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The Plaindealer from St. Francis, Kansas • Page 3

The Plaindealer from St. Francis, Kansas • Page 3

The Plaindealeri
St. Francis, Kansas
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mer's son, not lost in the blizzard when FRIEND OF Which. Kncliclci ihh fcatlNI Ulube. going from his father's house to the barn, The Law missing Wilson's place less than fqrtyradB. They traveled around over the prairie in Beareh of shelter, the boys part of the time riding the horses and part of the time lead-, ing them. Wilson did all in his power to assist the boys on and off of the horses.

HAM. AU'r, Washington. and was lonrtd dead in the snow. A verv pathetic story is told of the suffering, bravery and death of Robert Cham NORTHWEST HOWLER, Appalling Horrors ni Loss of Life In the Recent Blinding Blizzard. Travelers who have none Ur countries ClOIifflo worth Pettlt.s flalT I 11,000, but 1b aulO at 25 cents a box by dealers.

for to see" say they find human, nature bers, who lives six miles southwest of Uaj to Bell. fchArt flrtf.j I'll write yon a short letter Tc ay 1 Wonderfully tttr; How mufcb that menat ytm onclit to know, Who a mfe Judt one inotrth Thin, nerToul ftAtful, whitfl ftfl chalM, Almost too to brent he or talk ft fid throbbing, tf fit for breaking, A ever-prenbnt aMilntf. Hut vow Ufa Beonii a dUTftrant thing I feel as glad aa bird on wing I I nay, aim fear no contrail lotion, Tbftt Pierce Favorite Prescription la prnnd 1 Wliy, I'd have died witnemt It Ma tliiuku there's no in Intake about It. Jt's driven allmy 111 away: ult come and seel Yours ever, MAT, MONTH. Atwits wanted.

fO bflst srll- rttnrn a continually encouraging them with hope of reaching shelter. After wandering some Huron. Mr. Chambers, with two sons, ono and the other 11, went to Rush, a 70I I ine; pretty much the same an tne worm over. They find wide variance in color of skin, In physical contour.

In mental characteristics, but in tho essential elements that control social conduct, the human family is a (T artirlca fti tlic worm, cidrass JAY BllONSON, Detroit, Jllch. artirlca in the Vvv Ad ours Frank fell exhausted and expired In place one mile distant, to water the cattle. a few minutes. Wilson and Willie Kiersou brotherhood. IKNHIOKS Collected and InfTctned or no fee, bj Kilmer, Id A PnrU Iiidlanspolis, Ind.

HJfrt-ed caere reopened. Bend for circular of laws free. then wandered on in hope of reaching shel The law, unwritten, loumi in no statute ter, and after Borne tune tlliam also sue Over 185 People Repnrtrtl Pond In Dakota, MInnfRotn, ehrnxkn mid Iowa. cunibed. One horse, being exhausted, re Rt return fnsll.

Fnll Terrtntlnn nnrir New Taller Hrntom of Tyrnam FREE fused to proceed after William perished. CuttiiiR. MOODY CiDcldDutl, O. book, enforced by no court, decrees, but having an Influence circumscribed only by he limits of earthly Bpace, is the law of kindness. Among peoples whore cruelty to human kind is almost a ilxed habit, who are relent v.

llson still proceeded, leading tno otner i horse, which soon got down in ffft day KsmplesworOi l.M.FrVffM. S5 lnnl noi UOIIBT iiuihu iri. nnn Brewster Bfetj Rein Holder Co Uollj, Mich less foes, and as frienns scarcely leas to oe deep drift and perished. I his was near daybreak. Wilson proceeded alone until about exhausted, when he took The Oldest Inhabitant Fail to Kcmemhei Anything A pproachins; the Severity of the Storm.

dreaded, whoso savage natures revel In fiendish atrocities, there yet lingers the shelter in a deep drift in a corn (Jetting Even. "Ah! good morning," he saluted across the aisle of tho car. "Good morning, sir," stiffly replied the lady addressed. "Did you enjoy your trip to the bay?" "What when?" "Last week, ma'am." "Why, 1 wasn't down there?" "Nol But I saw vour husband down Mexican Mustang Liniment fb I.nmbermaM needs It In cose of accident, Th Housewife needs ltforgenerelfajnllr us Th MechHBla needa It Always on nil wor bench. Tli Mtnerneedjlt in cm of emergency.

The Pioneer needs H-caa't tet alone wlth yvt It. Tho Farmer needs It In his nouw, his stable, indhis stock yard. The Htenmboat man or the Boatexaa need tt In liberal supply afloat and ashore. The lloree-fancler needs it-It Is his best friend and safest reliance. The Stock-trowor need It-It will sere him thousands of dollars and a world ef trouble.

field. When ho got chilly again he proceeded and continued along, walk ing and restintr in snowdrifts. He pro FT 1X? AT Sioux City, nRotlete I.nntiH nnil mtilio Invpet-inriils In SUiuxClty licit 1 Kntnle. That 1 RUfttuntee will pay more thnn 1(1 iter cent. Interest un the investment, Corres pon deuce sollelttd.

ceeded until from exhaustion nis Knees spark of divinity wmcn ims man above trie beasts. Borrow melts tho human heart wherever found, and svinpathy mingluR it tears with grief ail the world over. Where pity does not dwell, there livos no thing of human kind. It is "the touch of nature that nmkes the whole world kin." What a terrible world this would be to live In were It not fur the sympathy and cave way. About 10 o'clock Friday morn- ins he crawled on his hands and feet to the house of John Brenerman, having Chambers was on foot and each or the boys had a horse.

The father seeing indications of a storm sent the older boy home, as he was troubled with rheumatism. This boy reached home safelv. Chambers and Johnny, tho 0-year-old boy, undertook to drive the They were soon bewildered and lost. Johnny says that when his father aw they were lost he made a place in the snow forjiini and wrapped him up the bent he could. They had no overcoats or extra clothing.

