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The Atchison Weekly Champion from Atchison, Kansas • Page 1

The Atchison Weekly Champion from Atchison, Kansas • Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

a mnn CHAMPION. ilijlillij B03S aa jc-b aW-lTWP evrt Saturday. ryfnr, iy or) in C.iioh of 1 2-5 It I BcKcr to be Rigtit tiian PresfSent." Hexey Clay. MARTIN, ATCIIISOX, KANSAS, SATURDAY. JANUARY 8.

1881. OyiTIC Corner Cojnmercf: Fifth StrcOl. Enlmiic. 1 1 ol.2tt.5i0. 47 Chnmplon Srf ph.

4tt. ttftr L. the snort CHS3SSISCJSAL- is tae stiao reervoir embankment a ATCrdStKs. St. trholHtleA's ArRilemy.

Tai" educational institution was estab li'hed about tii'teea years ago, and is the care ad mauaireiaeni of the Si- arm trontini' ti on ttrr-et. and the HTiT feet on tbe raj: road sr-. arm 1 ir-f- v. iiicn mrms i-roitcu 1 1 1 ot is carried un i -urriur-'ed by a 10:: -n 1 1 1 i 'I 1 If I Mi I it 3 O. -r Daily Champion Bmldipg, Atchison.

reof, A.tcbison, Kansas. Kvtnl of tbe In iu Mt cd Atcai- i on tne the ia iKn el it out. p.iri oi lc of grain. iac oriucipii town dorio: nation, ia Decern-" i t'V tne pr. jci 1 1 e'.

via ph. cr i inn. P. wa-t ton! lie I'entrat iv a I i i niootn. it Tva- 1 (I I I A rem tec ia' ior a- 1 i 1 hi ti an new up LO taaL Dr.

ill A MS "11. WI. tie iTice iua. bihli i is 1 b( foJOf-l til" oi Jo: of friiob wi.r:a ti' ticn wim ror'jvcro Im un lit of the mourn I iu was nrr't'-d woil i t-o' llM tO his own store tu tvi-d tJ h. two men Atcni-oa.

f.vvn tie e'-rn- an i a car, I nli in Newton Barrett, had a i Uttie boy nainol oi. run ov.t and killed in it aacn. oann i busifd Witti tao si water works tne partaient and ibo qoc-lioi Wii-sruia was or n' a show and tne Srxth -was pronouncul W' mains so. Ine charities ot tae liberal subscription raned WePer. for the benefit ol people oi Gove count.

Si buttons have been mad.y since. 'lb: piu uc bv comprised readoivs i fy Uusstd! si-tfrs. ot fiiices. wi li lae ahaee Sis ers Bo cert bytheOioi Bad tie A i A 1 1 1 i teres; i Lee. Mr.

oca 1 ul The rsrmcip ci-e visit ot th; of I' psr'y of vdioin 1 hf fit I rn i I i aenUliVS Oi oolIi i-h i tl HI If I wtr1 all out ia i with th.r. o1 Ve i 1 1 i Bra'li -ro 111 "5 P- naicb Ii ftiilii fei 1 1 ta i i -I 1 1 ho; dl it- i I-tp f-t-rnai 1 k- tl -i Jo. th" "A onred a 000-1 l.t-ra iloa-e oa 1-ourdi loc scription ot subst'iv by tiw- ci' license tax great d. of u.sei. refused to Atcai-on sti.i by I ue (jotia-'-il mad new city oairhriu' dermrtEcent aiid Ntwi'Ut; adii; amusm--'! fflor of 1 iormari'fs with "Idy Ma tbe I I 1 the paliy rr I panics 1 f.

fair h' 1 uios waa tiie i- i'rorn tne oa checks to the ana; money, lae roto ereu. Tne mo-t ihe month was Browu. line win Te! I by the Santa le -pot. at tea ca lh. At a the ce.eor;sr"i u.o Aaieruan Ln-on ern Limii (.

led t- it her fi I 1 rs wt re VI. th. v. 1 III ori 1c Ch 1 i 1 fin a ri. a-.

a -ne aii ori 1 1 1 i-ih 1 rl 1 HF marni'L't's A. Kinnev. Lj. Li 1 1 i-on ia ti.e 'Fuceen p'' jr. it 1M I 1 1 i a I rd i ia obtained ot the indiugi t.

soun nver. tne ci-y or Atcin-oj, country to the wes: norJi. To construct tbe h'-tumz rtrf: excavation wa- ni-oe llo by To i-sloping sidea ana ua extrtuiedci-frftt. Ihetoo ot tiia riistrvoir ieet aoove natural suriace ot car.a, bir.g ench sd by a in a' nry wail ima-. tfft high, liie Do'tom and inner 1 (i the reservoir were covered i.ui"ji diirg to a utj7titi of tir r.e.-d brotea ioue was icid.

to i. n-v our lathe-. ai.d this paved w.u laid oa eoge. ia CrUiiriiL. aL hi brick were nsta in i thng reservoir as a of gahous.

A'joioinsr this re-ervuir u.i west is the grt-at siorfegrtstrvoir. i-the excavanou n.aue was 2:0 c- feet, and a depth ol 2.0 fr. ior and side.s are tut bo -a-a -ered wita CLincree: tuo us -o-. witn brt.iieri to a vx. inches, and over tin- rou.n a deptti of tPi! ucnes.

lais hnui (iduo A from puriji ofKS Hi. tu -s ot the liia-curi ivvr bruise, to o.l- turyuar. a i whicn ruus uv a.n lo ouria, up I anu bv and tu tirce' lue can oi; 1 ho t-aiions in twentv tour h-rurs. i cximveved ths -z to i r-fro'r by a twelve men from Urft reservoir a rr main runs to ine coruT 01 iro.a g-o iikix: ini be turned on cov. Ircm ai'V r.v rants no t- an he mif-rc 11 oi tourth and C- six srea.s ca-i be thrown to a I fiht 01 100 Ket at thr same i roiri toe iivar.iriti at U.e bit bet p-oint3.

trie cry irfToi! cm be thrown ii riv Iu of nr; the auppty of waur is ins xbaustiuj.1. la txcavaiif'a: was reached, utn 0:1 ev. rai sirse.s tbe excavations tor tbe rutins oastr-Jct-ed o-'GSiuersbie oiihcu.ty. luti motive oowcr rf me water is located in ttie new nituusome siruciure at the ino btuian.g ih of br.c. iroii'n norm, aoii 1.

ieet by tweotv wide, with a on UiC tiht and a hail Jt-ec me iront part of tne is storifs lugu. Ihe second fitorv fjrma jn rftm twenrv seven fee; (-qur-re. jj-nra-i; tfceurbce is the engine room. ard iAt is a Iweniv-iour loot pir. were twr pu.aips ar ine iarr.

boder room, in the miattie tae ss tweniy-seven bv thirtv five rooia tiie soo-a end t'senf s'ven thirty In-1 fiuccn ftet quaro at th? br-sf. C-'iiCreie lounua-uoa ad is is on I. al'j-h. me is jsrobaLW complicated ever brooir-u to f. ia bllik.

