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The Plaindealer from St. Francis, Kansas • Page 4

The Plaindealer from St. Francis, Kansas • Page 4

The Plaindealeri
St. Francis, Kansas
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FRANCI KAS. ANNUAL Or V. H. TKKASUKKK JAIHKS W. HYATT. nOKSK THIItVKS IN HANS EI.KCTION NltWH. is a thankless task to warn young people of the evils of over- indnlHiicM in cooling iands and drinks dur ARMY AND WAVY POHIHONS THAI WILL. UEVOMK VACANT. Annual Report of First Assistant Pott master General fttevenson Growth ol the Country at Indicated by New Post- oftlccs Moellon News, etc. Washington (D.

special.) President-Elect Harrison will have at his difipoHttl during tho four years of his administration several important army ap man, but vvy narrow an! r-eis1 rigid in his manners a leulur prig. His brother, Mr. Philip Stanhope, with whom Mr. Gladstone stays when visiting Wolverhampton, is extremely unlike him in disposition, being genial and frank and liiieral in his political opinions, A Pmtsbi no lady, Miw I'leeson, who is now a missionai-y in Sium, recently had the honor of un invitation to dine with the king and tjueen of that country in their new summer palace. The dinner whs served in true Siamese fashion, bat Miss Fieeson says she was spai e.l ttie pleasure of eating Mrs.

Cleveland lia givra up lier crusude agaiunt tbe bustle, and, Dame Humor has it, is wealing a "tournme" herself, for want of exercise; the spine witiiLnit support yields to the weight of the upper part of the body, and is permanently curved. Short sleeves, low-necked dresses, thin stockings, thin shoes, aggravate the mischief, atllicting the sisterhood with manifold infirmities. Excessive heat and excessive cold should be avoided; they are very damaging. Exposure of a part of the body to cold disturbs the equilibrium of the vascular and nervous system. It is very bad to have the wind strike you through the crevice of a door, or any hole or crack.

Exercise in the cold strengthens the mucles. Changing dress from thick to thin, from long to short changing boots for shoes; even cutting the hair or beard, is often followed by serious consequeuces. Don't sleep in underclothes worn during the day. Wash the whole body, or use a flesh brush, every day; exercise at least three hours in the open air each day. Don't overwork; don't worry.

Conform to the divine conditions, and your days will be long and happy on this earth. Xew York Tribune. ing the heated term. Young pfoplo will bo young people, but not very long, if they keep on gorging that insidious foe to health ami life ice-cream. There in death, and.

what is prematura old age in the freezer. On an unlucky day last summer an inno Samuel L. Clemens is (rving to perfect a new type-setting machine, with which he expects to rev-olutiunize the art of printing. The Cruettonie I.lfe of Two Handtov Young Women-Lite Elmdlon Kelurni- A 8c he me to 11 vert the MUnouri'fl Course and Heel a I in Valuable I.anili.

Two female horte-thieves, Ida Wegtoa and Emma Mentry, incarcerated in jatl at Hutchinson, Kansas, have made their en-. cape. The Shoiiff of Hamilton County, 1 was iu Newton, Kansas, on other business at the time, aud had left the keys to the i jail in the Opera Hotel. Some one who, must have been perfectly familiar the hotel got the keys, let the female' thieves out. and then returned the keys tol tho diawer in which they had been looked! up It is Beveral weeks siuce these darlugf (jutons of the road earned extended notori-' i etv by their Void attempt to steal nJ vehicle and team of horsed.

They haoj) been stealing horses for a year, having rua off thirteen horses, including two splen Or at Political KxHlpmant In Went Vlr-K'nia Hoth Partle Avruneil or Fraud -TheCiiman Kinporor pn the Itlcli-Uty- Older Horn. LWaHliiugton (IX 0.) special United States Treasurer W. Hyatt, in his annual report says: The net revenues of the Government for (he fiscal year ended Juno HO. IHM, were and the net expenditures tho surplus receipts available for the ri'diu'tion of the public debt being an ineroase ol 7.S70J7tJ over the veur before. As compared with 1MH7 th revenues were greater, and tho expenditures less.

The Treasury, balanue increased during tlie vear from to 912U.MII4.242. and total asseN, including certificates of deposit, from to fV04.7.i.r:r. Tlie net change of Sj0.o7i).M)i;i in tho balance was produced by in increase of iu assets and a de- reuse ot in liabilities. Tlie nil-vr balance tell off more than S27.0O0.ut0. i'iie principal Increase of assi-t was in United States notes ami deposits in nnt ional banks, and the principal decrease ot liabilities in tliu public debt and the funds for tho redumption of lit ional bank notes.

pointments. The first will bs that or Adjutant General to succeed Gen, Drum, who will be retired May US. 1HH). Paymaster General Rochester, Quartermaster General Holufoird, Commissary General McFeeley. and Burton General Moore will be retired in 18'JO.

and Gen. lionet in June, 1891. The-only bureau ofllciMs who wlii hold tlioir places until alter tho close of the Harrison administration aro Chief Signal Officer Greoly, Inspector General Joiien, Chief Engineer Cusey and Judge Advocale General Swniin. Tho latter in now undergoing a sontoueo ot suspension for twelve yewrs. some of tti dt 1.

among them angle worm cim ".4 an.l chopped El.ABoiU'iK are being cent friend of mine begun to eat icecream every Sunday. In spite of the warnings of his friends he kept up this practice nearly three weeks, and then one day he fell while ohasing a streetcar, abrading the skin on both hit shins, and running a sliver into the ball of his thumb so far that it made his teeth ache when he pulled it out. When he went home that evening he learned that his eldest of whom he is very n-oud, had been licked in a fair tight a boy not half his size. Another friend ate ice-cream with his young comrades every summer for three years. After eating it about two months, he noticed that his boots be- made at Ath ns.

the opening of the National Art, liuhutiial and Agricultural Exhibition of the products of all The exhibition will afford a complete illustration of the general progress made by the nation dur Col. Hughes Hallett, the distinguished Londoner with an unsavory record, is now setting the pace for New York olub men in the matter of dress. James Densmobk, who now has an inooine of $65,000 a year from his typewriter patent, was a newspaper canvasser in St. Paul a few years ago at $8 a week. Thky have patent barrel-heads, patent bungs, patent faucets, and patent barrels, but there is no way of getting a barrel of cider down cellar.