Johnny says ho was so covered up that he was warm. Tho father went out and called and the St. Bernard dog barked, but no answer enme. Then the father and dog got into tho snow beside him. While he was warm and, knew his father was getting cold, ho urged his father to try and find the trees, and then they could make the house.

The father said: "No, I cannot go and leave you here." The boy urged, but the father would do no more than call for aid, within a certain reach of the boy's bed in the snow. The dog kept with the boy. Through the night they had conversations about perishing, but the father kept assuring the boy that they would get through nil right if he would only lie still. The boy knew that his father was freezing, but was quite comfortable himself, and finally fell asleep. When he awoke it was near morning and his father was still alive.

Discovering that Johnny was awake, his father said: Johnny, you pray. I will pray and then I know God will take von through all right." ff9mtmKJ9S9IVB9fK9afVff Snre relief inrpmfl KI0uER8 there, and the register of the hotel bore the names of "Sh!" whispered a man beside him, at the same time giving his sleeve a pull. gone ten miles from the starting point. Five children were found frozen to death near Freeman, three belonged to John Kaufman, one to John Albrecht and one to Peter Grnber. The wife of John Gums loving kindness shown us when sorrow comes, for It Is decreed that in all lives "some dnvs must bo dark and dreary." Tho 10,000 and more voluntary testimon-hdfl thn nrrmrietors of Warner's safe cure PATENTS! i R.RJt A.

P. Laoxt. Patent Attorneys. Wailiington, D.O. In it met! on and ouiclnni to patentability lTKtiK.

4JT17 reus' experience. have received in regard to the effleinney of was found on the prairie frozen to death. Several parties are missing. There is great loss of stock. that remedy, reveal "this touch of nature BOITGrliABS' fl IPHTHERlii In a peculiar manner, i ne greut majority btlltv, VVntlna VIliillU (rsmlM nf rout lit it I errors, liti.ii.! ijuok on all I'rlvute IHscuhph.

Rent of them acknowledge that it was through some kind friend who. in pity for their suf fr rsi'Hletl 4c. Eliimim.) I'errecrir iieilti jeers experience. Ailr'o Lock Uuxl4tf, iuux (Sioux City, Iowa, Correapotidcnee.1 The blizzard which swept over the country January 12th, wrb in ivmny respects one of the nioHt remarkable winter storms known in years. It was short, swift and furious.

Other storms have extended over a longer period, and often there hns been a heavier fall of snow, nccompimied with4 an equal degree of cold, but there has rarely been such a sudden rush of a winter hurricane and such a wild rutfe of the the Storm King. It was tho demon. e.ommingling of howling, sweeping blasts with blinding ninsses of chaotic snow which gave the storm a crown of added terrors. Even the most solidly built portions of cities, and in the most sheltered places there, the storm swept irresistibly and man nd beast fled to shelter. Vpon the open prairie, where the wind could wreak its full vengence, the fury of the gale was terrific, and this is the story of all of the descrip tions which have been sent over the wires.

The sorry feature is the great loss of human life which is reported. The reports, too, are not coin- Elete as yet, and there is ground for appve-ension that when the libt of "missing bus been fully investigated it will be found that many more have perished. The storm covered an enormous stretch of territory. fering, had made known to them the wonderful merits of this great remedy. A PruTfntlve and Cure for Diphtheria, Owjnjy.

The testimonial ot Cant. uco. IS. wntimnk OulnRy, Bronchitis, Aethma. Prarlet I ever, ano Throat DlRoaso.

Price S5c. 50c, too. Nebraska. J. V.

Mines, living in the northern part of Schuyler, started to bring children home from school. On his return he became exhausted just before reaching the house and had to be helped in. He soon after died from the effects of his exposure. The storm at Neligh was the worst ever known, and the weather changed from lourftHhn MntllA Ask vour Dm iffurnT, Will TOuugh to confine t.L-ii bb, Bioux'city, Iowa. lUt.

OEO. DOUULA "liore what sitarpiy queried the woman as her lingers clinched. Hut the two men stalked out of the front door and dropped off. She looked at them, shut her teeth together, and w.s out on the platform and ready to alight before the car was wiihin square of her street. "Did you see him down there? asked the friend as the two got away from the car.

"Xaw! Of course not!" "What did you talk it for?" "Her husband black-tailed me in a society, and I've been laying for him for three yews." Detroit Five Prestt. THE OLD RELIABLE. V. 5. Laud runwi.i of Philadelphia, is a fair sample.

Ho was put ashore from his ship to die of a fever resulting from kidney and liver trouble, and hh physicians could not help him. there Bcemed no hope for him. But he says "A friend of mine, who happened into port, came to see me, and urged me to begin the ue of Warner's safe cure." Ho began to LADY AGENTS einiikij-moiit at t'M to $tiHi per irmh Bf-llhi" 111 lll'lt VH II r- They prayed and soon after the father was dead. The boy, entirely covered up except pleasant, with the wind from the south, to a northwent blizzard, and the temperature tSiiiiiliie omiu irvr, in, inuiiti KuRTieniler fell twentv degrees in twenty minutes iinth Cincinnati, O. a little breathing place tnrougn me snow laid still.

The dog stood sentry and af Large numbers of cattle have been frozen to death. The only person known to be forded the clue by which the body was Weekly Wisconsin FOB ONE YEAH AHD RAND McNALLY'S STANDARD ATLAS, (Which llom Hill for ROO), cue seriously frozen is w. layior, or uiear- found next morning. Joseph KocawTck, who lived about eight use it as his friend advised, and was uurcd in a very short time. How many men there are to-day In the world, rounding out lives of usefulness, making tho world happier and better, who, would nave long since passed to the other shore, had It not been for tho loving kindness of friends, shown in this practical way, as these testimonials from alt quarters of the globe afford ample evidence.

water, who was picked up barely able tint mn merely to 4tOD them Wbn My to sueak. and win prooaoiv not recover. miles north of the wife of Frank Kallbor, and an 8-year-old sou of Michael Hoff, were frozen to death. Several loratimftandtliPBha them return sgftin, I bib an a ra.iiral cure. 1 Iiatp msde lbs disecaeol FITS, LPU EPSY nr FALLING (ill'KNKSS ft lifelong itudy.

