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The Hartford Weekly Call from Hartford, Kansas • 3

The Hartford Weekly Call from Hartford, Kansas • 3

Hartford, Kansas
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When in the couri. of human cvcdU It becrme. eceuar; to IN MEM01UAM. At ft regular meeting of Protection Lodge Neosho Volley HEAL ESTATE ASTNCY WEEKLY CALL. PUBLISH KU BVERY FI1HMY UY tbkus or On year $1 00 The ntmnspbere of Tuesday night, Wednes-dny find Wednesday night was quite cold, but no dtimage was doi a to the peach buds.

Mr. Fletcher, posnnnster at Lena Valley, culle I yesterday, lie tells us that the valley is receiving many new additions to its DRY GOODS! Dry Good Dry Guods B. N. Hunt is filing up his meat market and will soon begin butchering again; Remember that we have the best sewing machine made for sale. Call on us at the Ca i.l office.

James Eraus is having twenty oar loads of corn shelled for shipment to Texas. Calvin Moore is doing the shelling. J. A. Collins has completed Mr.

Welgn-moth's house. The bouse Is 10x28, two stories high, with poarch and buttry. Ue completed this bouse in six weeks. Quite a number of the friends of Thomas Duckett took their teams and went out to assist him with his spring work yesterday. Owing 10 the sickness in Mr.

Duckett's family he has been unable to attend to his work himself. He will appreciate this kindness. Qr kitnsw ar an Gl assw a b. Fli ck in-ger llurnheisel have received a splendid A complete stock consisting in part of all kinds of staple FURNISHING GOODS, HATS WIN1 CAPS, Clothing For Men nnaBoy. Clothing.

mdoot.ll lr THOS. H. JiEEfl, Hartford, Ioi ao mt ma iai.i or 11.1 kiim of Land, City Prop rty Town Lota, Etc. II pny Tarrt, furnith A 6-ttractM, and do General Meal tat Dmtinttt. Pforerli Aflyertucl Free.

No Sale do Fee. Charges Refills Correspondence solicited and allbusineea promptly aud correctly attended to. Below is a partial list of property for sal. Situated, as it is. ia ths justly ctebraie4 Neosho Valley, possessiug more advantages than any other eouoiry to the West.

these CHKA.P IA.TfIN, Boots and Shoes. Rubber Goods, AND GROCERIES. Dry Goods) Bry Goods in unending slock I 1 ftnd of the-very best varieties, particular. They buy EXCLUSIVELY FOR customers lie tMi. Tn mains thsn they IN EXCHANGE FOR GOODS.

iwroLAsiiwARE-wi I I'bfse blue skjes, the seibing energy, the tS" nemr to vUit tht old Reliable Uouie t-f W3t M. S. COWLES Hartfofd, Kansas. culture, the folden riches aart the tiois or psftttim) and farm life in this Neosho Vale bo fore you buy 280 acres se of flartferd, all the best nf bottom, plenty of timber, pood stone, plenty 1 of good stock wster. Kill be sold very cheap.

8 80 acres 12 miles af Hartford, good slock water, unlimited stock rang, fine soil, good gras. Will be sold at a very rare bargain. 4 80 acres 12 miles sw of Hartford, lao I 1 In high stale of cultivation, Wst of watr, I plenty of fruit tree, sroml school privilege. 4 miles from 4 railroad. Price I $1300.

1 5 83 ares of tl art for I. in cultivation, with house, guud wtll. all fenced, all bottom laud. 6 80 acres, underlaid wilh coal, bwit of soil, all slypes, school close, plenty of range and good water. Cash eatr bar- A Where satisfaction Is guaranteed In everv CASH and therefore are enabled to give their can get elsewhere, as they have a buyer contUutly in the market.

I heir tcois are aiwj fresh and of the latest styles. Call aud examine our stock and get our prices. COUNTRY PRODUCE TAKEN No. 31 A. 0.

