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Hutchinson Herald from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 3

Hutchinson Herald from Hutchinson, Kansas • Page 3

Hutchinson Heraldi
Hutchinson, Kansas
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THE ESTEY ORGAN. THE BEST IN THE WOULD. For Sale By SMITH WILSON. EOUTU HUTCIiliMSOW. The eutertaiiienta at the Oyer Hall i A-J.

II. tw-on. of tie Interior. 'with bis family, vlow ly wn-ried their FLEASANT EFFECTIVE SgTurn t0 the rir follow the multitude if von wi-h to purchase pure drugs: C. E.

SIDLIXGER. the Druggist, compouuds Prescriptions Carefully and accurately. All his on Saturday and Monday nights were I rarr will complete punmg up week two of the best that the theane-goers aW oat of this city have enjoyed this seasou. I 'Tne rumaiie have g'ne" tf on a vaca'iou. Frjm the preseat outlcok we are to are pure and fresh.

A full liu of FANCY GOODS, paint3 oils and varnishes; in fact, everything that Is usually kept iu first --las drujr store. C. E. SIDLINGEU, The Druggist Without doubt the L.ouie icru dramatic troupe is one of the best Louie Lord in her impersonation of Marjary Dore and Mad Cap Peg is a perfect success, anl the support i AftU' WMui muim mm A 4 4--- c- A Full and Com pU te of Hosiery, Embroidery emantowir' "Ti tTCJ t71 V2ZiL SFS2S7 JS9 FEHU5BT C33S Si i -in have a wedding iu oar part of town before long. FOR ALL way through the crowd to li is seat, on Thursday eiiiug.

a niienian on our right remarked: -There comes the dead heads." He probably did not know that the parties on the left were "dead head-'' also, or knowing did not care. right here we take occasion to rem ark printers and editor- pay for their "free ticket- paj more for them usually than anib idy else. It ith thera simply a choice to take pay for adveiti-in these companies, or advertise for nothing, or leave the community in ignorance of TBBOAT and strong and good. Lmwood Lase is a first-class drama, as is also Mad Cap Peg, and Louie Lord will always be About fjrtj-five teams passed Cow creek bridge ioaiel with coal for Kiug.uaa cou.ity CITY AND COUNTY. Every smoker should try Little Joker." II IKS- I at; Kni I iu ill- -ifi-3-t p-ij wki ru.tir JvCj such 'coniiu" events." The soon the KANSAS LUMBIEE COMPACT; DEAI.I'K IX public mind is disabused of the fal-e H.

Fisher, General Merchant at Zarah, Johnson Kansas, write under date March 13th have been selling Br, Jackson Svrnp of Yiid Cherry and Lungwort for sometime. I find it gives entire satisfaction wherever used- I haTe also used it in my family with the beet results. It has no superior as a Throat and Lunr remedy and for Whoopin'oojjh, Asttuna and difficult breathing, I Und 'it gives almost Instant relief. Yoa are at liberty to publish this letter. Vours respectfully, D.

K. risEEB, Zarah, Kaa. impression that printers and editors have the use of tickets for uothing.the The weather is more pleasant. Who burned the papers? Was it Lawoc? The Occidental Hotel is crowded night and day. Remember the beautiful English Opera, next Wednesday night.

That new brand of eoffes at L. L. Shields' gTocery store is superb. E. W.

Elliott, postmaster at Xickerson, was in the city this week, attending court. ITT iBTT HP soouer will jus: ice in this respect be accorded ns. Removes all Soreness in the Throat and Chest immediately. Thousands will attestto Cures Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, Pains in the Chest or side, and Asthma. Prompt and Some Reasons last Tuesday, Tewksbery has been under the weather for the past few days Brace up, young man an I don't let as little a ihag as that get uway with you.

Alisp Minnie Davis h-s gone to Washington. D. C-, to spend the winter and pan of the summer with her father. She i expects to take a few lessons iu paintiug while gone. Mr.

A. J. Lusk's new building on east Sherman street is completed. Mr. Lusk speass wel of Hutchinson on aceount if the wind is so-low and thinks it a god place to settle.

Messrs. Hart Wilcox, of the sugar mill, are beginning to loaf around our par' of town a good deal, and we cannot uiideriiand why it is, unless they are holding regular meetings of the Y. SI. C. with a membership of four.