It takes just as many neighbors and just as much bossing as it did 100 years ago. American Wars. Since Columbus first discovered this country, JtlMi years ago, sixteen wars have rnged in what are now the I'nited States, or been waged by this Government. Thev were the Dutch war of did fluimals from Hntchiuson. le wards had beeu ottered, but untilJ this attempt to steal a carriage with thai horses thev had successfully eluded the-officers.

The girls are of a dashing hoth blondes nnd handsome. Ida is tb daughter ot a 1'hihulelphia minister, audi Kintmi claims to be the daughter of wholesale clothing dealer iu Huston. Tbeyf Blood confinement iu the jail with an ns--uuipiiou of "don't care" which would' have done honor to tho moit hardened, frontier horse-thief. There was a net decrease of in tho principal of tlie inttrest-barhig debt. Tho total purchases ot bonds for the sinking tuud and out nf surplus revenues were tho net premium paid, exclusive of accrued interest, being SW .270.843.

Under tho circular of Aug. 3, 1H7, Intnrnst amount -ing to on 4 and 4 percent, bonds was prepaid with a rebate at the rate of 2 percent, per annum. The amount of tlm In the line of tho army the next President will aUo havo tin opportunity to fill several of importance. Urlif-udier General Gibbon retires April 530, ItJtU, and lirigudkr General Htunley June 18it2. This gives two places wiiiuh it is customary to ill! by selection from the colonels of tho line.

In tlie ordinary course of events the coming administration will not have the appointment of a Major General, as no oinVur ot that grade will retire within four years from March 4 next. However, there will bo seven Assistant Quarter' masters to be appointed, us weli as eight assistant surgeons and five assistant commissaries. The pay corps now numbers eight more than the maximum ilxed by law, and therefore no appointments can bo made to it with tha exception of the payma-ter generalship. There will bo live retirements from the corps during Gen. Harrison's term.

The navy will also aive Gen. Harrison a ing King George's reign. Tha under taking was initialed bv two wealthy Greeks, ho also are said to be m.iking pffnrts for a revival of the Olympic I gau to run over at the heel. His aged Itjfto, King Philip's war of lliTo, King William's war of llJf-tl), Queen Anne's war of 17UJ, the French and Indian war, 1757; the Revolution, 1775; the Indian war, 1790; the Burba ry war, the Tecumseh war, 1811; the war of 1812; thenar on the Algerian pirates games. pastor uesougut nun ro aimnuon me pernicious habit, and his sweetheart, with tears and pravers, added her en- Bird hunting has become a very popular amusement with the fair sex in umber of important appointments, as tha HOW TIIHV V0TKI).

Official Rotum, from Connecticut and. Oilier Tbe oflioial canvass of tbe vote of Con-, neoticut gives Cleveland (Pem.t, Harrison 74, "84: Fisk i.iili ir years or rno eigni ouroau cmers, as 11 as that of the JihIl-g Advocate General. England. Some of the would-be sportswomen are very fair shots and enart the hunter's r.vle quite creditably, ill expire durinir tlie next administration. Tlie Urms of tho bureau chiefs will extant rebate was Tho gold and silver coin and bullion in the 1 and all kinds of notes and cortiil-ates outstanding on June HO, 18H7, amount-d to $1,025.59.882.

and on June 30. lsss. to fc2.O93.502.O72. The stoek of gold and siler increased from $ to $1, 092.391 -JOO. mostly in gold.

The increase iu the vi time of tho paper circulation was resulting from au increase of in the anioutitot certificates and afalling AT of In tho total ot notes aud fractional currency. The redemption of United States notes at 'ho Treasury amounted to $03,052, 000, and those at New York In gold to $092,590. Since 'bo resumption of Hpecio payments only 120. 454 has been redeemed in gold. Cer-(iiieates of deposit amounting to $24.1 lO.itOO wore issued for I'nited States notes, leaving Ji 14.005.01 KJ outstanding.

Tho volume of gold outstanding Increased reaching $142,023,150. the hinhest noiut on the following dates: Commodore Hnr- but it is suspected that the great popu ony, yards and docks. March 27. 18SU: nnt. John G.

Walker, navication. Oct. 21. tfttW; Cant. Montgomery Sicard, ordnance.

uiyi, Cant. niU-ld S. Hchlev. eon u- Gforoe Holman, the veteran singer, manager, and aclor, proprietor of the once well-known Hoi mail English Opera Company, died recently at his home in London, Ontario, aged seventy-four. He first went on the stuge in Wirt.

Aunt Til Rtlky, a colored woman who lives in Marion County, Kentucky, is said to be 121 years old. Hho never nursed George Washington, but recently walked from her home to Lebanon and buck, twenty-eight miles, to attend a circus. larity of the sport is to be found in the opportunity it aftbrds for fetching new gowns. Many of the limiting dresses are described as c'larming. They are made of checked tweed, have no reeds, meut and recruit inir.