U. W. held Saturday evening, March 27, the following resolutions were nanimonsly adopted: WtiKRRAs, It has plensed the Great and All wise Father to remove by death from our midst in a painful manner our highly esteemed and welt beloved brother, A. D. Free man, therefore bs it Resolved, That we, the members of Protection Lodge No.

31, Ancient Order of United Workmen, feel deeply the loss of our worthy brother, and deplore this the first ntrance of the 'Urim fee tr oyer into our itherto unbroken ranks. Resolved, That while we how with resig nation to the mandate of the Supreme Master Workman of the universe, we tender to is bereaved wife our heartfelt sympathy, and will keep green fn our hearts, as she ill In hers, the memory of the honored dead. A. A sulky, Recorder. Hartford Lodge No, 8 adopted the follow ing report: Resolved.

That Hartford Lodge No. 8 A IJ extend sympathy to Protection Lodge No. 81, for the loss it haa sustained by tht dentil of A. D. Freeman, late llecorder of said lodge.

anl thnt the above resolutions be adopted aud published in the Hartford I all. FROM CHICAGO MOUMD. April 6. Sunday school organized ths last Sunday in March with J. D.Townshend ae superintendent, with a good attendance pro pf 1 Tor ft goou scnoot tins summer.

lrs. v. C. Welch returned to her home at Parkerville Inst Saturday Conley Smith is building ft house at Strawn, the lower story to be used as a restaurant, the upper as a dwelling I. Prettier is building a very neat residence at K.

Madnris has built a new fence around bis eerrall and other Improvements. John Is a go ahead W. Simpson has rented part of H. Mayes' farm for corn. lowustienu nas rented j.k.

inomp- sen's farm Rer. Annis preached an in cresting sermon on infant justification Sun day Bros, have GOO lambs in their herd of sheep. Local. FROM EMl'OIUA. April 6.

"The Union Spy" finished ft course of four nights laet Saturday evening. The play was well received here, but owing to the free concerts given in ths street by the Witiard Oil Compsny the attendance was not as large as could be Churches were crowded last Sunday. Judge l'eyton sentenced eleven criminals last Saturday. Seven were convicted of grand larceny, one for bigamy, one for for gery, and two for petty larceny. Six were sentenced to three years in the penitentiary, which was the longest terra given.

Iwo were sentenced for 10 months and 80 days respectively in the oounty jail There are four troups and shows advertised at present for Emporia, all of which will bs here in a few days. Koukbick. llnriford l'roduue Merket. Corrected by Flickinger Burnheisel. Wheat per bushel, Sficfn SI; Corn, do, 25c; Hour, 1'Kt lhs Taylor nenger AAA 25, XXX.

00; Graham flour, Corn Meal, 100, $1 OO; HuckwLeat, lb 4c; rolatoes, 'pt bushel, Butter, lb, 5itt; Kggs, do. Chickens, bosen, SI 2-V'i 1 50. Fat Hogs, 60; Fat Cows, $2 uU(2 7o. Ilarb Wlrol Ilurl 1Vlr! Five different kinds, bottom Gould's Take Xottce. Person knowing themselves, indebted to the late firm of Shaver St Moore are notified to come and settle at once, 12-tf TCpnsmei Farmer and Call, We have made arrangement lo club with the Kansas Farmer, and vill furnish the Farmer and Call each one year for f'2 in advanoe.

Now is your tune. Eating Jlouae, C- C. Loom is invites custom from the peo ple of this vicinity when in Burlington. The house is located thre doors east of the Farlor Gallery. Meals low nnd at all hours.

Notice of tu II. WALKER, and Samuel Gates and each of them are hereby notified thai they and each of them have been sued by H. W. Williams In the liwlnet Court of Lv-'H county, Kansas. Tht the said II.

