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The Plaindealer from St. Francis, Kansas • Page 4

The Plaindealer from St. Francis, Kansas • Page 4

The Plaindealeri
St. Francis, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

1 1 1 VJIVi XX JL A XX Ml AT r.OTJJNft RRDfi. i if asBs wee tla-ffarsst General Stock of Mcr- XTT?" CZPT? I JJch.aEaiiie ever offered In CEiej esme County, Maiias.l JLL, VV VylXjLl mtm 12ISS Land office at Oliarlln, Knnoaa' From Cherry Oraek. Still it rains. THE PLA1NDEALER, W. McKay was in Colorado this week on land and locating TIOFFMAK, President.

A. O. Mud. Vice President. If St.

Francis is not a good western town in which to locate for business purposes, the prospects of the future are of no consequence. For investment in town lots no better disposition ot money could be mpde with fairer prospects of heavy returns. Citizens Si Bank Authorized Capital, $1001000. l)o a General Business. Collections a speciality! Interest allowed ort Tinla Deposits, DlUECTORS: P.

IIofcraiAtf. F. C. LtmunroBW, 6. Mbad, it.

It, tlAnTMtSOlf) G. D', Carter, J. L. FtNLBT) in Vlpl il ttnaand Hrt ho I rrtolr on Monday enrout for his homestead D. Smilh of fowa, son of Aaron Smith arrived Cheyenne today, be is a gentleman of good business qualities, and we wish him success in his new home.

Bom, to H. N. Burnhan and wife on Saturday, a pound boy, mother and son are doing well. Hank has a pair cf boys now, nnd he says they are Republicans, Miss Myrtle Gibbs commences school at trie Webber school house on Monday, Although the accoini-datiolis nre not the best, we wish her success in her new Geld Ot labor. Jonas Cashner has moved from A L.

Ertierson's ranch, where he has been at wotk for some tn- his Homestead on the Creek, Wi' welcome him baoki Died, April 7th, littlt' ('live, aged one vear three months and seven days. Son Of S. and S. H. Bur.

ham, the parents have our sympathy in the loss of their little son. Sam Webber has sowed nbolit five acres of oats; We think oats will lo well here fthd ere will be one otthe of Kansas. Miss Addie Meadows, is planting an apple orchard on her clailll; on the rulge. We would be pleased to hear from some one ih rcgaftt to the kinds ot fruits that wohlU be most hearty here; Miss Barltei- arrived llere frdin Nebraska. lW.

week. Sllti IS sistfer of the Airs; Jone's. Sayi bbs iitiid yolir illeath nnd don't be surprised if you hear Of Livy aieaaows taking to himseit a bdtter half. Aardn Smith bought a douple of hogs Ii. E.

Meaddvfsj last Week. Red bitttBn is plahtilig trees on his hoiiibste'ad in 3-4 1. Red has one ot the finest claims in Ch -yenne. The in excellent Bhape and ere long the click of the Corn planter will bfe heard ill the land. Cliaflcn Herberti.

lias a petition out for the roads west of town, we nre unable to say just how the road will run yet, but with ft little Work by the farmeas and help by the coun ty by putting, a bridge across the vivet, ft good road can be Had into the city bf all cities. X. r. NOTICES OF FINAh PROOF! 9020 tr: oniife, otwriio. kd March 5, 18C8.

CohiDlalnt havincr been entpran Ht hi Olllcp by F. Nld'g. ginst Ilarvev a usrrineer, lor annuning uia Dttmi-if(1 7117. dmed Uov. to 1885, upon tbe northeast quarer.

fltctlun towusnip 4 aouin, range 40 wm in vouuty. Hauaaa, alleging a. btnrlnnment. Tbat be bta cbanue bti reaidenie tberofrom for more than fix iii.tlilhf tince making raid entry, that SaM raet Is not sent, Upon aud culttvau-d by pld party, aa reqnlrd by law, ami 'bat Defendant baa never built any done any breaking Dor ealabftiihed a residence upon up ti pt-efent lute nor.niaue nv lmproveraente ot any Jiiud. With a view to the caucellation bi rid entry, tbe eald parties are tereby -iinirnnued to appear at.

this nllfco on the inn aay oi may, i8b, nt 10 o'clock A. reapood and furnlh testimony i-inioetnlDg said alleged ab mdoniiient 19 Fran Bacon, It gleter. 0008 It, Land Office, Oborllo, kan. V4 ni.L tjoa Corr plajnt having en totered at this on ice nydoaepD Merrill, win lam G. Roberts, for abandpntug bi entrv No.

100! dated Oct a. 28. 1880, UqO the.rjorthweBt 27, tawusphlp 4 south range 40 west, In CbeycnuS county, Kansaa, alleging abandonment, tbat be baa changed bis resi dence tberefrom for more tban sis month since making said tbat eni4 tract la not settled upon and cultlTtted bv eald party iis required by jivw, defeutlant baa tailed to build any ripuae or do atay break big tl make, any improvements of any miiu up 10 jiate, w(ta a vier to tne can- llatlon of said entry, the said are hereby summoned appear, thla lllce on the day of tiny, 4.VS, at 10 clock to reepoim anil furnish testimony ncernltig said all ged aban donment Frank Bacon, Ecglater. 13700 U. 8.

Land Offlco.Oherlln, Kan. April Notice la l-erobv fftven-that tlie'ol'owlnff nam ed aottlerhaa filed mil ice of hia Intention to mi.ka fii.ol proof in rltpport or tit, claim, and 'hat aaid proof will bo mailt) before Judt-e of Die Olatrici Court or in Ida ahaence hefora thJlurk tnereur Bi tjtro uttv, Kanaaa. on June it ikms. via (lioraa II. fialilt.

