wrathy. The contract with the Smith bridge company called for a finish of the bridge by September first. The council, to raise the abutments a foot hig'ierand other reasons gave more time and now that the maiu briige is finished our wise municipal rulers saj the approaches shall remain unfinished till spring. Courier.

False as Hades from the first word to the last, but probably as near to it as the paper quoted can approach. Now, mark how plain a tale shall put them down." In the first place the city council ha ot about concluded to stop work on the Ninth Ayenue bridge uutil spring. In the second place, if the farmers of Vernon township are wrathy the Courier is very cute in its gauzy attempts-manufacture a cause. The committer appointed by the council met yesterday afternoon in Mayor Graham's offici to devise ways and means for pushing the bridge approaches to completion. The statement that the council had about decided to put the matter off until Spring, as weli as a lot of bosh following it, which we omit on account of its monotenous similarity to the rot that has sickened our people for the past two years was without foundation and was "a subtertuge to draw the attention of the Vernon town 100 suits of Mens red all-wool IKRII, Shirts and drawers at 50 cents apiece.

Win give you full particulars of a new and novel Special Sale, to-morrow. YOUNG RICE. NEXT TO OCCITENTAL HOTEL, SOUTH STAIN STRETT-. Staple and Fancy everything kept in a first-class Grocerv Country produie bought and sold. Prices guaranteed as low as any store in the city.

Goods delivered to any part the city. ship farmers from what the Courier feared they might be thinking about, i and reminds one very forcibly of the way the article hides. The approaches will be built and the council is doing the best it can anH will continue to do so with or without the consent of the disgruntled and played out Courier. Scarlet Twill Flannel VEDDKQ I BELLS- Last evening at the residence of John D.Pryor, George J. Lockwood and Miss JOHNSTON IRWIN, Extra and; weight WILL ARBSTROSQ DEAD.

The sad news of the death of genial Hearses and Carriages furnished Open night and day. OFFICE, 1105 SOUTH MAIN. nMfl.r ll OK Will. Armstrong was received yestei OH 1UL1 ail MM UUl iu vkj tjfty to be followed soon after by the re- 1 1 uuaiuo, but) uuutuciu iiauaaa rail- Se theoAeboa a yard, goods. road.

Mr. Armstrong left this city two months ago, afflicted with that dread disease, consumption. He died Wednesday in Comanche county. The father, sister and wife, all died since the first day of last January. Will was a printer and held cases on the Daily Courier before leaving for Comanche county, and had warm friends among the craft.

It is a sad task to chronicle Ida l. lrezise were wed, Kb v. J. H. Reider officiating.

The bride is one of the most charming young ladies of the city, and her sunny disposition and personal charms have made her hosts of friends and will make her husband an envied man. For the past three years sht has b.een bookkeeper for the Telegram. The groom, Mr. Geoage J. Look-wood, a fine appearing young man, is connected wl.h the Frisco Liue, and resides at Arkansas City.

After the ceremony, a substantial 10-past was served and the Visitor boys, who were favored with some of the cake, are loud in its praise. If bright prospects are any indication, the most extravagant wishes we could express for the future uf the happy couple, would be more than fulfilled. The following is a list of the presents together with the donors: Silver cake basket, father and mother of the bride; breakfast caster, Mr. and Novelties in CMldrens Fair Cap a death like this. How he must have suffered.

Father, sister and loving wife leave him in rapid succession and he was left to fight the battle of life alone with the grim destroyer but half hidden The City Book Store Has just received a large lot of ALBUMS, Which will be sold cheap. Also over 60 new patterns of PICTURE MOULDING. Thirty 5-cent loaves of Bread Haltiwanger is Busted XrWe do not ran a wagon, but sell cheap. Mrs. S.

D. Pryor; bed-room set, Mr. and Mrs. Hagaman; silver and glass CIXOH'S IHDIANA BAKERY in the shadows of the future. The fu-rOUnd nO Where else neraI services will take place to-day.

i The following from the Ivanhoe lODOgganS CapS IOr Times will be of interest to our readers in the eastern part of the county, Mr. MlQQPQ Zimmerman's recent home: lUllibtb. OUIIieimilg j. p. Zimmerman has, by his manly motives, endeared himself to the peo- new.