W. Wi'-liams, plaintiff In said action, did on he thh day of April, 1880, file bis petition in said court setting up smong other thing that the records in the ofhee of Register of Deeds in said Lyon county showed a eloud ngainnt the title to the southt-ast 1 of section V2 in said county, and aking s-ud court for an order removing said cloud or lien, and that unless the said defendants, or either of them, answer the said petition or otherwise appear and plead thereto on or before the liOih day of May, 1880, judgment will be taken against them and etch of them preyed fur In sa id pctiiioa and for oots. H. W. WILLI A M9.

rTv'P FOR ALL DlSEASKSur khe TltUOAT UUU AMD LI' PUS TUB Green Mountain Used in private practice since Fat hi fore the public in nnTTnrt lHti'j. It NEVEII FAILS IUU Oil Price fiOcnnd fl. SAMPLE BOTTLES 10 CENTS. All All druggists keep it for sale. rj i 1 Head our guarantee, among looalsDALu oiu Dny Iti nc kett, 23m 8 Sole Proprietors, Kansas City, Mo W.

J. Com J. A. TfloMMON, C. II.

DiVlKit. Combs, Thompson Defks Contractors ani Emldcrs, Hartford, Lyon County, Kant, 12Mo.lliahel 1MOO. THE CKLEBRATKU Star Parlor Organ. Unrivaled In beauty of tons, perfection of finish, and offered at oates more popular than those of any other leading or prominent uiauufaeturer, BLACK WALNUT CASES, Of the latest and most Improved drslprns, beautifully polished and ornamented in the highest stvte known to art, Xew and improved action with pat eft Utriyht Iteitutvti, mnd vluable Solo Stops, VER 1NSTR VM BNT WARRANTED FOR SIX YEARS. BI I lust rated Catalogue mailed on application.

Address the manufacturers, Allczcrlowlby Co.Washioctoi.N Hartford Cemetery All parties wishing to bury In the above Cemetery are notified that they must secure I J. J. 1 1 M. K. fc HP.

TIM TA1IL.K. TRAIN PASS I1AHTVORO AS FOLLOWS. GoiDg South Mail and 80 a. m. Freight n'l Ao'ni 10:08 a.

m. Going North Mnil and p. m. freight and Ac' in. p.

m. PARTIt'l'LAR WOTIC8. To all parties going North, South, Rust or Vest, Py calling on the undersigned ngc-nt of the K'y you can secure through tickets to all principal points iti lie United States. Hu re ml rinse connections nwdc til tit Louis and Ilimnlhal with all through linen Knflt. No delay, no transfer.

If you wish a plensant find quick journey tilwnys take the popular ft route. ItcHpci'tfully, 8. E. IiliAlt, Agent. A A Regular meeting Sat-urdiiv niaht on or before full moon of each month.

0 Maxson. Tins paper rrK) Go to Gould for sour tinware. 2litf Millet seed for sale at Ramfao Son's. 24 Naili alwavs on hand at Gould's. 23lf J.

J. Evans is paying 25 cents for corn. 20 For bargains in lands go to T. B. Neei.

A good line of stoves at Rnmbo Son's. 22 David crnheisel has commenced housekeeping. Meals 20 cents hy Jnke Pruett provided cold meat is taken every meal. Good line of cook stoves, coal or wood, at Gould's. Go to the restaurant for your chewing to bacco, best brands.

jo James Evans has bought ft span of pontes and now enjoys himself. We acknowledge agreeable calls from Miss 8hatTer and Mrs. Nees Monday. Joseph Campbell Is progressing satisfac lorily with his assessment labors. D.

Burgess and Jas. Cooley eaucht ft nice let of fish from the Neosho last Friday. Shaver bought three yearlings from W. J. Brewer that will make fine beef.

T. D. Smith of Eagle creek had the misfortune to severely cut his foot Inst week. Hiram Ruby got an outward application of April fool. Powder In a pipe caused it.