'II ic l.TRT. Utr tho northeHt aitart'T Hee. 3 (own (1 Ratilre weat. no name, tne luiiowlnu ttneaaea to prnro dip eotittnno-ia reaideuce upon nua cttltivuiion oi land, Viz: i. Charlra 0.

Ueeoh, Q. V. tahiona, W. W. Oard nar.

0, II. Saxon, tilt nf tswti Kltln, Kanaaa. 19 Frank Bacon, Kejiatcr. The Pioneer Wa.hlngtoa Areaue, sr, FRANCIS. KA YOU WILL FIND Flour: Coal and BalQd Hny, Also Field Sfefecfs, Fruits arid Vegetables March IW.

Jfotlfe I herfbT ln lliat th rollnwlnv nam cil Arillcr liaa Med notice of hln intention lo mnke tlnni proor In -nnp. roor In -nnport nf tila claim, and that FaU prnnf will bo made before the Jiiiln of the Kin. trlet Court or in hi sbnence he to re tho Clerk thereof Bird Olty, on April 21, ISW), viz 1 John Hrnkcltiicin. I) tor tho KiiithniiBt 1 Pouttiwent Stctinn 11, rtai-t hAt nnrthweol northeast i qiurter 9ec Town 4 Prtiith, ritrtge 4t wiFt. He lillmcn tho fallow, tif wltiK'Pft'l 10 prmro continuous reldoiic upuu, ftud cultivation of nairl land.

vie: John (Iravfi, Fred. II. Miller, llcnfy Juhn- Bon, J.f. Itoil.all of Wnno, Kan-oii. 15 Frnnk Hacon, TlgUttr, 132M ttirj Office at ODcrlln.

Kb Mnrctl ID, Nottrfc hfirrtiy Hnn th it Mir- followine nam-ed settler hni iild nofl'-u nf hie lnnntlon mnke fltitll prrtof lit itliitvrt ot hU claim, find thr unld proof will lift modi hot'ore ,1 iirtci of the Ufa-trlct Court or 1 ii hU itlnunrv hforw iho Clerk ltii-dCltV. Ktuii. oh Mav 2. 1B88, viz; Jainpi M. SiifiipBoii, II.

K. No. tor thu rt. wert qtiarkr Town iO W. lie mime tht! nillowlurf to nrovc his contiiihii" ronldcu tlpitin ami cnHlvation of unld lnnl, vie; Wm.

OnnlnCf. Si'Xftdh, M. Whli-nutit, Geo, M. Itabh, all of l.awn KUIitu, Kansai. 18 Frank Hafoti Kefilfltor- Olllbe at Ohi-rlln.

ifTfi-K in HUM Koiu-e in nert- iv civtti l.utt ic nv ed nettl-r hn fitcfl imtirf of hi inlPilHoii tomtike yrmiT In of hli rlnim, Knu ttmt fa)t pn)f He nuiilc bt'foro of the IHntrlct ourl or Id his iiliuunru hoforc the Uit-'rk thereof, al liird City, Kirn; on Mar 1, vi 1 Perry A. Ahen-romltie, for the t). i 1 Sccilou Towu ft ltaitRt! 40 V. He tiiime tllii fnllowiiiiZ tti provu hie cotltlnltona repideneb upon and tiiHlTution of intil land, rtz: .1. catli-tt.

J. V. nofffj.T. II. ItflBh, B.

Ed-wnrdu, all of Lawn ltkl hHnBC. trunk Ilncdn, titplier. 123C4 tanil Otlh" at Oherlhi, ktincas March 10, 1S88. Notirl In tercly Hint the follnwing nuined settler liax filed notice or his Jtitenlim to make flnnl proof In ptipport of liif claim, nnd that xnld proof Ivlll be nindt-hufort; the Jadpe of lie Court, or In hie Jtheence before, the Clerk ivcrcof at IJird Oltv, Ran. on April ayiHH, viz iir.itf'H A.

Iifirkr. It, 0. WiSS, for the northuaBi nunrier (f S'C. Town 8 8. HuiiL'e 41 W.

Mo nnnii'f thn I'nlliiw ttir wltiipum to tirnvft lila continuant reoideuce np6n miA cultivutloU of Jacob It. Conf. r. John Bridge? jonn a. oiDacn, an oi naiicac.

IQ MtANK BACUA, KCRKtcr, liSSg ionUofrtboilt Oberlln, Wnrbh im. Notice In clven tlint the folld-K lnir nam ed t-eltler has filed ritrtlfco of HlS lutljition to mnko nnal proof lo eiiort or hio, nnd that aid proof wl 1 1 he niaile before Judiij of the Dimrict Oour' or In til Hlicniice tliV Clerk thprnof tp Bird City, Ku: on BUy 1H88, vfzt Edward Gbnd'ifi; II. r. T.H5, for pio enfl hir n-w qarter and wem lml I h-e tluartor Sbc: -bu 24, Town 8, Ilatifio 4U W. lie niitnee me roiiowine witncnicx to tmovc dip Fontimloiifl ri'tjidtnce upon and culttvitMoii of aid I it ml, vUj u.

nuit-y, it. Ttiney, isaac wroinwcii, u. At. Cover, all or Wano, kniiins. 10 Krunk Pncon.

Rcglntcr. 14300 I.aiia Ofnce at ber)ln, KMnwie. Jltuch 17, 1RHS. Kour.a hiireby RlVen thiu this foliowing-nHinetLcettler pa; led (iotlci ol Mb tntentioii to makv final proof -In eupwirt of hia claim, and thnt mi id nroof will hn miiilc before nf the 1)U. trlct Court til bin abaeuce bi-fure the Clerk lit-rt'ol, at liird Cttv, oji Mav B.

