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The Atchison Daily Times from Atchison, Kansas • Page 4

The Atchison Daily Times from Atchison, Kansas • Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
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It I i Drink Mountain Dew Drop. A. F. Groves will sell von a new house THE EVENING TIMES. 11 IK CIS J' -A Mors Mlselelt.f.

C. H. Y'tmg was arrested yesterday em a warran Issued from Judge Baldwin's court at instigation of D. II. Holder, on the charge' of assault and battery.

Two waeks ago information was brought to tin Timks olliee by five responsible genllmiieti, that C. H. Young and l.ouis Stap)er hail spent the previous night in a drunken earonsel on the east side of the river in company with a couple of Atchison prostitutes. This was written up in proper shape and placed in tlie Timks. H.

D. Spielman white utti'v piece of IMniii nml l-'iVim-ct lmlin Del. limn Nulnsnoli, Pitjin-H jiml Uiiintli Ht hti mlnrtinn. Fimlintr onrH -v Mocked in tint cIuum uJ you.K ih must heboid. Anv (liinir ynu Hunt, from 'w to per unl, worth fully T0 per cent more.

show the larycst ami chenpest line nt Luecu, Swift ami llttniliurtf Embroideries, for trimming, in thin imtrkei. S-A-TIEIEIISrS. Hi nieces Nice Suteen. reducedlo l'i vanls Choice f'tittm-iix in evii-ti mmlitc Suti.fn reduced from Ilio to ll'e per yard. SILK MITTS Silk Luce reduced tnV ti imfr: I ti pair; cheap at "if ic, we otter tlieiu at a I-TmIoz.

Silk .1 puir. a snort 1 wnt nil prici die red you. It will lie pair. asnortment all prices ottered you. It will lie TmIoz.

Silk Arc In demand. We hiivr a complete from I. tufYihi, dl ttnd these jninitx the tiest lianrains er to your interest lo cull mid nee u. H. D.

Spielman BRADLEY OSTERTAG, TIIF, OLD HKI.IABI.K DEALERS IN BOOTS AND SHOES, are offering the best shoes in the market at the vers lowest living prices. Special sales daily of LADIES' FINE SLIPPERS. They have in stocK the celebrated and world renowned Krippendorf Ladies Fine Shoes In all Sizes, Widths and Styles. All kinds of repairing done in a prompt and workmanlike manner, at their place of business, 719 Commercial Street. Every Day A T-- o-ooids.

AND GLOVES, Jersey Mills i III -hint on leiuMhi. vow 403 Com. St. This Week D-- TIMES part of the citv for TIMES. Oc M.TiisrTiji.

Straw I lats mi st eiei at some price. Underwear wu.i. at redik'etl prices. Neckwear, Hosiery, I lantlkercliiefs, Shirt and evervtliiiiL: else is iiuim; at LOW PRICKS at HEMSTiGER'S, Ccr. Com'i and Gth Sia.

SUBSCRIBE FOR THE on monthly payments. Drink Mountain Dew Drop at Hob't Sinclair's. South Fifth Si The Atchison gun dub shoots this afternoon at Taylor's pink. One drunk in the police court this morning. A tine of paid the damages.

John Moore had better return a wheelbarrow borroweel sonic time ago, or we will not vote for him again. We are going to lay our paper on lee awhile before de livery so that our subscribers will receive them fresh and cool. Tlie thermometer ranged from SI4o to lO-lo in the simile yesterday. We will get up a remonstrance if this weather continues. The syndicate are now working ten stone masons on their block between Tenth and ICleventh Streets.

This looks like business. A new 4 room house on North Sei-ond Street for rent, or sale on nionthh pay mollis. A. F. Groves.

Iletlicringlon Hi, nl, Building There, will be the largest crop of water luellons on the island this season that has been raised for many years. the colored people rejoie-e. .1. Kitilon. our e-ounly treasurer, went to Topeka to-day to settle up with the Slate.

He takes 111,0011 with him being the amount in full yet due for taxes. Vegetables of all kinds are very plenty and cheap on market now. The- entire length of the block used as a market place was tllli'd with wagons this iinirning. A thorough tost of the' tire-elay to bi-found aroiiiiel Atchison in huge ipiaiui-tii's has been made in Gnlcshurg, and it proves of tile very best lllille-rial. This insures us another lirst lass institution.