Remember that 8 Duckett keep frenh bread constantly on hund. Alto a variety of cakes. jfl A fine assortment of leas, coffees and spines at Flick in ger Bernbeisel's. Call and let them. A borse belonging to Wm.

Duckett was severely injured by becoming entangled in the halter rope. We call attention to A. J. Andrews' card. Mr.

A. is ft first class workman and will give entire satisfaction. P. Anderson, our shoemaker, has employed another hand- Mr. A.

is doing ft good business. Good work will tell. Eli Snyder has entered the fruit and pro duce business in Emporia, We earueitly wish him success, as he is worthy. L. S.

Tage keeps ft large and well select s'ock of picture frames at bis pliotogrnph gallery in Emporia. Give him a call. Mr. Calvin Moore has again placed us under obligations to him for a substantial sod valuable favor. We shall ever remember his kindness.

Tall and examine our corn planters and check rowers. Ji'Jtf Kamiio Thompson's sulky plow best in the world. 2-iif All kinds of tinware made and repaired at Kambe ft boo s. Tlt A Mr. Griffey, an engineer on the St.

Jo. It Denver road, has been visiting his brother a few miles easL of town. He is ft pleasant gentleman. Rev. Robertson will shortly return to Col orado, whither his family will soon folio him.

We very much regret to lose this fain. lty from our aidsi. Wyatt Duekett has so far recovered as to be able to be removed into town, Mrs. Duck ett is improving, but Georgie was in critical condition on Monday, Lfriea apples, peaches, raspberries, cur rants, prunes, at Flickiuger Bern heUel's. I0tf A good assortment of mixed Raoibo Son's.

paints at 24tf A aike assortment of riding and walking plows at Ham do on a. Z'Jtr Mr. ftnd Mrs. T. A.

Rogan, LeRoy Snedi ker, W. B. Ramho nnd D. 8. liny sin ger went to Emporia last week to witness tbo play of "Ths Union Spy." Mrs.

Samuel Bailey of Leabo ereek pre sented us with several eggs, among the lot was on that measured 7 inches one way the other way 6 inches. A pretty good siied ben a egg. Keep in mind thnt fl II Duckett is deter mined to lead in the cittar and tobacco trade. Will sell good cigars cheaper than any other nouse in town, can ana see. Ramho Ron keep a full line of Thompson's farm machinery.

Call and ex amine. 24tf The A. 0. U. W.

of this place are making preparations jo give a supper on April 17 Grand Master E. Ford is expected to be present to address those who will attend No doubt a good time will be hud. Ming Ida Eveland of Oskaloosa, Iowa, wImj has been visiting Mrs. James Evans of (his pi nee for a time, went to Uuillngton last week where she secured a first grade certificate to teach school and is desirous of securing one in Coffey county. Campbell A Hiogan have received sixty-seven suits of men's and boys' clothing A nice line uf chtviot and white shirts, whith will be sold at lowest prices.

l'2tf Chris. Desler, who hns been at wrrk for L. Dumbauld for several months, 'ft on Tuesday's train for Monitor, McP'ersoD eonuty, where he will buy land and farm upon hU own hook. This looks like going to housekeeping too. Welt, good luok to him and his.

Screw wire bottom shoes beats the itea ged shoes too bad. You can gut them for the same money of 23 likooAN. Mrs. N. E.

Jones has just reoelved a fine l'H of new millinery gntrds wlii'-l she otters fur salt shtnp. population. Tire of ft front wheel of a wagon between O'Toole's hay field and Hartford. Finder will please leave word at this office or with A Chambers. 20tl We were pleased to receive ft cull from H.

t.larkson, ot Topeka, special agent of the Connecticut Fire Insurance Co. He is one of the best Insurance men In the business, besides one of the cleverest men. We wore glad to tftlk over old limes with him, when we acted as his agent. The citizens of Emporia did not seem to appreciate the efforts of the military com pany to produce the play of "The Union Spy," judging from the size of the audiences. If this play hftd been produced by some one-horse traveling troupe instead of home talent very likely it would have boen greeted by full houses, Rnmbo Son sell the best combined cultivator in the market.