Ask to see them.ie1 "ia ppea at bouquet holder, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wants money; and to get it is now selling Matlock and F. H.

Greer: solid silver spoon 8 in plush case, Mr. and Mrs. L. cigarf at demorali zing prices, as follows: $1.00 D. Latham: silver berry dish, Mrs.

Mary Pryor, Scales Mound, 111 silver jewel case, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Martin, $1.25, 1,50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.25 etc.

per box. Watertown, N. fancy lamp. Miss Hattie Andrew cut glass fruit bowl and small dishes, Miss- Nettie Mc Mullen; silver cut-glass sugar bowl, Mr. and nana ui our columns, ami ue suites in a manly manner, his reasons.

We bespeak for him in the future the co-operation and support of the people. He labored faithfully to upbuild a move that is and has been of vital to every claim holder in South Finney. We wish him in life the success in all his moves that he so eminently deserves. SANDNER EAST SEVENTH AVENUE Grocery- and Meat Market, Keep a choice stock of Fancy and Staple Groceries. Produce of very kind always on hand.

Also fresh meats, smoked meats and poultry. Fresh bread daily from the Ohio Bakery. flagging and rabble rock call and get N. B. Sandner.s prices BOTTOM PBJCES.

N. B. SANDNEB CQ, Call on him at QUEEN CITY CIGAR HO USE East 9th Avenue, Under Farmers Bank. Mrs. Charles fuller; hanging lamp, Mr.

and Mrs. J. C. "McMullen; solid silver card receiver, engraved. Black and: Rembaugh one dozen linen towels.

Louie Lord Lext week. l-'or wall paper go to Cole's Drug Store. Fresh Cat Fish to-day at J. G. Kraft's market.

Fine cigars at the Model urocery, the post office. Dr. Wilkins was over yesterday from Windsor township. A. H.

Jennings and wife have gone to Ol io for a few weeks visit. All kinds of feed always on hand at Cosner's McGuire's old stand. J. W. Fenquay, the Constaut merchant, was on our streets yesterday.

W. C. Robinson, Latham's banker, came down yesterday, on business, The best board in the city at th Winfield Bakery Restauran for only $3.00. Hot Bread every morning at the Winfield Bakery, the best the citv af- Ladies fine "camels hair" vests and drawers. Finished seams.

Splendid values for the money at $1 12 1 2 Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young; butter knife, D.

C. Young; Byron's poems, J. F. McMullen; dozen linen napkins, Mrs. Helen Pryor, Calliope, Iowa; six damask towels, Mrs.

James Trezise, Chicago. 111. amberina set, Miss Ella Tre The dead and withered leaves which rustle about our feet; the dried and leafless weeds throwing and tossing their naked limbs in the northern blast; the lone, lorn batchelor diving into the bottom of his trunk to see how much zise; portmome.Miss Mamie and Master Winnie Pryor; gold lined silver fruit of a stock of underwear he has on hand; A BUSINESS CHANGE nirv 'all, all reminds us that winter is almost each. The above here, and at the same time affords us stand, Mr. and Mrs.

R. B. White; silver fruit stands. Miss Mary Greenlee and Misses Ella and Haidee Trezise; Dutchess lace handkerchief. Mr.

and Having bought the WILLIAM'S DRUG STORE. the opportunity of suggesting that now is also the time to burn the leaves, to No a decided bargain cut down what remains of our summer Mrs. S. D. Pryor; amberina pitcher, Misses Lillie and Mollie Trezise.

street decorations and set lire to some brush heaps that hat have been with 1 fords. At the residence of the bride's moth us since var before last. one should miss seeing them. I take this opportunity of extending to my old friends and the public generally, an invitation to give me a call. Yoa will find that we keep the best quality of everything in the DKUGr and DRUGGISTS SUNDRIES Line, and yoa will be treated white.

ir. Williams will still remain in charge of the prescription department, for a few months. er on West Eleventh Avenue, this city, last evening, Mr. W. D.

