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The Reading Advance from Reading, Kansas • 3

The Reading Advance from Reading, Kansas • 3

Reading, Kansas
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-1 It It 1 THE LEGrlSLATURE, Subscribe for the LcaveuwovMi Dai 'Jib ElD 1 BWMEx A i I' i Wall; Papers Window Glass, Paints ck, Oils. Seliooi Books and -School; Supplies Pceis, Pencils, Tablets, Paper. Slates. Bestaurant ShortOrder Chapman Fine co-zfcflicrjuy; Lemons. Oranges and Jtzils.

Agenvy for he lBlsicer 2urscry, tlawa, Itssiisas, E. PATTERS OM and SO VI: A jy "P1 "agn" JV Lime, aster, Galvaiiized "Valleys Also Screen doors and Trimmings tWe-Ji tws good arvl cheap. Am thing that cu Deed in our lint it wiii pay you to sec u.s. ly Times and the Reading Advance, both raperafpr only S3. 00 a year Mrs.

Noan Parks returned ot Empor ia Friday after and extended visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs J. F. Wright T. J.

Price and son shipped six cars of cattle to Kansas Citv Sanda7 night. and did nol find a read market Mon- day. A. W. Hubbard can use all the hides apples, corn and potatoes which will bring him an which he wit; pay you the highest marke' price.

Larg-e leads of coal upon th streets are to be seon dail Last Friday a wagon passed through from Arvonia vith seventy five bushels heaped upon the box. To anv one who will obtain for us dur ng the month of January, a new subscriber to the Advance: we will present with, a years subscription to the Kansas City Weekly Journal. T. II. Brown, has opened up his bank at Arvon'a and is pre-ared to frrnish every one who comes, with the black coal, clear and clean, at only 8 cts per bushel.

L. B. Sheldon has pur hasod the safe Sevcry have ke in their office at the farm, and has it in the stor. Mr. Severy will prob ibly put in a large one.

A skating party consisting of Misses Carrie I est. E.iith Stratton. Theresa Tillippi and Nellie Austin and Mes s-George Emerson, ATonzo Nit'kel, vVill Famuli!" Stanley Siraiton anfl Reu Patterson spent a j.leasant afternoon on Elm Creek Saturday. ARE YOU CAR-SICK WHEN TRAVELLING. Car-sickness is as trying to manv oeople as sen-sickness.

It comes frm i deranjremf nt of the stomach. One of tipan's Tabule is an insurance agains. it, and a box of them should be in every traveler's outfit T. J. Price and son havo been shi-.

inr ip an immense amHint of ground fed for their cattle this winter as an xnerimrnt. claiming the ground feed be charer in the end than whole feed n.d -dder. They feed several "nr loads each wek nft are put of fiv cen fle-h onto one of the nst bunches of cattle in L-on County. is good reason for the populr-ity of Ch 'tnberlain's Cough Remedy. Davis Bnzzar 1, ot West Montery, larioa say "It lias cured people that our physicans could do nothing for.

We persuaded them tr try a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy nd now recommenn it with the rest 25 an 1 50 cents bottles for. sale by A. J. Siratton Druggist. Miss.J ssie B' ers entertained a small skating party last Wednesday after noon and evening.

All had a mst able time and found the ice in excellent condition. Their experiences were many and varied and they left several black and blue spots strewn a-long at intervals upon the ice. Those i i the party wer' the Misses Pearl and Olive Taylor and the Messrs Clyde Bv-ven, Ren Patterson and Stanley S'ratton Carlton Cornwe.ll, for man of th" Gazette, Middletown N. beleive that Chamberlain, Cough Re-nedy should be in every hoia- He u-ed ra cold and it effected a reedy cure ne savs It is indeed a grand I can recommend to all. I have also seen it used for whooping cousrb, with th? best results.

22 and 50 cent bottles for sale by A J. Stratton Drusgist. J. A. Stratton received from loreka as, week the following corresnon-denpe.