24 if Don't forget that Ramho Son's is the best place for table and pocket cutlery. 22tf Firs. Wednesday morning about 10 o'clock the smoke house belonging to J. Pruett, situated in the rear of his house, c-tught fire and was almost a total loss. It caught fire from a stove used for smoking meat.

The house contained about ft thousand pounds ef meat, a quantity of lard, etc. Lobs about $125. J. B. Conley of Osage City baa purchased a 40 acre tract of coal land from his brother, HarrisonvConley, northeast of town, and will soon begin to take out the black diamonds.

Harrison Conley has now about 600 bushels of coal out ftnd the coal is improving ia quality very fast. He will shortly place a large block on exhibition at this of fice. Everybody buys their cigars and tobacco Flickinger ft Berobeioel They keep the "Bow" line. 25tf Mrs. N.

E. Jonee has a large number of la dies' hats for sale at cost in order to c'ose out. Now is the time 10 get ft rare bargain. Call before they are all gone. jOtf Rev.

S. E. Gillett of Cleveland, broth er of Mrs. W. P.

Gould of this pluce, spent Saturday night in Hartford and was to have occupied (he Methodist pulpit Sabbath evening, hut ft dispatch informed him of the deatb of his brother, Asa Gillett, in Cottonwood Falls, and in the afternoon of that day he, company with his sister and brother-in- law, left for that place. Some time ago Mr. Gillett went to Colorado to bring b-tck a son who was in bud health, lie is stale agent for Ohio of the American Bible Society end is a man of superior attainments. Latest stylet of ladies' bat and bonnets, trimmed and uutrioitncd, at the millinery store. Cheap.

jOtr All kinds of canned fruits, such as peach, raspberries, whortleberries, strawberries, at Flickinger Uernheisel's. 15f We wnnt 2000 dozen eggs immediately I fill contracts. 23 Cahtuicll liuooAj. ned April 2, 1880, at the residence of her p'trcnls on Fngle creek, Miss Seinnnlha daughter of 1 liomas and harab A. Uuck ett, aged 10 years and 0 mouths.

This is the second child that has been car ried to the silent city from this family within a short time, and the sympathy of this whole community fur the family is apparent. The one just departed was ft young lady ef whom all speak in the highest praise. Our slight acquaintance with her impressed It upou our mind that words of praise was not unworthily bestowed. The Lord giveth ftnd the Lord taketh away. All persons indebted to the firm of Taylor Wen Ker will plense call at the mill mid settle their aocounts at their earliest con venience.

Htf Stop th at Corun By going to the reliable and well known Drug Stand of Maxson nnd buying a $1 00 bottle of Ghkrn Mountain Cotxiti Balsam. If, after using two-thirds, you get no relief, return the balance and get your money back. See adver tisement in this paper. 23bi3 TnylorJt Wenger proprietors of the Hartford water mills, are making some much needed and important improvements in their mill, which will bs hailed with pleasure by the farmers of this whole section of country. The good work of this mill has secured such a reputation for it that its capaoity had be come eulirvly inadequate to the demands of the custom- There will bo another run of burrs placed in position, with the necessary machinery to accommodate its capacity, also a middlings purifier, for the purpose of separating all impurities from middlings, thus securing a higher grade of flour.

This work is dow being rapidly pushed forward ausV will be oompleted shortly. Blue grass, timothy end clover seed fur sale at Gould's hardware store. 18tf Persons knewing themselves Indebted to the firm of Taylor Wicks are hereby no tified to oall and settle at once, as we shall put our accounts in hands for 00 1 lection If not attended to immediately. 20if TatloB It Wh'Ks Thursday, April 1, 1861, J. P.