John C. MexMierll, E. llHO Ut (tie tit beast qitxrier section iT town nnnee He namei th loilowli if wilneliea to i trove hiv conlfnuoun reKlileiico uJiOU, and cuiUlvutien of, ul(l land, vli; Atlrt'd Jrttiery. tl. E.

Pettibone, Jolfti Ommert, t. iurii. an oi jaqun, Ktmcrtip. Tlrnnk Bacon. Register, 1S-107 Lniid Otllce at Oberlln, Kan llaMh 17 QUO ll wo.

Notlcf hereby Rlvoh the following ntmed. settlor bun Hied notlec of his Intention to mnke final proof in support of hU that lata )rooi wi i ue inane tHJtorn Jiinge oi tue vm-trlct Court ut in bvfore tbe Clerk Alfred llfiS-l, Ui- ihn uorthwca Quarter Bectiou 35. Ttiwn 5 li'ince 4 lUi nam en the fallowing ItncBr-ts to prore hit coui'unouB rettiaence upon, cuiiivatin ot naia jano, tiz: i. J. 0.

Meppnr, Pettlbotift, John Ommert, ciarK, an oi (taqtiR. KimfMte. 16 Frank )iucon, Reiiliter. 12SW Laud OlFce, n-rii) Mfirrti I'. tHMt.

Notice Is hereby Jilvcn that the following named neltler han tlwii notice of 111 intentioD to iniike llmil proof In support of claim, and tbat fi a id proof will be made bi-foie Judge or the T'l-trlut Cburt.tir In hie abaeHCO before the Clerk thereof. i Hird Cttv. linn on Mn 4. IriflH. PW.i W.

Koner'JI. K. tbe ttprii quirter, half n-w quarter Section Town 3 9 naiiKUfH yy II" amen the folloTlptx wlinefoett to prove hie con tl tm-us residence upon, and cultivation- ol ta id Inndi viz i T. N. RiiBbell, A.

II. Olosbuclllcharrl Whalfn, A. IjIICUH, ui. oi vauo, Kan. 10 Frnnk Bacon, Itchier.

NoTICfc-TIMBER-CULTURE. 8002 tJ. S. Land Office, Oberlln, Kan Foruarir tUtb, Compjaint paving, been tu tbl unice dv u. u.

Anu rson sffamq BrnwD, fw falltir to comply wltb Timber tul ore Eutrv Hoi 590 Dated June 0, 1885. upon the Northwest quarter Sec' 94 Township 3. 5, Rmje a view td tbe cancellation of said entry; contestant ftlleffltiir th the Rld w. Browo bao failed to Dreatl the 3 cbnd Avp acres or cause tbe same to be done since nakipe caJU t.ntry. That be has failed to cultivate any pojUou hereof since lUHKiugutu entry up tu present umr Lor cause tho Bam'e to be dpne.

Tbe. Said parties hereby surrtmoned to appear at inis unice on toe uay oi aiay. itma at 1U A. M. to respond and furnUbestl-mony concerning said alleged abandon ment.

17 Frank Bacon 12353 land Office at Oberlln, Kanpaa, Mareh 17. IS AS. Notice I hereby given tho JollowinR. Oamei setflerhni" ill en notlco of htn fntenllcn to make html proof In riipporr of bin claim, and thai Mini prooi iviti ne made jnu joi ine uif-trlct Codrt tir lit -bis ab-ence before the- C'4 rk hereof, at B'rd City, Uaneaa, on May 4, 188rt. n'eniamin Mornings tar, D.

8. isi'o, for Ihoaw quarter section 1 town 0 south taiku tl went, 11c naniee the I'olloWliifr witnensex to prove his coiitluaiu residence upou, and cullivatton nf uU land, vl: Fiank I'ltcher, lrrmn WitlUt, V. M. Anstin, Thomas Lee, all of Hird City, Kan, i' 10 Krank Bacon, Ro filter. iair-5 Land office at Oberlln, Kiinsns, March 3, W8.

Notice Is hereby given that the loliowing named settler ban tiled notlco of his Intention to make final proof In Mipport of and that said proof will eo made before ndire of the District Court, or-In his absence before the Clerk tberuol, at Bird City, Kaunas, bu April SI, 1H8S, vliti James A. Hunt, 11A09 for tho east half s. w. quarter, went half e. quarter suction 7.

towu-HhipSS, range W. i lie names the following witnesee to prove his continuous rosldence upon and cultivation el said land, viz: W. Ei RfldgertM- Qeorg p. Cunningham, J. W.

Pickfurdtjf II Ulllesple, all of Wano, Kan. IB Frank Bacon, Register. mn Land Office at OboiHn, Kansas. April MUHtl. Notice ii hereby fWun that the following named settler na" filed notice of his Intention to make iitiiii -proof in ftp port of hie claim, and thai said proof will bo made before the Judge of tbe District Court, or In his absence bo Tore tbe Clefk thereof, at Bird City, Kaunas, on May 80, WHO, via; I John Dobbloi II, S.

11H50, for the southeast quartrr; br Hofitheastyunrter section fi, west half of southwest quarter, nortbyant quarter of south-went quarter section 4 town 9 south, range 40 w. He names the following witnesses to prove his oontintioTls resldsnce upon ard cultivation uf suld land, lr-f 0. Waiklns, John Conk J. E. Watkhn, f.

C. D-jyald, all of Vi ano, Kaunas. 19 FUANk BACON. Itegister, Notice Youn Mave tor sale; thoroughly L. ETmbhbon.

J. Thuwdny, April 12. 18B3. Go to F. C.

Hridgfnrd for Clnttle l.mms. Tlifoe good cows lor sale cheap I uquird nt this office, SeVernl good taring for rent. See 'i'hurmnn Humphrey. Leave yoltr claiiils fur Bale t'onistock Willits. Gnsnttmo mid Coal Oil at With A.

lark's t)rilg rftorc. Go to Comstock St Willits fiir leal nutate or cliattlc loans. WANTKi)-FHty bushels tif Cuno reed. Infjuire at tile roitollice. fiifiil'C with the Plidpiiiii of Hart-lord, Tininnail iiiimphroy, Agts.