Sunt. 0. lsui: Hunreon General John M. llrowne. in tho snrinir of treaties to the minister's.

In the forlorn hope of reforming him, the foolish young girl married him. The next Sunday after their wedding they went out driving, when a runaway horse, driven by the pastor, dashed into them and knocked $i)7 out of his buggy and lamed his horse, the minister's turn-out escaping without a scratch. Still ho neglected the warning, and in six weeks somebody poisotfed his dog. My friend is now the father of twins, both of whom, or which, inherit, or probably will inherit, their father's vice. Another instance I may cite of a young girl of very prepossessing personal appearance and engaging manners, while employed in the family of an acquaintance of ours as governess, became addicted to the ice-cream habit.

In a short time it grew upon her, and hraan to interfere with her duties in in tlie hrst heminoie war in Low, the second Seminole war in the Black Hawk war of 18:12, the Mexican war. 1840: and the Rebellion. I8tjl. Tho duration and cost of the four great wars were: Revolutionary, seven years, 1812, two and a naif years. S107.ri,00l; Mexican, two years" and the Rebellion, four years, over or a total cost of nearly three and a half billion.

In the revolutionary war the number of American troops engaged was and iu the rebellion the Northern soldiers numbered 2.ti88,.r)2:t. There have also been so-called rebellions or attempts to oerthrowthe Government. The first was in 1782, when some officers of the Federal army tried to consolidate the thirteen 1H9'2; Paymaster General James Pulton, Dec. 15. inH); Engineer-in-Chie( George W.

Melville. Aug. 9. 1891: Chief Naval Con and reach only to the shoetops. structor Theodore 11.

Wilson, Dee. 15. 1890, nd Judero Advocate General William B. lteray. June 12, 1892.

yet noted at tho end of any fiscal year. i Taking into account the decrease of the Thk Birmingham Aye. tells of a l'OSTMASTKltS APPOINTED. Bedding man who has had his confi-d nce in bloodhounds cruelly betrayed. nnual It ii port uf Hint Asitanl Pont- A negro stole a pair of trousers from ntaHlnr Ooneral Steveiinon 'w Ap pointment Neressary.

lim, and he let loose three bloodhounds Washington (D. special. Tho annual rnport of I'irst Assistant Pont-asier General Stovensun shows that dur and started in pursuit. 'J' ho negro backtracked, the dogs lost his trail Amos Marsh, a colored man of Orange, drew in a lottery, and his first step was to abandon his old wife and give a white woman $4:1,000 to marry him. He said it was no use to have money unless he could get into society.

ing; tho last llseui year fourth-plans Post-miistors wore appointed as follows: On signations and commissions expired, the school-room. One day, while sented at the sewing-machine, she ran a needle clear through her thumb, and for several dftvs thereafter, whenever she ate Stieeter (Lnbor), 240; Cleveland's plurali-l ty, The vote for Governor: Morris' Bulkoley CnniplPio. Andrews (Labor) 263; spattering, 21; Morris' plurality, 1,415. No one has majority of the total vote, as re-i quired by law, and tlie Legislature will! elect lfulkeley and the other candidates on' tho Republican Slate ticket. The C'on-Kres-donal delegation: Simmouds I Rep.

linssel and Miles Wilcox Miles' plurality '20. The entire returns from all the countiesl in Pennsylvania give almost votes as follows: Harrison, Cleveland, Fisk, 2II.74H; Streeterl (I.abon, Total (including scatloi-J ing votes), 997,224. Harrison's plurality' is Harrison's majority over all is' M.MUH. The official count makes the vote ofi Kansas for President: Harrison. Cleveland, Streeter, (i.4.V2; plurality for Harrison, 79,901.

For1 (iovernor Humphrey received votes; Martin, Humphrey's plurality. 7:1,009. Following are the omoial returns of the vote of Virginia: Cleveland, Harrison, l.0,442; Cleveland's majority 1,.. ItKKKNICK CHOUTEAU DEAD. Tlie Flrit Mliite M'onmu of Kaunas Cltf, Vuhuvh Away.

'Sirs. Berenice Chouteau died at tha resideuce of her daughter-in-law in Kansas City, Mo. fihe wdb H7 of age and the first white woman that ever lived in Kimsits City. Her death was the re-! stilt of the infirmities of old ngo. on removals.

on oat) is of Post- and took after the pursuing white man, whom they finally treed, and kept him in that predic uneut from 5 o'clock in the afternoon till 10 oclock the follow mastftrs, 65; on ostablishmont of nw post- tuocs, H.S'iH; whoio number of appoint iimount in the Treasury, tho total increase tho circulation was $29,901,143. Thore wore issued $105,890,000 of silver certificates, and $21,917,378 wero redeemed. The amount outstanding increased from $145,543.15) to 1229.491,772. Tho Increase in tho actual circulation was $58,431,707. At tho close of the year tlie hold $178,312,050 of United States bonds to secure national bank circulation, and to secure nubile moneys held in depository banks.

There was a decrease during the year of $13,654,050 In the amount of tho former, and an increase of $29, 642.5(H) in tho amount of tho latter. There was of public money hold by the banks, an increase of Tho semi-annual rluty collected from national banks amounted to $1,010,127, making nn aggregate of (if. "16.2:13, 80.3 since 1863. Tho net proceeds of the nntional bank notes redeemed during the vear were Tho redemptions worn $11,000,000 zroater than those of tho preceding vear. in the face of a reduction of 5K), 000 in tho two years in the nmount outstanding, ami greater in proportion to ho clrculal Inn than those of every year save two sinco 1879.

