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The Kansas Chief from Troy, Kansas • Page 8

The Kansas Chief from Troy, Kansas • Page 8

The Kansas Chiefi
Troy, Kansas
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THE WEEKLY KANSAS CHIEF, THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1905. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Mrs. Dr. Reeder and her granddaughter, Virginia spent yesderday in St.

Joseph. Mrs. John Zimmerman and her sister, Mrs. Louise Zimmerman, of Colorado Springs, who has been visiting her, spent yesterday in St. Joseph.

THE Rock Island will run a special excursion to St. June 11, at one fare for round trip, at 11:02. a. m. Returning, leave st Joseph at 10:00 p.

m. Mrs. H. W. Wagner has been ing reletives in Troy on her way to her new home in Marcelline, Mo.

Mr. Wagner, who is in the employ of the Santa Fe railway company, has been transferred from Arkansas City to that point. Ulrich Webber went to Atchison Monday to have a mistake rectified which was found in his naturalization papers. Mr. Webber has made an application for the position of rural route mail carrier and when he sent his application to Washington he sent his papers when the error was discovered.

SINCE Dr. Merrick located in Severfive years ago and introduced Bridge Work into this country he has been kept busy constantly, often employing one or two other dentist. Why? Simply because Lie work is satisfactory. Testimonials from most of the prominent people of Doniphan County may be seen at his office. PEOPLE do not have stated periods in which they have tooth ache, but it comes unawares.

This being the fact you'd better attend to a'l unsound teeth at once. Dr. Merrick of Severance leaves for a months vacation Aug. 1, just one month but many things may happen to your teeth in one month. Make appointments at once.

IF in a kind of bilious mood, You wish an aid to digest food, No other pill is half so good As Dewitt's Little Early Risers. The Famous Little Pills, Early Rigere, cure constipation, sick headache, biliousness, etc. They never gripe or sicken, but impart early rising energy. Good for children or adults. Sold by D.

C. Sinclair. R. G. Kelley received a handsome Steinway Grand piano last week and Dr.

J. H. Hobson received an elegant Vose upright for his home. White Cloud is not quite as progressive as we would like sometimes to see it but piano men say there are more first-class pianos here than any small town in the country. The residents here are mostly music -Globe.

A rich man who dwelt in a large brick mansion was sympathizing with a poor man who lives in a Kansas dug. out. "Well," said the poor but contented man. "Most of the year this mansion of yours would be a heap better place than the place where I hang out, but when the cyclone begins to roar and switch his tail I wouldn't trade my house for yours for even money. WHY do people wear Dr.

Merrick's the Severance dentist Crown and Bridge Work? Because they know the follow ing is a fact. First, it is the best way to replace missing teeth; second, it i9 easily applied; third, it hurts but little; fourth, when once done it is done for good; fifth it acts and looks exactly like the natural teeth; sixth, the cost is slight compared with the quality of the work. The old White Cloud elevator case showed some sign of life in the district and half a dozen lawyers and interested parties are giving it a tonic. There are present S. M.

Brewster, of Troy; W. F. Guthrie, of Kansas City; W. D. Webb, of Atchison; T.

R. Van Valkenburg, and John Lynda, of White Cloud. There are a lot of old timers in Atchison, but nobody old enough to recall what the case is about. -Atchison Globe. Charley Norman left Monday morning for an extended trip through the west.

His trip will include all the principle cities on the Pacific coast and the Lewis Clark exposition at Portland, and Yellowstone Park. He expects to be gone long enough to take in every thing of interest and on John Kennedy's recomendation, took an extra pair of socks with him. John was out there a couple years ago and knows what a fellow needs in that country. The Ohristian church was crowded Sunday evening, the occasion being the Children's day exercises. A pretty program had been prepared and the little ones entered into the spirit of the occasion with all the zest for which they were noted and rendered it in a manner which brought approbation from the large audience.

It is a lot of work to train children for an enter. tainment of this kind and the ers of the Sunday school deserve great praise for the success of their efforts. ToCure a Cold in One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if i fails to cure. E.

W. Grove's signature is on each box. 250. 1905. US YOUR MAIL ORDERS AND SAVE MONEY.

LEHMAN BROS. WRITE US FOR SAMPLES OF WASH DRESS GOODS. 515-517 Felix Street DEATHS. The Umbrellas with Black Mercerized Pillow Cases, Ladies' White Bleached Cotton Sample Belts, Spachtel Dresser Corset Cover Special Member Kelso. Hugo S.