Topeka Kans Jan. 9th 93 Mr. Cap Straton Dear Sir I have heard you have got a few head of horses for sale cheap. I heard that you 'ias offering them for one dol. a head I thought if that was the case I would come dowa and releive you of a few head Pleas slate what they range from and what weight.

How far is it from Reding and which direction Yours Truly Geo. Newton. 720 Lake street. Topeka Kans pft JOH.ii.G. UQHTHIK.GTUH-l:::sTAi.

noons, 3UOREA, KANSAS. So. 1 Wa-it'Sixtb Ave, ground floor. Qr. A.

Gray, 2T1 JJ'-uV tncb Cir. A C-juc merclal fcU KANSAS. tel Pavr: sS SorpB- All ftiWX 11 vDIX'i. KANSAS srb. f.

Olver. AH01EY- -All -LA Loans. asines Cards EMPORIA. JKANSAS. Newly equipped and refitted ihroa'hout.

iollar a da, houss in the city. 301 Proper. gFOSTE'R C'RUSS-Q IIEADINII MAY LI E. AU kinds of dray in? dooe promtly to order. 'Iran -fore wcrk in con-aection FIKE amlTOttXADO.

INSUIiANCE, AT RATES BY M. SW Str.titou,. ilEAOlNU, P. J.IvIX( 81i jo-i t.U'j; it. GROSS BROTHERS.

(Prsrrhicrs. of si Only Fast Work Done4 vVr. siA'-nlSDALS. d. m.

DAVi-. rKESIDKKT. VlCE-PKESIUiiNT. C4IUK FIRST MATiSHAL BANK- SMEilfH MM- 1 and Surplus 2,000,000.00 JiF.oinsEs, faints, oils, var- Uc'S TOiLKT A El Open tiayu'id Uhi. i FSU A 'KA Tho Ethsns Bank OF EMPOEIA.

Par! Capital 75.O00.'0 T. J. ACjinsos, Vies Pre-idout. L. II C.ishier.

mom immm Bank, Empohia, Kansas. (ptiu! Surplus; 200.000.0 CUl-vis I'rc-i't. V. T. HoriFX, Vice Pro't J.

M. STr.El., Aw'i Casb. Sch'cbohm BlIIl-lfllSE Wil ev by the day- Bright; Full. Fair, Daily Reports for a cent a day. The Topeka Daily Etate JorBAi, will have bright, fall, fair and internes ting reports of the legislature; gossi py State news and a splendid telegraph service the only full day Associated, 1 Press sent to a Kansas paper: Send 1 sixty cents by postal order, or in stamps to'tlie Topeka State Jctrxal and receive the daily edition, by mail from date to the end of the legislative -session of about sixty d.iys.

It is reported that two young men in. town re so unconcious of the lapse of time last Sunday nisrht that the young ladies mother, found it necess-iry to tell the ungrnen it was time to o. The boys tried 1 3 apologize by explaining that they only waited foi-the moon to rise a little higher. Our. local poet, by our permission, has ad: ded the following verse: Two gentlemen lured by maidenly Considered the care of these maidens, their duty.

They tenderly watched them by night and by dav, -In spite of the fact that it brought them no pay. One even nsr some time past the hour of nine They sat unconcious of the lapse of time; Till mother with a slipper hurried tc, the scene, And much confusion then there must have been. aid they, of time brought us no worr thtn; But lap's of mothers, and a slipper. maies us men Last Saturday night the Ladies Aid Society No. 1 and Sons of Veterans, Ng 50, of Reading met in the Baptist hureh for installation.

Brother Chas. Brower was instal ing officer for both societies By request of the Ladies the. ions illantly consented tob install-d in office first. At the close of the instalaiionof the sons of Veterans the Ladies were pat through thr- necessary drill and cm-oeiied to take all the so emn oaths re-quired in their instal ation ceiemony lnsiallation cere od be: ng oyer, all were invited to the horn of Dr. Brow cr, vln-re a pleasant evening spent.