Taat's right, boys, but keep your eyes peeled, or some new boy will step in, take your charter and boost you ou t. Why the Cas peri-oii Elec'ri Lath, Boors, Blinds, Shingles and its Wonderful virtue. iSTTiQ PRflTiTr Effective In its I ncj7ing influences. VwtE PROMISTnn- and Efficacy. Oak and Cedar Fence Vests.

Enquire for the Occidental hotel if is t''e best one ever devised: lal It produces rotn coal oil a I ght equal lo four ordinary lamps HARMLESS SEARCHING or three eras jets, or 50 standard -perm candle-. 2nd. I costs is but 1 2 cent per welcomed at Hutcuinsou by au appreciative audience. We were pleasautly surprised this week on receiving a copv of the Interior to behold it iu good readable shape, with a clear, plain print, which has not been the case before for a good while. On inquiry we ascertained that the happy change was due the skill of Ben.

Wible, of the Wible Brothers, job printers, who had overhauled the press, regulating aud fix ing it up till it now works like a charm. This change in the appearance iu the Interior is one to be appreciated by its i atrons if no one else, and we congratulate the Inferior man, aud hope the improvemeut may be a lastiug one. Hutchinson turned out en masse, on Thursday night, to see the old and well known play, "Uncle Tina's The Opera ball was crowded, floor and ga'le-, with all tlie ex tra seats there was room It is a -pleuJid drama, and though old to many of those present was so retis deied by this company as to meet the entire approval of all. The company is a superior 'e. each one in the caat of charactnrs seemingly because of especial fitness.

It i- estimated that betwee seven and hundred people were preseut itid all decide the play a perfect bsr. 3rd. It is made wholly of bra's, aiid is ornamental and 4'h. It never breaks a chimnev. "Our btock will always to found full ard complete, and we guarantee grados equal to any in the.

market- Estimaes of buildings carefully praied. Our spai-lties are BUILDERS HARDWARE, GliddenBarb Wire. Temple's Wood Pump3, AveriJT Mixed Paint. AT THE OLD STAND. Kansas Lumber Company: The best remedy we know of nowadays for young m-n who are a little under the weather is for them to go to their in'et de ny ci.ituii' y.

t-hade, illuminator or other attachment used on a Xo. 2 burner, cau be used on this lamp. mother-in-law, get their fet bathed an i good cup of sage tea, and three soft pillow: aud take a nap of about three hours. Try it 6th. T' lamp is so constructed young man, and inside of six hours you will tie able to figure as much as ever.

We doc' as ti be attached to any gas or i-i fixture, and used in offices, dwell mgs, ho'els, factories, shoos, res- speak from experience, but know of it being 20 Jttillioa Bottles sold in 10 years. A certain Cure for Dyspepsia, all Eiseases of Gs Zidneys, Liver, Stomach, Elood, Skin and Bowels. Can Produce Thousands of Letters proving its Curative Powers. ax old and lcso te1ed bklieby. Laeoratoki 77 Amitt Street, new tokk citt.

FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. tried and how cflicatious. $Smk lautanls. stores, as a teble uue uay last weeK a team helongmg to a LOOK OUT THADg MABK. you want a square msal when in the city.

Episcopal Church in the Baptist house of worship tosmorrow, at usual hours. All are welcome. Eyde Freeman are making some ira proTement on the interior of their paint shop this ww The coal merchants were short- on that commodity for a time last week, causing aome inon veaience. Mr. Charles Temple and sister, of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, are visiting their brother James, of this city.

Married. On Jan. 2nd, 1884, by Rev. L. O.

Mead, Mr. J. Wittum and Ada Rugg. both of this place. The Occidental Ilo'el is the farmers and travelers home wheu iu the city, ffm.

Mangold, proprietor. The morning subject at the Prebyteiian church to-morrow "Laying Foundations' evening subject "Was it wise Married. On Wednesday, Jan. 9th, 1884, by Rev II. I.

Sh Mr. J. T. Easley of Rice county, and Miss Sallie L. Bracken of Reno county Mr.

B. J. Long, business manager of "The Wollzes," is energetic in his role of advance agent, a pleasant gentleman and a fluent conversationalist. The Caspcrson Electric Lamp at Black? burn's is something new. It makes a bril-liint light, equal in power to five or six ordinary oil lamrs.