loriV piece Dprsielv ivt'w i.rJ to poanu. ihe ursjtr a ot iiia'roirs i iml bfd plafe itt l'3 scnoed anove. iiiey are i I i k'ion hs douufe phmcer itunps of exirv.onuLM! pswar. with thirty i 8 fourteen inch la suction anparrwua is worxta I i a pir combiaa ion crimes a-ia vm 1 1 i 1 bv machinists as ifocnronal (-oiiiie. Oi seventy horses posver cstii.

j.oevarj oi thirty lucn strafe, wna cvisn icrs tweaiv-four inches in uiameter. iiscy in a vertical pa-uson and win bs rua aoout hitv norso power. Ihe two enormous puoios net pendentlv. and escb can pump 1.000. oo gallons in tweniv-ioar hours.

liit uvk pumos wiil b3 ud at u. tsm. tnu-s preeatis any stopoage ia tae oi ae w.ver i conveyed tiie pumns ov a fiiteea inch iron ruroang far into tiie river, luo pio? i)euu? tao direction ot the river, in oraer to prevent the accumulation dnic aiid lreiKa substances. The Missouri Kiver wrtc-r. thoiriu unosearaat to loos nt lsi stae.

is nrrceaoie nvd waoie- some. lue sediiasai; unnwi. entirely of siitd. Taa waicr v. id be allowed "imoie tans to bti ore being drawn into the soirnge rom tnence win ae.ivcrea co.isum- er clear and palifaoie.

Ir Svive-'ter Warts hss from trie s-ta't giveu the wor: his personal atindu-o. r. 1. IN. iSmieiiG been caiei r.

Tue masoa work has been -nc unor me of Mr. v. A. iweo. ino pumrs were mad? t-v the Oooe jlaxv.eo Jdaiiufacturirg ii.o.iLi.on.

i 1 1 1 i rn i i V. il. Lnnd. of Bt. I wa'er wt riis otindvpg c-st total ot tiie worti3 is t-i-rJ v--b'.

On the of Orcemberr. raid irks took ra t.i" pr e. cn i a ent 'bo fire cuarrre tai to M--; hvaraii siu a i to a neisr-it oi i 1 np h.re1 1. eix streams were Irv hundred Utl at. a ii iso maae on to a- ir 1 of te eiiv.

and v.iil resuit3. ward. Test subseqaeriv op ia various nmt c.uulact' On the rep re: a gave a hair; si'ntative bu Olid 0 1 Vr hi tac re-- the J(l fir i i Tbe Union Dcrt is the mm Ptrucr.are ever erected in Aichison, and its cmple'jou marks aa era in history ot our lh nec i of i 1 Jt lopg a limited, bnt it vas r.o;. theVh or Januarv lo l. taai tae "Aiciii-son Union Dpot Uimpany ready organization pad go, ti worn.

Oa th -tof Julv. 10. Air. iiltam L. Tavlor.

who had disui! gunned rainseuin connection wita ihe ouaoing of tae Kansas City Union Depit, and wao nas simc built the Union depot at Denver, was appointed architect tf the structure to be built at Atchison. Mr. Taylor associated with himself in the work Islr. G. P.

Washburn, who give his supervision to the from first to last- The appropriation for the building, at estimated at SSOjOOO, was subsequently raised to THE WH-V WHO DID THE "WORK. Thos. Fancy, a prominent contractor of Leavenworth, took the contract for the-substructure. Mr. Fahey's contract was not only the masonry foundation, proper, bathe exti-n-uv" fi'l raiuired around the buildirg and thr preparation of the ro id -way for the tracks.

7a 'a'r-triJ'-11'- ihe building r.s a w.v.iw ii.upt. James A. L.aveawonbf and here again The PKreCor- were fortun ate Capt. M-i'jromg'e hat ouat ia Union dewt. at.

Ksriss Ciry; the fiae ptrtlcoof the at Topeka; ti ourt house at Hiawatha, and msny otor superior structures in iaas. Capt. let tiie briclr mssorry to W. ot Atdasn, an contractor and superior practical mecaaa-ic, and the iron work to the well known establishment of Joan Seaton, of Atchison. The calvanized iron work was sab -let to T.

Y. McFarUcd, of Caicago, aud the painting, intarior and exterior, to P. Madden, of Leavenworth. The steam -heating aoparatus were contracted ry BakerSmith of Chicago, and the wrought iron fheds by the Cstral Bridge Company, of New York, who sub-let the roofing to linisley Ca of Chicago. THE PEOSKSS OF THE -WQKK.

Work was begun first in the Fall of 1879 by Mr. Fancy, who pushed the contract in the face of much difScuitv in the way of weather. Mr. Fahey employed in the" construction of the foundation the very hard blue limestone quarried nar the city limits, an excellent materUi. There is not a better foundation in the West than that undtr the Union depoc Material was rapidly collected the press T.i-ina nrl tht? 1 ed brick commg irom stone, pnncipaily used in oraajnentauoD fromthe famoiM quam.B at UJttonwood Falls.

lh work was pushed steadily and sately to completion, and will every where pass the most risid THK PBEVAIIJaa BTLE OF ABCHITEC- employed ia the othic. The ground plan -uis tae or an wi.h -1 10 tcrs 01 the l.eneuicut: ltd Ju.v. is; I 7. in tiie con-V i inh tt 1 1 tm the urd.tiir it not 1 a it vt-iuiwar: I UT li I i wi d-'v. 1 ft TV and Ire C'l-iO i-O OI ool m- bun twenty- hVi stud I utJ.

ot whosn if.e of and com-t vcrv brancii voun i is constantly i study piete. and Vtry lud embraces ot au accomohl I he sch ed'ic: fin poauiar favor as the us t- a duct ors of the devoted wo-aen more w.d.'iv known. Mot Sti3Uiii(iaI SSoaiifEiul JIi Eu tue iaiu y. Us immLMisfl Trade During lsss). Itie Atchison bridge is.

bv general consent, the handsomest highway that spans ae il us welt as the most admsra-biv iooated. bo'h for and trainc. Jt is built rsi wrou.diL and rc-ts upon stone piers; its lensr-a 1 AKJ. ft. and the approaches pirrfir-iir 2 oi-i) oa tiie west and t-' on evst siae- Its width is nineteen h-et s-'x nu'ucs- and it.

has five feet e-o-a Ihe bnd-e consists ot a tiiaiv -jiaa on the western side, on a i pier to tae ro and three fixed spans the former feet long, giving lbd lec-t clear water ivhv oa either side the fixed spans JO fct rntTe lone. The chord ot thr i ten feet aoove Ih-id. ilial ueiru otiri on record. tne hiiih waer th greatest rise ot laa fousdaiiotis and two tae 3u con (.1 lour -tone aba'iiients. puT oa the west and b.tli ot unic to bed r.

stone p'' nth a p'l'-umaiic poa AH of the piers tr.n abutments arc c. ine pivos pier is circular. 1 'f in diame ter: the other let-- the base, and it. I ev are all con-i the ceHiMt-d C-t-n tms SLare. i lie to be UH-d for hiL'it- stone piers arc ef 1 I 1 1- i bnu is way wI as ior railroad traihc.

Its is coaiineuced on tiie 1,4 and was completed uav oi Ar at 1 I'-aa jirciire tae ot Jufy. IHjo. Ine Amer-iiiianv. of Chicago. wre M-i.

