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The Axtell Anchor from Axtell, Kansas • 4

The Axtell Anchor from Axtell, Kansas • 4

The Axtell Anchori
Axtell, Kansas
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FT The Anghor. 1 si re Going to do Pi CALL FOE REPUBLICAN COUXTY C0SYEXT10X. Notice is hereby given that a delegate re-piibllcnn convention will be heid at tno Court House in Marysville, nt 2 o'clock p. MONDA A TGUST 2 ISM, For the purpose of electing ei-Ut mvl eight xilcrnates to the Republican Convention which be held ui. PUBLISHED EVERY FKIDAY, ROSS JH, NYE, A Share's lilg Appetite.

From the Chicago Times. "We were leaving the harbor at Sydney one trip," said the sailor, "and as we cleared the offim? we met a passenger steamship just in from 'Frisco. As we passed the steamship a huge sixteen-foot shark that had immmmmmm Pi i 11 fUllvfVlir.T. Kf A 7 Mil fnr The ths suspended publication on account of a lack of patronage. evidently made the entire passage in tae purpose or nominate a for the steamship's wake turned and fol congress on the republican ticket, and also seven delegates and seven uUerntUes to the republican state convention which will be held lowed us.

The shark 6eenied to have or Break a Trace. some treasure aboard, as it sat low at Topekit, Sept. 3rd, lSWt, for the purpose In the water, kiud of water-Jogged, as it were, and it was with great dif ficulty it managed to keep up with Accustomed to it. --You say you were bnriud aliyeonce?" "That's what I said." "You must have felt queer?" "Oh, no, I was used to it." "Used to it?" I was salesman for a year in a us. borne of the fellows proposed that we capture the big fish and explore its interior, so Ave rigced up a of nominating candidate? for the suite oilicers on the republierin ticket.

The various township primnrica to elect delegates to said county eon volit ion is ordered to be held on Saturday, Aug. ut the usul places, openinj? at '2 o'clock i m. and polls to be heid opeu till Ko.clock P. m. Each towiihhip will be entitled to the following representation, beingr one delisfc'ote for every 'JO votes east for Win.

Higpins for Secretary of State in IH8H, also one for the fraction over 15 votes cast, and each precinct will be allowed at best one delegate; viz; And this is the way we are going- to do it. By-smashing; all records of the past; by sending profits soaring into space; by a carvinal of great bargains before the magnitude of which all previous bargains pale into insignificance. No old shopwear, shelfwear, half rotten goods. Nothing but what is stylish, substantial and nobby. Read every word of this advertisement.

nook, baited it with a twenty-pound Areola 1PPIY WITH a mSl FEATHER Wtfm morsel of pork and soon hadMr store that never advertised. Record. Shark in tow. By passing a line TWICE DAILY. tiirougn a snatch block on the mam yard arm and taking a turn with a pull around the capstan we hoisted the brute aboard and as the fish dropped on deck its stomach spread DO Hot WfirA VoasATA.

iJSk Eveiy Line Breaths a Bargain Bich and Rare. out like a collapsed balloon. One blow from a handspike broke the fialderson 3 Marysville 2 Rlue Rapids 7 City 1st i Itltie 8 2nd ..2 1 Higelow 11 ord 1 I lirowi, Uotisu 1 4ih 1 Center 2 Murray 7 I Noolu ti Cottage Hill Oketo Kim Creek 2 Ko 2 Franklin 2 St. liridiret 2 Guittard 4 Verm ilion 7 Herkimer 1 Waterviiiu Logan 2 Walnut Uichland Wells 3 Total creature back and then we held a post mortem which disclosed the most varied assortment of junk I 18 pairs ladies shoes, former prices S4 CO, in this sale. 7 pairs ladies siioes, iotruer prices 4 00, in this sale o') pairs ladies shoes, former prices 2 50, in this sale 14 pairs ladies shoes, former prices 3 00.

in this sale 11 paiis ladies shoes, former prices 3 50, in this sale. Lost A lady's purse, imported, seal-brown in color, inlaid gold ornamentation, gold clasp, cold ami enamel med-aliou on side with initials A. II. II. Finder can keep, contents anil will receive additional reward by returning purse to Mrs.