Fat cattle Wanted ly Mi-Husky WuMsiltM at tllo Wnnu M(ut Market. Conistork Wiilils Uiall tllimej Jit 10 per cent xlfnipriit and no (Vm-iiiteioilt A tvoitil liMel'Ms tliat all solid leather I'lolV Slibo for Midg'ey See New I'Veigiit Line1 of Hinger fc liiile. tor prices on eoal in large or "mall quantities. Fort A 1.100 f'Hind Nor-tiiail tatlioiii at a ltargainj inquire Fi C- Dridgfiirdj Tlnti-mnn ft HumplireV nt making loiiiis on tteitl Kstatei Call nnd sec them nnd get terms. Thiiinian Humphrey are doinji business in the insttr-iinee" ilrlej MiprWrfelftiflg one of tin 'iest coiTipunies i(i tllo wbrldj The r'lioelii of HartfcH-dt AVi intend lrirtking otir Dry Goods 'n special feature of ui (is will be if you come am.

look tlirqdpjn ctuf' stock. Spring tfaofia arriving ort timfe, at Midgley's it. W. he Plasan-dm Star tflll ship a 1 ar load of Nursery Stocft bf nil kinds, to St. Firtneis, some time duritig tin 'nont li df April.

Save your oiders. will eomitione'e Herding on Cher- Creek; oil April 1st; rttfil will be fivprirei) to' filrilish the best of pas ture and will take good aare ot stock 'tttrusted to m'd. Ml'Ltsok. r. Bridgford has just received I lib mfjjfst invoice of watches, elockt find Jewelry e'tef brodglit t3 northwest which he is selling 1 .1 -til i rruucti puces Cull and examine ffytm want your cattle herded lieaoer and lit a more Careful man fief that e'ls'bwhere, gtJOd range, Frank Van Schtftt-en- Tl.e tree use Wit pedigreed Hii'lbway bn.l 'ncltltu'd, H.

V. Dewey 's Livery; Feed and Side StnWe is nttfr fixed fact in St I'raiicis. Gc'od figs will be furnished Vi snort notice at the most reasonable He lfrts the best ontlifc for livery in the county; Take Notice, All persons know- big themselves indepted the firm ot McUrtfjky 8 Walker, are request-. ed teall Kiid settlii their iictonnts ut 6nce or they will be placed in th-minds of an attorney for collection. A1CULU8KY UALKEK.

Ton' (iiay riot Ie Jiblt to ifiake a trip the world ill eiglit days, but you can have our property in-tared at the most favorable terms in (lie best fcoiilpiiTjte!) in America by on W. O. Campbell, at the "nice ui uiiiiuck a inns. M. Brenaman's large business muMiy'g Jiiuf arrived and is now located In St; Fratffci; on Washing ton Avenue.

AbhoiiBh the moving ui this structure was not an expert piece of workmanship, we are pleased in see tne jront'oman ana ins busi iiosi lucafeu our midst; to Our Matrons Orie and All Ofeetini We wish to call yotir attention to I he lni't that wo are now located in I' l-ancis. opposite' the I'osfMlre. id that wo imvo tho largest stock ot Shoes, Dry Goods and Notions, irocerijjs, (InconsAvare, Flour and Feed, ever brought to the town at one time, nrHvl'itf this week, We I'jif! inciii'iltig ii exiense in iiiovi'g. and wa would respectfully svervboily now indebted to us to ill and settle at once; and reniem-'or (lint the first day of each month i pay day and all accounts are tiien lu tit the Jt loHecr Store. We are iuuV selling floiir and feed away town! phcaper than anyone! We joii't intend that qur truda shall go t'o llaiglnr i'oiVtlioir ant lou- or, when yyu cast get cifn here for i'O cents; oats io cents; Coli.mbus Jour per sack; Family Flour per sack; Gold Medal (winter yUiui) flour $1,40 sack; 't'l wn'ts Arbucklos now, at 25c; vx-y Jtjcnii.

lip: licans Ok i1 rtn- finis i to rpilfa rioll in i Ml-fl 1 I lll-l- ft. I I mm, n. jU. I'KcajAMAN, Louis Roethef and brother of FjUreka, have gone to Colorado) and taken claims. Pensions Examining Brtat'tl meets at Bird Citv.

1st and 3rd Wedih'Rdays'i of each month The IteV. Geo. Fllsch will hold Catholic Services at St. Fralicis( Aprl 10th. 188S, From what Is taken as reliable au thority, wo learn that the railroad wit be completed to this city by the 10th of June.

At Collins Bros, new building: on this, Thursday evening, a leap year party will be held. A pleasant time is looked for. A fifteen months child of Geo. Uurnhami, in Cherry Creek, diett on Friduv last. Its remains Were in- t'iiTi-d on Saturday: Mi's KafilS iuid th hlreii ofj lore-iii'e.

'dl. rtre visiting at tile St Francis Hdtel: Mm Kai'-Ji 1 a i i i (laugincr i ncic jonn ijongi County Attorney Thurmait has gone to ilird City in nil official ca pacity, prcparitory to tile sitting of the District Court next weeki llev. II, II. Avery preached in St Francis on Siinlay lust, and consid ering the disrtgreablfi weather, bud a goon attenltaL'ce nt Servlceo. On Mnmhiv.