The redemptions from 5 per cent, funds wero 185. and those from the funds ing day. ments. This fH a nut dooreiiio from last year ot 7i)l. During tho yetir 1,645 postotlti'es were discontinued.

Tho report shows that there worn siil postofllces established and 145 morn discontinued flur- Col. Ebf.xezkr Hurokss Ball, of Virginia, who is said to be the nearewt living relative of Gen. Washington, was Ix the suit of Mrs. Myra Beals vs. the year than Uuriutf tho previous Tho inermmo in tho whole number of offices is shown to have boon 2.

'219. aa recently tendered the position of watchman at the top of the Washington Na States into one ana comer supreme power on Washington. The second was in 1787, called "Shay's Insurrection, in Massachusetts. The third was in 1794. Ktpularly called "The Whisky Insurrection of Pennsylvania." The fourth instance was in 1814, by the Hartford Convention Federalists.

The fifth, on which occasion tho different sections of the Union came into collision, was in 1820, under the administration of President Monroe, aud occurred on the question of the admission of Missouri into the I'nion. The sixth was a collision between the Legislature of Georgia and the Federal Government in regard to certain lands given bv the latter to the Creek Indians. 'The seventh Mas iu 1820 with the Cherokees in Georgia. The eighth was the memorable nullifying ordinance of South Carolina in The ninth was in 1842, and occurred iu Rhode Island between tho Suffrage Association and the State authorities. Dr.

Angustin Thompson, of Lowell, for alienating her husband's affections, the jury brought in a verdict awarding her The plaintiff train st 1.54:) for tha voar 187. Aa Illustrat tional Mouument at a salary of 45 per ing the comparative growth of the sevoral geographical section of the country, the month, but he declined. nt-rcaHo or nuclease mr rno year tha had adjudged her husband's affections whole number of postoiliiies in operation Iu as worth to her but for some no is live, xnis snows mat iu the iNew inffland States tho net Increase was live, as Prince Bihmakck recently gave a inexplicable reason the jury knocked nKuiijHt forty-five for the previous year. In fete to his servant and teuauts at Fried- ice-cream, she felt a sharp pain in her thumb. She disregarded the warning, however, and last week she was carried away.

The man who carried her away married her when he carried her as far as the church, and she it now the wife of he employer, worth and can take her slipper and spank chain lightning out of the impudent children that used to bully the life out of their poor governess. P. S. And she does it, too. A single teaspoonful of ice-cream dropped upon the tongue of a rattlesnake will kill the man that drops it just as quick as the rattlesnake can get crack at him, which will be while he is measuring the ice-cream.

Fifteen grains of strychnine, mixed with a freezer full of ice-cream, will kill as many people as a young man can stand treat for. A dog shut up in an air-tight iron box for six weeks, and fed upon nothing but ice-cream, will die, A vouug man whom I knew pre I for the retirement of cfrculatfou $50,103,957. i no ji mute maws ttie not muroaso was las. riehsruhe to celebrate the dispatch to lho latter fund excited much concern early in tho year. On July 8.

JHhh. um against 202 during the previous year. In off Still ths award is a handsome one as it is, and shows that Massachusetts is a favorable locality for con 10 boiuuern Mates, including tlie Indian it stood at $107,827,754. the highost point Territory, the net inoieaso was 1,400. as Berly of 5,000 telegraph poles cut in his forests.

Bismarck has supplied ir nas ever reaction, rom tout time declined to $91,952,843 by the end of the llseal verting matrimonial affections into spot Germany with 100,000 telegraph poles sh. The incident is suggestive to during the last ten years. year. The net deposits fluring the vear wero or which $706,585 was for the retirement of the circulation of banks In liquidation or in the hands of receivers. $24,543,501 for the reduction of the circula- parties who cannot get along together The tenth was in 1850, on the part of against voo lust yoar.

iu tho tnrce states and three Territories of the Pacille Slope ttie net increase was 100. us against 115 last year. In ton States and six Territories of the West and Northwest tlie net increase was 412, as against 3iHl during tho preceding year. There was an increase In tho number of postofftoos In operation in nil the States except Maine and New Hampshire, and in ail the Territories except Idaho and Utah. Tlie the Mormons, who resisted the Fed Since the Mud Hun disaster a num I tton of banks in active existence, and ral authority.

The eleventh was the Southern rebellion. ber of railroad engineers running iutc Philadelphia have been examined for M3.9f lor the retirement or om notes, to bo replaced by new issues of the same amount. It is expected that the balance iu Ibis fund will cotitinuo to decrease. Tho and want to recover on lost oonuubial felicity. There is evidently money to be made in 'the courts of that Commonwealth out of husbands and wives by their companions who take a commercial view of their relations.

Evident A Curious Custom. total decrease lor tno tour wns twenty-three. There was au Inerease of 101) or more nost- Lieutenant von Francois, tlie African color blindness. Three were found who could not tell a white light from a green one. Providence has been verv pxpnnso of bank-noto redumption and the rate of cost $1.52 per $1,000 redeemed.

explorer, has -recently described a ofllces in each of the following States: North Carolina. 158; Texas. UW; Virginia, 126; Kentucky. 126; Alabama, 106; California, 106; range custom among tlie Uavanzi, west Virginia, mo; Arkansas, mi; rennsyi- merciful to railroad passengers. ho live for mnuv miles along the lp- vaula, 100.