The county iiorinal institute- opened yesterday in the' central school building witli about thirty teachers in alte-nilance. An organization was cll'ected. and a pleasant and instructive time iscxpee ted. Charley Wilson, formerly one of the coillieilmcu of llorton. Kansas, has moved lo Ate hisoli to live.

Charley is one- of the best carpenters that over struck Atchison, and we hope lie ill meet witli success while here. It in Tug and Waggener say they will have Reynolds arrestee! to-morrow. Hurry up, boys, and catch us before we go to Topeka. We are on the tlv just now. Heynolds is in great demand.

The first to come is tlie first They talk of arresting Jim l.oper also. The plans for the Catholic college are now complete. The building will occy-' py lMlxaTiO feet of ground. It will contain eight large school rooms-, a large ball OOxTrn kitchen aoxHO: live rooms to be used bv tlie sisters, and a Impel The upper Hour will be fitted up as a hall for general purposes.

J. Chisiun and Couiiciiinaii Cloyeswent to Galcsburg last week to examine? brick pavement On their return they state. Iliat in their opinion is is far superior to my other kind now in use. The lirick Manufacturing Company, of Atchison, are looking for their brick and tile nia cuincry very soon. When lliev gel in operation they expect to put down pave ment all over the west.

Ogden, the man charged with the cut ting of Carter, of l.ani aster. is having his preliminary examination to-day. He is charged with murder in the second de gree. lag is tor the Mate, while Tom Feidon, of Leavenworth, and Aliens worth, of this city, are for the ilefense. A great many witnesses from l.iiiicustcr are present.

It now seems from the evi deuce that Ogden will go free as he was ai-ting in self defense. As we go to press the case is not ended. Tufts came near getting a head put on him again this morning. Tufts claimed that John Scott owed hint the sum of ten dollars. It appears that Tufts acted as Scott's lawyer; advised hint to bring an action against a party on condition that if lie (Tufts) lost tlie case lie was not to charge anything for Ids services.

He lost tlie esse, of course, and Se-ott was sued for 1 ,000 damages. He at once dis missed Tulls mid employed Gilbert. The latter tried the case and came out lirst best, and saved Scott from paying eliiin-ages. Now Tufts wants Scott to pay him for trying the lirst suit when he was beaten. Scott refused, and tlie two meeting on tlie street this morning would have hail a knock out but for the by standees.

II. W. liarknow, at No. (117 Commer cial street, one of the largest and most successful dealers in boots and shoes, rubber goods, etc. oners to the people of Atchison a very large stock of all kinds of goods nt prices that defy competition.

He means business, ami invites you to call and see him. A Timks reporter called on Martin Dilgert, oncof the leading dealers in ha kery anil confectionery goods, ami we are glad that he was too busy to talk to us, He is doing a very satisfactory business. In addition to his' confectionery business, he curries a large stoe-k of tine cigars and tobaeeoes, and makes a specialty of ice cream and soda water. Clearing sale of all summer millinery goods. Ladies trimmed and iintrinmieil hats at less than cost.

All infant hoods nt less than cost. Come and see me before yon buy. Mrs. C. May, 512 Commercial street, between nth and title.

NoTit'K. One of the most complete fruit stands in Atchison can be found cm the north-east corner of Commercial and Fifth Street. California fruits a specialty. The Central school building is rec eiv ing a complete overhauling. Our neighbor.

Wm. A. Otis reports tlie commission business good. icui untune wiiiiceit across airgener bridge in the injunction cases. Kii Donelan.

of minister, Is in the city attending the trial of Ogelen. Mountain Dow Drop at Sinclair's, South Kil'tli strectl. A healthy drink for all. Mr. Chas.

Fishwiek, pressman on the Kansas (Ity Times, gave us a friendly call yesterday. To Waggener, Martin. Tag Co. Oreeting Tlie times starts out with circ ulation of 2.0IHI. T.

Yuenke, living two mid one-half miles west of the ity is building a lino residence, to cost about (2,71111, The Missouri Valley Pile Driving Co. is expected every day to drive tlie piles for the new I'nited States bank building. It is almost impossible to get along on the streets with a vehicle of any kind owing to (lie many improvements going on in our streets. Curt llenton, of Ktllngliain is in the city. Curt has an eagle eye on the county treasurersliip.

lie will have to be watc hed or he wlli glide in. The will of the late Paul Kurtz was admitted to probate on Saturday. Imiza his wife, was appointed adminis tralrix. Tlie property all goes to Mrs, Kurtli. A pleasant social gathering took place at tlie home of Miss Gussey llaldwin south 7th street, the other evening Miss (iussey entertained her friends royally.