Chumlea was married to Mary A. Ramsey in Kooz- ville. and ea April 1, 1880, during the visit of Mrs. Chumlea to her husband In this place, Mr. and Mrs.

Wicks ftnd Miss Lizzie Johnson gave the couple ft surprise by Inviting number of mutual Mends toft supper on the occasion of the 20th annlver- sary of Ihe wedding of Mr. and Mrs, Chnu. lea. Among those present we mention W.J, Hrogan and wife, F. Brogan and wife, 9.

K. Bear. This was quite a compliment te the couple in whose honor It was given and was highly appreciated by them. Mrs. Chumlea returned to her home in Ft.

Bcott last Frl day, hut will probably return. Hoes, forks, shovels, low Gould's. prices, at I. F. Whlttaker has a full line of notions hosiery and is agent far the Argosey sua- peuders which are selfadiusling.

He will call on you and sell goods at very low prices, On and after April 1st we shall sell goods exclusively for cash. We shall make such a reduction in prices that it will be to ths Interest of our numerous customers to eon Unite the liberal patrouage you have hereto fore extended to us. Our motto will be, Best goods at litest prices. 22tf CiMi'nKLL ft I1hoia, g.uu. 7 240 aorea In Lena Valley, best kind of farm and fruit bind; 1HO acres cultivated.

g.od waier, good stone, 4W apple trot, K0 cherry trees, KXMJ peach trees, and all thrifty. A good bargain. Ask for price. 8 805 acre farm on south tine of El men daro township, a world of range, 80 acre in cultivation, large stone home, sehaol house close, plenty of stone and water, a very desirable locality, overlooks Lena Valley. Terms reasonable.

9 80 acres 8 miles sw of fTartford, all fenceJ and mostly improved, good land, good water, all out of dojra fur rauge, Or- II chard started, school close, good neighborhood, and will be sold at a ruinous low price, mostly on time. One ol the best mill seats on the Neoh river ciistp, miles east of Hartford; price liHM) canb: worth twice the none lo any- assortment of glass and qtiuensware. Call nnd get prices, they sell cheap, 21 DEATH OF ASA GILLETT, It a with sincere regret that we announce the death of Mr. Asa illett, wlio departed this life at Cottonwood Falls on lait Sunday nfier a briaf illnes from pneumonia, at ths age of 01 years. The deceased came to Kan sas irotu Uuio, and for a number or years engaged in business in Emporia and reckoned among the prominent eititens of the town lie was a man whose eor reel deportment and blameless life woa for him the confidence and esteem of all who knew hi atid endeared him to a very large circle of friends both in Emporia and bis later home.

He wss an exemplary member oi the E. church, and earnestly strove adora his character with those christian attributes which shone forth In the life of the Master whose cause be espoused at a eompttfttively early age. His remains were brought to Emporia on Monday, accompanied by a large party or friends, and were laid beside chose of his first wife in Maplewood cemetery, west of the city. The services were con ducted by Rev. Mr.

llanehe, of Cottonwood Falls, the who ministered to the de ceased in his last hours. The departed leavts a wire and several children who nave the sympathies of their numerous friends in this sad time of trial and bereavement. Empo ria news, April o. Mr. Gillett was ft brother of Mrs.

P. Gould, of this place. FROM EAGLE CREEK, Weather pleasant. Joseph Rich Is ha py once more. --Some of our farmers have already commenced planting corn.

The Eiigle creek Sunday school was organized last Sunday at the McKee school house W. II. Priest was chosen superintendent, J. C. Cooley assistant superintendent, Miss Lixzie McKee secretary.

A cordial invita liou is extended to all who enjoy a good Sunday school. it seems strange to us how some Ooys, or young men, can be so un rtily as to run horse race, yell, whoop, curse and swear with the wildest of oaths on the way to and from church and Sunday school Even when attending public worship or 1 society of any kind ibey try to make ail the disturnance they can. For our part we can not see how such younjr men can appear in society. We don't like to say too much on this mutter, although a great deal more might be Slid in regard to it, but we hope that these young men will take warning aud show some respect for others if they have none for thei selves. Rambler FROM FOLK MILE.