Cary and Miss Eva M. Dodds were joined in wedlock Remember the best place for a good meal, is at the Winfield Bakery Restaurant. More Bread and better Bread for $1 James Coelier, who owns a fine farm in the State Creek and Arkansaw Val leva, came over to Winfield and invest by Kev. J. W.

Miller, in the presence BOOTS and SHOES C. KOOT dz, CO Are receiving daily their fall stock ot Bxts Shoes and can and will offer you the best bargains to be had in the County. Come in and see our stock before purchasing. O- IE3oot 3z Co, 'Exclusive Boot and Shoe House." of a few intimate friends. The bride at the Winfield Bakery than any place was arrayed in a while Surrah silk.

ed in a windmill, pump and two tanks for use on his farm. They were sold to him by Bertram Bertram. He will pearl trimmings with white rose buds. The groom wore the conventional also have his barn lot and stock yard in the city. Boarding and Lodging at the Winfield Bakery Restaueant for only $4.00, worth $7.00.

When you come to town don't lor- fully piped so that his stock will have black, trimmed, with smiles and happiness. The presents were numerous and costly. plenty of water. eet that the English Kitchen is the The sportsmen taking part in the place to stop. annual hunt, began struggling in yester day evening.

Most of them got home. We will sell this week, all colors in Zephyrs, Best goods a' the low price of 5c an oz. Remember 5c an ounce this week You can get more to eat at the English Kitchen for zo cents than any nut a lew remained out to buut snipes during the night. We did not get the score, but will publish it tomorrow. bouse in the city.

The county commissioners meet to AXTELL ORAINE, The Leading UNDERTAKER Can furdish you with any kind of coffin or burial case at the lowest possible yrices. A fine hearse and carriages with a report of the banquet to be day to canvass the vote of the county iuduldged in tonight. of Xuesday election. Capt. C.

E. Steuvtn picked up a copy COAL. COAL. When you want some good Cake don't fail to call and leave your orders of the yesterday and casting his eyes over it noticed a at the Wmheld Bakery. Miss Haidee Trezise will tie the suc THE IRREPRESSIBLE letter from a man who was hi3 tent mate during the three months service cessor of her sister.

Miss Ida, as book furniched when desired. Befoie ordering, call and see us. in 1861. This was the first time Capt, Ladies keeper tor the Telegram. Steuven heard from him since the close of the war.

Everythibg bought at H. Cosner's McGuire's old stand- are delivered Our place of business is on South Main street, opposite the St. James hotel. at once and free of charge. W.

W. Thickston and family are here Look out. for a cold wave and order from Jennings county, Indiana, and will open a restaurant net week in the in your hard coal. The Badger Lum old City Hotel building on South Main All Wool Hose Worsted heel and toe. All colors at 20c.

ber Co. nave plenty insloot. FRANK MANNY Has opened a ne Coal Yard in Winfield and proposes to show the people how an honest Dutchman can maks money in the coal business and yet sell 2000 Pounds For a Ton. He has all classes of soft coal ever kept in the city, also a full stock of the Ft. Scott Red, a coal very similar in its nature to the Canon City coal and yet cheaper.

Give Frank a call. You will find him on east 9 th Ave, ist door west of Ohio bakery. street. Mr. Thickston will spend the winter in prospecting in Western Kan WANT COLUMN.

F. H. Cline came in from Medicine Lodge yesterday to act as best man in sas and Southeastern Colorado. The the Lock wood-lrezise wedding. Advertisements published tn this eel' family will run the restaurant.

umn for 5 cents a Une per week. No The old reliable eating house, the KNOCKED OCT-The prices of stoves cannot be held up. Harbaugh bought early with the intention of knocking the everlasting stuffln1 out of prices on cook stoves and beaters and are doing it with a vengance. The best stoves in the market and prices way down to bed rock The contract for the approach from advertisement taken for less than 25 cts Winfield restaurant, here you can get east side, grading, trestle work etc to the Ninth avenue bridge, will bo let the best meals or board in the city. HORSE STRAYED; A bay mare WANTED.

A good girl to wash dishes at torta lhe Cour'er can kick itself bobtail, short mane, shoii in front, and KOH furniture. 117 again for a mistake. The council gofs along doing business just the same isast na avenue. mii at once. had on a halter.