O. Guuu. Chief Lntio and Capt. II. L.

Marvin, first nt. suT Oosed waen the bridge was can i.u.tcd that every engineering re-souo-ri bad been esaauared to make it bat in Noyf-mber. l.S.7. the western it. whica hd been budton driven piif-.

v. is undermined and slipped into vrr. p.s piff-e was supplied bv iron fuicitar -rs. by pneumatic pressure 1 1 tiit bed rock. In the spring ot IS a i.f'W abutment of masonry was put in.

on a caisson bu ik mxv foet to brd ro(-k- lotitos were consumtd in doing t'us and a hundnd car loads ot Uottonvo irai's stone wis uea. beside st for tiding the caisson. lae wt ot oi tae bnue now re.v.s on a -n that ita earthq-jak" could i.ot 1 oe vvors ot ton-uiar tae oi-on by it iaorae. now oi li.oi,-.-ta? year the Bridge Company i-rc. I- near th" we oi sae a beautiful litlie cotffere obicr.

Ior th- of tne superintendent aad hi-- a- operates" a. lor crossing men in h.s cp v. rnl amounts to for railway traihc if and t-Un are nofnt in n-. imd o. TV low, L.

foot' 1 1 i i li oi car 0 i oe 1 11 11 I i.ifcve- a fil to Mi pen ti 1 thp 1. 1- year tao 4 1 "irtven nve driven ll.i Down from A I-. Bv a private leit-r we leara that Marie mine to live near Downs, was on a bv-trng expedition in Atclu-on o. wee. It was al-o stated that sue was ivosH-ated.

In the first place-Downs iiof's not n'H-d aid. and we have a conn. Aid s'ocMy -o apply to should we come to want. but not least, if persons will it ia the name of Dawns, we re-p- ctiully ask them to keep da ly sober. Pifje raaenber.

Intoxicate! bsgars are ve-y poor advertisements for a decent town. The anti-whisky law, which has passed both houses of the Carolina Legislature, can not be regarded as a very effective temperance measure. The sale of all kinds of intoxicating liquors, including nait li'piors aad wines, absolutely prohibited outside of the fc incorporated cities, towns and villus, where uch Ii4uf.n1 may be sold under a license from the State. The price of the State license ia $100, which must be paid into the county treasury for coonty purposes. As attempt is being made to reorganize the Democratic party of New York city oa a new bsis independent uf-exiiting or- ganizttions.

Tae kid g'iove and swallow 1 tail Democrats are at the head of new ta Topti no swill in it for the Democratic ma-'es of the sixth warl and elsewhere. Twrip ti.e rtiect that sen- afjr of Kentucky, wiil be re elected because he is a scotcamaa, ana not of ths red blue gris bhxJ, in abort not a native of either "Fywte" or "Jas.a- miae" counties. lie knows more, how ever, than ad tne rest 01 tae deif tr'itioa. The la'e Attorney General AEOtusN hai left a wi'Iow and five youcg foiiS li v- iojr quietly in their pretty tittle hoiiie Crtersviile, Grgia. Mrs.

Acf.rma.-5 is, unaided, preparing her boys for colleze. eiie has utight tuera tbey kauw, and one is reading Ciesar and another Virgil. I ACMlfiRT l-tt! and Jlont I'ron- i on ti( til i (n'r! and Com me rclai ii. In.p'iiU if in I i rs E-m cis and 1 i ti' itc 'i re I'f-itui as thy i i III tM: i df a ai-ori had a 1.1 tfj'rili, J. 1 i 4 to" rrit mouth ot i oranizs ou it' rid Uic i'' tb nindn." i.

i p.rt Scott i in I'-re bv the lonr t-. Law I -r di rf a oi.l b-cjia-e the .1 i -r and -idhcieat d'it tii! 3 1 -(I and -urv- yd on A in- 'he MU-oljri ho the II ek um-. --i curve iij the i' wt -(word, i- 't-! in tin v. th rarniio- th- i' Jr buii-i-' I M'fl tlit e-Lh- 1 iJ in VVMfl J'l frtCt, nil tllf iiii' of nry inajj vc if; -i wiiii ft view Nf-rf' of tiiH vartt cnuntrv i- i fiv Htid Omaiis, J-)- A 1 -av-nworUi anJ th'' VM t. NolxMiy of i.ijc iisoun i ii nil- or Mfl'j-fiHtr .1 m.

jj -ie riv in uii I'd 1 1 1 I wo Jj nu.ij-ii h. (I, i i-y, in Km1 i I -n on li.i1 i--. J', i.ihvti-i.r. Ii. 3, Ka'ij! S'l-jitien -h ,1 HOW di.fl Of tilP :ir.d I :v.d (.

CM. Abfdl a a STr'l-fV, it. The Iff wi; tabiidi'd 1S.V, Salt I iiH pi as in 'i-1 lirs', eitvin ar-1 ii iirs: riii'a-i, ii'uv tl' Kan- WHS i J' I'l'iiiiry, IShO on i 'Ui to wc-L In aA- ThsToad "1 t'o iii' i.inolrt. tite i of I' i- iitc ivrt-. in s7i wtnk ti'iit p-iru -ri of ti Si-iTft I -in- S'kI'1 capi'al.

of Cbii-ato, "ul 1 tin'. ar Lhifc to ir year H.i -mis r1 A St. 1: 1. on tlif iba coiMpatiV ci v. W-irk oil lii lbs.1 Mi-ouri Lh tir niies 1' rivi'V 0 m- Aliens.

IS7'i, tbp i'. These a- tii" the hUtory vf bas t-tln been ard it i 1- i -iurrouadt'd on ftli I'vr it a st'iiii cifi-e or 1 i1 C''VfTrd 1 1 i-'j'i--, trm itr tbc roliirc prairif -'r i- iv. tio1 t'reat jVmuis. -h b- du.t'odi'itbe -i it Tbe of I i-'ry of two a t'i'-i l-rable 1. on -J'l 1 I't? of f.

hi- an i 'i' of a niii, r.mi di'-iii'i Noriii At.b's'ii Tlr" i r.innou Uort A'; (: ML-'nft'rii'ir h. be. to r- of thi t-irrt-ls rur.nirtr and to icv'i roi'p t'u 'i, orpualiy ot ho ii.u- vailrv. Turn ce.i-tJ!, so far pro-ib if fb.e art1 novr of ntle a. i ro i- aii'-rdid forth? i i i crov-ii of ibe biisin- portion on utiiiu-rciil fiui ii" Kansas '1 i iiO i a'cr strois, in th Wliiio cuts, which wicds br tb.

ercat rattirul of aii'i as the i rain ace i- improvod, at evtry btT.vy rain tb tv mav I'ibi ft washed clean. Vi i o'X the wau water "i -t i tb.fl Mi-iviri. There aff no i -t or col't-ci tf Ftnant watT a- in At.hioa, ar.l The of i be ci'v iVJ feet above t'-f of IS COTWJei i b.r tbe lavorivbit the building ot siiruily ar.l tHMiriiul resiliences. It is sc-Jirvely p.i-uible Select a site lor a residence that es couimaud a picturesque view in direcion. laring the past year ruxny of thee "coigns of vantage hae hocn occupied by elegant houses, but there yet roim tor any more, espe- cia'dy on line of biui', overlooking the river and taking in ths view irtii, east and south.