I warrant my rcnu'dv to cure the wore cft8. Because Others hive nn rennon for not now rMinn i J. Austin, of David City, had his hand terribly frozen, and three children belonging to John Deulinger, of Garrison, including all the region from Manitoba and north of the Ohio river, but it seeniH as if cure, hend atones tor ft trenuse ana ten nuun of my Infallible remedy. Give hi press and Fost Ofiir.a. who had attempted to go home from school, more parties are missing.

It is feared that more lives are lost and great numbers of stock. A farmer and team near Sioux VnWa were A Hero Just the Snine. A woman's surest charm is her man- 11. l. ItUUli ilj, ISd rimu ni, itvvw warn.

it vented its most malicious spite upon the prairies of the northwest. lost their way and were out all night. When found they were partially hurried in 2 frozen; two men near Marion Junction; the snow. One of them was frozen to ELY'S CREAM BALM (Hcsi)pes tbe hesd of tier. No one ever saw an om maid who was high bred, dashing and direct.

She may be sweet and amiable, bnt she death, and the others, though suffering in Kg one man near White Lake; four school children near Lenox. Miss Lizzie CATARRHAL VIRUS, The storm was very severe at and in the vicinity of Sioux City, hut so far no lit are reported lost, though a number of per Allays Influininatlon, Short Time and Comfortable TrunIt to the East Safety ami Itapldily AhhuiT(1. I Tho ffroat denidorntum with tho traveling I public is comfortable, sitfe and rapid transit. This is assured to those who go over tho i Chicago, Milwaukee and Ht, Paul railroad, Their elegantly appointed jiiMsenger i pouches leaving Hioux City at 2:40 p.m. arrive in Chicago at o'clock the uext morning, enusuniing only 17 hours and ') minutes in the trip, being the fastest train from the west to the east.

A Pullman sleeper ifl attached at Sioux Ciiy. and a (lining ear at Manilla. Thin Is the only road west of Chicago provided with Htenin heaters, and they are being supplied to the western lines of this road, insuring entire pafety from fire in oase of accident. Tho Milwaukee Is now, as It always has buen, foremost in catering to the public, and no other line offers so courteous attention, real comfort, safety ami rapid transit as does the Old licliable, 1 lie Chicago, Milwaukee lacks the peculiar charm ot gracioua-ness ami existence, else she could never be an old maid. Mankind would for Ashton, aged about 25, residing with i brother, five miles northwest of Arte sian.

was lost in the storm and per CRAMER, AIKENS CRAMER, miwukM.WIi, HEALS the SORES, tense agony, will likely recover. Judge Geo. AVPost and another man, who were out hunting, were caught in the storm and are yet missing. In several school districts scholars and teachers were compelled to shelter themselves in the school-house dur- sons were badly frozen. The storm began late in the afternoon, and continued during bed.

She had cone to a neighbor bid it. I once saw Blanche Koosevoli Ken tores the Reuses of Taste and Smell. Apply Balm into each nostril. half a mile distant, and was returning ELY GrMnwich Bt N. when the storm struck her.

linmieii by iuc the uicht. lift a man from a dusty business street into a half heaven of gratified complacency by a few words and a soft and the snow she passed within a short dis Two persons are reported lost and two children badlv frozen at Atkinson. KIDDER'S tance of the house and her dead body was found twenty rods from the building. The thermometer was 18 degrees below zero at Lincoln, and the storm very severe. Amonc the fatalities reported are: Mrs.

The storm was very severe on stock near Mitchell. At Ashton, Chas. Ostium was frozen to death. Northville report that mellow look- from ner big uiue eyes, writes a correspondent of the San Francisco Argonaut. It was on Park Row, and she bad just stepped into hr carriage when a sturdy young follow saw an old woman pause and stagger in front of a team of horses.

She was P. Smith was frozen to death atWoodlawn. anil Ht. Paul. People contemplating a trip east will consult their best tutoreab) by securing tickets over thin line.

Miss Bessie Stanstleld, a school teacher, a John Sparks, ex-member of the legislature, '9 tew miles south, perished while attempt was found frozen dead nine milts west of Tlic Musical 1888. As the musical New Tbah heaves In aitrht, we (rrsst it with the "Bound ot Cornet' (or any other musical instrument, for all of which Oliver Intaon St to, pro viile the very heat Instruction Books). With tho New Year, many new pupils will commence to learn the Hano to them and ihalr teachaxe we commend RICHARDSON'S NEW METHOD FOR THE PIANOFORTE, peerless book, which he held the lead for many years, and, unaffected by the appearance ot otiisr undoubtedly excellent instructors, sUU sells like new book. CHILDREN'S DIADEM aud te unlit ul Btjndat Bchqoi. 8okus, and is one ot the beat of its clans.

The newest book. UNITED VOICES 1" ofti belt bcuooL Songs lor a wnole year. Tue newest book. Beatrice. Emil Grassmau, of Peru ing to go to her boarding place, and was found a short time after near the school- A Brave Wlrl.

In a certain town not a thousand farm laborer, was found dead within twenty on erutehes. We all saw hcrl There was no real danger. No one moved for Yards of his house. A child named Rodine house. At Athol German named Buetheu was out all night, and I is reported missing near Nebraska City.

miles from Cohoes, N. lives a clergyman, Mr. Mho has an ex- The death of an old man named Matthews remeiy interesting nine uaugncer iour is reported from Dustin. He was lost in a moment, and we stood staring ai ner with the stolidity born of the muggy heat, when the sturdy young man jumped forward, took her in his arms, and carried her quietly to the walk. A I It tl'KK rOK INMUESTI0X and DYSPEPSIA.