While looking oyer the city for fresh fruit don't forget the fact that 1). Kaisse, south-east corner Fourth anil Coinmcr cial Street, keeps alarge assortments of fresh fruit of all kinds to sell. Many of tlie fanners who procured seed from the Walteiiicyer's to plant tbi spring to be paid for on the delivery of the crop, are selling their vegetables elsewhere, and thus defrauding Walte-ineyer out of his pay. The council last night passed the occupation tax ordinance. Whilst it may seem a little oppressive to senile, yet after due consideration every person must uduiil that it is about the only way the city lias left to raise money.

Albert was brought over from Topeka on Saturday, convicted of steal ing stamps from tlie lliawntlia olliee, Ik-was sentenced to thirty days imprison incut in the Atchison county jail, His finlier was formerly a well to do lawyer in this city. L-i-' -3- 'i 1 lie iMiimeu iy o. 'acKiiii; House litis stopped killing hogs in Atchison. They will remove to Kansas City about the 1st of October. Wc are very sorry to lose this company, as it is coin posed of men of immense wealth aiid good business ability.

Yet if tlie buildidgs are moved to this side and operated by home capital it will do us more good. A great deal has been written aliout tlie east bank of tlie river caving in. Tlie newspaper reporters daily have something to say about this calamity. The reporters love to go over to the east bank of tlie river. They love to tarry and write.

We have commenced to tlii nk it is Missouri beer and not the banks of the river caving in thut attracts so many reporters. How is this, boysY liailey Waggener has not as yet had the L. S. Marshal come after poor helpless John Reynolds, ltcyuolds was indited last Saturday and as yet roams the streets of Atchison. He is likely to skip out at any time for parts unknown, liailey had better hurry up or the bird will have Mown.

Say liailey don't you wisli Heynolds would skip and take Tiik Tim us witli him 1 The boom of Wic hita lias completley flattened out. Steele it Walker, large wholesale grocers of St. Joe, started a branch house in the place, but after giving it a fair trial, have closed their business there and withdrawn. The papers proclaimed as a great boom that Nave it McCord were going there to establish a branch house, but it was only a vague hope never to be realized. Hev.

Df. Tevis has resigned the pastorate of Kansas Avenue M. K. Church to take effec the 20th inst. He is suffering with nervous prostration and is threatened with paralysis.

His physical condition was broken down in tlie army, and he gets a pentiou for nervous prostration. For two and a half years he has worked very hard. Two hundred and sixty have joined the church since the beginning of his pastorate, and the benevolences of tlie church have been increased beyond anything in the history of tlie church lie has so well served. Dr. Tevis will spend the summer mid fall in the mountains recruiting his health.

It is bis present plan to go next year to Kgypt anil Hyria. Martin Dilgert, bakery and confectionery, dealer in tine cigars and tobaccos. Warm lunch at all hours; oysters and ice cream 111 season. Ice cream and soda water a specialty. 71.1 Coiimiercial street.

There is no reason why you should smoke a poor or inferior cigar when you can go to O. Sterner's, 416 Commercial street, mvt get a good one of his own manufacture fur less money than can be purchased for eisewljero. He carries a largo and well huhiHwI Ptacli of choice brauds of cigars and tobaccos. TTESDAY, 12, 1887. le'iiilin' burlier, 4th ami ('mn.

They nic riiilini; tlie stri't'ts nut In Price il lit addition. Tlie I'titliinn between fitli mid Tlh beinir repaired. The sjh nnnpany arc putting in tltelr gas tnains on Kansas avenue. An appropriate name for the new ferry limit would he. Tin- llanlin llovey." Si iid in your names for Tiik Timks.

Ten eeids a week to all parts of the city. About a dozen Indies have gone out to 1. llntliiiiii's, near I'arnell, to pienle today. There don't seem to he many candidates for olliee thin full. lYrhaps they will sprout later on.

If you aid a new 5 room house on monthly payments, call on A. K. lletlierinnion ISuililiiiir lr. Y. Anderson, of Kansas City, called yesici'diiy and expressed the hope that Tit Tim lis would prosper.

Mr. ILdtlinfcr, the dry piods merchant, expects to close up his store in thirty days and move to l.amar, Colorado. The Atchison county teachers institute is now in session, and will he until A iiif. oth. There sue over in attendance.