April 6. We have had such gentle teph yrs lately that some ten ICS say they can keep their shoes 1 Some of the farmers are nearly ready to plant corn Several of them have been busy of late phut' tng fruit trees. A number or the ladies were busy last week cleaning house and pol- stung stoves. Sunday school whs organ- zed ye.slerday. There was quite a number present.

the onicers elected are, pen nt en dent, A. l'avis; assistant superin- ntxltnt, Mrs. Davis, secretary, Miss padie Andrews: treasurer, Wm. Smith. There was a social dtnce at Mr.

Shirtt last Tues day night. All enjyoed themselves hugely aud went home Mr. lloldeu one of our leading farmers, intends to en large his farm this spring David Gar dner and bis brother George are expected soon Irom Vermont' Their many friend will welcome them back. John Andrews. one of the promising boys of (his creek, has been making improvements by planting fruit and forest trees.

T. I). Smith met with serious accident while outting down a tree The tree fell on bim and crushed his fojt severely. Clu-i-khs Nus. 8 and 4.

April 1. Farmers are all busy plowing for corn and soon we will ner the pleasau click of the corn planter. Erastus Smith does not intend to do without fuel this sum mer. He has got stove wood pi'ed up till you can't rest. Another one ef Ihwe pleasant times that the vouug folks delight in this week.

Clippik. Fine Bull for Sale A five year old Durham Bull, deep rea for sale. Call on F. Brogan, Hartford. ti for Hale.

My farm of sixty acres, west of Hartford Terms to suit purchaser on part of the price, hnquire of owner on the place. 1). Mono. A wagon fur ssle at $26. kfit4 1.

ATTENTION. MscLenaan Co, proprietors of the NEWS JOB OFFICE, Are prepared to do all kinds of jsb printing Orders from abroad will receive prompt at teution. Prices at low as the lowest. Ad dress MacLekbam Co, i.mporia. Farm lor swhIo, I will sell my farm, situated two mil south of Hartford, containing 40 acres of No land, all improved, with house and barn.

and never failing stock water. IB BO. fcOW Aft DS. Coal! Coall To the citizens of Greenwood. Lyon am Coffey ouunties: The new coal mines three miles northeast of Hartford, on east side of Troublesome ereek are now open and 1 am driti lug id the bill and taking out good.

buck cotl with a oar. Keep coal all be linn on band. Can load a wagon In twenty tain utes. I am prepared to weigh coal at bank Give mt a oall. 2m2 Habbuub Coslkt For Male Two match teams of horses for sale or trade cheap, either for cash or for youn stock cattle or hogs.

18if W. J. Bbiwbr Hay, Hay, Hay. I have few torn of good hay for Ml. obeup.

Zi-ai' A. L. kawsov, Apple Tree for Mule, 20.UIKI ipla Ireet for nile 10 per 100, aldo peno)i trees $16 per 100, ani grapevines at $1 ilui. YY A HATHixnicB Srtw, Ifttf Harlioril, Ktaaaa. J.

GRIFFITH COMPANY, Dcnlcra in; UA.KDAVABE Vrs'l Agricultural Implements J37 Commercial ttreet, EMPORIA, KS, Icnlen In 4ieii-rol Hardware Iron. NHL8. r-tc. Wutfuii oodworK 1.1 OH 1UUII III IV0 COI KIT roHTHI John Deere Molire Plcws ani Cnltivatcrs. BA IS Band 31 ITCH EL WAG OA's hampion lteapen Mover, imony'e corh flakier.

BARBED WIRE, BEST MANUFACTURE, On.liutly on hand i tho LOWEST market frie. OUR STOCK FULL AND COMEPLETE. uue wnu wilt improve it. K. St sw IB, 20.