A. II. Xo. 500 Fashion aye ue. iound A lady'- purse, brown with brass trimmings, initials A.

II. 11. Contents, one car ticket, two pennies, 19 samples dry goods, receipt for removing waris, lir-t of toilet preparations five corn plasters and box lip salve. Lot Lot 11)50. 16.

Lot 942. Lot 717. Lot oo. Lot Lot 18. Lot 7'j.

Lot 82. ...52 25 2 25 2 25 2 25 2 25 ....2 25 2 25 2 25 2 25 2 25 1 psirs Indies termer prices 3 00, in this sale. OTP pairs i antes snoes, former prices 3 00, in this indies shoes, former prices 3 00. in this sale -)-; ever beheld. "First came a folded campstool.

then a wire bustle, a sheet iron bread pan, nineteen bottles, tham-paigne and beer, some broken; a pillow, ten soiled towels, a Bible; one corkscrew with a wooden handle, a white vest and a tin spittoon, a seal Ry oriler of Central Commit ee. A W. KlUKWOOD, J. Ghasgrii, 15 pairs iadii shoes, former price3 4 00, in this 7 iaiiics shoes, lotmer prices 3 00, in this sale Chairman. Sec'y.

lieinl'lieaa Stale Coa-. erifion. ON SALE A di li-gate convonlinn of the republicans of skin cap, a bushel of cigar stubs, an Loser can have same bv applying to Kansas will be held in the city of Topeka, on the Chore Bov. Chean John's Second-1 embroidered slipper, some clinkers, Wednesday, the third day of September, at tho hour of 4 o'clock p. for the nomi T3-.

TP nation of candidates for Lot. 4 Lot yd. 34. Lot 237. Lot 125.

Lot 12. Lot L'7. Lot 256. Lot 81. Lot 1C3.

8 pairs mens shoes, former prices 00, in this sale 2 25 10 pairs mens shoes, former prices 3 00, in this sale 2 25 12 pairs mens shes, former prices 2 50, in this sale 2 25 7 pairs mens shoes, former prices 4 50, in this sale 2 25 6 pairs mens shoe, former prices 4 00. in this sale 2 25 50 mens shoes, former prices 3 00, in this sale 2 25 15 pairs mens shoes, forniei prices 2 50, in this sale i 25 10 pairs mens shoes, former prices 4 50, in this sale 2 25 15 pairs shoes, former prices 3 00. in this sale 2 25 9 pairs mens shoes, former prices 4 00, in this sale 2 25 handed Stow" 111 Slopshop sMeci, and a reakfe-st shawl, eleven old socks I out at the toes, four clav pipes, a paying for this Joaded reTcIver bunch of key's two 'ews. pocket knives, a razor and a whisk broom, one fiatiron and a pair of The following particulars are all that i trousers, twenty-three upperandsev-can be obtained at present regarding lower sets of false teeth, a cork nr. 12T.

eightv-three tin cans, several Chief Justice of the supreme court. Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Secretary of State. Auditor of State.

Treasurer of State. Attorney Superintendent of Public triiction. EAST, WEST, NORTH and SOUTH cue ueiiiu Kit Aixis. Alum uiai 1 1 j. i or.i broken packs of cards, eight phuto- d.ud at Ikarysyiile Saturday, 26tb: graplis.

mostly young ladies; a gold Delegates to the convention mentioned OTJB. Mauy.ville, July 27. The above be elected by county conventions. ely culled by the several county republican headed cane and an open umbrella, a coal scuttle, three life buoys and a bottle of hair oil, twenty tooth brushes, thirteen plug hats, a hair 1 1 -1 i 1 1 4" a i a f. i 1 i rt city is still in a fever of excitement over the mysterious death of Mrs.

llutli Ger-aty. inquest was adjourned from committees, ini'icr utii rules and regulations Mil as iniiv be bv them prescribed, 'the basis of Axtell, xiansas, apportionment of delegates Ui said state con vention will ne one uciegete at large tor each last unlil to-inorrov'i 1 hoard on wmrh nrinf-ffi 'Sroor- F. E. AGENT county ot trio arcann torevery 4 votes or traction of 2'JO or more east as a large turns bcr of witnesses are sum. nw nnlxe.nrer not ilntrwl for Eugene t.

