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The Hays Free Press from Hays, Kansas • Page 1

The Hays Free Press from Hays, Kansas • Page 1

Hays, Kansas
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Historical Society, THE HAYS FREE PRESS. VOL. XXXVI. NO 16 HAYS, ELLIS COUNTY, KANSAS, MARCH 11, 1916. SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 PER YEAR If you know the value of a Bank Account.

teach your children A bank acquaintance is a fine thing for a boy, even as a boy, and especially when he is at the point where he begins to know the value of money and is anxious to earn. Young people who are taught to save become a credit to a com. munity because it makes teem ambitious. Young people will take pride in looking on this institution as their bank, and they have the privilege of coming and going just as much as they wish. Interest paid on savings.

Citizens State Bank HAYS, KANSAS DEPOSITS PROTECTED BY DEPOSITORS' GUARANTEE FUND The Thought of Getting Ahead of ncoumulating enough for a home or for some other special purpose confronts every ambitious man or 'woman at some point along the road of life. No other plan for saving the odd ends of one's income is so definite, so safe, yet so adaptable to varying conditions as our bank account plan. Come in and let us explain to you the details of this plan and why its use will enable you to accumulate faster. FARMERS STATE BANK WALKER, KANSAS The CHEVROLET is Here Fully Equipped $550 Can be seen at the Golden Belt Garage, Hays, Kansas Fred N. Dreiling HAYS, KANSAS WHAT INTEREST DO YOU PAY? WE HAVE $50,000 000 TO LOAN THIS MONTH On Farm Land Low Rate of Interest No Extra Commission Money Paid Without Delay.

J. M. Schaefer Loan Insurance Co. P. We write Insurance in the BEST Companies.

Green carnations for St. Patrick's Day. See Gus Havemann. Judge Ed F. Coburn of Salt Lake City, was here this week, to attend the funeral of M.

J. R. Treat. Justus Bissing has commenced the erection of a building on his lots recently purchased of C. W.

Reeder in west Hays. G. R. Werner, a real estate man from Brewster, is here this week, looking after business matters and attending the G. B.

E. A. Remember Gus Havemann when wanting cut flowers. It is reported that Attorney Simminger and B. M.

Dreiling are in Washington, D. in the interest of Dreiling's candidacy for postmaster of Hays. It is reported that at a recent meeting, a racing circle has been formed by the representatives of the Hays, Ellsworth, Wilson, Russell and Lincoln fair associations, for the fairs this fall. Prof. P.

Caspar Harvey of the Fort Hays Kansas Normal faculty, won the hearts of the feminine employees of the Free Press, yesterday (Friday), by presenting each with a box of choice chocolates. Misses Eunice Wilson and Imogene Felts, two of the bright and interesting young ladies from Winona, Logan county, who are attending the G. B. E. A.

here this week, were pleasant callers at the Free Press office, Friday. Remember Gus Havemann when wanting cut flowers. G. W. Spencer, Thursday, made 8 deal with Ben Hopper by which he became owner of the lots and building just east of the George Starr rooming house.

Mr. Spencer will move his plumbing establishing into his new quarters at once. At a meeting of the Board of Education, it was decided, we understand, to purchase the balance of the block of lots now occupied by the old public school building on which they intend erecting 8 more modern up-to-date building. Green carnations for St. Patrick's Day.

See Gus Havemann. J. G. Felts and wife and young daughter, Juanita, of Winona, Kansas, were pleasant callers at the Free Press office, the first of the week. Their son, Emerson, a student and a live wire of the Fort Hays Normal athletic aggregation, was with them.

The plays at the Normal, this week, "The Creation" and "The Bohemian Girl" staged by Prof. H. E. Malloy, were thoroughly enjoyed by the visitors and a large 1 number of people in Hays. Mr.