Miss Jennie McBride, of Neosho ho has been visiting Miss Sallie Hill, of this city, returned to her man whose name is unknown to us, started at Sherman street, run across Cow creek bridge, over the mill race and then to the big river and over the bridge and pissed two 1 llllUjljUiCorns' Vaets ic- SrEEDn-Tcureti Price 25 Cents. cliandtlier. hall swinging or side light 7th. It is the only round wick movement used (bringing the wick up even an stiaiiht), an the fir-i produce Perfect Combustion a wl.ite flume 'he neatest approach teams while on the bridge and escaped with success. -FOR- out doing any damage until they got about Fince our last issu" more com Fool -An Unfailing Osmscfy for Elf) IIot Swollen and Tender Fcet.CliilMaing.ic.

Price 25 Cents. HanTif 'g: 233, 5ch Ave. Place, U. Y. City- For ly Ayetiti, VrugUts and Sim Dialers.

three miles down the river aud was captured and only one tug was broken and the wagon bed was a little damaged. to the Electric Light ever devis d. plaints than ever have been made to us as to the careless and criminal nanner in which Easley is conduct 8th. --For the same amount of me euitor seems to thins something is 19 TO IS. If W15t) wrong with us, as our communications are a ing the post-office.

One party com money you jet uve times the light made by any othe lamp. plains that they weie looking for im portajt ma 1 and came regularly and 9ih Leading oil and lamp men i. quired for it but did not get it and pronounce it the best, saiest and most economical of yet invent finally learned that it had lain ed. F. IlLAl KBURN, Aceui.

in the pos'-othce tor about iniriv I. WOLFERSBERGER, little short. We don't see why he should kick on that, unless he has not fie ability to fill out his columns with interesting locals, and if he had come and told us that he was not competent of such, we would have gladly lent him a leading hand, and if we were not capable of such, we haye no doubt but what we could have got Uncle Zeuo, the Xew's friend, to have helped us out. But for us to pretend to be as windy as "Xorth Side," we will have to throw up the sponge. South Side.

ays, and was returned to the send Special Notices. ''Little Joker is the best tohacco. City ABietIiieei? er and through a C'-imniunicaM with o'her parties they learned those facts. Numerous other parties have ma'ie complaints and deeued to Sew machines repaired an 1 put in food inn king- oruer at Smith Wil son Also at his place of business on South Alain street, keps on hand and for sale Jl- w. innes, North Hutchinson.

All kiirls of bttildiuir at have them nrde kn-'wn, which we which we will do to Easle) 's special beuefi' hereafter- VEHY LOH'EcT 1'KICES The best brands of Cigars Tobacco. at Kansas Lumuku Lo home on Thursday. Jesse Wingart was in the city Tuesday evening of tiiis week He is now holding forth at Nickerson, and has been acting as station agent at that place. Congregational singing at the M. E.

church to-moirow evening. All are invited to bring hymn books and assist. Numbers of hymns for morning are 502; 504. for evening. 574; 140; 450.

MttKiustrv are prepared to Old King Winter's rein holds sway with relentless vigor. A case or two of frozen feet and ears, not very serious, however. Six heavily laden wagons left the Wes.ern Lumber Company's yard last Sunday morn Ladies approve your smoking Joker." lend uioiicv on jioo't tart-is cliL'-ipc BAVK BLOCK, iiuiciiixsox, IIUTCniNSOV, KANSAS. tliau tiny body. 1 hoy also make loan on por-oiial security for slioi WgJ" "MUM IIIUIW.

.1 You will also find a full Mm ing. of best companies iu tlici office. All business in above line Hugging the stovs," has been a more en The Woltz Dramatic Tboufb. This excell nt troupe ma'le its fifBt appearance in our last Tuesday night under thff manage-tnetit of Me-8re Cummins Woltz and presented the ojieralic comedy promptlv attended i and satisfacti in joyable pastime than out door exercise the "uaranteed. (Jlnce up stairs lit i past two weeks.

block. The Presbyterian church debt is paid, and something remaining in the treasury. The Sunday school is prospering financially; having $28 in the treasuiy after securing How long does the holiday trade continue Dealer in Jewelry, Watches, Clocks. Of all descriptions also a fine lot of BAKBED at Kansas Lumber Co. in dutchinson? Some of the papers are still letjtttled 1 Aew Daughter of the literature.

advertising that line of business. A commotion and some excitement for a A Bargain. Five (5) Kits fur le in the city of Hwcli few moments was created at Carpenters coal A stray bullet recently demolished a window light or tw in Olis OJell's the result of criminal careles-ness. taenls Furnishins Goads and nsiin, tti sinfiil of I-j'J. For pti W.