IS. 41 all fenced, all hedged, Hi a cultivated, bst of range, plenty of water, gooj house and ol- lar, 2 welts, 8(KJ fruit trees in bearing, good toil, small frait i in abundance, 3 miles west of Hartford. Price 11 of an acre adjoining TTartford the north, good houae torts with ki ea- en, 6 good roo good well, fifty fruit trees. out bousss, etc. A very deeirebl location.

Inquire for terma. l'J 80 a hslf mile se of RaKferd. Plenty of range, aeirly all is eubiva-lio 2 wells, 2 stone feuecJ aaJ hedged. Prioe goml terms. 1H Lore 2, 8, 5.

A and 12 In block 2 nice dry loeatiotL Jd bail in lets, sheep for cash. 1 14 Keigbty acrea of land wilh i--d house, all fenced, part cultivated, good umber, splendid water facilities, ad the heeiot land, three snilre south of Hartford, ttood 1 terma given. Price $1,000. A plealid bargain. STOKE.

Knnaaii. Prop ietor. CITY IlnrtToril, Dr. G. A Full Line of Drugs, Medicines, IVotionM, lnint bVTTOX, Chemicals, Patent Medicines.

net Oils in Stock. 15 aw wj se and ae of se and 15 aores of weodlaad wiifcta a snite, alt bottom lead; etl aan't be beat, a large parb In euUivstioa, aevwe faile of erops, tae best orchard in the county, all superior quality uf fruit, plenty af timber, water and on. i A epleniid bargain and goad time given. The yearly crop ofapp)ee will pay the inter- est on the purchase uouej. 1(1 1TM ftetea ef good land la Comal ounty, eca, ia the vicinity of the lova New Kreuuiffele sad a few sailee frosa han Anionio.

will be aold at a bargain or would be traded for Kansas property. For prtie- ulars call on T. 11 'eee. 17 The ne quarter of section 82, 20, 1 est 100 acri-s uA in cultivation in Ehueu-dro township. Kagle creek runs rough NOW OPEN AND BOOMING EFERYTmxa FRESH KE If" EVERY OUXCE BOVGHT FOlt CASH FLICKINGER BERNIIEISEL, Hartford, Kansas.

Plenty of wutcr and timber, excellent b-- lom land, every acre can Ue lilled. Pr ce $1 ttMl; down the balmioe In cqna! paym on 1,2 and 8 ra. An es.tra bargain curtail Bw( 21, 18. 13 beat bottom laid, all fenced eacrpt 0 aorea, ereek runa ilirn je 125 appte tiea, wsier all the yt'nr, hiUNe -ttl li stoiy, ell Kixlu, all oeited, 6 rom i belovrj 1 iipviairs tw pear trees, peach aiil small fruit, stable IHx'JO. new corncribi-l Ml 10 high.

A god bargain. 820 acres at $15 per acre; will sell If cash, balance on long time with inirrei i 10 pr ot pr annum; or will take well b-ca good Uitd in tlUu is, lewa or any other -iireable stuie to ihe vnlue of imk or Improved or unimproved; would rs pet gi laud at oaf price as I will sell at cnii flgmfs. Hoe I Nees. 9, 20,13. Loaun I Price 1.50 per a oash.

EW GROCERY STORE! Choice and Complete Assortment 20 Nw sw 10, 20, 18. Prioe cash. GLAHHWAl.l!:, 1JOOTN, I EH, Our stork has been selected will, great cure and will include everyilmig in the lines man-tiened suited to the Hartford trade, We bought fur eah at bed rock price, and we believe we can sell at such low figures as to make it an inducement for all to trade with us. ftqirTlie highest market price paid for country produce. 11 IcU i He rnlieiiol.

THE NEOSHO VKLLEV OFFKI'S GREATER INDUCEMENTS Ihaa ay i-lher fart of (bl wtll. tots oi me unifrRigua. A. UiTstvoia, Agent,.

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