)er Congo. The custom would seem to sumptuously declared that he could live upon ice-cream. He ate fifteen cents' worth and defiantly ordered another dish. While waiting for it he heard a noise out in the street, and going out to see what caused it, a steamer on its way to a fire knocked him down and ran over him. An ambulance was make life a good deal of a burden to One of the prominent features of Their TermM Will Expire, The commissions of postmasters of sev ly marriage is far from being a failure in that section of the country.

Thk achievement of the Lick telescope in bringing the moon to within sixty miles of the earth, is justly re leir married women. Jirass rods, Philadelphia social circles is a society enty-five Presidential postofTlocs will expire prior to March 4, lttHJ. Among them are Inch are favorite currency in tl Sir. Chouteau was, perhaps, tbe most noted' hiHtorfcal ouaracter of Kansas City. She wa the link connecting the past with tha Mrn.

hnutoau was the daughter of Col. Potar) Menard, first Tmritort 1 Governor Illinois.) Her father was unusually woalthy, and rave hen e.ery advi-nt-' that could be hud in their, hi me at Kaskartkla. lu at the early aget of is, sbewHs married to Francis C. Chouteau. Their hriJ-kl trip consisted of a journey up the Missouri ltlver to thew Blast Hnako Hills, where 8t.

Joseph was after-wtirtl fouciltMl. Two yeiTB later Mr. Choutes.a fitiiiin icendtHl the river iu company with his wife, this time to establish a tr d.u-i post of 1 the American Fur Company. The was established at Kandolpn. on the sou bank of thef river, lu the floo.i of 1K2G th; log houses werl washed away, and new stores were afterward! built at the foot of Trooat avenue end two' miles above Argentine, on the bank of the Kaw.t Mr.

4 houteau made a Govemme entry of acres of laud la the East Bj.t'tiue, where he' built the only ton boat hu ling at that' point. This was washed away in 18ti. As that years passed, Mr, Chouteau pi oved himaulf a successful mnn of busiuesa aud amassed a foituue. He died about two ycaie ago. tlx, children have preceded her to the KVave.

aud uo' survivor of her family remains. After the death, of her huabund Mis. Chouteau, ft the earnest no icitatlon of fi tends, instituted numerous' lawBnltB to recover a dower light invaluable real eBtats iu the West Bottoms of Kansas Citv. A fw weeks siiioa it was dt covered by-Judge Phillip that the widow La 1 forfeited htr riglisc because of the of limitations. MX'OUK'S PLAN.

A Scheme to Divert tli Mlitsourl'e Course and Keclalui Valuable Lauds. General McC'ook, of Fort Leavenworth, of ladies who devote their attention to 'ountrv, are welded into great run the study and discussion of literary, inese; uurtng uecemuor UKian, Madison. Flora, Union City. Cresco. Iowa; Brookhavou, Aurora.

around the necks of the wives. Many summoned, and while waiting to be conveyed to the hospital, the wretched youth died of old age. these rings worn by women, whoso artistic, and musical themes. Among Nilos, Obonlin, and Pomeroy, Ohio; husbands are well to do, weigh as much the ladies who compose it are many of us thirty pounds, and this burden must Salem. cJmtnn, Abeline, Texas; Lancaster, 8 tough ton, and Waupaca, Anniston and Troy, Ala.

Parker. Dak. flranil Crossing and Petersburg. Ill, Btmton Philadelphia's society ladies. )e carried around by the poor women Tl KIUI.KNT WEST VI KG I NIA.

Great Excitement Over the Elno-tlou Both Tarties Crying Erautl. Wheeling dispatch.) Thore is much excitement In West Virginia caused by the closeness of the election. Both Democratic nnd ltcpuhllcnn Itapcrs ory fraud, Tho Intetliut'iicer, the topublican orgiui of tho Ktato, claims that most outrageous frauds woro committed in the recount of tho first Congressional IMs-irressloual District, where Atkinson's (Hep.) apparent majority of nearly 100 has been out down to 9. The Register (Detn.) defends the commissioners lu their actions and charges the most barefaced frauds In the hack counties. All sides acknowledge that doff (Hep.) is elected Governor on the face of tho returns, but tho Democrats insist that they will contest every Inch of tlie ground nnd will investigate tho charges made against tho Republicans In the back counties.

One tiling Is suro. The v.ite in the 8tat from one end to the oilier has Increased In the past year much more rapidly than the Domilation, In Wlieolinsr there was an In as long they live. 1 requently, Bucci, the Italian faster, has just completed a thirty-day starving trial liarbor, Alliance and Orrvilio, Ohio; Beaver Talis and Helin's Grove, Lampasas, Texas; Alameda and Aspen, Cal. Tipton, Iowa; Ngaunee, Athens, Ohio; Berwick, Altoona, Myersdale, War says Lieutenant von rancum, "one sees a poor woman whose neck is raw and sore under the heavy weight, and in places the skin is rubbed on by the Siiuiinury uf Health Points. Probably forty deaths out of a hundred are caused by impure air.

The chief source of impurity is carbonic acid gas, a deadly poison. Breathing the air converts its oxygen into this gau, which is heavier than the air and settles toward the floor of occupied rooms, aud is found in wells and baso-monts where poisonous vapors find lodgment, for which and bo- garded as one of the most important events of the age. While the actual "trip to the moon" is still unrealizable except with the aid of some such highly wrought imagination as Jules Verne's, a good many of the pleasures of the trip can lie enjoyed in a peep through this famous telescope, Famous as it is, its fame is to be rivaled. The University of Southern California iB negotiating for a telescope with 42-inch lenses to be erected on one of the mountain peaks near Los Angeles. This will be six inches larger than the Lick telescope, and ought to reduoa still further the ren, nnd atsontown, and Vancouver, Wash.