G. DEVIESl CO, i ticulars, call sit thi- utiice. i otfic, last Saturday morning, by the overturning of the stove It was replaced with out serious damage. All pitties li i ii ix ti'iiit ttees uni DEALER IX do well to leave their orders vvitl 1) M. 'Vriiiht, soon, lie is prepar Don't neglect that cough tht nking it will pass awav of iU-Jf; take it in time; Dr.

Jack in fine style. Jennie Woltz, as Joflediiti' the Daughti-of the Regiment," presented an ad tuitab'e conception of the character, and wap supported by a tronpe of more than ordinary ability. Jennie Woltz'8 singing was one of the most attractive features of the play and elicited rounds of applause frum lh'-audience. Jasper Woliz as Pum-pernickle" and Tom Richardsna as Guillot" were both loudly applaud eo to lunilsli all Kioa.s lusl CLOTHING, J5gfTo be sold at a low rate. In the old Mincer stand.

ILT. COHiT. Merry Christ mas, and a Happy New Year to all But don't Wild Cherry and Lungwort w.ll give trees tea -on able r.V'-f Comrade Taylor's con liii is rather worse since the coll weather. He is at Judge Shields, where every attention possible is given bim. There was a hurrying to anil fro at the railroad water tank Wednesday eveniog.

A stream of water pouring trom the tank was rapidly diminishing its contents. That is a novel clock at the north side store Whether the idea of its construction origi Call and see tltetnw improved Do Smith you a permiut cure. S)1J by all druggists. Sold by C. E.

Sidlinger.druggist, Hutchinson. Young Brothers will move their shoe store into the room now occupied as a clothing store by Cheap Charley In a few days. Charley proposes going into the cattle business. forifi-t to Call at McInturf bas em bved a firs class let 'ticher and will now tun out lietter work li an ever. Give bin ed.

indicating Ihit they met with favor. All the other characters were PROVISION'S, has just received a CAR LOAD of White Neshannocks at 75 Cents per bushel. a call and ge; the best botes in the Cheap Chirley the Cattle King, will sound city immense. The best line of the best Sewiu The Woltz musical and dramatic Photograph Parlors, ind have your Photos taken. Be-t light, best rooms, best work aud better accommodations.

LEE FISHBACK. Operator and Ke-toncher. Respectfuliy, well sustaiued, and the play passe off smoothly and to the cut ire- satis faction of all those present. The troupe is mposed of gen Machines at the lowest prices at combination with Jennie Woltz as pri Smith lisous. Opera House.

ma donna JasperW oltz as comedian aud vocalist, will be at the TO ItEXT. Two rooms to rent furnished witl demen and l.jtes. Mr. Cum nios is nated through the pressure of hard times, or for its oddity, deponent knoweth not, yet it certainly presents a pecu'iar mechanism. Xorth Hutchinsoni ins think that an ad-dit ional clerk would be a valuable accjuisi tion to the mail service at the post The present force is inadequate.

Too long a time is now required to obtain mail matter. Dick Hodge, who lost his hand at Christ mas, by the accidental discharge of his gun. is said not to be doiug as well as miht ht and it is thought that a further amputa'ion of the arm above the elbow will become Opera house on Wednesday night, or without boaiM. i or particulars, well known lo most ot our cit zens enquire at this emce. and is a general favorite, while Mr Rooms, 'No.

6 and 7, on spcond floor of Rexmad block. tz is man iends. not AVEK1LL MIXED PALVTS at Kansas Lumuku Co. only by his exe-llent acting but by Jauuary 10th. When you are iu the city don't fail to call and get a square meal at the Occidental tel.

It will cost you 25 cents. Everything new. neat and clean. Second Ave west, first door west of J. F.

Leidigk Co'a. Sheet and books at cut rates his social, gentlem ml qualities at Smith Wilson's. North-Sids Grocery Ston I'he Woltzes will alwa)-s receive a necessary. A nuisance that is becoming too common, FENCE rUSl'S at Kansas Lumber Co. hearty welcome trom the citizens of Larned.