Atchioa is so situated that the commercial portion will never encroach on tue redence portion. Caaimereial and Main streets, and Kan-and Utih avenues, with a capacity cf indcliuit extension westward, will afford room enotuh for the business of city of inbabitantp, with all its manufae turiag etabiisi, meats, elevators, railroad shop', etc. Meantime the "homes of wealth, atW.ied by taste," may rise, on the h'eher ground, connected with the badness portion by the street railway, irer enough for convenience and far enough away for comfort. The city will infaidbiy become the most picturesque and arreeabie place of residence in the West. The landscape aitista who have laid out nearly every creat park is the world have bad to contend with the natural flatness of i -t ito i-t floor h.yvc a I II bv hands with OT 1- i sr.c 1j.

i t-r 1 fi 1 oi wai.e. tov n-: circucr by proiusi it wiui ora' and 1 1 i ie mentioned. 1 ae massive doors ni: oa me i rack platform are graicut of Ooaitr around to t'ie a or north front is ceea tue inner L. ma treatment is same i tue ot tae two 1 i rvcif oj I a-cbts of wnica surmount owvrs carried above hue ot ttiH THE ISTCHIOU OF THE DEPOT. e--s (planers in i I ior toe u-i lO I uii i is 1 to end ot ra large at id com-t 1 1 ie ci of express corn, i Tiie tna srentieoieir.s rooms are ti tea i ooiecs the nwiioou'e i I i il-- ti i 1 i 111 L--rs.

oon Tue II ti!" kltc.j 1 ai 1 titinfu el' 1 i ti.e ti ti 1 llxlo. 1 eaca named I ot "i be nl aria teiegraoa ioos ibp ii )-i i olaee sire loca.ed. of th AT ION lb j. a i in the ue- A ME esc st is very efeganr. las wuita is tk ati i I i and th luraicure is in wood v.ata niciif 1-iitrtid aria iaiiiitLrs.

troiu the cz U.i. ltw Celling is diviued into 3ix by comics painted in and iimht i-ren. the baie pre-iiie geatlenien'rf waiting in its appointments ana ire prevailing tint vel-csiii'Jsr rofna has a paneded T'revauing tint uea Oeintr le rti.iijis are wamscotted in a--h and walnut or oak. is; new aua nobby. i Ol I he 1 1 IHE PINING ROOM ifier tbe charge ot Osro'al Gardner, Poaicroy iloue.

tais city src- cd nod experience, lue iaa I'fc utlemn waiting rooms are wr.u topped counters, of raiiiut. carved. Ihe room is r. ot ehgance and lb. the i with its pan-cuiiuary art.

i rcasorabLy ae-iL'cr ftoopirur at wiil ev-r iiave i i haugrv or even nalt- -G ap: tue i inotng is none principle ot doti due raaia- crna-iwn and tue jLiie low riressure en- and the six ieet in hearht. ve rooi. Ii is urmoaned bv an mi td buiidinsr. is tae is v.z.i fi oop. I of the bu i I I ro wai'-h ot i 1 1 nd sirt-et irttn In wat'sn'.

room is a iartr- I of now occupies I Atchison. Topt'ita ad it is prooabie tt'at tiie otatr roads will be removaa at pc-L. ou corn: to the MT-n-ris stuck bv Uv con-t j-: hico. Around taree arn tue ai-twetov-sir tt-et in wiaih. 1 covered nv ceTFched siieds.

rtl 1 f-g ca W't. feet. lone. I by 87 ( iu cut). I'ss'enL'ers are tziits protected ircm ram or snow.

TUE CELEBRATION. The opening of this magnificent structure was marked, on the 7th of September, by a celebration at the depot. The build-in was gaily decked with flsgf, and excursion tr.i'.'S brought in crowds of people on all the road-t. The Topeka party included Gov. St.

John and at. the State w-th their wives. B. F. Siiingitdl'-w delivered aa address oa the raiouad bi lory rf Atchison; a collation spread in tbe lare csseaibiy room, on the coni floor; tue dlr.r-er, which was trolten uo undtr tiie direction of a com-iiiittp, was one of tbe ra-j't elegant public ever mac-i in Atchison.

Taere wer hi spefcLiC, the gaests only being iuvited to eat, drink find be merry. At there was a bait in tbe "long room" of tb? d-P'-t, and a m'isaiQCrnt parade by ti.e F.a'abpux. A competitive show of decora t-d enpiica excited much interest, the -tads of aregivea in our "An nals of Ate FEBSOXAL. The mrareraent has ben fortunate at tbe start ic securing an efheieat force to takechargeof tha depot, thus ensuring promptness and courtesv in the dispatch oi ba-iness. Tae following is the roster of officers and employes W.

F. Barrows, Superintendent and Ticket Agent. D. E. Farnsworth, Assistant Ticket Airenr.

E. L. Palmer, Ticket Agent Joho -ochertv, Dpot Master. M. B.

McCreary, Assistant Depot Master. rg? Scheijrner, Yard Master. John Waisn. Biscage Master. Taos.

F. Armstrong, Assistant Baggage Master. CC. Suiter. Biarageman.

W. Litti. Basrsstreuian. T. II.

U. Telegraph Manager. Cgojd Gardner. Caterers. Matilda Booker, Waitress.

TtE District of Cjiambia is ruled by three commissioners appointed by the lent, and the inhabitants zotvote E0 dectioBS tDe of- r- fi fii.e 1 by EppMntment. nler this di-potsm the District apptarato le -ajj ai cuot nd as when it had a leris- Kf.goTera- ment oi the pupus acting as pisnisi. If we Cotad have more music ia our schools it would greativ relieve tae teuiuin of study, and wouid pass awav. in the course of a year, many a weary hour. Ijerewiilbea irraauatmg class at tha end ot the school year, consisting cf ah.out ten memuers.

Puis will be tne first ciass ever graduated from our iaieh School. Ihe iijardor uxation has deciued to isniie dioloaias to the saccesstul members or the cia-s. Tae graduating exercises will be made as interesting as posaibie. and no til -rt will be snared to make them a complete fiiccii-s. Trie Superintendent and the Principal of tbe High School have obtained lor the graduates to ea-ttTtae state Lmvemry.

Lawrence: vash-buni3 woileze. Topeka Baker Lniersuy. Ii Citf. aud mo.t of tne leaoicg ot lesrnuig in tae etite. examination.

Some of tne members of i rrnduaung will no doubt take oavariiriic of tins ooportumty. wuich is otfC a beneh to them and a to our school and its manage- 111 I oe sfuoy. School con-its oi the diowmg braucne: Uvading. Laritruare. tomuosition and a teroric.

Arithmetic. Algebra. Laun. i b.v-toi Geoloev. Lreometry and Inir on ineiiy.

Phvsics. iiistory. Uivu Government, and cotany. Geolosrv. Phyocs and botany are options I br.tnc i'r id iga school examinations, suce-iuhv paed.

arc necessary tu grad- li ruga school course occuoiei two vcarj. Tae teachers in ths Central budding are: Irs. rdaher. iIis Lee. Miss Lda f'C.

us Niiiiaus. Mi-a Lirhart. Miss iUa'dieav. -diss Lane. Miss ifis Martin.