Aiil'll lfi: will Heciir flio i rtriiltiirr' hh.W NewStni'l; a id New Store of Collins oii Jackson AVeriue St. Francis, Kansas. Collins Bros. New Store will be completed by Monday neit nnd on that day everybody should be present at the Grand Opening of their new- stock; Honor arrinhir theives" it as Illus trated by the parties wild, toolt a suit of clothes from Ed. ones' hotuestead by leaving a.l the tjapef'H otit Of the Couffty Superinle'ildaiit, EttaLlnn, informs us that an examination of teachers frill be held in St.

Francis, he 2th b'f April, beprinnina at 0 o'clock A. it. A new iivery, ffce'd atiit sale stable has be'en jlut In active business operation east of the Atlas Luhib Co's yards, by H. W. Dewey, formerly of Beatrice, iseo; The pdblic school in District No.

24, Cherry CfeeS ib'WnShip commenced bp spring and summer session on Moildrty o'f this week; with Miss Myrtie Gibbs, as teacher: Frank Bt rider lliu ifurrihas'dlt the interest ot john MOaU In thb gro- i i i i ip eery ami provision onsiness rtiiy Hereafter will conduct the salliei Mak Gibbs is occupying the position of salesman in the house, Collins Hrosi have the biraest gen eral stbek; consisting of Dry Goods, Iji-ocenesi UoUti'igj tntt is carried ill Cheyenne coiih'ty; imem-ber that oti'Mdndav! April 10: the day set for the grand opening of ineir new store. The compleU arrafigeffiehts have bion lliade for the construction ol the new church building in St Francis, and work will be Commenced at an early da. The supervision of the same will he made under the direction of tl: M. Smith; During the pSSt week sevbfiil caravans of teams, fitted with all the pnrapharnalia of railroad graders have passed tlifoiitjh Francis on their way to the vicinity of Burling-on, tp ejjgage in tho grading the Hock Island Railroad. Dr.

M. Payne; b'f Hint City, passed through this city on his way home from an extended trip to the west and. the IVhnc slope, last week. The Doctor liad a pjeasrtnj trip tun) appreciated the interesting and points ot observation lii that part of our country. Our Stock goods is complete in .11 and.

wh invite the inspection, of buyers to the same, atisfied that the prices Will be low enough Call on Monday next the Opening of our new stock in our new store. (JotJ.ix F.iios. The Odd Feliows( Building Association of St. Francis lias been vvith ji 'capital stqck ol The Charter has b'eeh gi'anted and the association to re.ct their building nnd hall, The biiljding (will in si.e as noyi' 24x80, two stories high. The saying the, Rock island Railroad will not come to St.

Friinci or if indications afo worth anything, would appear to be fallacy. Tio line ot their road piusinir to the south ot us through Thomas and Shcrhiilri coun-ti to Colorado Springs has no bearing on the direct liiie from Norton to Denver. It may be true that this la! tor line may not be cdntpleted this seasom but without a question the RocK Island Company Jiave positively decided on the con'sttufiion of this direct lice referred to and time demonstrate the truth 'the Ihose who contemplate munching to business should look our city over, and those who desire invest ments should make thorough in vestigation, Married at tho residence of J. W. WaUiins, on Thursday, April 5th.

by Rev. M. P. Lnmbert, Mi1. Jacob Lov.

Jr of Cleveland Hun. to Mrs. Alary Kinder, or Monte ista, vol. They departed immediately on wedding tour to Jowit, where thev will Visit friends and rr-U ires, after which they will return to Cleveland linn, where they eitpect to make, their future home, The best wishes of the 1'laihdBaler go with them. There is probably no time in the history rif nii'-yenne cniliityi when land cull lioinrlit at low ii liBlire as uuw, and yet.

we find lllatiy who are Waiting for lower price. "Those who wish to huy tor permanent in vestment or a settled home should not delay single davi as evidences are rife on every hand as indicators ot a heavy and rapid advance in the near future. hnse Kho contemplate emigrating frottt the east to our midst nre idling tlibii' tlmb avt-ay by not making the riibVe itt once, for postponement only 'llealls an additional money investment and that can lie saved by ttiltibipatihg this warning; The Cheyenne County Democratic tiHthmittee for 1888, is ns follows: Bird City; John Elliott, Will C. Hydon. Chus J.

St. Francis, F. C. Bridgford and Geo. D.

Carter. itistinet as Haves, Scth Parsons and Parka; McKinncy: Wm. Lawless; F. G. tliildos and Wm.

McCrjickcn. McUlelMlid. lid H. HbffmaU and Walter Nelson. Porter: Alex Fb'rter.

Calhoun: Williams, Orlando: Gilbert Earl: Dent: I. N. Taylor. Lawn Ridge; B. Stijelh hnQ 0.

B. KdwardK. Jaquii; McDcrmet. Benke'lmau: Aclitlii SowefS. Eurcki; J.

Armstrong. Cleveland Run) J. Burton C. C. Donald; and NHHycomb S.

T. Forr.est. Cherry Creek Wesley tVeliiah J. C. Bi'Htojj, Chairman.

Ed. E. HopfilN, Secretary. At the Republican Convention held itt St. Fraiicis; on Saturday last tne loiiowmg delegates were chosen; Russell Convention: -C.

Deni-son, (Miili-les A. Morning. Wichita Coiivehtlon! G. Tay. lor.

Oberl in Convention: P. A.Tisdell A. P. Lowery. Colby Convention; W.

McKay. A. R. tdp'eliH, State Convention: II. G.