Ware tr-r elector at large will also be sold at the eli ction of under which rule dele a box of matches, a gates are apportioned to the several counties moned. the filial verdict wil! probably not be knowu before to-morrow night or Tuesday mot tiii g. While the results is follows: small valise and a coffin plate." "Is that all vou foirid?" asked ony PRICES SS Kansas City, Wyandotte AND KOTKWESTEBM R. ft ot post morloin evnminr.tion has not i-i I 'ies, replied the sailor promptlv, been made public, vet e.uaih is known i 1 lxl 1 that all we found ltisino ibeRhork- to render it certain that death was 'he hot, notir-nd flint, it- ti.rTio.l 3 away from the steamship to follow us it disgorged about twenty-five yards of the steamship's wake, which it had swallowed when the other result of an eSort to produce abortion, or a deliberate suicide. The unfortunate woman was about 40 years of age and has been a resident of this city and vicinity since 1870.

She had been engaged in the dressmaking ami millinTV business for several Where on Gods green earth outside of A. P. Thorn as' store will you find men morally brave enough to sacrifice present profits and future prospects thereof for what Simply to prove our claims and to substantiate our statement that in the series- of cuts and clearing; sales, A. P. Thomas away above and beyond anything" and everything- in the sh.iDe of competition, A.

P. THOMAS, Ssneca, Kansas. Next Door to Post Office. things were coming too slow." TV EST" ROUTE Has reduced its locnl passenger rates to Daiaascns Blades. Ail old work has disappeared, vears, ami while considered erratic in 2 Cents per Miier business matters, bad maintained a ren- (from Damascus,) and anything (ft ti ti 4 t.

I i i ,1 and behi tho Counties. Counties. Delegates Alien 0 Linn Anderson IS Loyan Atchison Lyon ISarbi 3 7 Harton 4 Mar-hall 7 lii.urbou b1 Mel'herson 7 lb-own Meaue liutier Miami Chase 4 Mitchell 5 Chautauqua Montgomery Morris 5 Cheyenne Morton Clark 2 Nemaha Cloud 7 Neosho Coffey ti Ness Clay Norton 5 Comanche 2 Oss-ge Cowlev 11 Osoorue 5 Crawford 'J Ottawa if Decatur 4 Pawnee Dickinson Phillip 5 miphan 7 Pottawatomie 7 Douglas il l'rittt 4 EdwaiUs 2 linwlir.s 4 5 Keno i) Ellis -'J ltepublje 7 Kllsworth 4 Pice 7 Fiunev Hiley Ford oiiS 4 Franklin 7 bush ,) Gartieid 2 liusseil Geary 4 Saline 7 Grant 2 I Sei-tt 2 Giee 3 Sedgwick ai Cray 2 -Seward 2 ee 7 Shawnee 2n Greeley 2 Hn-rioan Hainiitou i Sherman Unrpur 5 Smith Harvey 0 rd Hask-jii 2 Sost.ton 2 Hodgeman 2 Stevens 2 It 10 7 Tbomas 7 Trc-( 2 Johnson I Waoa.ias-iv 5 Kear.iey 2 2 Kingman -J Kii.wil 2 W-ciiiia 3 nbette I am 2 I Woodson -I V.yanduite b. nceln 4 Total B8 11111 Iff3 mm if really good in brass, steel, or silk is as rare as it is valuable. The manufacture ot the peculiar heavy silks of shot colors has now died out, not being able to survive the competition of third-rate goods from European looms.

The Damascus sword-blade has passed into the category of things we often rend about, but seldom see, and the brass-workers seern to have utation as an estimable member of society in other respects. Her parents formerly resided here, but now live in Idaho. Three brothers and a sister reside in this county, are respectable and prominent people. Abou! 5 o'clock Friday afternoon sbe was reported sick; and a physician was called but rumor says, declined to prescribe for her. She soon became un lowers most thronpdi rates between in i i i fAv- lost their cunning.

Their present conscious from the effects of the drugs I i iiouucuoiis Hie i uue in tne extreme, tal tn, anu remained in that slate until i Nebraska, Xorthern Kansas, and Kansas City, The East and South. Palaciul trains composed of Free Reclining Ciittir ettts and IJuJtet ears. Four hoers time and 81. Go saved by taking the JCorth west Iluute between Beit! rice antl llansas Citv Having purchased tho stock of furniture lately owned by Beard (k, Hynes, I am now ready with a new and complete line of de. th.