Miss rrobesco. Miss iiodces. usb Howe. Mr. Orlopn.

(German.) Misa (euhatuutej. VASHINGTOS fcCHCOL. SOUTH ATCHISON Has received more attention during the var. repairs and improvements, ths noy otai-r ischool bmluing the city Uutde tue buildiDg new brick out houses have ueen built, new siuewaiks laid, the s-jiiool jrrouads graded to au even and tbe front aod north Bides en-cso-ed by a very substantial stone wall, ijiait ot blue limestone, quarried in this iy. Ini-ide.

the impruveraer-ts consist of new re-siated blackboards, and new hre screens. Soon tbe schools cpened last year, the Board ot LJucanon tuouirht it would be better to have the Janitor hvintr in tbe fiihool Diiiiding. and au architrct was eraoioved to examine into the practicability of converting the basement into ir. Ihe rsport being favorable, four rooms were prepared lh bao uooir. iuca now occupied by tae Jsa-I urraiidiiis xainily.

lais is a irre.u mi- provpinent on the oia pian. as now the buihan is never witaout some one to care of it. narnt or dav. A new bell has placed the turret of the building, a a cist or about This does awiy with (hi standing excuse of tnrdy pupils. 1 a iin hear the bell." At the commence- rnr; or the term the whoie bunding wai rubbE-d irom garret to cellar, lightning rods repaired, windows aud everything put lato good shape for a fair start.

Prof. T. M. Draper is the Principal of this buiiditg. and bus assistants are Mrs.

Kerr. MihS lea Broecx. Mies Hutchinson. Gehrett. Miss Jencks.

uere are aocut -iiJ pruuils enrolled ia this school, which is about 7o more than last year. Prof. Drartfr has charge of toe Dongas school also, and is responsible for the work in buildmtrs. Mr. Woolverton is tue Janitcr.

ana nan charge of the band lues arm groaaus. FRAXKLIN SCHOOL. WEST ATCHSSOX. Before tho school commenced this year, tiie lii ard ot Ldueauon had none vcrv nioci needed improvenienis made, in and around me buadinr. lae scnool grounds were surrounded by good, strone picket it-nce.

six feet hign: the grounus were graded, and a new brick out-houe built and a well ws disraed. which famishes a gooa saoply of pure water. Intnde. the bmldiFur has been thoroughly repaired, the blackboard re-slated and plastering re haired. ess Atcaison is growing very and it will not be verv Pmg hero re tne iioarn wiu nave to nuua aaaiiionat orns to this scnooi building.

Tnere are at. r. trr hc ent enrolled about 230 cum is. Prof iborn is the Principal, assisted by Miss h-id'ey and Miss i). L.

Coiielt. The 1 cav plan js used in tiie pnraarv dts. owing to the crowded state of the ool. LINCOLN SCHOOL. (COLORED).

Has tad a great deal ef money spent upon it during the present year. Tae sjhool grounds hsd to be fenced, new out-hcuses built, school lota filled and graded, iind fidewalks laid all round the building. Inside, tbe plastering and-blackboards were repaired, and everything made neat and comfortable. At the opening of schools this year, the Board thought that there would be room enough for all the pupils who ought to attend the school but the umbers in the primary, or first grade, increased so fast lhat more rcon became an absolute necessity. Ic was decided to fit up a school room in the basement.

This ha bet-n -ner-t an expense of about $3o0 or 4o0. The new room is about 30 feet i-quare. with windows on the south and east New and comfortable school desks and feats have been placed in the room, and it i now one of the pleasantest rooms in the city. Mr. Thomas Morton is Prin by Spencer, AJiss Cal- if i Sliflv iau! TIaoroiifflily I urailwSii it.

M.ii:fictnL Froviiisna fr Purpo; 6S. The establL-amrmt of toe tree scaool sy. teci was accomplished early ia tae histo: of the city. Private one was taui'ni ty iliss Lay, wore d. r-.

urcc oi i un, ica 1 i i i to b.r. 1-o6. Ja tbe iu n-n ot pou wj' 1 i couuty. wis oiji-'taiz oy Ilriiry jv-ja: Cuti iyi nti wi tt i was tiio mrveyor who mm out ihe ori-: rill piat id A'cal-oa. first; rd i IU 1 I ill! II 7 i li rcl 1 I oi the fir- I Dt niaoAnid tu every ll lA 1 i i i rsc i or tins A ch -w iid and ta Iree scho Oi tiie CO jm 1 tut i it i un dire il i 1 r-j ail ta Free Mats party iu Tue istiie of iiii; OhampioN oi I) lj i a it umn announcing ttiat tan "Aluhisou Free chool" wiLi op; ouriue Ue liner pari -u-.

nxt wek. iu burvss new baadin, id. lomta ard 'oineivial streeis. with Proi. Pidb lb as principal.

Tit v. tJHAMi'UiN urces. wita an ttiatsyuGdj ratiitr od now, ths br-neiit ot fi-tio toe commui-icy. pop'jlauou and wtahn, The Ohami'Ion. "ulwavs fiuier a uousr." Weil hi reuaaueu.

ia exolaiiaticn. lazz tnere were plenty of peonls in Atcaion. at uav. who oid not o-aeve ia icnool-. -nd.

in ict, vrere vioienUy oooad to to-an. In loud scnooi bjard w. 'decteu thv re: a. to ot lew a school tax. lavs wa is- free scaoo.s received in Atchison.

Since men our gcnool saysitm tias L.ea supported with uairorm enterprise ana no-era lit, v. Piof. I'lattenbunr arpsa-a to have ce-deti at leat Ihe Champion ot June 25th. ltS.j'J. aniiouriCf's c.o.-e of tat-bummf-r savs the scuooiS art; i.i a most rlourisbiiig condition, and oi Prof Piatteidjanr -Tae success which attended the estaoiisament oi 1 ree fcohoois in our city uue his perse vr-ancpand aond mansirement.

more tnaa lo aovothi-r cau-e." At; honor to i-jaitf r.our. District -So. 1 continued us existence until June. 150 when the present of svstcjrn was maiuraraiiru. Phft j'fouemei wtio'? aarnrs lnost occur in th ot tae oiuclts oi -cbooi Di.atr.ct a.

1- are ai. L. Gaylord, W. II. Grimes L.

A. Aider-, u. In June- lKo7- the school boara with Vm- JScovilie as President: John a. Vice President: L. G.ivlord, pad Vv m.

lirown. Ircasurer. was estaL- lidicl. For some vear of thtrt sc la re r.fthe Halt: tae ron, on the present so the establishmen toe city owned rT.iiooiri wrre t.i:ht ai joor, in tue bament t'oiriii! ci.nrcfi ia Price overtue Kansas iftiik, of a he Champion ot-Masonjc had. aod other ta eanv teachers were obce in old places.

A mo; drs. WKkii-'ni- jiiss toe i iisfs Dir-kimon. Mis Brvnins, Prof, Onando Sawver, aod 1 Mr. David at onetime extensively to tae knntss papers as tae i taa a i i D- i 1 I a 1 Ubrr. and const rjuentiv tae credit, of ar- raniring the present jrrad-d school sya-tetn- Mr.