ThitiMTlrm The following Central Committee wail chosen! A.M. Brennemiiil, Chairman; al. I'lnllips, becretary: tfird City, A. Sihuti: Oi-hmdli. Kiow; Eureka, Chailes liehry i Mc- iinney, tv.

aicMnney: Ulcvelnml Ruu; J. MbCartyi Jaqua, W. Benm-r; Ntittvcopibe. B. Plymate; uenKeiman, j.

t. rtull; Ualiloun, Wm. Batimeisteri Ristine. G. Doll: Porter, John Case? Cherry Charles Herbert; The presidential prefertinn of those.

present was. folldwjsi Sherman 8.. Oresham 4, Allison 3, Bluine Tl 1 4 I -w narnsson onerutan Lnncoln Chevenne County Democratic Convention. The I iiiiunr-riitic Centrul Committee of (Jlu-ywiiip Cbuny, Kalisns, reqiifcst the Dehiociula in their re sneetive precincts, to nisei on Satur day, April 21st, to elect delegnte3 to tho Ilemocrul.ic County Convention to bo. hfi 9 In Bird City.

KnnSas) on April iSth, for tin purpose of selecting delegates to the Democratic State, the Congressional and Senatorial Conventions. precinct is entitled, to tho following number delegates; Hint City 4, St. Frfciicis 3, Riatine 4, McKiiinoy 4, McClolhind 3, Porter 3, Culliouii 2, ttrlalido 2, Jaqun 2, 2, Eiifelta .2, Clevc-liuid llun fj, Nnttycsmba, Cherry Creek 2, Dent 2, LawntftidgeS. t. BKRTONCliiiij inan, Ei.

E. Hopfman, Seuretury. Hard Tifviel ate Over and a hew era of Prosperity l-eikHs." Klo sending to Nev Ydrk for money, rhey keep it in bt; Francis: $50,000 to io'an on Farrn's' at 10 per cent, stfight ahd no commission." V. H. LoCKWOOUi V.

Eun, NAT'I, HANK OP KANSAS ClfY Kansas Citvi Mo. The Fine Bred Stallion, ui atnnit tor marea thfa aaaaon at fflv claimt Sec. Rantn al, acaeon tu April and end July R. iouiib rut was foaled Sept. Sdth.

lR8t, and If flvft yepre lie is a beautiful dapple Iron erar niaile and of nnh nvmnintrv. with crnnd Ar' tlon, flnr Carriage, aiid good dtopgBitlon. Weiffhn about laoo, and is n6ar Irt hands bich. Tounir Pat Malloy was circd by the celehrat'4 KnfluIJ draft horse, Fat MailM now ownctl by John M. iiayn, oi nri'ix ill.

Old 'at Ma lov IB 1 hatuln wh. woto-ba and was from some of tbe best breed of horscB In fl-npianu. ne lias proved nimeeironc or thebtjst real (rettet-s that hfta heen In Uib state nt Illinois' some of his cnlts Pellmp; at very prices, i uuiiH i-iu-b uHTii was Birca oy a nnupnon, En and Gray Enelo horse. Khyle was token frero, Mdoon county. t- Bnoi coonty, 111.

Gran-dam out of a enusylvania Sampson anil Lion TBKig. S8.00 for The season, or tlfttft Inanr Care fifeen to re-vent accidents, tint the uwoerof the horse will nor bj responsible should uuy uufjiir, LIV I MSAUUnB, in-aw or. rrancis, Kansas. ViUO Land office at Oberlln, Ran; March 1S88. Notice Is herebr Riven that the low! ne, nam ed settler has fillet! bf her intention tof muae nnnj, prppi ln support oi n-r claim, aud, said proof v.

s.11 bo made before Judge of thd District. Court or in his absence before tho clerh thereof, at Bird City, Kansas, on June lt4E: viz, Katie Rose, s. 4230, for ti c. quarter Section IH, "wii 1 8 Range 89 W. Pfiip I.niiff.

whit murto -AXAI lurllU tQtuf on the aHineland, Is hereby notiKed to appear at tbe same lime and place or bit 1). 8. will be can-' celled. She name i the following witnesses to prove her-contintious reaidenco upon, ait4 cultivation of said land, viz1, a- Law re i oh rJrlfnn, H. S.

IdlemaOi Rndell Hall. George B. Uarretsdu, all bf Calhgiin, Kan. 17 Frank Register. 18W5 Land office at Oberlln, Kansas.

March SO. 18K8. Notice Is hereby given that the lollowiug named settler has (iiod, notice his intention to mak Una) proof in support, of his claim, and that sal it, pro)lf will be made before Judge of the Diar. itrttor In essence neiore tne (Jierit a Jtird tv. kan.

on May 8, Reuben A Swan, 7179, for the northeast i section 5, town range 40 west. He names the following wituftes to prove ala cotitluuons residence upuh Hud cultivatiou or aid mall, viz; 11.. St Lyman, Setb Hodges, all ol Wand, K. ansas. Frank Bacon Begliter.

13103 Land Office Oberlln, kaiiPflff i March lr, Notice Is hereby thefollowii.g nam-, ed srtler has tiled, notice of, his intention make. final troo. hi supporter his claim, andtliat said proof will ho made btifpre Jadgo of. the District Court or in his belore the (hereof, at Bird City, on May 28, 1888, vlxf Jacob Andrist, 1). 8.

No. 6307, for the north half north est quarter Section 2tJ, south half a-w quarter Hectlon -23, Town 4 Range W. John White. v.ho made I). 8.

3207, Oet. lK 1H80, on the same land in hereby notified to appear, at the some tinij and place or his S. will be can eel If 8, ti UunameB the following witnesses to prove hli coattuiious residence upon, aud cultivation suld land, vizi Fjhfci fjrapk 0 re? sic, leter rnmp," C. Jayua, all of Jadiia. Kansas, 10 FiiANK Macon, Register.

14486 Landofflceat Oberlln, Kansas March SO, 1844, Notice Is hereby given that tho following nam ed settler has filed notice of his Intention id make final proof In support of bis claim and that said proof will be made before Judge of District Conrt or In bis adsence before the Clerk thereof at Bird City. Kansas, on May it. 1W, viz; Jame O. McCavc, D. 8.