St. Joseph Herald. Ct llVi Vl LlJ ill i 11L U1L I lie I -1 ill first it may be a matter of surprise that more relics ol past excellence should not come into the market, but this must be accounted for by the supposition that there are foreign agents alwnvs on the watch to buy URNTURE Mrs. Gearty is dead. This fact was known last Saturday at nooD.

She suffered very much during her last hours, this also was known; he had taken F. M. PELL. Write or consult I fnr tho 'iiiroTi In Tir fiflif.7- A-ent. COOK, O.

P. A. Kansas City. some stuff which produced the pain, way we explain" the notorious vomiting and ended in death, this was fact that, while a vear or two of s- OrC. known: she had eit tier taken it with idence in Damascus will not be likelv I Theseentarieof the sev-rai county iii i i veati as sre to tot-ward to the ua- suieidal intent or only a to free to produce a respectable pun hise in no secretary at 'fepeka,

a tii'i- credentials of th-ir i. i i brass or silk lieantiinl sTiwimens ot i tin copy iiei in. iiuiii.Liiis i-i ei ru' ictiiu. i He i (leieu-ntes itmisfHMatoiv -i'n nnjtn.rriinen ejrate-i i iii.ii v. ii i i.

a to supply the trade at the lowest living I shall make a specialty of the UNDERTAKING BUSINESS. Everything will be conducted in first class styl F. N- EWERS. e- iimi ivn-u n.v. ii ui I ('it' i It urxfeDiriai ICQ are always on viexv in Egvnt, r.nd are reeeivd at later than eveninu i J)t stmX-but who? that was the rosacea as soon as sold The sihvr-! OAlHl ana so RtnttllS are also poor workers, and preiwire a roster ol tuose to purtiei- -n9 fKT' A1TAI Hrl IT JUST ernii'n-i ni oi ibi "fCR ioo FAfiE Ln I MLUUUf.

OUT eenvei.tion. Itnorii. Chairjaa. I IiioN S. iluTcaiNS, Seeietery.

CHEAPER? FAOKOE SNFG KANSAS CITY, aft E. S. Kimball, OlockSo STOCK F00I 1 fe three days in-juiries made by a coroners their bazar The evidence rivea seems to ing little that is tempting: except per-have not euli-htencd the jury in any i h.aps some Bedouin pirl's massive sih-er necklace, which, snte of its particular point. In our mmd is set- to aog-collar, we have tied tn at Mrs. Geraly is not a suicide, seen worn an English woman with 'out a victim of malpractice, and that irood effect As a ride, however, bar-tue perpetrators have escaped detection baric ornaments do not become Eu-That's oil roneans, since they show only to fall The coroners jttrv Cnished their la- ndVantne on their rightful 'owners.

or a bright; kena we want an Ara borsatnooe to-day over the invest face andye and Qne knov.8 which was being held over the body of how diircrently a clumsy silver brace-Mrs, llatli Gcraty. who died in this let looks on a white arm compared 'i-3 Nothirir hue it. The TEST BEST stock lixid ever oilered. A lont? and successful use demoiMtmtes 4 tnat it win cure nrany errjr I liifease thnt KOKSKS. COLTS, COWS, CALVHS.

SHItKe, itolhi i und Si.K are alHivt' with. lii-A i unties Wood, pives neiuuiy livr iiTui Vitlnevs. aiits di- THE Bii-u er r' i irestion.j7-omotesi;eiieiiic.i"ii, i highly medicated, pives new lua vic-or. and save- 1-6 fc-rain to the same on a fellah's brown skin. -ITTx.

HI last whose death was sur Lartre'can for 60 cts. Very cheap in t.iillr n-sk vouriiruiftrittorflea- fnr 60 cts. Verycheaf in bulk.ak yourdrUKietordea. 'ix- i '0s VI TV i irvsyille Free I-rfiirit. fake no other.

Send for 'How to Cure Hog Cholera." rounded by Press. awj tfliow vou 'lie stock of US GEItmtAN IflEMICINE COiiiPANV Minn. '3 mtg; SOLID GuLC SILVER For sa! and rocomm ended by J. Haves Axtell, Kansas. in Xcr! Iitrn p.t prices tlian ever before.