Malloy has put Hays and the Fort Hays Kansas Normal on the map as a musical center. The Free Press was this week, the recipient of several nice, sweet, juicy oranges from California, just off the trees. They were sent by Miss Neva Bell to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Judd Bell of this city, and they found their way to this office through the kindness of Judd.

Thanks. Otis L. Benton, candidate for Congress, will be at the Colby convention March 14th. He will have headquarters at the Opelt Hotel of that city, where he will be pleased to meet all his friends. Mr.

Benton is undoubtedly the choice of the district for the position to which he aspires. You will save money by placing your farm loan with us. We pay cash as soon as papers are signed. J. M.

Schaefer. With the passing of M. J. R. Treat, there are now living iu Hays but two of the charter members of the Hays Masonic Lodge No.

195, viz: C. W. Miller, and Attorney A. D. Gilkeson.

There are three others but they have moved away from Hays: E. S. Beach and L. Judd, of Long Beach, California, and J. H.

Reeder of Kansas City, Mo. Remember Gus Havemann when wanting cut flowers. A. E. Bice of Codell has purchased a pure bred Percheron Stallion of Geo.

E. Palmer. Mr. Bice made the selection after looking over several sales barns of pure breds in the east. He and the community to which this excellent horse is to be taken are to be congratulated that they may have the use of a horse of such good individual merit as well as the extra good breeding.

T. P. Carney and J. R. Lynch, officers of the Union Pacific railroad, were in Hays, this week, looking after the putting on of the extra trains ordered by the Utilities Board at their recent meeting in Russell, The trains will.

be doing business the first of next week. Will start from Oakley at about eight o'clock in the morning, and from Salina at the same time; will stop at Ellis for dinner. It will be a great accommoda- a tion to the traveling public, The First Ward caucus, Thursday night, to nominate a Councilman, member of the Board of Education and three Committeemen, resulted in the selection of H. W. Chittenden for Councilman, and Chas.

Harkness for member of Board of Education. The selections for Councilman and the Board of Education could not have been better as both men are representative and progressive men, alive to the best interests of the city. Hays needs just such men to push the wheels of progress -no back numbers are wanted. OBITUARY Edgar Leander Wood was born Green County, Illinois, May 10, 1860, and died in Wichita, March 3, 1916, the age of 55 years and 10 months. He had been feeling badly for about a week but not confined to his bed.

On 1 Thursday evening he spoke of feeling better than he had felt for some time. He ate a fairly good supper a and seemingly rested quite well during the night. the early morning he spoke to his wife and asked her if she had rested well during the night. In answering she noticed he was breathing badly. In about ten minutes from that time, he was gone.

Funeral services were held Sunday, March 5th, from the Methodist church in Kingman, Kansas, near the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Bobst; he having united with the Methodist church at Salina, twenty years ago. Rev. Benson, of Belmont, conducted the services. He was laid to rest in the Kingman cemetery.

He leaves to mourn his loss, his wife, one daughter and two sons, besides three brothers and one sister, all of whom were present except one brother who was in Billings, Montana, and couldn't be at the funeral. He also leaves a host of friends to mourn rn his loss. The floral tributes from friends, relatives and organizations, were beautiful. He has been traveling salesman: for the Garden City Seeder Company, and was at one time traveling salesman for the Port Huron Company. Mrs.

A. W. Noble and children attended the funeral. Mr. Wood was in Hays a few days before his death and met many of his old time neighbors and friends.

Is Running for Congress Only. The report has been circulated that Otis L. Benton is taking part in the fight for national committeeman between J. R. Burrow and Mulvane.

We have investigated this report and Mr. Benton assures us that he is taking no part whatever in this fight, but is running for congress and expects to make no deal or alliance with any other candidate. Being in close touch with Mr. Benton we know that this is true.Sherman County Record. David Clay.

On the 6th of March David Clay died. He was an old man. No one seemed to know his age. He had no relatives living here. He was poor, the county took him to the hospital, and then buried him.