49f3 or the Bantheait' quarter Section lTown 4 9, Range 40 w. He names the following to prove residence upon aud cultivation ot saiq jann. viz; Hiirht. F. M.

Uhlar. John Hnwera. IT. Foi all ef Wano, Kan. Frank-Bacon, Reylsler.

If NOTICE 0019 U. 8. Lata Otllce Oberlln, Kan March Gtb, 1888. Complaint bttving been entered at this Office by Levi Urnybiil aKalnt Robert Potts (or abandouiiiir bis Homestead Entry, No. 6752, dated Sept.

24tb, 1885, upon tbe northeast quarter Section 8,.. TownsblrviiS, Kange ll InCheyenne County, Itaiisao, wltb a view to the cancellation ot: said entry contestant allege lng abanalruimant'. Tbat be bas changed, his residence tberefrom for. more tban si months since waking said entry, tbat said tract is not settled upon and cultivated by said party as required by and tbat said party bas nn improvements, upon said tract at the present date. The Bald partit a are hereby summoned to ap-pear at this Olllce on tbe lltb day oii Uay, 1888, at 10 A.

Mi to respond and, furnish tesiitiiony concerning said alleged abandonment, Frank B.eon, Register. S83S C. 8. Land Office, Oberlin Kans," March 12, 188S. Complaint having been entered at tbl Office by Emeraon B.

McSrlde, agalnsl; William C. Htewart for abandoning hie Homosteart jintry No 3242, dated May 4tb 1V85, upon tbe north west Seetloa nine, township 4 south range 4C, west, In Cheyenne County Kansas, wltb a view to tho cancellation of said entry alleging abandonment, tbat he baa. changed his residence therefjrpm tor more tban six months slnoe making said tbat said tract Is tuit settled upon anii cultivated bv laid party as required byt law and tbat, Defendant baa never bulls, any house or mads any ur nrovemcn'-, of any up to tbe prasem date, thi-sald parties are hereby summoned to apr pent at tbis olllce on the 25th day of Man 1888, at 1U o'clock to respond anoj furnish ttiatimony oonctrnlmt said allemi. bandonment. i It) Frank Bacon, Register.

I1H7 Land Om at Ob.rlin, Kanaa, March ls.i-rlotlc. la herallv ntv.a that tha rolhtwlnff tfd aettlar has-lilad notlc. of hla lctoutloii toA mats an at proor In aupport or hla claim, kntao tliat aaltl prool will bo mad. before Judge of ln'C Dtatrrcl Court oe tn hte abavnea beford tlia Clo-J thereof, at Illrd Oily, Kanoli April 40, lSfS visf auam llenkelman. H.

K. 130U1. rupih. Sorihwaat waat half Dortheaat Section 1. Town 4 Kanfc-e 41 W.

Uo namoa the rollowliiff wltntiaaal to pfor. hfaf eontlnuoua reaideuce upon and cultivatiou o' aald land, vis; iT aenvJ. r. Hall, ill of Waiiev -4 fiacoa, RcsllttY CItASfi NATIONAL BANK, New York, 14010 l.tnd at Oberliii, kanaaa. March 1), IMS.

Nntlc I. crlvHn tllal till. InllnwIriB nar ed a.uiler has flloiT uotifct nf ller Internum Ut make final prolil In fiipnott. Ill her claim, anil that aald pronf will be mado hefore Juiliio of tin. Illatrlct Court dr 111.

her aliai-hce he'ort! ine I'li-rk therauf at Ulrtl City, kanaaa, on May 3, lrttt, tl; Anna Andiiraon. 10015 for llle antltrnveat qnnrter of aectlon toxvn 4 aonth, ratttjf It wb.i. she namr-a the followlnn wlttmsaea tnllrHvaher continuous foaidrncu djton nhll culliviltlbn of nld land, vis; Henry Jnhnaon. Oacar Heaellua, Frad n. Miller Peter Alidl-raon, all ol wano: Kanaaa.

Id Frank flacon, Register, UlCl Land oRIco al Ol-erlin, Kattaaa, BNotlca fl hrcby el tn thru the' fo 1 1 ijw i ust nam- t'd settler linn tilinl notlco of WIS intentlou to muke Qmtl proor in mjiport of Ms claim, and that uttid proof, ril he tniifU; beforu the Jtulycof tho District Court, or iriHln abfleticejh tMerk thereof, at Hiril Cll-v. knnxM. nn Aorl Vti oBorirc u. itaKcr, ii. lor ine wen naii e.

niiarter. i. e. nnartcr v. Quarter b.

w. quar ter h. e. hiinrthr 8uc. tl, Towu 2 3, Ha nee W.

He named the fo omnir ivttnenMun to orovc contlntiouB rcsldenco upon aud cultivation of PHKl 1HIIO, V17( John J. Armntrotitz, Andrew J. Vanpelt, Jamen Pi i' her, John Craig all of Wano. Khii. io rnACTK DAtu.i, neRiPter, V2V Lan'l ofhee at Uberlln, Kan.

Notice la herbbV riven that ie followinc- nntnvd fet'lcr has tiled notice of her Intention to mnke Ann I prool In support of her claim, aud that said nrbof will be jnndu before Jutlne of tho Dls- drlct Court or In tils ahsehcb Vkfofe ne t.rk tbereor, al Uird CItv. Kansas, on A ml 20, 1. via: Fred. HMef. It.

K. for the e. quarter Section 31. Towu 2 Haige4p W. Ho names the following to prove is continuous residence upon, ana cultivation Christian I larch.

Frnri Mptzorir. int-ob tiath. jonn ocnuueri, an oi wano, ftaupa, ID FHANK BACON, IVRlltCr. 12163 Land olllce at Oberlln, March 1H88. Notice is heroby.