Over n.ilfW have sint iia their approval of rmiKSTYUN.Mtn inn that It in the beat preparation lor Indinestion that umy have over used. have rover hoard of a uj of Dyspepsia where DIOEH'I VEIN was taken that was not cured. going from the house to the stable to feed his stock. years of age. Walking in the garden one day with her mother, she spied-a particularly large and ripe red rasp berry, which had been overlooked by The body of a little daughter of Chris Bodine, a farmer living twelve miles south the visitors during the last donation hen he colored and looKeu asnamea.

The woman thanked bim awkwardly with a trembling lip, and he nodded half surlily and started on, but before west of Nebraska City, who has been miss, ing since the blizzard, was found in a ra the day and most of the night. he mercury gradually settled to about degrees below zero. The blizzard was accompanied with but little snow. the prevalence of the gale in Sioux City ft tire occurred in the business center of the place, and it required hard fighting by the fire brigade to confine it to the buildings in which it started. It was subdued after an nil night's effort.

Many of the firemen report frozen bauds or feet. During the night men were kept busy hunting for the supposed remains of a missing 'J-year-old boy, who was found at a neighbor's house about half a block away next morning, where he stopped for safety. Several school children hud narrow escapes from being lost in the storm. Numerous adults were unable to home, and fonnd shelter at a neighbor's. Two men perished near Vriinghav.

and two boys and ninety-live head of cattle near Larchwood. The worst blizzard of the season is reported in the vicinity of Muscatine. The snow was heavy and deep. Koads were badly blocked. It snowed steadily all day at Des Moines, delaying trains severai boms.

Next morn ing it grew cold and changed to a blizzard, storming violently. All trains were abandoned except on the Hock Island and Chicago, Burlington and Quiuey and they were much delayed. The storm was very bad at Knoxville. The mercury stood Ht' degrees below zero. The snow fell all day at Manilla, coming from the southeast.

The temeratnre was 20 degrees below zero. Suddenly at 5 o'clock, in an instant, it commenced to blow violently from the northwest, hurling the snow in such frightful gnsts that it mediately became dangerous to travel. The temperature continued to fall rapidly unt il it readied 24 degrees below at 7 o'clock next party. Reaching out her hand toward Books that sell everywhere and all the time: vine more than a mile from the house, she the truit sue sam: in trou punisn havins been overtaken by the storm when War Sonars, BOo. Jnbll me if I pick this berry, mamma, with ncs.

VOc.i Mi "in ire I Honir. returning from school, and within sight of he had gone a dozen steps uiancne Roosevelt jumped from the carnage, and running up to the red-faced youth new and old, fctood Old Sonxs we used to FOR CHOLERA INFANTUM. rr will cure rim most awgravatkd cases. IT WILE Ti VOMITING IS l'ltKlNAN('Y. If WILL RELIEVE OONHTIPATION.

For Summer ('oiuplaiutu aud Ohronio Diarrhea, whifh arc the direct results of imrerfect dhjestion, DlGIiSTYI.IN will cflect an luimndiute cure. Take DKiKMTYl.lN for lI pains and disorders of 1h Htomanh: they all come from indigestion. Ask yoiirdniintiHt for DU1E.STYI.1N (price 1 pei larue bottle). If he dof not have it, send ono dollar to ut and wo will seud a bottle to you, express prepaid, lit) nt hesitate to uetid your money. Our bouse is reliable, tstibiiwhod twenty-five yesr.i.

WM. F. KIDDKIt A Manufacturing Chemists, 83 John Jf. out asking papa's "ies her home, bnt lost ner way. nenry wouaig, my child," replied her mother; "you.

must remember that he sees every ac a farmer, while returning home from the citv. was overtaken in the storm and frozen seized one of his hands and gave it an ecstatic squeeze. He turned and found will lose one hand. Mr. Swoyzl and another man left Northville to drive in the country and have not been heard of yet, and are probably lost.

Westgale and Love, of Minn, reported lost, are safe. At Miranda one man was found dead and another missing. Bowdle reports that Mr. Pine, a stage driver, is lost, and no trace of the team or in nil bags has yet been fonnd. At Roscoe Mr.

Terhune is lost, and has probably perished. At Raymond two sons of Wm. Driver were found dead a few feet from the barn. Chas. Heath is missing, and T.

H. Claff badly frozen. O. E. Stearns, teaching school six miles north of DeSmet, with his three children, were caught in the blizzard and were out in the storm twent v-fotirhours.

A boy had his feet frozen to the ankles. He walked a mile in this condition, his feet giving out, and then crawled half a mile to Porter Lewelleu's. He will lose both feet. A girl was so badly chilled that she was unconscious Ave hours after being found. Stearns was not badly frozen.

The storm was the worst ever known in the vicinity of DeSmet. The mercury was below" zero. Cattlemen anticipate heavy losses on the ranges. so badly that he had to have his hands and tion, and that the herry is not yours. feet amputated.

her cro tiallnc her. and put uown COPY BOOK C75 cts.l, with the Elements and Exerciser to be is a useful book for teachers aud scholars. Any Book Mailed for th Retail Price, LYON HEALY, CHICACO. Oliver Dltson Jb Boston. a woman face looking into ins.

it was a wonderful expressive face. The eyes spoke volumes. He looked into The dead bodies of Mrs. Malinda S. Chapman, aged 51 years.

Eddie and Minnie one berry to my purgatory balance." exclaimed the artless child; ''I can't stand the presh." The truth of this them and seemed transfixed, Faust, the former aged 6 years, the latter Roosevelt smiled, and said in a soft 11 months, have been found. Mr. mattes, Tho flrlo-inal voice, as though whispering to a baby: residing two and one-half miles east of story can be vouched ror ny respeeiauie citizens. Harper's Drawer. Dustin, was found frozen to death twenty- "lou'rea good fellow, you are a being Wisconsin Bj Hall One Tear and RAND McNALLY'S rods from his house.

good Delicate Children, Nursing Then she dashed back into tue car Mothers. Overworked Men. and for all dis a The body of Frank Metz, a lad 12 years old, was found near Columbus. Young Metz left Ewiua to drive home, a distance eases where the titsues are wasting away from nage, while the man's chest sweuea out and he stood looking alter ner, of twenty-five miles, with his mother and little sister. The party got lost in the the mammy to uig5St ordinary roou, or iroiu overwork of the brain or body, all such should take Ncott's Emulsion of l'nro Cod Liver Oil with Uypophosphitea.