The county attorney has withdrawn his chan-'c of assault against Officii, and tiled a charge of murder in the second decree. who has been running a restaurant in this city for many years past, has dosed up and will remove to riankfori, tomorrow. The people living on Division street are in lii'cat earnest aliout having that thoroughfare graded. It is a much needed improvement anil is meeting with no opposition, Thanks to little I'addy Sheehan for bringing us the local about the drowning of Prank Thoina. his associate.

The 1 it 1 1 boys all have an interest in the suee-e of the TiMtis. There will be a meeiing of the Mir chants and Manufacturer's hureall at the real estate exchange to night. Kveryolie should turn out as business of importance will come before the meeting in which all are interested. The i cr si ill continues to rise. The high -I cir ru ill pole standing across the river was moved further down to a place ofsaffty.

diirging a long trench anil moving it it in an upright position with out unfastening Ihc wires. Mr. Iteeson is having his warped stringers straightened by sawing in on iSfil' 'Mvriilg-ing them back to their place. After they are in place between the blocks it is impossible for them to get out of shape. Dan O'Ki'cll'e and Frank Kveresl have formed a pari icrship for hi' purpose of going into the manufacturing business.

If the city will donate them a bonus they will erect a large wholesale bass drum factory on the tloat recently purchased by Kverest. (Jive them a boom. The reason so many young men sport canes now. is there are two places in town here lor ten cents you call get eight throws at a rack in which there are canes stuck. If you succeed in throwing a ring over a cane it is yours.

Hoys somcliuies get three or four canes for their ten cents and then sell them cheap over tow n. Frank Thoma. aged 111 years, and employed by the Kipers, in their harness manufactory, was drowned in the slough above the cilv while limiting with a number of his companions last evening, lie was not missed until tlie boys came out of the water to dress. After falling loudly for him and receiving no answer, they gave the alarm in the city. The river was watched all night for his remains, but ns yet they have not been re covered.

liartell, a Kansas City saloon keeper, is coming to Atchison with blood ill his eye. I'addy Stapper, in company with Young, had a cample of prostitute over on the east side short time ago, and spent the night with them in the paw-paw brush. AVlien the news came to the Ti lis Taddy denied that it was him, and Young says that Kartell was the man that was with him. There will be hell raised in Atchison cm account of this matter, liartell lias the reputation of being a virtuous young man. His best girl is; now in this city and she is nearly heart-broken on account of the charges going the rounds about her lover.

liartell is coming up ami beyond doubt Mr. Young will gel a flattened nose for laying such a heinous olTcusc onto him. Young said he would swear it was liartell and liartell will swear that he wan not in the city at the time. Wonder what I'addy Mapper would swear to. lien Musante, the great fruit dealer, corner Commercial and Sixth st reads, exhibits the largest and iincst display of all kinds of foreign and domestic fruits ever in this city.

When in need of anything in his line he will be glad to Bee you. I). K. Miller, the successful and popular restaurant manager, on lower Commercial street, is always crowded with business. The style in which everything is served insures him a large and liberal His tables are supplied with everything tlie market iift'onls, and his patrons are well pleased.

The edition was run olT after night and the tired editor rcpniri'il to his home about midnight to seek rest from the labors of the elay. He had not been home but a short time when the foreman of 'he otilce in company with Mr. Young caled nt our home and stated that a mistake had been made in the arth-le so fai ns tapper was c-one-erned. Young said hew-as one of the guilty parties, but that Shipper was not the person with him, thut it was a saloon keeper from Kansas City that looked a great ileal like Shipper and would be taken for him in the night time, and that his mime? was Ilarlello. Young said he was willing to make atli davit to this fact.

Although wc have ni love for Stapper. on account of the part he played ill the depot slugging match, yet we had no desire to ruin the man by publishing an untruth. We told Mr. Youm: that we had the stnteine-nt from some half dozen e-ye witnesses, but he insisted that it was case of mistaken identity. We then decided, although tin papers were printed, to run oil another edition leaving out Ihc article against Stapper tint il we should have time to in vcstiiralc the matter more thoroiiLrlily.

Mr. Young said he was pcrfee-tly willing to pay tlie cost of making the change wide ii was 10. The chanire was made and the article left out of the second edi tinll. Young took all the papers of tin tirst edition, over three thousand, and bullied Ihe-lll up. Hut while we riinniiiL' oil he tirst eihtioii there were seve-ral sm nl I Inns in the press room fold ing papers, and some one of these little Icllows in the early part of the eveliin! stole several copies of the paper lireliara tor- to selling them the next day.