He always seemed to be a man of mystery. No one was a close friend to him. He had seen better days. He was well educated but something in his life seemed to have poisoned his view of humanity. Thus passed away one of the strange unique characters of our western civilization.

M. J. R. Treat, one of the old-time and honored citizens of Hays, died Monday, and was buried Wednesday. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev.

Thompson of the Episcopal church, and his remains were laid to rest by the Masons of the city of which organization he has been an accepted and honored member for many years, he having been one of the charter members of the Hays lodge, instituted some time in the eighties. Next week the Free Press will print his obituary in full. J. H. Hogg.

On March 5th occurred the death of James H. Hogg. He was one of our well known citizens. He with his family, moved from Iowa to Hays about seven years ago. He attended strictly to business and was successful.

He was married to Miss Emma Berlin, October 18, 1871. To them were born four children: Warren Hogg, living now in Wyoming; Mrs. Frank Howie, living in Hays; Charies Hogg, living in Hopkinton, Iowa; and Harvey Hogg, one of our young men of Hays. Mr. Hogg was 65 years, 6 months and 27 days old at his death.

He died from heart trouble. The funeral was held at the Hogg residence. It was conducted by Rev. Hale of the Methodist church. Geo.

U. Schulte living near Victoria, died March 6th. Large crowds of people, were fed by the ladies of the Methodist church, this week. The postoffice at Liebenthal was robbed last week, of $165 in money and stamps. C.

G. Cochran and wife were over from Plainville, this week, to attend the rendition of "The Bohemian Girl" given at the Normal. Miles and Mary Mulroy returned from Topeka, Thursday, where they were in attendance at the marriage of their sister, Alice. Miller this week, presented their many customers and friends with a small pocket mirror. Their lady friends were especially delighted.

Miss Alice J. Mulroy of this city, and Ignatius I. Murphy of Enid, Oklahoma, married at the Church of the Assumption, Topeka, Tuesday at 6 o'clock a. Rey. Fr, McElhinny officiating.

After a short stay at Joplin, they will take up their home at Boise, Idaho. We have a piano at Hays partly paid for, parties leaving town and we are compelled to take the piano back. Bargain to the person paying the balance due on it. Write Means Pearson Piano 1217 Grand Avenue, Kansas City Mo. THE CHURCHES.

Baptist Notes. 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m.

Preaching 6:30 p. m. B. Y. P.

U. 6:30 p. m. Juniors 7:30 p. m.

Preaching Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. You are welcome to all these services. Rev.

Edward O. Rogers, Pastor. Methodist Notes. a. Sunday School.

11:00 a. m. Preaching. 6:30 p. m.

Epworth League. 7:30 p. m. Preaching. 7:30 p.

Wednesday. Prayermeeting. There will be the regular services Sunday. Trinity Lutheran Church. 10:00 a.

m. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m. Preaching 6:30 p.

m. Young People's Society. 7:30 p. m. Preaching 7:30 p.m., Wednesday.

Prayer meeting. Morning subject; "Proselytes of the Gate;" evening subject: Meaning of Lent." Miss Hannah Johnson of Sharon Springs, will play a violin solo at the morning service. Rev. Wiest will go to Topeka to meet with his Synodical Missionary Committee, Tuesday, March 14. The Lutheran Ladies' Aid Society will meet in the Sunday School room, this Thursday afternoon.

Last Sunday evening Dr. Peery, president of Midland College, addressed the Young People's Society on "'The Value of an Education." It was a fine appeal. The Luther League Topics were adopted recently by the society. The election of officers last Sunday, resulted as follows: Miss Ida Solomon, president; Miss Doris Nickles, vice president; Miss Elsie Grass, secretary; Hugo Kohl, treasurer. President R.

B. Peery, D. of Atchison, Kansas, was a welcome visitor last Sunday. He made several very impressive addresses. In the morning he spoke on "Christian Education," and in the evening on Our people were pleased to see and hear our president of Midland College and gave him nearly $600.00 in subscriptions for the endowment.