If you want a WATCH or CLOCK I will give yon a V'A ICR SO CTS. saw TJS.THE BEST. llllfi mwm mm 1 mt4 THE CHEAPEST. SHSS ft .3 i argrains Saturday Review. i'a i The White Rouse Kitchen.

Gen. Harrison likes plain food. Tie refused to employ a former White House chef because he was afraid he would not be able to get "boiled" dinners, plain steaks, and every day baked potatoes, with such an artist in his kitchen. There is joy in the White House kitchen on acconnt ol the regular hours for meals estab-iisned by the new President. Breakfast at 0, luncheon at 1, dinner at 7 is the invariable rule.

There is no sitting up in the kitchen to srive the head of the household a midnight luncheon, as there was under Cleveland and no serving of spreads at 2 o'clock in the morning, as under Arthur. Gen. Arthur dined at all hours, but, like President Harrison took LS SSii CIih-Iis and Jevelrv repaired and warranted. All goods engraved of charge. lWt forget the place, WALTER SPEULINGS.

mum OR GOLD Throat Mscticn Wasting cf Flesh BROrJCHSTIS SCROFULA v. Or any Disease where the Throat and Lungs are Inflamed, Lfivk of Strength or Herv Power, you can be rtlievvd and Cured by The following is the verdict. STATE OF KANSAS, MARSHALL COl'XTV. An inquisition holden at Marysyille, In said county and state, on the 26tb, i'Tth and 29th days of July, 1830, before me, W. F.

Doyakin coroner of said county, on the body of Ruth Geraty, there lying dead, by the jurors whose names are hereunto subscribed. The said jurors upon their oaths do say: Fiust: That said Ituth Geraty died Saturday, duly 26th, 1890, at Marysyille in said county and state. Second: That said Rut't Geraty died by taking or having administrated to her poison, whether with suicidal in-tant or whether under intense pain and mental agon- she wandered in and drank the poisonous draught, we, the jury, have no means of knowing. In testimony where of the said jurors have hereunto set their hand3 this 29th day of July. A.

1890. J. P. Miller, J. D.

Farwell, Alvin- Araxd, B. Price, A. R- Shcmway. M. Barlow.

Attest cf W. F. Bovakin. Coroner- To euro Consuls, take We hare a remedy that will CURE CiTatBH th a aii nil and BRONCHITIS. Our faith Is an light, plain brpakfasts.

Mr. C'leve- that we will send treatment on trlai. Send for Treatise and full particulars. Address, Hail Chemical Fairmount Av '1 i cr Faliinc Sickness CIS ir i3 ij iai i3 a CAN be CURED. land is hearty eater, while Arthur took more pleasuse in seeing others enjoy the delicacies of his board.

Gen. Arthur's chel was oncecalled on at 1 1 o'clock at night to serve a luncheon buffet for 200 persons, members of the Abbey Opera Company, at 2 o'clock next morning. New York World. VI Jnd Traflc-Markp obUined, and all Patent bui-iness conducted for Moderate lefs. Our onice is Opposite If.

S. Fiitprit Office. We have no sub-agencies, business direct, Iienee caa transuct patent bueiness in less tiiue and loss cost than those remote from ini ilel, drawing, or with description. We alvise if patentable or not, free cf Charge. Our fee not due till patent is secured.

A "book, How to Obtain ratenle." with references actual clients in yourjtale, county, town, sent free. Address. C. A. SNOW CO.

We will SEND FREE by man a laree TRIAL BOTTLF. also, a treatise on Epilepsy. DON' i' PURE COD LIVER OSL With Hypophosphites. PALATABLE AS f11LK. Ak for Srott'M Emulsion, and let no ez-planntion or solicitation induce you to accept a mubntitute.

Sold by all Druggists. SCOTT W.Y. SUFFER ANY LONGER Give Post Office. State and County, and Age plainly. t.skv Tin: Pnea ff -i.

i5sil-Ip. ScBvW Viik'i f-r- rts. f-o; i.F.5:?k&C0.Mak.-cfi;:ijri;!:.t.N3,-$T.tS3IS Address. THE HALL CHEMICAL SS60 Fairmount Avenue, Pbiladelphia, Pfi, -A 8.

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