Tin copy of the paper ciinlaining this article aliout onicr and Mapiicr was one ot th stolen e-opies. and in some manner fell into tin hands of Holder. Tin- Kansas City saloon keeper, on healing that hi name was mixed iii in this innlter. bc ame enraged and denied the fact of its being him who was with Young on that eventful liiiiht. Rubier was investigat ing this matter for the Kansas Cilv saloon man and went into Young's music store with this in view, when Young seized him.

took tlie paper from him forcibly anil elected him ti'oiu ins premises. Holder now brings suit for assault and he'll Mineral Water. Hob't Sim lias the sole agency for the mineral water which coiitus from tlie Mountain Dew Drop Spring of Ariz.ona. This fatuous beverage will remove nervous disability, spasmodic plic'-tie'iis. and is good lo strengihen old people.

Removes phosphatu- urine diabetes, impotencv, seminal weakness ami is a soothing halm tor the mucus membrane. It is a sure preventative of malarial diseases. Drink and be healthy. fatal lie iiMcoteili. On last Sunday while Mrs.

Lyons was gelling dinner she sent her little girl out to ge't some e-hips for the stove. The child brought the chips ill in her apron, ami in attempting lo throw them into the stove her clothes took tire, and she ran out into the street. Her e-lolhes were en tirc-lv liuriie-d off, and tier body burned to such an extent that she dieel from the etVectsou Monday about two o'cloe-k. Not le t'. the I rni.

No. 11111 ltiley was opened Siitnlay, the 10th, for the season Plenty of iee cream, eake, and all kinds of soft drinks will be served. Mrs. K. KiNosreiN, Proprietor Personal.

W. R. Smith goes to Stockton to-night K. K. Ashe took the train for Chicago yesterday.

Squire Moulton is visiting friends in Atchison. Charley Me-Dulf takes the road for the west to-eiay. John M. Crow ll went west em the C. yesterday morning.

Senator lngalls and family returned to the city hist Saturday evening. Tom Fenlon is in town as counsel for Ogden, the Lancaster warrior. Mr. A. F.

Conroy, who has been laid up for repairs, is able to be out again. Justice Talbott leaves fori loch ue City, Colorado, to-morrow, lie will he absent about thirty days. Mrs. McDowell anil Miss Susie Davis, of Smith Centre, ami Miss Kiln Davis, of Miiscotah, are visiting Seneca Heath, of this city. Mrs.

W. C. Smith goes to Colorado this evening and takes witli her the chil dren of II. C. Solomon, to spend the summer.

L. H. Sahler, of the tirm of Snider leaves to-day on a pleasure trip to Kingston, New York, to he gone about three weeks. II. ('.

Solomon goes to Hutchinson this evening, to look alter the attairs ot a llriu that failed in that town. He will he gone about ten days. G. W. Carter, of Nortonville.

made us a pleasant call this morning. He is in the city to attend tlie trial of Ogden, who is charged with murdering his brother. Joe Monroe, representing the Ameri can hewing Machine Company, ot pit. Louis, made the TtMiis a pleasant call to day. Joe is a good hoy and deserves the success with which lie is meeting.

Mr. ami Mrs. W. A. Rcnfrcy and child left for their home in Cawker City, last Friday morning, alter spending a week with Mrs.

F. Gerlacli. Mr. U. is cashier of the Cawker City First National bank.

The Detroit Plainelealer, the leading Alfrio-American newspaper, can be had at No. 415 Commercial street. W. H. Simmons, Agent.

DAILY Delivered to an)' IT ADVERTISE IN THE DAILY Best Advertising Atlantic Hotel, up. Fit th Strert mid I'tah Avenue. MARTIN BROTHERS, Proprietors. For mouths we huvo had the liirtfeMt number of KiientH of uny hotel in the eity. The peoplo Huy it Is lieemiHo we tflvo the bent Hceommltt-tious lor tlie least money.

Tuble botud, U.fi0 per Hook, liounl, with room, $4.50 to fi.UU. Medium in the City SCHOKMIOYKN, Manufacturer of ami wholesale oVtiier in Fine Cigars ai Tota South Fourth St. Hetw oeti Main Street mid HtMll Avenuo. 1 i t'-.

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