Dr. Peery is a scholarly man and an interesting talker. He made many friends in Hays. The following Lutheran Brotherhood committees have been appointed: Program, H. W.

Oshant, Geo. K. Helder, Hugo Kohl; Membership, C. J. Smith, M.

J. Bell, C. F. McLain; Devotional, C. M.

Holmquist, Rev. Wiest. Prsbyterian Church. 10:00 a. m.

Sunday School 6:30 p.m. Y. P. S. C.

E. All are cordially invited to the services. Quite a number attended Mr. Lee's lecture, Sunday, and it was well appreciated. A Gospel Team will be organized some time in the near future, and will take charge of the meeting at different times.

The Ladies' Aid met Friday, March, 3, with Mrs. Geo. Philip, Sr. It was mostly a business meeting. Light refreshments were served.

St. Michael's Episcopal Church. Services for Sunday, March 12, 1916. 7:30 a. m.

Holy Communion 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Morning prayer and sermon 7:30 p.

m. Evening prayer and sermon ST. ANDREW'S MISSION, SILVERDALE. 3:00 p. m.

Evening prayer and sermon Services are held at the two places 0.1 the first and third Sundays in each month. Strangers and visitors are cordially invited and welcomed. Richard Cox, of Ellsworth, Priest in Charge. For Sale. The residence property of J.

F. Jordan. Price $5,500. Wish to dispose of it at once. Notice.

The registration books will be open from the 14th to the 24th until 10 o'clock at night, in the City Clerk's office in the Oshant building. Books close March 24th. Frank Loreditsch, Clerk. Work Wanted. Cleaning carpets and rugs, shellacking and varnishing furniture, planting and gardening, and all kinds of general work.

The best of reference given. Phone 378. Call from a.m. to 6 p.m. To the Prospective Auto Purchaser.

I have a Model 19 Chalmers touring car that is for sale or to trade for smaller car. Anyone desiring a good machine and wanting a reliable car had better look into this. The machine is in Al shape and is ready for the road at all times. This machine is of the $2000.00 class and has not been hurt any having been in good hands and since its advent on the road has only run a little over 6000 miles. Would make an ideal car for a farmer.

-A. D. Hull, Hays. Optimistic Thought. We always overrate the happiness I of others and underrate our own.

THE GENEALOGY OF THE DOLLAR BEGINS WITH THE PENNY. If you would produce the dollar, foster the penny. The bank is the only business that asks you to save your money. All other lines want you to spend it. to-day with a few dollars and get: a Start new pass book and watch it grow.

FIRST NATIONAL BANK HAYS, KANSAS We must have a few extra farm loans this month. Any amount from $1,000, tor $10,000. Low rate. J. M.

Schaefer. Through 1 the courtesy of the editors of the Normal Leader the Free Press is enabled to print some of the doings at the annual meeting of the G. B. E. A.

in this city this week. This, the twentieth meeting of the association, off has been the largest and most successful of any that have preceded it. So large has been the attendance that the present auditorium at the Normal was entirely inadequate, but next year President Lewis promises that the Sheridan Coliseum will be completed and in readiness for the largest meeting of any teacher's meeting ever held in the state. Work will soon be commenced on the new building. Awakening Factors in Trego.

A few events of educational interest in the past three years of Trego county: Session of Teachers' Institute with Ellis County at the Fort Hays Normal School" -teachers awoke to the importance of receiving training for their work. Now 90 per cent of teachers employed in the county have had special training before beginning teaching. School Commencement Day." More intereft taken by boys and girls to complete the school work because of the Day" made especially enjoyable for them. Last summer motion pictures of the activities of the day were taken which highly delighted the youngsters. Meetings of School Boards" The officers enjoyed coming together.