S. Sumpteb. HE DESERVES IT- There are subjects that will bear repeating and not only 'bear repealing but the more they are repeated the more good they de. In this connection we desire to repeat the fact that John Osborne the skillful shoemaker is turning cut some work that is "a thiug of beauty" and consequently 'a joy forever." There is nothing that becomes a lady or gentleman more than a nice fitting shoe, and there's no boot or shoe made in factory or penitentiary that will wear anything like the honest work' of honest John Osborne. Remember that Osborne is a fashionable shoemaker and has removed his shop from the old familiar place on Sth Avenue to Church street back of the McGuire grocery.

QUICK TIME. Parties going east will find it to their interest to go via "Frisco Line" as we make several hours quickest time to all eastern points with sure connections and less changes than any other line. Only one night out and one change to' Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago, and only one change to Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburg, New Kork, Baltimore and Washington D. C. Our rates are always as low as the lowest.

Any information will bo courteously given by F. D. Blackman, Agt. Winfield. WITTER TOURIST TICKETS- The "Frisco Line" will place on sale Nov.

1, 1886, Round Trip Tourist Tickets to New Orleans, La Jacksonville, and all Southern resorts and points of interest. Our quick time and few changes gives us the most desirable route to these places. Call and get particulars. F. D.

Blackman, Agent. The cold chilling winds of fall are here, winter approaches, and will be upon us before we think of it, "In times of peace prepare for war," In pleasant weather then 'tis well to prepare for the bad. It is now time to put up stores and be ready for any emergency that may arise. Harbaugh Co. acting upon these sensible principles have purchased the finest line of all the best makes of heating stoves ever offered in this market, and respectfully invite everybody to call and see them.

No one can fail to be pleased who will examine their stock. as though there was nt a kicker within WANTED. A good second hand store. a thousand miles. im weight, miuiner, Main street.

Don't forget that our bread is still Messrs. Dr. Kindron and O. C. Daisej Hear! HEAR Hear! JTUK 5 ALB.

Stock and Fixture! of good paying Hesuurant. I have to tell on account will leave this morning for Caldwell the standard. Try it and be convinced Respectfully, EARLT MlTCHNER. Get your Bread of the Winfield Bak' examine the silver ote that is reported oi oaa neaitn. I.

M. Coryall, north of English Kitchen. WANTED To trade city nrooertv tor ery. Remember mv bread is above the to exist in that region. They are both old and experienced miners and have an eye to business 'f the ore proves good team wagon ard harness.

Property STANDARD. Respectfully, W. H. Clark. Double Width Tricots All colors and the new mixtures "Strictly all wool," at 52 l-2c a yard.

We close this line of goods this week and wil! have no more at the price. valuable. ichita Eagle. wurm uu. a (rent nargin, a room Bouse, goo 1 well and out building.

Call at Grocery at Main Street, Winfield. Kansaa. If. O. Or.

Come and give me your name and A Concord school philosospher makes it as plain a noonday snn when he says that ''there an ny; there is one, and WANIED SEWING I will do ali kinds of number and have the wagon stop at your door every morning with Hot sewing-piain ana fancy at my hojie. Orders their unity by the teness of the many soucitea ana promptly attended to. Mrs. J. A Foults, 1517 South Maaning street, 1st door north of Judge Snow's residence.

Bread and tsuns. Wmheld Bakery, W. H. Clark, Prop. enables us to grasp the manyness Kings New Discovery.

Pierces Discovery, 3-B-3-S, Harters Iron Tonic, Ay res Sarsaprilla, Ayres Cherry Pectoral, Hop Bitters, Iron Bitters and all other $1.00 size patent medicine at 65 cents a bottle at Cole's Drag Store. Ed. Cole keeps the largost stock of drugs, wall paper and painting material, and gives more of it for the same money than any other dealer in this county. The new and popuiar drink at Hart er's Soda Fountain is Moxie's Nerve Food. It is a sure cure for nervous depression and very invigorating.

Try it. This is the first time in the history of Winfield, that strictly pure, white le was ever sold for $7.00 per 100 lbs Ed. Cole sells it. Buy everything in the grocery linn of W. H.