Abmtten o'clock a bountefal repast v. as spread in the Dr cheerful dining room to which the part were invited to sit down. After a congenial hour aroun I the festal bo-rd the prty u-nanimoasiy declared they could not in justice to themselves remain longer sc at in withdrew to the parlor-: Before the guests departed L-idies Aid Society No. 1 'h ir past r-sident. Mrs Watson with the worn only ty tti wUuhae filled that honorable position.

At eleven o'clock the happy participants pi the delightful occasion bad nearly all de-p irted. Thus happily began the new yar wih these two patriotic organizations. Other United han Ours. is, of course, but one United States in our estimation, but as a matter of fact the designating title which we are in the habit of assigning to our own country alone is borne by four other nationalities. They are the United States of Mexico, which came into offic al belnqf in 1824; the United States of Colombia, which suisce- da I Nevy Gran.i i i 13(51; the Un ted States of Venezuela in 1364, and tin United Stateof Brazil, which were established in 1b Homceopith vjttem.

A recent applicant before the mel-, cxaimnin boar I of, was, aske.l: ''What is stoiogy." is tiie hitry- qf What system of 1g yov. practice?" "T.ia V'aa ler i.t I Si. Louis system-, an. I ths homoeopath in is t'is hoinoao.ath as "Sweatin' thepit ent Lost to Science. The late Professor Hyrtl once at examination asked the following question: "Wh it can you tell me of the functions of the The student, not wishing to confess his ignorance, replied hesitatingly: used to know, but it has unfortunately escaped me." "Unhappy man!" said Hyrtl; "you are the only one.

who ever knew anything about you have forgotten it" Ear ingi ot Italian. Women. The car rings worn by Italian women indicate the part of Italy the wearers come from; the longer the ear ringr the farther south the women come from. In the extrem South most of the ear rings hang close to the sh ulders; in the far North they ere quite short, CF" ThisisCas Taili" So. 4 There ave mny bf cash which talk to us over the There is hard cash, spot cash, green- bicks, checks, silver h- Id.

Our pr ices are "spot cash" an! kes the "hard cash" to touch them. ibacks ox checks are included in words "hard cash "No cash" p. -an be obtained upon application bi. seldom used after learning our rices of which the following- are si" 20 Its. Granulate! sugar 0 1 ft) cured Japan Tea 3 cans canned veg1.

All Package Coffee Cal if ornia Cabbage, cer To 03c Fancy Evaporated AppU-s, per Jb 10c Pure York state at 04i Best 2ib can Oysters 15c Loots, Shoes, Sliprers, and Rubbers for sale at Cash Come and let us show you our goods. Yours (RespsctftiUy. Shafer and -Sanders. Subscribe for the Advaxce Harry Hood was in wn Moray. Fremont Camp meets Saturday night.

Choral club rehearsal Saturday eve Tho Santa Fe pay checks catne yes terday. Marbles in January is rushing the season. Or J. F. Morr son was in Emporia L'uesday.

Don't you think it will pay ycu to start out this year with, a paid up sub scription. Miss Jennie Wagner was in Emporii' Wednesday. Oar City lockup ems to have gotten its growth. There will bo High School Lyceum Friday evening. M.

W. Stratton was in Emporia Friday on business. J. A. Girgerich and C.

Paint drove to Emnpria Friday. Col. Morrison and daughter Miss Anna went to Emporia Saturday. Mr. and Mrs.

Clarence Ilo'mes came down from Emporia Saturday. Misses Lucy Brower and Guen Hopkins went Emporia Tuesday. Commencement exercises of the Lebo hifh school was held last week. D. h'd busjnes v.

hich called h'm to Emporia Tuesday afternoon. will he revival meetinsrs at the M. E. church each r.icrht this week. A good prsrraT! is promised visiters who mnv attend Lvceum at BiL 117.

Count-v Attorney Simpson canie from ia Saturday on the mon train Do not go to other towns when frr The Cah we will make von such Pric- son Hats, Gloves, Overalls, TheAnti Rust Tin Ware. Glass. Queensware, Wooden ware, etc. Than same Quality of Goods can be bought Elsswkem J. M.