Lrudfcrd. a L'ratiaafe ot Low- I doni- and a teat her ot experience, coin-: uinced ichors l-oo. The first h-ei- in the matter of ed- i ucation was tiie erection of the bud(i'nr. the corner-stone of whicn was laid in August. T-o-s.

and which dtroved bv hre. Octooer 1. lMi9. ith out anv unnecessary delay. tae Ceri-r .1 School buildup a ouoocate of th; firat was erecu ou ru.ii..

GOVEP.N-M::'-T. Since friiaOir-Lmcnt puui sch'Kiis of tPQuerts ana Piinci ive as supenn 1 I'rot. D. T. lra l- for.

Pv- H- M. Jackson. 1W. l.U Scott and Prof. C.

S. Sh tliehi. Tne present of our scftoois ia Professor Krcbaid Mead-, a va-ilant, and mteiligent. edu- cafor- Po Meade is a -rraauateof Higa-1 bury Training School. London, Lngland, anH richer lor Pixieea year? in Do troit and vicmitv and Lawrence, where i was Principal of the I lith ard School, and the Taird Ward Grammar School! Prof.

Jleadecame from Lwreno here, and last term was Principal of the South school. From this post he was aromovd to ihe Superir.tcndency of all the Atchison schools. He brings the discharge of his duties youth, health, enthusiasni, and a genius for His cfiice is a moh 1 of neatness and ordf and all his facial books a papers are remarkable for re and clearness with which they are prepared. Of the nature o' his labors the foduwing account of the hchoola, in netf-ii, may give an idea: THE CENTRAL SCHOOL. This, tne larser.t aud most complete school buiioinff in the citv, is situated on the corner of Fifth and Ate ikon streets.

Tr.e buiidir.g was erected at a c-js of about ioO.OOO. Tiiere have been some prove- nients made in it during the present year. A new coai rruse and oat-huaes have bren bui.t. sidewalks, fonefs, and light-1 v.W rods reaairtd. tt hoards have Jill re slated, uors re-i paired, 6eral imnrc.veme.nts made in the Superintendent's office, and some new apparatus bought.

Tue hails aad recitation rooms on the upper floor have been eeatel and tilied with desks to re'. i eve the overcrowded grades in the other rooms. The building now contain fourteen school rooms, and of course requires fourteen teachers. On the second "floor is the Superintendent's office, whero the stores for the use of the schools are kept; the teachers' library, alo, and all the documents and papers pertaining to the statistical re- ports of tbe various schools. Tha janitor of th'isj buildiag lives t-'ie ttament bouse, and give his whole time totbecare of tne school house and prounds.

Xnere are about 785 puptia estoliad in this school, and an aTera- atteadaace of 750. Tje Hi2h School is located en the third floor, acd is under the charje of Prof. F. W. Eirtlett.

It wouid ay our citizens to this department, and inspect the work thr students, and lock over the (it- logical aad Entomological collections i.i rttnm hv xhc Princioal for ihe ne of the students. Ihere is abo a Ku. BI.i,rl room which Lfi icn i i 1 i i is St. li. HI'ilU 1 i Tais cor.t.uc: dictaie tatners.

was audi gu-tine Wurth. (. ia It is incor) irated uoor tu State oi esapowtr. academical hoaurs. lie coiiege builo.ntrs brick sirucaw.

miiitra educational pu; and vcntilaitu. unu turrot; sve aitd pieas iol grouoo.i. tae oi the tu'. facilities for a. healthful ou and ali tne of are pleasant and ctirictivt- Tne old cohrge ouii-aa siruca3re.B';' by ict.

During i a nc p.cted. 4t bv a I fcrt. in ro basement iu uiL-iit. las taais niae lart ti-s rooa: and 1 i is a nandoau eu a. anu tiie ula bui.ttinr vtre esofciai reac lo ihe csuioiiid uistnutiO! oi Miiioii.i au it i tor 1 i i ae grouads of toe court1 Missouri river.

1 ar 1 if 1 -e Ly liev. An-e vear loot, bws of the to coaler a tal i ed or v.til lighted by exten- C'ilC-d JUat OU ramg and i is h-althv. lnsnLtiiiou a brict ones hia. was Collins and a i irmito- ol Ir. and both it si runted ot an eua-l; to a vineyard r.aturanv rendered more fire furnish business are uir uy attractive bv art.

Toe objec: oi tnr? a classical and a pr. education, and in has been admitted without l-i auo many ha-5 at St.Bene.diCt s. 1-or s-uy. nowever. ah quired to attend the Lit 1 ae uiscjpliiitt ot 1uj c.

farm, ana the secured thfi anu ai pupils. Nsar'v ait been connected wita luc Tne following cunon faculty: lit. lunoc-. President Lev. Peter Kit Director.

Humanities. Pn keeping aud ilatheniaiics nace erheyen. O. 1. ftssor ot Natural Pmloso -'g this work it Ptipua are aiottsatiiei.

ur cd oi uaiiorta- o.o: worsmp. mild but ve uaiformuy ction cf tneir or-'-iors have 1 tor years. oicers and i I O. S. sor of Bofit- 1 I etry.

l'ro-and Pho- nographv L-jv. Grammar. i U-uo: iiistc li. v. A i i i Ireu Scnmnif.

O. fe i i ligrs lev. O. S. Pn r.

lessor ol A i i a 1 t' and i and 1- iitn car. O. S. bro.e i 1 -bner. (.

S. M'ion 0 1 rr! 1 ll v- Wia-i I 3iTtoew Brau- 1 It 1 O. S. Pro-o I 1 and O. --itini -Mi I i.

li i ir I 1 1' r. Uaariei Fi i I J. M. Liuuv. M.

A Th nnmo-'r oi ance isni-jciv aw. enrolled. tiie glow etitution ft ill noon nee Hits. Dim tl proverants huve tt iu the Ki-: new of mi- 1 i i 1 jrro'in'jrf a Lv I. been pb hae he- -d.

ana ether imurorei pardy hi.isbed on ext irts oi incrca i aoo 1 -U The library hi-; by a number cabinet oi Ii'ory aoie additions ol ni.iierai. water shells, and los-n-. ano a laree and cumau G-rc-iiD. Lucas unrafT. Keatucuv.

-'in! of a nandopne vuo.t thA ly 1 Nebrasica. Tlf! Tue scii yd now kr.owa as Institute wns rfun in sir I a little building on t-uo Ut. 1870. 'Ine -o for rt'iuirer'-atx, i A. i A'chison.

ii i proved tot 1 the un i-urea. for one -es ri; to iiai-i iiiov- to dni3hed part ol the n. Kansas avenae. ml-sb-n. Ihe this churca.

the bsfi'Ilieilt Ot lb" tco.i I trrai 1 a the churca an.i fctK-oi oien conflicted, me Uii Ot ihil fi st the IuPtuute i etc-, ted. av. 1st of that ver. Id i1 wing was bunt, and in building. The s'-hool began rune stuaer.t, but for the last two y-ars has ca-aiog ied over 200 students, and iii yar will reach 300.