"1 used tho Emulsion breathing in veritable stuns, BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. AIMAin ASIC FOB IB. PIMBCE'S PIMIW, OB Z1TTL11 SVOAtt-OOATMB PILLS. lie 11 be aghast with del Rut tor a terrible blizzard and became separatoa, week," I said as I closed the carriage Bolus entirely vegetable, they oi. on a ift'-iy who was ueucnto ami uircaiuuou with Bronchitis.

It pnt her in tuch good Lewis Merriman, aged bu, and his son, living fifteen miles northeast of Hitchcock, The mother oud little girl were badly frozen, but eventually found Bhelter and door. eratt) wit out dlsturuance to ine system, aiet. or occupntioD. 'Do vou know what he isV" said the 1. 1'ut up in glass vials, nermeti-AlwayB fresh and reliable.

A. are alive. Other Points. girl, peeping back at him as he stood a IQiail Vl'i ai ktui i or iurBincf thi'so littlo PeJleta give the must ptrfect peering hotly after ner. "lie a nero STANDARD ATLAS, (Which alone Kill for 14.00), Uta CRAMER, AIKENS CRAMER, Milwaukee, Wis.

STE KETEE'S" eat 1st action. An old man named Eriek Olseu. if he does turn in his toes. Swede living near Beaver Creek, Sli HEADACHE. started after a load of straw with a large What a Dunce! handsled, and the blizzard struck him.

I suffered with fever, hot bend and foul breath. perished in the storm, Mrs. Joseph Neff, twenty miles north of Yankton, started a short distance to get a child home from the school-house, and got bewildered and froze near her home. In the same neighborhood Henry Tate lost twenty-seven head of cattle, and other farmers lost smaller numbers. The dead body of a man was found at Utica, seven miles north.

A man named Bruce deserted his team near his home and wandered some twenty miles, when he was found badly frozen in the hands, feet and face. J. 0. Robinson, of He wandered a mile and a half, just miss morning. It is impossible to fully realize the tierce -nsse of the blizzard that raged at Council Bluffs.

It had been snowing heavily dur-the day, but the wind was from the south and the snow was falling through a warm atmosphere that rendered it wet and heavy. At 4 clock when the snow-fall was the heaviest, the wind suddenly whirled to the northwest and blew a gale. It quickly checked the snow-laden clouds, and packing them in dense nuiKses, sent them back before it in such density that almost Egyptian darkness reigned. The electric light machinery had to be started up and the gas and lamps lighted to enable business to be continued. The With stomach disordered was sick unto death.

I lnra it a week surelv was a dunce Billousj Hondache, tklxviuessf Conntlpa-tluu, ludliiCKt ton. illlotiM Attacka.nnddll ing a stack of hay. He was found frozen, his feet sticking "out of tho deep snow. Then I took a few "Pellets "they oured me at once. What a dune-1, indeed, to neglect such deraiiBftiicnts of the suiin-at mid hnw-lH.

an? Dromiit- His head and shoulders were buried. A larue number of cattle have perished. health and flesh that I must Bay it js the best Emulsion I ever L. I. Waddexz M.

Hugh's Mills, a How Some Weddings Come About. Many marriages are made by young mothers making the men fall in love with themselves and then handing them over to their daughters, who in all probability resemble them. For it is a well known fact that every young man is prone to bestow his affections on a lady considerable older than himself. Saturday Review. Consumption Hurely Cured.

fTo the Editor inform your readers that I have a positive remedy for tbe above named disease. By iti timely use thousand of hopeless cases have been permanently cured. I shall be glad to send two bottles of ray remedy frku to any of your readers who have couBiimi tion if tber will send me their Express and O. address. Respectfully, T.

A. SL.0CUU, M. 1B1 Pearl N. Y. ly rHieved ami permanently remedy and suffer a weak, whon qiuck relief have been found in J)r, Pierce's Pleasant Farmers driving stock to water in several cases had to abandon trying to get them into shelter and save themselves.

It is Purgative Pellets The Latest Florida Lie. hard to describe the misery sustained on Pierce's Plensnut I'mffntlve Pellets. In ejtplunatlou of the remedial power of tbeM Pellets over bo ffreat a variety of diseases, it may truthfully be said that their action upon the tivstcm is universal, not a gland or tlssusj eseanlnir their sanative Influence. Sold by vial. Manufactured at the Clienileal Laboratory of Woiild'b Hkdkjal Association, Iluffalo, N.

Y. that dreadful mtrht. Henry Robinson, living just below the watertank, has a pet alligator seven John Loy. an employe on the farm of Senator A. Crosby, near Lnverne, Yankton, and A.

J. Winters, of La Crosse, sewing machine men, who left Yankton by team, were fouud dead between the villages of Tyndall and Springfield. One farmer near Lesterville lost 300 sheep in the storm. Mrs. F.

Bnmbas, living four miles north of Tyndall, was lost while going to feed her chickens and frozen to death. A Bohemian woman, feet long, it is pertectly tame ana the was frozen to death in the great blizzard. Loy had taken the cattle to children love to romp and play with it, It has made friends with the house cat, water, about half a mile from the house, and was overtaken by the blizzard and lost his way in the blinding storm. and whenever a strange dog wanders into the yard the cat crawls into the alligator's mouth for security. Henry is a devout Catholic and somehow the name unknown, living south of Tabor, has been found dead.

A Bohemian woman named Boss, one mile west of Tabor, was Specials from various portions $500IS is offered by the manufaotur-ers of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Hemcdy. tor a case of jl 'hrouio Nasal Catarrh wbicu they cannot cure. of Wisconsin indicate that the 'gator found it out. ow, every Fri night of the loth was the coldest for yearn, The thermometer at Washbnrne observa frozen to death.