Landis. G. W. Watson is pushing the work on his addition and has it now entirely i closed in. Our Lumber man has taken an aristocratic turn and is wearing a "Willie bov" coat.

E. nultz of Barclay a in to vn last Friday and made a call at the Advance offi-'e. Mrs. A. J.

Stratton went to Cottonwood Falls last Friday to spend a sveek with her parents. Leave your subscriptions at this office for the Semi Weekly Topeka Car-i'al, 1 .00 per ar. Cur Druggist is again enjoying a aste of single blessedness, but on'y for one short week. Found One day last week, a small go'd ring near the Lumber office. Inquire of Rev.

Emerson. The trial of Dr. Mullens for the murder of Wot. will be held at vonia tomorrow af tern Col. Morrison return i i ia Monday having spen vuid: with his son Rev.

D. S. Morr: n. Mrs. B.

Leave land IitsrMur -ie cf Pomona sp.nt a 1 si ays i Mrs. O. G. Agrelius last -ok. One of the Seniors wis reca overheard rehearsing her -rtioa 'tis said 'twas truly soul i r'ing STATIONERY -fKSJV- CP AL! NOS.

lunch Room: 4TN aiid OemeBt. loof Capping wiiig DEALURS IN STOVES, TINWARE, BUGGIES and Sktf hardware Agents for Schutlsr. arid Birds-all Stcc! Skein. Davis Seving Machine and the Celebrated Garland Stoves. lh(5MI Emporia, Kansas.

Pattersoa an! Emerson. Qrderz taken for goods ir cur line-. Our Specialty: Ley Prices 2 NEWSPAPERS FOR 1 Tfte I2aeIlisr AeJvmsce and Kansas City Weekly Journal Agriculturist Both for one year for 1.15 Tfike advantage of tliir. oScr find get tbe ''utnTy War Uook Prtiaium ufiered by til Kansas C'ty Journal; coupon and 10 eiicl) ec-k for 20 weeks gets the famous Ct-nlur War Book the lowest price of which has liereio fore been A new departure in JonrnaliSTu, Call or address all orders to Reading AdvanCe, Reading', Kansas A Free Consfefsinlioii Tne Ufadino Advance lias raa.le nitn Hie puhlisaer of The Leavenworth WeeMy Tiroes wftrc-ly The Weekly is flercd alfoHiUy free es a premium for every new subscriber or pnid np ren- wal to The Reabing Advakck at ihe rf gulsr subscription price of ihi pi-per The pnliiixhers of Tie Tirnfg aisoi ffer to eive Rsading Advance absolutely fiee asa preiniii'n with every paid subscriber to the Dally Times at $3.00 per ye ir. 1 he Leavenworth Times, edited by D.

IX. Antbony, is of i he Kep-blicnn nuner ti fti te graphic and editorial departments -ro romp, te the Ka-nts City and Chles tele-grapliic markets are published Cull At thi office for particulars. All StylM and Rlzeofor The fiennlne all bear this tsrerj 01 jruei Trade-Mark. Bewara of imitations. No 407.

Commercial Street, Tlie Uniteii "Sttes nails will'b? put VP I tle!iffl-.-e at the following "Cast. rt 3:15 Vest, -o 7 11:5 Tup ffi-e will riiened on Sunday at 8 a. From p. to p. Froia p.

ta to. p. J. A. GiXC-nrrcn, A tig.

5, 191. Post-usaUT. Santa Fe Route. Depot on Frankllntrces, Front t. and Src v)d Avenue.

Bes'iijp'-'g Sunday, Au-tist 5, 18-1. EAST BOUNa o. Leaves. 1 Cob Limited p. m.

t'tiic. pres p. in. Mi. "rpro-8 1:30 a.

Kansas 12:12 p. in. Local Fr i a. m. I eaves 12:15 p.

ni 1:17 a. m. in. p. in.

Aeent 5 Hf-iivt ri 7 Colorado EXf 13 Lncal Frei u' ALL NEW Si luring the mon 1: the Kansas nal free for one ytK. CRIBERS nary will re-VeeklyJoar- A 1- A i.

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