Tbe present terrn has from five stat, and from fi: teen cram ties of Kinsa. The lal'aL" 1: the fallowing divibious, v-z: Kiud-Tjiitr'eii, Primary, Intermediate, Academic, giate, Normal, Comraerciii, Mmical and Artdepurt-ments. It claim- chiefly to fit its students for business sni tcic'dag. It employs twelve teachers, and to its aid besid-s tbe reg-iiar facilty, good teachers oa science sliI The jennsr raea 'a a cl-ib, and the young ladies either iti lac Institute self board, but tae p-essn: buildings are iDftifhcient even for i parpoes. The Kansas railroad havf favored ihe institution in granting half-fare to all indents, and as suae rns from New Mexlo and Cioia do, this has been of the city, as their courses are wc'l defined, and experienced teachers irive as good training as in the music or art schools ofJfaec xuc normal cuuiw is w-" the State for a State diploma.

FACULTY FOR 1830-81. H. E. Monroe, President, and Professor of Rhetoric and Emjteh Litra'ure. B.

F. Nihart, B. Vk-Pr 4-dent, and Professor Daias- '-le, 10 Grammar, Gerr-an Mathematie-, i.i.-.ory and Penmamhip. C. B.

Bi-lway, B. A Profsr cf Natural Science, Higher MithtmituS and Bookkeeping. S. W. Proff of Gre-k, Liiin acd Art.

S. il. Hay ward, Principal of ihe Mu-i-cal Depart ment. Hatte E. Atait in Mv.sic.

Carrie A. Mors, Primary Teacher. Nettie S. Markham, Intermediate Teacher. Lizzie Principal cf Kindergarten.

Kate T. Ear hart Aajiatant in (ute of a suitable opera house, a want which is soon to he supplied, ihree large public halls, and tbe be3t dramatic and musical talent of the country regularly visits the city. Aa a ol residence for people of literary culture, Atchison each year be-coioes m-'ie desirable. numerous excellent privata libraries, there is tbe growing Public Library, which is admirably located, has been liberally patronized during the first year; his icicivrd donations from wealthy aud has a Jsrga and growing coiiectioa of books. It has a tine reidinir room.

Tbe Odd Library i the oldest h-r, falling heir ta a)i the previous collectioa, to which Urge additi have been nvide. ILe Odd lei-lotv. have and the'r library will ia, hr and enlar-d. The btifA s'lHir. rri- libera' iy no city in keeps better potted on the current lioratnre of the day thin Atchison.

1 he church oanizatTens ara numerous and htroog, and will be found ttilly de-sciibediu thf.r p-lace, will f.l-o the schools, public and private. rnln The firt was built in Atehison five years ago tbr city has now five first-clsss clevaiors, too-: on this side of the river, and one in EhBt Atchison. Elevator A. built in 17.3, can bush- ea 0j tne original ElevaUr- was fire in January, 18S0: the destroyed present evator II, a much larger structure, can dore bushels. Elevator opened buimss in November, 1878, has a st'irfg capacity uf 100,000 bushels; Kltvarnr 1, baiter known as the Ssnta Fe el vtor," i.

the largest iu Xefas and. bus a htorag capacity of 225 UU0 bushels the elevator in East Atcbi-on i not strictly a storage elevator, and is especially adapted to handling corn. Nest to tace come the Trimmer dump elevator, in Atchison, with a capacity of lu.Oui) tumsld. 'Jim City Mills elevator ban a capacity of 15,000. Toe Central Mids elevator has a capacity of 21,000 bush Is All these are supplied with new and first-class machinery.

Of grain warehouses there is that of Cain Brothers, the large brick warehouse ol Kryning Park, on Main strset, new used fr flaxseed; and the warehouse of E. S. Wills, on the corner of Ninth and Commercial. 11-sidfi th3 elevator and warehouse demand, there is that created by the three large and flouring which fcr a year past have been running night and day, anl caa scarcely keep pace with their orders, will readily be sem that Atchison is ihe trAin martet ot Iv-insas. The erection of Va great Santa Fe eleva tor ia bound to have a great influence on the gfain market, basked as it is by a poeriul corporation, a road running the whole length and hVit' the width or Kansas.

iur fifths of the great whfat producing of the Union, and nearly all ot Nebraska, an eitenive region in cain country of Mis souri, are reached -iirecuy by the Atchison rauway system, in- supply coming fr-m tb3 line agricultural counties of A'cmson. I'ouiplun, Urown, Jactson ana Jeflrfi-n, exceeds the entire grain trade of most Kansas towns. Here are the lacili ties for and handling; the invested capital and ieo.ialed means of trans portation, lue trade is constantly growing; evrry elc-vator and mill in the city has, its ejection, bceu compelled jO en large oy u.e ue ot improveo machinery, liicie.ue its capacity. Atchison flour is quoted all over ivanaas as ti'e betinthe market as a glance at Lite newspapers will show thus indicating the tact that Atchison is situated ia the heart of the best wheat-growing section of the Union. The gram trade of Atchieon, largely tbe gnwrh of the last five years, is capsble of indetinire expansion.

TKZ WATER WORKS. liprrtant Enterpriso 4 a ef Completion of a MsgalQrint fyslem of Water Works. Thinking with th? Ubiondepot, perhaps as a matter of convenience to the public surpassing it. among the great improvements of the year, ha been the construction of rhr Atchison Water Works. Thi erwitwork has been carried out with remarkcble celerity when it magnitude considered.

Alter the inspection of various plans, and tbe submission of Several different propositions to the Oounci1, on the 26th of March a contract was entered into with Mr. cMvester Watts, of Ss. Luis, for the construction of water works on the reservoir system. The contract, which was in tue form of an ordmaoce, was submitted to a vote of the people at the sprine election, and the proposition endorsed a vote of 1,301 to S4. Mr.

Watts assigned the contract ta Atchison Water Company," organized under the laws of Kansai, the D. rectors bing John li. Ltouberger, Oeorge Iiirhton. Thomas E. Tutt, Charles Par- soQft and Sylvester Watts, all of Louis, By the terms of the contract the Water Company bound itself to furnish the city fifty hydrants for fire purposes, and for flashing sewers, together with a number of public watering troughs; the city paying therefor the sum of Water for pricate parlies is furnished according to rates fixed by the ordinance and contract.

The company agree to lay five miles of mains, but has really laid six; the water to be laid on the following streets: On Ninth, from Commercial to Main; en Ninth to Kansas avenue on Kansas avenue, from Ninth to Tenth; on Tenth, from Kansas avenue to Laramie; on Seventh, from Commercial to Kearney; a Fifth, from the southern limits to Division on Atchison, from Fifth to Sectnd on Fourth, from Atchieon to K.iey; on Riley from Fourth to Fifth on Second, from Main to Parallel; en Fourth, from Commercial to street on from Fourth to Fifth cn Main, from to Eighth; on from Fifth to Seventh; on Seventh, from 11 to Park. Work was commenced in June, the first ground being broken on the line between Ninth and Main. Work was commenced on the reservoirs in July. The reservoirs are located on the highest ground within the city limit, the top of the set-ling reservoir being 227 feet above the level of the Missouri Kiver. They are situated at the southern extremity of South Fifth street, on block 6, of Spricg Garden addition, the block being purchased br the water company of Mr.