A man belonging to the Brown ranch, twenty miles south of Hiss Lyblbh, of Mobile, waa the heroine of the steamship Kickei bocker, which encountered a hurricane during the recent voyage to New Orleans. She was placed aboard the ship ut this port by her father and was traveling alone. While the storm was at its day the 'gator takes a basket, just be Make Your Own Bitters. Why it a Dollar for a botMo of Btomach Bitt-ri, coutsifjiua more poor whisky than medicine, when the utidtjt'stuued will mmd you by mail one 4 pksKe ot WKIN, IltattlH and BKRKfKS, whirl will maktjONKOAl I.ON'f.f tlx; I est NitJ any avenued. The use of this Tonic bus cured IN1U OBHTION, FfcVKJl snd AOl'E: an au- Ktlzer none better: acts the Kidnevsand Octiernl biWy, and fives Tone to Die stoiiiai-h in (act, I rliaHeiiaa all othwr Tunic.

It is tar the rhoapfst Ionic known. One mctaife will ciu- one hottloa of ordinary Bitters told for Ono Dollar per bottle. Full on ever iim-k we. Aslt your Uriittpist for "BTKKliTKK'H UKY Jf your Pruftxist does not ht them on silo, then send to the tiintrMtKiied. I will send one tcketfo to any iul dress withiit the U.

S. on reci-iit of 2.V. iJ, 8. pus'Htts St.impi taken in uiyment. 'Cwo DatSKwa and trial bottlJ rKKlSlEE'S DKOFfl iur luded.

Addieu (W. (i. HTEKETRE. Orand llaplds. Mich.

ITS W() It sur on. Price mA tory at Madison rigistered 30 below zero. Yankton, in Nebraska, was lost on the wind blew with almost the force of a tornado and gathering up the snow that had I fallen mingled it with the mass in the ah1 and sent it howling over the country in blinding volumes. The thermometer registered 24 below zero. At l'ella the storm was equally At Dubuque the evening of the 12th the temperature was HO above zero.

Next morning a tremendous hurricane wind pre-- vailed and the mercury was 1H degrees below zero. Such a blizzard has been unknown for years. The snow piled in huge drifts, completely blockading the highways and the railroads. Shortly before the storm John Olney and Bernard Bell, aged 111 years each, left their homes, two miles north of Marathon, to go to town. Their horses became wild when the storm struck them and they became separated.

Bell left his horse in a slough and went east with the storm, reaching Laurens more dead than alive. The following day section men found Ohiey's horse tied to a snow fence two miles east fore light, goes down to the Jake leaves the basket on shore, dives in aki fiimtDnif Eaii Claire reports 48 below; Richland prairie and is probably dead. Mrs. Stout, and never fails to catch a fine lot ot Center; 55; Sparta, 50, and Chippewa Falls, 60. The only fatality reported in a unn vw ajv wun.

heavy headache, obstruction of the nasal PiiftUiiKfeV discharges falling from the head into tho throat, uometlracs profuse, watery, aud acrid, nt others, thick, tenacious, mucous. Durulcnt. Moody and putrid; the eyes ara school teacher, lour miles west or lyuuuii, is lost and is probably frozen. Charles Goddard, aged sixteen, living south of Via SB. These he places in the basket, the state thus far was at Ellis Junction and takes them up to the house for height and the waters were washing over the ship she remained calm and hopeful, encouraging the women by Tyndail, was lost in the storm and has not Henry's Friday dinner.

He has got so Marinette county, where a lumberman named Peter B. Peterson was frozen to death. At Helena, the temperature was 35 below zero. her example and doing much to pre been beard from. One man was frozen to death near Armour.

Another dead body, NelsLyon, was fouud near "Springfield. In weak, watery, and inflamed; there Is rinRing in the ears, deafness, hacking or ought nsr to clear tho throat, expectoration of offensive i matter, together with scabs from ulcers; the voice Is chunged and has a nasal twang; tha breath Is offensive! smell and taste are iro-! paired; there Is a sensution of dizziness, with vent a panic, iter Heroism nas re The Dakota blizzard struck the Gulf of ceived the highest praise in New Or Dr. leans from all who were aboard the most of the school dihtricts iu lankton county tho teachers kept the children in oil night, and thus saved many lives. Mexico at Galveston, cansing a fall in the temperature of 30 degrees in two hours. A horse and cutter were found near Itnguiar fjrintutite In Mcdlclno 30 wiirn hosyiUit and yractie The blizzard came upon me eny wun re markable suddenness.

Knickerbocker. A solution of thymol used as a mouth wash helps to remove the odor Tabor, the horse dead and the driver not of town. A crowd immediately started mental depresHion, a hacking cough ana gen-em I debility. Only a tow of the above-named symptoms are likely to be present in anyona case. Thousands of cases annually, without muni festiiig half of tho above symptoms, result hi consumption, and end in the grave.

No difeuso is so common, more deceptive an4 fi nunao ami eti' ions-ubllshed in JSloui City Nine "it. A blizzard struck the vicinity of Gold found. Two dead horses attached to a cutter were found near Tyndall. Seven Ye hth is still nil Private, Niirvoniti and Hueclul in search and found him five miles east frozen dead. of tobacco which remains after smok thwait, Texas, the Hth, when it became almost dark.

Tho wind suddenly shifted dtsuMcs. Snerinatorr hji' a. teen head of dead cattle were found near dangerous, or less understood uy pnysiciaus. mto the north and in two hours the mer- Tvudall iu a bunch. The Niolmira and Dakota.

handy that Henry just hands him a knife and he Bcales and cleans the fish as nicely as a Chinaman could do it. Henry says that alligator is not for sale. Kustia Luke Jtegion. If yon hive catarrh, use the surest remedy l)t. Bage's.

The Boston Woman. A fortune teller can hit a woman's case nine times out of ten: "You've had sickness and trouble. You'll have some property fall to you. You do not have full confidence in your hue-band. You have a very gentle nature.