Cosner McGuire's old stand and save big Jioney. For a fine shave or hair cut, go to Traut Opperman's opposite St James. Hugh and Ford's ladies bhoes are taking the trade at Peebles Keach. the one in the threefoldness of the to Mr. D.

s. Beadle, of Vernon town tality." ship, has bought a windmill, purou and -THE PLACE TO BUY YOUR GROCERIES Is at the house where yoa will find a ulhand complete stock at the Lowest prices. In this way you always save money and if-you make a practice saving money in this wav yon will erow rich. Remember, the only place to do th is at the GROCERY Headquarters of LYNN FRENCH. tank of Bertram Bertram, for use on Capt.

J. B. Nipp left on the Santa his farm. Fe last night for Ashland, to visit his mother, whom he has seen but on If yon don't believe that the Famous is the best $3.00 a week house in the city either try it or ask those who are in 17 years. That's a long lime to be away from the dear old mother and the Captain will enjoy his boarding there.

Capt. Steuven leaves for ATashington Louie Lord comes to this city with uiiy some time mis wt eK to be gone We sell 4'Wool for Wool," and "Cotton for Cotton." Goods guar- until the close of the coming session of congress. SCHOOL SUPPLIES At Drossie's P. O. News Stand.

Parses of all kinds and in large quantities at very low prices. WANTED --COOK. A number one, good cook lady. Is wanted at the English Kitchen. No other need apply.

Apply at once. Parlor, Cook. Base Burner. Direct Draught, Round, Square, High. Low, Mounted or Unmounted Stoves fwr sale by Harbangh Winfield Kansas for less than one three fourths of the usual prices.

Don't buy a stove until yoa see Harbaugh Co. They are headquarters for all kinds and are raising "Cain" by knocking the bottom out of prices. Try them by all means. Kraft has some very fine celery at his market to-day. Try it the highest encomiums ever accorded an actress, who has vis ted this section of the country.

Louie Lord will win her wav into the hearts of all who visit At Cole's drug store yoa can buy the perforninc3 next week. any pin irom iu cents to 1Z cents a box and all $1.00 size patent medicines Mr. Solomon North and Miss Mag In anteed as represented. irom ou cents to cents a Dottle, and don't you forget it. All kinds of hard and soft coal stock at the Badger Lumber Co.

gie Work, were married last evening at the A. M. E. Church lhe occasion was a very pleasant one, and a large crowd took part in the festivities at As a street-car was crossing Ninth Ayenue last evening, an omnibus turned across in front of the car crowding the mules from between the rails, causing them to jerk tho car off the track. Fine Florida Oranges just arrived at the Enghsh Kitchen.

Queensware at the Queens ware house 75 cents on the $1. tendant. Capt. Myers has secured the Louie STOVES. STOVES.

STOVES now bare on hand the most extensive stock of Cooking Stoves. Direct Draft and Baser Burning Heating Stoves ever exhibtte in Winfield and will sell to you at prices that will discount those given you by the "way down to bed rock" people. Bring your prejudiced husbands along to examine them. "We Can't Toe TJndeisold If yon want bargains see nsr Our lino of Shelf and Heavy hardware, Baggies and Implements at less than Kansas City prices. S.

H. YTO 1000 and 1002 Main and 10 Ave. Lord Company to perform next Thurs day, Friday and Saturday. The people We understap.d Walnut township has employed Jennings Troup to take such steps and begin such action in the courts as will release them from obligation to issue $15,000 in bonds to the F. E.

W. V. R. R. This, on the grounds that the railroad company has not complied with stipulations filed be.

fore the bonds were voted. We don't see why a railroad company should not be compelled to live up to their contracts with townships as well as townships with railroad companies. We congratulate-the people of Walnut upon their determination to hold the company to their contract. have been waiting for Louie Liord and will give her a big audience. I.nnio I.nrd I'omnanv will be here on -We -Will-Save-You -Money- ON PRESCRIPTIONS AND 'DRUGS.

0. H. SLACK St "James Block Thursday. Friday and Saturday of next mcpV Tlii i-omnanv wi be sure to please, as Louie Lord is far the best actress that has ever been in this city. 3 0.

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