Kelso died at his daughter's home, Mrs. Joe Davis, two and a half miles north of Leona, Tuesday evenIng May 80, 1905 after an illness of seven weeks. Hugo Kelso was born in Pennsylvania January 15, 1838; was married in in Indiana to Miss Nancy Heckman, September 15, 1863, and moved to 828 three years later. To this union were born two song and one daughter. Both sons died in infancy, and his wife was called to the land beyond, in the year 1897.

Mr. Kelso was a member of the United Brethren Church and was also a veteran of the Civil War. Funeral services were conducted by the U. B. church of Bellevue at 2 o'clock, p.

Thureday, after which the body was laid to rest in the Bellevue cemetery, A large number attended the funeral. -Hustler. WEDDINGS. Sheridan-O'Connor. J.

B. O'Connor and Miss Marie Sheradan, both of St. Joseph, 6:30 o'clock, Tuesday, June 6 Richardson-Browning. Wm. Richardson and Pearl Browning both of White Cloud were married in Fall City last Cloud Globe.

Landis-Bumgardner. Miss Mamie Landis, daughter of Daniel Landia, of Brenner and one of the most popular young ladies of Sphan County was married to H. 1 L. Bumgardner of Holton at the brides home Thursday evening June 1. Rev, J.

B. Vernon officiating. The ceremony took place at nine o'clock under an arch of white bell flowers and ever- LEHMAN Store For steel rods, men's and Petticoats, 81.50 and 81.75 good muslin, large Silk Gloves, cut from $1.25 Towels, soft finish, per dozen. values up to 50c, for Scarfs and Center Embroidery, 40c and 50c values, per Bargain Next on Skirts. of Merchants' Retail Association.

Ask for Rebate Book. greens. The lawn was lighted with Japanees lanterns. Mra. A.

O. Be'l rendered a beautiful solo, immediately after which the bridal party consisting of six ribbons bearers, bridesmaid and groomsman and bride and groom proceded from the house to the strains of A wedding march played by Edmon Very, accompanied by Mrs. A. C. Bell.

The ribbon bearers were the Misses Ana Rhea, Hambleton Bessie Demig, Vera Howarth' Laura Landie, Nellie Bumgaudner, and Mattie Seeley. Miss Penelope Landis was the maid of honor and Mr. Horace Etherton groomsman. The bride was attired in a beautiful white gown of silk mnslin. She wore a full length veil fastened with jaemine and carried carnations and simlax.

The maid of honor was atired in a very becoming gown of white silk. The groom and groomsman wore conventional black. Following the ceremony refreshments were served. They received many beautiful presents includ. ing a set of silver teaspoons from S.

F. Baker employers of the groom. They left the following day to spend a few days at Holton. BIRTHS. Hiskey.

To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hiskey, of Highland, May 31, a son. Butner. To Mr.

and Mrs. Tom Batner, of Highland, May 31, a son. Huston. To Mr. and Mrs.

Aaron Huston, of Highland, May 30 a son. Barrett. To Mr. and Mre. Melvin Barret, of White Cloud, Sunday May 28, a son.

Pape To Mr. and 0. E. Pape, of White Cloud, Wednesday, May 31 a daughter. BROS Bargains .75 1.25 .10 .755 .45 .25 .25 .25 Week BROS REMNANTS OF ALL KINDS ON SALE NEXT WEEK.


and Mrs P. M. Dittemore, of the Leona neighborhood, May 26, a daughter. CHURCH NEWS. The M.

E. Church Sabbath school will meet next Sabbath morning to study the lesson taken from Rev. 1-10 to 20 and also to complete the arrangement for the Children's Day program which will be rendered in the evening at 8 o'clock. Preaching services will be held in the morning at 11 o'clock. Junior League at 4 o'clock p.

m. Senior League at 7 o'clock p. m. There will be Sabbath school at 2 p. m.

and preaching services at Dis. No. 23 school house. You are cordially invited to attend all of these services. Billy Bryan, the genial philosopher of Beanville, was shaking hands with his Troy friend Monday.

Billy says automobiles are getting thick down in his part of the country and there may be an auto driver or two dipped in the lake if they don't use more judgment in running their machines. The machines are owned by Atchison people who think they also own the earth or that part of the earth the road is made of. Mrs. Emily Harding and her daughter, Mary, of Wathena, were in Troy yesterday and gave THE CHIEF office a call. Mrs.