Everybody loves you. You have had trouble with a relative. It was not your fault. Beware of the blue-eyed woman with a mole on her cheek, She will make you trouble. Good-bye one Hy its mild, soothing, and healing properties, Hiio-n'o i lloinedv ourrs tbs worsfc curv droptted from W) degrees to 20 de The loss of life is nhowu to have been Ht.

Helena stage driver has not been heard from since the storm. W. F. Baade, near eases of Catnrrli, cold In lh bead, grees. The day opened summer-like.

At bv far the largest in Dakota. The follow betiiitiui ettkneHM ttmjhl me) lmyotPiioy (las of at mat junver), and all I'enuilo Itinetiaet, Irrrgutarttiea, etc. iJures ffuiu-itutenU or money refuntiocl 'Urge fiitr. Tornii Ak and oxuorteuoft nre inipurtant. Injurious nindic-ines used No time lout from work or tusint'ss l'utients ot a dlstumio treated by mail ildielnt tent tvtrvu'here ret from oa aye State yonr euie ami Bend for )iiiion and v.nrlrU'IlLllil.

uerSHQ- suirvzn. ami fiuinrrbal Bloadactie. ing summary shows the names of 6 o'clock at night the thermoneter registered Hi deifrees. It snowed hard. Lesterville, was out in tho storm and has not been heard from.

A man, name not those who perished, thus far roported: (jold by druggists everywhere; 50 cents. "Untold About from Catarrh." Prof. W. Hausnbb, the famous mesmerist. The storm had no appreciable effect on invert, is missing from May field.

It At Hitchcock, Jmu tiubertson; Mitchell, Geo. Allen, Joseph Anderson; Minot nliy orbyletter-Or. WO(tl) 1ms the larKt stated that twenty-two persons lost Hedl frti ami nurcicai inmiuun m- ami Nurnltal Intttltilte ana their lives in Bon Homme county. James Smith and two sona; Raymond, and Kar Iiillrinarv in the Wont-idioms f-r live stock ou the western ranges, so far as reported. North Platte, Sidney, Cheyenne and Laramie say that the losses, if any, are light.

Stock is reported from all points as being in prime condition. No trouble is Jacob Kiitz, of ljcsterville, froze to wm. Unvers ana two sons, i mines Heath: ing. Men who feel that they must smoke should resort to such expedients for the sake of their wives or their best girls. From J)r.

Footed Ueullh Monthly. 4'ouirlktt und llonrMcuewN. The ir- ritauou which iuducjB couching uuDicduUely relieved by usj of "Jirown' Jiruarhial Troche. Hold onlyu boxen. If ft man could be divorced from hia creditor, how buny th courts would be kept.

You should never tease blackbirds. They are apt to get l-avou mad. Pitta, burg (Jhromctt. I afflict 1 with Sore Eyes, use Dr. Iiaao Thompson's Eye Water.

Druggist, sell It. 860. piulenta at fnlr rates, to meet auy nmcr- ieney A Oulct Home and best care iitU will Jtr Huron. T. E.

Mlkeson, ltobert Cham bers, Emil Gil man, Thomas and William Sustain for Illuslriitwl BOOK Slid MEDICAL ulllNAL, tHTMentlou tins uupcr.) death and his wife will lose her toes. Fred Milbyen, foet and hands badlv frozen, amputation necessary. Frank Weisner. two miles from Lesterville, went to I Nelson, and an unknown man; Aherdeen. anticipated now as the weather is modernt int? steadilv.

dollar call again. "Itmton Gazette. William Love, Judson Westgate; Bowdle, Mr. Paine; Roscoe, Peter Terhume; Virgil, Frank Nirisou, William in son, Jos. straw-stack 100 feet from the house and became so bewildered that he wandered ten or twelve miles before the storm, and In Chicago the snow was dry und hard, and whirled in great clouds through the streets and over the prairies, bringing to a standstill all traffic that could by any pos A Sure Thing.

Don el ass' Diphtheria Remedy It euaran- Wilson; Iroquois, J. W. (ioslee, toed to euro Diphtheria, Croup. Quinny, Mrs. Divine, Adam Gerner; Parks- Bronchitis.

Asthma. Wearlet Fever, una all was found dead seven miles from Yankton. In the same part of Yankton county, Frank Miller lost twenty-three head of cattle; ton, W. Headley; Delamare, Mitts Cora Curtis; Brookings, un Throat DUeasos. As a preventive and cure for soro throat It has no euual.

A email of JUhjca-kN. writes: "Homo ten years ago 1 stiff. Ted untold ajfuny from chronic nasal My faintly physician gave me up aa Incurable, and said I must die. My case was such a bod ono, that every day, towards sunset, my voice would become so hoarse I could barely speak above a whisper. In the morning my couching and clearing of my throat would almost strangle mo.

Uy tho ueo of Br. Sage'a Catarrh Remedy, In three months, I was a wall man, and the oure has been permanent." "Coiistautly Hawking and ftpluluf. Thomas J. Rubhino, wot Pine Struts St. Louie, writes: 'I wasft groat sufferer from catarrh for three years.

At times 1 could hardly breathe, and was constantly hawking and spitting, aud for the last iht months could not tircathe through the nostrils. I thought not Inn could bo done forme. Luckily, waa advised to try Ir. Hugo's Catsrra Kemody. and 1 am now a well man.

I iK-licva to bo the only sure remedy for catarrh now manufactured, and ono has only to. give it a fair trial to experience astounding results and a permanent oure," Three Bottles) Core Catarrh. EM Robdins, Runiton P. Columbia says: "My thin Hitter bad catarrh when she was five years old. very badly.