Larned Optic. IHE WESTERN LUMBER COMPANY Zimmerman Brothers still have a few of KEEPS CONSTA TLY OX 1IAXD roccrics and FrGvisions, Watches cleaned and warranted at Smith Wilson's. Haven Happesninos-The ''cold wave" waves. 'Hulking'' has applied for an extension Watches aud jewlery at Smith Flour, Fruits, etc. Oats.

Coru and all kinds of FEED also the best brand: llson s. -HAS OPEXE of the holidays. Guess he will get it. of CKi AUS and in the market. Keep nothing but the best brands of goods, which will be sold as cheap as at any other house in the city.

BUILDERS iIAHDWABE at Kansas Lumbeu Co. To keep the mercury in sight, thermome and one that is very disagreeable, is the hitching of hand sleds and small wagons by the boys, to wagons and buggies that travel our streets. This kind of amusement should be abated. A potition is in circulation asking the city council to have side walk sha le trees set out along First Avenue, Smith Miller's addition, according tc ordinance relating thereto. This is a good move and should be pushed to a successful completion.

Have you seen the new comet? As it is not visible to the eye in daylight, and the nights are of a rather cold temperature for ters should be hung oehind Id stove. 83f-My motto is "Live aud let live." The best oriran iu the world "The A FIB8T-0LAMT 'Vacation" vacates, and school takes pos Estey' at Smith Wilson's. session. Go to Dickey's Dru' Store for Good time for hot cakes, and county court pa oils, varnish, au 1 everything in in session. his line.

He keep- the best. Yennor gives us all shakes a stunning C2 Music for the milliou at Smith Wilson's. Artie lesson. L- L- SHIELDS, DEALER IX those prize tickets left. Call and examine those elegant and costly przs and then buy a ticket.

You are just as liaole to draw that fine gold hunting case watch, or one ot the silver ones, as any one else. Secure a tiiket before it is too Ute. Oue dollar will secure it. Died. In Hayes township.

Jan. 3rd, 1884. Sti-phen Thompson, age 1 30 years; also the same day, his infant son, aged four days. Mr. Thompson was a son-in-law of S.

J. Caldwell. He came here from Arkansas about six months ago, in hopes to ren-iin his health. His disease was consumption. He leaves a widow and one son to mourn his death.

E. P. E. B. Jaffres, late clerk of courts of Mc-Pherson county, was in the ci'y Thursday of this week.

He informs us that he is a candidate for railroad commissioner to succeed Hopkins, deceased. We know Mr. Jef-fers to be a thoroueh practical business man, who would undoubtedly fill the position with credit to himself (nd all others concerned. We understand that Mr Knight will soon open out for inspection a new and fresh stock of groceries, in his old stand, lately oc a practical study of astronomy, we presume that but few have beheld the splendor of this new wonder of the heavens. There A leather medal, please.

Vt'e made a couple of trips to Kingman K. M. ZAWADZKV, M. lias had over TTIIUTY YEARS lately. Things appear to be booming there.

practice iu mcdiciue, au I will atU ud Great was our amazement and pleasureable STAl'LE 1 FANCY GROCERIES WHERE CAX EE FOUXD promptly to calls (lav oruiidit. Resi SENATOR MORRILL our astonishment on beholding the neat ap has been enlightening the Senate and the pearance of the Interior this week. We won dence, one-half block west of court house, office over Goldberg's dry good country at large on coinage, the fienator dered what kad brought about this graud Glass and Gueensware. store, Jlutchiu-ou. Kas.

is a shining light In the old school of politi WHOLESALE and TAIL cal economy and fine finance sees things hrough golden -pectacles and thinks it ut. siioneyi-Loan, terly impossible for any one to see without them. He is way up on (told, and down On Lone: Time a'id at a Low Rate Having purchased the grocf ry store owned by Vincent Son', and added argely to the stock, im now prepared to attend to the wants of the public -A FULL LIXE OF- interest. A J. HIGEKY who wish anvthiuir iu mv line.

At the old slau 1 in the Wilcox Block. OUTII MAIN STREET, IIUTCIUSOX. cupied by Kanaga Duckworth Mr. Knigbt is an old and resoected citizen, and we believe one of the oldest business men of the city, and will no doubt receive a goodly share Notice. J.