George for $2,500. From the th surface and improve on nature by tbe 'ptiiiC'ion of hilia and moun-laion Vilif and d'jlla and dales, ig Atrh)on as a spot of ground 'o be parked, the landscape gardener i'ef-l hi baart rejoice, fur hfre are all tbe diversities be wanw, ihu only trouble being that tbe wealth of mich is a trifle extravagant. The are a morsel too ii gii, and the hollow a grain too deep, and just a toi frujuent, but we dial! hour ad things fdiall be vr.a-'.e right. Year by year the tle.nenta lOrigineer and Street Cum have npired together to tb- which from the north anil "Oiuri bad down to to a grad-i 'op, "tan liutr on the crer. of the in Nrth (jr South Atchison, on oi '1 HTrftn from Fourth to Seventh, a hri' a lonsr, gentle, down-w -r 1 i h-nkin to a levI in the narrow vabt-y of Whbe (May, and then lUi-jg ayain in a long incline to the borizio's verge.

We may remark, in passing, that no oilier town in Kansas riiaktu so fine an aiipearanee ai'tr night an illuminated Atchison, seen from, say street on Iihfi'1 or Parallel on the othr. The nce.itiei of the grade have left marv of tlte hom and building Rites liif. li and dry" above th. street, and lere is where the spade and grans sod will iin1 in, but not a1 a rule, until the stone habeen called in consultation and a piiap-rly retaining wall of hi tie iimf-sion, oi wmch. lue finis i around Afcr.iion make a spf-cialty.

Hack 1 OI litis em's sifipt f.n io fiiccn ici- rdc Mid tbe bu-lits aiid the "iay-r ki," the old women used to call tbni, and alt the other "green things srowifisr." What can be done in the tr- race li lit, wss long ago demonstrated by dor Ktith, on Fourth street, and Senator Inga'ds and Dick Morns have madtt the rngired blutf a thin? ot beautv, aid on Second street, Ed. Willj, Fied Kopter, Mfj. Wneeler and ii. L. J'ease have df mnntrated the bauty of tans inrv, a'ol D.

U. NVwcomb aud the two Krebs Styles and George V. and many other orercimc the nu'iiwl, dispoait'ou of lha town silt- sontc years sine. 1'robablv, however, i the crooning achievement ho far may he scrn at the corner of Fourth and Santa Fe, just abuvft the Washington House, where Belz has built a fine wall ar-un edge of tbe made an unsightly properly the reverse. Atchison is very fortunate in the pre- nervation of many natural forest trees, in To pet now a reasonably tdiadrd every tree has been planted, but in Atch- iion there are hundreds and thousands of: ot oak', tho original Bettiera or their de- 1 Tiicne are to be made in all pirns for the beautihcation of the city, and they are, thispring, to be reinforced by hundreds of planted trea and dirnbs.

In time, the beholder, looking down from the points oi observation, will g-i7. Ixtwecn two lines of billowy tree-t J'li3 rea-ier, less sanguine than the wr.tcr, may inquire, "What about the ra-vint?" They will in time take care of The damming process, in an enginrennrr, riot an elocutionary s-ense, is working Dam a ravine and it will shut up. any one curious to see the note the gradual filling of the big hollow which skirts along North Fouitii slree breaks down in the ar of the Congregational Church. In a few tirs, to use a figure, 'that gash, whieii the fac of Mother Earth teems to have received a free fight, will be healed. The eye vf the prophet, then, sees the two envt inclines nn which the main por-ihm'of tbe city of Atchison is built, re-dii'-ed a Nearly uniform slope; the sie-v li- ed with trc.s; all the lou." will he baiit on and their yellow clay side buried kneedtcpin grass and violets all liitt hollow? will be garden ground.

Tbe reader may inquire if none of the lots will be excepted. We answer, "Nary one." broken lots, being the are tht ones frequently mo-it sought after and urst Ludt upon. Ana men, as the stone quarries, they will be ail worked out, a- far as practicable, and th'dr removal will go far toward the general settlement. Airhlfton Roclftlly. seeking a home ia the West, Before probably tne question must anxiously What is the character of the society in this or that place? Atchison is most tort in its social condition and relations.

It long ago r.assed the wild state oeculiar to frontier and has never yet reached, and probably never will, the narrow exeliisiveoess wmcn pre vail- in some portions of the Eat. The population is composed of people from evt-rv rart of the Union and fmm the liriiish Empire and Germany, and here all blend into a harmonious whole. Atchisen has never yet indulged in an aristocracy here every man of fair character and hab its is accepted for what he is worth. Siramrers are welcome, and usually become at once at home. The city is favorite place of meeting of annual assemblies, secular and religious, such as the meetings of th Grand Lodges of the Masons, OKI Fellows and Knights of Pythias; and the conferences and asoci-ations of the various churches; and ail visitors have rne hearty testimony to the heartv hooita'itv of Atchison.

There is pr(tfoaMv not another town in Oie West ot th? t-jime tozi where more money can oe raised by popular subscription for any gt)od purpose. The reader ot the annats of Atchison the past year will note the abundance of pleasant social gatherings, characterized not by excessive style or gorgeous display, bat by heartiness and happiness. The secret benevolent orders have always been well sustained in Atchison Washington Lodge. A. K.

aud A. M. wa organized ia ISoo, tbe fifth Lodge in the then Territory, and Active Lodge in 1S; and there are several higher degrees. The Odd Fellows hare two stong Lodges. Golden Cross Lodge.

Knighteof Pythias, is one of the famous organizations in that order. The Turner Society has had a prosperous existence of more than twenty- one years, ana owns a nne ouitaing uu grounds. All these orders have fine lodge rooms. The Knights ot Honor have a strong and growing organization. The Good Templars, the United Working-men and others, swell the list.

The Atchison Liederkranx is probably the oldest, aud the "Owls" the youngest, of the musical societies both are prosperous. There are many dancing and social clubs, the Bon Ami," the the Old Folks," the Hand -in-Hand, the MHar-monia," the latter principally composed of the Jewish element, numerous and respected here. Atchison, although dssti- fvA work, and deserve great praise The ex -client k.nderzarten exciting ior tErir patience aod perseverance. Thet cons.derable comir.etjt in the community, niimbf-rof pupils enrolled is abiut 275 I and we hope it will receive the patronare 16-Jof wbom are in grade one. Tbe half it df serves.

Tt.e niuwcal n4 art depart-dav was nsed in this prrade until the meats, particularly, deserve tbe patronage the new room, wnen me pu pils were required to attend during the whole Bcsidon. If our colored citizens give this school work more attention, and encourage and urge their children to atnd regular and punctually, this school wohld soon compare favorably with any in the city but so long as the parents seem to think that it ia their a-1 cred duty and privilege aa citizens to resist the authority of tbe teachers, ard to upon school only as a place to go to hen there is no other, just long will the school and tbe pupils remain on the l.jwts: round of the ladder. DOUGLAS SCHOOL (COLORED), Is under the direct control of Prof. Dra per, of Washington School. New fences and out houses have been built here this year.

Inside, the necessary repairs were attended to. and everything is now in irood ninnirz order. This is the smallest school buildic? in about 110 pupils. Joe teachers are iir. a.

ii. I "Wilson and Miss Belle Emi-on. Mr. Wil prove. the property of the Principal.

A piano son has a good school, and is a good dis-has been placed in the room, and ia used ciplinarian, as a visit to bis scnool will every day ia the exercises in music, one.

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