Tor. mg, Jliis is a sure sign that ttie ring at Barcelona, Spain, during which he walked, talked aud fenced with the vigor of a full-fed man. Mr. Sueci's only nourishment was an elixir which uis been -reeentlv welded around her ELECTION llKTUBNS. neck, for after a time tho skin becomes calloused, and then tho strange orna- The Moat Authentic Official inures Ob- he claims renders food unnecessary.

no Lut the tilnab'e. TENNESSEE. A Nashville special says: The return! India must be the physicians' earth weight is an inconvenience; they never get used to it, and it is a perpetual tax cause they are damp, basements are from all the counties In Tcnnusseo show ly paradise. The Nawab of Bampur noon their euergies. In every crowd mint lor occupancy.

The atmosphere of rooms is made these llgures: Cleveland, 159.079; Harrison, recently paid Sergeant Major Preyer, of women may be seen a number who are supporting the rings with their 139.815; lsk. 9.009; Htreeter, 48. Cleveland a plurality. majority. 13,517.

1'or Governor: Taylor iDem.) Hawkins a surgeon in the British army, the impure by the breath, by exhalations from the body, by stoves, lamps and caudles. One lamp consumes as much oxvgen as ten persons, and should 139,014: Johnson (Pro.) 0,843. Tay hands, and thus for a time relieving tlioir weary shoulders of the heavy burden. It mav be said that with every lor's plurality. 17.822; majority, 10,979.

crease in the vljof over 1,000, while the school cen taken a few months shieo shows a very small increase in population. In 1884 tho Republican vote In McDowell County was 193 and this fall it Is returned at 522. In Mercer County the face of the returns shows an inoreasu of over 900 since 1884. Very few people believe this increase legitimate. It is claimed that the Democratic managers hi that part of the Btato have the names of soventy-six negroes who are registered votors at Pocahontas.

who voted at Klkhorn, in McDowell A KB AN HAH. Official returns received at Little Rock movement of their lwdies tho rings never be kept burning through the night in sleeping-rooms if it can bo from all the counties In the State show that apparent distance of the moon. By the use of the last-named instrument it has been discovered that the man in the moon uses canals. The larger instrument will probably disclose the character of the canal boats and show whether they are drawn by horses or mules. give them discomfort.

Once on, it no easy matter to get it off. The natives avoiuea. mere is no saiety mn in thorough ventilation. It is secured by an opeu fireplace, grate or Franklin the total vote was 154.941, divided as follows: Cleveland. Harrison.

Ktreoror, 10.618: Fisk, 014. Cleveland has a plurality of 27.210, and a majority of 15.98a IOWA. have no such thing as a hie, aud is engineering a gigantic scheme for the improvement of the Missouri River at the fort, and the consequent salvage of thousands of acres of tottom land lying opposite Leavenworth. Just above the' fort the liver makes a straight east-' tru bend of over a mile and a quarter, and, turning south and we3t again, makes a gigantic turn like a capital U. The Missouri side of this bend has cut for years, aud the Rock Island liailway has moved its road a mile inland to avoid the iter.

Acre after acre of1 valuuble laud has fallen into the river. Gen. McCook will soon ask permission of, the Secretary oi War to use the prison, labor to cu' canal at the base of the bend. He estimates that with the use of' the military convicts he can, in two months, open up this canal to a depth off feet the entire length of its base, audi will, with the aid of the spring floods, straighten out the course of the river. The work will be of incalculable benelit? to Leavenworth.

though they can hammer a lot of brass stove, with a large hole in the chimucy near the ceiling. A long window, open princely fee of $50,000 for having brought him Bafely through a three-months illness of malignant rheumatic fever. John Davison, a drummer for a St. Louis house, in excusing himself for having six living wives, says: "Why, man, I oould have married forty as well as six, and every one of them would have taken in sewing to support me. Give me credit for having a conscience." Thk late Gen.

Salomon, ex-President of Hayti, was a splendid speci rods into one, it very dithcult for them to cut the thick mass of metal iu two. Women who increase largely in at the top and bottom, or an open door County, aud subsequently at Braniwell. in Morcor County. It is also claimed that hundreds of negroes who were brought into the Htate from Old Virginia within the last four months to work on the Norfolk and Western Railroad wero taken to Hie polls and voted. is often necessary in summer to secure sufficient ventilation.

Rooms heatud flesh after the rings have been fastened on their necks are in danger of Strang by close stoves or hot-air registers The cam ns urn excitement has not died ling to death, and instances of this sort have b.en known to occur. Yet theso always require artificial ventilation out here in the slightest degree, and people Thought the dlntllotine Mas Funny at First. And yet it is evident that the guillotine was not at first a terror-inspiring object. One general of the Revolutionary army had a guillotine engraved on his seal. The ladies of Tours wore guillotine ear-rings, and the "avenger of the people" danced with them at the Look to your cellars I Decaying women regard the cumbrous ornamen vegetable matter is more poisonous with pride, imagine it enhances their hurrah ror tneir ravorites nay aim nigni.

On the street cars, the ferryboats, and at tho theaters tho chief Bubjoct of conversation Is the state of affairs in West Virginia. The excitement extends even into Ohio and Pennsylvania. than decaying animal mutter. importance and beauty, and wear the Wheat and other cereals, ripe fruits burden with light hearts, lirasa is thi in their season, and our common gar men of the negro race. lie was money of tho country, and by putting den vegetables are admirably adapted essentially a polished, dignified gen it around their wives necks the men ar to human wants.