Harding's husband man Harding, was one of the first white men to settle in Doniphan Co. Mrs. Harding is looking and feeling well considering her age, which is nearly 80 years. She is the mother of 10 children all living with the excep. tion of one son who died a few months ago.

Her husband died about two years ago. "Good Morning, Dr. Merrick" teeth have been troubling me so much, I have decided to have them all extracted and a plate made. Dr. told me they are gone so far I cannot save them; and so has Dr.

our family dentist. So having you extract without pain, I have decided to heard have you take them all out." "Yes, I can take them out with but little pain or discomfort to you, and make you a plate. But why do so and be compelled to wear one of those nuisances called a plate? Why not take out the worst ones and leave enough to crown and have Bridge Work put in 11 "Bridge Work! What is Bridge Work? "Bridge Work is the modern method of filling space caused by one or more missing teeth without the use of a plate to cover the roof of the the mouth. By means of crowns attached to natural teeth adjoining the space, the substitute teeth are attached to these crowns are held in place." Advantages of Bridge Work Summarized 1st. -The perfect replacement of lost teeth by artificial ones, and without the use of Remember that No Plate Is Used.

All up-to-date dentists fight against the use of a plate. Dozens a plate. of old plates may be seen in Dr. Merriek's office. -The absence of any mechanical contrivance to interfere with the tongue in either speech or song; to interfere with taste; to or cause an unhealthy condition of the tissues, which occurs when the gums and palate are covered with a plate.

3rd. -Does not use clasps which always wear on the natural teeth when used. Bridge Work is always solid and immovable, both in speech and mastication. 4th. -The weight of the Bridge and the strain of mastication are proportionally distributed on the natural teeth -not on the gum and palate where nature never intended.

5th. --It is specially adapted io replacing single teeth, or a small number, and is therefore superior to any other device. other operations temare porary, rather than permanent in their results, but Bridge Work ranks above all other processes in permanency. Here are a few facts in regard to Bridge Work: Only a few of the natural teeth are necessary; it hurts but little; it lasts a lifetime, if done right, for the reason that teeth once crowned never decay; the work is strong and never gets out of redair, there is only one cost, the first cost; it fills the cheeks and makes the person look as if he had natural teeth; it is the out most cleanly piece of work that can be put in the mouth; Dr. Merriek does the work as cheap as firstclass work can be done.

Dr. Merrick, of Severance, gnarantees all his work. Hundreds of voluntary testimonials from the best people in Doniphan County may be seen at his office. Watch next week's paper for some of them. He leoves for his annual summer vacation Auguet 1st, to be gone from one to two months, and as time is taken so far ahead, make dates at once, for good work takes time.

Call me up at my expense and make dates. Sevenance, Kansas R. H. Merrick, Dentist Inconsistent. "These artists make mne tired," growled the theatrical manager, tugging at his beard.

"They do?" asked the press agent. "Yes. Here's the walkin-lady demanding a carriage to and from the -Judge. Trees Without Leaves. Forests of leafless trees are to be found in some parts of Australia.

They respire, so to speak, through a little stem, which apparently answers all the purposes of a leaf. The tree is known as the "leafless acacia." Purely Accidental. "Do you have many accidents on your road?" asked the caller of the railroad agent. "Oh. yes; some of the trains get in once or twice a week on Statesman.

Hard Job. Wife--It is so kind of you to put on my boots for me. Kneeling husband (tugging away)- It's -pleasure, my dear. Still, I'm glad you're not a -Pick-MeUp. The Reason.

Jack-So she is 25 summers old! She doesn't look it. Her chaperon-No, lucky for her, every one of those summers was Free Press. Woman's Hairdressing. Taking 12 hours as a "day," it ig estimated that in tending and arranging a luxurious head of hair some ladies spend as much as two months of each year. Sizeable Well.

As the water supply in the Hunts village of Wooley, ran short, a well was sunk and a concert held at the bottom to celebrate its inauguration. Bird of the Future. Prof. Williston says man is doomed to extinction and that a bird may take his place. We herewith nominate the American -Chicago Record.

Hardest Wood. The hardest wood is not ebony, but cocos. It grows in the West Indies, and is used for making flutes and similar instruments. THE CHIEF is 51.50 a year. TROY LODGE DIRECTORY.