Given, tljat the following tintncd settler has filed notice bt hln Intention tc make ituul proof In support otitis claim, and that said proof will he made before Judceof I stric Cjltrf In bis before the. Clerk thereof. at Jtiru jiiv, Kansas, on Anrii u. lrvstt. Joseph Holacnwt H.

K. U4t) lor tbe northeast ntirter section Town 6 4(i He names the lollowinn wltueHses to prove his continuons reciaeufie upon, ana Cultivation or, said, vir: i WilliaiM W. (lardtier. It. Tiomble.

Waclev HtiBfk, Albert Mouiton, all or Lnwn Kidije, Kan. 10 rank Bacon, Register. 12170 Land office at Oberlln, Kansas. narcn ltwv. is hcrrhv nlvcn that the folio Winn nam en filed notice of har intention to make Until prooT 1:1 support'Oi hnr claim) and said uroof will be made before Judge of the District Court or in his before the.

Clerk hereof, at IllrdtCitv. IiMUas! on AoriK20. 18KH. vis: Belle Clmmherlin, H. E.

IHTi. mr tbe northwest 1 Section U. Town 9 tt. Racse 39 W. She naiiicsthe fellewtna witnesses to Drove her continnnits J-eai deuce upon and cultivation sain lanu, vi: 1: lames Shaw.

John Anderson, K. Han bod wm. Kirifputrick, an oi wano, Kan, 10 Frank Uacon. Register. 11 o3 land ohice at Oberlln.

kau, Mnrcti 3.1W. notice is Hereby given tbnt the rollovymfl nam ed sotHer has tJ-l ltnnt(un tn make final proof In support of his claim, and that, fold, proof will be made before Judge ol tne uitttrict court or in his absence before tbe Clerk thereof at Bird City, on May 12, Frederick Sple, D. 8, 47, for the Quarter Section 8. Town 4 H. Haniru 40 Julia A.

Hatch, who made 1). 3100 on the same land UeC. 10. 1H8S In harnhv iiotifld tn ntim-nr at tbe Bamo time and placo or bor 1), 8. Hill he canceiifa.

lie uamtrs too rollowllKt V( td irove his conlhioos iBBltluuco upon, and cultivatidii of mui mini, v.b U. S. liinKor, James U. Rash, Geo. Moody, wuiiu uma, ui rt auu, nnnsiis.

15 Frank Bacon. ItenUter. 1253d Landofflceat Oberlln. Kant-aa, March 21, 1SS8, Notice t. hereby the followlns nam ed settler has tiWo notice of bis latent ion to make final proof In support of his Claim, and tbat said proof will be made before Probate Judge of Cheyenne County, Kansas, at Bird City, on May 81, 1888.

i William U. 4092 for the h'o'rlheast quarter Section 33, Town 0 Raufl 4i W. He names the following wltnosaas to nnovH hi continnoiis residence upon an4 cultlvution of said land, Ylti: A. J. lUown, W.

Henry B. Sleight, John Omtnert, all Of Jaqim. -Kaiittai. 17 Frank JUicon, Beglster. 1SI19 Land Office it Obcrllm knnsas, March SiJ, lwfc.

Notice is hereby given tbat tbe fellowiuc named settler has filed notice of his intention mnke linnl proof In euuportof-his claim, and that said proof will be rotioe before Judge of the District Court, or In his ah nonce heiore the Clerk thereof, at Bird Citv, kausH, on June via, Adam Sobers, t. S. rOKl, for aouibeast quarter Section 12, Town 4 8, Range 1 w. James ij, North, who made D. 8.

4100, Jnne 10, 1HSH, upon tho Bftnm'tanil is hereby notified to anpearatthfl same time and place or his D. 8. will be cancelled- 1 lie names the following witnesses to prove bis continuous reel deuce upon and cultivation ol said J. W. D'xuu John M.

Campbell, Georec Liv teuton, (ieorge 8chneider. all of Wano, Kan, 17 Frank Bacon, Register. 133-17 Land office at Oheriin, Kansas, Mwch 17, IW. Notice is hereby given thaithw following named settler has fifed notice -oi' life Intent! to make final proof In support ol" his c'aim, and tbat said urof.f will be msde -the Judge of the District Court or (ft his altsenco before the Clrk ihereof, at Bird City. Kansas, on May 7, 18tM, via: t' "i (V Wm.

Wateon; D. fi. M04 for the iomkweBt quarter Section 20, Town 4 8., Range 4Q W. He names the following witnesses to prove his eontJiuious reeitlence upon, ani ctiltivution of t-aid land, vie: John Dovora, John W. Price, Albion HUlery, John Winters, all of Wano, kan.

1 Frank Bacon, Heglitcr. 12S1H Land OUce at Oberlln. Kan, March 17, 18S8. 1 bcreb: given tbat the following- named settler has filed notice of his Intenllon to mnke final prool In support of his claim, and that suid proof will be made before Judie of the Dis trict uouri or in uib aoseuce thereof, at Bird City, kausason May 1883, via: it Aineri w. inerrett, u.

r-. criw lor; the W. onarter Beetle 10. Town 1 S. RaniM 41 W.

Ha names the foltowrnff' witnesses to prove his continuous resilience upon, and cultivation of, said land, vial r. Edgar H. Bmll fJumlcler, VT. R. Goodwin, Ira is.

Murphy, all nf Wano, Kansas. IB Frank Bacon. Register. Vtir qKay; SURVhYOR. r.clr.d tfcia.appolnUQ.nt of Co.otj I im praparad to (1.

war at LaB.H Kotte. ud oorrMttf i- Cheaper than c1iewbra In St. Francb. OITN CtJfffjrGltiLSf..

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