I saw Lr. Ahm'. f'ntrrh Hemedv advei'tiaod. and nro- A pi ll-blooded oiank is merely an ouuntitv will often cure a bad oase of dinh known young man; Claremont, Miss Stinebnrner, of Amherst, dead, and animated idiosyncrasy with a handle uj it. three others missing; Wateilown, four therin.

if token in time, and no family should be without a bottle of this vtiluuMe remedy fn the house. Prfoe 'i5e, 60c. and 76o. a bottlo. ForsolP by Jrupffists.

or send farmers dead and three missiug; Leister- -r ville, two men and two children, names to Dr. tieo. Dougiuss, tsioux City, iowa. not known; Gary, Chan. Staltzenberg, of Altamont, started to procure a corlin ful fils dead son ana lias not been heart I trout, sibility bear delay.

At night when the outlook was apparently for a blockade that would last days anil cost the railroad alone many thousands, the snow suddenly ceased and the howling wind became almost balmy. By 10 i. U. a light sprinkle of rain had fallen, and the snow was melting somewhat. No serious delays to trains were reported, but telegraph communication was uncertain and slow.

Advices from all parts of Wisconsin say the most severe blizzard of the season raged all the afternoon of the 12th. Trains were generally delayed, but none of them were stalled. The murcury at Winchester, Virginia, registered four' degrees below zero. A Billings, Montana, social of the 1Mb says: "The weathr has moderated. The snow is rapidly thawing, and Vast tracts of bare ground are reported all over the country.

Grass is good everywhere and Two children of Joseph Hutchinsou, living west of there, perished while going home Gottlieb Mentchmhamer, ninety head of sheep; Joseph Pasek, fifteen head of cattle, and Thomas Sills, a span of horses. Two boys of John Teblius have been found frozen seven miles north of Olivet. Two girls named Schoefelt were found at Wakonda; Nels Hullibartson, five miles west of Spriugfield; Jacob Kvutz, three or four miles southeast of Lesterville; three children of Chribtian Klaus; one child of Mathias Wisser; five children of Geo. Gishert, two children at 'labor; two boys of Henry Bumbach, near Witteuburg; Frank Bruce living five miles east of Scotland, started to water his Kouies, and neither he nor his ponies lwe ecu heard of since- Winters and Robinson were working to get out of a drift before the storm, and were afterwards dis covered dead, in the same drift. The team was in the drift frozen.

Cures Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache, Catarrh, Croup, Sore Throat, irom BCflooi; oiuu runs, juu uiiiejier nauied Jacobuou, and pupil named Gindc G. Grunstorm, two others uainea not RKEUriATISMs Purify the Blood. Vf do not claim that llood's Sarsaparllta is the Only rosdlelnQ deseirlng public confldenee, but we bellsvs that to parlfy tbs blood, to restore and renovate th whole system, it is absolutely Tbe lnflnencs of the blood upon the health cannot be over-estimated. If it ue comes contaminated, tbe train of consequences by which tbe health li undermined Is immeasurable. Loss ef Appetite, Low fcplrits.

Headache, JDrspapsia, Debility, Nervousness and other "little f) ailments" are tbs premonitions ot nor serious and often fatal results. Trf Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. II six lor J5, Ilsde only by I. UyOD Si LowttU, Mass. IOO Doae-j Ono Dollar known were frozen to death in thatsoctiou Ume-BackTBilf.

Joint? Bruilta at Leisterville Jocob Krutz died from the Rurns. Wounds. Old Sorei and fthn ia now elahteen yean old and nent oure. cold and his wife badly frozen anu reder sound and heartyt" ink Milburuer may die from exposure; uu At variuuH magnetic obsorvatovles on tbe continent Kuiope BliKht dis-tuibancea were registered, 'which apparently were connected in time with tbe M. Mascart believes that a more careful examination of the records of different observations will show the connection may exist between the two disturbances.

Mail and Express. If we are to have wiugi ia the beteaKe we don't einclly see bow we are to get our olutues Furniahiug Goods Keciew. I'BLU who are ut auqutiatei griaf jovur saw a uupmlinv uuo sbow a woju bow to ihaijjL'u a led penoil, T.iijHE Is oni Ha hit ef.ryone caa ot, ui tl aa other man, unknowu, is known to have Ail Aches and Pains. The many testimonials received by us more than Strove aii we clttlni for this Tahiante remedy, ft ot only reltttvos) the ir.ust severe pttlns, but It Curat You. That's the Idea Bold by Dniggl.t.

AO eta. Hung Book mulled free. Address tofcARD OiL COMPANY CHICAGO. been frozen; three deaths are ported from Tyndall, Bon Homme county ulcaass aay you saw iha adTwtUiaauil la tikis pptr. and two girls near Wakouda, Clay countv; An Intermittent snow storm prevailed Flandreau, it is said reporUf i that a ludv school teacher iu the northern part of the Wilson's account of bis experience with the Rieruon brothers, near Huron, during the storm is that he was over to their place eouuty was frozen to death; Miller, the fiSS BUY KOSTKEBS GROWS n.

V.tfutalils aoa Crsptt ia so'HT trket. uiaVf SSgt Hal 'Jo3 per acre on Etu ly 1,1 roin.u-1 farm oat It fui SJil.tKU'S til Seal 0 bodv of J. W. Giisskr, a wealthy farmer. during the day at Spriugfield, 111., turning to a light rain in the tvauing.

The stonn at Winnipeg extended through the territories. Ntavly all the Canadian Pocino trains were Hbundonedt tJhd great uufiVriui Is Tc juried with U)mY futuhtie. lost in the vae found two urile-y SoKtpaUl, SI mjM Rohua Mirt Hnnttii Tienifsidous slcdlt flf Qrafi an-. from hi home; At Famtlou, hmmu t.euiur Mittens, MM. mtl f'3f S)i.

ttsud ihursayy doctoring a sica nortte, wueu tue falorm came up. The buyu, fearing the storm started hack with Wilson, to go to bit) pluco two miles east of the iCloruou i place, Ktwb of the boy Urnling h'trtss Kthool Uvu'liftV JiiUdbweSt of the 111 id Currl Atijiwu, it pupil, were IWvu to Th wercmy esriy tbt morning ot thti.

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