TROY Chapter R. A. stated convocation the second Monday night in each month, in Masonic Hall. CHAS. F.


FEROY Lodge No. 55, A. F. A.M., regular communications the first Monday and the second Saturday nights thereafter, in Masonic Hall. JAS.

REVILLE, Sec'y. GEO. McLAREN, W. M. Chapter No.

183, 0. E. 8.. regular meetings second and fourth Wednesday nights in each month, in Masonic Hall. MRS.


0. 0. meets J. W. CALVERT, Sec'y.

A. E. WILLIAMSON, N. G. every Saturday night in I 0.

0. F. Hall. Rebekah Lodge No. 183, meets every Friday night in I.

0. O. F. Hall. MRS.


808, M. B. meets every second and fourth Thursday nights in each month, in I. 0. 0.

F. Hall M. L. KEMP, Prest. ISAAC SCARBROUGH, Sec'y.

TROY Lodge No. 2581, M. W. month meets in the the first Thursday night in each 1. 0.


W. S. MOREHEAD, Sec'. ENNEDY Post No. 292, G.

A. meets the third Saturday in eaah month at 2 p. in the G. A. R.

Hall. S. A. CONAWAY, P. C.

J. D. SMITH, Adjt. 'ENNEDY Corps No. 190, W.

R. meets the second and fourth Saturdays in each month at 2:30 p. in G. A. R.

Hall, MRS. S. A. CONAWAY, Prest. Miss LuLu WOOD, Sec'y.

PROFESSIONAL CARDS W. B. CAMPBELL, M. DHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Troy, Kansas. Office in Burkhalter Building, on west side of Public Square, Up Stairs.

R. S. DINSMORE, M. D. DHYSICIAN three AND doors south SURGEON, of Troy, Sinclair's Kansas drug store.

HERRING, M. D. DHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, HIGHLAND Kans. Proprietor Dr. Herring' Drug Store.

Established in 1879. Office TelePhone No. 94D. Residence No. 94A.

W. W. CARTER, M. D. AND SURGEON, WATHENA PHYSICIAN over Jake Miller's Drug Store R.

L. BEAUMONT, M. D. Eye and Ear Specialist Now Limits Practice to Refraction. People prefer his Eye Glasses and Spectacles.

Sixth Felix Streets, St. Joseph, Mo. S. M. BREWSTER Attorney at Law Office in the Court House, Troy, 1 Kansas.

J. J. BAKER, Attorney at Law. Office adjoining Opera House on the east, up stairs, Troy, Kansas. ALCID BOWERS Attorney at I Law Office opposite Sinclair's Drug Store, Troy, Kan.

C. W. REEDER Attorney at Law Will practice in all courts. Office: McClellan Building, north side of Square. Troy, Kansas.

ARTHUR C. BELL Attorney at Law and Notary Publle. Office up stairs in the McClellan building, east room, Troy, Kansas. F. H.

DRENNING. F. G. DRENNInG. DRENNING DRENNING Attorneys and Counselors Topeka, 521 Kansas Avenue.

Wathena, Kansas. Special attention will be given to bankruptcy, bauking, corporation and probate law, land titles. W. M. DAVIES Merchant Tailor Atchison Kansas A and Large Line Overcoatings, of Suitings, always in Trouserings, stock.

All work guaranteed. New and Attractive Neat and Clean THE Fleming Lair Barber Shop AT SCHUMAKE'S OLD STAND The patronage of the public is solicited and faction will be given at every visit. Summer Is Here The fruit season is on and you want fruit jars and rubbers. I have a large invoice of the best on the market. Come and get all you want at the lowest price they have ever been offered in Troy.

My store is always stocked with fresh, clean groceries, fresh vegetables and fruits. When in need of: a good Flour call on me. I have the Clark brands; also the Fanchon Straight Hard Wheat; the Davis No. 10, a fancy grade straight soft wheat; and a U. S.

brand, one-half hard and one-half soft wheat. You will always find my goods just as I represent them to be; the quality of the goods speak for themselves. New North Side Building of The Star Grocery Public Square C. JENKINSON. Headquarters Leland's Big Store Dry Goods Groceries Clothing The Highest Market Hats and Price Paid for Caps Country Produce in Boots and Exchange for Goods.

Goods Sold at the Shoes Lowest Prices. Hardware Queensware Crockery C. Leland, Troy, Kansas..

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