Meat is more suitable to winter than summer; broiling pretty certain that it won't be stolen or Official returns from everv county in the Rtato give Harrison 211.592; Cleveland, Harrison's plurnlity is 31,693. WEST VIRGINIA. T. S. Itiley.

Chairman of the Democratic State Committee of West Virginia, has sent the following dispatch from Wheeling: The official returns from this State are tuffi-ciently ascertained to warrant the nnnounoe-iiimit of the election of Judge A. B. Fleming, thi Democratic candidate for Governor, by a small but flure majority. Tbe rest of tbe State ticket 1b elected by larger majorities. The Legislature will stand on joint ballot, 40 Democrats, 44 Republicans, said 1 Labor-Union in-dupuiiuunt.

NATIONAL PKOHI 111 ION VOTE. It Is Placed tit Sfl.l.OOO by the Editor ol tlie J'arty Newspaper, the "Voice." New York telegram.) The editor of tho New York. Voice, the official organ of the National rrohibltion party, from returns and careful estimates, Itlaces tho vote on Fisk and Drooks. Pro-libition oondidutos for President and Vice President, us follows: Alabama 1,000 Missouri 5,000 Arkansas 1,000 Nebraska lu.OOu Califo nia 0,0 Nevada 200 Colorado tt.OOO New Hampshire. 1,570 Ci.niiBctiout 4,80 INew Jersey B.OJ0 Delaware .173 New York 30.000 Florkla iWO North Carolina, (leorgla 1,850 Ohio 26,000 foolishlv expended, lint it is nn odd is much better than frying; mutton aud cruel kind of savings bank." and fowl better than pork in unite Proconsular balls.

Xne guillotine was a lu mode. Its inventor, Dr. Guillo-tin, in a Bpeerh before tha National Assembly on Dec 1, 1789, had said: "With my niacin uo I slice if your head in the twinkling of an eye, and you do not Buffer." People, it must ba presumed, soon grow accustomed to the fatal machine, for it even entered the salons, and MM. de Gou court relate, in their "History of French Booiety To Wash Laces. dyspepsia comes from eating too fast, too often aud too much, Pure water is essential to health, An exchange gives the following way THK KMPKKOK C'HEKHKI).

The German Emperor Opeus the Relvli-stav anil Makes a Favorably Received Speech. Berlin telegram. The German lteiohstn? hu reassembled, ami finiueror William opened the scsaion iu person. In relation to East African flairs, ho Haid "The settlements in Africa aro a mot tor of Interest, to Germany, In the taKk of winning Afrioato Christian morality friondlyKnwlHiid and its Parliament hud reootfui.od a century ago that they must begin by loprosflinK the ind in nearoee and alave-huntimr. I there as a good method lor washing laces EQUAL SUFFRAGISTS.

Kansas Women Denounce the DUfran-uliiseuieut of Their Rex. Tho Kansas Equal Suffrage Association, at its annual convention in Topeka, adopted resolutions asking the Legislature to so amend the law creating a State Board of Trustees of Charitable Institutions as to require that at least two of its members shall be women. The following resolutions Mere also adopted: llesottxd, That the women of Kaunas tender -their deepest sympathy to their sisters of Washing on Territory iu tho matter of tha decision of the'r (Supreme Court depriving them of the x-irclse of their veHed right of ulTra.te. That we moBt emphatically as unjust and unconstitutional this unprecedented notion of deuyiuK the power of a "Fold the loca two or three times, and Diphtheria, dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, are very often caused by dis tack it to a piece of clean white flannel tleinan, and outside of politics had few if any enemies. One of his marked characteristics was his love for classical music.

The Duke of Norfolk had the good grace to say, when he heard the false report of his engagement to Miss Mo Tavibh, of Baltimore, that it was "a little hard on the lady, and the person who started it should be mnished." His Grace seems to appreciate the situation, Rev. 0. A. Jounhon announces that asn in warm water, with soap, not rubbing, but dipping it up and down in ease germs in drinking water. Wells should be at least one hundred feet from manure heaps, the terminus of kitchen drains and every deposit of the water, and patting it between your hands: change the water once.

I hen During the Revolution "In extremely good company at dessert, after supper, a little mahogany guillotine was placed on the table, and tlie ladies, acting the role of Hanson, placed under the knife dolls whose heads were portraits of some euemv Lameth, Robespierre, ioul matter. Rain water, properly nl fore first arrived at an entente with En-J dip it into very, hot water, roll it up tered, is the best drinking water. with the flannel outside, and squeeze plan and began negotiations with other friendly powers. Meusures in tho UeichHtug will follow." Light is a necessity without it people it as dry at possible. Then remove the Illinois Oregon Indiana, O.fiOU l'ennsylvaiiia.

become scrofulous, rickety, consumi IllW tacking thread, and clip the lace into nuuiia i.m.'vi Houih Carolina, 8O0 five, and sink into premature derrepi cold water, into which a little pearl Territorial legislature io presonoe tue quaun-oatiou of electors. fteaiih-Af, we regret the action of the Methodist Fpisuopal General Conference of ltttei excluding the woman lay delega es from partiei-patlug In the deliberations of that body. standi has been dissolved. tude. Patients ou the sunny side of the hospital recover soonest.