E. llayner i Co l'la-ntij, vs. J. M. Buker, Uefeadant.

Ucfi re Geo. D. a Justice of the Peace ot" iienu Township, iu Ueuo County, Kansas. "id deteud ml is hereoy not.Sel that in the day of Drcember, au or.ler o. atiacbmeot for the sum of was by the aoove jj-tice of the peace of patronage.

The Herald wishes him sua ces. transtormation, but soon that it was due to the kindness of the Wible Brothers, who had put the press in good working condition. "South Side" reported last week that the South Hutclinson wheel had closed Our side contains one of these institutions, now said to be closed, but, judginj by the number and character of the individuals who daily wend their way to the place, the question of ita closure is in doubt. Rev. T.

W. Woodrow has been interview, ing the citizens generally, soliciting aid in building a new church edifice, to be located on the north side. This is a laudable enterprise, and he is having success in his en deavors. We suggest that the money obtained be appropriated to the purpose for which it is intended, and not travel into the channel that the money raised by bonds to eiect our sc.ool house seems to have taken And right here, we ask again What become of that money, and why is the build, nit in progress? We have reieateiiy spoken of the matter, and vet no lizht is thrown up- Mr. W.

E. Fosnot, who lately bought out heavy on any other medium of exchange, although in his business transactions he is perfectly willing to give a thousand dollars in gold and pay a premium to boot for a check to transmit that amount. He says the government has too much silver on hand and ought to stop coining silver. He forgets to tell us that the government has much more gold than silver on hand, and thinks it should keep on coining gold. Fi.

nance is funny as seen through his spec's. He tells us that the accumulated tons of silver dollars in the treasury are a conspicuous over-prodsction, bat seems to tmnk that the accumlated tons of gold in the treasury are an underproduction. The Senator is a regular right bower of diamonds in financial euchre. His erudite effort is a splendid specimen of the great game ot "now you see it, and agMjnst his goods in the above entitled action and that said will on the 24m day of January, 18St, ji 9 o'clock, a. m.

1DLINCER, AL50 A FULL LIXE OF Attest Geo 1). Barclay, Justice of the Peace Scheble Vaudeveer, Attys for Plntff. lias always in stock a full line of the purest of DliL jg, JiEDIOlMs PAiXTS. OILS, ETC. NOTICE OF aTFvCIIMENT.

American and Imported Fancy and Before A. J. J. Reuolowu- Mr. A.

Elsworth's'fl iral garden, hits commenced and soon will have completed a residence on First Avenue, near the colored church, and also will build a greenhouse. Mr. F. at one time was editor and proprietor of the Rural West, published at Little River, Kicecounty, and was one of the first, if not the first, men to advocate the making of sugar from sorghum cane and also that it was a profitable crop for "armers to raise for feed for stock. At the time we.

as well as plenty of others, thought he was crazy on the subject, but his theories have been fried and have proven an entire success. To Mr. we thick giiouH be ajcredited the honor of first introducing and maintaining the idea that good marketable sugar could be made frora common sorghum cane. ship, R'-no county, Ki-usas. G.

W. Hardy vs. J. M. Baker.

Said defiudeut is herebv notified ASII, DOORS, BLINDS, (THINGS, ETC ALWAYS ON HAND. TWO DOORS NORTHJOF WIXDSOR IIJUS, TOILET GOODS. descriptions Carefully Compounded. now you don't see it," with a cross eyed squint at a perpetual national debt. on it.

Sow we ass plainly and earnestly Where is that money, an i who is u-ing i that ou December 17l1i. 1SS3, an order of attacln ieut for the sum of was issued b1- the above named stice of the i'eace, aoain-t his goods, iu the above entitled action, and that said for their own tmvate Let the an-wer Cook crowd of philosophers who regard a 1 i inr mftnv Ihpre nr whn want pnme n- I. innthimr tliat is usually kept in a dm it store i- wonted, call uzluuuii ueoi milium" uiessiui'. 1 formation on thi? sitnject and are determine 1 cause wi'l be heard on the ud aav Coming ciyilization will have no use for kj. at m.

Three doors South of the Post ollice aud yoa will be "vaited upon promytly suca men. jhpeks I 'JcirajyE, Ynnm Trnlr' Phtti 10. bv ths U. SjlUl.lMjta. I Attest A J.

Higley, J. P..

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