Greater interest taken since in improving and beautifying schools. "Five Day Session of Institute" last week in August- -Teachers became acquainted with county superintendent and with each other. Enthusiasm, inspiration and healthy rivalry gotten and better school work resulted. standard School" -Dist. 32 Prairie Knoll, School Board: Walter Hillman, Chas.

F. Lofstead, Miles Powers; Teacher, Otis E. Doane. Optimistic Thought. Hatred in the heart is a great burden to the carrier.

Balsa Wood Like Cork. The balsa wood is a very light wood which grows in large quantities in the tropical regions of Central and South America. It weighs as little or less than cork, but has a noticeable grain. It dry rots with comparative quickness unless treated. It is useful for any purpose where a buoyant material is required.

Highest Park of United States. A tract of 360 square miles near Estes park county, recently set aside as a national forest reserve, is the highest of Uncle Sam's parks, in air. It contains 200 lakes, and is so beautiful that Lord Dunraven, an Englishman, who explored it fifty years ago, employed an artist and a special writer to paint and describe its wonders. Criticism of Modern Ways. Today the tendency is, not to endeavor to make youths strong to re sist, but to try to remove all stress from them.

They must not be given hard tasks at school; indeed, the cry is that children must feel that school is play. They must not be taught obedience and respect, lest they be servile. They must have much amuse ment. All this is dependent upon the idea that life is meant for pleasure and work is a Charles W. Burr.

Dr. SPARR, SPECIALIST WILL BE IN HAYS CITY Thursday, March 23rd At the WINDSOR HOTEL For One Day Only On His Regular Monthly Visits Hours: 9 a.m to 6 p.m. PREPAREDNESS FOR YOU Do you know that regardless of what disease attacks you, it is only by the assistance of the army of white corpucles in your blood that you can hope to repel the invading army of disease germs? PREPAREDNESS FOR YOU means throwing off every chronic weakness or ailment that is slowly killing, off your army of white blood corpucles, leaving you a quick victim to any acute disease you may encounter. Perhaps you say, I have tried to get rid of my rheumatism, or stomach trouble, (or whatever you may have) and found no cure. Have you ever tried a reliable and thoroughly trained specialist? If not, you have as yet really made an earnest effort to get well.

Died. HE DOES NOT USE THE KNIFE. medicines. PILES Dr. Sparr treats diseases of the Stomach, Intestines, Liver, Blood, Skin, Nerves, Heart, Spleen, Kidneys, Bladder, Sexual Diseases, Diseases of Women, Rheumatism, Diabetes, Catarrah, Bed-Wetting, 1 Leg Ulcers, certain forms of Paralysis, Weak Lungs, Asthma, Bronchitis, Appendicitis, Gall Stones, Goiters, Tumors, Cancers, Biliousness, Dyspepsia, Dropsy, Emaciation, Epilepsy, Headache, Sleeplessness, Neurasthenia, Obesity, Pleurasy, Scrofulous Diseases, Diseases of Men and the Tobacco Habit.

The doctor furnishes all his own Itching, Bleeding, Blind or Protruding Piles quiekly permanently cured WITHOUT THE KNIFE. No cutting, no chloroform or other dangerous anesthetic used. He gives a contract and guarantee to cure every case he treats, no matter how long standing, or your refund every cent of your money. If you are afflicted with this painful and troublesome malady it will pay you to call and have a talk with him. The doctor is authorized by the State of Kansas to treat all chronic diseases of men and women.

Examination and consultation free and confidential Office Address: E. E. SPARR, M.D 229 Glendale 10th and Grand Kansas City, Mo. Reference: Gate City National Bank. SPRING TIME BE PREPARED By bringing in your WATCHES, CLOCKS and old JEWELRY and having them repaired reado for spring work, you will save time.

HAVE IT DONE NOW JEWELRY -See our stock while having your repairing done. J. T. MORRISON, Jeweler Optometrist Citizens Bank Bailding, Phone 152, Hays, Reusas..

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