Veils and window curtains would better be "Take it out, aud roll it out in a large Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Mart land. Massachusetts Michigan nuesota. 11,000 Tennessee S.OjM iflOTexati 7,000 2,700 Vermont 1,20 Bftl', Virginia 1,000 Wi St 2.0UO BOOi Total Stjo.ttfl cumbric handkerchief, squeeze it dry, omitted. Light is a good disinfectant. and again fold it up in a drv handker as a result of much study, "in just thirty-two years from now the electricity stored in the earth will come in contact with the heated matter inside and blow the whole world up." Mr.

Johnson is an eligible candidate for an in Ban asylum. With reference to foreign relutions he said: "Our relations with all foreign powers are peaceful. My efforts have been nn-ccusini? to strengthen this peace. The alliance with Austria and Italy has uo other object. To bring, without necessity, the miseries even of a victorious war upon Germany would bo incompatible with my Christian faith and my duties toward the German people.

Acting thus I considered it my duty shortly after my accession to the throne to personally greet not only my allies but also, and in the Hrst place, the friendly neighboring mounn-ha iu Men may work in a malarious distnc chief. Let it remain tor Tin hour, tli Mlsbissippi. during the day and escape harm fold a liuen sheet four tunes, spre.i Tho total Prohibition vote of the nation upon it a fine niece of linen or an old will not vary much from 265,000. It may be they will stay elsewhere during th night. 10,000 larger, but it wilt not lUu.j lull mor than 5,000 below that Jlguro.

cambric handkerchief. Lay your lace ujxm it, carefully smooth out with your Exercise is indispensable. Proper exercise involves the use of every organ MIN1STEK TO MADHlh. Important Hullroad DecUlon. The Indiana Supreme Court has affirmed the decision of the Porter County Circuit Court in a oase appealed by the Chicago and Atlantic Kailroa 1.

Judge I.Uiot ruled: Whrre a railroad company obtain i a Tight ot way through a turni, and iu consideration of the grant agrees to erect and a seoure feuce, it is bound to pay for tni rals billed by its traius iu cases where theauimaU entr upon the traok through the fault of the company in falling to fence the crossing la accordance with the terms of the contract. is uecessaryi to a recovery that the plaintiff shall prove tbA flate at tne rousing was not left opn by him a wrong-doer. Totals a mailer of defense; The plaintiff need only prove the contraoi, the breach, aud the resulting loss. of the body. Organs not regularly ex Bailly, or Lafayette.

The head was cut off, and a re 1 fluid flowed from the neck; the doll was a bottlo, and the blood some amber-colored liqueur." Society in its insouciance treated as a toy the instrument which was soon to decimate its ranks. But except in prints the guillotine is not often represented. It is occasionally found ot) pitriotic snuff-boxes, which ike the form of a Phrygian cap. There is one iron pike-head at the Carnavalet um on which is engraved an old-fashioned guillotine worked by a rope. On the knife is engraved a Phrygian cap, and tho inscriptions above and below are M('a ira" and Viva la Repub-liijue," hen the guillotine was first used tho knife was held suspended by a rope, and at a given signal a soUlier with averted eyes cut the rope with his sword.

Afterward the working of the much in a was improved aud made more expeditious as its use became extended. Harper1 Magazine. ercised become incapable of performing their functions. Horseback riding is the best exercise. Uirlu, as well a boys, should be turned out to hop, ski Captain Samuel Brooks, commanding the steamer Arizona, incompleted 000 round trips of the Atluntic- Captain Brooks, who is a In'e ami be arty, jovial mariner, is G7 ycara of ge.

He began his sea-faring life as a cabin-boy In small sailing vessel when only 15 years old. His life since then has been full of stirring incidents. hand all folds or creases, and gently pull each pattern into proper shape then spread over it another tine handkerchief, folded double, and iron with a hot iron. Remove the upper cloth from the lace, but do not touch the lace until it is perfeetly dry. It dries in its impression ou the cambric, and perfectly retain the beauty of its pattern.

When quite dry, fold it iu tissue paper, and it will look like new lace." and jump, play ball, and give free play The President Appoints the Mew Turk CongrenmiiHil MlnUter to Spain. (New York dispatch. Congressman Perry llehnont, of New York, has been appointed United Btatos Minister to Spain, and has accepted the position. Tho place has been vacant for some time. He will sail for KpMn early In December.

Mr. Rolmont lma been Chairman ol the House Foreign Aa'ulrs during tho lost two Congresses, and Is there OrtlOf IO book, au uuuurMitiiuiiiK miiii tl view to the fulhtltnent of the tusk that God has sot bofore me in securing to our people the blessings of peuco nnd prosperity us far aa lies In our power. The confidence extended to mo and ray policy at till the courts whih I have visited justlnee the hope that I and my allies and friends, with God's help, will he able to preserve the peace or Europe." The Emperor was frequently Interrupted by warm appiause while he was reading his speech. The passages referring to the peaceful situation, the Improvement in trade, and social legislation were ospeeUUy to all their members without the re straint of titrht-fitting garments. Th dreHS about the ribs should allow the whole chest to expand.

The corset crowds nearly all tho internal organs out of their place; the muscles of the lore equipped ror tno position, ne was noi not Mills Shut Down. Minnesota saw-mills have shut or are preparing to do so soon. Tbe season's cut la estimated at 334,000,000 feet, aboat 20,000,000 fest ubove ths reootd. a candidate for re-election to Congress, an Mb. Btanhope, the English Minister Whittikh; the poet, is a relative of Daniel Weuater, ou the Uiuturnal iide, would have retired from tue House we deprived ol tlteir nuturul use.

ot nest Mar oh. of War, said to ft kind-hoar ted.

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